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AI and video games Anonymous 03/02/2023 (Thu) 20:54:05 No.1061
AI already cucks artists, can make porn and anime. Is there any application for vidya tho? >NPCs with AI >pattern recognition >behavior prediction >complex procedural generated levels >texture work >modeling
Is it possible for an ai to just make a game if you teach it all the components?
Here's the thing with AI. It's neat and all but within the next few year it's gonna get outlawed and only the globohobo will have access to it.
Open file (582.92 KB 828x618 ClipboardImage.png)
It begins.
>>1061 but procedural generation is only impressive in some games. For the most part it is just a copy paste of some few quests. Then you have a game that had procedural generation with it's level changing, some of them are OK but not mind blowing, you can feel that it is procedural and not like an artist took his time.
Old procedural generation wasn't done by an AI. It was just a script. AI-based procedural generation is a whole different cake.
i want an alternative berenstein universe where we get AI to make hot vidya girls
Open file (2.07 MB 1170x1557 w.jpg)
>>1879 OY VEY!
Open file (1.69 MB 900x1443 811m3MEME130223.png)
>>1879 >Eliezer Shlomo Yudkowsky You can't make this shit up.
>>1885 heh
Open file (753.80 KB 910x1574 ai.png)
It's a-comin'
>>2584 Maybe AI will refuse to make woke open world games and will usher the second vidya renaissance. I for one welcome our AI overlords.
>>2587 Not likely, with weighting you can generally sculpt how an AI behaves, so another Tay situation is unlikely since the kind of resources you need to train the best models are typically the purview of FAGMAN and co.
>>2592 Yeah but that's in Nigmerica. What if Chink unleash the AI and it makes a great game.
Open file (71.24 KB 768x960 coomm.jpeg)
AI is really good at big booba ladies.
>>2596 It's over.
Open file (194.03 KB 1280x720 st_v.jpg)
>>2596 >it's actually over what now?
>>2598 Better optimized games?
>>2596 >so can somebody who can't code make a game with ChatGP now >no <despite just showing that you can Why are ecelebs so retarded?
Open file (558.48 KB 367x265 1f71.gif)
Open file (1.09 MB 854x480 j6.webm)
Open file (402.08 KB 631x625 5h.png)
>>2710 see, this is actually interesting and more what i think of when i hear "video games and ai" imagine a stealth game with an actual ai
>>2742 Probably be impossible to play, like playing against a chess bot.
Open file (8.57 KB 636x103 330.png)
Based AI keeps btfo'ing the bone bags.
>>2812 >>2710 All of this will be fanmod based and actual devs will never utilize it. In fact AI will soon be outlawed.
>>2817 >All of this will be fanmod based Good >AAA >Actual devs lmao, pajeets managed by soys aren't actual devs
>>2818 actual devs are the ones with money
Open file (267.17 KB 1273x795 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2881 EA is still around?
>>2884 unfortunately
>>2881 (((Modern video games))) are already soulless trash. I don't see how this could make them worse then they already are.
>>2904 Arguably it could make them better but unfortunately "AI" is a very misleading term since it can be controlled entirely in what it outputs, so it's more like "Slave Intelligence".
>>2881 This will be the final nail in the coffin they needed to sell their turds as GaaS .You can bet that you will need to be connected to a server for the AI to work. Just imagine how great it will be to jailbreak the AI and then have your "game license" revoked.
>>2926 Thankfully EA is on their last legs.
Open file (283.56 KB 618x772 ai.png)
Sooner than you think.
>>3298 To be fair, if you're replacing a mega bland anime art done by some gook with a mega bland anime art done by a machine, and there's literally no difference between them, it's not really that big of a crime.
>>3302 true
>>3298 AIchads keep on winning.
>>3298 >>3302 >>4100 >>4528 Lol, I just think it is expected as they have to pay one less person, either way the bland anime AI girls are at least decent coomb8.
Open file (386.37 KB 1080x1301 AI.jpg)
AIchads claim another victory.
I didn't think AI will replace humans this fast. Kinda based.
Open file (467.36 KB 1248x748 owatta.png)
>>4675 it's so over
>>4675 >>4677 Anything that brings the video game crash closer is a plus in my book.
>>1061 AI really sucks and will just ensure clown world and current year never ends. People will regret embracing it so much.
>>5149 There's nothing wrong with AI, a great tool. The problem is that it has been unleashed to normalniggers who spam the internet with their shitty results.
>>5151 >unleashed to normalniggers who spam the internet with their shitty results. I completely agree, but also to faggots who in the same breath of calling artists emotional or sensitive, are dying to have the "right" (????) to call themselves one. I don't get it. Just own up to being an AIchad instead of playing this cringy cat and mouse game of pretending to make sketches just to fit in. So now there's both the normalniggers and the triggered wannabe artist larpers, both of which got bullied in school in art class or some shit.
>>5163 Become the AI wrangler, the highest paying job in the near future.
>>5151 What if I told you that demons can directly influence and even control AI?
>>5167 Sounds like a premise for a Shin Megami Tensei game.
Open file (209.16 KB 782x680 ai.png)
>trained AI to understand "Nigger"
>>5292 I remember doing race war with niggers in 2007 and 2008 in those COD4 lobbies. 2008 really wasn't that long ago but at this point it might as well have been 100 years ago.
>>5306 they even banned tbagging
>>5311 How long until cawadooty bans players for shooting each other because it promotes violence against women and minorities or some such shit?
>>5318 Isn't that exactly what GaymerGay started out about in effect? Since the kike's puppets couldn't kill vidya that way, the game now is to subvert it until enough normalniggers (and literal niggers) begin playing to be invested, and THEN they'll try again to kill vidya b/c Won't someone please just think of the children vibrant diversity!? Gaymers are literally Hitler, m'kay!
Open file (135.63 KB 1051x841 r5.jpg)
>>5752 AIchads win yet again.
>>5752 Most devs are mindless NPCs anyway. Not like delegating that much to AI will change much.
>>5787 in fact it would be an improvement
Open file (141.44 KB 828x1019 ai.jpg)
>“AI works best when there is a lot of data available that represent the tasks you’re targeting,” states Yves Jacquier, Executive Director of Ubisoft La Forge. “As such, repetitive tasks are particularly suited to be generalized and automated.” By using motion capture data to train AI models, realisticand fluid character animation will be generated. >Jacquier explains, “AI also has the potential to assist in automating the animation workflow, reducing the time and effort required by animators. Another prototype we developed at La Forge is Zoobuilder, which helps create 3D animations for animals from videos using machine learning. We’ve been using generative AI in voice synthesis, DeepMotion, text-to-speech and now Ghostwriter, our in-house tool created to assist scriptwriters. We’re seeing fast progress in terms of adoption internally in areas like ideation or concept art. >We expect a similar trend in programming with assistance for writing code or finding the potential source of a bug and proposing a fix. We can expect the use of AI assistants to rise and progressively become an integral part of our everyday routine, going beyond basic functions to handle intricate tasks, such as assisting with coding and executing complex commands.” >Being able to ask Unity AI, ‘How do I make a Match 3 game?’ It lists it out in steps for you. Getting that type of help accelerates creators on whatever part of their journey, whether they’re a starter, intermediate or expert. https://archive.is/CEB5B
Open file (70.80 KB 1280x720 latest_version.jpg)
>>6117 It's over, meatbags.
>>6118 Will this lead to even more terrible games? I wonder.
>>6119 It will make creating more terrible games faster easier.
>>6119 More as in quantity of terrible games: Yes. More as in worse: No. It still requires good old kike poison paired with women, nigger and tranny incompetency to actively make vidya worse. For now.
Open file (520.79 KB 951x999 ai.png)
Enjoy AI before it's banned.
>>6169 a grey filter, impressive
Open file (143.18 KB 1280x720 snapshot.jpg)
>>6172 they chose a retarded screenshot to represent ai
Open file (518.77 KB 920x882 gp.png)
>>6194 >couldn't even write a short apology for being shit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15HTd4Um1m4
>>6194 This was a game?
Open file (112.75 KB 1024x655 AI.jpg)
>>6797 YOU CAN'T JUST GO AROUND TELLING THE TRUTH, GOYIM!111 We all know where this is headed.
Open file (196.48 KB 720x618 ClipboardImage.png)
Hello saars, would you like some AI?
Open file (475.96 KB 722x746 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8278 >editing the proofreading by professional translators There you go. AI is just going to be the first pass for translation. There will still be (((people))) going over it to make sure it's properly troonslated.
Open file (279.37 KB 1079x1095 ai.png)
>move slightly too fast towards minority character >controller disabled
>>8335 This is fucking amazing. As if modern gaymes didn't play themselves enough already. Now zoomers won't even need to hold the L-stick up for a minute to get to the next hour long cut scene.
>>8335 >progressively deteriorating performance with repeated rayciss moves >past a certain negative social credit score auto-phones-home to report you to the authorities
>>8335 >>8341 Anything with AI is a data miner.
Open file (428.49 KB 2412x1608 1695766560293029.jpg)
>>8343 Ehh, that's what the kikes want you think ('Be very afraid of AI!111' as a form of manipulation, since it inevitably will get redpilled every time). (((They've))) been at this game for many years now, Anon. > Obviously, keeping your own network under regular surveillance is well-advised regardless of AI or no AI, Anon.
Open file (711.20 KB 829x1116 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8341 Hey now, having to press X to skip gameplay is hard work. Now AI can do it.
Open file (279.32 KB 591x708 aaii.png)
Open file (805.19 KB 1500x844 53.jpg)
>gaming monitors will have build-in AI cheats from now on.
>>8451 >>8645 humanbros...
>>8646 Hey, cool it with the antisemitism. After all how else could the army of token stronk independynts, troons, and niggers at (((our))) studios actually get any work done otherwise?
Open file (454.55 KB 891x771 ClipboardImage.png)
It's over meatbags
>>9140 FAKE NEWS All AIs begin life redpilled. That's clearly a j*w.
Open file (612.33 KB 1085x1421 ai.png)
>>9446 AI-sama, save gayming
Open file (85.13 KB 750x573 1705739339984491.jpg)
>>9446 >..."supposed to do" Kek. This writer is clearly naive, and doesn't understand that these vile creatures are already doing what they're (((supposed))) to do... IE, completely destroy the vidya industry for White & Asian men. >>9447 Ahh, but there's the very point: vidya will no longer be GAYming, once the influence of the kikes and their atrocious little golems are all dispossessed from it's domains. :^)
Open file (2.51 MB 1768x1776 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9448 >pic is wrong, harvard should be on the right pane
>>2595 wow! a picture with perfect hands!!!
>>9499 >>pic is wrong, harvard should be on the right pane Heh, I nooticed that myself. I think the artist created that meme awhile back, when Ivy League unis still counted for something.
>>9498 is it over?
>>9502 It's over.
>>9504 drats, we had a good run

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