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Open file (49.70 KB 600x857 600_7802.jpg)
Which is the most Aethestic Tekken? Anonymous 02/14/2023 (Tue) 23:30:08 No.608
Also fightan vidya thread. Why are fightan vidya dead anons?
Open file (63.35 KB 500x448 bleach-dark-souls.jpg)
Fighting vidya is dead because niggers, also I am gonna be honest I am not the biggest fighting vidya guy but the last fighting game I played was bleach dark souls on the nintendo DS 15 years ago and it was a fun game.
Open file (2.41 MB 1280x720 Kinokai.webm)
>>609 Didn't know Dark Souls was a Bleach spinoff.
>>613 RIP Arahana, she died to make kenpachi-sama stronger.
Open file (38.49 KB 267x547 th-3321070276.jpg)
>>615 Making way for the best girl.
Open file (113.97 KB 850x1258 Nel.jpg)
>>619 More of a Nel adult enjoyer myself but Isane is really hot. as most of bleach's girls are Just like in the series both Yamamoto and Aizen are stupidly overpowered in the game, and you need to use bullshit tactics to defeat them. just like in the series
Open file (241.39 KB 1066x1600 1668707096977187.jpg)
>>621 There are rumors of a new Bleach game, maybe it's gonna be a fighting one. They made like 20 Heat the Soul games on PSP and not a single console one.
do they still host EVOs and stuff or has that been sunsetted?
Tekken 5 was kino. Not to mention Tekken is one of the few fighting games that isn't being pozzed as far as I know.
>>779 How are other fighting games pozzed?
>>787 are you pretending to be retarded?
>>846 >no argument
>>608 fightan vidya is not dead but almost died out because of some Japanese devs trying to listen to non-fans instead of the actual fans. Also instead of fighting games being super mainstream like it was before it is more niche than ever before, The new Tekken or Tekken 8 trailers is given me goosebumps because it reminds me so much about how great tekken once was. But I will bet money it is going to do what Tekken 7 did, that was namely having these cartoons telling the tekken story or was that Soul Calibur that did that? I don't remember. But I bet money the new tekken will feel more servicable than actually being awesome. meaning the gameplay will be fun but it isn't going to be memorable like let say Tekken 3, Tekken tag 1 and 2. >>609 in other words you haven't followed the autism with the 2.5d fighters that has come out or the other niche fighting games that has come out?
>>969 >because of some Japanese devs trying to listen to non-fans instead of the actual fans Shouldn't this make fightan games more mainstream and popular with normalfags
>>971 It's not that easy to make fighting games play themselves to appeal to normalnigs.
>>971 So the devs didn't lisen to normalfags but SJW reporters that aren't interested in fightan or games to begin with. So what they tried to do was to make the gurls have small tiddies, that obviously backfired because normalfags and figthan fans don't want less but more, you must remember that normalfags are people that watch so much pornography that they would be considered perverts just 10 years ago. So when a female is in full body suit and you cannot see her cameltoe then a normalfag is going to wonder what the fuck is wrong with this game, and just quit. Fightan fags don't want to play it because they might've liked the tiddies or the muscles being full of sweat and thus they quit. >>1008 Some normalfags needs the game to play itself but they are also perverts so they want huge tiddies and nice buttocks being shown. and when none of these are being shown like in the old fightan then it is a no deal.
Open file (791.47 KB 1988x1235 chloe surprise.png)
>>1014 Most normalfags today are lefties. Now lefties are all degenerate pedophile and perverts but until caught they pretend to be great warriors of justice for virtue points. They will start whining on shitter if the tits are too big, just look at Tifa. Or any other fanservice, to a point where pic related became a meme acknowledged by the devs.
>>1016 only some normalfags are on twitter, twitter is for the left and where normalfags are fucking around on the internet is on instagram and facebook, other social media also like tiktok is heavily used by normalfags. Also fightan vidya isn't being bought by normalfags but fightan fans, even as curiosity game and I think that is more because of how the gaming press back in the day shilled for Street Fighter 4, and how hardcore Street Fighter is, and that made them really lose faith because it wasn't Tekken simplistic combos or the friendly girls of DOA. This had shaken the core of the normalfags heart and soul. In the end one might say that the normalfag got scared of fightan games after SF4 and thanks to that figthan got to be it's own niche and today no one is really following figthan games. Like if Soul Calibur 7 would've released tomorrow, no one but figthan fags would've cared.
>>1020 You underestimate the rot. Society is now massively leftist. That is the meaning of the 2010s. We utterly lost Gamergate. We are in the Matrix now. Forever.
>>1023 you still have allot of apolitical niggers. and allot of apolitical niggers buy games but as I've said figthan games have been left out because normalniggers got burned by the hardcore fightan games of Street Fighter 4 and other games. So that means like DOA and Tekken which is normalfag friendly scares away normalfags because when they see someone that just kinda looks like Ryu and Ken, they panic. Because they remember the one dick hungry chick from SF beating them and it was a fightan autist that was controlling her and after the fight he called them a fag, nigger and a cum slurping bitch and that hasn't gone away from the normal cattle.
>>1027 stop it anon, this is a different board
>>1034 >This is a different board, we can be collectivists
Open file (1.22 MB 1280x720 ClipboardImage.png)
Stumbled on this retrospective series. Not your typical shit so watchable. https://iv.ggtyler.dev/playlist?list=PLPDk6gzWmX93uan7XVz9xU6YY6JToI78y
Thoughts on Tekken 8? Visually it looks very ugly in my opinion, they completely fucked up the traditional Tekken art direction, it looks more like Mortal Kombat now. Gameplay wise, I'm sure it's the same dumbed down version from Tekken 7.
>>1534 The reason why it looks more like Mortal Kombat with the duders is because they use the same game engine essentially, but there are other trailers that make Tekken Look a bit more cheerful.
>>1536 Oh yeah, it's made on the shitty Unreal engine instead of their own, no wonder it looks so generic and western. And of course everyone is made ugly and "realistic". Even gameplay looks like Mortal Kombat now, everyone is so heavy and slow. Well, RIP Tekken.
>>1540 There are a bunch of Japanese developers that are using Unreal Engine because of the ease of use and being able to test a level or design of the game quite quickly and change it with ease. So I don't think they are going to throw away or stop using the game engine. There have been fightan gams that uses unreal and the characters are normal and not this mortal kombat-sorta look. But I kinda think that it is the Korean fightan scene(tekken is huge there) that has made the game slower or that is muh wild guess.
>>1582 It's obvious why they started using it, because it's easy and you don't have to develop your own, all of which lead to laziness and decline of skill. It's pretty much impossible to make a good looking game on UE because it's by the very nature designed for muh realism and every single game looks the same now, I've yet to see a single appealing looking game made with it. It's kinda like with holyjew special affects, they are all made on the same 3 farms with the exact same softwares so all films look identical nowadays.
>>1583 Makes me want to make my own games anon, honestly I think that might be a cool project for /kong/ to embark on at some point.
>>1584 /agdg/ project would be cool but I don't think there are enough people here for that yet, hopefully in the near future. Though I can't code and all that, I have several games planned out for several years now, everything from designs, gameplay, visuals style, "story" etc. Just waiting for the right moment.
>>1587 Based, I need to make the time to learn how code tbh.
>>1026 It's annoying how you keep saying "fightan." Wtf does that mean? Are you trying to be cute by shortening the word like fightin' with the apostrophe? Just stop Weakload.
>>1660 he's just retarded
>>1660 >what is fightan??? God I feel old now
>>1673 Want to feel even older? Tekken 3 is 26 years old.
Open file (169.27 KB 421x541 yy.jpg)
Ayo shiet we wuz street fightaz n sheeit fr fr no cap no bussin
Open file (731.56 KB 1202x636 1.png)
it's over
>>1660 it is a slang word that autistic people used when discussing fighting games. >>1675 >shalom goyim there are pussy that has now hit the wall t-t-thanks for that reminder. >>1704 at one hand, I think capcom can make good fighting games but on the other hand they have like 2 trannies in the game and one of them are so over the top disgusting, that it isn't even funny. Then they take time and effort to make a nigger somewhat cute looking for whatever strange reason. >>1847 >making tekken easier than it already is because of autistic Koreans fucking bootleg nips thanks to them they for some reason made a fun fighting game like Tekken that is just fun, really fucking autistic and non-fun.
>>1849 >somewhat cute looking Yeah I don't know about that.
>>1849 >making tekken easier than it already is because of autistic Koreans Hm?
>>1853 OK, so with original Tekken and Virtua Fighter these games are slow fighting games because it is in the 3rd dimension. So this list for me reads like it is a game that is more and more balanced to the Korean e-sports scene. Also the difference between a game like Tekken and Virtua Fighter, is that Tekken has these easy combo's and learning a character isn't challenging compared to other fighting games.Now they are making it a bit easier, or so it looks like by that list. It isn't getting into Soul Caliber easy territory but it is close, really close.
>>1856 Isn't it just easier for normalniggers in general?
>>1862 It is going to be both easier for tournamentfags(autistic Koreans) and normalfags. Making it easier to normalfags isn't a crime in itself if the mechanics are good, like what made Tekken and even Soul Caliber great games was because the underling mechanics are great and easy to understand, and more importantly fun. Now, if you make a game for tournamentfags to begin with and just then go from there to be normalfag friendly, then you have kinda missed the point. But for whatever reason the developers that make fighting games try to make it a tournament game first then normalfag friendly without making sure the underlying mechanics are solid. I expect from the footage that it will have the music of tekken but it will probably feel like a cheap copy of Tekken almost MK-like instead of an actual Namco fighting game. So, that means one can only look forward to Soul Caliber, since Tekken is being destroyed as we speak, and Street Fighte6r is this weird game that does not look fun at all.
>>1875 Do they still have fighting tournaments? The scene seems pretty dead in the west. I guess gooks still have them?
Open file (381.33 KB 1622x817 u7.jpg)
>>1909 One on the right is clearly best.
>>1910 Tekken won, it's over.
Open file (1.47 MB 1030x1645 chunli.png)
Open file (583.01 KB 1920x1080 chunli_ss05.jpg)
Open file (818.07 KB 1920x1080 chunli_ss03.jpg)
>>1876 Yes, but unlike in the other console generation like in PS3 and 360 evo isn't that popular as it once was. It fallowed into the same fate as the retrofag longplays were the social justice warriors infiltrate and say how the language is threatening to womyn and other people, then they have to clean up their language, and how the fighting game community was sexist. So then they pulled their act together and then people kinda stopped caring for fighting game tournaments and such things, in Korea on the other hand fighting games surpassed Japan and ever since I kinda feel that Namco in particular is making the game for the korean fighting scene. Street Fighter 6, I personally do not know of anyone that is interested in it. It is in this weird grey zone of it being made for tournament fags but they(capcom) is expecting curiosity buys from normalfags and gaymers that remembers Street Fighter 4. It is really weird thing to watch their clusterfuck of a marketing. >>1909 Dunno, Chun-li is hot but she is more like the Asian mommy you want to make you dinner and then get a sucky sucky from after dinner. While she wants you to be fat and unhealthy. >>1910 Do not disrespect Chinky mommy!
I think I prefer Street Fighter 6. The women are ugly dogs and it still looks like a PS3 game, but it has at least some art direction going on versus Tekken 8's dead Unreal gaijin look. But then again Tekken 8's females are unexpectedly good looking. I don't know man.
Open file (1.07 MB 1920x1080 marisa_ss02.jpg)
Open file (505.34 KB 1920x1080 manon_ss01.jpg)
Open file (822.33 KB 1920x1080 marisa_ss01.jpg)
Open file (1.04 MB 1920x1080 marisa_ss03.jpg)
>>1919 SF6 looks better than a PS3 game but what helps is that they are using their own proprietary game engine, along with having a really great art-department. But when it comes to gameplay, I am sure that Street Fighter 6 is going to be solid fun but the question is, is it as good as 4 ultimate? I think not. Tekken on the other hand, you can depend on it being a fun game but this time around it might feel like a clone of tekken instead of the usual feel. Oh, if Street Fighter 6 didn't win you over here is the tranny characters that was introduced in 5. Like the tranny actually looks like a tranny, it is surreal.
Open file (2.00 MB 1611x1024 vs.png)
>>1932 > they are using their own proprietary game engine That's a big plus... in theory. In reality it looks kinda ass, like the pics you posted look like a browser game. But Tekken does have attractive females which in this day and age is a rarity. And Street Fighter 6 has dogs, I dunno what happened there.
Open file (494.54 KB 1920x1080 juri_ss05.jpg)
Open file (315.72 KB 1920x1080 cammy_ss05.jpg)
Open file (1010.26 KB 1920x1080 juri_ss02.jpg)
Open file (450.86 KB 1920x1080 cammy_ss03.jpg)
Open file (985.39 KB 1920x1080 juri_ss03.jpg)
>>1933 I mean, like Cammy and Juri is still hot and Yuri still looks like a sex crazed nymphomaniac.Cammy is a bit too serious in this one.
Open file (47.08 KB 500x555 mel.jpg)
>>1933 >top row filled with troons Gaydar sensors on full-alert
>>1946 can't fool based Mel
>>1963 That's good news Anon. The Good Lord preserve them from trannies.

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