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what are you playing? General #1 Anonymous 02/02/2023 (Thu) 16:50:11 No.363
new trash to old retro vidya games, all vidya is welcome. What are you playing? can you recommend said piece of vidya to anyone or should they stay away? Or are you just playing something to see how shit it is? Come on, post whatever you are playing even if it's emulator or original hardware games(olden time consoles and handhelds), even new vidya on PC or consoles.
Open file (562.22 KB 1920x1920 Fmm1qcbWIAAYa2P.jpg)
One Piece Odyssey. Played on a PS5 because it was discounted which usually shows it as a bad sign for the game when it comes to sales. But is the game any good is the question. The tutorial is over an hour and 30 min if you watch all of the cutscenes and conversations if you are into One Piece anime then there is no problem, Personally I never watched or read the manga but tried some of the other cashgrab games from One Piece or specifically the One Piece: Pirate Warriors games they are fun if you like or find a warriors game amusing. This on the other hand tisn't a warriors/Musou game, but JRPG and it is really linear but the redeeming quality or qualities is that the combat is fun and really simple turn based combat that is only attack, special attack and items when it comes to selecting what to do, the new or interesting thing is that you have the party members scattered around the battlefield. This simplicity makes it a perfect podcast or stream kinda game, you can just take your focus out and just play it- The plot is simple and gamey which is good in my opinion but still there is allot of dialog, like allot. For just being stranded on an island and looking for lost powers. I am not into One Piece just know that one of the tiddy monsters is really nice looking like it was made as fap material or something wild. But anyhow I got vibes of this is a talse game or dragon quest but that is rather from the art-style and the dark times of Tales games when it had a linear level design, this is somehow more linear. When it comes to waifub8 then it has established waifu's but it isn't unfortunately a waifu or fwend simulator, so if you are into those kinds of games it should be a skip. Overall this is a 6 to 7/10 it is fun and a game but a real simple game that is obviously a cashgrab for the Japanese audience and the weebs in the international markets, on the plus side this feels like an anime and it has big anime tiddies.
>>2685 Is naming your game Odyssey the new Revelations?
>>2686 mayhaps, but revelations means that you are reveling something while odyssey just means a long adventure or journey. The other One Piece game that came out in 2019 was called One Piece World Seeker, and it was an action adventure game.For some reason I thought that Odyssey was World Seeker because of the lack of any form of PR that hypes a game and obviously stealth release of the vidya trailer that is released, even stealth releases of the games.
Age of Wonders 4. it is a game, a 4x strategy game and it is confusing to play, the tutorials, advice and help is like reading a wikipedia article. The customization of the hero is nice like making a high elf that is more or less demonically evil with dictatorship or toad people that high intellectuals with feudalism.
>>2826 It's an AoE spinoff?
>>2827 I think, it is a mainline reboot game since it an old series. It is by Paradox the publisher of Stellaris, crusader kings and hearts of iron. So they for some reason released on consoles so xbox series x and s, and PS5. I bought it on Series X and just tried it out, and got confused because again, the tutorial is a wikipedia page upon page. So it is hard to figure out what to do and how to play, on your own. But I have just played a game and gave up and went back to play One Piece Odyssey.
After playing more of Age Of Wonders 4, I got into it. What strikes me is when things click. It clicks really hard then the one turn meme with Civilization is really true here. Just like with a total war game, if you are more into the overworld and managing the city and making new cities and outpost. What makes this more special is the customization is so sold and sure, they've essentially ported a PC game into a console for whatever unknown illogical reasons. I found it fun and the hexcon is really useful for console it is strangely a good port and a really fun game. Even when a skirmish can last a long time. But destroying empires on the map is so satisfying, until a wrong move and you get destroyed by the AI. Also Cult of the Lamb is a fun simple game to play, it is a game but it is simple mangement of a town and then you going into a dungeon and fucking around for more points n stuff. The last demo on PS5 I played was Monster Menu: The Scavenger's Cookbook. This is a pure dungeon crawler of the old, like. This game could've come out during PSP, 3d's, PS3 and I would not have bat an eye on it. It is not original or new, what is new is that character customization is entirely done in 3d, you just have some few bodies and faces to chose from, and the best of all. The camera is total dog shit, almost like they've learned nothing when it came to camera controls in games, which makes it quite fresh.. Also it is simple to play and you can rest before going down a floor, it is just a simple fun dungeon crawler. I am personally going to pre order this one because it feels like a gem.
Currently playing Legend of Zelda, Twilight princess, really love the look of this game and shame the darker look was never used again, there is clearly some berserk-inspired stuff in the game with the hero's shade, the wolf, and Midna sort of being Link-kun's puck-like helper, only shes a cute imp who turns into a hot princess. Also I like the ara ara Zelda in this game the most out of all Zeldas. I am actually playing on nodded hardware, but in retrospect I should have played the gamecube version as the controls are a little easier for me, well I've always sucked at vidya in general. Currently in the forest temple saving monkeys and throwing my air boomerang around waiting for something odd to happen.
Open file (465.41 KB 1920x1080 large-3575418464.jpg)
>>3767 Yeah TW is great. Peak 6th gen aesthetics. Pretty much the last time Nintendo tried for a technically impressive hardware pusher before switching to full soya mode.
Open file (72.66 KB 1200x1080 D4uPN0uWwAA1g7K.jpg)
I have been playing allot of Diablo 4 and I can say it is a bit closer or an in between of diablo 2 and 3, but it is a live service game which for me kinda sucks because everything is dependent on the servers on blizzards part. at one point, I am interested on what else is Blizzard going to make because Diablo 4 was an actual game, and the minor feminist shit that is in there is not significant, and it's anti religious suff, is a bit lame but it isn't as bad like many other games. So, is the game worth 120 dollars? No, but it would be worth 60 bucks like the original Diablo 3 game, and Diablo 2 resurrected is still something you can get, if you don't care about the artstyle then there is the original Diablo 2 that can be downloaded and it is still a great and a fun game. So Diablo 4 is a good game but maybe in a 6 months from now, it is going to be a great game when server issues have been fixed, so get Diablo 2. Also, all of the women models are just a small fix away to look like a pornography model, and that is something that has blown me away, and he one Barbarian model, is just taking the beard away, and you literally have Conan from the comicbooks. Then you have some character classes are a bit overpowered but it is just changing to another world or finding the statues of Lillith and the enemies become allot more powerful, he plot is fun but it is still dumb but it isn't bad like ScyFi tv series, it feels like a video game story, for once. Then the overall feel of the side-quests is great. The only big problem imo is that you are wasting allot of hours to get to level 100 or 50, and you cannot really get a feel for a character build before level 30. >>3768 Are you one of those fags that says every modern game is shit because it is modern? You are the people, I hate the most. The reason for this is that when games was at-least decent and when improvements that was needed was just minor things like a bit more depth or even other mechanics. Maybe making the games a bit more fun or finding new technology to use for the gameplay or something else? Then you faggots says it is shit, no matter what and then instead of using your wallet to pay for the games, you pirate it, where the only game that is successful is live games or games that needs internet to be used. you type of niggers are the death of singleplayer games, and now everything is this half way or almost MP games, so fuck you.
>>3842 >defending nushit lmao, go overdose on soylent zoomer
>>3843 no, I stated something that is quite clear. Singleplayer games are going to die because of you fucking niggers. Instead of using money on a singleplayer game, you pirate every games which makes said game even good ones not hit anything and thus makes the game dead and have bad market share. Also this shit is nothing new, his is something that has plagued PCucks since steam was first a monopoly, and disc on pc games died. Then when they have nothing better to do then adding online and allot more Jewish practices that in the end makes the game be nothing more than always online, or a service. I hate this trend, I hate it that niggers like you somehow was able to destroy gaming this way because you felt the need to pirate everything even games you liked, and ironically the games you like or liked are dead because they followed their inner Jewish senses. At-least there is still GOG for olden time games.
I am playing a bit of Lost Odyssey, a game that could've been a real competitor to Final Fantasy, hell. I takes so much from Final Fantasy that when you play it, you are forgetting that it is it's own thing, it has the menu's and feel of a FF game. The main protagonist also looks like a self hating homosexual like the previous games.
>>4305 Well it was made by Sakaguchi. Being an xbox exclusive killed any potential for a franchise.
Open file (3.55 MB 1920x1080 1130315.png)
played Boltgun a Quake or Doom inspired fps based in the world of 40k and it works. each level is about purging everything in the level and go on to the next level, there are secrets in there but there is no explanation on what the use of the secrets are. The weapons feels great, I would want polygonal or something else than sprites because there is no real weight to the enemies when they get killed, like with other polygonal fps games or vexal games, they are able to get a nice weighty feel to the sprite models. And it would not take too much CPU or GPU power from the game, and it would feel awesome like Quake Ray tracing mod, which microsoft or ID software should release.
>>4681 It's 2D?
>>4681 This sounds fucking awesome.
Now, tried out Atlas Fallen, it is an open world action game and you talk to random npc's and there are dialog options, but the game developers that made this game are tards and just stole from jewbisoft where they explain instead of talking normally to you, I would almost complain and say it is because the developers are German and don't know how to make dialog that makes sense. Then you have the combat, it isn't something special, it is alright and it's ok at best, you have some pretend exploration like a jewbisoft game but it is in reality just to make the map more visible. Then you have the plot, it is so boring I didn't even pay attention to it. I'd give it a solid 5 out of 10 but because modern games from the west are shit, it is probably a 7 to 8 out of 10 on IGN, the game world in my opinion is so bland that it is weird how it got released. >>4682 it is 2d like doom 1,2 and 64 that the enemy sprites are 2d. >>4710 it is really awesome, it is violent and gory in a nice way.
>>5008 >it is an open world action game what isn't
>>4681 Holy shit this game sounds fucking awesome As of late I've been replaying Super Smash Bros Brawl for nostalgia's sake and find it a lot of fun, at this point I might fully 100 percent it after over 10 years. I personally lile playing as Ike because of his full forced autism attacks and even like playing as worst character Ganon because I don't know why but his attacks are satisfying to pull off. Shame Ike's counter isn't as stupidly overpowerer as Marth's and his recovery attack is kinda shit, although its okay as a normal attack.
been going down memory lane and played some 360 games, which I remember where good or even great. So because of how skewed games are, and how there is no niche and everything is really safe and doesn't have anything much of value. I was really taken aback by how Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was actually a full packaged game, how the firefights are intense and how good the command controls are on 360, and how hard it was just on journalist/normal difficulty. Like, it is so easy to fuck up that it is insane and the gameplay of the game is actually impressive, the friendly AI is a bit bad but it isn't too bad, and the enemy AI is up and down, they don't hunt you like in FEAR but they do a good job with feeling like you are actually in fierce firefight. I am not going to speculate if the game is playable on PC because I remember, at the time it was heavily console designed compared to original games, so would say it is great for a console FPS game. Fear 2: project origin. this is one of those weird games where the first game is superior because it is on PC, and it would've been a better game if it was a PC designed game first, instead of a console first. So you have weird things like the graphics are good to even great, thinking about it being on a consoles, in many ways the graphics holds up today because it is stylized realism, and you don't see too much of the character faces. Then the other weird thing it tells it's story with memos, loading screen text and fps cinematics, now it is both bad and good. the bad is that the scary moments, you can actually miss it, if you are either too fast or you look some place else, that aren't in the focus of the jump scare or creepy moment of the game. I am OK with that, I personally would want to see more games being made by monolith that is a unique take on the horror genre, they can do it and they've proven to being able to do it, and with the new technology of today and their artist being really good at stylizing, I can see them actually making a classic like the first FEAR or how Condemned was. Too bad, that today there is no risk, or no reason for any game development studio to take any risks because, they are in this weird delusion of trying to lessen the expectations of gamers and consumers, because everything is a live-service game and if a live-service game has actual value, then it kinda fucks them up, and if the game feels like a packaged product instead of a half-assed packaged product then they've not done their job.
Been playing the Pirate Warriors games but I think i'm gonna stop. When I'm 20 minutes into a level mashing through waves of enemies and DEFEAT pops up on screen because some guy on the other side of the map dies when I didn't even notice he was in trouble, I get so angry I get a pain in my stomach. I don't know what it is about musou games but I just rage uninstalled it and I don't think I'm going back. Fuck musou, fucking faggot genre for retarded chinks.
Open file (103.22 KB 1280x720 m.jpg)
>>6065 To enjoy Musou games you need a certain oldschool dzen. Trying to play them as conventional games and without that oldschool mindset is counterproductive.
>>6066 They are fun when they click, I am just a retard.
Open file (166.41 KB 395x415 Uni_Headpat.png)
>>3847 >you have to pay because....because you just do you are literally killing gaming Late response, but maybe next time be Uni and I might consider your argument anon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp4Ul-22yVY
>>6060 >Too bad, that today there is no risk, or no reason for any game development studio to take any risks because, they are in this weird delusion of trying to lessen the expectations of gamers and consumers, because everything is a live-service game and if a live-service game has actual value, then it kinda fucks them up, and if the game feels like a packaged product instead of a half-assed packaged product then they've not done their job. Remember to do your best to try and preserve your classic games, companies certainly won't, in the future, when things get better perhaps a new generation of game devs can blossom and be inspired by what anon saves.
>>6070 >Remember to do your best to try and preserve your classic games, companies certainly won't, in the future, when things get better perhaps a new generation of game devs can blossom and be inspired by what anon saves. /thread.
Alan Wake 2. So, for Fans of the original xbox 360 game this has been a long 13 years in the making, and waiting. There are obviously striking things here that screams at the fan to stay away. It is strong women and negro Saga Anderson whom is a half Swede. Then there is Resident Evil 2 remake focused gameplay, which for some reason makes it a survival horror game, and then you have people screaming that Remedy is lynchian when it is a mix of Stephen King and David Lynch's weirdness. So the gameplay is as said; RE2make for shooting and a button press for dodging but it is still focused on the gimmick of using the light to get the darkness away, and there is another gimmick put into the game that actually has gameplay implications that are interesting imo.that is a puzzles that you find that aren't too hard to solve and then the environment changes, that is the Saga part of the game, then there are the mind room for Saga Anderson, where she is a super intelligent detective and then you can add the clues you find in the environment to understand more of the case, it isn't a puzzle which one would kinda want, to piece things together and even have something wrong when you add clues to the mind map, of the case. It is interesting and fun enough on it's own, and how you go from the gameplay to the mind room with a click of a button is impressive and probably has som real implications of lazy devs being angrythat they might do something similar. So Saga Anderson is more of a RE2make but with a twist and it is interesting. When it comes to Alan wake, you have a bit of a bigger challenge, you are in the dark place. So for him it is a storyboard for Alan Wake, and then there is another gimmick which is quite interesting that is puzzles that affect the level layout, the level design is a bit confusing it introduces a gimmick of finding a light source then suck up that light then release the light to another place to change the way you go, and to change the level. It is a cool gimmick at first. But there is a problem with Alan Wake 2, it is the level design, it looks like you can go everywhere but you cannot, it is tightly designed in a linear way, it can be confusing actually. It is more of a nuisance than an annoyance. Also, now the Finnish studio is a bit more on the nose of mixing video and in-engine cinematic, for the meta-fags this is fun and even funny with their Finnish joke.The big question is, does it follow anything from Alan Wake from 360? sort of, the story is trying to be both a detective story and the writer lost in the dark place, also the good thing is that Sam Lake is the writer of the story but the bad thing, there is another writer that might possibly be the editor, for now I haven't noticed anything that makes me go, this is a woke game with the exception of the intelligent mulatto negress that has a coal burning mother. I like the gunplay, it is brutal but they have done something weird, that is having skin damage on the enemies/taken, and having a weird textures on them that makes it look like they are of plastic rather than skin. So, you can shot someone and then you see a bullet-hole, and if you hit a certain spot, then you just see the anatomical muscles but in such a way, it doesn't seem like damage compared to an anatomical program that shows where and how the muscles are, they didn't either have time to do texture work it, so it looks like a wound that is wet with blood, that is really weird when you see it and the enemies aren't there long, so they will disappear. So I am just 5 hours into the game but for now, it is fun.
>>6766 >Alan Woke Not interested. The original wasn't anything special but at least it wasn't woke. Also the NuRe gameplay is the last thing I want.
>>6766 From what I gather the game is super pozzed. Don't know how it plays but I'm not going to find out.
>>6770 the REmake gameplay is solid, it is based of RE4 and is an evolved version of that but it isn't a survival horror per-say. What makes RE2make a survival horror is the same way original RE4 is one, that is overwhelming amount of enemies. The first Alan Wake was a cult Classic because the dude-bro gamers hadn't seen a protagonist character like Alan Wake,and the story was interesting for a game but it was a hate or like it, kinda game not an inbetween game. >>6817 What I wanted from Alan Wake 2 was more of Alan Wake 1, just story-wise but instead they wanted a nigger to have superpowers and because she is better than the man, mang. So that means she saves the day. There is going to be an Alan Wake 3 or Control 2 with Alan Wake in the game. But it is going to be Saga Anderson instead, because reasons. And I bet money when the director in control meets Saga Anderson they are going to have a huge feminist groupie fest. Then there is probably going to be a tranny or something dumb. Like, remedy died during the development of this game, I think.
>>7240 >the REmake gameplay is solid, it is based of RE4 It's not. >What makes RE2make a survival horror is the same way original RE4 is one, that is overwhelming amount of enemies NuMake is not a survival horror in any way. RE4 was not a survival horror but it still tried to be horror. NuMake is burger horror.
>>7241 you just contradicted yourself, you claim that the REmake gameplay isn't evolved RE4 gameplay then you say: >NuMake is not a survival horror in any way. >RE4 was not a survival horror but it still tried to be horror. NuMake is burger horror. Unfortunately the survival horror of PS2 that was classical fixed camera and tank controls, wasn't popular with dude-bros, so they ate up the RE4 control scheme because it was burger-horror, and that became survival horror. I don't like it but that is what survival horror became, and I can say that RE2make and RE8 are good game, like the west hasn't produced anything in the modern era near the quality of these games, and that is depressing.
>>7240 Alan Wake 1 was great. Alan wake 2 must suck because I don't even hear about people hating it. The game is just out, it exists as another branch in the new control universe, no impact whatsoever. Black girl is also not just black but norse and the heir to super powers through her norse blood or some shit.
>>7272 >I don't even hear about people hating it. The game is just out Goddamn, reminds me of Evil Genius 2, nobody remembers it's out because nobody wants to play it nor hate it, it's just there looking like CalArts while the original was a heavily stylized cellshade but not really.
I'm playing Diablo with DevilutionX.
Ironically enough, this year in vidya and looking through what I have played and what has gotten or held my attention. it is only a few games and this has made me kinda realize that this might've been the closest thing, to the atari crash. Also, yes the best game in November is Super Mario RPG and then you have RoboCop which was a fun adventure shooter but it didn't get my attention because it wasn't really super fun, it was just nostalgiab8, it didn't have any magic or feel to it, like something like Vampire the masquerade pc had or The Darkness 360 and ps3 had. Like it is really concerning how none of these games have a form of charm to them, and it is basically just Nintendo released games that are fun.
>>7272 it is because the game is really woke, like it has great parts and just good parts in it but the game never comes near to become a masterpiece.Like Remedy's other games, it is kinda just there and it is just people that missed the cinematic style of games that likes this game, since it is really cinematic, and that also depends on how many of them haven't gotten too tired of Disney's constant shitposting of their woke bullshit and because of Disney cannot tug in their dicks, they have kinda made the woke shit too much and thus this game feels like trash but expensive trash. it is so weird, it is kinda like how some adventure fantasy films in the 90s and 2000s was trash but some of them were good, but the good was also trash. That is the problem with this game, it is essentially trash but good looking trash.
I'm trying to get good at Heroes of Might and Magic 2 but suck at it.
>>7607 What do you suck at?
>>7610 I keep getting pummeled in the battles and am not good at gauging when to take action against other players. I beat a small map easily but when playing on the larger ones the AI tends to crush me. The last game I played I wiped out one player, but then the only surviving computer player came in and slaughtered me with titans and bone dragons. I've gone into battles thinking I would win decisively and still gotten the crap beaten out of me. I never really actually played the game until recently and am still learning. I'm definitely not inexperienced with strategy games, but I never got around to getting into the series.
>>7612 It looks like it has something to do with the fact that I've been playing the open-source fheroes2 version and not the original release of the game. I just went and played the standard GOG version, and I had a much more competitive game (although I still lost). The original has much dumber AI in comparison, but fheroes2 has been pretty brutal for me so far. There might have been only one map I've beaten legitimately in that, since I've been experimenting with save states.
>>7612 >>7771 maybe you need to git gud
>>7772 That's definitely part of it. But the AI in the new version seems optimized for veteran players looking for a challenge, and I'm not in that category.
Is Lunacid a tranny game? Should I just play King's Field IV? Is King's Field IV fun or frustrating?
Open file (1.41 MB 1366x768 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7607 donĀ“t listen to >>7772 play Disciples instead, its the same gig, but its less about spamming units and metagaming and more about party composition and having your units survive encounters so they promote >What are you playing? suffering through playing an archer in DA:O, god the archer is bad, now im stuck trying to fix this piece of shit because turns out the way to play archer, is to pick none of the archer perks aside from Aim and just make a lethality rogue with cunning, too late i guess...
>>9773 >Is Lunacid a tranny game? Was it made in the last 10 years by a western dev? If so, then yeah it's almost assuredly a tranny gayme.
>>9789 >play Disciples instead, its the same gig, but its less about spamming units and metagaming and more about party composition and having your units survive encounters so they promote I'll have to keep that in mind for the future. The next game of that type that I try will probably be Age of Wonders. Since I made that post, I've since gotten okay at Heroes of Might and Magic 2 but feel like I've hit a wall in terms of raising my skill level. I can win Broken Alliance on normal difficulty most of the time in fheroes2, for example. If I recall correctly, normal difficulty corresponds with hard mode in the standard game. I also tried Heroes of Might and Magic 3 and didn't care that much for it. I have 4 too but haven't played it.
Open file (94.96 KB 640x640 DCCHURKT.JPG)
Open file (595.18 KB 1421x1408 DCPSONV2.JPG)
Open file (28.93 KB 300x298 DCPOD2MO.JPG)
Open file (253.73 KB 1000x991 DCQUAKE3.JPG)
Open file (422.70 KB 1424x1406 DCRMGP2O.JPG)
Went through the Dreamcast online catalogue. Basically a dozen and a half games for it brought back online for multiplayer. I might try to upload some of them. Note that Bomberman Online multiplayer isn't fixed yet though I heard it is being worked on. PAL Available
Open file (151.99 KB 1280x720 DCWORMWP.JPG)
Open file (1.02 MB 2000x1976 DCUNREAL.JPG)
Open file (179.53 KB 604x600 DCSPDVLS.PNG)
posting more because why not unreal and speed devils don't have online restored yet but we remain ever hopeful

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