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Open file (955.28 KB 2269x1227 o.jpg)
Anonymous 06/11/2023 (Sun) 21:05:34 No.3788
See that moon? You can explore it.
>>5747 Yes. Normalniggers don't can't how big a shit Todd takes on them, they'll keep buying Bugthesda's shit because having the newest SkyrimBethesda open world "RPG" is more a status symbol among the mindless sheep then about something they actually enjoy.
>nobody is talking about the game already The shortest flavor of the season
>>5751 They must be so happy they sold those premium versions before the release. No more talk about the game. General consensus is that it's somehow 'fun' but has serious problems across the board. Less amusing' glitches and just crashing to desktop. Numbers of people playing has dropped significantly on steam. A weird but effective way to measure playercount quick for certain games is if it's on steam and consoles then there's usually half again to twice as many people playing on the console. So if steam has a game at 1000 players, then there might be 1500, to 2000 playing on console. If the game is sold through another store like bethesda or rockstar, it's half, so 500 people. It's not exact ut it's a generally good way to bang out how many people are playing. However for starfield, Bethesda cut out half their market, and the hype behind Starfield did not create a console seller like Sony was able to with the soul and bloodbourne games. So they aren't getting double the number on consoles. In fact I think that a lot of their Xbox numbers are all the 'pre-sale' and then off the gamepass for people who heard and don't feel like dropping $80-100 on another game that won't be ready until modders have finished 3 or 4 years from now. As well bethesda isn't taking a victory lap like they did with fo4, which was a 6/10 game that also managed to be 'bethesda fun'. The next DLC they come out with is going to be some super gay hatebait trash intended to stir up controversy and anger in the hope people will buy it to see what's going on. Expect them to introduce a group of gay tranny niggers that traffic and rape toddlers as the good guys who are being forced to napalm suburban neighbourhoods in new atlantis because of white male privilege .
>>5753 It's yet another game that's gonna be 'fixed' in 5 years with mods and updates, and you're gonna see a few articles about how it's actually good now but nobody is going to care. Bethesda did everything wrong in advertising the game, outside of the game itself being their usual slop. All I ever saw of Starfield were clips of empty ugly grey wastelands, I don't know what the game is actually about but that was its general mien on the internet.
watch Todd double down and make Starfield 2
>>5757 >I don't know what the game is actually about You play Starcuck, who stumbles on some space magic bullshit, that gets you involved in the Starbornenot shitting you and a tens of hours long boring as fuckepic quest to discover Bill Clinton's CP stashword wallsspace shrines you teach you dragon shoutsspace magic and eventually go to the center of the galaxy for some reason honestly I don't know so you can reset the game and play new game+ and do it all over again just with some new dialog options that allow you to skip some story quests. I'm being a bit facetious, but that's what I've gather is the main "story" of Soyfield.
>>5760 What do you do in this "game"?
Open file (5.06 MB 1708x3279 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5764 >snorefield runs like shit because everything has a needlessly high polycount I figured it was just the creation engine being complete dog shit as usual.
>>5765 >high polycount You definitely can't tell. I guess it's all the generated terrain that's not optimized properly. It's like we're back to the early days of PS2, fucking kek.
>>5764 Kek. BEHOLD Duhversity is our greatest strength anons
Open file (555.87 KB 859x1224 tuff nut.png)
>>5801 Even normalfags are disgusted by the abundance of niggers.
Open file (808.76 KB 854x480 m2-res_480p.mp4)
>>5803 Lmao. This game honestly comes off a parody most of the time.
>>5804 if this was intentional it would be pretty funny, but unfortunately it's just typical women and nigger incompetency.
>>5803 kek
>>5814 >but unfortunately it's just typical women and nigger incompetency. SEXISS! RAYCISS! POLEEZ!111
>>5816 >70k triangles for a small object Anyone know that the polygon count for the character models is? It would be hilarious if it was lower then random objects most people wouldn't spend more then a split second to look at.
>>5818 When I was in school not that long ago, the recommended realtime hero character tri count was between 35K & 45K tris. It's probably a bit higher today, but still probably less than 70K. Maybe 50K to 60K? Remember, this is a hero character, not some BG or NPC.
>>5818 This is just pure incompetence, you can make the exact same sandwich with infinitely fewer polygons if you actually knew what you were doing. This honestly looks like someone used one of those 3D scan phone apps and dumped it into the game. Truly bewildering.
>>5801 Trust the science, bigot.
Open file (690.46 KB 599x599 tod.png)
Starfield is one of the best rpg's in a long time. It is an amazing piece of media, and all of the amazing explorations of the planets, new star systems, not to forget the epic questlines in each city and how huge the cities are in starfield, it is like you are playing 3 games at once.
Open file (250.64 KB 720x834 lmaooo.mp4)
And how are you liking your mug today sir? 300 thousings or 400 thousings?
>>5836 >cuckchan
>>5836 almost 19k triangles for a prop, that is quite insane and there is no wonder allot of computers have a hard time with the game.
>>5836 >18.8k triangles for a fucking cup >just get better computers goyim!
>>5842 I remember a time when pcucks started to talk about how pc gaming is such an inexpensive hobby and it is totally better than consoles. Then comes shit like this up every once in awhile because the developers have a contract with amd, intel or nvidia and then they find out to implement retarded shit like this, then the game isn't runing on 30fps but 20 fps on PC because, you don't have the new and right computer components and still claim it is cheaper with a computer gaming. When getting 60 fps on starfield you need a computer for 5k or almost 10k dollars, that is more money than for a mac, this is almost 80s computer prices.
Open file (1.12 MB 934x754 1693721722587809.png)
>>5826 We are The Science, goyim!
>>5843 The solution is simple: don't play Starfieild
>>5845 This game is really amazing. Just everything about it was comically incompetently done.
>>5851 won't stop normalfags from making it goty
>>5845 >abosinspace.jpg
>>5845 How many triangles you think went into that face?
>>5856 at least 100,000 triangles so you can marvel in awe that abos have made it to space
The Eyes Have It
>>5859 libtard future.they're so beautiful. lovely specimens. we need less europeans and more jumpscare race.
>>5859 Unironically horrifying. Maybe Todd was making a horror game all along.
>>5863 IMHO, This game is but one of many, many artifacts of Predictive Programming the globalist kikes are foisting on the world (at least the segment of the world that gives any place to their demonic bullshit). Todd has obviously (((compromised))) (read: sold out) and adopted the whole ESG platform. His games will forevermore be tainted by this hogwash from now on. >tl;dr This is just a way to program the goyim to fear the nigger, the stronk independynt, and the degenerate. >ttl;dr This is literally no different than any other kike-directed media during Current Year. The Great Replacement is their endgame goal of course.
>>5867 Lol, would you please downscale your spoiler image, BO? It's corrupting a readable textflow.
>>3788 At least it's a new IP
>>5869 I can only imagine how corrupted a nuMake would be lol. We can only hope & pray that this will be the last of it.
>>5867 FUCK WHITE PAPOL! I hate kikes.
Open file (233.22 KB 1920x1080 snapshot.jpg)
>>5900 I know all niggers are apelike, but do they purposely set out to find the most apelike when casting niggers?
Open file (29.25 KB 640x360 90.jpg)
>>5901 Unironically yes. They pick the negroidest of nigs and parade them in front of the camera to "spite the nazis". Which is ironic of course since they're being racist themselves by acknowledging that nigs look like apes and that they're aware of it.
>>5902 >spite the ebil raasist notzees by proving them right about niggers being subhuman apemen Liberal logic is weird, man.

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