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Open file (1.63 MB 1436x810 AssassinsCreed.png)
Assassin's Creed Anonymous 10/15/2023 (Sun) 08:06:52 No.6312
So what was the original plan for Assassin's Creed before Ubisoft corporate interfered with Patrice Desilet? AC was supposedly a trilogy but Ubisoft wanted more games after AC2. It feels like Assassin's Creed III should have been: >Desmond was the main character after learning how to be an assassin by the bleeding effect >set in modern day totally rather than having any segments played in the past with the Animus so no Connor >Lucy would still have been alive >story would have concluded with Desmond activating the defense against the solar flare and destroying the Templar order I would've been happier with AC3 concluding Desmond's story much more conclusively. It does feel like the later games feel like they've been dragging the premise too much.
the first AssCreed is such a stark contrast to the rest of the series how it's an actual game with bare minimum cutscenes
>>6315 Was black flag any good, I've heard it was the last good one, though I've also heard things become really shit after the third one.
>>6316 After the third game you should just forget that this has anything to do with 'Assassins Creed' and just view it as its own thing. In that regard Black Flag was the last enjoyable thing.
Open file (247.63 KB 768x480 04.jpg)
>>6312 I was just playing the first AC.
Open file (115.23 KB 558x625 300.jpg)
the state of the series currently
>>6331 Ahh yes the nu-face that has graced gaming since Andromeda. >>6317 Yeah I sort of thought of it like that, at least Arrrrgh being a pirate was fun.
Open file (157.84 KB 1280x720 t6.jpg)
>>6333 The main appeal of the Black Flag is the ship control. In that you can already see how it has nothing to do with AC and they were just spitballing random ideas, however nothing since has been worth the while.
>>6336 > In that you can already see how it has nothing to do with AC and they were just spitballing random ideas Black Flag was originally a pirate game unrelated to the series, Ubisoft convinced the game director to make it part of the AC universe and soon after fired him or put the guy aside after making the changes... or something like that, it was supposedly the start of a new series but due to the mainstream disappointment of AC3 Ubi needed something fast to make people regain confidence.
>>6340 Ah, well that explains it. Also sasuga Ubishit, they ruined one series and buttfucked another in order to salvage it. Ultimately AC1 remains the best in the series.
Open file (524.85 KB 1436x810 4-66.jpg)
A reminder that AssCreed (the first one) was the beginning of the end. This is where most if not all of the cancerous tropes that plague 'modern video games' either originated of got bulk popularized: corporate minimalistic UI with plain text and black rectangles, autosaves, regenerating health, prompt-based gameplay, excessive handholding, cinematic events etc., etc. You can find some individuals elements in earlier games but you will not find them all represented and popularized earlier than AssCreed, which came out in 2007.
>>6376 >2007 That checks out. If I'm not mistaken 2007 was when the first iphone came out and polluted the internet and by extension nerd culture (vidya, anime, etc) with a massive influx of normalniggers.
Open file (155.81 KB 750x611 2007.jpg.jpg)
Open file (212.36 KB 1477x1941 2007.jpg)
>>6391 Yes, 2007 is the singularity when everything went to shit.
Open file (786.37 KB 1920x1799 ass.jpg)
>>6396 does anyone have the expanded version of the chart in pic 2 that included vidya and other things?
>>6400 How many of them are actually different?
Open file (89.29 KB 465x156 u.png)
Here's your wommyn assassin from the nu game
>>6575 At least she's not ugly or a nog, which is the same thing. I'll take a azn cutie even if she's a diversity hire but the problem that's she's gonna be stronger than all men while weighting 15kg.
Open file (305.32 KB 614x402 as.png)
>>6867 >cost cutting Hey gotta keep them token nigras on the payroll, who cares if they are useless?
>>6576 >At least she's not ugly or a nog Which means she'll be a dyke with a sheboon or mudslime girlfriend.
Open file (396.14 KB 820x630 ass.png)
lol why are they using that image for promotion, it looks like something made to mock the game, shieeet
>>7075 Negro samurai were real in my mind goyim!
>>7080 Yasuke existed but he wasn't a samurai, Nobunaga just had him as a pet monkey for amusement. >The black man understood a little Japanese, and Nobunaga never tired of talking with him. He was sometimes made to carry Nobunaga-sama's tools. And because he was strong and could do a few tricks, Nobunaga took great pleasure in protecting him and had him roam around the city of Kyoto with an attendant. But of course now they're gonna turn him into a badass nig assassin (kills only ypeepo).
>>7081 Kind of surprised the nig actually existed. I figured it was 100% bullshit made up by (((ubisoft))) to try to justify a nigger samurai. It is pretty amusing that it was just a pack mule/dancing monkey.
Open file (1.50 MB 850x480 4LPN4tWtOC7n.mp4)
>>7083 >nigger >japan >surprised all islanders originate from niggers, they drifted like sea garbage to every place that dint have a civilization ready to throw them back into the water, why do you think japs have wide negro noses and spend fortunes on rhinoplasties
Open file (57.13 KB 450x360 shiet.jpg)
>>7087 kek
>>7087 >why do you think japs have wide negro noses and spend fortunes on rhinoplasties Koreans. You're thinking of Koreans. They shave their jaws down too.
>>7096 Potato potato.
>>7075 SHEEEIT
Open file (375.21 KB 658x370 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (40.81 KB 991x273 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (202.47 KB 150x134 1701338070595478.gif)
>>8414 Honestly, it's what you deserve for supporting (((ubisoft))). The writing's been on the wall with asscreed for years. No shit they're going to put ugly niggers and trannys in everything.
>>8414 Stop the steal!
Open file (121.12 KB 500x375 deer trouble.png)
Which AssCreed is good?
>>8453 The first one is alright
Open file (335.18 KB 1080x1125 ht.jpg)
>>8453 2, Rev, 4. Maybe 1 and Bro if you're really hurting.
Open file (1.01 MB 620x900 ClipboardImage.png)
I raffed.
>>9174 looks like a joke poster, but it's real
>>9185 It is a joke poster. Just not the kind of joke you mean. Everything is a joke in clownworld.
>>9187 true

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