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Splinter Cell remake will update the story for a modern-day audience Anonymous 07/09/2023 (Sun) 14:08:19 No.4248
Open file (112.90 KB 1280x720 6.jpg)
>>4250 >Lambert, why did you bring me out of retirement? <Sam, Evil alt-right nazis are trying to sabotage the pride parade! >My unspecified god...
>>4252 >>My unspecified god... Perfect touch.
Remember folks, the first splinter cell games was this autistic stealth game that you could play multiple times, and was a really great game, the same was with the third game called Chaos Theory. It was serious but the story was just there to be an excuse to sneak in the levels, the MP to these games where interesting also. Then for some reason, they created Conviction that was an action mobie, then it just went full retard, and never went back to normal.
>>4248 There gonna turn Sam Fisher into Sally Fisher a strong independent trans black woman, it will be game of the year.
>>4257 >and was a really great game Eh, it was okay.
>>4259 The first three games where awesome on the xbox.
>>4260 >awesome they were okay
Open file (274.43 KB 1542x2048 Fya9_qZaEAEWGYD.jpg)
>>4261 I would say there where awesome because it had better depth to the stealth than MGS 2 and 3, but MGS had another thing over Splinter Cell namely, you could just gun down people if you where in a tight spot.
Open file (16.91 KB 480x336 doggers.jpg)
>>4262 >it had better depth to the stealth than MGS 2 and 3
>>4263 yes, and that makes it awesome!
Open file (47.30 KB 740x406 fags.jpg)
>>4248 What is there to update? The original SC was "muh Russia and China are....le bad!" They are still....le bad! Like anon >>4258 says, the only thing they can do is make Fisher a nigger bitch.
>>4248 At least they're honest about it being complete shit right out of the gate.
>>4264 go back to reddit
>>4266 There's gonna be a stronk black female sidekick who will be better than Fisher at everything.
>>4250 Unironically.
>>4273 YWNBARW
>>4248 Dup assassination simulator incoming.
Blacked Fisher.
>>4248 Let me guess,it's gonna be open world.
Sam Fisher takes off his ghillie suit and there's mastectomy scars.
If there isn't a mission where you have to sneak into your wife's bedroom to watch her have sex with her black boyfriend, will it even be a proper numake?
>>4954 Only if they include the nigger cuckoldry you just mentioned AND your super secret mission to infiltrate the evil Nazi January 6th rally with your FBI friends and set off a bomb killing as many middle class whites as possible which you can then use to blame said whites and justify more nigger run America.
>>4250 lol
Open file (239.28 KB 1200x675 SuspiciousJadedDad.jpg)
Sad to think we never got that Sam Fisher as Unabomber/McVeigh, we can have a french sabotaging the nutzees and a bunch of frog and german civilians but not an american glow operative getting back at his employers
>>6165 At least we got Double Agent which thankfully came out pre-CY.
Open file (64.99 KB 1000x743 2.png)
In good news, Ubisoft is dying.
>>6168 This was never about the money, Anon.
>>6168 I wonder what they looks like if you include the ESGbux.
>>6168 press S
is it still happening?
No such thing as a modern audience. There's only modern political agendas.
>>9051 There's something extra cynical about a Splinter Cell demake with a political agenda since the games were all about uncovering political agendas.
>>4267 True, no one can complain about the game being a pile of shit when the developers are already advertising the game as a pile of shit
Open file (209.26 KB 465x370 cool dogger.png)
>>9068 I can.

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