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Open file (67.70 KB 700x467 59570.jpg)
Anonymous 04/30/2023 (Sun) 17:43:40 No.2698
What's the hardest game that you have beaten?
i'll need to think on that, i have a habit of dropping games when they get too hard, not because i don't enjoy a challenge but more so because i get tired of sinking time in the same thing fast..
Open file (573.85 KB 793x593 uuu.png)
>>2698 I beat DMC3 on easy.
Resident Evil (PSX) both playthroughs, probably not that hard really but the save system makes everything more intimidating, really fucking cool game and I've been meaning to get to the rest of the series.
>>2702 >probably not that hard really By today's standards - unbeatable. That's why they had to make dumbed down piss-easy numakes for zoomers.
>>2698 First we need to define hard.
>>2708 RPGs don't count.
Maybe Vagrant Story? I remember there being a massive difficulty spike where everything became very unforgiving. Though that might be because my dumb teenage brain didn't really grasp the game's mechanics properly.
>>2725 >Though that might be because my dumb teenage brain didn't really grasp the game's mechanics properly. Definitely. There's a steep learning curve but once you grasp it, the game is pretty easy, I best it numerous times as a teen.
I beat MGS2 on European Extreme.
>>2698 Fuck, I don't even know, I don't really play games that are renowned for being hard. I guess beating ZOE2 was pretty tough.
i mostly play RPGs but probably Digital Devil Saga
What do anons think about games that punish you for playing on easy? Like NInja Gaiden makes you wear a faggy flower.
>>3897 very based
All the souls games until I got good at them and than they all became easy. If I ever beat it I'll say Serious Sam on Serious difficulty.
>>3900 Souls games are pretty easy even without becoming good at them.
Open file (408.90 KB 819x1062 smug todd howard.jpg)
>>2698 Skyrim
>>3908 You bought another copy after beating it, right anon?
>>3910 I own 8 copies already but was thinking of getting a switch and playing it again on it.
>>3911 Based. Don't stop thinking about it.
What do you think is hard for zoomers?
>>4278 having to play video games
>>2698 my fucking cockdick nah probably devil may cry. fucking bullshit difficult, loved it. i cant even finish DMC3.
>>4657 >i cant even finish DMC3 What's the problem?
Open file (146.18 KB 870x1200 4.jpg)
>>8586 >normalfags still think that Dark Souls is "hard"
>>8597 To the niggercattle anything that doesn't practically play itself is "hard."
>>8602 Dark Souls is a fucking RPG. All those other games you have to get good at no matter what, in Dark Souls you can just go and level up how many times you need and then just breeze through the game.
>>8603 dark souls is the dark souls of platformers
>>8604 What is the dark souls of dark souls?
>>8605 Demon Souls.
>>8606 But it's the easiest one.
>>8607 exactly
Open file (169.02 KB 1438x1080 poirot smug.jpg)

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