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Open file (372.08 KB 1280x720 snoy.png)
Absolute State of Snoy Anonymous 09/14/2023 (Thu) 17:24:30 No.5636
https://cytu.be/r/kkkong Starts in 3 hours. A new low for video games incoming.
Open file (186.94 KB 1280x720 snapshot.jpg)
perfect representation of the state of gaming
Pure reddit cancer holy fuck...
Open file (90.77 KB 1280x720 snapshot.jpg)
yup, that's what I expected the creators to looks like
VR is still a thing?
OMG, it's all the content that was a free bonus on PS2 but now a paid DLC!
Open file (170.04 KB 1280x720 snapshott.jpg)
>blue niggers game
Open file (176.37 KB 1280x720 yu.jpg)
>they're still doing the fake gaymer dialog shtick cringe
>>5651 >"n-noice" jesus christ
The most generic garbage in existence.
why the fuck do I need a second nigger spider-man in my spider-man game exactly?
>yay, fast travel!
Open file (51.13 KB 1280x720 yui.jpg)
Talesbros, it's time to save gayming!
Open file (244.35 KB 1280x720 1.jpg)
this is some embarrassing Splatoon rip off, sasuga Snoy
Yaaay, more FF7 numake!
Open file (221.82 KB 1280x720 2.jpg)
Fuck everything...
Open file (187.87 KB 1280x720 bi.jpg)
So uh, they're dumping the whole alternative universe thing? This looks like 1:1 numake of FF7. I guess course correcting after all the criticism.
>>5660 Will it have a world map or fast travel? I'm thinking it's going to be like Kingdom Hearts with fast travel only between areas.
That's it? I swear to god they should just stop even having these if there's nothing to show. Same with Soytendo.
>>5661 X to doubt.
>>5661 I doubt they are dropping it entirely. I saw the ghost things in there. >>5662 FF 7 part 2 looked good. Just let me explore the world with a world map. I saw chocobo traveling in there.
>>5646 Gaming has been completely taken over by hostile overlords.
>>5665 >I saw chocobo traveling in there That's true. And the buggy. We'll see. It seems unlikely that it will be one world map, though, without contained areas.
>>5664 >>5665 I wouldn't be surprised if they completely abandoned the whole time travel shit and pretend it never happened. They got criticized relentlessly for masquerading their shitty fanfic as a remake. >I saw the ghost things in there Wasn't it just a Jenova junkie?
At least they showed a few decent JRPGs, though they all look like PS3 games. But at least it's not pixelshit.
>>5669 Why do all the JRPGs have to have that overly anime style now though? It filters me.
>>5670 Cell shading is easy to do compared to creating a unique look for your game. Starting with the 7th gen it became ubiquitous.
Open file (9.62 KB 300x168 images.jpg)
>>5671 I don't mean that. I mean the way the characters look.
>>5672 well it's cell shaded anime style
The Ultra-HD Blu Ray PS5 discs can hold 100GB. FF7Remake2 comes on 2 discs. RIP digital owners. That sucker is taking up 200 GB on your PS5 while you play it. Or maybe it only comes on discs? >>5667 The SSD of the PS5 should allow them to load in the full world map. Or at least break it into 3 or 4 chunks and allow fast travel between them. They have the advantage of having mountains blocking the view of the world so programmers can use tricks to load it all in as you move around. Remember that on FFRemake1, the lead console was PS4 so there was no SSD to program and load around. So that's why you would get loading elevators and small crevice squeezing sections to load it all while you shimmy through a narrow crack. >>5668 I guess. Idk. >>5670 That's how studios cope with the development costs getting out of hand. Stylized art. Cel-shading. Sure, it's a couple generations behind like PS3.
>>5674 >So that's why you would get loading elevators and small crevice squeezing sections to load it all while you shimmy through a narrow crack. Way better and more SOVL than just fast traveling everywhere from the get go.
>>5674 >2 discs jfc we're regressing with the technology...
>>5675 I don't know of any open-world game that allows fast travel immediately. You gotta discover that town first before warping to it. These pics are the true soul. I'm fine with paring down the graphics so long as they include my damn overworld with amazing music. Or let me jump in the airship or ride the chocobo. We already accepted comprises back on PS1 with the blocky characters and over time it just became iconic and charming to the point where I'm buying FF7 action figures in the blocky PS1 style. So why would I care if they reduce graphic fidelity to deliver a real overworld? >>5676 The PS1 original came on 3 discs 'cause it was jammed with content.
>>5677 >I don't know of any open-world game that allows fast travel immediately Literally every modern game.
>>5677 >The PS1 original came on 3 discs 'cause it was jammed with content. It came on 3 discs because it was on stinking CDroms. We went from most games taking up several discs (CDs), to most game taking up 1 disc (DVDs), to all games taking up 1 disc (Bluray) to... games taking up several discs again. Because we hit the technology ceiling and nothing is developing further, nor graphics nor the media. Its regressing backwards because the bloat cannot be sustained. Soon games will take 3 discs again.
>>5679 >Soon games will take 3 discs again. I wouldn't complain about that. If they have the game ready to go playable offline from physical media then that's good imo. US developers wouldn't do that. They're trying to phase out physical media altogether. Or if they have physical media it's just a placeholder and you have to install a day 1 100 GB "update".
>>5678 Then name 1 that allows immediate fast travel anywhere. >>5679 Multiple discs is not the problem. The problem is that modern game assets are huge and the discs aren't being used anymore to load data into the console's memory. You're expected to download a 200 GB game, which takes up half of an 500 GB SSD. It seems all the games are downloaded onto the SSD now whether you buy on disc or not. Bc they need to be able to get the benefits of playing from a game installed to the hard drive. Faster loading, fast travel.
>>5681 If they get rid of fast travel completely and have a world map I might actually want to play it.
Open file (218.28 KB 582x518 ClipboardImage.png)

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