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Open file (198.30 KB 640x476 wii.png)
Anonymous 08/16/2023 (Wed) 23:47:41 No.4998
Now that the dust has settled, what do you think of Wii?
>>4998 I got one to play Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but I lost interest once I tried the game out for the first time and never got into the console.
>>5002 wii has a lot of actual games
>>4998 People who actually owned one know it has a lot of good games. The rest just peddle meme opinions they saw online.
Open file (148.29 KB 732x1000 QL80_.jpg)
Lost of great comfy games on the Wii, it was basically PS2 era continued into the 7th gen. Shame they were all overshadowed by the casualware slop.
>>5021 what i like about wii is that it had a lot of unique ports made for it, for obvious reasons, so sometimes a game from that era could be not so good but the wii version which is basically a completely different game made by different people would be pretty solid
It was okay. It had a few good games and when the motion controls weren't just a poorly thought out gimmick they were pretty fun. Metric fuckton of shovelware slop though. >>5002 Yeah Brawl was kinda shit. Like everything in the game was fucking RNG including being able to run without falling on your face and giving someone a free hit.
>>5033 Wii had game without motion controls, or at least with the ability to use a regular controller.
>>5033 Really? Brawl was a really comfy game for me personally, liked the autistic message of the story mode and besides the tripping I enjoyed the gameplay a lot. Honestly think its better than Smash 4 and also there was a ton of heart put into the collectables and all the other tism in the game in general that was never in the sequels or previous games.
>>5045 I don't see any other point in playing the Smash games other than the comfies so complains about them are weird, they're basically the same game with new characters added.
>>4998 Wholesome.
Open file (637.72 KB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>4998 What about Wii U? Was it a superior console?
>>5172 Wii U was overhated for sure, the gamepad gimmick was retarded but Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze, Mario Maker, Shovel Knight, Wind Waker HD, Sm4sh, were all good
>>5225 >the gamepad gimmick was retarded I forgot already, what was it?
>>5227 Think of a DS but the top screen is moved to a TV and every player gets their own bottom touchscreen. The marketing when it was new made it seem like it was intended for things like party games where every player had their own private touchscreen/gamepad and then the tv screen would co-ordinate everything. Interesting concept in theory but imagine how cost-prohibitive it would be unless everybody brings their Wii U along with them. Also this was at a time when getting together IRL to play games was basically over and everything was targeted for online. Split-screen gaming was long dead and the Rock Band game fad was already on its last legs. Maybe Nintendo could've made some big play for interactive versions of stuff like Settlers of Catan but it still would've been insane to design a console around that.
>>5329 Wii U is the perfect example of a gimmick for the sake of a gimmick. They bottled the lightning with Wii in that Goldilocks zone but when it came time to make a new console they couldn't think of anything better than to call it Wii U and concoct a rather useless and outdated gimmick just because they had to.
>the last pre HD/widescreen-cancer console Definitely nostalgic for this reason.
>>5531 if only we knew...

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