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Open file (103.59 KB 487x499 omw.png)
Anonymous 03/08/2023 (Wed) 17:01:58 No.1241
Why are coomlectors so eager to line their shelves with mediocre games or complete crap? Why waste the money? A small collection of games you actually like is way more pleasing to own and says more about you as a person than a wall of horseshit sports and movie games etc. ever could.
>>1241 Some like to play the shit that is mediocre to even playing the broken games for irony. Some people want to play the mediocre games to see what was good mechanics or bad mechanics in games. Also sometimes some people don't want to wait and then spend allot of money on a game that is 100 dollars to 300 dollars depending on the game of course.
A reminder that all these fake NuRds plaster their "mancaves" with video games they will literally will never play just so they can get some gaymer cred when they pose in front of all that shit on camera.
Barely any of them actually play games in the first place.
>>1251 to be fair, modern games play themselves anyway
>>1256 in mid ps3 then games started to play themselves, it was after Uncharted 2. Original Xbox and PS2, GameCube and Dreamcast then games where actual games but you had so much middleware or middle budgeted games that it was insane. Sometimes you had like a bunch of JRPGs or at-least on ps2. >>1250 yeah, there have been more and more of them because they might play modern vidya or see a review on jewtube and want to get that game or want to get allot of games, so to show off. Even when, if anyone that has these consoles see the games these nurds own, you know it's a shit collection of games, and not a natural collection of trying to get good games to play within that generation. Or wanting to check out good games from that generation. .
>>1260 >in mid ps3 then games started to play themselves, it was after Uncharted 2. It started way before Uncharted 2. Assassin's Creed came out in 2007 and it already had most of the cancerous staples of modern gaming in place, in fact it probably originated them.
>>1261 I haven't played the original Assassin's Creed so cannot really say if it was a shallow game or if it was an actual game. Like uncharted 2 is a shallow game when it comes to the gameplay part of the game.But I can believe it layed the foundation stones for what was to come because I do kinda remember distinctly how journalists at the time tried to say vidya was art, and how vidya was a good story telling tool. So obviously they looked at movies instead of taking inspiration from other types of games, that had a good story and was well designed.
>>1263 Just like with Uncharted, the original AssCreed is the only one worth playing and is at least somewhat of a real videogame, but even then it was already a drastically shallower experience compared to how games used to be in the previous gens. Everything is streamlined, automated, simplified etc. I also believe the original AssCreed is where the "minimalistic" HUD cancer with plain white text and rectangles started because I don't know of an even earlier example and it's in full force in AssCreed 1. With the very advent of the 7th gen consoles started getting advertised not just as "game consoles", (that's for kids!) but as "multimedia devices" (that's for adults!) so that sterile corporate Holyjew look to everything really picked up steam fast.
Open file (243.95 KB 1280x720 sshheit.jpg)
Ayo, we wuz vidya gamerz n sheit, fr fr no cap not bussin muh nigguh shieeeeet
Open file (116.47 KB 737x952 sargon_tooth.jpg)
>>1280 Lmaoing at this soynigger
Open file (7.25 MB 409x300 你是个基佬.gif)
why are retro video games suddenly lucrative? I hear people pay a lot for original boxes, what could possess people to leave games sealed on shelves, is it an OCD related disorder?
>>1311 they are lucrative because some normalfags try to be retrofags and then you have retrofags selling off their most expensive games to normalfags or retrofags. Then you also have the problem that PS1 games depending on the game of course is in limited supply and getting a nice copy is hard to get.
>>1315 Normalfags already consider PS3 games retro.
don't forget about scalpers.
>>1324 That metal jesus faggot always spikes up games with every single hidden gem episode he makes, gaming really is fucking dead.
>>1346 Yeah every time I go to jewtube and see in recommended videos that some eceleb faggot reviewed a 5th/6th gen game, I get this anxiety attack that it now got exposed to a whole bunch of unwashed normalniggers and zoomers and literally nothing good will come of that.
Open file (269.59 KB 1280x720 1.jpg)
Open file (242.45 KB 1280x720 1a.jpg)
Open file (213.70 KB 1280x720 1b.jpg)
Look at these video gamers.
>>1899 For at least two of them, soydeo gaymens is a better description.
>>1280 lmao
Open file (386.68 KB 1080x1054 1.jpg)
It begins
Open file (242.28 KB 720x937 1680793272576392.jpg)
>wifey allowed me to make a gamer cuckshed to spend time in while she fucks Tyrone
Open file (113.66 KB 800x371 soyboy_wahoo.gif)
>>2151 why is it always nintendo...
>>2152 You're thinking of Nintendo through the prism of them being an actual company in the past, NuSoytendo's entire business model is built around soyjacks.
Open file (4.25 MB 1134x1944 131_jpg_21.23.25.png)
At what point does a collection become a hoarding disorder?
>>2713 The point when you spend money on a video game.
Open file (246.93 KB 1280x720 spes vey.jpg)
>>2715 >just keep it digital bro good goy
>>2716 If you buy digital you're even more retarded, it's all bits and bytes anon you can just download them.
>>2717 Nigger they literally blackholed 8ch and kiwifarms off the internet on a whim. They have full control over all the bits and bytes. They can just alter/delete anything they don't like. Save everything physical.
>>2718 >what are checksums or known good rips Once it's on your computer you can do what you want with it anon, a physical copy will eventually degrade, you can duplicate a cracked digital game an effectively infinite number of times.
>>2719 >they literally blackholed 8ch and kiwifarms off the internet on a whim. u wot? Josh won and kun still exists for what that's worth. They aren't gods anon, there's always a way around their BS.
Open file (17.72 KB 418x276 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2721 >Josh won Lol. Troonfarms is literally on the verge of deletion every single week. >kun still exists for what that's worth So literally nothing? It's a Qanon site now. >They aren't gods anon They have the turn off button, anon. The place you download it from? Gone in an instant. The place you talk about it? Gone in an instant. >there's always a way around their BS By saving everything physical. >Once it's on your computer you can do what you want with it anon So can they. Any operating system after Windows 7 is spyware. And they're fast at restricting anyone with W7 and below.
Open file (7.59 MB 640x360 sonic.gif)
>>2723 >on the verge of deletion every single week. True that but until they kill Josh or something his autism will probably keep things going, shit has hit the fan for Kiwi at least every few years but even with a massive media campaign and numerous backend providers no longer providing services it's still not down for the count. Not to forget all the other places working the fields (including this one). >It's a Qanon site now. Which is the part of the site that led to them going after 8ch, and yet they didn't even manage to kill their main target. >The place you download it from? Gone in an instant. The place you talk about it? Gone in an instant. No biggie anon, I remember countless warez sites of yore that have since died, there's always some guy with a VPS or access to file hosting services ready to spin up yet another. Other protocols like torrents and tor are also available and robust as ever. >By saving everything physical. Physical media can be tampered with too, for example you could end up buying a dodgy reproduction of a game. If it's your only copy and it dies then you're fucked. >Any operating system after Windows 7 is spyware. They backported the Windows 10 telemetry to 7 and 8 years ago, anyway that sounds like a proprietary OS problem, and there's always air-gapping if you're really paranoid.
>>2713 When it goes beyond any "one" thing: one series, one developers, one console etc.
Reminder that if you buy games like Earthbound for 300$, you're a fucking idiot. The Japanese are laughing at you while buying Mother 2 for 25 bucks.
It is never ogre anons, a mix of both digital and physical media stock can serve as a true library of alexandria for vidya. I personally store extra copies of roms on HDDs and SD cards.
>>3322 you need a lot of money for all that tho
>>3325 Not if you are thrifty like me anon. Hard drives and disks aren't that expensive in general tbh.
>>3327 >Hard drives and disks aren't that expensive in general tbh Most anons are poorfag neets, especially the most pro-active ones.
Some "mediocre", or merely under-talked games from back in the day, are pretty good to great compared to shit nowadays in their core gameplay aspect. Obviously not all of them but you would be surprised, in pic related i can't speak for them but some dollar bin games were legitimately good. No i won't say i don't want them scalped but if you ask me i might probably say. >horseshit sports Pretty dumb thing to say, Gen 5 and 6 had the best xtreme sports games out there by far. >movie games Not that dumb but still retarded to say without knowing. >>3304 >The Japanese are laughing at you while buying Mother 2 for 25 bucks. Not like you can learn japanese in one year, dummy. But yeah 300 dollars is a travesty.
Open file (95.58 KB 640x800 kote (1).jpg)
Open file (83.22 KB 640x800 kote (2).jpg)
>>3330 can confirm
Open file (822.65 KB 1986x2048 1.jpg)
Dr. anon, I'm video gamer.
>>4284 Why do normalfaggots always plaster neon all over their "gayming rooms"?
>>4286 Either that or its like a free-masonic lodge where children get sacrificed.
>>4293 what did he mean by this?
>>4286 attracted to flashy things like niggers
>>4286 Because it's not about playing vidya so much as being part-or all- of their personality because it's popular. So they dress it up to look as flashy as possible.
>>4655 it's not like they do it themselves, they just pay money to some firm, hence why all these rooms look the same
Open file (2.60 MB 1144x1160 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5535 >has PS2 and PS1 games >bought PS4 games why
>>6558 Because it's about being a pikeme gurl gaymer, not about actually playing video games.
>>6588 then she wouldn't have bought ps1 and ps2 games and just the ps4 games and the whatever current shit
Open file (471.95 KB 2878x1792 nf.jpg)
lmao normalfags
>>6619 how hard is it to just print that stupid label and put it on a new cartridge, those glossy stickers you can put in any inkjet printer cost nothing
>>6619 >$3000 >$8000 >wasted on a game >of course it's Soyda Jesus fucking Christ, you can feed an entire African nation using these money. A child died somewhere because this soy redditor had to buy the least rare video game in existence for $8000. Talk about bamboozling the idiots.
>>6622 >niggers are dying because of collector chads Holy fuck now I'm rooting for them, go collect em all you heroic fellows.
>>6626 Soyjaks are saving the White Race!
Open file (369.05 KB 1073x720 latest_version.jpg)
Can you fucking image being this retarded.
>>7413 Complete and pure scam.

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