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Open file (18.31 KB 600x315 gayms.jpg)
Anonymous 02/16/2024 (Fri) 06:26:08 No.9101
>Playstation and the AAA market has driven itself into a corner and is in actual danger of collapsing with one single video game flop. on top of that, it alienated the japanese market (as well as the developers) by focusing entirely on the western market >Microsoft is hanging in there and is doubling down on becoming a massive publisher for video games on every platform, while still keeping close to the Xbox brand. we'll see how sustainable it'll be in the years to come >Nintendo is in the best position it's ever been, keeping development costs down while still bringing in massive profits from the revenue it's attained to continue pushing out games on a consistent basis. on top of that, their next console is right around the corner, furthering their market share if it hits big
>Snoy and Xbox are falling the fuck apart >Soytendo is doing better than ever before Watch them start copying the Soytendo model and all we'll have is 3 Switches.
Open file (154.74 KB 1250x559 6.png)
>>9101 This is the destiny of AAAslop and even AAAAslop as they call it not unironicaly. Most gaymes used to be AA with only a few A or AAA outliers. Now everything is AAAAAAA or not even A indieshit.
Will Sega rise from the ashes and enter console market now?
>>9114 'tis time
>>9114 Maybe? Don't think it'll matter though. I've heard they've fallen to the temptations of easy ESGbux.
>>9134 Who hasn't? SNK's the only one I can come up with.
Open file (1.06 MB 788x1204 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (471.05 KB 407x849 ClipboardImage.png)
Nintendo is officially the richest company in japan.
Open file (283.65 KB 766x586 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (31.87 KB 460x533 anyway.jpg)
>>9176 That move to commiefornia sure is working out huh?
Open file (728.25 KB 1071x924 ClipboardImage.png)
Time to abandon that pesky Preystetion
Open file (460.55 KB 1015x901 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.10 MB 1400x700 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9188 >it's not that the console has very few games on it >it's not that those few games are ESG infested shit >it's not that they're more censorious then nintendo >it's not that they abandoned their customer base to try and chase twittroons that don't play video games in the first place despite spending all day bitching about them >it's not that development costs has become unsustainably bloated >it's that they're just not selling it for enough NoGames6 will be over $1000.
>>9190 What's $1500? A mere pittance compared to the real value of this beauty. Why, when we sell this marvel of design for merely $2500, it makes our families mad that we are literally robbing food from our own children's mouths. You can think of the only $5000 spent for this top of the line machine as a sound investment in your future goy...guise!
>>9191 >What's $1500? A mere pittance compared to the real value of this beauty heh
Gamecube was the last time nintendo was good. The switch was a novelty and cool idea so it sold well but I think Nintendo is done now. Other companies will be making better handhelds soon. Am I going to pay $500 to play Nintendo’s shitty games? No. Every other platform has better games.
Open file (532.43 KB 1070x956 p.png)
Why would anyone want this?
Open file (169.02 KB 1438x1080 poirot smug.jpg)
>>9195 >play no games like a pro
>>9196 $2000 well spent for those who are more interested in being an epic gaymer then in playing video games.
>>9197 true, when you upload on twitter a picture of your epic gaymer room with neon signs and PS5 Pro standing on a shelf, everyone will know you are a serious video gamer
>>9195 >"...Troon Theft Auto 6, which is expected to significantly boost slopsole sales." Kek. I personally believe they are all mass-delusioning each other b/c cognitive dissonance, and actually believe this bullshit.
>>9197 What's $3000? Nothing!! I tell you, selling these gems for only $6000 makes our grandmothers weep over missed opportunities. Why, when you spend $9000 for one of our top of the line treasures, your investing in yourself.
>>9199 You're surprised that GTA6 will sell millions? It will, it's gonna become the best selling game of all time in a week because it's designed to be the most sell-able slop imaginable, and they're gonna wright article about how gayming is saved.
>>9201 Actually, it's going to be the death-knell of (((modern gayming))), and good-riddance, too. I know this is actually the end goal, by design, from the kikes. While I hate their evil, it may actually allow young White men to catch up on their backlog finally, begin their own entries for Game Jam, or just go climb a mountain for some fresh, nigger-free air. Who knows? But whatever it is, you can bet that troons, niggers, and stronk independynts (the clear target audience for TTA6) won't be keeping gayming afloat.
>>9194 I don’t understand modern Nintendo. They pay too much attention to their ‘Murican headquarters, and let them sprinkle their twitter cancer into the games. And of course, paywalling all their old (good) games behind their frankly illegally bad online service, or via limited run cancer (A La 3D All stars or Shadow Dragon), and then proceed to crack down on CFW and emulation. If you don’t people to emulate, THEN MAKE YOUR FUCKING GAMES READILY AVAILABLE. They’re not only greedy, but they’re also just straight up retarded.
>>9202 I'd love for you to be right, but I disagree. The nigger cattle will buy troon theft auto in droves. It's just too big of a name for them not to and they've been waiting, what? 10 years for something other then a re-re-re-re-release of 5?
>>9206 I should've guessed, reminds me of something I saw at my college today: >Guy at his chromebook >Neckbeard and glasses >Laptop had a "pride" sticker on it, along with Mario characters Why is every Nintendo fan I've seen in the wild like this?
>>9208 >Why is every Nintendo fan I've seen in the wild like this? Because Nintendo groomed an entire generation of soyfags to make them the richest company in Japan and one of in the world. Can you blame them?
Open file (801.57 KB 845x1121 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9212 Does that basically mean I’ll never find a “conservative” Nintendo fan outside of (maybe) imageboards? It gets lonely lknowing I might be the only one
>>9214 A 'conservative nintendo fan' is basically someone who still remembers the pre-Wii era.
>>9215 Hell yeah. Wii, DS, GBA were the fuckin’ peak. Everything afterwards is such a mixed bag. Except for the Switch, which doesn’t have games
>>9216 >Wii >peak It was the beginning of the end
>>9217 I know I know I’ve let you down
Open file (471.00 KB 640x640 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9235 At least this one's got games
>>9235 a true winner
Open file (573.97 KB 785x713 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9236 And considering it's just emulators and ROMs of older games the game will mostly be better quality too.
>>9241 Are these the “diversity hires”?
>>9244 Yes.
Open file (364.90 KB 3249x2169 1703757836263415.jpg)
>>9244 >>9245 Here's what the vibrant diversity now, formerly-enriching (((modern))) gayming looks like, Anons: >
>>9247 >15 year old indian girls make video games now
>>9254 No, it's still straight white men who make games. The 15-year-old pooettes are just the ones making all the creative decisions.
>>9262 video gaym sweat shop?
Open file (165.79 KB 1080x547 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (160.99 KB 376x468 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9247 what the
>>9358 >nogames5 will have even less games lol >>9361 Can't tell if troon or mutt. Guess it doesn't matter either way. Both are genetic dead ends.
>>9361 Stunning & Brave, mtf hrt troon.
Open file (1.87 MB 1408x1462 ClipboardImage.png)
Crash Crash Crash
>>9382 based
>>9382 >I've never seen anything like we're seeing now Get used to it
>>9382 Soon.
Open file (47.93 KB 434x324 ps.jpg)
>>9382 Almost like a decade of making almost nothing but SJW bullshit no one wants and troonslating nip games has consequences or something.
Open file (109.55 KB 259x194 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (196.97 KB 963x597 sega.png)
Troonslators BTFO.
>>9242 True.
>>9416 Fire all lookalizers, replace them with based AI.
Open file (108.26 KB 764x1024 56.jpg)
>gaming layoffs almost exclusively effecting women and diverse groups
Open file (209.26 KB 465x370 cool dogger.png)
>>9428 I'm as shocked as you.
>Switch is 7 years old...
>>9433 >in that time, all it has is one Soyda game and its $70 expansion pack
Open file (85.44 KB 500x688 1e353w.jpg)
>>9428 Holohoax 2.0
>>9451 When White men killed the first 6 million niggers, it was horrific. By the time those 6 billion stronk independynts were murdered by those White men, it was a disaster! Hard to believe that these White men killed all 6 gorillion troons, but it's true!!111
Open file (488.32 KB 685x618 ClipboardImage.png)
>>9569 One game
Open file (71.55 KB 1098x636 exclusive.jpg)
>>9570 I don't know hwy
>>9580 purchased PS5 with no games to buy
Open file (102.36 KB 1080x924 sheirrt.jpg)
>>9734 >pedoblox >trooncord >retarddit Aren't those some of the most censorious leftwing shitholes outside of places like neofag or pedoera?
>>9742 Listen, what if someone called someone a poopie head? That scum needs to be swatted.
Open file (610.09 KB 1258x796 ClipboardImage.png)
the absolute state
>>9751 Kinda agree but the word "expansion" is not well used there, the Cucker might've meant "chapters"
>>9751 >persona 3: numake Imagine paying $70 for a censored game, then $30 later for the rest of it when you can just get the PS2 emulator and FES ISO for free.
>>9742 Roblox isn't, you'll see some wild shit there.
>>9798 I know they let pedophiles run rampant especially if they're making roblox money, but that's normal for leftwing shitholes. But does that lack of oversite extend to less jewish schools of thought?
>>9805 There's countless videos of people doing shit like making nigger shoot em ups and death to israel tier games in Roblox, it's much closer to old school internet than most other online games specifically due to the lack of overbearing centralized moderation. Pedophiles obviously come with that territory too, their presence isn't a political statement, they are opportunists and don't care about what ideologies they're dealing with as long as they can get access to children.

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