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what are you playing? General #1 Anonymous 02/02/2023 (Thu) 16:50:11 No.363
new trash to old retro vidya games, all vidya is welcome. What are you playing? can you recommend said piece of vidya to anyone or should they stay away? Or are you just playing something to see how shit it is? Come on, post whatever you are playing even if it's emulator or original hardware games(olden time consoles and handhelds), even new vidya on PC or consoles.
started to play RE3make PS5 version and it has ray-tracing which is really nice looking. Now the problem, is that it takes time before it begins or start you off the tutorial level and instead of not taking you out of the gameplay, it has a text thingy that would've been in a manual. So the tutorial level makes it feel like it is a interactive cinematic experience type of game which these RE started to do with RE7 be a bit cinematic but the counter balance was that it had simple to understand gameplay that was alright and even fun when you don't just gun down the zombies at their head but legs or arms. But like with RE2make the zombie models looks really good to I would even say looks great, which I would say is one of the positive things with the 3d scanning and modeling. So with the ray tracing which is the selling point of why one would buy this game for PS5, then the lighting and shadows are great and obviously the reflections on surfaces is cool to watch. But that's about it, I didn't get into the first level because again, it didn't remind me enough of original RE3 which I really like as a game, so did not see a need to play more of it, which is a bit of a shame and wasted money but it was luckily just 10 bucks instead of 60 or 70 bucks which I am going to waste on RE4make later this month.
>>1389 >paying money for reflections the absolute state of nugaming
Open file (861.90 KB 1870x2700 1550967609181.jpg)
>>1391 to be fair. I bought it because I never played the game, it was the one modern RE game and numake I didn't play except the demo a long time ago, but didn't like Jill's sexy buttock in the new RE3make Still don't like er ass because it isn't big like in the old vidya series, and two guns. So far, I think it is less than RE2make and then Nemesis is more annoying than in the original but he was really fucking annoying in that game also. So, of the nu-RE games that is 7 and 8 plus RE2make and RE3make. I think it is probably better than RE7 but less fun than RE2make and 8 but then again 8 was really fun game.
>>1389 >heckin ray-tracing The most lazy crutch ever made by (((game))) "devs" and (((hardware manufacturers))), spend thousands of dollars for a subpar experience with fancy lighting that could have been properly implemented over time and utilized and shown with a far weaker gpu. Uh oh bros, you NEED to buy a new RTX gpu to use ray-tracing, you have no choice but to GO OUT AND BUY ONE NOW!
Anyone have a cure for video game burnout, lately nothing feels fun/worth doing anymore to me.
>>1406 What have you been playing lately? Don't say nuvidya.
>>1412 Half-life, HL2, and minecraft.
>>1415 >plays minecraft and generic FPS >games don't seem fun anymore Anon... Broaden your horizons, play some real video games of substance.
>>1394 >buying a ps5 or a console is the same as buying an RTX gpu that is retarded, you cannot get a good rtx computer without spending 3k in my country, so it isn't the same thing. >>1406 Tetris if not another form of puzzle games. >>1417 >autism isn't fun I agree but then you shouldn't probably play any vidya since vidya is autism incarnate. >HL2 is generic fps I hate to tell you but you have vidya like cod and battlefield. Or military FPS's and that is just military duders shooting and killing. While Half Life is a nerd faggot that in 1 got into a dimension then in 2 got out of that dimension and woke up, and then the whole earth was taken hostage by an Alien race. that isn't generic trash, you lying piece of non-playing vidya piece of nigger trash.
>>1422 >the whole earth was taken hostage by an Alien race >that isn't generic trash <literally the most generic FPS plot
Open file (4.93 MB 888x486 Gunt ragepig mode.mp4)
>>1423 >hud dar durdur it is the most generic <not in the last decade stupid nigger trash that drinks bull semen milkshakes
>>1424 just gonna ignore you buddy
>>1417 I've also been playing minecraft mods, doom mods, quake mods, and half-life and half-life 2 mods and having some decent fun as of late. I am just burnt out from everything as of late.
>>1445 playing mods of the same games isn't variety, anon
>>1450 I'm not saying it is variety anon, I don't really stray to much out of a few games anyways as of late, not a true gamer really I guess. Was probably gonna pick up one of the various games posted in one of the threads.
>>1454 > I don't really stray to much out of a few games anyways Well then how are you supposed to beat the video game burnout? >Was probably gonna pick up one of the various games posted in one of the threads See, that's something already. There are entire genres of games you've never played before that you can really get into.
>>1455 Yeah it is a step in the right direction, maybe I just need some more sleep as well anon.
>>1467 you can do it anon
So been playing Diablo 4 Beta so you folks don't have to. Now Diablo 4 if you pick Barbarian then you have a nice intro of how he is there to hunt evil or some shit. Then he goes into town that is really reminiscent of what I would called inspiration of the witcher and a mix game of thrones nights watch(in a way if it was Slav), ti is a strange high fantasy but weirdly a grimdark look, so in all honesty it reminded me of Eastern Europe and nothing like England, Germany or general western inspired fantasy look, it is just Slav. It is so weird look but kinda like it. The gameplay is basically the easy fun version of Diablo 3 and the leveling tree isn't that hard to follow, and new spells and attacks are easy to put in. This time when you have done the main quest of going into town, go to a dungeon, met a priest then you are on your own to explore the little part of the world. Unfortunately since it is Blizzard and it is basically an event game for Spergs, that means sometimes you can get into the beta, other times you cannot. I went into a dungeon then I was logged out by an infinite loading screen. The new character customization is cool but really useless imo because you don't have much options, sure you can make the biggest aggressive looking nigger that will rape any form of huwhyte gurl but you cannot call him for giganigger, so the fun roleplay stops there in a way when it comes to character customization. If for some reason you want to zoom, you can now to look at the carnage of blood and guts but again this kinda looks silly. The biggest edition is the in-game cutscenes, and it looks good in some spots and terrible in other spots. Waifu's or waifub8 there is just Lilith and she is a solid 7/10 . Grimdark feel then it isn't really near Warhammer or Berserk so it is 6/10
>>1476 Wish they just tried to emulate D2 but not make the amazon 50 again since I hate D3.
>>1476 How woke is it?
Open file (325.98 KB 483x591 ethan autism.png)
>>1480 it is woke like one of the medieval soldier commanders is a woman. Then the high priestess in the cathedral might have been a neggress but the lightning inside of the church was dim and not the best lightning to see. Then there are obviously woman guards but you cannot really see the female figure. you can make really ugly women but you can customize them to be basically a pornstar, and I made a pornstar looking latina, I call her a pornstar because her face reminded me of a pornwhore that made really awesome dildo videos. You cannot make her tiddies big, or customize the buttocks. It is just pre-made faces, hair and tattoos or markings, jewelry, plus facial hair. So you more or less can make a negro if you wanted to, like I said a barbarian that is a huge big nigger that abuses steroids. When it come to the NPCs they are a bit ugly or middling, there was a young woman, but she had the christian orthodox scarf, so obviously Lilith comes down to save them. And make them be able to sin more without the nasty priest that is old and a bi ugly is preaching about the dangers of sin. Then Lilith saves them to become ultimate degenerates. So I guess this game is going to go full on out on religious hatred because one of the protagonist or NPC which is a hermit hates the church as-well and needed to go to the desert lands for something. Personally, I liked he graphics and the overall feel to it, it might be bit more Diablo 3 than 2 or 2 remake but it has some feel of diablo 2 remake, ironically enough. >>1477 It is a strange degenerate mix of 3 and 2 remake(they've done some changes that wasn't necessary for Diablo 2)
Open file (95.02 KB 1080x1080 disney's Kampfed.jpg)
>>1488 HEIL'D
Played more of Diablo 4 beta and up to the max level. It isn't anything like Diablo 3, it is more like it's own thing, weirdly enough. The open world is kinda cool but at that point it reminds me more like what if Diablo was an MMO, and they've taken some MMO elements into Diablo, like it is really sneaky.
>>1509 Is it always online?
>>1523 >always online I hope not after all the bullying the got for D3.
>>1525 but they didn't stop
>>1523 >>1525 Yes, it is always online this is essentially an mmo-light like Destiny 2. Sure, you have that story to follow and a main-quest but the fun comes from the big boss events, the side-quests imo and trying out new builds.
Gonna play New Vegas soon, any QOL mods I should install wish there was an ending where caesar and house worked together
>>1694 Thanks anon.
>>1693 this your first time?
>>1696 Yes, only ever played a bit of fallout 3, I am extremly familiar with new vegas and fallout as a whole but I haven't touched thw games. At the moment need something a little different from orher games I have been playing as of late and I need something to motivate me to finish my work. I feel new vegas is fun enough and filled with enough autism to where it shall suffice.
>>1697 Good for you anon. Post your thoughts when you're done.
That modding guide is so fucking autism-full and running shit on linux is such a pain in the ass that it's sadly gonna be a while till I actually get to play the game.
>>1780 You can just play it as is, anon.
>>1797 Not if can't even get it started, I was probably gonna do that until well, until it wouldn't launch.
>>1798 The vanilla game won't start?
>>1800 yeah, recently a ton of my wine games aren't working, making a new instance, I think it might have something to do with my drivers, which OF COURSE I CAN'T ROLL BACK TO ANYMORE SINCE THE PACKAGE IS GONE
>>1801 New Vegas UE is on gog.
>>1802 I've got the ultimate edition through unofficial means, pretty sure it was based off of the gog UE, shame I can't get it or my modded instances of ds2 or ds3 running, they ran fine before, I swear to god linux is seamless one minute with gaming and hell the next.
>>1803 No I mean go to rutracker, download gog and play it. It should work.
>>1804 I think it's got something to do with my linux distro tbh anon.
>>1805 Sadly I don't know anything about linux.
>>1806 I'll get it to work, eventually I think.
Open file (115.85 KB 1068x1056 3ebcf6b21.jpg)
>>1806 Got it running, was a registry issue. >>1815 Thank you.
I'll play a vanilla playthrough of fallout NV, post my thoughts and than try a modding guide when I got more time. hope there is some way to get a Caesar ending without fucking Mister House over since both are based for different reasons, shame there is no ending where both work together

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