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Open file (955.28 KB 2269x1227 o.jpg)
Anonymous 06/11/2023 (Sun) 21:05:34 No.3788
See that moon? You can explore it.
Open file (4.93 KB 242x208 Untitled.jpg)
Gee willikers, that lofty Tod Howard saved gaming once again. Am I right fellow players?
Open file (15.40 KB 535x117 76.png)
Open file (889.45 KB 630x793 Todd 1488.png)
>>3788 (heil'd) BASED
>>3791 it's over
>>3789 What a handsome man.
>>3788 Why is Todd lying to me again?
>>3820 you bought Skyrim for your smart fridge haven't you? Tod has your number.
>>3824 oh no
>>3824 I own skyrim for my watch.
>>3839 What, just ONE skyrim?
>>3840 I am ashamed.
Back in the late 2000s, I genuinely believed that we would no longer have arguments about FPS in the future.
>>3879 What arguments?
>>3788 >soon with mods >'See that moon? You can fuck it.'
Open file (1.83 MB 844x1212 coom cover.png)
Open file (147.96 KB 1144x1512 06a-3041408368.jpg)
>>3880 I have observed many people defending 30 FPS. I thought capped FPS was a thing of the past. I naively thought we would no longer have to engage in discussions of this nature. Unfortunately, it seems I underestimated the industry's capacity for laziness.
>>3928 Only the soylent defend the 30 FPS. Usually it means the game has some progressive shit and you need to defend its shit performance.
>>3928 As long as incompetent diversity hires are the norm low FPS caps will always be a thing. The one straight white guy that knows how to code can't optimize a 100GB open world goyslop alone.
>>3930 it's okay, day one 200gb patch will fix 40% of the issues!
Open file (403.71 KB 623x581 y.png)
Open file (371.80 KB 709x801 6.png)
More Todd lies.
>>3938 isn't it the other way around?
>>3969 >1000 planets >all inhabited by blacks
>>3969 Based Todd and his lies
>>3969 >won't be all boring procgen globes Meaning at least 99+% will be and the handful that aren't will restrict you to small to medium sized areas with a town or city in it.
Open file (152.50 KB 910x1024 y6.jpg)
>>3975 Yup, pretty much nailed it. Also keep in mind Soythesda can't even get Fallout or Skyrim to work properly, imagine the absolute shitfest this is gonna be until modders fix it in 5 years.
>>3974 he can't keep getting away with it...
Open file (529.38 KB 1277x803 12.png)
>it's bad, and that' a good thing!
>>3980 fuck soyjourno shills
Open file (208.03 KB 546x480 5r4.png)
>>3980 >pre-emptive cope shielding
>>3971 soy every which way
Open file (119.42 KB 672x1040 756.jpg)
silly goyim, you will own nothing
Unironically, I am hyped about this game. Todd Howard has stated that they are going to take away a big or major rpg mechanic from it. So, I cannot wait and explore the first moon and then collect sandwiches. >>4029 >no discs >just a code then why not sell it on the microsoft game store only?
Open file (31.39 KB 535x495 EinljliXkAIw8P4.jpg)
>>4040 >Todd Howard has stated
>>4039 Itsa me, Jewrio!
Open file (30.89 KB 588x387 rare todd howard 2.jpg)
Open file (53.14 KB 537x1083 rare todd howard 3.png)
Open file (61.94 KB 750x1021 rare todd howard.jpg)
Open file (97.63 KB 590x1030 rare todd howard 5.jpg)
Open file (152.68 KB 676x1445 rare todd howard 4.png)
>>4041 Todd Howard would never lie to his consumers and people on the internet. Here is evidence of old Todd Howard posts, that he is a legitimate gamer, someone that would never ever lie to his consumers and is most of all understanding.
Open file (2.15 MB 2014x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4048 What a great guy.
Open file (39.70 KB 500x575 todd.jpg)
>>4050 He is a really great guy. Redguard was better than Diablo and Daggerfall. Like people remember Redguard more than diablo.
>>3798 with a huge dick
Open file (255.50 KB 1080x1080 1u.jpg)
Open file (309.76 KB 2000x2000 todd.jpg)
>>4604 >>4667 He can't keep getting away with it...
>>4604 >can't put vehicles into soyfield Reminder that some autistic troon nigger-rigged working cars into New Vegas.
>>4670 paid mods here we go
Open file (95.94 KB 1024x647 sheit.jpg)
Here's your Starfield.
>>4691 I don't see what the problem is. Wouldn't be the first time we've sent monkeys into space to make sure it's safe for humans.
Open file (751.97 KB 1200x600 643.png)
>>4697 Yeah but this time the monkeys took over. It turns out Starfield is a prequel to the Planet of the Apes.
>>4691 the american future
>>4698 >Yeah but this time the monkeys took over. >>4698 >the american future Pffft, jews pls. Niggers in general can't even keep a washing machine going, much less run a country. >B-but Wakanda!11 Wakanda will need computers. And cellphones. And electricity. Who'll give that to them, you? BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA China will both own bakawandalands, and keep all the inhabitants as house niggers.
Open file (297.63 KB 1080x1083 12.png)
>you will eat slop.
>>4958 lmfao oh noooo
Open file (595.27 KB 1538x2048 MMMHMMM.jpg)
>>4691 *lipsmack* hmm who dat? You on da starsheep? *lipsmack* say black ly madda. You on da starsheep godda say black ly madda. Tran blad ly madda.
>>4958 Is this because modern consoles are shit, the game is unoptimized shit or both? Rhetorical question. Obviously it's both.
>>4967 That, but also because soylent faggots like pic related have no standards playing on underpowered sub 20fps garbage like Shitch, so why bother really. 15fps? Not as big a deal as it sounds!
>>4968 >15fps? Not as big a deal as it sounds! Can't wait until we get the articles about how gamers are entitled to expect the nogames6 to run anything above 10fps.
>>4974 If by 2023 with all the SSDs and all the other shit we still have to be told that 30 fps is okay, I don't doubt it
>>3788 This game is gonna suck, isn't it? Oblivion in space.
>>4981 It's the token NuBethesda RPG #653, I don't know what people are expecting. Like mentioned above, getting bamboozled by Todd at this point is some kinda mental illnes.
fuck bethesda
Open file (194.37 KB 596x690 20.png)
>>4984 The problem isn't the soysole, goyim
>>4984 it's over
>>4976 Because it just is okay!?
>>4984 lmao soysole cucks btfo. >>4958 I always love the shit eating hipster leftist strategy of "attacking the fans." Fuck you and your nigger pet up the ass, leftist faggot. Go cut your dick off and smash the patriarchy with your dilator.
Open file (434.22 KB 1170x1058 7.jpg)
Open file (290.71 KB 1200x626 s.jpg)
Starfield specs
Open file (169.87 KB 547x307 23.png)
The start screen. Can you get any more soulless?
>>5069 Looks like a stock placeholder but it's gonna be in the final version. How rushed is this shit? Are modders supposed to save every Todd game?
Open file (82.96 KB 2048x1152 ljk5kg.jpg)
>>5069 here's a higher resolution, not that it matters lol
>>5073 this is very literally exactly how it looks when a junior programmer on the team is tasked to make an interface in an afternoon without an artist's help
>>5074 Yeah and it's also the poster child of the whole post-Apple simplistic cancer.
Open file (38.83 KB 708x708 todd.jpg)
Buy it. Now.
>>5083 Okay, please don't shoot mister
>>5073 Normalfags and soyjournos will defend this.
Open file (219.19 KB 828x614 w.jpg)
>default character uh, bros...
>>5083 Never anon.
>>5071 >Are modders supposed to save every Todd game? Has there ever been a todd game that modders didn't have to fix?
>>5097 I don't know about his earlier games, but all the big meme releases are unplayable in vanilla without gigabytes of mods.
>>5096 Don't worry todd-sama, I will still play...through other means.
Open file (550.01 KB 535x800 ClipboardImage.png)
fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me
>>5094 Woah, how is this allowed?
>>5122 It's probably just something they haven't gotten around to "fixing" yet. The default on release will a bald male nigger or a sheboon with that afro sheboons always have in vidya.
>>5123 >mandatory 100gb patch that fixes all the default models to negros >Denuvo checks if you have all the diversity mods installed or the game won't work
Open file (644.39 KB 944x939 12.png)
>>4671 it begins
Open file (197.67 KB 1040x133 ClipboardImage.png)
>land on planet >walk (no land vehicles sorry) 3 km away from landing zone >run into invisible wall
>>5130 >Slopout in space
>>5135 Todd was secretly /ourguy/?
>>5136 Todd in all likelihood was truly one of us but became filthy rich fairly easily, and with little to not tech education, and then learned how to be a whore.
>>5137 Many such cases.
Open file (371.54 KB 512x448 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (407.33 KB 717x403 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5137 >>5140 I heard that Todd started in Bethesda's call center as a customer service representative. Is this true?
>>5195 Do you think he was lying to people there as well?
Open file (990.20 KB 828x496 ClipboardImage.png)
Oh... oh no... Bethesdabros... not like this... Did Todd lie?
>>5204 See that moon? You can fast travel to it.
Open file (74.72 KB 828x837 Starfield pronouns.jpg)
Open file (5.62 MB 854x480 Starfield Gameplay.mp4)
Open file (99.56 KB 838x717 Starfield consoles.png)
Don't worry goys at least we got voiced pronoun dialogue.
>>5206 >20 fps instead of 60? <heh, it's no big deal brah >can't do jackshit? <heh, it's no big deal brah soyjourno shills running damage control is something
>only two options when being STOP CRIMINAL SCUM'd, less than Oblivion >that gunplay oh noooooo
Open file (53.93 KB 372x426 e558.jpg)
>>5210 >Oblivion 2.0
>>5210 lol this is what besthedrones waited years for
>literally every other NuBethesda RPG, with zero improvements, but in space now You have to be mentally handicapped to fall for this in the year of our Lord Xenu of 2023.
>You can't run around the planet in Starfield: there are out-of-bound limits if you go too far. You only have a sandbox to play in.
Open file (65.25 KB 218x231 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (234.39 KB 933x552 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5218 I'm not listening to the haters Todd. I still believe. I can't wait for the HARDCORE RPG you promised us.
>>5219 Based fellow Todd respecter.
Open file (5.92 KB 273x312 wew.png)
>>5210 >stop right there criminal scum! LOL it is literally Oblivion + Fallout 4. Those shooting mechanics are exactly like Fallout 4. Why the fuck can one of the biggest, richest gaming companies after almost 20 goddamn years not make a new engine or at least substantially overhaul the same fucking one since Oblivion!
>>5230 and why the FUCK does it take them so long to make a game WHEN THEY ARE USING THE EXACT SAME FUCKING ENGINE?!?!
>>5210 Lol shit yeah it looks terrible as fuck, can't wait for mods to replaces all the animations, models, textures, sound effects, ui, gameplay, qol...It's exactly like every other bethesda game ever released and now we'll all wait twenty years for the next fallrim. >>5231 They had place everything. They don't lie when they say shit isn't generally prodecured. All the time spent making startodd was used reverse engineering all the mods that make people want to play these games, and hand placing every item and piece of furniture so they can jerk off whenever they hear someone call the enviroments 'immersive'. Better off waiting for Fallout 76 to go on sale for ten bucks and buy that.
Open file (92.69 KB 679x873 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5210 Actual responses to this video. MMMM FEED ME MORE GOYSLOP, YUMMY
Empty city and jetpack demonstration.
>>5232 if true then Bethesda is a JOKE I will not be buying this game. I will wait for the crack.
Open file (345.05 KB 500x500 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5231 The one good thing about their bullshit engine is that it should be relatively easy and quick to pump out new games and environments with it. Instead this is what they have to show us after almost a decade.
https://archive.is/r7206 tons of 4cuck faggots defending Todd.
Are they still using the Morrowind engine?
>>5236 That's what FromSoft does, they keep cranking out dem Souls games like there's no tomorrow
>>5241 And every one of them is shit.
>>5242 Git gud.
Open file (4.24 KB 225x225 download.png)
Open file (285.83 KB 588x509 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5244 Git gud.
>>5251 I can't breef Todd!
>>5251 POLEEZ ALWAYS TRYNA KEEP A NIGGA DOWN Fittna wile on these muhfuggas ass up in dis bitch
>>5249 imagine going to the joint for Todd lmao >>5250 >seethes >says the same thing
>>5254 Git gud.
Open file (98.06 KB 1054x1180 gigatodd.jpg)
Another black in jail. Splendid!
>>5256 Well done Todd!
Open file (276.50 KB 516x508 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.53 MB 1280x720 trainstation.webm)
>>5262 Lmao, that's the train station from Xenosaga
>>5262 >not pictured; the little man wearing the train as a hat so it will move down the tracks.
>>5262 lol I'm calling it. Starfield is going to dissapoint and blackpill even normalfaggots. Bethesda won't recover from it and will go the way of Bioware. They won't be able to "fix" it like CD Projekt RED because of how archaic the engine is.
>>5267 Nah, we're way past the age of learning. They're gonna eat it up and ask for seconds.
See that planet? You can land on it!
>>5269 You can't land on planets and that's a good thing!
>>5267 It doesn't matter how much shit Bethesda forces down normalfags' throats, they'll keep eagerly coming back for more because that's what they've been programmed to do.
Open file (407.16 KB 712x637 ClipboardImage.png)
I hope you like transwomen, anon.
Open file (522.24 KB 745x619 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (377.71 KB 570x527 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (243.89 KB 451x463 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.30 MB 1264x631 ClipboardImage.png)
Hope you like a sheboon literally called Madame Savage who drops random French words, and faces that make Oblivion NPCs look sexy. Hope you like empty "cities" 4th pic is literally called Akila City.
Open file (128.72 KB 1163x716 xd the cake is a lie.jpg)
>>5280 >le ebin Skyrim meme! Yeah, real funny, Todd. Why don't you release Skyrim again?
>>5278 So they went with the woke trend of forcing ugliness. Make everyone look like shit. Leftists love this. They take their depressing view of life and call it "realistic." Women being ugly and obese is a spiteful mutant power move.
>>5282 Eh, western game could never make attractive women, they always made dogs.
>>5283 Also, Bethesda in particular has never been able to make character models that don't look like slightly melted plastic figures.
>>5284 Because they just use their shitty character creator to make characters.
Open file (159.42 KB 555x564 af916188402f.png)
>>5279 >mfw
Open file (62.39 KB 644x1184 ClipboardImage.png)
Rune already cracked it.
Open file (223.79 KB 529x364 ClipboardImage.png)
>only 200k oof
Open file (62.39 KB 644x1184 starfield cracked.png)
>>5288 There really is no disguising the gameplay. Reddit fanboys are desperately coping about how people will never reach the invisible wall limits and that they never wanted to fly a space ship because the game isn't about spaceships it's a sci-fi rpg adventure so that means walking only. You can only fucking walk in open world sci-fi adventures and you'll be grateful for the opportunity. Forget how games like rage managed to come up with working cars, or how modders have been able to create working motorcycles, cars, vertibirds, bicycles, ect for each of the fallout games, while Bethesda still can't get a jetpack to keep you in the air for more than five seconds and you have to fast travel through a train hub to get anywhere.
>>5290 Very true. Every Todd game is a massive colossal disappointment and you have to pretty much live on copium to play it.
>>5279 SHEEEIT Ehh, the game probably doesn't deserve better than empty towns anyway. >>5287 Seems pretty quick
>>5282 >So they went with the woke trend of forcing ugliness. Not that I'm debating you particularly anon, but IHO it's much more likely that the woke 'artists' simply can't devise anything beautiful in the first place. Low skills and whatnot. Then labeling such steaming piles 'body-positive' & 'diverse enrichment' is simply their cope to attempt concealing their own inadequacies as content creators. Uncle Ted spoke about this tendency in Leftists and Filthy Commies IIRC.
>>5294 I'm normally for these kinds of explanations but not here. The job market for artists makes them a dime a dozen. Studios reject stacks and stacks of portfolios when doing hiring, so they can easily hire people who can do what they're asked to do. After artists are hired they get corralled by an art director who will already have trusted senior artists doing rough concept art and style outlines, etc. The degree varies from studio to studio and project to project, but beyond this point there isn't much outright "creativity". Wherever there is creativity it's usually within tight boundaries. You can't have a visually coherent AAA title otherwise. Combine all of that with the fact that attractive faces and bodies are if anything are simpler to create than ugly ones (fewer lumps, less asymmetry, fewer distracting odd details), you really don't have much of an opening for ugliness to creep in from the bottom. It is up to the senior team members to push the asset development process along and notice bad trends in the output before things like progress presentations have to be given. If the ugly characters are allowed through to that stage then it falls on management to either OK it or to force some kind of change. The ugliness doesn't just appear out of some collective incompetence. Given that there is a full awareness that guys will be more likely to buy ($$$) a game if he can gawk at hot 3D women in it, that means the ugliness is at some level a knowing choice. It's likely done for some combination of not wanting to be seen to appeal to the "male gaze" and not wanting to scare away the mythical female audience (for a sci-fi game?) because the female characters are too attractive and remind them of how ugly they are. It's not by chance.
The game treats space as a loading screen. It's not a space sim, not even a space rpg. It's just Fallout 4-2
>>5298 Public torrents are taking for fucking ever.
Open file (104.68 KB 1253x588 1.jpg)
>>5294 >>5296 'Woke' artists are sure able to design good character models for their side hustle animating D.Va from overwatch getting triple penetrated by werewolves. They're following the new rules. Characters have to reflect a 'realistic approach' so that people don't feel alienated and feel bad about themselves because of attractive characters. You're not allowed to fatasise about good looking people in a power fantasy, everyone has to be ugly and fat to make you feel good about being ugly and fat. women have been complaining about how they want to play barbie with these characters, and some big fat feminist will show up with two trannies and a faghag to tell everyone why thos women are internalizing misogyny and need to be reeducated by niggerdicks. It's part and parcel from the idpol commie shit we're dealing with. Game looks like crap too. High def science skins over fallout 4. Like a well modded fallout 4 that they didn't do anything on the animation or physics. You can still jump in a full circle starting at one point and landing behind where you jumped from. It's going to get close to the release fallut 4 did with maybe 8-10 million copies, and then the player reviews are going to come in and people will realise, yes, this is just another bethesda game, no, they didn't do anything new or different, it's just fast travel and loading cells up before you get there. I'm laughing because the guy I'm watching play expected the game to be an immersive space sim and what he got was 'you can build a settlement that does nothing just like fo4, oh and you're hungry, go eat that space bug. Can't carry it though, you're overweight and addicted to chems.'
>>5300 When they hit you with that Bethesda stare
>>5300 >and that's when I became, Starfield
Open file (801.30 KB 836x955 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5307 There's a small redditor civil war now going on, too many people playing the premium pre-release are complaining and pointing out serious copy-paste and lack of depth and it's making the bethesda npcs angry, especially since it's some of the bethesda npcs bitching about it. Oversold another mid experience and now the big cope is 'I can't wait for mods.', because the game you payed for wasn't made well enough to be fun on it's own so you have to rely on free work, except now some of the big moddres are going to be charging for their starfield mods too. Cucktown, population: YOU.
>>5307 >>5308 <Not you personally, like a metaphorical you representing the average player
Open file (867.01 KB 944x939 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5308 >I can't wait for mods
>>5307 >it's the best game since this absolute garbage
Open file (13.08 MB 3840x2160 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (211.35 KB 399x394 ClipboardImage.png)
Bwahahahahahaha I just can't
Open file (354.64 KB 442x503 mfw.png)
>>5314 >>5316 This has gone beyond satire, this is like the work of some 60's comedy troupe. The way I see things, one of two possibly both things are going on: 1. Actual, CIS White men are still working for neBethesda as Art Directtors during current year, and are subtly working behind the scenes to drive the woke plot to extremes that shouldn't even be possible as a form of humor/revenge. Or, 2. Pure diversity (in every form) has been elevated to the point literal demons are in effect pulling the levers of control there. Not sure which atm. But a) I won't touch any of their shit with a 10 foot pole, and b) >[popcorn intensifies]* .
>>5317 This is pure doubling down, anon.
Open file (630.95 KB 1806x1046 space abos.jpg)
>>5326 anons, this game is making me racist
Open file (3.27 MB 1750x1100 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5327 All according to Todd's plan
>>5326 WTF lol. The left one is clearly a man.
Open file (56.21 KB 680x429 starfield.jpg)
finna get me some chicken mcnuggets
So in the future space will be populated with nothing but niggers? Why hasn't president Musk prevented this?
>>5349 Self-correcting problem tbh. White men won't be there to prop things up. First time an airlock or pressure-regulator goes bad, first time a minor software glitch occurs, there goes the neighborhood.
Open file (487.64 KB 760x651 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.49 MB 640x360 lol.webm)
No refunds.
Open file (2.38 MB 1280x720 1693721287440398.webm)
>>5354 Wypipo alway tryna keep a nigga down
>>5354 Seriously is this a mod or what because I have never seen so many orange haired sheboons before in my life.
>>5358 Mods will be used to remove all the niggers.
>>5352 This is like a student project that would barely get a passing grade, not a AAA from one of the world's biggest game studios.
>>5360 See anon, it doesn't matter to them. All they need is to sell you the game, it can be a broken amateur mess made on the 20 year old engine - they don't give a fuck as long as you bought it. Their job is to bamboozle people with social media hype, they've been doing it for those 20 years.
>>5352 Oh my, the developers of today are fucking retarded.
>>5352 >>5354 Lmfao SHEBOONS I just played FallField 4 for an hour and it is comically bad. Bethesda is fucked.
>>5326 They look like literal gorillas. Real life niggers don't look this simian.
>>5367 >Bethesda is fucked You'd think but no.
Open file (339.96 KB 872x694 rip.png)
Shillbros, Et Tu?
>>5371 >skyrim >so great lol even the rock bottom standard of skyrim was too high for soyfield
>>5372 To normalfags and zoomers, Skyrim is basically where gayming started.
Open file (349.07 KB 456x496 ClipboardImage.png)
Im not playing the game but whats with all the niggers?
>>5391 Modern gaming.
>>5371 Nobody can tolerate all that shit...
>>5382 I think maybe the kikes are trying to reinforce in the soyim's heads that uppity niggers are in fact zombie hordes as well, and they will be unleashed on the unsuspecting public without further dem repayashuns.
>>5369 Billion Trillion
Open file (790.52 KB 1080x1202 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (593.32 KB 720x1292 ClipboardImage.png)
>not a big deal bro
>>5446 So, it's safe to assume that Nexus Mods is a compromised kike gayop then?
Open file (309.05 KB 2010x2010 14.jpg)
>>5450 Isn't that one big New Vegas mod that lets you make an underage girl a sex slave still up on Nexus?
>>5448 Confirmed kikery afoot.
Open file (2.46 MB 3264x911 hm.png)
Open file (27.52 KB 707x297 sf.png)
Slopfield bros...
>>5482 soul vs souless
Open file (141.39 KB 872x799 s.png)
LMAO Rajesh didn't code hard enough.
Open file (639.93 KB 2048x1536 cuckgrin rat face.jpg)
>>5503 Todd has done it, you play Skyrim even on plane!
>>5501 Is it the Morrowind engine still?
Open file (63.63 KB 1024x576 20230911_131727.jpg)
>>5528 When is Dup getting namedropped?
Open file (216.13 KB 1080x1080 1694199280797420.jpg)
>>5528 NEVAR 4GET
>>5530 >6 million players >Steam shows an all time peak of 330k >Bethesda store will have half to a quarter of that. >Gamepass and Xbone account for 5 million players? Mmmmmm.......I don't think this one is doing as well as they say it is. I think they may have gotten a million players at launch, which is a little less than fallout 4, with a steam peak of 440k players, which means half to a quarter of steams player count, and the consoles. Dual release on ps4 and xbone assured them that big player number they wanted. I think they got the numbers back and now they're talking about games shipped and conflating that with people who bought the game. They'll milk this one out but the exclusiveness and the mid game experience cut their legs off. They are not crowing about this like they did with f04. Just going off steam it didn't do as good as fo4 did on release. I played it off gamepass. I like fallout and buttrim games. This is...a step back in almost every way somehow with better textures. Combat is nonexistant because you have to have people to shoot, the guns fire a bit better but it's pointless to talk about because the npc combat a.i is garbage. They're mannequins that shoot in your general direction. Exploration is non-existent. They load you into cells and all the poi are right there next to you, so you do have these massive areas to explore around but it's pointless because everything you're going to find is within the first fifty meters of your spawning in. Crafting is worse, the base building is worse than both fo4 and fo76 with less options and building choices...the writing and dialogue are legit bad. The story is bad. It's not good. If someone says it's good then you know they're retarded and you can ignore them about everything. You've seen the npcs. The locations are uninspired and copy-pasted. I don't know what handcrafting they did in this game because there's so many examples of copy paste locations it's not even funny. People keep saying 'it's a bethesda game!' like that's an excuse to never improve or grow. After more than 20 years this company should have learned at least something so 'Bethesda game jank' isn't a good enough excuse. Releasing half tested games because someone else will finish it off is a terrible practice to allow them to get away with. My straight-forward opinion on Starfield is if you're going to buy it wait for a sale and for better mods because it is not worth a full price purchase. Yeah you can spend hours and hours in the game, but you aren't doing anything. Somehow you've got less to do in more environments than you did in previous games. TLDR; MID EXPERIENCE ALL THE WAY
>>5533 Todd is a good salesman and a terrible game designer/director. Not that it matters to them of course, they know they're selling you an unfinished beta that modders will fix and soys will defend and advertise - all for free. Truly, a 'Bethesda Game' is more of a mental condition on the part of the people who buy this shit.
>>5533 >digits >Mmmmmm.......I don't think this one is doing as well as they say it is. ANTI-SEMITISM Never forget the 6 gorillion, goyim!111 I call on all advertisers to boycott anon's anti-semitic canard post. Literally Hitler! >After more than 20 years this company should have learned at least something so 'Bethesda game jank' isn't a good enough excuse. Actually, IMO this game is a great example of what things would be like to be trapped in outer space with a load of degenerate, free-loading niggers -- same as nuBethesda has become. Pure pottery tbh.
Open file (6.65 MB 300x320 bre.gif)
>>5533 nice review, all as i expected
Starfield represents everything wrong with gaming: >Hype based on lies >Grindy gameplay to waste your time (so you keep paying for gamepass) >Awful performance even with a 13900K and a 3090. Shit coding >Trying to compensate for mechanically bad gameplay by story/visuals, no raytracing though >Soulless, constant corner cutting and fakery >Immersion breaking loading screens, bugs and cutscenes >Massive amount of people shilling for the garbage while people actually critical of it are discarded >Only thing missing is micro-transactions or even better macro-transactions (see: star citizen)
Open file (3.31 MB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5581 Which is ironic seeing how Bethesda initiated the decline of gayming to begin with.
>>5582 Not ironic but appropriate.
>work with someone who was excited for borefield >for two days after it comes out listen them go on about how much fun they're having, how great the quests are and blah blah blah >literally hasn't brought it up since I assume the new game smell wore off and the stink of Todd's lies has set in.
>>5683 All Slopthesda games are flavor of the season. To normalfags just running around through some empty fields for a few days is enough to sate their enjoyment meter as they promptly move on to the next flavor of the season.
>>5683 It's a pretty boring game even by Bethesda standards. I rate it a maximum of 6/10.
>>5683 >>5687 >>5710 https://steamcommunity.com/app/1716740/discussions/0/3824174193419980548/ Apparently Toddfield was "procedurally generated by AI." All the quests, maps, dungeons, etc. I can absolutely feel it as I play the game, the stupid, predictive nature of AI. If so then I can't believe people are surprised this game turned out like it is. "muh AI" is really overhyped. AI is inherently stupid, predictible, wrote, and boring. I seriously doubt AI is really going to change anything much. It is just self-referential code mindlessly following generalized parameters that have to be endlessly refined and particularized later by humans, and even when you do that you wind up with something like Starfield where everything is carbon copy and inherently uninspired. No way I would pay $70.00 for some lazy bums to just run a few AI protocols to build 85% of the game and then shit out a main story. And it takes them how many years to do this? Lol fuck developers, seriously.
>>5711 There are actually NPCs in the comments saying that the AI generated slop is just boring because the guy is playing it wrong. Todd could personally break into these retards' mothers' home, kick down the door to their basement, shit down their throat, tell them its the newest Bethesda game and they'd go upstairs to take $70 out of their mom's purse to pay Todd for the privilege.
>>5711 >Apparently Toddfield was "procedurally generated by AI." All the quests, maps, dungeons, etc. Well duh. Anyone expected it all being made by hand?
Open file (109.75 KB 509x423 todd.png)
Open file (203.57 KB 768x719 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5744 Toddsisters... will Bethesda ever have mindless goodwill again after Shitfield?
>>5747 Yes. Normalniggers don't can't how big a shit Todd takes on them, they'll keep buying Bugthesda's shit because having the newest SkyrimBethesda open world "RPG" is more a status symbol among the mindless sheep then about something they actually enjoy.
>nobody is talking about the game already The shortest flavor of the season
>>5751 They must be so happy they sold those premium versions before the release. No more talk about the game. General consensus is that it's somehow 'fun' but has serious problems across the board. Less amusing' glitches and just crashing to desktop. Numbers of people playing has dropped significantly on steam. A weird but effective way to measure playercount quick for certain games is if it's on steam and consoles then there's usually half again to twice as many people playing on the console. So if steam has a game at 1000 players, then there might be 1500, to 2000 playing on console. If the game is sold through another store like bethesda or rockstar, it's half, so 500 people. It's not exact ut it's a generally good way to bang out how many people are playing. However for starfield, Bethesda cut out half their market, and the hype behind Starfield did not create a console seller like Sony was able to with the soul and bloodbourne games. So they aren't getting double the number on consoles. In fact I think that a lot of their Xbox numbers are all the 'pre-sale' and then off the gamepass for people who heard and don't feel like dropping $80-100 on another game that won't be ready until modders have finished 3 or 4 years from now. As well bethesda isn't taking a victory lap like they did with fo4, which was a 6/10 game that also managed to be 'bethesda fun'. The next DLC they come out with is going to be some super gay hatebait trash intended to stir up controversy and anger in the hope people will buy it to see what's going on. Expect them to introduce a group of gay tranny niggers that traffic and rape toddlers as the good guys who are being forced to napalm suburban neighbourhoods in new atlantis because of white male privilege .
>>5753 It's yet another game that's gonna be 'fixed' in 5 years with mods and updates, and you're gonna see a few articles about how it's actually good now but nobody is going to care. Bethesda did everything wrong in advertising the game, outside of the game itself being their usual slop. All I ever saw of Starfield were clips of empty ugly grey wastelands, I don't know what the game is actually about but that was its general mien on the internet.
watch Todd double down and make Starfield 2
>>5757 >I don't know what the game is actually about You play Starcuck, who stumbles on some space magic bullshit, that gets you involved in the Starbornenot shitting you and a tens of hours long boring as fuckepic quest to discover Bill Clinton's CP stashword wallsspace shrines you teach you dragon shoutsspace magic and eventually go to the center of the galaxy for some reason honestly I don't know so you can reset the game and play new game+ and do it all over again just with some new dialog options that allow you to skip some story quests. I'm being a bit facetious, but that's what I've gather is the main "story" of Soyfield.
>>5760 What do you do in this "game"?
Open file (5.06 MB 1708x3279 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5764 >snorefield runs like shit because everything has a needlessly high polycount I figured it was just the creation engine being complete dog shit as usual.
>>5765 >high polycount You definitely can't tell. I guess it's all the generated terrain that's not optimized properly. It's like we're back to the early days of PS2, fucking kek.
>>5764 Kek. BEHOLD Duhversity is our greatest strength anons
Open file (555.87 KB 859x1224 tuff nut.png)
>>5801 Even normalfags are disgusted by the abundance of niggers.
Open file (808.76 KB 854x480 m2-res_480p.mp4)
>>5803 Lmao. This game honestly comes off a parody most of the time.
>>5804 if this was intentional it would be pretty funny, but unfortunately it's just typical women and nigger incompetency.
>>5803 kek
>>5814 >but unfortunately it's just typical women and nigger incompetency. SEXISS! RAYCISS! POLEEZ!111
>>5816 >70k triangles for a small object Anyone know that the polygon count for the character models is? It would be hilarious if it was lower then random objects most people wouldn't spend more then a split second to look at.
>>5818 When I was in school not that long ago, the recommended realtime hero character tri count was between 35K & 45K tris. It's probably a bit higher today, but still probably less than 70K. Maybe 50K to 60K? Remember, this is a hero character, not some BG or NPC.
>>5818 This is just pure incompetence, you can make the exact same sandwich with infinitely fewer polygons if you actually knew what you were doing. This honestly looks like someone used one of those 3D scan phone apps and dumped it into the game. Truly bewildering.
>>5801 Trust the science, bigot.
Open file (690.46 KB 599x599 tod.png)
Starfield is one of the best rpg's in a long time. It is an amazing piece of media, and all of the amazing explorations of the planets, new star systems, not to forget the epic questlines in each city and how huge the cities are in starfield, it is like you are playing 3 games at once.
Open file (250.64 KB 720x834 lmaooo.mp4)
And how are you liking your mug today sir? 300 thousings or 400 thousings?
>>5836 >cuckchan
>>5836 almost 19k triangles for a prop, that is quite insane and there is no wonder allot of computers have a hard time with the game.
>>5836 >18.8k triangles for a fucking cup >just get better computers goyim!
>>5842 I remember a time when pcucks started to talk about how pc gaming is such an inexpensive hobby and it is totally better than consoles. Then comes shit like this up every once in awhile because the developers have a contract with amd, intel or nvidia and then they find out to implement retarded shit like this, then the game isn't runing on 30fps but 20 fps on PC because, you don't have the new and right computer components and still claim it is cheaper with a computer gaming. When getting 60 fps on starfield you need a computer for 5k or almost 10k dollars, that is more money than for a mac, this is almost 80s computer prices.
Open file (1.12 MB 934x754 1693721722587809.png)
>>5826 We are The Science, goyim!
>>5843 The solution is simple: don't play Starfieild
>>5845 This game is really amazing. Just everything about it was comically incompetently done.
>>5851 won't stop normalfags from making it goty
>>5845 >abosinspace.jpg
>>5845 How many triangles you think went into that face?
>>5856 at least 100,000 triangles so you can marvel in awe that abos have made it to space
The Eyes Have It
>>5859 libtard future.they're so beautiful. lovely specimens. we need less europeans and more jumpscare race.
>>5859 Unironically horrifying. Maybe Todd was making a horror game all along.
>>5863 IMHO, This game is but one of many, many artifacts of Predictive Programming the globalist kikes are foisting on the world (at least the segment of the world that gives any place to their demonic bullshit). Todd has obviously (((compromised))) (read: sold out) and adopted the whole ESG platform. His games will forevermore be tainted by this hogwash from now on. >tl;dr This is just a way to program the goyim to fear the nigger, the stronk independynt, and the degenerate. >ttl;dr This is literally no different than any other kike-directed media during Current Year. The Great Replacement is their endgame goal of course.
>>5867 Lol, would you please downscale your spoiler image, BO? It's corrupting a readable textflow.
>>3788 At least it's a new IP
>>5869 I can only imagine how corrupted a nuMake would be lol. We can only hope & pray that this will be the last of it.
>>5867 FUCK WHITE PAPOL! I hate kikes.
Open file (233.22 KB 1920x1080 snapshot.jpg)
>>5900 I know all niggers are apelike, but do they purposely set out to find the most apelike when casting niggers?
Open file (29.25 KB 640x360 90.jpg)
>>5901 Unironically yes. They pick the negroidest of nigs and parade them in front of the camera to "spite the nazis". Which is ironic of course since they're being racist themselves by acknowledging that nigs look like apes and that they're aware of it.
>>5902 >spite the ebil raasist notzees by proving them right about niggers being subhuman apemen Liberal logic is weird, man.
Open file (761.06 KB 2560x1440 u6.jpg)
It really is amazing how fast Cottonfield fizzled out and died.
>>5993 I will give this to Todd and Snorefield: They nailed how hideous niggers are.
Open file (68.57 KB 1267x318 lol.jpg)
>>5999 >pay $70 for a broken halfassed game that runs at 20 FPS on a good day on the beefiest of rigs >some jew then sells a mod using pseudo-AI to bump it up to 40 FPS on a good day >then goes full jewmode when people "steal" it you'd be hardpressed to find a worse timeline than this
Starfield is the cope game of the year. Massive dishonest advertising followed up by the release of a lackluster snorefest. The game is so boring people don't even care enough to talk about the plot. The storyline is so bland that there's no discussion about quests, plotline, any memorable companions other than to mention they exist and don't do anything...Everyone saying it's the best game of the year are the type of people to go around fish mouthing into their cell phone camera every time they buy a game from Gamestop so they can post to reddit about how the heroic gamestop store attendant provided such amazing service handing over their receipt they rewarded them with five double large pizzas and a 2l of diet coke and came back to buy another five video games later that day.
>>6003 This has been Slopthesda's model for years. Hype something up with disingenuous marketing - "it just works", "see that mountain?" to build up enough interest for normalniggers to pre-order it en-mass, then as the game comes out and turns out to be a lazy mess wash your hands away and move on to the next project. No refunds.
Open file (374.51 KB 1168x833 lol.png)
Open file (282.25 KB 1054x1017 todd.jpg)
>>6018 it's over
>>6021 It's kinda surprising seeing how NPCs ate all the previous slop up even though it was no better than this.
>>6018 >>6021 Damn, beat by Cyberpunk and that game had a vicious tragedy of a release. Starfield is barely a month old. There isn't even a significant gap between Starfeild and GTA 5, and that game came out a decade ago. Ballsac Gate has twice the amount of people playing. That's devastating.
>>6034 Todd has really fumbled the ball with this one
>>6021 The ironic kitschy BOOM POP! advertising on that space cola has more soul than the entirety of Soyfield.
>>6040 >advertisement is better than the game Many such cases.
>>6035 Doesn't matter. NPCs still bought the game and they'll buy the next one. Todd could start shipping out turds-literal not metaphorical- in a box with TES or FO logo on them and the retards would gladly buy it and get hyped for the next time Todd want to pinch one off down their throats.
Open file (481.72 KB 1080x1810 t5.png)
Quite literally - the absolute state.
Open file (6.23 MB 393x480 cat.gif)
Open file (6.43 KB 229x221 images.jpg)
Don't like Starfield? You can always buy Skyrim you know.
>>6048 This handsome devil speaks the truth.
>>6048 >>6049 Well Skyrim is objectively better in all aspects so if you had to spend money on something, Skyrim would be the better purchase , plus there are ton of mods to fix everything that Todd didn't
>>6050 >Well Skyrim is objectively better in all aspects Soyfield has needlessly massive polycounts so it has better graphics. Even if those triangles destroy the game's performance and the art style is such boring shit it makes the game far less aesthetically pleasing then Skyrim.
>>6052 >Soyfield has needlessly massive polycounts so it has better graphics non-sequitur
>>6050 >Well Skyrim is objectively better in all aspects Is it though?
>>6055 >Isn't it though?* FTFY, anon.
>>6056 >But in Starfield you're the only straight White male in the galaxy, so it makes sense that only you are capable of doing things more complex than grazing on grass lel
>>6056 >you're the only straight White male in the galaxy And in Starfield too.
Open file (1.65 MB 1145x1293 lol.png)
Watch out, Cornfield has competition.
>>6193 holy mother of god
Open file (29.49 KB 800x400 Shigeru.jpg)
/ourguy/ is always right
>>6193 Hideous and apelike, but still no match for soyfield's abominations.
Open file (175.01 KB 498x365 1.png)
It's dead.
Open file (398.79 KB 805x637 b.png)
Now this is classic Slopthesda, their cheap special edition tchotchkes are already breaking apart. Imagine paying premium for this crap.
>>6232 Imagine paying an extra $50 for a collators edition of a bugthesda game to get some cheap plastic watch from China, just to have it last all of a month.
Look at this NPC in the background and tell me if you think it legit looks like an NPC in soyfield.
>>6232 how much did it cost?
Open file (328.43 KB 1079x1060 ur6.jpg)
Rats are leaving the ship.
Open file (118.91 KB 299x292 quite.png)
>>6356 The director of Slopfield left or got kicked out too.
Open file (366.88 KB 650x928 i6.png)
>>6356 >>6362 who's gonna buy Bethesda?
>Pete Hines out >Will Shen out >Kurt Kuhlmann out ruh-roh
>>6364 Microshit already owns it.
>>6372 Watch them sell it lol.
Open file (108.21 KB 247x286 169.png)
>>6210 you sure?
Open file (849.95 KB 1200x1348 1.jpg)
>>6630 Creepy AF. Not quite as bad as the CY nogs, but still disgusting. At least they should give him a bra!
>>6630 WHAT
Open file (349.87 KB 1280x720 Current Year Man Cuck.mp4)
>>6666 What a waste of quads, that being said this game makes me realize what it means to have society die and to watch it be celebrated, like current year man's personal obession with taking everyone with him. There can be no hwite male on vidya anymore.
Open file (2.64 MB 1792x1008 1698166754302434.png)
PHASE II DLC INCOMING Soyfield: Dindu Nuffin >"Critics say this will change everything!"
>>6673 I can't breef, citizen!
Open file (115.12 KB 859x1088 west btfo.jpg)
>>6678 >"Here's some Fentanyl, Citizen. It will help you out with that."
>>6630 >20 years after skrodim's release and on more powerful hardware bugthesda challenges themselves to make a game with even worse gameplay, graphics and overall design >and they succeeded >presenting soyfield the hot new shit straight out of todd howard's ass and right into the mouths of all our mindless fans Stunning and brave.
>>6698 No refunds.
Open file (1.07 MB 4096x3624 jh5.jpg)
Open file (378.50 KB 618x1359 todd.png)
Who's laughing now.
Open file (86.53 KB 765x501 slop.png)
>>6904 Wow, that fixed the game!
>>6904 >optimizations I feel like a lot of that could be mitigated if they just drop the poly count on the models from 600gorillian for a box to something more sensible.
Open file (1019.89 KB 400x166 fixed.gif)
>>6911 Given their shitty outdated engine, I'm guessing that's impossible. So all the "fixes" are gonna be light cosmetic band-aids posing as some major changes. Wew HDR control support, that sure fixed something!
>>6862 Todd really did win in some ways, I wonder if its his intention to drive Bethesda into the ground and to make as much as possible.
>>6913 He really did. He's the face of Bethesda, he's the meme man, he's the guy on stage selling the game to all the marks. He's a celebrity. Who the fuck gonna say no to him in the company, especially now when it's full of random diversity hires and everyone else left. Sucks that's he's a terrible director and knows nothing about video games other than how to sell them to retards.
>>6914 Its a real shame cause I thought he was deeply involved or at least somewhat involved with the original elder scrolls games and those are very, well made.
>>6919 >and those are very, well made Not really. The only thing the Elder Scrolls series had going on for it was the autistic lore, you could literally go to an in-game library and start reading books on all the matter of things, tangentially bleeding into autistic spell crafting. And Todd obviously had nothing to do with that.
>>6923 I do remember having a good time with Morrowind though.
>>6935 And you had good time largely due to lore and spell crafting.
Open file (280.96 KB 1080x592 2.png)
Please buy the super deluxe mega premium edition to get the upgrades that make the game slightly less shit.
>>7020 >soyfield extra pozzed edition is already marked down to 30cuckbux This "game" really is the gift that keeps giving. To anyone that likes to laugh at bethesdrones' misery anyway.
>>7020 I wonder how many more of these 'premium upgrade' editions it will take until slopthesda finally has the 1.0 release out to the public? >You will eat ze bugs fund the beta program and like it, goyim!111
>>7020 lol
Open file (156.95 KB 683x749 hj.png)
>even modding is broken lmao
>>7062 I cannot believe this game has outdone Fallout 64 or whatever the fuck it was called, in being the most broken, shittiest Bethesda game...
>>6935 >>6923 >>6938 Just got back into Morrowind due to Tamriel Rebuilt. Had so much fun enchanting gear that automatically healed me and gave me constant huge luck or speed buffs, making spells to fly around etc. It's a shame how shallow and boring Elder Scrolls has become.
>>7072 Yeah. Oblivion focused on graphics and Skyrim focused on being for normalfags.
Open file (649.94 KB 853x974 hg4.png)
Todd's plan to have you play more Skyrim worked again.
already forgotten
>>7480 Who?
Open file (414.00 KB 640x575 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7480 It's irritating how there are never any consequences for failure anymore. I'm not a fan of their games after fallout 3 era and easily see through the hype, but the fanboys and shills have been hyping this game for years and then it turns out to be crap. No big deal though. Business as usual. Now they turn to hyping Elder Scrolls.
>>7518 Well yeah, they were selling people snake oil and now it's time to move to the next town. The problem is that normalfags have the memory span of a gold fish so this will just keep happening over and over.
>>7518 >It's irritating how there are never any consequences for failure anymore. There's a reason these corporations pander to normalniggers who have been properly brainwashed over people who actually like vidya. A normalnigger's dollar is just as valuable as anyone else's, there are far more of them and they don't buy something for it's quality, they buy it for the brand name. Bethesda is popular therefore they buy Bethesda games. If Bethesda ever fell out of favor of the hivemind, they'd turn in a flash and pretend of have always seen through the bullshit.
Open file (420.14 KB 683x669 ClipboardImage.png)
who's gonna tell him?
Open file (1.48 MB 1440x2158 ClipboardImage.png)
Pure seethe.
Open file (10.38 MB 1280x718 sweet release.gif)
>>7858 >players are "disconnected" from how game are actually made >haven't made a game modders didn't have to fix in decades Apparently Bethesda is even more disconnected from how games are actually made.
>>7858 What do I care how your shitty game is made. It's shit that's the bottom line.
>>7859 that gif is to funny
>>7858 Dilate, """Austin""". I'm both a professional and a player, and we all here know exactly why your slopfest sucks a giant bag of dicks.
Open file (87.73 KB 716x380 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (572.32 KB 828x836 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8011 what a video gamer
Open file (351.05 KB 624x662 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8045 A reminder this is literally how ES6 is gonna be.
>>7859 Lol if only all niggers
Open file (308.36 KB 577x458 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (427.88 KB 620x666 ClipboardImage.png)
>w-we fixed it!
>>8347 Did they remove all the shitskins from the game?
Open file (1.12 MB 934x754 1693721722587809.png)
>>8353 I mean maybe? But tbh is it really traditional for a studio to remove 99.5% of the asset content during a gamepatch?
>>8355 Remakes are all the rage nowadays. The All--Huwite Starfield Remaster.
>>8347 >our biggest starfield update yet >over 100 fixes and improvements lol their "biggest update" is fixing a hand full of bugs
>>8357 It's okay bro, just download this 900gig patch.
Open file (269.90 KB 870x918 ClipboardImage.jpg)
>>8347 lmao
>>8406 Why not? There are no standards or accountability for failure anymore anyway. Why do an update at all?
>>8406 Soyfield really is an endless spring of shit.
>>8407 That's all that Slopthesda knows to do, make the same game over and over and then try and fix it for the next 10 years.
>>8408 it kind of is
>>8410 The only way to stop it would be for bugthesda to just drop the game and let the fans bitch and moan about it until their goldfish brains forget about it in three seconds so they can get excited for the next slopthesda game. Personally I hope they "support" the game for years so we keep getting 'the biggest borefield update yet' articles that's just a few bugfixes.
>>8421 Just like all their previous games, Slopfield will be forgotten in a year and they can move to the next identical project. Rinse and repeat.
Open file (282.62 KB 649x748 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (203.87 KB 1080x1986 slop.jpg)
>>8493 I'm not surprised. Slopthesda is well aware of the sort of mouth breathers buy their regurgitated slop. >>8495 That's weird. I thought Bethesda and their mindless zombie fans were saying soyfield was doing really well and it was just a bunch of right-wing neo-nazi internet trolls that were shitting on it.
>>8498 If anyone says their AAA slop is a big mega hit, it's almost always actually a flop.
>>8495 <LETS JUST DUMP THEM ALL IN THE TRASH >B-But sir, they're already in the system. Legally we have to sell them now. <ALRIGHT, SELL THEM ALL FOR ONE CENT EACH. >B-But sir, that would be a terrible embarrassment for Mr. Howard and his company! <TWO CENTS THEN >board, later that day: He said what!? Just make it 3 cents, and don't tell him anything about it.
Open file (1.52 MB 498x278 lmao.gif)
>>8495 >Slopfield is the E.T. of the 21st century if only it also brought about the crash of the industry.
Open file (164.00 KB 1080x1179 g5.jpg)
>$400 million dollar development budget >biggest content update since release
>>9415 >niggers are still in the game nothing has been fixed
Open file (316.44 KB 1290x707 ClipboardImage.png)
no wonder it's so awful and poorly made.
>>9461 The future = flop.
Open file (6.23 MB 393x480 cat.gif)
>>9461 >for the record, i am coping, seething and dialating with the most wonderfully diverse team i've ever worked with Something tells me 41%, give or take of the team won't ever be work on another game.
>>9461 >sure this cesspool we made is disgusting and terrible beyond belief >but we made it with niggers and trannies and other aubhumans we prop up under the diversity umbrella They're like aliens, their brains simply don't form the same connections as sane non-retarded people.
>>9415 >photo mode Haha yeah that's what was missing.

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