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Open file (731.72 KB 1848x1079 u7.jpg)
Souls Slop: another one's comin' Anonymous 07/11/2023 (Tue) 17:19:32 No.4287
Doesn't this man want to do something else?
>>4513 >Core games it is 5 mainline games, and 6 is coming out in September >So, Souls fags don't really know what milking is There have been 7 Souls games by now, ESL-kun.
>>4524 If the current trend is any metric to judge things by, we can expect the staff load to quadruple down with full-on vibrant diversity. Say 2 to 3 new worthless hires, for every additional enrichment added into the upcoming games?
>>4524 Teams half this size made all the best games in history, now this is considered "modest". Maybe if every game wasn't open worldshit you wouldn't need 1000 people to make it.
I hate every single Souls game
>>4536 Which boss filtered you?
Open file (594.00 KB 767x582 oh no no no no.png)
>>4618 >Netflix anime one of those gaijin-made fake anime?
>>4620 Looks like its in the works of being made
Open file (728.22 KB 1170x724 1.png)
Fromsoftware's next game: Spellbound >The city in which the game takes place in is called either "Kenraith" or "Genraith". The city has a very 18th century European imperial capital vibe to it as the poster has suggested. The city is just filled with palaces, towers, castles it feels like it's the capital of a flourishing empire and it is in no way a decrepit abandoned place. It does not have that post apocalyptic vibe that a lot of From Software games do. >The city itself is by the sea and it is divided into circular wards that are separated by water channels. >The lantern/gas lamp the player character is holding has some sort of gameplay mechanic where it shows hidden items or areas/illusionary walls however I am not yet clear on how it exactly works and what other uses it has but it does seem like a major gameplay mechanic. >Spells do not require staves or wands to cast. The player character just equips spells and casts spells with their hands. >Spells can be dual wielded, and you can wield a melee weapon with your right hand and spell with the left hand. When you dual wield a spell its moveset changes and it becomes more powerful. I do not know if you can dual wield melee weapons however, I am inclined to believe that you can. >The melee weapon types I have seen are: Swords, Greatswords, Axes, Scythes, Maces, Halberds, Spears. >Almost all of the weapons I have seen had a second moveset where they transformed and had magical attacks. >Customising your clothing is very in depth. You can change the fabric color and pattern. >You can also add gameplay changing customisations to your clothing. One prominent example is that you can make yourself hover above the air slightly by customising your clothing. This also changes how you dodge. Another one makes you clothing emit water making you immune to any fire damage. Another one makes you emit a purplish blue smoke however I do not know what this does.
>>4951 Sounds generic as fuck. They just keep conveyorbelting them
>>4951 So yet another Dark Souls, but with more of a focus on magic this time.
>>4287 >Legacy of Kain remake Are you stupid? This sounds awesome.
>>4956 >remake >awesome go back
>Elden Ring flopped with hardcore fans >DLC in development hell, might cost 50$+ >AC6 flopped >composer left the company >no games in development Is it over for Fromsoftware?
>>6428 Every company is dead or dying, everything is flopping. We might finally get a video game crash.
>>6428 >Elden Ring flopped with hardcore fans no it didn't >AC6 flopped no it didn't stop posting trash
>>6430 >no it didn't Yes it did. >no it didn't Yes it did. Stop posting cope.
>>6431 >no proofs
>>6437 We are the hardcore fans and it did flop for us, the game didn't try to reinvent itself or refine itself, it just made everything big. It really isn't a bad game, but it is a sign of what is to come sadly.
>>6457 Elden rings is good and an objective 'success' but I get what you mean. It's a really well made corporate creation meant to appeal to everyone. Demons's Souls and DS 1 are just it. Those had the best flavour. Ds2 wasn't bad. It wasn't a great sequel to ds1 but if they had more time and better focus on development then who knows. It had some cool ideas, the world has some good environments even if it was clearly wonky in some places. The darkness would have been cool, the pre-builds that were up on youtube showed a way more gothic and opressive game than we got though. DS3 was DS3. It wasn't better than 1 but it tried to be.
>>6437 >no proofs
>>6459 you started by saying ER and AC were failures, you provide proof of it.
>>6471 >you
>>6471 you started by saying ER and AC weren't failures, you provide proof of it.
Open file (1.14 MB 1349x768 ss.png)
>From Software begins a massive hiring effort that will hire core developers for multiple new projects. https://careers.fromsoftware.jp/jp/career_special.html
>>6488 >weren't failures Like financially, reception-wise, what? It's pretty stupid to say a game that sold 20 million copies was a failure when it also came in at 9/10-10 reviews across the board. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1300663/elden-ring-sales-worldwide/ https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/elden-ring-is-officially-one-of-the-best-reviewed-games-ever/ Elden Rings objectively from a market perspective is not a failure, nor can it be considered a failure among players, who have near universally rated this game among the best eery played. Please provide proof now that Elden Rings was a failure other than in your opinion.
Open file (601.45 KB 358x400 s.gif)
>>6637 >9/10-10 reviews
>>6638 So you don't have proof you're just a soyjak baby good to know.
>>6638 I find it a little weird that kikes are trying both to gaslight & astroturf this little backwater Mongolian basket-weaving forum, what with all the habbenings going on in JIDF's own stolen lands. Maybe they've called up their Burgerland reserves to stand in?
>>6639 >nooo, post proof, look at my 9/10 heckin based IGN reviews! lel
>>6651 lol completely buttblasted your opinion isn't reality. Back to your hugbox snowflake.
>>6652 Ot is reallity, the new souls games are less than they were before, they now appeal to subhumans, this is a fact.
With older video games and internet contenrt you needed to have a fucking brain, you needed to know who people were in TGWTG to enjoy their autistic spergfests just like you needed to at least pay attention in Metal Gear to know whats going on. In older Souls games you had to think a bit about what was happening to an extent, and that even might be present on Elden Ring still, even if its become easier to nderstand without muh item decriptions. They didn't change anything or improve anything, they went back to the improvable DS1 format, made it easier like demon's souls was, added a bloody horse and made the map way to large and empty to compensate for their lack of innovation. imagine how much more worse things will get in future for souls games, lore? Time for no story or just one shitty cutscene featuring a badass nigger. Gameplay? Watch as they find a way to make death and losing souls mean nothing.
>>6659 *content
Open file (47.19 KB 800x826 bb.jpg)
Bloodborne 2 bros, it's time.
>>7049 Bloodborn 2 machine, let's fucking go!
>>7049 >>7051 What are the odds it won't be pozz af, just like all the other new Soyny titles? AFAICT, it's some kind of contractual obligation with (((then))) that you must include x number of niggers, y number of troons, and z number of strong independents for any gayme released during CY?
>>7052 >What are the odds it won't be pozz af, just like all the other new Soyny titles? FromSoftware games aren't. If Snoy pushes FromSoftware to include pozz against their will they might break their exclusivity deal and just drop Snoy, and FromSoftware if one of the most coveted devs on the market, Snoy wouldn't dare pushing on them.
>>7053 Alright anon, fingers crossed. Here's to hoping you're right.
>>7051 >>7049 You wish. It's gonna be some cinematic open world shit again.
Open file (865.86 KB 1049x1219 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (15.45 KB 474x296 trash.jpg)
>>7556 >inspired by Elder Ring >open world
>>7556 This is a retarded article. Elder Ring is already a Souls lite made by the same people.
Open file (1.15 MB 931x1002 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8922 >the dark souls of gatchashit >made by the only race that can rival jews in soulless greed <daily limit on revives unless you pay <even basic upgrade materials drop rates are abysmal but you can buy them <souls retrieval is only for premium accounts <estus flask has less uses then it use to but you can buy upgrades Oh this shitshow should be fun to watch.
>>8925 >made by the only race that can rival jews in soulless greed Japs are the jews of the orient.
>>8925 >>8927 I disagree personally. The based Nipponese have, until quite recently, been rather open about access to many forms of IP, and rather lax about things like copyright enforcements. During the last 10 years or so, the globohomo kikes have gone into overdrive focusing on corrupting Japan, now that they (think) they have the Western Tradition in the bag, so to speak. No doubt, the US$Bn's of Kikerock ESGbuxx are in fact corrupting the shite out of asian vidya studios now, there are still some holdouts. Now, if you'd said the based CHINESE, OTOH... heh. :^) Still, better than the kikes after all.
>>8927 an extreme understatement for jews, the yapanese are an inferior but tolerable race that is what makes them so dangerous
>>8929 > Item A < -will absolutely kill both you and everone nearby, if you push the big button > Item B < -could potentially kill you and one or two others, if you push the big button (and are unlucky) > ITEM B IS CLEARLY MORE DANGEROUS! ???
>>8930 where does it say more the jew feigns loyalty but the slant eye feigns meekness

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