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Silent Hill Anonymous 03/05/2023 (Sun) 16:38:00 No.1124
There is no “Other World” in the original Silent Hill and the fog world is the real world that’s already been over run by monsters and everyone has already been killed while the dark world is Hell merging with reality. All the nurses in Silent Hill have been “impregnated” with demons just like Cybil had. Lisa died because she became fully taken over by the parasitic demon while the parasite in Cybil was killed by the aglaophotis Harry had. Silent Hill 2 takes place in a completely different version of Silent Hill because the series was originally meant to be an anthology before Team Silent was pressured into making a follow up to Silent Hill 1’s story and at that point they just mixed mashed the two different concepts of Silent Hill into the confusing mess it is know for today
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Open file (1.57 MB 976x1120 sargon woodcut.png)
>>1124 This all sounds like very interesting drama that proves the fucking farse that Silent Hill 2 is, man what could have been.
>>1136 SH2 is great, it's just that its form of narrative became the go to for the reddit horror perception.
how woke will the numake be?
>>1148 They'll shove in that nigger from the gaijin games.
Open file (646.80 KB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
>>1148 >Everyone's fugly ☑
>>1228 L-LEON!
>>1232 Leon is made fugly too now.
>>1124 but SH3 is the direct sequel to 1. SH2 is more like explaining more of the rules of the lore of Silent Hill but then again the monsters killing the people, that is what one assumes until in 3 you have Vincet saying do they look like monsters to you? which is a hint that it might be humans you are killing, or a sick joke but it is kinda interesting to think about. You are committing murder instead of just killing monsters that want to kill you. >>1148 depends on how the Polish developers are remaking the game. They said horrific things like modern game design, that might mean it will be more like a cinematic interactive experience rather, instead of a game. Also might have just an ending instead of all of the endings and secret puzzle difficulty, along with encouraging multiple playthroughs because of hidden memo's that is in the 2nd playthrough, along with being more actiony with instead of a few nurses like 3 or 5 on each floor in the hospital, there is like 20 nurses on each floor. So there is allot of things they can do to destroy the series further, or make people look at 2 with disgust.
>>1243 >but SH3 is the direct sequel to 1. Because of 2. They didn't know what to do after 2 so the decided to go back to 1.
>>1243 >modern game design So it's gonna be RE Numakes.
>>1243 SH4 explain things, SH has problems because they have to cut a lot of offensive things for americans, SH2 was great because it was the same, but with money and time.
Open file (423.45 KB 1600x1200 sh3_14_1600.jpg)
>>1257 Sure, maybe. I don't know from what I understand is that the dude that made SH fucked off to Sony Japan(before it was cucked) then he essentially made a really flawed survival horror game called Forbidden Siren, this game you really need a guide to complete it. While the co-writers, programmers and producers just tried to figure out what to do next then they started to think of deep themes they wanted to have in the game. So in that sense, yeah one can say it is like going back to 1 but that is, if you only play it once, then you will even believe it has nothing to do with the cult or explains any lore, while the game explains more than you'd expect and at the same time gives you an understanding of the spiritual power that got corrupted. >>1268 Most likely, yes. It is made by the Polish development team called Bloober Team that brought you classics such as Observer, Layers of Fear 1 and 2, Blair Witch and The Medium. Since they are the only Indie devs that have been somewhat successful of having a niche of mostly FPS horror puzzle games, they believe(I shit you not) that they are going to make the next classic Silent Hill game which is already based of a classic game, I think they are really delusional because The Medium was good but it wasn't even near a survival horror game standard like the RE numakes or at-least 2. >>1440 SH4 had a generally bad development to begin with, so they put inn elements of SH lore and stuff. In general it is the best outside the trilogy because they at-least knew what was what with Silent Hill. Because in SH4 they kinda establish that that Sullivan is a plan b, if she cannot birth the god.But that also means how could the cult know that she would split her soul? Because it took about 17 year later with the end of SH1 for the new God to start to be reborn when she gets despair and anger, obviously then the otherworld is getting birthed into reality when the god is birthed, while in the first one the otherworld is invading the reality. Now when it comes to the canned Silent Hills, I am actually really happy that Kojima didn't sully the good name of SH(even when more than half the series hasn't been good) but now I am excited for the new Silent Hill F, I believe that it can be a real mindblowing game because the writer is behind When they Cry, it is a mindfuck of a visual novel and to get a nice grip of who that dude is, just watch the anime When They Cry.
>>1442 When They Cry is nothing like Silent Hill and doesn't fit the series what so ever. It's no different from having Cuckjewman ruin it.
>>1452 No, it is a murder mystery in a small Japanese town and a general mystery in a town. That does not sound like a good writer for a surrealistic psychological horror that has strong cult elements in it. Now, that Silent Hill F is a new game set in Japan. One can only hope for that the story is interesting because of that writer, and that it will have a distinct Japanese horror mystery feel along with psychological horror. Would it be ruined like if Kojima would've made it? No, I don't think so because Kojima liked the Silent Hill movies unironically. And seeing how Kojima's last games have been then he could never have brought that small town feel or had a psychological horror feel, he might've thought that over explaining the monsters or the otherworld be scary when it would just be dumb. So I have faith in Silent Hill F even if it's just a visual novel, I can see that it having multiple endings and even something dumb, like murder and you figuring out the mystery only to find out there is a cult from overseas, that wants to bring god into the world from the otherworld and the murders is that a ritual murder. Like this is a reboot of the series, and it is Konami and they just want to milk the IP, so one can hope that it will be good or great. I hope for it being a great, even if it's a visual novel.
>>1494 It's the same shit as with Kojima. Only Team Silent can make a Silent Hill game, even half of Team Silent couldn't make a proper Silent Hill game.
>>1495 not the same shit as with Kojima because Kojima probably just wanted to make the movies over again, and then invite his fwend to be with him. So it would essentially be Silent Hill the mobie. I would agree, Silent Hill should only be made by the full members or people that understand the philosophy of Team Silent, so they as a Team should only be the ones to make the games but we do not live in that timeline or that reality, so now they are making 3 new games. With numake of 2, then a spin off game then a mainline game with Silent Hill F, set in Japan. We know that the Higurashi writer is involved, he knows how to make a mystery story, and Silent Hill has a mystery and depending on what one takes from Higurashi, it is a mystery, strange cult thing going on, half the town maybe having demon blood in them or up to episode 9. That is good enough for me to say he is perfect for a reboot, and it can be a good one, or at least interesting compared to Shattered Memories and most Silent Hills after 4.
>>1503 We know exactly what Cuckjewma wanted to do for his Silent Hill, it's P.T. and judging by P.T. Cuckjewma understood absolutely nothing about Silent Hill so it's most definitely a bullet dodged.
The thing with the original trilogy is, they weren't The Silent Hill™ yet, they were just a few relatively unknown niche games and that was reflected in their design/writing as well; they were laid back and unassuming, doing their own thing. But as they became famous with time, all the outsiders tried to turn them into "le ebin story" and an exciting video game, completely missing the point. This absolutely be the case with these NuSilent Hills, and the idea to set it in japan is mega cringe, the rural american town is the very soul of the series, the last thing that it needed is to be the 500th generic shinto game.
>>1504 Yes, it was a bullet hat was dodged. After MGS4 I felt the quality of MGS going down when it came to plot and general how to insert lore.Then came Death Stranding and the stupid fucking nigger just drops the whole lore inside a mail like they've figured everything, and it was so dumb. >>1507 The original trilogy was popular, it wasn't something super niche. It was even less hardcore than Resident Evil when it comes to game mechanics and design. People just noticed that the story and the piecing together the mystery was fun and even exciting and gave life to Silent Hill. When it comes to Konami making a new one set in Japan, and if that is mega cringe? not really, we have had now 5 or 6 games trying to set itself apart and being just the town, and miss the point because that isn't the only spirit of Silent Hill. Silent Hill has many things that sets it apart from other survival horror games, but one of the big ones that I can think of is the occult. Forbidden Siren is closer to Silent Hill but that's because the orginal designer made it, and even had it being a puzzle, to understanding the full story one would need a fucking guide. So shinto curse then a bunch of half blooded demon humans along with a yakuza syndicate that is offspring by demons, and they sacrifice people by opening up their stomach, and it is a mystery on how people have died or who the killer is? Sign me up.
>>1508 >The original trilogy was popular, it wasn't something super niche It wasn't popular and it was niche. SH1 was a break away hit due to the explosion of RE's popularity, selling 800k copies. But SH2 then sold only 600k copies, and SH3 sold 370k copies. SH4 sold meager 270k copies. It's a very steep decline and in no way hit numbers. The series was getting less popular after the original and only started getting more well known retroactively.
>>1511 I am sorry but SH1 was a 2 mimllion seller and SH2 was a million units seller and the SH3 was 300k which makes the firs 2 games a hit, and then 3 didn't sell to badly either so these games are a hit during that time and around that period in the life cycle of the PS2, that was good numbers. Or it made Silent Hill 2 be a platinum game which could be sold for a lower price in PAL regions, I think it was also a greatest hit in NTSC. Gaming industry back then could have a game just sell 200k and it was a hit or would break even, and have marketing costs recouped. It was a really different time back then, it is a reason why they could do more experimentation and make weird games at that time or during the PS2 and Xbox. There are more obscure survival horror games and series that didn't even see the success that was Silent Hill, and one of them still lives to this day on life support. But today when a game sells only 200k in it's life cycle that is a failure depending on the console and who the publisher is, I might add but that is because of the costs they put into making the game engine or licensing, artists, programmers and writers, other nonsense to make the games more cinematic. I know, is an inconvenient fact that SH was a popular game series, or was one of the RE clones that did great numbers but it was, also I might add that; at that time there was genres and people flocked to their niche genre, sometimes in the blue one could take a chance and just buy a random game if the preview or review from a magazine made it sound interesting. I hope this clears things a bit.
>>1514 >I am sorry but SH1 was a 2 mimllion seller and SH2 was a million units seller Worldwide, I'm counting Japan + USA. >which makes the firs 2 games a hit, and then 3 didn't sell to badly either 300k from a million is not that bad? That's terrible, and the point remains, there was a steep decline, not growth. It wasn't a hit series, rather SH1 was an unexpected sleepers hit. >Gaming industry back then could have a game just sell 200k and it was a hit Literally never happened, moderate games on PS1 were selling over multiple millions. >I know, is an inconvenient fact that SH was a popular game series It wasn't, as we established SH1 was a big one-hit wonder because it was basically the closest thing to a RE for many people, then SH2 riding on its coattails already saw a massive decline and the rest of the series saw minuscule numbers. It's simply was not a popular series during its days.
>>1530 >Worldwide, I'm counting Japan + USA. I am saying worldwide because if one just go by Japan and US numbers then you forget one of the big markets. >SH is niche because of the decline later on. Still it recouped and was probably profitable a reason why it is a series. >moderate games was multi million unit sellers on ps1 yeah, that is a nice delusion you have. those are huge hit games that is like Tekken 3, Gran Turismo and GTA 2, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil 1 and it's may copies, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot and Final Fantasy 7. It wasn't common for a game to be a million units seller, it was uncommon you had some games that was huge hits and some that was hit and moderate success. There are more moderate success than huge hits but there are many hits also because the budget for marketing and general costs to make the games did not go up to the 100 million dollar figure like today. So at that time a game could be made for 800k to a million dollars then when PS2 came it was between 5 to 10 million dollars. So a success was allot less units sold than what it is today, I am just blown away that you think Silent Hill was a failure and niche when it was far from it. It was a highly discussed game at that time, even when 3 came it was a discussed game, it wasn't this niche that some few had heard about, or wasn't marketed like Hell Night on PS1 from Atlus published by Konami. >SH1 was a 1 hit wonder yes, and it is why when people think of survival horror it is RE and Silent Hill and not RE and Obscure or Fatal Frame on PS2, or Forbidden Siren series which is a real niche game series. So again, that time period was different than today,really different because there was real genres and people went to heir niche genre. Not like today where you have a handful of genres at most. I kinda think you are confusing today or even PS3 and 360 data of what a hit is and apply it back then on PS1 and PS2, which is dumb because no one would've taken the risks that was game development at that time. Like one must remember it was a shock to learn that Shenmue had a budget of over 40 million or something insane.

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