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Open file (686.41 KB 700x900 nu.png)
Squeenix Thread 2 Anonymous 12/22/2023 (Fri) 15:07:29 No.7977
Previous thread - https://archive.is/01omV Don't tell Sakaguchi how bad everything is.
>>9300 Absolutely disgusting. Would not even pirate.
Open file (397.03 KB 959x783 1698934607138238.png)
>>9300 (((They))) really won't stop until every.single.female. character is ' a stronk, independynt PoC nigress, weighing in at 33 stone, beautiful at any size -- and oh don't forget your weekly vaxx booster again, citizen... -20 social credit! AIs', will they?
>>9301 When I tell her we got the update to fit in only 900gb, my own mother slaps me on the head 'You have 200tb you mashugana!'. When you install this 2.5tb patch*, you're game will become a real treasure. (* only 70USD DL fee required.)
>>9299 Millions of flies can’t be wrong, can they?
>>9303 the kikes dont even need a fake vax because ashkanazis cohencidentaly have no ace2 receptor upregulation for the spike protein whos mutation is the equivalent of a shrimp and a whale just naturally crossbreeding like can it be anymore obvious this was a genetic bioweapon made by the kikes that someone broke out before it was done because the kikes are too stupid and payed the chinks and the chinkydo in charge realized he wasnt immune like the kikes
>>9304 kek
>>9300 >updates now weight more than entire games from 10 years ago but the visuals have barely improved
>>9319 that would be $70
Open file (109.50 KB 946x1190 troonslation.jpg)
>>9330 I don't like sky. It's coarse and rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere
>>9330 What's the point in changing it and I assume having the English dub rerecorded?
>>9332 ...except for Tifa's covered cleavage.
>>9333 A troonslator fuck up?
Open file (1.16 MB 1454x1128 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9336 There's still pretending that FF7 demake was a success? https://archive.vn/RJy01
>>9336 >a port Would probably be the least gay option. Provided they don't troonslate it to make it more in line with (((modern sensibilities.))) >a graphical remaster They would fuck up the art style so fucking bad. There's no way they wouldn't. >a remake similar in vein to the "successful" but expensive Final Fantasy VII Numake If they timejannies Chrono Trigger I unironically hope someone fire bombs their offices.
Open file (38.18 KB 480x360 2533574450.jpeg)
>>9341 are you chrono triggered
>>9342 A little.
Doesn’t the numake release tomorrow?
>>9344 Midnight tonight EST (technically tomorrow)
>>9336 It doesn't need a remake. Maybe they could do it in the HD-2D graphic style like Octopath Traveler, but even then it's unnecessary. Just do Chrono Trigger 2, or 3 if you're counting Cross. I'm so fucking sick of remakes.
>>9345 Can’t wait to see how they fuck up the ending
>>9345 More like ESG.
>>9341 You can just emulate it, why would anyone need a port?
>>9346 But you can't collect the memberberries with a sequel.
Open file (6.08 MB 4508x1353 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (137.55 KB 595x549 disc.png)
>>9352 QUALITY
>>9352 >technology was supposed to be advancing >we're back to multiple dicks era
Open file (32.65 KB 640x340 1.jpg)
>>9351 >Smashbros cutscene is better than an remake
Open file (51.14 KB 640x480 19.jpg)
Open file (35.08 KB 1200x675 17.jpg)
Open file (401.69 KB 2048x1152 6.jpg)
That would be $70 and 200+gb of your space, sir.
>>9370 Looks worse than Skyrim
>>9371 It looks like skyrim when the creation engine shits itself and just doesn't load in higher quality models and textures when you get closer. Todd would be proud.
>>9372 Hey now, but does that boulder have more polygons than a sandwich?
>>9360 >right kino
Open file (781.29 KB 3840x2160 f.jpg)
Final Faggotry
>>9387 Gay Nigger Fantasy VII: Buckbreak
>>9387 would not even pirate
>>9387 The absolute state...
Open file (793.96 KB 802x1000 shieeet.png)
This was the beginning of the end for SE, wasn't it...
>>9387 For what purpose? Why? This is ass
>>9393 Not even close. That shit was just the culmination of years of SE being retards. >>9396 To pump that ESG score up so Shekelberg-san from Blackrock will invest in the gayme. It'll get even worse by the time they pinch out the third terd. There will be trannies, they'll probably make someone from the main cast bisexual.
>>9403 >Not even close. That shit was just the culmination of years of SE being retards. Being retards is one thing, and they were retards within their niposphere, but Forenoggin' was a truly shocking ESG project unlike any nip studio has ever made before.
Open file (2.98 MB 1920x1080 u.webm)
Final Fantasy in 2024
>>9434 At least he didn't dab.
>>9437 Shoulda dabbed on the zoomers
>>9442 frfr
>>9434 Nomura thought this was hilarious, he boomed with gutteral laughter.

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