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Open file (548.83 KB 1920x1080 sb.jpg)
Stellar Blade Anonymous 03/26/2023 (Sun) 06:30:41 No.1717
https://y.com.sb/watch?v=RAynTNAmj_E As Japan has fallen to the pozz, Korea takes up the mantle. Stellar Blade is Korean-made character action with hot booba lady in tight yoga pants. Day 1 buy. If you can recall, this was the game some soy journo called "baed and outdated" while praising the potato sack from Forwoken as both were revealed.
Open file (544.35 KB 2560x1440 1.jpg)
Open file (350.41 KB 2560x1440 5.jpg)
Open file (532.54 KB 2560x1440 2.jpg)
Open file (481.09 KB 2560x1440 3.jpg)
Open file (478.22 KB 2560x1440 4.jpg)
Open file (10.61 KB 268x268 ddg.jpg)
Open file (142.64 KB 600x600 comfy_coom.gif)
Open file (1.08 MB 929x667 woah.png)
Open file (75.20 KB 571x618 coombrain.png)
>>1737 Now the question is will their be more revealing outfits like 2b got.
Open file (132.51 KB 608x360 1t4.webm)
>>1738 >will their be more revealing outfits like 2b got
Open file (151.57 KB 850x889 cb2531f39334d33.jpg)
>the game's not even out and there's already decent fanart nice
Open file (97.83 KB 670x573 here to coom.jpg)
>>1717 robopussy the game was a bit disapointing but this seems interesting. And it is totally no the lewd asian with the tiddies and buttocks that is interesting with this new vidya but the gameplay.
>>1753 Robopussy was just a meme game. This on the other hand is an actually good character-action with attractive grills as a bonus. And also this maybe the turning point where gooks take over the jap market who have completely fallen to the gaijews influence. Soon it's the chink and gook games that will be the cool new thing with sexy girls while japs will continue to copy their masters gaijews with ugly manjaw trannies and negresses. What a time to be alive.
I hope they will have a japanese dub.
>>1717 >>1721 wtf, will koren save video games?
>>1755 They have a 0.78 fertility rate. They are kike'd. https://archive.is/CiuCB
>>1850 There are enough living gooks to make vidya, it's alright.
Nah, it's worst korea. They're going to fuck it up somehow.
>>2184 They can't fuck it up more than the japanese dogs.
>>2185 That's a statement I wouldn't put my chips down on.
>>2186 The game speaks for itself so far.
Open file (248.12 KB 588x510 mamamia.png)
is it coming?
>>2848 it has a release that is this year for some reason.
>>2849 I'm dreading the day an article pops up saying the game was cancelled or pozzed.
this better not disappoint
Hope it isn't kiked, Korea is even more pozzed than nippon.
>>3443 >Korea is even more pozzed than nippon nah
>>3445 >nah <literally set up a feminist worship cult as the head of the country Anon, I...
>>3446 it's just a meme
Open file (182.42 KB 1280x720 latest_version.jpg)
https://invidious.slipfox.xyz/watch?v=wqbCvXzM9xQ This is literally the only promising video game.
>>4124 this coming out soon?
I can't fucking wait, she has a great ass and nice booba.
>>4124 UI looks like shit. Hopefully the game is fun.
>>4552 I assume that's just a placeholder UI. Either way, even if it's like that in the final version, it is the lesser evil as long as the game has assbooba and decent combat.
>check thread >2b style protag >expands dong >ps5 exclusive
>>4554 >ps5 exclusive Maybe now PS5 will be worth a buy.
>>4555 no fuck console exclusive, i'll just replay nier automata
>>4554 >ps5 exclusive Interest lost.
>>4557 even if this is the only good game?
>>4558 >buy a ps5 to play only one game bruh
>>4563 People bought PS4 for Bloodborne. What if this is the last assbooba game on the market?
>>4564 Didn't buy a ps4 cause of Bloodborne so not going to buy a ps5 for just nier automata rip off.
>>4565 This looks better than Mid Automata.
Open file (148.24 KB 474x266 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.90 MB 1024x576 1692726290132.webm)
Open file (3.01 MB 1333x4500 1692743430671.jpg)
>>1717 What are the chances Korean studios start poaching veteran Western and Japanese devs if these titles end up being a commerical success?
>>5145 Hard to say but something like this could happen because a lot of individual creators would like to male actual video games again but they are stuck at the mercy of the giant globohomo corporations forcing them to produce ugly, primitive, non-video game slop. That being said, I can't imagine this becoming too commercially successful because this is not what the general cattle wants, if you want to be commercially successful nowadays you make a bland open world sandbox with microtasks scattered about and ankle-deep RPG-lite elements. Character action is like a poison to all the zoomers and soy manchildren who got used to winning by pressing a promt.
It's over, Korea won.
Open file (2.65 MB 300x169 dog wipe.gif)
>>5190 How can Korea be based when they have a 0.70 birth rate?
>>5193 That makes them based.
>>5190 Never played a Korean game, but this arouses a certain amount of interest.
Korea, don't squander this opportunity...
Open file (519.06 KB 1332x765 ess.jpg)
>Korea >not pozzed They literally had a feminist cult controlling their society for years and probably still do. That's not tinfoil conspiracy that's an actual thing that happened.
>>5507 korea fathered kim jongion show respect
>>5507 >>5508 The crazy daughters of the moon shit where they turned Hillary Clinton into one of their patron saints. They were suiciding men and boys for years using poison, that's where the fan death syndrome came from, assassinated the old prime minister and soft cuoped the whole country, they still haven't come close to rooting out all the evil shit these women are still up to.
>>5508 You can respect my asshole by licking it.
Open file (105.20 KB 1200x630 05365765.jpeg)
>>5510 if you say so
Open file (804.26 KB 1033x1750 South Korea.png)
Open file (115.15 KB 640x716 KOREA STRONG.jpg)
south korea is a testbed for the west. they haven't come after the vidya asses yet because they're not a major international player. maybe if japan falls they'll come for them next.
>>6002 I'd rather have Best Korea make video games.
Open file (579.19 KB 900x522 Kimposting.png)
>>6004 i was about to ask if they've made any, and where can i get them
Open file (296.67 KB 424x720 maxres.jpg)
I can't wait bros.
>>6478 What's this then?
>>6481 What's what?
>>6481 Scroll up read the title of the thread, you're welcome.
>>6478 GREAT ASS
>>6513 If you were to tell me 20 years ago that we would have to rely on gookmen to see great asses in videogames I would laugh at you, yet here we are.
When is it coming out?
>>6819 never
>>6819 soon
Still waiting for that ass.
Open file (141.60 KB 1280x720 latest_version.jpg)
Open file (795.64 KB 1561x2961 noice.jpg)
Continuing the great legacy.
Open file (84.89 KB 319x483 ani.jpg)
Open file (203.13 KB 550x696 rip.png)
Unfortunately, it's over. RIP.
>>7454 >small-time korean dev makes a game about assbooba >Snoy swoops in to turn it into some progressive AAA pozz why must it be this way bros?
Open file (128.49 KB 1024x1024 F.jpg)
Open file (123.57 KB 519x672 ruu (3).jpg)
>>7454 Noooo
>>7454 Wasn't it already a PS5or is it up to 6 now? exclusive already?
>>7460 Snoy bought the game rights but they weren't answering to Snoy in development. Now they are.
Open file (108.41 KB 496x323 1695705652692042.jpg)
>>7455 >why must it be this way bros? < Beginning a question with 'Why' < Regarding (((Snoy))), of all things I think you already know the answer, Anon.
Well, it's been officially announced for 2024, but since they're now kowtowing to Snoy I don't have high expectations.
tits and ass will be reduced for sure
>>8069 Also, a giant square man jaw so she's "more realistic."
>>8079 It will be interesting to compare the visuals before and after Snoy
>>8082 >smaller tits >smaller ass >more masculine face >bulky loose fitting clothes to hide any hint of femininity or sex appeal >long hair in a ponytail replaced by short side shaved dyke cut I expect at least four of these to be true.
>>8083 They can't do that because they game is sold on the premise of hot girl in spandex, but they will sure as fuck try to sneakily tone something down.I will follow this development closely.
>>8084 Yeah they can. They're under the soyny umbrella now. They'll get ESGbux for being good little goys.
Open file (937.00 KB 708x1140 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8132 Can modern developers make a character without scanning someone...
Open file (814.73 KB 960x540 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8132 Original >Pig nose >downy eyes >squashed head >retard baby face Video game version >None of that at all. Nice to see they corrected all that at the 3d modelling level.
>>8141 vidya games are the superior escapism reality
Open file (6.02 MB 2880x2880 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8790 >no man jaw >not deliberately ugly sack of potatoes How am I supposed to play this?
Open file (349.78 KB 1322x1014 gg.jpg)
>>8790 >>8835 Shame it's a soyny exclusive.
Open file (63.03 KB 1024x641 SHUT_UP_AND_PIKA_PIKA.jpg)
Allegedly they removed the ass jiggle physics.
Open file (506.05 KB 641x680 ClipboardImage.png)
At least we'll get some good porn of it.
Open file (112.03 KB 720x1001 lol.jpg)
lmao, it begins
>>8872 >already trying to cancel the problematic game kek, how did that Hogwarts Legacy boycott turn out?
>>8872 < Miss Kwanjo, you're work a shit, and your dog smells. We have to let you go... > RAYCISS!!, BIGOT!!, NEGLECT-RAPED!! Heh, I'm sure it was real in her mind.
>>8872 >removed the work of two women because they were FEMINIST If I owned a NoGames5 that alone would have me preordering it. If the reason actually was because they were purging feminists.
>>8878 This is just fake news to cancel the game.
>>8882 Not surprising. Wouldn't be the first time feminist troons lied on twitter to get their victim card punched.
>>8872 Just a reminder this is the game they were trying to bury in favor of Forewoken.
Open file (332.57 KB 645x844 hmm.png)
>>8873 >how did that Hogwarts Legacy boycott turn out? Not very good
Open file (5.33 MB 2160x2160 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8910 To be fair that game was part of an already established popular IP. Stellar Blade is something new without a built in fanbase. Not that I think some feminist tranny crying about the game will hurt it's sales, if anything it'll get more eyes on the game and thus more sales.
>>8954 >To be fair that game was part of an already established popular IP Sure but it still shows how irrelevant the lefty boycotts are.
Open file (2.53 MB 1819x1077 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8961 >that's what players want most of the time I can already hear the kvetching from game journos. There will be at least a few articles soon about how out of touch making sexy female characters is and how modern audiences want "realistic" women. Personally if this game ever gets a PC release I might actually buy instead of pirating for a change.
>>8962 >There will be at least a few articles soon about how out of touch making sexy female characters is they were making those since the game was announced
I don't trust Snoy with anything.
Open file (1.10 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (573.56 KB 1024x658 ClipboardImage.png)
>would be just a regular tame game 10 years ago >now it's controversial
>>9222 controversial to troons, they can't believe people want to play real games with hot women
Still praying for an uncensored PC release. I don't care if it's an idiot's hope
Open file (3.26 MB 1638x2048 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9294 Oh momma.
>>9224 Isn't it a Snoy exclusive?
>>9296 As I said, an idiot’s hope. BUT I CAN STILL DREAM
>>9305 I thought the uncensored part was the hope.
Open file (542.35 KB 818x794 18.png)
Rater R for eRection
>>9381 lmao, back in the day it wouldn't even be rated 16+
Open file (330.27 KB 1024x642 sb.png)
>>9435 Looks like a Final Fantasy logo
>>9309 Both. Both are my hope
>>9294 nice ass
Open file (464.24 KB 776x1229 sex.png)
Open file (352.95 KB 1638x2048 o.jpg)
Open file (270.01 KB 500x526 75.png)
Open file (169.41 KB 1822x2048 t5.jpg)
Open file (3.21 MB 1236x2030 wa.webm)
Good lord. I'll give Shift Up this: They know what people who actually buy vidya want. Hoping it's fun to play and gets a PC port at some point. Day one buy if so.
>>9668 And it makes game journos shit their breeches.
>>9669 >journos shit their breeches That's probably just because their assholes have been blown out by all the extra large animal dildos they shove up there.
Open file (290.33 KB 652x796 ClipboardImage.png)
it's over
Open file (650.11 KB 647x363 y.gif)
>>9690 >robot gook butt will save gaming! >it was an IPO scam all along not even surprised
>>9695 we got bamboozled yet again
>>9695 >>it was an IPO scam all along a what
Open file (620.55 KB 1280x720 65.webm)
>>9709 damn
>>9697 Intentional Penis Operation, it when you trigger dick brain in the mentally weak to scam them
>>9722 how were people scammed? dont tell me people actually paid for this shit before it was even out
Fucking illiterates. IPO stands for Initial Public Offering, it's a stock market thing, when a company first goes public. An IPO scam is when a no-name company, usually a tech start-up, promises to totally DISRUPT and REVOLUTIONIZE whatever, issues themselves and their investors a boatload of stock which is of course is valued at BILLIONS, then proceeds to dump it all on corporate media hyped-up retail investors before it's revealed the company isn't actually making or doing shit. See: EV maker Rivian and that company that made that lunar lander that tipped over, in particular the price action around their IPOs.
>>9735 Smart idea to bamboozle people with a hot assbooba lady
Open file (3.80 MB 1024x576 anticipated_IPO.webm)
>>9738 thats why it didnt work this is how you IPO
>>9747 video gamers
ngl this game looks boring and bland as shit with the only interesting thing about it being that the female protagonist (cringe) looks like she's naked she moves like a man and her hair is stupid and impractical, the floating robo shit is annoying to look at and the monsters and environment and overall aesthetics look boring and bland as shit and the gameplay looks like a generic spectacle fighter that does nothing new or interesting at all whatsoever, all i see is pure slop with a hot whamen in it to bait coomers into throwing shekels at it also stronk foid protagonist that acts like a MAN isnt doing shit to reverse the communist take over of vidya, its just reinforcing this retarded idea that whamen are just as good as men >its fantasy bro its psychological warfare and you fucking know it

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