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Open file (737.18 KB 1285x1054 emu.jpg)
Emulation Anonymous 04/14/2023 (Fri) 12:08:32 No.2337
https://emulation.gametechwiki.com/index.php/Main_Page Why do zoomers avoid emulation like plague? We are going to have an entire generation of helpless morons who can only play games through $70 "remasters".
seethe muttlennial
Open file (15.13 KB 268x221 zoomer.jpg)
Open file (7.15 KB 872x84 1.png)
Open file (8.85 KB 870x91 2.png)
Open file (5.32 KB 595x64 3.png)
you have no idea how retarded normalfags are
>>2337 Because emulation is piracy and only bad goyim pirate. It's stealing money from hard working corporations. It's literally anotha shoah! Now hand over $200 for the collectors' edition and another $300 for the DLC for the remake of a game released 20 years ago!
>>2346 >Because emulation is piracy and only bad I don't think that's their modus operandi, after all emulation is for games that aren't even sold anymore. I think the infamous zoomer technical ineptitude is more ta fault here, born mobile might as well be born retarded.
What have you been emulating, anons?
>>2349 need to set up retroarch
Open file (45.52 KB 828x828 E1Dxk.jpg)
>>2337 Can you fully enjoy emulated games? I can't. The easy access of savestates, cheats and gamespeed settings ruins it for me. Like are you guys really grinding exp for hours in an emulator when you can just x16 the gamespeed for a few minutes? Or deal with an hourlong set-back when you can just load a quicksave or rewind? I've tried to do that, but I can't my brain keeps telling me it's stupid. But when you give in and use these things it ruins the fun. On original hardware I don't have that issue.
>>2448 Aren't there emulators that specifically don't have those features? I think it's so speedrunning trannies can't cheat, but could be what you're looking for.
>>2453 >Aren't there emulators that specifically don't have those features? I think it's so speedrunning trannies Never heard of such a thing. I thought speed troons just run on original hardware.
>>2453 Emulators are usually banned because 'muh accuracy' but maybe you mean TAS emulators (the opposite of what anon wants)?
>>2455 I think emulators are allowed as long as there's no discrepancy between versions. Otherwise you have to basically compete in a secluded emulators category.
>>2448 I understand this issue but I myself never had problems with it. Yes, I would just not use any of those features and grind for hours and days if need be, because I enjoy it. As for quickload, it does have its uses like if you have to leave and turn off PC right now. Ultimately, I like playing on the original hardware but that's not always feasible.
>>2448 >can't not cheat By that logic you should always use Game Genie or whatever on the original hardware. Or use other inherent cheats.
Open file (322.77 KB 640x480 5.png)
>>2644 this is what normalfags actually believe
>>2644 | |> | |3 |
Open file (45.94 KB 550x352 26al.jpg)
How to emulate those times for people who were born in the 2000s?
>>2660 you literally can't
>>2660 2000s weren't even that different, you gotta go for HD/widescreen era.
Open file (983.75 KB 1170x1707 z.jpg)
Open file (249.30 KB 1252x1479 h.png)
Fagtendo at it again.
>>2836 Fuck Jewtendo, shit like this is why I pirate their shit and emulate it.
>>2837 soon emulation will be prison offense
>>2836 Oh no, I can't believe I won't be able to play bing-bing wahoo 1 and bing-bing wahoo 2.
>>2343 lmao
>>2836 I hate kiketendo so much >>3240 >torrents le bad because they j-just are because the jews said buy things okay!? Jewtendo will never win as long as anon keeps long term backups and seeds all of his shit to the world. Intellectual property isn't real and the based Swedes behind the pirate bay were always right.
>>3265 They can take down the sites easily. Private trackers are the only solution.
>>3268 >They can take down the sites easily. Fair enough, but do you happen to recall exactly how many times (((they))) did? I notice that TPB is still going strong, even after what must've been at least US$1Bn in jewgold trying to murder it back in the day. BTW, has anon watched AFK?
>>3269 >Fair enough, but do you happen to recall exactly how many times (((they))) did? Remember how Nintendo took down the rom sites? They popped back up eventually but ultimately it all hangs in a precarious balance. >BTW, has anon watched AFK? AFK?

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