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Open file (955.28 KB 2269x1227 o.jpg)
Anonymous 06/11/2023 (Sun) 21:05:34 No.3788
See that moon? You can explore it.
>>7072 Yeah. Oblivion focused on graphics and Skyrim focused on being for normalfags.
Open file (649.94 KB 853x974 hg4.png)
Todd's plan to have you play more Skyrim worked again.
already forgotten
>>7480 Who?
Open file (414.00 KB 640x575 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7480 It's irritating how there are never any consequences for failure anymore. I'm not a fan of their games after fallout 3 era and easily see through the hype, but the fanboys and shills have been hyping this game for years and then it turns out to be crap. No big deal though. Business as usual. Now they turn to hyping Elder Scrolls.
>>7518 Well yeah, they were selling people snake oil and now it's time to move to the next town. The problem is that normalfags have the memory span of a gold fish so this will just keep happening over and over.
>>7518 >It's irritating how there are never any consequences for failure anymore. There's a reason these corporations pander to normalniggers who have been properly brainwashed over people who actually like vidya. A normalnigger's dollar is just as valuable as anyone else's, there are far more of them and they don't buy something for it's quality, they buy it for the brand name. Bethesda is popular therefore they buy Bethesda games. If Bethesda ever fell out of favor of the hivemind, they'd turn in a flash and pretend of have always seen through the bullshit.
Open file (420.14 KB 683x669 ClipboardImage.png)
who's gonna tell him?
Open file (1.48 MB 1440x2158 ClipboardImage.png)
Pure seethe.
Open file (10.38 MB 1280x718 sweet release.gif)
>>7858 >players are "disconnected" from how game are actually made >haven't made a game modders didn't have to fix in decades Apparently Bethesda is even more disconnected from how games are actually made.
>>7858 What do I care how your shitty game is made. It's shit that's the bottom line.
>>7859 that gif is to funny
>>7858 Dilate, """Austin""". I'm both a professional and a player, and we all here know exactly why your slopfest sucks a giant bag of dicks.
Open file (87.73 KB 716x380 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (572.32 KB 828x836 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8011 what a video gamer
Open file (351.05 KB 624x662 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8045 A reminder this is literally how ES6 is gonna be.
>>7859 Lol if only all niggers
Open file (308.36 KB 577x458 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (427.88 KB 620x666 ClipboardImage.png)
>w-we fixed it!
>>8347 Did they remove all the shitskins from the game?
Open file (1.12 MB 934x754 1693721722587809.png)
>>8353 I mean maybe? But tbh is it really traditional for a studio to remove 99.5% of the asset content during a gamepatch?
>>8355 Remakes are all the rage nowadays. The All--Huwite Starfield Remaster.
>>8347 >our biggest starfield update yet >over 100 fixes and improvements lol their "biggest update" is fixing a hand full of bugs
>>8357 It's okay bro, just download this 900gig patch.
Open file (269.90 KB 870x918 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>8347 lmao
>>8406 Why not? There are no standards or accountability for failure anymore anyway. Why do an update at all?
>>8406 Soyfield really is an endless spring of shit.
>>8407 That's all that Slopthesda knows to do, make the same game over and over and then try and fix it for the next 10 years.
>>8408 it kind of is
>>8410 The only way to stop it would be for bugthesda to just drop the game and let the fans bitch and moan about it until their goldfish brains forget about it in three seconds so they can get excited for the next slopthesda game. Personally I hope they "support" the game for years so we keep getting 'the biggest borefield update yet' articles that's just a few bugfixes.
>>8421 Just like all their previous games, Slopfield will be forgotten in a year and they can move to the next identical project. Rinse and repeat.
Open file (282.62 KB 649x748 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (203.87 KB 1080x1986 slop.jpg)
>>8493 I'm not surprised. Slopthesda is well aware of the sort of mouth breathers buy their regurgitated slop. >>8495 That's weird. I thought Bethesda and their mindless zombie fans were saying soyfield was doing really well and it was just a bunch of right-wing neo-nazi internet trolls that were shitting on it.
>>8498 If anyone says their AAA slop is a big mega hit, it's almost always actually a flop.
>>8495 <LETS JUST DUMP THEM ALL IN THE TRASH >B-But sir, they're already in the system. Legally we have to sell them now. <ALRIGHT, SELL THEM ALL FOR ONE CENT EACH. >B-But sir, that would be a terrible embarrassment for Mr. Howard and his company! <TWO CENTS THEN >board, later that day: He said what!? Just make it 3 cents, and don't tell him anything about it.
Open file (1.52 MB 498x278 lmao.gif)
>>8495 >Slopfield is the E.T. of the 21st century if only it also brought about the crash of the industry.
Open file (164.00 KB 1080x1179 g5.jpg)
>$400 million dollar development budget >biggest content update since release
>>9415 >niggers are still in the game nothing has been fixed
Open file (316.44 KB 1290x707 ClipboardImage.png)
no wonder it's so awful and poorly made.
>>9461 The future = flop.
Open file (6.23 MB 393x480 cat.gif)
>>9461 >for the record, i am coping, seething and dialating with the most wonderfully diverse team i've ever worked with Something tells me 41%, give or take of the team won't ever be work on another game.
>>9461 >sure this cesspool we made is disgusting and terrible beyond belief >but we made it with niggers and trannies and other aubhumans we prop up under the diversity umbrella They're like aliens, their brains simply don't form the same connections as sane non-retarded people.
>>9415 >photo mode Haha yeah that's what was missing.

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