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Anonymous 11/26/2023 (Sun) 17:48:59 No.7488
What is your personal cut off date for retro vidya and what's your reasoning behind that date?
If it's 15+ years old it's retro. My reasoning is it's because that is a long enough time span for those games to be noticeably different in every single way from graphics to storylines to gameplay compared to whatever is out now and are effectively time capsules from a different world.
>>7508 >the expansion argument I disagree, PS360 is almost 15 years old but you don't think of it as retro in any way, nor will it ever be one; let alone PS4/5. I agree about the time capsule. "Retro" has a hard cut off date that will never expand and include anything else. Nothing widescreen and HD can ever be retro. There's basically a before and after.
For consoles the cut off is up to and including ps3, xbox 360, wii era. For pc the cut off is anything that has standalone cd or dvd install discs.
>>7516 *up to and including anything that has install discs I mean. Reasoning, is that for ps3/360/wii era, there were still complete games. lots of releases and lots of types of games still (it wasn't just a drip feed of one big release that everyone focuses on), still pre large scale internet influencer era, still creativity in console design (ps3 cell processor, wii motion controls (were a novelty then) and consoles weren't just pcs (ps3 is still hard to emulate to this day, 360 was just a pc though) Reasoning for pc games is that install media ensures that you own the game and they aren't constantly works in progress being updated. They can be archived and played independently and were complete games.
>>7516 >including ps3, xbox 360, wii era lolno, absolutely not >Reasoning, is that for ps3/360/wii era, there were still complete games That's is not a qualifier for retro
>>7519 The line is definitely in the middle of that era, not before. There were games in that era that were just like ps2/gc era but there were also games in that era that were like cy era. For simplicity I included it since otherwise it would be a mess. >That's is not a qualifier for retro Maybe not, but it's correlated enough to be a a qualifier for the most part. The decline in physical media only games is pretty much exactly correlated with the start of cy gayming.
>>7520 >The line is definitely in the middle of that era Absolutely not. Even 6th gen is highly debatable, many people don't include even it, it's a hard one because it's so in the middle of two era. 7th gen doesn't even enter the conversation, it's never gonna be retro.
>>7513 I disagree.
>>7540 Ok.
>>7542 See you tomorrow!
>>7555 Ok.
>>7559 Hello sorry I'm late. Whelp, see you tomorrow!
>>7590 Ok.
>>7594 Hello I was on time this time! Goodbye.
>>7488 To me it's a matter of style and design just as much as it is a matter of being a certain age. To me a game from after the fifth generation of consoles was discontinued will never be "retro" regardless of how much time passes.
>>7602 But 6th gen was contemporary with 5th gen when is started. So it's not as clearcut.
>>7603 The PlayStation was discontinued in 2006, so I think if anything I'm being overly inclusive by using that as a metric.
>>7604 They weren't making games for Playstation until 2006, it doesn't matter when the console itself was discontinued. Famicom was discontinued in 2003.
>>7608 There was a trickle of PlayStation games still coming out in the mid 2000s.
>>7611 A few sport games by 2004, might as well be nothing.
>zoomers think PS3 is retro now
>>8836 >oomah doo da fingoo boocoos of da finoodoodle doot coom oot soovoontoon yoor oogoo
>>8836 Soon PS4 will be retro as well lol.
>>8836 Zoomers also think chopping off their dick makes them a woman so I wouldn't put too much stock in what they think. Not that they actually think.
Retro is a moral thing. Just like antiquity. 10th century was over a 1000 years ago but we don't call it antiquity. Same with gaming. There's a period that was retro and it's always gonna stay retro.
>>8947 There is no equivalent to zoomers in history.
Open file (889.45 KB 630x793 Toddzi.png)
>>7488 (heil'd) skyrim
>>8990 At the true retro.
>>8990 It unironically is to zoomers. It was basically the first video game to them and everything before that is retro.
>>8990 Well-played.
Retro is when the game doesn't tell you to log in into facebook on the title screen.

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