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Open file (127.63 KB 1194x835 n64.jpg)
vidya controller thread Anonymous 02/05/2023 (Sun) 06:21:02 No.397
Which vidya controllers you like and are the best cause you said they are
>>5108 Wireless is such a pain in the ass. >didn't use the console for some time <can't just hop back in, have to recharge the controller for an hour >played for too long <please drop the game and wait while the battery recharges <or use this tiny-ass USB cable and play 1 feet from the screen >also, please don't hit a button while the console if off accidentally I wish they still made normal wired versions of gamepads, going back to the PS2 is always such a bliss, just sit down and play for however long.
>>5109 >probably
>>5114 Yes, and the tiny shitty usb cords are always shorting out. On top of the batteries, the newer controllers are much less durable. I have a ds4 controller that I barely use. Recently tried to use it again and one of the trigger buttons wasn't responding. Broke with really not being stressed much at all. If you open it up it's some poorly designed shit mechanism for the trigger buttons. On the other hand ps1/2 controllers were tanks.
>>5117 Yeah DS3 had notoriously bad shoulder buttons that would press just by putting down the controller. Because of all the meme gadgetry in it it won't survive a single rage throw. DS1 and 2 are unkillable on the other hand, they flew all over a room many a time.
Open file (111.87 KB 1500x958 possibly perfect.jpg)
>>4485 <Sony's D-pad I think the only people that dislike this style of D-pad are those that play fighting games and grew up on the circular D-pad on Genesis/Saturn trying to do Street Fighter special moves or Mortal Kombat fatalities. So they want the one-piece raised circular D-pad to feel like they're getting the circular movement of a joystick. >>4486 That's bc 6 buttons in one area is cluttered and for most people, the optimal is 4 in that area. Some things fall away in design for a reason. Like the NES controller. That square design looked like the square design of the console to match it aesthetically but is uncomfortable if you actually played the NES for long periods. Especially bc NES had mostly difficult games that didn't yet pander to casualfags with easy modes. So one could just develop blisters on your hands and callouses like you were playing guitar to be able to press the hard guitar strings down with hard fingers. >>5108 I gotta disagree hard. Take out nostalgia for a second. The Xbox controller was necessary as competition to improve Sony's design. It made Sony improve R2/L2 into squeezable bumpers and not just clickable buttons. The analogs sticks got better and tighter with less jiggle play in them. The sticks got a concave shape and that less slippy especially when your fingers get sweaty. The cone-shaped handholds now fill out your palm in a circular smooth way instead of just cones that taper down like on PS1/PS2/PS3. Pressure sensitive buttons of PS2 just means games that use it make you press extremely hard to get the full range and it hurts your fingers. I remember this on the aiming of the gun on MGS2 but pressing all the way and releasing would shoot the silenced pistol. That was ok but on Gran Turismo, on the x button to accelerate you would end up pressing hard all the time wondering if you were not going as fast a you could and it would just end up hurting your thumb. Basically it lead to you wondering if you are not pressing it all the way. I also think this leads to faster wear on the controller since you're having to kill it hard all the time. Basically what I'm saying is DS4 is the best. Sure it had the gimmicky touchpad that rarely gets used. But the overall design is basically perfect. PS5 is kind of an evolution of that. But the grip on the back doesn't feel as good to me. And the way the plastic shell is not cleanly assembled together perfectly just feels sloppier and not as aesthetically pleasing. There's always room for improvement though.
Open file (893.29 KB 2592x3872 RU5it9a.jpg)
This is a cutie. Like a little black creature with short stubby legs. I don't know how it feels though. Like holding a frisbee or a plastic pancake maybe.
>>5220 >The Xbox controller was necessary as competition to improve Sony's design Not really, DS2 was perfection and it came out before Xbox was even a thing. >The analogs sticks got better and tighter with less jiggle play in them. The sticks got a concave shape and that less slippy especially when your fingers get sweaty. The cone-shaped handholds now fill out your palm in a circular smooth way instead of just cones that taper down like on PS1/PS2/PS3 None of the shit is a problem on DS2, played games daily for 10 years and everything was as good as it gets. >I also think this leads to faster wear on the controller since you're having to kill it hard all the time lol no, I had DS2 for over a decade like mentioned and all its buttons are like new. >Pressure sensitive buttons of PS2 just means games that use it make you press extremely hard to get the full range and it hurts your fingers You don't need to "press extremely hard", pull press is very easy to archive
>>5224 I also think that pressure-sensitive buttons (outside of rare cases like the triggers/bumpers of L2/R2) are gimmicks. The range of motion of pressing a button is so narrow there is no real use case for it. Whereas the triggers can be used for things like shooting weapons in fps's and racing games. And there isn't a big enough range of motion when pressing it to make a difference. Press down a button on a dual shock. How deep can it be pressed? 2 millimeters? Not enough range of motion there for anything so it ends up being a gimmick in practice. But in theory, it was a nice idea. >played games daily for 10 years and everything was as good as it gets So did I. But I cannot pretend the analog sticks don't get more wobbly over time with a little dead zone of wiggle room. It's not unique to Sony though as all products wear out over time. Or how about the white powder around the analog stick from it grinding around the ring? You gotta clean that off sometimes or the sticks don't feel smooth. <You don't need to "press extremely hard", pull press is very easy to archive Depends on the game. Then you never played some of the difficult races in Gran Turismo 3 where it was 25-50 laps and not know what that feels like when your thumb is pressed deep into the X button bc you fear losing the race bc your thumb may have pulled 20% off the button causing you to be racing at 80% speed. Although I do remember you could change the controls to the analogs stick accelerating and braking on that game. >PS2 controller is perfect. I'm all for nostalgia but there is also blind nostalgia where you assume everything is perfect just bc you have fuzzy memories. There's always room for improvement, esp on a controller. The older you get, the more the nostalgia goggles can blind you sometimes. It's why the Japanese are so resistance to change and they sometimes get left behind in control schemes or when someone else innovated. I remember one example of a white guy helping make MGS4 and he had to fight against the rigid Japanese to improve the game's control scheme where the L1/R1 were used to aim and shoot. Which was a control scheme already commonplace in western shooters and platformers like Halo and Ratchet and Clank. To me, DS4 is an improvement in every way. You may not have warm fuzzy memories with it your hand for 10 years but that's bc you got older.
Got one of these in the mail yesterday after seeing all the hype about it supposedly being a faithful reproduction of the original NeoGeo pad. Never used one before so I didn't know what to expect. For reference I correctly hate every style of d-pad except for the Saturn's (original HW only), and to me this stacks up really good. Different but really good. It's a good suit for any kind of game that would be best played on an arcade stick but it still works perfectly fine for things like old platformers, etc. Ergonomics are pretty good for an old style flat gamepad. Shoulder buttons don't feel like an afterthought. 2.4ghz latency is undetectable but I haven't tried bluetooth mode yet. Could very comfortably use this as a replacement for anything you use a SNES style pad for.
>>5221 Looks like a gimmick gamepad, can't imagine it being comfortable to use. >>5295 Now if only it was a proper wired version and not wireless crap.
>>5297 You can cut the latency more with a USB cable but it's kinda pointless. At 60fps a game's frame time is around 16ms and the controller's latency is only 4.5ms. https://rpubs.com/misteraddons/inputlatency Coincidentally I can say something about the Saturn 3D pad too. I can't comment on the inputs because I could never get mine to work with the cheap Saturn to USB adapter I have and I never got around to making a custom adapter either, but the pad itself is actually really comfortable if you have bigger hands. It feels exactly like a chunkier version of the Dreamcast controller, minus the expansion slot area in the middle that you rub your knuckles raw on.
Open file (98.49 KB 1500x1173 54.jpg)
How does this work exactly?
>>5328 That seems really uncomfortable. It looks like it's for fps games, left side is the w,a,s,d replacement with dpad for extra buttons. But seems dumb because you'd have to hold your left hand up but your right is resting.
Open file (405.74 KB 859x800 5c2dcb7aa0d70.png)
>>5334 >there's even a strap looks awkward as fuck
Open file (35.32 KB 722x452 same design.jpg)
I think it's interesting that the big 3 have evolved toward the same general design. Just for a general gaming controller, people want 2 analog sticks, a D-pad, 4 buttons on the right, curved handholds, and some triggers on top. Good design has been streamlined but also express less creativity as people settle on the best and most comfortable controller for most games. I personally don't like the default Xbox D-pad as it's so clicky and crisp like a computer mouse. It makes a lot of noise for just doing anything in a game. And the frequent clicking gets a little annoying. I also don't really like triggers on the back bc they're easy to misfire and make the controller feel like it's split open on the back rather than whole and uniform.
Open file (78.32 KB 940x528 3.jpg)
Open file (600.88 KB 1920x1080 powera_nano-vs-normal.jpg)
Nintendo and PowerA make a lot of controllers for pairing with the Switch. I kind of like the nano controller though I've never bought it or held it. I have smallish hands but this may be too small. I think the idea is it's for traveling and quickly fitting into a travel bag.
The Razer Wolverine PS5/PC controller is cute. But it's one of these pro controllers that is higher quality so it's very expensive at $250.
Open file (68.11 KB 254x355 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (313.33 KB 1024x1500 jy.jpg)
What were they thinking?
>>6176 Training numales to screech at the clicking noise.
Has anyone ever tried this?
>>6285 Gamecube should have gone with this tbh
Open file (390.97 KB 1200x1164 pads.jpg)
I think using the shoulder buttons to control the camera was better than using the second stick to do that.
>>6981 you mean the trigger buttons, or more colloquial known as the shoah buttons
>>6982 no the shoulder buttons more colloquially known as R2 and L2.
>>6981 I agree but not with the "than" part. What was so great about the pre modern slop vidya is the variety, variety of genres, of visuals, of controls. It was really cool to start a game that controls completely differently to a previous game, and how games utilized different control schemes to archive different result. Nowadays everything is a literal standardized crap that control identically and if it doesn't zoomers and other normalfags will start whining on social cancer about it.
Open file (321.65 KB 1459x1200 N64-controller-mem_slot.jpg)
>>397 Why didn't anyone else try something like this? The VMU doesn't count.
>>7090 Because it's better to just shove a card into the console than into a controller that's going to be thrown around by angry children? For how tough most hardware was back in those days the memory cards were an exception, I fucked up multiple N64 cards just by accidentally dropping the controller I imagine they'd shatter if a little tardlet had a sperg fit and chucked it the ground or stomped on it.
>>7095 I never threw my controller. Shit's expensive.
Open file (13.62 KB 448x400 DS.jpg)
>pushes button harder for more power >it actually works
>>7098 Yeah but plenty of obnoxious little kids did.
>>7192 >>7095 I don't think N64 had games where you would throw your controller.
Open file (2.56 MB 1992x1946 64.jpg)
Well? There is a wrong answer.
>>7195 How do you even quantify this statement at all? Children get mad at tiny insignificant shit all the time.
>>7198 4 is obviously the correct choice the only button it overlaps is the start button which is recessed and therefore won't be held down by the cord. I will fuck your mother in the ass if you disagree with me.
>>7204 How is that different from #1?
>>7206 1 takes longer to wrap and unwrap, don't make me fuck your mother's ass.
>>7214 >1 takes longer to wrap and unwrap Literally the same thing bro.
Open file (276.58 KB 2048x2048 gemu.jpg)
What happened to transparent colored peripherals?
>>7967 gaming is not allowed to be fun anymore, gameplay is seen as detriment and embarrassment to the movie that is playing. these gamepads were fun and playful but games must be super serious and dramatic now, just like a movie, and consoles must all look like a piece of office equipment, otherwise manchildren will be embarrassed to say that play games (which are just movies now). You can't have a red transparent gamepad when you're playing a "super serious" woke movie game about some black lesbian beating up men twice her size. gamepads like that are "too childish", which is ironic because gaming up until the late 00s was seen as part of children's toys which is way kept all the normalfags away from it.
>>7216 How's your mother's ass?
>>7968 man shut up transparent controllers were always cool
>>7985 learn to read retard
Open file (709.99 KB 800x564 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8197 Damn, Sony really went cheap on the original PS3, huh
Open file (31.34 KB 1000x882 heh.jpg)
>>8239 Heh. The old euphemism 'Design by Committee' has today become 'Design by Diversity'.
>>8239 lmao that looks like it should be in a sex shop
>>8239 how do you use it?

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