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Open file (49.70 KB 600x857 600_7802.jpg)
Which is the most Aethestic Tekken? Anonymous 02/14/2023 (Tue) 23:30:08 No.608
Also fightan vidya thread. Why are fightan vidya dead anons?
Open file (63.35 KB 500x448 bleach-dark-souls.jpg)
Fighting vidya is dead because niggers, also I am gonna be honest I am not the biggest fighting vidya guy but the last fighting game I played was bleach dark souls on the nintendo DS 15 years ago and it was a fun game.
Open file (2.41 MB 1280x720 Kinokai.webm)
>>609 Didn't know Dark Souls was a Bleach spinoff.
>>613 RIP Arahana, she died to make kenpachi-sama stronger.
Open file (38.49 KB 267x547 th-3321070276.jpg)
>>615 Making way for the best girl.
Open file (113.97 KB 850x1258 Nel.jpg)
>>619 More of a Nel adult enjoyer myself but Isane is really hot. as most of bleach's girls are Just like in the series both Yamamoto and Aizen are stupidly overpowered in the game, and you need to use bullshit tactics to defeat them. just like in the series
Open file (241.39 KB 1066x1600 1668707096977187.jpg)
>>621 There are rumors of a new Bleach game, maybe it's gonna be a fighting one. They made like 20 Heat the Soul games on PSP and not a single console one.
do they still host EVOs and stuff or has that been sunsetted?
Tekken 5 was kino. Not to mention Tekken is one of the few fighting games that isn't being pozzed as far as I know.
>>779 How are other fighting games pozzed?
>>787 are you pretending to be retarded?
>>846 >no argument
>>608 fightan vidya is not dead but almost died out because of some Japanese devs trying to listen to non-fans instead of the actual fans. Also instead of fighting games being super mainstream like it was before it is more niche than ever before, The new Tekken or Tekken 8 trailers is given me goosebumps because it reminds me so much about how great tekken once was. But I will bet money it is going to do what Tekken 7 did, that was namely having these cartoons telling the tekken story or was that Soul Calibur that did that? I don't remember. But I bet money the new tekken will feel more servicable than actually being awesome. meaning the gameplay will be fun but it isn't going to be memorable like let say Tekken 3, Tekken tag 1 and 2. >>609 in other words you haven't followed the autism with the 2.5d fighters that has come out or the other niche fighting games that has come out?
>>969 >because of some Japanese devs trying to listen to non-fans instead of the actual fans Shouldn't this make fightan games more mainstream and popular with normalfags
>>971 It's not that easy to make fighting games play themselves to appeal to normalnigs.
>>971 So the devs didn't lisen to normalfags but SJW reporters that aren't interested in fightan or games to begin with. So what they tried to do was to make the gurls have small tiddies, that obviously backfired because normalfags and figthan fans don't want less but more, you must remember that normalfags are people that watch so much pornography that they would be considered perverts just 10 years ago. So when a female is in full body suit and you cannot see her cameltoe then a normalfag is going to wonder what the fuck is wrong with this game, and just quit. Fightan fags don't want to play it because they might've liked the tiddies or the muscles being full of sweat and thus they quit. >>1008 Some normalfags needs the game to play itself but they are also perverts so they want huge tiddies and nice buttocks being shown. and when none of these are being shown like in the old fightan then it is a no deal.
Open file (791.47 KB 1988x1235 chloe surprise.png)
>>1014 Most normalfags today are lefties. Now lefties are all degenerate pedophile and perverts but until caught they pretend to be great warriors of justice for virtue points. They will start whining on shitter if the tits are too big, just look at Tifa. Or any other fanservice, to a point where pic related became a meme acknowledged by the devs.
>>1016 only some normalfags are on twitter, twitter is for the left and where normalfags are fucking around on the internet is on instagram and facebook, other social media also like tiktok is heavily used by normalfags. Also fightan vidya isn't being bought by normalfags but fightan fans, even as curiosity game and I think that is more because of how the gaming press back in the day shilled for Street Fighter 4, and how hardcore Street Fighter is, and that made them really lose faith because it wasn't Tekken simplistic combos or the friendly girls of DOA. This had shaken the core of the normalfags heart and soul. In the end one might say that the normalfag got scared of fightan games after SF4 and thanks to that figthan got to be it's own niche and today no one is really following figthan games. Like if Soul Calibur 7 would've released tomorrow, no one but figthan fags would've cared.
>>1020 You underestimate the rot. Society is now massively leftist. That is the meaning of the 2010s. We utterly lost Gamergate. We are in the Matrix now. Forever.
>>1023 you still have allot of apolitical niggers. and allot of apolitical niggers buy games but as I've said figthan games have been left out because normalniggers got burned by the hardcore fightan games of Street Fighter 4 and other games. So that means like DOA and Tekken which is normalfag friendly scares away normalfags because when they see someone that just kinda looks like Ryu and Ken, they panic. Because they remember the one dick hungry chick from SF beating them and it was a fightan autist that was controlling her and after the fight he called them a fag, nigger and a cum slurping bitch and that hasn't gone away from the normal cattle.
>>1027 stop it anon, this is a different board
>>1034 >This is a different board, we can be collectivists
Open file (1.22 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Stumbled on this retrospective series. Not your typical shit so watchable. https://iv.ggtyler.dev/playlist?list=PLPDk6gzWmX93uan7XVz9xU6YY6JToI78y
Thoughts on Tekken 8? Visually it looks very ugly in my opinion, they completely fucked up the traditional Tekken art direction, it looks more like Mortal Kombat now. Gameplay wise, I'm sure it's the same dumbed down version from Tekken 7.
>>1534 The reason why it looks more like Mortal Kombat with the duders is because they use the same game engine essentially, but there are other trailers that make Tekken Look a bit more cheerful.
>>1536 Oh yeah, it's made on the shitty Unreal engine instead of their own, no wonder it looks so generic and western. And of course everyone is made ugly and "realistic". Even gameplay looks like Mortal Kombat now, everyone is so heavy and slow. Well, RIP Tekken.
>>1540 There are a bunch of Japanese developers that are using Unreal Engine because of the ease of use and being able to test a level or design of the game quite quickly and change it with ease. So I don't think they are going to throw away or stop using the game engine. There have been fightan gams that uses unreal and the characters are normal and not this mortal kombat-sorta look. But I kinda think that it is the Korean fightan scene(tekken is huge there) that has made the game slower or that is muh wild guess.
>>1582 It's obvious why they started using it, because it's easy and you don't have to develop your own, all of which lead to laziness and decline of skill. It's pretty much impossible to make a good looking game on UE because it's by the very nature designed for muh realism and every single game looks the same now, I've yet to see a single appealing looking game made with it. It's kinda like with holyjew special affects, they are all made on the same 3 farms with the exact same softwares so all films look identical nowadays.
>>1583 Makes me want to make my own games anon, honestly I think that might be a cool project for /kong/ to embark on at some point.
>>1584 /agdg/ project would be cool but I don't think there are enough people here for that yet, hopefully in the near future. Though I can't code and all that, I have several games planned out for several years now, everything from designs, gameplay, visuals style, "story" etc. Just waiting for the right moment.
>>1587 Based, I need to make the time to learn how code tbh.
>>1026 It's annoying how you keep saying "fightan." Wtf does that mean? Are you trying to be cute by shortening the word like fightin' with the apostrophe? Just stop Weakload.
>>1660 he's just retarded
>>1660 >what is fightan??? God I feel old now
>>1673 Want to feel even older? Tekken 3 is 26 years old.
Open file (169.27 KB 421x541 yy.jpg)
Ayo shiet we wuz street fightaz n sheeit fr fr no cap no bussin
Open file (731.56 KB 1202x636 1.png)
it's over
>>1660 it is a slang word that autistic people used when discussing fighting games. >>1675 >shalom goyim there are pussy that has now hit the wall t-t-thanks for that reminder. >>1704 at one hand, I think capcom can make good fighting games but on the other hand they have like 2 trannies in the game and one of them are so over the top disgusting, that it isn't even funny. Then they take time and effort to make a nigger somewhat cute looking for whatever strange reason. >>1847 >making tekken easier than it already is because of autistic Koreans fucking bootleg nips thanks to them they for some reason made a fun fighting game like Tekken that is just fun, really fucking autistic and non-fun.
>>1849 >somewhat cute looking Yeah I don't know about that.
>>1849 >making tekken easier than it already is because of autistic Koreans Hm?
>>1853 OK, so with original Tekken and Virtua Fighter these games are slow fighting games because it is in the 3rd dimension. So this list for me reads like it is a game that is more and more balanced to the Korean e-sports scene. Also the difference between a game like Tekken and Virtua Fighter, is that Tekken has these easy combo's and learning a character isn't challenging compared to other fighting games.Now they are making it a bit easier, or so it looks like by that list. It isn't getting into Soul Caliber easy territory but it is close, really close.
>>1856 Isn't it just easier for normalniggers in general?
>>1862 It is going to be both easier for tournamentfags(autistic Koreans) and normalfags. Making it easier to normalfags isn't a crime in itself if the mechanics are good, like what made Tekken and even Soul Caliber great games was because the underling mechanics are great and easy to understand, and more importantly fun. Now, if you make a game for tournamentfags to begin with and just then go from there to be normalfag friendly, then you have kinda missed the point. But for whatever reason the developers that make fighting games try to make it a tournament game first then normalfag friendly without making sure the underlying mechanics are solid. I expect from the footage that it will have the music of tekken but it will probably feel like a cheap copy of Tekken almost MK-like instead of an actual Namco fighting game. So, that means one can only look forward to Soul Caliber, since Tekken is being destroyed as we speak, and Street Fighte6r is this weird game that does not look fun at all.
>>1875 Do they still have fighting tournaments? The scene seems pretty dead in the west. I guess gooks still have them?
Open file (381.33 KB 1622x817 u7.jpg)
>>1909 One on the right is clearly best.
>>1910 Tekken won, it's over.
Open file (1.47 MB 1030x1645 chunli.png)
Open file (583.01 KB 1920x1080 chunli_ss05.jpg)
Open file (818.07 KB 1920x1080 chunli_ss03.jpg)
>>1876 Yes, but unlike in the other console generation like in PS3 and 360 evo isn't that popular as it once was. It fallowed into the same fate as the retrofag longplays were the social justice warriors infiltrate and say how the language is threatening to womyn and other people, then they have to clean up their language, and how the fighting game community was sexist. So then they pulled their act together and then people kinda stopped caring for fighting game tournaments and such things, in Korea on the other hand fighting games surpassed Japan and ever since I kinda feel that Namco in particular is making the game for the korean fighting scene. Street Fighter 6, I personally do not know of anyone that is interested in it. It is in this weird grey zone of it being made for tournament fags but they(capcom) is expecting curiosity buys from normalfags and gaymers that remembers Street Fighter 4. It is really weird thing to watch their clusterfuck of a marketing. >>1909 Dunno, Chun-li is hot but she is more like the Asian mommy you want to make you dinner and then get a sucky sucky from after dinner. While she wants you to be fat and unhealthy. >>1910 Do not disrespect Chinky mommy!
I think I prefer Street Fighter 6. The women are ugly dogs and it still looks like a PS3 game, but it has at least some art direction going on versus Tekken 8's dead Unreal gaijin look. But then again Tekken 8's females are unexpectedly good looking. I don't know man.
Open file (1.07 MB 1920x1080 marisa_ss02.jpg)
Open file (505.34 KB 1920x1080 manon_ss01.jpg)
Open file (822.33 KB 1920x1080 marisa_ss01.jpg)
Open file (1.04 MB 1920x1080 marisa_ss03.jpg)
>>1919 SF6 looks better than a PS3 game but what helps is that they are using their own proprietary game engine, along with having a really great art-department. But when it comes to gameplay, I am sure that Street Fighter 6 is going to be solid fun but the question is, is it as good as 4 ultimate? I think not. Tekken on the other hand, you can depend on it being a fun game but this time around it might feel like a clone of tekken instead of the usual feel. Oh, if Street Fighter 6 didn't win you over here is the tranny characters that was introduced in 5. Like the tranny actually looks like a tranny, it is surreal.
Open file (2.00 MB 1611x1024 vs.png)
>>1932 > they are using their own proprietary game engine That's a big plus... in theory. In reality it looks kinda ass, like the pics you posted look like a browser game. But Tekken does have attractive females which in this day and age is a rarity. And Street Fighter 6 has dogs, I dunno what happened there.
Open file (494.54 KB 1920x1080 juri_ss05.jpg)
Open file (315.72 KB 1920x1080 cammy_ss05.jpg)
Open file (1010.26 KB 1920x1080 juri_ss02.jpg)
Open file (450.86 KB 1920x1080 cammy_ss03.jpg)
Open file (985.39 KB 1920x1080 juri_ss03.jpg)
>>1933 I mean, like Cammy and Juri is still hot and Yuri still looks like a sex crazed nymphomaniac.Cammy is a bit too serious in this one.
Open file (47.08 KB 500x555 mel.jpg)
>>1933 >top row filled with troons Gaydar sensors on full-alert
>>1946 can't fool based Mel
>>1963 That's good news Anon. The Good Lord preserve them from trannies.
>>1963 that made me download Soul Caliber.
>>1975 Which one?
Asuka trailer. The girls are cute but the game just looks so generic and soulless.
Open file (867.84 KB 800x600 78.png)
Open file (282.41 KB 752x295 1.png)
>>2010 >even more niggers in Tekken sigh
>>1976 soul calibur VI but I also played ultra street fighter 4 because I wanted to check if it was as hardcore as I remember it being. >>2004 the skintone is more eye-pooping in Tekken 7 while tekken 8 tries to be realistic so the skinetone feels more oily and semi-huwhyte, also the lighting is better but that is probably because of ray tracing? >>2010 >>2011 But there have always been a nigger in Tekken or since 3 because of Eddy was popular, and then they made a half negro lady that could fight like Eddy in 4 if it wasn't tag?
>>2012 >But there have always been a nigger in Tekken That's why I said even more. >then they made a half negro lady that could fight like Eddy in 4 if it wasn't tag? Christie? Yeah she was in 4 but she's some Brazilian mystery meat. More importantly they had Raven in 5. You'd think that's enough niggers for one franchise, now there's one more.
>>2013 at-least it is just one negro instead of them making all of them into niggers. That will probably happen in the next tag game, that all of them can be niggers even the panda bear and the raptor plus the kangaroo.
>>2017 You know how there's body type selection now? There's gonna be a race selection in every game, have the same character in different races so that all promo material for every game would be nothing but shitskins. That's the future, screencap this.
Open file (2.95 MB 552x746 t5.gif)
At least Cammy got this
Open file (2.65 MB 300x169 dog wipe.gif)
Open file (2.31 MB 1048x1162 sf.webm)
do you use mods in fighting vidya?
Open file (182.06 KB 2047x1143 1668.jpg)
>>2155 Probably thinking "Why didn't I go into vidya INSTEAD?"
>>2156 Isn't he disgusted by 3DPD?
>>2160 What? No, he's both married w/ kids, and he's hired (Toshio Suzuki has, actually) literally hundreds of them at his studio over the decades. His colorist (female, the late Michiyo Yasuda) was with him since they first worked together at Toei Dega.
>>2165 I meant 3D as in graphics.
Open file (30.55 KB 598x336 harada.png)
>>2200 >ask a question >dev uses your question to seethe about mean people on twitter
>>2208 Harada's whole career is being the edgy man.
>>2200 herro waito piggu fucku you
Open file (172.80 KB 512x384 pan.gif)
This needs to come back.
>>2341 hot
Open file (428.77 KB 680x680 fightan.png)
>the state of fighting games
>>2857 What went wrong?
>>2859 I guess there isn't a way to make fighting games too easy and too woke, so they're just dying out
>>2857 What is the first one?
Allegedly they're rebooting Mortal Kombat. Because what else can you do.
>>2869 Idol(?) Showdown? Never heard of it.
>>2934 Uh, I guess everyone can finally be black now...
>>2941 they already made every female ugly
>>2938 This one looks better due to the industrial setting which is very Tekken.
>>1587 >I can't code >Planned out everything from designs, gameplay, visuals style, "story" etc Story of many here, i suppose devs nowadays are kinda the same hence the use of easy to use engines like UE. Not justifying it because one can push something to look out of ordinary which wasn't the case here, Tekken there looked like MK11 Shao Kahn arena fight. >>2934 >rebooting Mortal Kombat Last game ended up with Liu Kang becoming God and inventing time so it sounds logical for them to reboot. Although have to admit the original concept of that ending was pretty decent, it implied the next story would be about the fighters of old/young versions of the veterans, for example the original Kung Lao being the game's defacto protagonist aka hundreds of years before MKI. Basically a prequel so far behind that it might be a new storyline albeit with the same old figures (elements gods sans Raiden, Goro, Shang Tsung) although the Earth's fighters would be mostly chinamen, natives and medieval warriors like crusaders or some sea italian adventurers.
>>2963 They already rebooted the series with 9, which is still the defacto modern NuMK game so another reboot is just a sign of creative bankruptcy. Not like anyone cares about the story in a Mortal Kombat game but for almost 20 years they managed to weave it in a way just about enough for people to care, but when they rebooted it to be the muh cinematic fighting game it went to shit fast. And now other fighting game copying this formula and it's a complete shitfest all around.
>>2967 >Not like anyone cares about the story in a Mortal Kombat game I do What now Still not enough to make it above what the first and foremost priority should be which is the gameplay >in a way just about enough for people to care This, making it about the story only is absurdity but not surprising taking into consideration MK as a series had always to rely on alternative content like minigames, long story modes or extras, like the gore and graphics themselves dating back to the first game, to compete because in terms of gameplay they were always behind most other series. The fact that competition is now copying them means they don't have the tools to compete with gameplay anymore.
>>2969 >The fact that competition is now copying them means they don't have the tools to compete with gameplay anymore. They do. Any jap fighting game is leagues above MK but MK sells more because of muh story mode, which is what normalfags are interested in more than the gameplay. A technical fighting game where story is just a small flavor is hard and not immersive™, but a casual, story-oriented fighting game with a lot of cutscenes is easy and very immersive™. So japs look at this shit and have to adapt
>>2973 I understand but to be completely honest with you i haven't seen a dude who plays MK for the story ONLY, i liked it at some point but my main meal was the tower/ladder thing. I know japs still make them good but i think normalfags forgot the splitscreen experience other than sports so they either jump into the casual online experience or a single-player mode compelling enough, Soul Calibur had some interesting ones. But that's what i've seen, i don't know anymore because tournaments do not make the market but even so one can see what happens with the upper-tier of users; it's not pretty, a bunch of neurotics coupled with legitimately mentally ill people obsessed enough to be vocal about changing the gameplay instead of trying to be better. I just want a new Bushido Blade-esque game. For Honour wasn't it.
>>2987 >I understand but to be completely honest with you i haven't seen a dude who plays MK for the story ONLY I doubt you interact much with an average reddit poster tbh. Back in the day dudes played MK for the gore and because it was an easy fighting game so you felt like you're a great video gamer. There's still that crowd of course but after the MK9 reboot the amount of NPCs who got into MK due to all the cutscenes in the story mode went up exponentially.
Open file (102.91 KB 720x1033 ass.jpeg)
>>1534 >>1540 Disgusting. Like I'm watching a korean mmo. >>2143 Fertility goddess worshippers go back to the paleolithic.
Open file (10.61 KB 268x268 ddg.jpg)
>>2995 damn look at that cake
Open file (15.93 KB 200x150 cashier.png)
>>2994 Never thought about it that way, yeah i concede i think that might happen way too often in that userbase, they are the ones who spend the most too, blindly often, so i guess that's why shit gets catered to them. Makes me wonder what happened to the dudes who were very deep into waifu/RPG-Fatlus/otaku scene that spend a pretty penny for even low-quality posters, they practically financed the RPG scene of the late Gen 6 and some stuff of the early Gen 7.
>>3003 >Makes me wonder what happened to the dudes who were very deep into waifu/RPG-Fatlus/otaku scene Just like with everything else, it diminished to a small niche. You can still find games like that that are Japan-only, some obscure releases, mobile shit and so on. Even JRPGs are made to resemble western games now, in looks and morality, so the golden age of weeb vidya culture is gone.
>Mortal Kombat 1 >all about muh cutscenes and story >this is super serious now >not a single white person Here's your Mortal Kombat reboot.
>>3029 >2 minute long trailer >not even a sign of gameplay
>>3029 Looks like that shitty movie they made a few years back. I wonder if these are related.
>>3029 Yes, pretty much confirms what everyone thought in MK11 >Raiden giving Liu Kang the Earth's God status and reset time >Old Kung Lao being the co-protagonist while surprisingly his new buddy is someone reminiscent of what Raiden was >Young Shang Tsung being the original Earth's bad guy like shown in MKII >Due to time reset/God intervention Sub-Zero and Scorpion being buddies now >Story ending practically being spoiled already in the trailer Very interesting but nothing surprising other than the Raiden being a farmer thing now, most of these were already known in the past game. Looks pretty good... for an intro cutscene like Deception had, no fucking gameplay at all unless some of these were fatalities which still is no gameplay as those are pre-rendered. Also this is supposedly 500 years before, what the fuck are Scorpion/Sub-Zero doing here and what's the gameplay innovations now? not everything is story mode, at least past trailers in the old era showed what would be the new thing. >not a single white person Intriguing but to be fair it is fucking chinatown, half the roster in old MK games were magical chinamen but they should've at least made an european wizard soldier and a prehispanic injun warrior. We can also say >nothing but chinks >>3030 >not even a sign of gameplay Such is current marketing, no sign of the real thing until you go and buy it, even food is starting to become like that aside from old soda commercials.
Open file (262.17 KB 1920x1080 hzdv8asy66251.jpg)
Open file (386.50 KB 1280x585 maxresdefault.jpg)
Open file (393.46 KB 1412x953 media_Eb4-4DbWsAA3qYa.jpg)
>>3033 > to be fair it is fucking chinatown, half the roster in old MK games were magical chinamen Literally everyone in the original games were played by a white guy. Even down to the first reboot most characters were still white. But between then and now they got really addicted to soylent and now the entire roaster is muh minorities, chinks and niggers. They're okay with "muh fantasy" bullshit excuse to shove niggers into European settings but a reverse of that? Oh no no, not allowed. And of course nobody is attractive anymore, nobody has huge booba and wears sexy outfits.
Open file (365.85 KB 1458x766 1.jpg)
expecting any western game to have white people at this point is a folly
>>3034 >Literally everyone in the original games were played by a white guy Let's see: Shang Tsung is a magical old evil chinaman, played by Ho Pak, a korean. Inspired by the typical chinaman magic evil guys, most notably White Brows who was ethnically a chinaman but also Lo Pan from BTILC although he was a manchu. Liu Kang is a magical shaolin renegade chinaman, played by Ho Pak too. Inspired by Bruce Lee and Lik Wong/Riki-Oh, a chinaman and some chinaman mystery meat with probably some flip blood in him. Sub-Zero is a magical chinaman ancient ninja/dishonorabru shadow warrior, played by Daniel Pesina, a mexican. Inspired by the elemental ancient ninjas from chinaland. Scorpion is a magical chinaman ancient ninja/dishonorabru shadow warrior, played by Daniel Pesina too. Inspired by the elemental ancient ninjas from chinaland. Raiden is an ancient chinaman deity, played by Carlos Pesina, a mexican brother of Daniel. Inspired by Lightning in BTILC, chink actor and chink character. Johnny Cage is a martial artist-turned actor with an ancient bloodline which makes him possess supernatural power, played by Daniel Pesina too as a parody of JCVD. Sonya Blade is a special forces bimbo, played by Elizabeth Malecki who was an athletic natural blonde chick picked by Daniel Pesina at a gym. This is the only girl and indeed white, inspired by Cynthia Rothrock ("the kicking ghostly girl" like how dog-eating chinamen fans call her) Kano is a supposedly half-japanese (aka Hapa) half-american super mercenary former green beret in charge of a criminal racket, played by Richard Divizio, an italian-american. Indeed white unless you had another story for the italians. To be fair i don't remember the inspiration for this dude. Goro is a half-human half-draconian thing used by the hell realm to bash the fighters from Earth, he is a clay puppet. So 9 characters that, in fiction, 2 are whites and 6 are asians along with a fucked hybrid fucker. In reality you have 2 asians, 4 spics, 2 whites and a puppet. Because "fiction" is what matters then you have triple the chopsticks than hwite men so yeah, it is chinatown. >Even down to the first reboot most characters were still white Do you want me to keep playing? i don't recall that but perhaps i might be surprised. >But between then and now they got really addicted to soylent That i cannot dispute, the actress who portrayed Sheeva in MK11 was very compelling in terms of acting but downright not visually attractive, the thing about Sheeva is her very nasty look that still arouses more than suspicion if you know what i mean, she's supposed to be a demonic, a paler Grace Jones with 4 arms to jack your limbs off. The MK11 girl is simply an eyesore which doesn't reflect the demonic allure of the MK3 version that in the comics was implied a royal jack-off master. I honestly agree with your sentiment but MK is one of the last media products i would focus my anger, it ALWAYS was chinese-oriented since day one, it is a rip-off from hong kong kung fu movies. It's two elemental ninjas, Bruce Lee/Lik Wong Riki-Oh, White Brows and the thunder god from BTILC (Big Trouble in Little China) along with Jean-Claude Van Damme and Cynthia Rothrock (both the biggest white action stars working in HK) plus the addition of Kano which was a late addition to counter the figure of the american military girl. This game is like getting angry at Jackie Chan movies for not having more white people, why not getting angry for the writers making the new young characters annoying and coalburners, not attractive (you did indeed point this out very well) and downright different canonically from their pre-MK9 iterations (Kabal being always a criminal rather than a cop in 9, Kano being an aussie in tribute to that one actor rather than a crazed hapa, etc)
>>3059 >So 9 characters that, in fiction, 2 are whites and 6 are asians I don't give a fuck who they are in fiction, I said played by a white guy. Raiden, Kitana, Sindel, all ninjas, Quan Chi, even Shang Tsung was played by a white guy in MK3. Etc. Literally the only actual chinks in the entire roster of 4 original games were Liu Kang and Kung Lao. This is what people grew up with, this is the world of Mortal Kombat. But no, now everyone in MK is a chink, even tho like I said it's okay to shove niggers in European settings where they never existed because muh fantasy but can a white guy play a god of thunder in muh fantasy? No no, not allowed, he's super chinky chink now.
>>3336 still looks so bland
So what's the verdict on SF6 vs Tekken 8?
>>4007 SF6 trooned out
Open file (842.14 KB 1279x719 lol.png)
>>4079 IT'S MA'AM
>>4079 >>4084 stunning and brave. 92%.
Open file (262.59 KB 659x731 lol.png)
Open file (118.49 KB 977x562 capcom arigatou.png)
Open file (352.60 KB 1920x1080 086.jpg)
>>4193 Thank you, Capcom!
>>4198 >that ad-copy though X
>>4202 Yeah probably some gay op. to slide that brainless modern 'press a button to win' controls are actually a good thing!
Open file (325.48 KB 2200x1488 261m3MEME130323.jpg)
>>4213 >Yeah probably some gay op. to slide that brainless modern 'press a button to win' controls are actually a good thing! You could be right, but it doesn't involve actual glowniggers, simply their corporate (((equivalents))). And I'm reasonably-sure the term you're looking for here is 'astroturf'. But it certainly follows the glownigger playbook here: <1. Create problem >1a. Load up the population with literal niggers, and literal faggots. >1b. Tell stronk, independynts that "they don't need no man -- and you can prove this by becoming gurl gaymer!111" >1c. Bemoan and wail "O noes!111 Gayming is too hard, it'll never sell." (Because dumb niggers, literal faggots, gurl gaymers.) <2. Offer solution >2a. "Gayming is too White, it's literally worse than Hitler!111" >2b. "We can fix this!" Proceed to prop-up: niggers, faggots, women in gayming. The fly in their ointment is that this was doomed to fail b/c only White & Asian males are any good at (or will ever be good at) vidya. So their backup plan? >2c. BUTTON-PRESS FTW The overarching agenda is simply to destroy vidya entire. The reason is simple: kikes are still butthurt about GaymerGate, and know we're all worse than literally Hitler. >tl;dr Roll your own, or play only your lists, or (((cuck out))). Those pretty much your only options if you insist on playing anything new that's non-Russian, AFAICT.
>>4193 >>4198 There are already insta-level up buttons in RPGs, now they have insta-combo button for fighting games?
Open file (178.51 KB 526x596 tanya.jpg)
Ayo hol up.
>>4482 rebooted
>>4482 >>4483 >remake or reboot MK to being in an alternate universe >makes tanya into a wild sheboon fucking why? I know that MK isn't really that big of a deal anymore and that since 9 the MK series has went to shit, literally. The best and last game was 9.
Open file (1.51 MB 1280x585 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (985.90 KB 1412x953 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (77.37 KB 1024x576 9732.jpg)
>>4484 Eh, they already race swapped and niggered everyone for the last two games (pre nuboot), so this is just more par for the course and expected. More important than that is that everyone has to be ugly, that's the end game.
>>4482 Woman King!
>>4487 Ouch, bring the hotties back, video games are meant for autists with dreams that can never be realized.
>>4487 >More important than that is that everyone has to be ugly, that's the end game. It's not actually their (((end game))) -- your destruction is. Making everything fugly is simply one of the kike's many means to that end. By degenerating the White man's soul (celebrating this shit is clearly working for at least 41% of the population now), they make him far more susceptible to much more evil lies. 'Frog in the pot' syndrome & watnot.
>>4499 Video games used to be made by virgin nerds for virgin nerds, fulfilling their power and sexual fantasies. There was a direct link. Now video games are made by giant committees of diversity hires for nobody. The link has been broken. No wonder games don't resonate with anyone these days.
>>4503 This why they were so kino compared to today, virginity has its benifits anons.
Open file (1.76 MB 1244x750 9.png)
>>4508 in more ways than one
>>4487 Shiva is unforgivable.
>>4512 She used to be a big titty 4 arm babe I wish I could bury my face into her chest and now uhh, well she is something anon....
Open file (2.62 MB 1052x1540 sheeva-mk3-bio-card.png)
>>4516 She wasn't even a real human, she was just pure imaginary sex creation and they still managed to get her niggered and desexualized. It's funny how leftoids are fine with gore, in fact they add more gore than before because they're all mentally ill, but booba? No, no, that has to go.
Open file (205.31 KB 571x322 8.png)
This the roaster. Thoughts?
>>4728 >Panda and Kuma really?
Open file (578.29 KB 1920x1080 190.jpg)
>>4748 Bear power.
Open file (672.07 KB 1064x563 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (463.64 KB 720x694 5.png)
Open file (99.01 KB 731x1024 1.jpg)
Boothbabes bros...
Open file (257.82 KB 466x700 barfmet.jpg)
Open file (315.85 KB 543x886 ayo.png)
it's 2023
Open file (1.28 MB 640x360 lol.gif)
>>4785 >nigger >talented >non-sex pest lol
>>4790 heh
Open file (117.91 KB 736x391 sf6.png)
Fighting games truly are dead, huh.
>>4917 Zoomers aren't interested in skill based games and you can't survive on nostalgic 30+ millennials alone.
Open file (1.86 MB 2154x1080 3.png)
>>5044 what happened to Capcom...
>>5048 Gaijin pandering.
>>5048 ESGbux.
>>5050 ESG?
>>5051 Destructive, Globohomo kike shite designed explicitly to corrupt and degenerate companies. Just look it up, you'll understand Anon.
Open file (2.01 MB 1409x1284 ClipboardImage.png)
Here's your Shao Kahn
>>5134 what's wrong with his face?
>>5154 Probably modeled after a nigger face.
>>5156 def some weird muttoid going on
Open file (72.95 KB 1183x484 mk.jpg)
>every character looks like a Bogdanoff now
>>5735 lmao what the fuck
Open file (387.37 KB 1100x560 ClipboardImage.png)
Here's your Mortal Kombat character
>>5735 lol the good goys will gladly eat their slop and beg for more
>>5735 An actual Bogdanoff face fighting game could be funny actually.
>>5780 True.
Open file (238.67 KB 1314x1326 lel.jpg)
>>6120 Report him to Ellon for zoophilia.
>>6120 At this point I can't tell if this is sarcasm or not.
>>6125 Yeah my first instinct was this is a troll account but it probably isn't as per the clown world.
>>6125 >>6127 Poe's Law in effect.
>>4487 we need more high cut one pieces again, along with 80 womens aerobics bodies to fill them.
Open file (6.87 MB 1280x720 sonya.mp4)
>>6162 Very true. Unfortunately all we allowed to have from now on are ugly fat niggers and chinks. But thankfully we'll always have the 20 years of good video games to fall back to.
Open file (3.98 MB 1700x1457 7 to 8.png)
>>6185 Looks like some weird porn, kek.
>>6187 Implying it's not. Boon has all those tapes with ladies stretching.
Open file (780.01 KB 1826x1596 lvr.jpg)
left vs right?
>>6404 I like right more.
Open file (460.31 KB 1500x1500 sc.jpg)
This has become a hot button topic lately. Is this really a particularly good game? It seems like the most content-lite SC game, even getting way outpaced by its predecessor. Fans of only seem to talk about how it's better than the arcade version because the arcade is literally just PS1 hardware. Is this the most unimpressive 10/10 game in existence?
>>6595 Back then having a game that's arcade level or above arcade level was a big deal, having a game like that at home.
>>6608 back then we didnt even have radio now you damn kids with your pokemon cards, we didnt even them, we had to play with post cards back then i remember back then back then if you wanted a game you made your own with cotton ear buds and twigs you damn kids you dont know what it was like back then in the before times
Open file (184.30 KB 1000x1500 u7.jpg)
I like Tekken 4. The soundtracks are good, the graphics are detailed, the gameplay is challenging, and the characters are interesting.
Open file (106.07 KB 640x512 51203-ingame-Tekken-4.jpg)
Open file (63.02 KB 640x448 ocr.jpg)
Open file (62.87 KB 637x415 t4b.jpg)
Open file (76.93 KB 640x448 t4-s46.jpg)
>>6610 I played Tekken 4 for a long time, it's a great game in its own right. The visuals were incredible (this was following TTT) and it had a very unique atmospher. It's one fault is following Tekken 3 and preceding Tekken 5. Being sandwiched between two of the best games ever made, without being one yourself, is not going to do you any favors.
Open file (159.83 KB 1280x720 maxres.jpg)
New character for Tekken 8. Victor Chevalier. https://yewtu.be/watch?v=EhwGE9wvyh4
Open file (471.92 KB 220x220 264581171.gif)
>>6930 >straight white male
>>6930 >Frenchman >From France So suprising yet actually pretty based.
>>6930 Every new character after Tekken 6 is just a generic guy from ___, zero memorable or iconic designs or personalities, I don't recal a single character.
Open file (2.08 MB 1367x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.07 MB 1777x1246 sf.png)
>>7298 >make every new character in SF6 a tranny <STILL NOT ENOUGH POZ YOU HAVE TO GET RID OF ATTRACTIVE WOMEN TOO OR I DON'T FEEL INCLUDED >by kirstin >no last name given I wonder (((why.)))
>>7298 >>7298 >everyone loves it >embarrass Another fat ugly landwhale is projecting.
Open file (144.78 KB 800x1119 b.jpg)
you are now aware that there is a ps2 baki the grappler game that only got localised in the EU, under the name "fighting fury"
>>7368 Why is that baby in fighting gear he should be sucking on his mom's titty.
>>7368 kino
>>7377 spiel
radio lol
Open file (575.34 KB 883x608 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (499.62 KB 736x574 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7510 MK got it really hard, from a series with booba and assba galore to pozzed garbage.
>>7510 it's over
>>7510 LOL I think I know who they modeled the new Tanya after.
>>7537 And Sheeva. And every female really.
>>7510 That's ma'am.
Open file (267.46 KB 1280x720 latest_version.jpg)
Dragunov trailer. https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=ORsFFv9kUmc Tekken 8 is kinda starting to win me over.
>>7708 notto baddo
>>7708 The important part is that the ladies are still hot.
Open file (1.49 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
>>7868 3DPD was a mistake.
Open file (558.03 KB 2160x2160 t.jpg)
Tekken won
Woah, Brian Cox is the new Tekken character. https://www.yewtu.be/watch?v=wRIOVeirAa0
Open file (2.39 MB 1700x1700 7.png)
Sex robowaifu is back.
>>8309 Damn, Tekken's women look fucking hot. Namco won.
Open file (6.14 MB 2160x3456 ClipboardImage.png)
It is a shocking thing that Tekken is somehow still unpozzed
>>8400 Don't jinx it.
Open file (1.04 MB 1159x844 1701535642186993.png)
>>8412 goes without saying anon
>>8420 Looks pretty good. Although the "epic storyline" has been a detriment all the way since 6.
Open file (1.12 MB 3840x2160 T5.jpg)
This was the peak of 3D fighting games. It has aged so gracefully. And no dumb comeback gimmicks with the gameplay. Just Tekken in its best form before it was ruined with ugly visuals and disgusting gameplay additions.
>>8476 It's amazing how much you can fuck everything up by just introducing the "epic storyline" to it.
Open file (882.96 KB 1280x720 tekk.jpg)
Open file (3.10 MB 888x500 5.webm)
>>8598 ROFL
>>8598 very problematic
Open file (1.14 MB 1012x907 ClipboardImage.png)
Tekken won.
Open file (1.01 MB 976x1486 ClipboardImage.png)
Coomers BTFO
Open file (1.04 MB 1080x1192 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.27 MB 1224x1224 r4.png)

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