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Open file (171.50 KB 640x631 u6.png)
Anonymous 06/22/2023 (Thu) 22:28:06 No.4009
Is there any realistic way to turn gaming back into an obscure minority hobby?
Open file (2.14 MB 2000x1333 ClipboardImage.png)
Only one.
I believe gayming only took off as it did due to it becoming the no entry fee gateway for failed and wannabe holywood hacks, with the rise of photorealism after the 7th gen.
>>4011 and online shit becoming part of social media
Open file (78.41 KB 1545x869 5.jpg)
>>4009 I remember thinking this was possible, but then I just gave up.
>>4009 No. It makes too much money and it too easy to shove in propaganda for the jews to ever leave it alone.
>>4024 >It makes too much money Most of it flops tho.
we can do it bros...
>>4009 >what game companies think gamers want That's the thing. They know gamers don't want nigger trannys in their games. The propaganda is more important then sales.
Open file (41.84 KB 852x356 soyman.jpg)
>>4032 >They know gamers don't want nigger trannys in their games Ehh, soyboys do.
>>4032 They don't know what gamers want or not, anymore. So they are trying to make the games as market friendly as possible and just add random, shit. That they learned to take in the games from anti racism and critical race theory classes or courses. And instead of asking, will this garner sales or get people interested in the game, they are more afraid of the HR department and some random bad PR from people that don't buy their games. Luckily it is from Microsoft and that means it is game pass game, and that means, you can play it with the subscription.
>>4036 Everything is a remake now anyway.
>>4009 You can make your own games you know. Target an underserved niche and promote it on imageboards only and you'll get all the obscurity you can handle and then some. Now delete this whining about current year games thread, we got half a dozen at the top of the catalog already. Faggot.
>>4057 >indieshit Lmao. Nobody on an imageboard has made anything worth any shit in 15 years.
>>4058 To be fair it isn't worth bothering.
>>4205 yes
>>4229 >sexed down by turning them into niggers?
>>4231 Can't imagine anything less sexually appealing.
>>4009 >Is there any realistic way to turn gaming back into an obscure minority hobby? Sure. Eliminate kikes from being even remotely associated with the gaming industry. Good luck with that. >pic related >Schreier lives in the New York City area.[5] He is Jewish.[3][19]
Open file (27.47 KB 478x296 basado.jpg)
>>4709 based
Open file (63.03 KB 1024x641 SHUT_UP_AND_PIKA_PIKA.jpg)
Replace all developers with hood niggas
>>4752 they don't think it be like it is, but it do
>>4753 Heh, it's been a while hearing that.
>>4709 are there any more incidents like this? devs making things even more provocative after lefties complain?
>>6260 Only from a few jap companies that are heavily oriented on the jap market to begin with.
>>6261 does jap mean japan
There's no putting genie back inside the bottle. The problem with gaming is that it's an outlet, not just a fad or a hobby, so it can be used to propagate agendas and hubris; because of that, it will never diminish back to what it used to be.
In the past, game developers would build their creations on their own experiences. Zelda is based on Miyamoto roaming the woods as a child and uncovering a cave. Pokemon is based on Tajiri's childhood insect collection. The days of creating video games based on personal experiences are long gone. Today's games are mostly influenced by other games.
>>8525 With the sweetest results being stuff like Forspoken where the script writing is so self-unaware it accomplishes a comedic off-beat timing and the punchlines appearing throughout the game by accident. I'm enjoying these negative times anon. Comedy just out and out beats the mellow & lament that I'm seeing some others utilise.
Open file (463.93 KB 1426x1080 snapshot.jpg)
>>8534 That's nice and all, but it's like we've entered a parallel universe where everything is like this. It's like there are two different "gamings" now, the real one from the other universe and the new one where everything is cringe.
>>8536 >I don't like cringe Gee I hate to be the one to tell you but that parallel other "real" universe is elsewhere other than here now anon. Games based on their experiences are not leaving necessarily just that those experiences are not positive like they used to be any more. Globalism, NWO, no need to spell it out so much... Man's reaction is inclined to be either laughy-sad or morose-sad. Lord of Ring Golem game was morose-sad. Foresknpen was laughy-sad. I am very much enjoyings the laughy-sad side of things... Because negative times necessitate me trying to take from them whatever I can after all. I've a heart of a meadow of moss and grass carpeting anon. The "real" universe lives so long as the men who carry it do live. I don't want you to feel bad. Just try to put in a larger graft overlay for the joy, anon.
Open file (383.85 KB 542x657 1.png)
Open file (299.35 KB 1186x675 2.png)
The crash is coming. Trust the plan.
>>8950 >overwatch 2 was my passion Imagine overcuck 2 being your passion. Fast food wagies are more respectable then western devs.
Open file (886.37 KB 974x1059 1703918121716522.png)
>>8950 > the faces of soyim Maybe the studios are beginning to wise up to kike tricks, and are deciding that they'd like to survive instead of willingly go with the j*wish death cult schemes?
>>8958 promised line will go up but line didnt go up so ctrl+z
>>8950 Japan will reign supreme once again.
>>8950 >all those useless jobs the based AI can do better
Open file (13.63 MB 640x480 Neuron_activation.gif)
>>4009 >Pic on the right
>>4009 yeah publishers should go back to funding projects like 1/15th the size of a normal AAA games, with peoples attention divided there wont be as much of a centrelized zeitgeist around the latest slop of the month
>>9066 But then nobody would buy your console.

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