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Baldur's Gate 3 released with overwhelming positive reviews. Others devs worried it outshines them. Anonymous 08/13/2023 (Sun) 19:15:52 No.4895
Remember when Elden Ring released, AssCreed and Horizon: ZD developers were complaining about it and trying to shit on it for its minimalist interface and nitpick it even though it was basically GOTY. Well now, some are upset about Baldur's Gate 3 bc it's a rich product packed with content and no microtransactions. Other developers are saying it sets the bar and expectations too high bc they know they can't reach this level and want gamer expectation set low so they can abuse gamers and rip them off with shitty products, broken on release, and overcharged with gambling microtransactions to suck your wallet dry for as little content as possible. Developers don't want other developers to overdeliver especially Indie devs that can't match the budget or bigger studios. It's kind of like the saying "The tall poppy gets cut down." If you stand out and achieve success, you'll get criticized for standing out from the crowd. In this case, there is some developer concern that gamers will expect a good game for $60 and they know if gamers expect BG3 to become the norm, then developers can't get away with their shitty practices. BG3 is currently sitting at 97 on 20 critic reviews.
Open file (555.24 KB 1248x804 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (304.10 KB 871x1599 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4895 >rich with content yeah and I want none of it.
>>4899 You don't have to romance the men. You're not gonna accidentally slip into a gay romance. And the bear sex scene is a joke and was basically a publicity stunt to put the game into everyone's mind a week before the game got released. And bump sales. It worked.
Open file (45.73 KB 526x523 mouthbreather.jpg)
<oh help sir! please slay that brain person for me! >ok <*draws knife* aha! caught you! why are you working with the brain people? Great writing, Larian.
Open file (1.82 MB 1280x721 ClipboardImage.png)
>Oh erm... excuse me yes, hehe, terribly sorry but erm.. uhh.. could you.. please.. if it wouldn't be terribly rude of me to ask... give me all of your magical items? and then later perhaps have uhh sex of the gay variety??? >No? HOW RUDE I'M LEAVING
Open file (279.87 KB 474x310 ClipboardImage.png)
>Awlright mayte, cheers lads. Hey soldier, listen up boys, I'm one of the boys, and I can do anything a boy can do boys. You go that mate? Got that buddy pal? I'm one of the blokes, understand soldier? >STOP YOU CAN'T BULLY THAT REFUGEE I'M LEAVING THE PARTY FOREVER THIS IS YIKES THIS IS NOT OKAY
Open file (1.36 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
<would you care to have this dance? teehee >no <i'd really love to have this dance. look at what a fairy i am >no <so... suck and fuck? i'm queer btw >no <.. oh... b-but... ok... "Wyll disapproval" Bisexual nigger with daddy issues. Whatever you do, do NOT put this guy in your party. He never stops whining and he can't jump.
>>4904 >Bisexual nigger yeah not touching this game
Open file (1.35 MB 735x808 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (150.43 KB 320x180 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (506.14 KB 600x361 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4905 I think you can romance any character with any gender but Wyll the faggot nigger in particular pissed me off because he cries about his rich daddy and gets super offended if you don't want to slow-dance with him. At least there is still tsundere racist frog, distant goth gleric, and insane femdom drow milf.
Open file (118.79 KB 350x547 gigachad imoen.jpg)
BTW spoilers if no one wants to get spoiled don't read further Balduran, the founder of Baldur's Gate, literal namesake of Baldur's Gate, the game and by extension the franchise, is a GAY FAGGOT WHO WANTS TO FUCK YOU and he's been turned into a mindflayer and that's who the secret dream person is. He killed Ansur the dragon because Ansur rightfully realized Balduran was a GAY SQUID FAGGOT WITH AIDS and Balduran killed him for xenophobia. Sarevok is in the game if you cared. So is Jaheira and Minsc. They're ok. Jaheira is a grandma, I don't know if you can fuck her. The game constantly struggles to put up playable frames. It's not a computer issue, the optimization in certain areas just sucks. It's like playing a skipping DVD. There are a lot of bugs, think new Bethesda game with no patches. KEEP A LOT OF ALTERNATE SAVES HANDY the game will be retarded, for example with Minsc I knocked him out non lethal, talked to him for the quest. One of the cult members he was with was still alive so I killed them. Minsc turned enemy for some reason. Knocked him out again but e may as well have been petrified because I couldn't continue the mission, couldn't wake him up, couldn't interact with him. Just keep manual saves and quick saves if you don't want to re-do hours of gameplay because of stupid bugs. 5e shows its bullshit in that you'll basically be savescumming ALOT because your guy will have 8+ to a skill and roll a 1 anyway and fail a basic check. You'll be missing a lot. Xcom tier enraging on the sand-attack pidgey tier accuracy bullshit. Every second piece of treasure you get is for unarmed attacks since one of the devs exclusively plays monks. At the very end fight there is a series of skill checks, one at the end is 99 so it literally expects you to savescum to hit it. if you hit it the final enemy has less HP when it's vulnerable
>>4908 You knocked Minsc out and then couldn't do his quest bc he turned hostile. Yeah? Sounds about right. Better than on Skyrim where you couldn't kill some special NPC's so they'd get knocked out and revive over and over.
>>4909 Doing Minsc's quest requires you knock him out with nonlethal damage while he's fighting you with a group of cultists. I kill cultists, knock him out, fight's over, and talk to him, convince him he was under the influence of an evil cult, he talks to Jaheira, and everything is fine. He was ready to come back to my camp. Then I noticed an enemy cult member that got away. I killed them and Minsc turned back to enemy, can't restart the dialogue, can never finish his quest. There will be dozens of little moments like this throughout the game. Make a lot of saves.
>>4910 Ok. That makes more sense. From what I hear, the game is jam-packed with options and choices. So you know there will be bugs. The bigger the game, the more bugs. Just like Elder Scrolls or GTA.
>>4900 >You don't have to romance the men. You're not gonna accidentally slip into a gay romance. If a game is set in a pre-industrial setting with chivalry and shit like that then I should be actively punished for ever taking the option to make moves on another guy. I should have to roll 20 just to avoid getting killed for even making the proposition.
>>4920 >You don't have to romance the men if a game even has the option i'm not touching it
>>4922 Your loss, bucko. People are calling it GOTY and saying the depth of its content won't be replicated again this decade. But if you wanna miss out 'cause of a joke bear sex scene or some faggots in the game, more power to you. >>4920 Maybe, but you're conflating a medieval European setting with DnD. It's inspired visually by medieval Europe but is not actually the Middle Ages. It's dungeons and dragons universe with goblins and magic.
>>4923 Gays are not allowed here, fruit cake
>>4923 >People are calling it GOTY and saying the depth of its content won't be replicated again this decade. Oh you're telling me millions of automaton midwits are impressed with the latest crumbs from this faggotized industry? I'll make sure to readjust my opinion so I can clap like a seal along with them. Tell me what kind of sales numbers McDonalds is getting for their current novelty menu item so I can be in harmony with the popular position on the latest goyslop sensation too.
Open file (174.58 KB 850x927 GOAT.jpg)
Open file (67.04 KB 812x272 GOTY.jpg)
>>4924 Cry more, projector. >>4926 BG3 now sitting at 97 from 28 critic reviews. Now the number 1 highest rated PC game of all time. Above GTA5. Above Half Life 2. Above Age of Empires 2. Feels good to be the king. Game of the Year 2023. And GOAT.
>>4923 ((("people"))) are, are they? >miss out
Open file (29.42 KB 472x502 surferhoney.jpg)
>>4938 >disco elysium >97
>>4953 97 score based on 42 critics' reviews now. Larian delivered and knocked it out of the park. To the point that other developers are nervous that this is the new gold standard for RPG's and they cannot reach this level. A passion-project RPG set directly in the DnD universe. And they let it cook until it was done with no pressure from a big publisher to rush it out incomplete, to poor reviews like Cyberpunk did. You lost. Deal with it. The GOAT.
>>4988 >numbers on metacancer means it's good go back
>>4988 as if the kike ass hipster leftist faggot journalists deserve to be believed. Fuck you, dickwad.
>>4988 >b-but the numbers! dialate tranny faggot
>>4895 Like, no shit the game developers are shitting their pants when it comes to Baldurs Gate 3, it is more like an rpg that bioware would've released during the xbox era even early 360 era, it is a sour sight in their eyes because it shows that people want a full packaged game with no bullshit or strings attached, like they used to release. The retarded low expectation pr nightmare comes from bungie, and it is because Destiny is a live service game and because it is a live service game, it's whole gimmick is like an mmo were the expansion packs is the new content and the continuation of the stupid story, with a pure mistake the released a good expansion for the destiny 2 tards, and that in return made them expect a new good story and maybe even new stuff, instead they released a half finished game that they are patching and then blamed the gamers for expecting anything. So what you have now, is something really interesting, in that the bullshit they've spewed doesn't help and they know that they or triple a devs can make such games as BG3, if they want to but it would duck up their whole business and they are pissed off, that games are interested in not being abused like before. >>4953 buttfucking is a new trend in games since dragon age cisquisition, and if you aren't a social tard you can avoid fucking the vampire, just saying.
>>5007 >he shills for anal sex faggots Kys tranny
Open file (91.86 KB 582x960 1422645184211.jpg)
>>4920 >If a game is set in a pre-industrial setting with chivalry and shit like that then I should be actively punished for ever taking the option to make moves on another guy What religious or cultural basis would you have for that? There is no Faerunian equivalent to Christianity. >>4953 This is your mind on nu/v/ >Arcanum lets you fuck sheep <WOAH BASTEBASTEBASTEBASTE >Dragon Age Origins lets you fuck giant domesticated rabbits <UGH PURE SOUL!! Why can't Bioware make games like this anymore? >BG3 lets you fuck a shapeshifting druid <AHHHHHH THE WEST HAS FALLEN!!!!! HELP ME NIGGERMAN!!!!!!
>>5011 Kys.
Open file (68.62 KB 822x292 GOAT.jpg)
Open file (13.45 KB 256x256 dyke.jpg)
This dyke dropped BG3's 97 score down 1 point, to 96 on her 4/5 star review. Which got converted to 80/100, currently the lowest review score for the game on Metacritic. Also, it looks like she chose to play and self-insert as a big butch lesbian orc. It's now sitting at 96 from 49 critic reviews. https://www.eurogamer.net/baldurs-gate-3-a-critical-success-with-critical-failures https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/baldurs-gate-3/critic-reviews
>>5011 This is your mind on HRT >post never defended or even mentions either arcanum or dragon age <UUUUUUHG I CAN'T EVEN RIGHT NOW LIKE CAN YOU STOP NOT BUYING SHITTY GAMES???
Now a 96 score on 86 critic reviews. So what is stopping this game from being ranked #1 PC game of all time? It has more way reviews than Disco Elysium. And has more reviews than Half Life 2. It must be something about how the reviews are weighted. Disco Elysium on has 11 reviews yet it's rated number 1 so how is this game with 86 reviews ranked below it, even though it's 96 and not 97. Gamerrankings.com used to be helpful to compare with Metacritic but that site went down. https://www.metacritic.com/browse/games/score/metascore/all/pc/filtered
>>5336 >gayming journos gave it a 96! kys
>>5337 Now at 107 reviews, with a 96 score. The highest-rated PC game of all time. Anything ranked above it doesn't count bc they have less reviews. Disco Elysium only has 11 reviews and that game is a final version of the original Disco Elysium so it doesn't count. The original Disco Elysium got a 90. The Orange Box doesn't count as it's a re-release of 2 games. Sports games don't count unless it's Tony Hawk. And the rest has less reviews so they should be weighted less than BG3. It's over bro. Accept fate. You're looking at the greatest PC game of all time. https://www.metacritic.com/browse/game/pc/all/all-time/metascore/?platform=pc&releaseYearMin=1910&releaseYearMax=2023&page=1
>trusting critic/jewnalist reviews whether positive or negative Come on dude you should know better by now. I only give a slight shit about customer scores and even then they're still not much better than critic reviews because consumers are usually bandwagonning idiots with a healthy number of customer reviews also being """""customer""""" reviews. The only important thing to answer is can I fuck the gnolls?

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