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Open file (103.59 KB 487x499 omw.png)
Anonymous 03/08/2023 (Wed) 17:01:58 No.1241
Why are coomlectors so eager to line their shelves with mediocre games or complete crap? Why waste the money? A small collection of games you actually like is way more pleasing to own and says more about you as a person than a wall of horseshit sports and movie games etc. ever could.
>>1241 Some like to play the shit that is mediocre to even playing the broken games for irony. Some people want to play the mediocre games to see what was good mechanics or bad mechanics in games. Also sometimes some people don't want to wait and then spend allot of money on a game that is 100 dollars to 300 dollars depending on the game of course.
A reminder that all these fake NuRds plaster their "mancaves" with video games they will literally will never play just so they can get some gaymer cred when they pose in front of all that shit on camera.
Barely any of them actually play games in the first place.
>>1251 to be fair, modern games play themselves anyway
>>1256 in mid ps3 then games started to play themselves, it was after Uncharted 2. Original Xbox and PS2, GameCube and Dreamcast then games where actual games but you had so much middleware or middle budgeted games that it was insane. Sometimes you had like a bunch of JRPGs or at-least on ps2. >>1250 yeah, there have been more and more of them because they might play modern vidya or see a review on jewtube and want to get that game or want to get allot of games, so to show off. Even when, if anyone that has these consoles see the games these nurds own, you know it's a shit collection of games, and not a natural collection of trying to get good games to play within that generation. Or wanting to check out good games from that generation. .
>>1260 >in mid ps3 then games started to play themselves, it was after Uncharted 2. It started way before Uncharted 2. Assassin's Creed came out in 2007 and it already had most of the cancerous staples of modern gaming in place, in fact it probably originated them.
>>1261 I haven't played the original Assassin's Creed so cannot really say if it was a shallow game or if it was an actual game. Like uncharted 2 is a shallow game when it comes to the gameplay part of the game.But I can believe it layed the foundation stones for what was to come because I do kinda remember distinctly how journalists at the time tried to say vidya was art, and how vidya was a good story telling tool. So obviously they looked at movies instead of taking inspiration from other types of games, that had a good story and was well designed.
>>1263 Just like with Uncharted, the original AssCreed is the only one worth playing and is at least somewhat of a real videogame, but even then it was already a drastically shallower experience compared to how games used to be in the previous gens. Everything is streamlined, automated, simplified etc. I also believe the original AssCreed is where the "minimalistic" HUD cancer with plain white text and rectangles started because I don't know of an even earlier example and it's in full force in AssCreed 1. With the very advent of the 7th gen consoles started getting advertised not just as "game consoles", (that's for kids!) but as "multimedia devices" (that's for adults!) so that sterile corporate Holyjew look to everything really picked up steam fast.
Open file (243.95 KB 1280x720 sshheit.jpg)
Ayo, we wuz vidya gamerz n sheit, fr fr no cap not bussin muh nigguh shieeeeet
Open file (116.47 KB 737x952 sargon_tooth.jpg)
>>1280 Lmaoing at this soynigger
Open file (7.25 MB 409x300 你是个基佬.gif)
why are retro video games suddenly lucrative? I hear people pay a lot for original boxes, what could possess people to leave games sealed on shelves, is it an OCD related disorder?
>>1311 they are lucrative because some normalfags try to be retrofags and then you have retrofags selling off their most expensive games to normalfags or retrofags. Then you also have the problem that PS1 games depending on the game of course is in limited supply and getting a nice copy is hard to get.
>>1315 Normalfags already consider PS3 games retro.
don't forget about scalpers.
>>1324 That metal jesus faggot always spikes up games with every single hidden gem episode he makes, gaming really is fucking dead.
>>1346 Yeah every time I go to jewtube and see in recommended videos that some eceleb faggot reviewed a 5th/6th gen game, I get this anxiety attack that it now got exposed to a whole bunch of unwashed normalniggers and zoomers and literally nothing good will come of that.
Open file (269.59 KB 1280x720 1.jpg)
Open file (242.45 KB 1280x720 1a.jpg)
Open file (213.70 KB 1280x720 1b.jpg)
Look at these video gamers.
>>1899 For at least two of them, soydeo gaymens is a better description.

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