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Open file (108.21 KB 1280x720 4.jpg)
Prince of Nigeria Anonymous 06/10/2023 (Sat) 14:52:07 No.3747
This looks like a PS3 game, how the fuck is this allowed? If this isn't a budgeted release at like $20 they're not even trying anymore. Sheeeeit
Open file (69.03 KB 799x391 h.jpg)
He looks the average arab we have here in UK, so I have no problem with that, the only important shit is the gameplay.
>>8281 Why did they give 2004 prince of persia a femboy ass?
>>8283 >He looks the average arab we have here in UK, so I have no problem with that How does that follow?
Where an immigrant takes two generations in a Burger town to become an American, an immigrant takes two generations in a Bong town to become an Immigrant town Culturally we just simp
>>8285 It was a simpler time.
>>8287 The "average arab" in the UK is a South Saharan African.
>>8304 Ok, but what does that have to do with Prince of Persia?
>>8305 Look up where Persia is.
>>8306 Persia was long before the Arabs, brainlet. Persians were white.
>>8287 The UK is niggers. That's how.
Lot's of people are saying this crap is a massive success, true or not? If true, I fucking hate this world.
>>5077 No matter which race or nation, soyboys always have the same aesthetic and retarded opinions.
>>4708 >*going waaay into the red*
>>8331 Huh? Sounds like you are the problem if you're fine with that tbh.
>>8283 He's saying that Arabs are just a half-way house between white and tribal Ugandan and that this is how they were meant to look. But he's ignoring the character #1 is kinda ugly even by Iranian yardstick & #2 he's on the jungle fever edge of being more tribal Ugandan than white. >"Let's just sample some gameplay first guys" just seems to afford them tremendous generosity and/or appears to be terribly naive
Open file (2.43 MB 1200x1600 y.png)
How did we get from this...
Open file (488.20 KB 1359x1747 pp.jpg)
>>8532 to this
>>8535 But he's not ugly because of his ethnicity, although it doesn't help. It's because he's a precious peacock where every single facial element is vastly exaggerated and lacks subtlety. You can get away with *some*, having a based-chin or some such. But he's even more of a "character" than handsome squidward in this way. Eyebrows? Giant. Duckface pout? Overly so. Everything about that just makes him quite naturally unlikeable. Instinct says to me some quite ugly mutts still won't look aspirationally upon this character and still won't buy into it. Anon tells me it's selling well? Love it - love to see it. Press X to insalubriously inquire...
Open file (615.74 KB 811x1002 8969.png)
>>8537 Every single blackman in media must be the most jiggaboo big lipped nostrils inflated meganigger imaginable to "own the racists". The same reason why all women must be ugly.
>>8538 Seems weird to "own da rasseesit notzees" by proving their point about niggers being mindless violent apemen to me. But I guess my brain hasn't been rotted by the electric jew enough to ignore something that obvious just yet.
>>8535 >kang of niggerland assaults unarmed women for no reason >health pickups are going to be fried chicken and grape drank >an auto scroller stage where you have to flee from the police after robbing a 7/11 >stealth stage where you have to follow a white woman and avoid the cops so they can't prevent you from gettin' yo rape on Truly a game about the "black experience."
Open file (1.55 MB 988x1322 ClipboardImage.png)
We wuz Zoroastrian n sheit.
>>9512 sheeeeeeeiiit
>>9512 >it's all so tiresome.jpg
Open file (879.93 KB 960x430 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9512 This is why the crash is happening.
>>9538 But anon it's not crashing. The kids are just going elsewhere. ffffucking Palworld my man. Giving a crash to them that is good and hard and wide requires ultra-discernment and too many people want the escapism and are willing to put up their money. Until they do history books will not record their defeat like I want.
Open file (1.87 MB 1408x1462 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9552 The industry is crashing.
>>9553 The explanation I've been given is that companies overhired during Covid because games were selling ludicrous figures during that time period and they are since having to correct for that. No idea of the extent of that tbh. But I want a tangible moment recorded in history for when woke intersectionalism killed AAA.
>>9573 People are just tired of the wokeslop. It's like the Superhero fatigue. Wokeslop fatigue.
>>9553 Crash Crash Crash
>>9573 >I want a tangible moment Odds are you've lived through multiple "tangible moments" and haven't realized it because the shit you see in history books is viewed with the aid of 20/20 hindsight and decades/centuries of fallout from events that people didn't take much notice of at the time. Some tremendous calamity destroying shit so quickly to the point it's an undeniable turning point in history is an exceedingly rare occurrence.
>>9590 >Some tremendous calamity destroying shit so quickly based
Apparently the gameplay is not too bad but the ugly nigger is too distracting to enjoy it.
>>9710 At this point I'm so tired of the woke shit that I don't care how good a game is if it has the stink of ESG/DEI on it I don't want anything to do with it.
>>9711 Yeah, some people try to ignore it but I don't see how you can.
>>9597 >two more weeks
>>9717 until what?
>>9720 Until Tyrone lets you out of the cuckshed.
>>3747 >how the fuck is this allowed? Wrong question, here's a few smarter ones: 1. Why do you still care about Prince of Persia in 2024 when the series died in 2008? 2. Why haven't you learned to ignore anything published by Ubisoft? 3. Why do you still pay attention to AAA in general? But feel free to spam about niggers for another 100 replies, that will surely help.
>>9723 If you follow all 3 paragraphs, then why are you here or anywhere online and talk about vidya at all? Don't try to act high and mighty.
>>9720 until you do nothing and wait two more weeks because thats what this anticipation for an ebig habbening does, it makes people do nothing and nothing ever changes >two more weeks for the rapture bros
>>9723 >Why do you still care about Prince of Persia in 2024 when the series died in 2008? to laugh >Why haven't you learned to ignore anything published by Ubisoft? to laugh >Why do you still pay attention to AAA in general? to laugh >But feel free to spam about niggers for another 100 replies ok
>>9726 >>Why do you still care about Prince of Persia in 2024 when the series died in 2008? i like the gameplay formula, parkour + combat, its very interesting and few games do it its dead now though kek kill copyright
>>9724 I talk about vidya because there's more good vidya coming out now that at any time in the past, you just have to look outside AAA and especially outside the cash cow series that try to bait you with nostalgia. Fucking City of Brass is a better Prince of Persia than any recent entry in the series, and that's not a good game by any means.
Open file (379.92 KB 571x636 ClipboardImage.png)
sad news
>>9750 >marked down 20 freedombux already I wasn't even aware kang of niggerland even came out yet and it's already on discount.

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