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Open file (686.41 KB 700x900 nu.png)
Squeenix Thread 2 Anonymous 12/22/2023 (Fri) 15:07:29 No.7977
Previous thread - https://archive.is/01omV Don't tell Sakaguchi how bad everything is.
Open file (976.70 KB 2003x2235 7r.jpg)
>Hamaguchi said there is a new town in FF7 Rebirth called "Crow's Nest" >Hamaguchi said they were influenced by FFXV's open world with seamlessness from fields to dungeons to towns/outposts >FF7 Rebirth menus look more FFXV in style, in contrast to 7Rs menus being CG renders like FF13 and it being corridors like FF13 >FF7 Rebirth is reusing monster assets (like the Quetzcoatl) from FFXV just recolored, among others >Chocobos in FF7 Rebirth function the same as in FFXV where you can climb up surfaces, glide and swim on them, and recolor them. >The Buggy offroad car in FF7 Rebirth functions like the offroad Regalia Type-D in FFXV >Clouds aerial combat was modified and is more XV style now 7R is FFXV 2.0
>>7979 It's blatant. What I hate the most about NuFF7 is how they butchered the world. It's literally the FF15 world meets FF13 world. It has none of the original atmosphere of the dying dilapidated world you feel sorry for. Instead everything is "cool" and slick now and you're going on a super fun high-tech adventure. Absolutely disgusting.
Open file (536.04 KB 860x484 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7979 >remake one of if not the most beloved game in your franchise >make it more like some of the most hated gams in the franchise Seems like a sound business strategy. Maybe they'll add in the gay buttsex from XVI to really hammer home how soulless the numake is.
>>7996 There are already rumors they might add something to imply Cloud/Zack/Sephiroth were butt lovers.
>>7979 DOOD, vibrant diversity CBA to create original content bro, too many updoots to go after out there during a workday!! Much better to just enrich the product with old reskins. After all the one White man still left in the company only has so many hours in a day.
Open file (1.35 MB 1400x700 13.png)
>>7995 You can only pick one.
>>7999 I wouldn't be surprised in the least if they did. For whatever reason they're desperate to pander to what (((westerners))) who don't play video games want in video games.
>>8021 Both Forewoken and FF16 flopped but they're gonna double down in desperation. The whole FF7 numake is targeted at westeners because it's not even the favorite FF in Japan.
>>8018 For me, it's Serah.
>remakes is literally the only thing that SE has the absolute state
Open file (717.89 KB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
They're gonna "subvert expectations", aren't they...
>>8033 yeah she's gonna survive for sure
>>8033 >Sephiroth misses >Aerith stunningly picks up the sword >"Stab this, bitch" >stabs Sephiroth I clapped.
Open file (476.95 KB 784x593 ClipboardImage.png)
Some good news.
>>8050 They also said a FF7 remake was never going to happen. If (((modern Squareenix))) gets desperate enough they'll milk anything they can.
Open file (360.33 KB 720x748 jt.png)
>>8051 >They also said a FF7 remake was never going to happen Incorrect, they were toying this this idea for over a decade and only a few people in Squeenix opposed it. Yoichi Wada, one of the old Square chairmen, said that in order to remake FF7 Squeenix first must make a game that surpasses it and that Final Fantasy brand is finished if they remake it. In 2015 they kicked him out and literally immediately after that the remake was announced lol.
>>8050 >But a numake will Very clever, Squeenix, very clever.
Open file (1.01 MB 1137x834 ClipboardImage.png)
Nomura is at it again.
>>8057 Nomura's dream to substitute the real FF7 with his shitty Compilation series has finally been completed.
Open file (250.13 KB 1920x1080 o.jpg)
>>8057 >>8059 Squeenix definitely has a gender blurring agenda going on. It was already there in the original FF7 too.
>>8087 This. I think it began as a native artifact of the herbivore men in Nippon being actual degenerates, and before the Current Year globalist kikes sunk their fangs into the industry. But ofc that original faggotry was caused indirectly by the Occupation of Japan, a kike gayop led by their good shabbos goyim Douglas MacAuthur. Before then (even though they already had a nascent anime industry by that point), Japan still honored and revered manhood, looking nostalgically to their warrior class of men before/during the Edo period. >tl;dr jews did this.
>>8087 > It was already there in the original FF7 too. No.
>>8089 He's right though, it clearly was.
>>8091 Complete headcanon.
Open file (148.59 KB 1001x676 cloudcd.jpg)
Open file (144.05 KB 912x628 corneo1.jpg)
Open file (141.86 KB 909x629 corneo2.jpg)
>>8098 It was a joke.
>>8100 You can't find past blatant mockery of crossdressing funny on imageboards anymore because autistic retards don't know how to differentiate between jokes and actual agenda pushing.
Open file (90.67 KB 426x568 caduceus.jpg)
>>8100 I couldn't tell. >>8098 I just now realized that there is a Caduceus symbol in that middle picture with cross-dressing Cloud standing in the middle of it. It's probably Kabbalah symbolism given that there is more of it in FF7 and a lot of it in Xenogears. They are trying to imply that he's ascending consciousness by crossdressing. In the attached image he's also standing exactly on the spot marked "neuter".
>>8109 >I couldn't tell. It's pretty obvious. Cloud doesn't want and doesn't like to be a girl. He's forced to for the mission. The joke is that Don likes him in a drag despite being a guy, it's an ancient gag.
>>8111 >rationalization Then it wasn't a joke. You are denying that they intentionally seed subversive/occult messaging in the games and trying to say it's just a joke. Then what explains the kabbalah symbolism? For example Sephiroth is Sefirot. Do you not see the symbol in that picture or do you deny that that's intentional too? "It's just a coincidence bro, just a cool design". There's probably a lot more.
>>8112 >Then it wasn't a joke. No you just didn't get it. >Then what explains the kabbalah symbolism? The Caduceus? Caduceus comes from the fucking antiquity, from Mesopotamia, predating the jews by thousands of years. It's meaning is "the messenger of mother Earth", very fitting for FF7. It has hundreds of other meanings too. Why did you pick the one that suits your rent free headcanon I wonder.
>>8113 Because that interpretation fits with a lot of the other symbolism and the symbolism in Xenogears, which is obviously promoting gnosticism and kabbalah and there was a big overlap in development with ff7. It's more likely they are thinking that way given that he's cross-dressing and genderlessness is promoted in kabbalah as they say the first man was androgyne, adam-kadmon and that he's standing exactly on the "neuter" portion in the kabbalah image. You really sound like it was a joke given how much you seem angry. You don't like that your game is subversive propaganda?
>>8114 Nah I think you're just obsessed with it and see it everywhere. I can fit literally any interpretation to it if I want to. I see no issues with the messenger of Earth.
>>8115 Well agree to disagree then I guess. If it was a one off thing I'd dismiss it but it's not. They still seem to be doing this shit to this day. I haven't played any new FF games but it seems they're likely still doing this stuff https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Sephirot
Open file (868.22 KB 1062x1539 ClipboardImage.png)
it's over
>>8119 >squeenix to replace mindless zogbots with bots that be programed to be zogged At lease some faggots will be out of a job.
>>8120 I don't understand people that defend AI. Yeah it's subversive. Yeah it's gonna put people out of a job, a lot of whom are people you don't like. But also it's gonna help create a hellish totalitarian control system that will affect you too.
>>8119 Kek. >inb3 massive lawsuits from displaced stronk independynts & troons
Open file (371.37 KB 1800x2175 332rrrr3MEM120623.jpg.jpeg)
>>8121 <t. j#wish fingers AI will give us robowaifus. Regardless of what the kikes and their golems do with the stuff, opensource anons will use it to make cute waifus real. I think that's more than sufficient tradeoff during your Current Year putrescence.
Open file (433.78 KB 624x796 ClipboardImage.png)
It's even worse. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is confirmed to be westernized slop.
>>8124 >what do people who want from a FF7 remake >i know! a reskin of a massively overrated western game! we'll even put in that faggy card game! This is the future the niggercattle chose.
>>8124 It was already heavily westroonized, like all Japanese games by this point. Not like I'm gonna play this crap either way, they can do their worst.
Open file (35.91 KB 1030x239 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (72.19 KB 640x444 IMG_3214.jpeg)
>>8137 TRANNYLATORS ON SUICIDE WATCH, ITS OVER! I can’t wait till AI starts actually making full video games. The way I see it there is no way in fuck an AI could make a game that is worse than the absolute niggercattle goyslop that is modern day games, especially (((western))) gaymes. Imagine a full video game made by an AI that has good gameplay, good story, attractive characters, no nigger worshipping faggot marxist kikery, and a good soundtrack. I’m willing to let AI take over completely just to see these trannies and soyboy faggots out of a job permanently, fuck it.
Open file (1.74 MB 1548x843 ClipboardImage.png)
why have they turned Sora into a girl...
>>8138 >I can't wait till AI starts making videogames. It already did: Starfield.
>>8150 Starfield was made by pajeets anon.
>>8150 AI would have made a better game.
Open file (784.84 KB 831x1043 ClipboardImage.png)
Just when you thought Squeenix couldn't get any worse.
>>8171 One of those is not like the others. There's a lot of potential in AI, I saw a WoW Classic mod that added voice acting to all the NPC dialogue. I look forward to seeing what can be done with NPC behaviors and procedural generation of content by using AI. Blockchain and metaverse are memes that only a retard who doesn't understand anything about technology would think are worth giving a single fuck about.
>>8172 These aren't fan AI mods to improve games, anon. These will be tightly cucked AIs that are gonna be trained to do things exactly how they do it and even worse.
Open file (1.46 MB 4000x1800 versus.jpg)
What could have been...
>>8172 >I for one welcome our AI overlords
>>8177 I’d rather have AI overlords than filthy subhuman kike rats as overlords.
>>8173 This is obvious but you're speaking to people that don't care. They fall for anything that seems "based" and reactionary. Later when it's obvious that there's a totalitarian hellscape enabled by demonic possessed ai they'll pretend they were always against it.
>>8185 >demonic possessed ai sounds like a cool anime
>>8185 I’d trust an AI bot with making my goyslop more than I’d ever trust shitskins, I tell you hwat. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=k6Dvpw03BNY
Open file (216.40 KB 750x726 ClipboardImage.png)
I like how they're still pretending this has anything to do with classical jrpgs, tactics or anything at all related to the series.
Open file (1.47 MB 720x1279 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8213 gotta demolish the building now that the game flopped
>>8176 the last chance Squeenix had st something original
Open file (337.85 KB 586x448 ClipboardImage.png)
>zoomer Final Fantasy it's over
>>8310 >try to pozz everything <flops >"REE, we'll double down!" <flops more >"REEEEE, we'll quadruple down! They're not getting the message yet..." <flops harder >"REEEEEEEEEE, we'll octuple down!111 That'll fix it!" <flops ultra hard Heh, they'll never learn. >younger generation Jokes on them. Right-wing viewpoints are more popular than ever b/c we're all sick of their kike shit.
>>8310 Too bad he doesn't mean young Japanese men, but 30-year-old Californian single women who hate video games, sub-room temp IQ niggers and mentally ill men in dresses and mutilated penises. >>8311 >jews were brainwashing young men into putting on dresses and lopping off their dicks And for absolutely no reason at all Hitler was elected.
>>8312 >Too bad he doesn't mean young Japanese men, but 30-year-old Californian single women who hate video games Well, kinda. As we saw with Forewoken, even jap devs are now copying, imitating and using the ESG approach. So you can be sure they'll hire some gaijin troon to write the script.
>>8310 I think it's time to stop raping Final Fantasy and let it go already.
Open file (18.35 MB 1024x576 hm.gif)
>Sakaguchi died for this
>>8319 I threw up a little. Please don't remind us.
>>8319 Remember how FF7 used to be a dying dystopian world you needed to save?
Open file (7.79 KB 200x248 200.jpg)
>>8319 What gets me are his toothpick legs. His calves and forearms are the same size wtf. Nothing like the original art.
>>8324 Yeah this started when Nomura hijacked FF7 with Advent Children and made Cloud into some twink bisho, whereas in the original he was just a normal dude.
>>8325 Nomura and his consequences have been a disaster for Final Fantasy.
>>8326 Everyone left the company by this point so he's the head honcho there now, even though he's just an illustrator.
Open file (32.27 KB 511x343 ClipboardImage.png)
>headless chicken run Just let it die already.
>>8349 Real time turn based actually sounds good. They need to fire all the kingdom hearts people.
>>8358 They have no clue what they want to do, in these conditions "turn based" sounds like some desperate attempt to placate the old fans that will not result in anything good. Especially if made by zoomers.
>>8349 real-time, turn-based hybrid So MMO combat?
>>8365 How so?
Open file (82.52 KB 1080x1093 yty.jpg)
Tifa will die instead of Aerith. Heh, subverted your expectations there.
Open file (33.04 KB 567x708 dog.jpg)
>>8379 Nah. Tifa will save Aerith and they'll fall in lesbians with each other.
Open file (193.01 KB 1545x869 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8396 Uh, I don't even mind.
Open file (105.29 KB 740x516 67.png)
Open file (88.91 KB 1920x1080 r.jpg)
Square Enix commits to AAA blockbusters. According to Q&A with Takashi Kiryu, president of Square Enix, SE is fully committing to the AAA megaproductions now. From now on they are going to release less games and commit even more resources to their big huge budget releases only. >Q: Has the way that your development function has spread to cover so many bases made controlling your development efforts more difficult? >A: It has less to do with our development function and more to do with the numerous entries in our lineup. I want to structure our development function so that we are able to ensure higher quality from each title by slimming down our lineup. >Q: Why have you been unable to slim down your lineup until now? >A: As our customers' needs and the types of devices available have diversified, we have tried to produce hits by developing a wide variety of titles rather than by focusing only on certain ones. I believe that this has resulted in the splintering of our resource pool. Meanwhile, there have been clear winners and losers among the major titles released recently in the gaming market, and it has become possible for even indies titles to make their presence felt. The market is increasingly polarized between blockbuster and indies titles, but I feel that we have developed many titles that fell somewhere in the middle. I want to make clearer distinctions going forward. https://www.hd.square-enix.com/eng/ir/pdf/24q2outline.pdf
>>8423 So focusing more on shoving in more niggers and faggots into Final Fantasy and less on making original properties to shove niggers and faggots into?
>>8423 Sounds like they told this guy >>8349 to stfu. More kingdom hearts coming! Can't wait to not play it.
>>8425 Forespoken 2 let's fucking go!
>>8423 Translation: >We have so few competant Asian & White men on staff now, that we can't achieve anything at all but some color-inside-the-lines/reskins of old properties, to give our token staff members something to actually do, so we have some excuse for spending Blackrock's billions of GibbsBuxx properly.
>>8426 I'm not against them cutting out useless titles, but nowadays big release aaa only means cross-platform and attempts for mass-appeal targeting redditors, which means slop.
Open file (89.90 KB 682x1024 ai.jpg)
AIbros, we can't stop winning.
>>8428 That's literally all they been doing for the last decade so I don't know what that announcement is even about. All Squeenix made was AAAA slop.
>>8432 Add even another A then
>>8429 the what?
>>8423 hopefully it means they're dying soon
Open file (930.37 KB 1280x720 t4.png)
Open file (9.18 KB 220x220 wakka.jpg)
>>8473 >daylight in the slums Where the fuck is the dark, moody oppressive atmosphere? <hey man, it's fun adventure times in Midgar! it's all so tiresome
Open file (686.31 KB 871x848 ClipboardImage.png)
oh god...
>>8473 I don't remember any shops in the original game having a big sign saying "Item Shop".
>>8480 ...in comic sans.
>>8482 Terrifying.
Open file (114.05 KB 1024x1024 1692139102833623.jpg)
Open file (333.28 KB 480x480 fuck.png)
>>8479 It's really depressing to see how gaijin agenda is slowly seeping in and affecting the nips. First Kojima became an embarrassing clown and now even oldtimers from Square are getting afflicted by the disease. Just a little while ago they had great pride in FF7, in all their work, now they are brainwashed into hating it because it's not progressive enough.
>>8479 I'm surprised how apathetic I am about the numake. I loved FFVII back when it came out. It was one of my favorite games at the time, but I can't even get angry about how much soy they're injecting into the thing wearing FFVII's skin anymore.
Open file (322.06 KB 538x573 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8490 Their original woke project flopped and is forgotten, as always, so now they're back leeching of a famous IP where people are held hostage by the member berries and are forced to be exposed to all the woke slop.
>>8491 Fornoggin'
>In the discussion, Yoshida Naoki (hereafter Naoki) spoke about wanting to apply the development experience from Final Fantasy 16 to other games. In response, Yoshida Shōhei (hereafter Shōhei) jokingly asked "Does that mean you won't be working on Final Fantasy 17 then?" This prompted the topic of Final Fantasy 17. > Naoki prefaced by saying "As an executive I shouldn't say anything reckless" then continued "In any case, nothing has been decided yet." "Having been allowed to work on both Final Fantasy 14 and 16, rather than the same middle-aged guy doing it, I think it would be better for the future if the younger generation took on the challenge with their fresh perspective to create a Final Fantasy full of daring new challenges suited to the modern era."
>>8526 >challenges suited to the modern era Lost me there
Open file (31.98 KB 680x696 4e2.jpg)
>>8526 >the year 2000 is now considered Hitler >Nips are saying this
>>8528 How to avoid that pesky gameplay and have your cutscenes be longer.
>>8528 Does this mean FF7 remake part 2 will have Tifa cucking Cloud for Barret whilst Cloud sits in a chair wearing a dress and watching?
>>8540 Yes. With prompts.
Open file (907.50 KB 1194x1152 1.png)
Good news.
>>8540 >shove in interracial cuckshit because what that nice gaijin shekelberg-san said that's what westerners want >he was wrong about putting gay butt sex in 16 but he's sure to be right this time What could go wrong? I'll honestly be surprised if they don't do something to make Cloud's relationship with Tifa and Aerith involve some (((Progressive))) faggotry.
>>8611 Let's hope live-action Zelda follows suit >>8615 What could be worse than cuckshit?
>>8619 >live-action Zelda That's a thing?
Open file (20.45 KB 602x305 a.jpg)
Diminishing returns.
>>8620 It was announced last November
>>8632 Yikes. Let me guess, Link is black and Zelda is the protagonist.
>>8633 >Link is black No. If they made him a nog they couldn't have Zelda humiliate him regularly for being an incompetent retard who can't do anything right because he's a man. >Zelda is the protagonist No, but actually yes.
>>8634 > If they made him a nog they couldn't have Zelda humiliate him regularly for being an incompetent retard who can't do anything right because he's a man That's true, this is the only reason why huwite men still exist in media
Open file (595.03 KB 1368x668 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8674 This reeks of desperation.
>>8676 FF7 NuMake is literally the only project they have , everything else was a colossal failure. In fact, NuFF7 wasn't even a financial hit but it's a big media darling do to manchildren nostalgia.
Open file (988.94 KB 1100x1172 6.png)
Butchering of VI is next
>>8681 disgusting
>>8681 Of course they will throw out that dreamlike Dali-esque artstyle in favor of generic realism. All the cities will look like modern shitties. All the shops like modern shops. All the signs in comic sans.
>>8681 Evil cannot create and all that.
>>8684 Yeah, FF7 Demake is completely butchered, all the vibe and atmosphere destroyed. Now it's a fun adventure on your segway! And FF6 was basically proto FF7.
>>8681 >...which bums him out Lol. I'd venture to say that the diversity is becoming so enriched at the studios by this point, that vibrant new demakes will keep getting """finished""" on longer-and-longer release cycles.
>>8681 Jesus. I can only imagine how many "problematic" things would need to be changed. Obviously Edgar would get a complete numake makeover. Can't have a guy hitting on women after all. I'm sure Kefka would get mutilated too because he would be offensive to mentally ill people. Cyan would obviously be changed to a absent father and husband. Locke and Celes's relationship would have to go because it reinforces heteronormative relationships as normal. Since Terra never showed much in the way of romantic feelings for anyone she'd obviously be made an obnoxious dyke. Someone would be made into a nigger; probably Sabin or Gau. Mog would get turned into some they/them tranny thing. Gogo would be a tranny and no longer an optional secret character. There's just so many completely retarded ways (((they))) could fuck up a numake of FFVI.
Open file (753.22 KB 1920x1080 large_jpg_10.40.46.jpg)
>>8697 It just looking like FF16, a generic fantasy game, is the worst offender to me.
>>8699 >everything is generic fantasy settings >except vector which is now just a reskin of midgar from the ff7 numake compete with shop signs in comicsans Yeah there's no way the parasites puppeting Sqauresoft's corpse wouldn't completely butcher the art style, tone and atmosphere of 6. Among a litany of other things.
>>8699 Wow, they even have markers and quest information on the screen like an ubisoft or bethesda game. Gone are the days where a jrpg lets the player figure out where to go on their own.
>>8706 Goyim using their brains is racist! You're literally Hitler! Remember the six gorillion!
>>8706 FF16 isn't even an RPG. But yeah. no modern game ships without being adjusted for mouthbreathers.
>>8705 Don't forget that FF7 is not even a remake but a shitty rewrite fanfic. I'd image the same fate is prepared for FF6, to subverts your expectations™.
>>8709 I pirated the numake out of morbid curiosity and completely forgot about fanfic time loop shit.
>>8717 Time jannies got to your memories.
>>8681 That doesn't even make any fucking sense. FF6 remake bigger than FF7? What? FF7 is a fucking gargantuan behemoth, FF6 is just an average SNES-era RPG. Statements like this, coupled with cringe inducing quotes of him being embarrassed of FF7 not being woke enough, really makes you realize that all these old guards from different studios gone completely senile and retarded.
>>8719 It does if they are going to "modernize" it. There are multiple worlds and probably more locations in ff6 than in 7. There are also more characters.
>>8721 >There are multiple worlds What multiple worlds? Like post apocalypse? It's hardly a "world". >and probably more locations in ff6 than in 7 Lol no there aren't, not even close, are you kidding me? Again, FF7 is a gigantic 3 discs behemoth. >There are also more characters. Just barely. FF7 has 10 playable characters, FF6 has 13.
>>8722 Because this is an imageboard, I'll continue to be the contrarian even though I haven't really played all of FF6 lol. >FF7 is a gigantic 3 discs behemoth It's only 3 discs because of the fmvs and graphics. You can't compare game sizes when ff6 is a sprite snes game with no fmvs. For example, there was a chines ff7 nes demake of all of disc 1 that fits on an nes cart. You need to compare the complexity of the worlds that would need to be created and the scenarios.
>>8737 > fmvs and graphics There are barely any FMVs in FF7 and it's largely a pre-rendered game. It takes 3 discs because it's jam packed with stuff. It took me 60 hours just to get out of Midgar back in the day. >there was a chines ff7 nes demake of all of disc 1 that fits on an nes cart It is heavily abridged. >You need to compare the complexity of the worlds that would need to be created and the scenarios FF7 is infinitely larger.
>>8738 >There are barely any FMVs in FF7 Wut? Have you even played ff7? There's 53 minutes worth of fmvs. I don't know exactly how much space they take but probably several hundred mb. Also, ff7 has a lot of redundancy on the third disc. If all fmvs were cut and redundancy optimized I wouldn't be surprised if the game fit on 1 disc.
>>8739 >There's 53 minutes worth of fmvs Have you even played ff7? All fmvs are spread in very short clips, there isn't a single fmv that's longer than a minute other than the ending. In a 50+ hour game that's not a lot. It just shows how giant the game is that there's 50 minutes worth of 30 second clips to fill the narrative.
>>8740 >All fmvs are spread in very short clips Which was smart. Unlike today's developers, they actually respected the player and didn't make him sit through long unskippable cutscenes. But that argument is kind of disingenuous. A lot of them are back to back in key points of the game. For example when the weapons escape and sephiroth joins the lifestream at the crater or junon attack. They stacked the fmvs pretty close one after another.
Open file (776.59 KB 2000x1125 kl.jpg)
>there's now selection wheels for dialogue
>>8798 Of course there is. Got to make it as much like (((western))) slop as possible. I'm surprised they haven't made Tifa and Aerith "more realistic" to appease their Blackrock overlords.
>>8803 Aeris already looks like a tranny. >>8798 Also ubishit tower climbing confirmed.
>>8804 >Aeris already looks like a tranny. Jaw isn't nearly square enough to be a "realistic" woman by ESG standards.
>>8810 Neither is nu-Cloud's. They have the exact same face.
>>8798 Is climbing a clock tower a euphemism?
>>8798 slut
Open file (121.37 KB 799x1000 76.jpg)
Rebirth trophy list is out. https://archive.is/3XPOp Game has 14 chapters. Chapter 14, final chapter trophy name is: Confluence of Worlds. Multiverse fanfic continues.
>>8869 I wonder if the multiverse slop was the plan all along or if it got added in after (((marvel movies))) did it.
>>8881 Well, I'm sure it was Nomura who wanted to connect the real FF7 with his Compilation fanfiction shit. But he's probably a Marvel enjoyer so yes.
Open file (216.97 KB 640x268 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8885 Jesus. The numake is just so fucking boring to look at, especially when lined up side by side with the real FF7.
>>8886 The original FF7 was above all an expression of the developers themselves. The remake is made by no one for nobody.
>>8885 >>8886 >The numake is just so fucking boring to look at, especially when lined up side by side with the real FF7. Really just another example of the truism "The Left can't meme", and it's underlying cause: no sovl.
>>8869 normalfags will defend it again
>>8908 Obviously. I wouldn't be surprised if the niggercattle that loved the numake never played the original and just loved it solely because it was popular.
>>8911 >never played the original That's like 95% of its audience. > just loved it solely because it was popular Well no they love it because it's a simplistic, piss easy slop made specifically for them to be good at instantly.
Open file (1.78 MB 500x522 hoo boy.gif)
Demake 2. >Movement was bad >New “climb over” mechanic is unpredictable >Music during the climax sounded like Spiderman PS4 music >many “squeeze through an area while the game loads” parts. >taking elevators up Mt Neibelheim >having to do slow, skilless busywork like vacuum up Mako in order to proceed >Neibelheim Mansion NERFED. Now only a single room with an elevator. >WAY TOO MANY FUCKING ELEVATORS. >No iconic secret staircase to the basement. >the hallway outside Vincent’s room is now a boss arena >QTEs like having to slowly pull the right and left triggers during the climax, meaning button prompts are in front of the drama. >the game still has resolution issues. It absolutely fucking sucks. I don’t know how anyone can defend these demakes. They're SOULESS. What a huge disappointment. I thought they would have used the new hardware to improve the shit from remake.
>>8923 >first numake is soulless creatively bankrupt garbage made for the sole purpose of milking shekels out of FF7's nostalgic fans >second numake is soulless creatively bankrupt garbage made for the sole purpose of milking shekels out of FF7's nostalgic fans Can't say I'm surprised.
Open file (21.14 KB 474x600 th-3290025627.jpg)
>>8924 But, it has Yuffie.
>>8923 Watching someone's lets play, it looks like they made Cloud just as powerful as Sephiroth in the flashback, and Tifa, even as a young girl in the flashback, is a stronk independent.
>>8932 They did the same in the first numake. The first one ends right after leaving Midgar, so even if the party were all together they shouldn't be able to even come close to a match for Sephiroth yet. Despite this Cloud goes toe to toe with him (in a cut scene) for some reason. And the stonk independent shit with Tifa and Aerith was already rearing its ugly head albeit not quite as in your face as it probably will be going forward. I figure it's because they can't have the paint swilling retards not feeling like anime bad asses all the time or show that whinemen can't do everything perfectly all by themselves while also helping those incompetent inferior men.
>>8934 >Sephiroth jumps down to stab Aerith >at the last moment, she dodges, grabs his sword and stabs him >heh, subverted your expectations™
>>8935 >hey this is a totally ridiculous thing that's far too stupid to happen but i'm saying it as a joke <it happens Oy vey that's $150 for the collector's edition goy.
>>8936 With the time jannie fanfic bullshit they can literally do anything and nothing is too stupid.
Open file (704.33 KB 338x338 t4.gif)
what a slut
>>8936 What's $250 for something like this literal masterpiece? Why it's practically a crime that we give this away at only $500... our mothers would be ashamed! Why when you can invest so much of your precious time into something so magnificent, $1,000 is a real bargain!
Open file (835.16 KB 1080x1746 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8942 >faggot hack who likes "fem"boys who dress like hot topic rejects is nervous the ending is too gay even for (((modern))) audiences I can only imagine how bad it is. My only hope is that it's so bad it kills the company and ruins any chance of a third numake.
>>8942 I'm predicting Aeris lives, and Cloud and Sephiroth are butt-lovers
>>8942 What did he fuck up...
Open file (466.95 KB 1330x1496 lol.jpg)
That would be $80 sir.
Open file (224.80 KB 589x449 4.png)
>>8948 >>8946 pure slop
>>8948 >small blood splatter has to be removed because it's not family friendly enough >6 hour interractial gay sex scene will be unskippable and have a questionnaire at the end to make sure you paid attention and if you get one question wrong you have to watch the whole thing over Don't you just love modern gayming?
How long until a Sephiroth spin-off game?
>>8942 Cloud troons out?
>>8977 I wouldn't even be surprised at this point.
Open file (1.11 MB 1280x720 4.webm)
Downgrade fantasy.
>>8992 They have already given up? What the fuck is this shit?
>>8992 Jesus Christ
>>8992 is this even the same model? Why wouldn't it be?
Open file (687.77 KB 984x971 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.07 MB 674x975 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9012 If they do that gay shit I can see even nigger cattle dropping the numakes, so I kinda hope they do.
Open file (4.46 MB 2560x1440 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9017 Whar the fuck? How does it look worse than a game on PS4? I'm actually kind of impressed.
Open file (470.04 KB 3840x2160 shieet.jpg)
>>9019 They hooked the suckers in, now there's no reason to try any more.
>>9021 Sargon of Akcloud?
>>9021 BIG
>>9023 BLACK
Open file (659.65 KB 1154x1352 lol.png)
Open file (19.81 KB 305x285 lol2.png)
>>9028 The Final Fantasy Wax Museum is looking pretty good
>>9019 Isn't the new nuremake open world slop while the old numake was a hallway simulator? Could be an attempt to mitigate performance issues that would come with larger maps by downgradeing the graphics.
>>9052 >nuremake open world slop while the old numake was a hallway simulator Is it? And I thought it can't get any worse.
Open file (67.29 KB 347x436 hmm.jpg)
Open file (3.39 MB 1280x720 1.webm)
Open file (3.24 MB 1920x1080 2.webm)
Open file (2.74 MB 1920x1080 shieet.png)
>>9058 >slow-time events sasuga kusoenix
Does Aeris die tho?
>>9062 No. Your expectations will be subverted.
>>9063 You're joking, right? ...R-Right?
>>9059 oh lawd, Cloud is in blackface, quick, cancel the game!
>>9065 Are you aware of the time jannies?
Open file (625.82 KB 3840x2160 ff.jpg)
>boring story/characters >writing goes to shit after prologue >blandest environments in any FF vidya game >fucking ZERO exploration with nothing to find >if you find an area off the beaten path it's locked behind a sidequests and is usually just an area to fight a hunt and nothing more >takes itself way too seriously FFXVI was trash and tries too hard to not be FF and I swear they just copypasta'd the moogle from FFXIV because people wanted moogles butts. There isn't even a fucking final dungeon although all signs point one - you just fly into a giant testicle and boom final boss. The 99999 fagoon was the only good character in the entire game.
>>9108 already completely forgotten...
Numake 2 leaks: >The Intro: >The footage of the party escaping at the beginning of the demo is part of a newscast covering the destruction in Midgar. The bombings happened and the plate fell, in addition to the tornados. This is the Midgar Zack is walking into. Noteworthy about this is the newscast keeps repeating that "an Ex-SOLDIER with a buster sword" is working for AVALANCHE and was not found with the other survivors (yes, survivors) in the rubble of the expressway. Zack stares at the jumbo tron in Sector 5 wide-eyed and paranoid because he matches that description, yet he literally just walked into Midgar with his Cloud. The news then focuses on the survivors being airlifted by two helicopters. This is the shot of the "dead" party members in the trailers. Zack spots Aerith, but after her chopper lifts off, Red XIII attacks the pilots, causing the chopper to crash. >This was all caught on the news, saying it was over sector 5. Zack dumps Cloud on Kyrie and runs off to the crash site. This is where he becomes playable. After running through the rubble, Zack finds the crashed chopper with Aerith having fallen out and surrounded by troopers. Zack has limited combat mechanics here to fight the troopers. The other chopper is crashed during this shuffle. There's then a very sad shot of a dead survivor. If you happen to like animals... >Then the whole thing with Zack caressing Aerith and white materia falling happens.
>>9167 But does Aeris die
>>9203 Only to come back in part 3 and subvert your expectations.
>>9167 slop
Open file (446.83 KB 408x748 i.webm)
>>9210 my wife
Open file (573.78 KB 507x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.29 MB 1026x801 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (241.49 KB 604x631 t.png)
>>9221 big if true
Open file (2.45 MB 2048x2048 tt.png)
>>9220 >>9221 Coincidence?
Open file (102.02 KB 978x1024 t5.jpg)
>>9221 >>9227 >>9228 We celebrated too soon. it's over
>>9231 >shieeeeet
>>9231 I hate everything Why do faggots insist on ruining vidya?
Open file (864.11 KB 1791x1542 5h.jpg)
Gayming is healing?
Open file (248.12 KB 588x510 mamamia.png)
>>9233 >Why do faggots insist on ruining vidya? Because they're demon-possesed? Just like the kikes, they run to do the bidding of their father Satan.
>>9239 hmm
>>9243 Honestly, I'll just take that answer at this point.
Open file (3.91 MB 1280x720 12.webm)
Maybe seeing some dyke sheboons in the background is worth it...
>>9249 For me, it's Aeris
>>9231 jrpgs are dead
>>9251 a common mistake if you change it to jpeg it will work
Open file (182.78 KB 335x330 f0c1a.png)
Open file (460.55 KB 1200x1577 esg.jpg)
>there isn't a scene where Aeith is stabbed in the numake They're preparing to subvert the expectations.
>>9260 Not really a subversion if everyone already expect it to happen. Unless they're going for a double reverse subversion where she survives the point where she's suppose to die just to die later in a probably much more retarded way.
>>9261 Sephiroth just keeps dropping from the sky throughout the remakes until he finally gets her.
Open file (43.15 KB 700x397 1704451928510894.jpg)
Open file (94.38 KB 1024x561 1704451983882442.jpg)
>>9257 >"...given their interest rate sensitivity" Is doubleplus-goodspeak for: < "Accomplished Whites are waking up to the demonic plans of their kike overlords."
Open file (882.27 KB 1024x576 ClipboardImage.png)
Uh... FFbros?
>>9268 Damn, Tifa looking hot!
Open file (57.13 KB 450x360 shiet.jpg)
Open file (22.32 KB 1157x607 tgr.png)
More leaks.
>>9271 The fuck is this bullshit?
>>9271 >someone is going to pay not me
Open file (1.12 MB 854x1024 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9274 His magnum opus.
>>9276 I still think Kingdom Hearts is just really weird. How the Hell did Squeenix get into contact with Yidsney in the first place?
Open file (90.82 KB 762x1048 sora concept art.jpg)
>>9277 Kingdom Hearts was wonderful. It's was pure late 90s/early 00s experimentation, when gayms were a niche hobby. Square and Disney Japan had offices in the same building and one day had a spitballing session while eating lunch or something, "hey, why don't we do a crossover". Nothing like this could ever happen nowadays. That era was so free, like cruising on an open ocean.
>>9268 BIG
>>9282 BEAUTY
>>9271 Absolutely retarded. Pure Nomura filler shit.
Open file (350.51 KB 1800x900 yre.jpg)
>FF7 Rebirth's installation is nearly 200GB
>>9297 the absolute state of modern gayming...
>>9297 >200GB >runs like shitprobably >ESG compliance >sub-fanfiction tier writing Will the niggercattle continue to happily eat the shit put in front of them? Probably. Niggercattle never learn to not eat shit.
Open file (115.74 KB 366x236 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (991.26 KB 1063x874 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.76 MB 1152x1247 ClipboardImage.png)
So they're actively covering up breasts with updates? What the fuck is going on over there?
>>9297 What's 200gb? A mere pittance compared to the real value of this beauty!
>>9300 Absolutely disgusting. Would not even pirate.
Open file (397.03 KB 959x783 1698934607138238.png)
>>9300 (((They))) really won't stop until every.single.female. character is ' a stronk, independynt PoC nigress, weighing in at 33 stone, beautiful at any size -- and oh don't forget your weekly vaxx booster again, citizen... -20 social credit! AIs', will they?
>>9301 When I tell her we got the update to fit in only 900gb, my own mother slaps me on the head 'You have 200tb you mashugana!'. When you install this 2.5tb patch*, you're game will become a real treasure. (* only 70USD DL fee required.)
>>9299 Millions of flies can’t be wrong, can they?
>>9303 the kikes dont even need a fake vax because ashkanazis cohencidentaly have no ace2 receptor upregulation for the spike protein whos mutation is the equivalent of a shrimp and a whale just naturally crossbreeding like can it be anymore obvious this was a genetic bioweapon made by the kikes that someone broke out before it was done because the kikes are too stupid and payed the chinks and the chinkydo in charge realized he wasnt immune like the kikes
>>9304 kek
>>9300 >updates now weight more than entire games from 10 years ago but the visuals have barely improved
>>9319 that would be $70
Open file (109.50 KB 946x1190 troonslation.jpg)
>>9330 I don't like sky. It's coarse and rough and irritating, and it gets everywhere
>>9330 What's the point in changing it and I assume having the English dub rerecorded?
>>9332 ...except for Tifa's covered cleavage.
>>9333 A troonslator fuck up?
Open file (1.16 MB 1454x1128 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9336 There's still pretending that FF7 demake was a success? https://archive.vn/RJy01
>>9336 >a port Would probably be the least gay option. Provided they don't troonslate it to make it more in line with (((modern sensibilities.))) >a graphical remaster They would fuck up the art style so fucking bad. There's no way they wouldn't. >a remake similar in vein to the "successful" but expensive Final Fantasy VII Numake If they timejannies Chrono Trigger I unironically hope someone fire bombs their offices.
Open file (38.18 KB 480x360 2533574450.jpeg)
>>9341 are you chrono triggered
>>9342 A little.
Doesn’t the numake release tomorrow?
>>9344 Midnight tonight EST (technically tomorrow)
>>9336 It doesn't need a remake. Maybe they could do it in the HD-2D graphic style like Octopath Traveler, but even then it's unnecessary. Just do Chrono Trigger 2, or 3 if you're counting Cross. I'm so fucking sick of remakes.
>>9345 Can’t wait to see how they fuck up the ending
>>9345 More like ESG.
>>9341 You can just emulate it, why would anyone need a port?
>>9346 But you can't collect the memberberries with a sequel.
Open file (6.08 MB 4508x1353 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (137.55 KB 595x549 disc.png)
>>9352 QUALITY
>>9352 >technology was supposed to be advancing >we're back to multiple dicks era
Open file (32.65 KB 640x340 1.jpg)
>>9351 >Smashbros cutscene is better than an remake
Open file (51.14 KB 640x480 19.jpg)
Open file (35.08 KB 1200x675 17.jpg)
Open file (401.69 KB 2048x1152 6.jpg)
That would be $70 and 200+gb of your space, sir.
>>9370 Looks worse than Skyrim
>>9371 It looks like skyrim when the creation engine shits itself and just doesn't load in higher quality models and textures when you get closer. Todd would be proud.
>>9372 Hey now, but does that boulder have more polygons than a sandwich?
>>9360 >right kino
Open file (781.29 KB 3840x2160 f.jpg)
Final Faggotry
>>9387 Gay Nigger Fantasy VII: Buckbreak
>>9387 would not even pirate
>>9387 The absolute state...
Open file (793.96 KB 802x1000 shieeet.png)
This was the beginning of the end for SE, wasn't it...
>>9387 For what purpose? Why? This is ass
>>9393 Not even close. That shit was just the culmination of years of SE being retards. >>9396 To pump that ESG score up so Shekelberg-san from Blackrock will invest in the gayme. It'll get even worse by the time they pinch out the third terd. There will be trannies, they'll probably make someone from the main cast bisexual.
>>9403 >Not even close. That shit was just the culmination of years of SE being retards. Being retards is one thing, and they were retards within their niposphere, but Forenoggin' was a truly shocking ESG project unlike any nip studio has ever made before.
Open file (2.98 MB 1920x1080 u.webm)
Final Fantasy in 2024
>>9434 At least he didn't dab.
>>9437 Shoulda dabbed on the zoomers
>>9442 frfr
>>9434 Nomura thought this was hilarious, he boomed with gutteral laughter.

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