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Open file (48.71 KB 5000x3000 sega.png)
Anonymous 03/13/2024 (Wed) 08:29:59 No.9714
When are they going to release a new console and save the industry?
>>9714 i wish they died and all their ip's entered public domain
>>9715 and they have zero incentive to even try, none of these giga corporations run by billionaires give a shit cause they already succeeded so they get to sit on their ip's forever doing nothing with them because muh copyright and everything else that even slightly resembles one of the millions of already existing properties registered for copyright protection troughout the world gets sued into oblivion because the only people allowed to prosper are vidya company giga kikes who produce nothing but shit for nigger cattle to consoom you think these people give a shit about "saving the industry"? you think all those timeless classics and greatest games made troughout the decades were made by complacent giga kikes who shower with money and have zero reason to fucking care about anything? >giga kikes please save the vidya industry!!!!!! i hate this "we rely on corpo homo" mentality that has become so prevalent in this gay generation where people do nothing but whine and bitch and try to shame some unfeeling uncaring ceo into doing whatever they want as if they give a shit, they love feeling submissive like this cause it makes their clitties leak and validates their autogynephilic gender identity all these companies genuinely need to die already along with the boomers running it to serve as fertilizer for the new generation, this generational abuse of copyright is just an extension of the boomer's greed and unwillingness to let go of their power and let the people who actually have to live with shit in their lifetimes have a say in anything the shit holding back this industry from unfucking itself (besides kikes) is corpo homos hoarding everything for themselves indefinitely and hogging the spotlight not giving any person who isnt already an established giga kike a chance to succeed
>>9716 oh and when you say that all these already established companies need to fucking die already and their properties become public domain some brainwashed zoomer nigger cattle bcc slutoid shows up out of nowhere to defend the multibillionaire company because they said nigger life matter on twitter and because they grew up with bing bing wahoo and they dont want to see it die and they rather consoom bing bing slop for the rest of eternity than to actually see the industry progress instead of stagnate and decline and they'll shit themselves in fury if someone makes a horror movie out of their precious bing bing and use it as an example as to why public domain is bad and giga kikes should own every intangible idea that has ever existed in order to """preserve quality"""
>>9718 as if these franchises that have lasted more than a decade dont all go to shit around the ten year mark, its such an obvious pattern, copyright shouldnt last more than a damn decade oh but me saying this means im some uncreative faggot who just wants to """steal""" intangible ideas for myself because i cant think of anything so i should just >FUCK YOU MAKE YOUR OWN SHIT like that mexican femboy nigger faggot told me to because he will nuke my house if i dare use his precious century old capeshit after it finally becomes public domain in 9000 years and that i should take the jab because otherwise im literally killing grandma
>>9714 Console is irrelevant, they would need a whole bunch of first and third party software to have a chance, nowadays when it's all about memberberries I don't think anyone can enter the market
>>9727 yes you're basically adding to my point, only already established giga kikes even have a chance at mainstream success because of how the system is set up, they have zero incentive to do shit about it
Open file (61.26 KB 637x680 cool sonic.jpg)
>>9729 But Sega has Sanic.
>>9731 okay what does that have to do with what im saying though also sonic would have better games and stories if it was public domain look at what happened to him in meta era or if you're one of those people, the "dark" era, sonic would be better off if it was public domain and free from the clutches of these companies, same as a lot of other franchises all sega is going to do with sonic is churn out more boost 2 win crap, ive been watching frontier's gameplay recently and the storytelling is as awful as always and a lot of the gameplay is boost2win and spam attack button >inb4 caring about story aesthetics matter and sonic stopped being cool years ago, sonic cutscenes nowadays feel like watching kindergarten cartoons and everything looks and feels like kiddie shit and anyways i think the boomer fucks at sega are happy just making games for other consoles, and they likely dont think starting a shitflinging competition with jewtendo is good for business
>>9732 >okay what does that have to do with what im saying though Sanic has more autists than any soytendo property
>>9736 sega doesnt know how to capitalize on it so whats the point, recently they've turned up the tism a bit but they're still playing it too safe, honestly to really capitalize on the autism of the fandom they should just do another game like shadow the hedgehog and add multiplayer to their games and sell skins but they havent because sega
>>9737 If Sega announces a new console and says it comes pre-installed with Sanic 2024 or whatever, they're guaranteed to sell more units than what Xbox struggles to sell now
>>9714 They already bent the knee to ESG so never.
>>9760 How so?
Open file (6.22 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>>9759 SEGA!
>>9716 >>9718 >>9719 epic schizorants, my man but the solution to IP cuckoldry is p simple: guerilla gamedev just develop games based on whatever you want and release them the problem is that faggots want shit like fame and recognition and also money so they cant resist the compulsion to slap their names on the game they make, instead of remaining anonymous and untraceable suppose some anonymous autismo made a pokemon game and release it as a torrent what the fuck is nintendo gonna do about it? who are they gonna sue? they are just gonna eat shit and seethe, thats all
Sega has a lot of first party Ips tho
Open file (3.12 MB 540x304 bioshock.webm)
>>9764 >epic schizorants, my man thanks ive already thought about the anonymous game publishing but the thing is it takes a fair bit of effort to make a game and we're in a soyciety where we drown in taxes and possibly debt + mortgage and the type of people willing to do shit like what you described are an extreme minority and anyways my point is ip cuckoldry shouldnt exist to begin with to this extent, copyright right now is completely fucked, i SHOULD be able to use ideas that have existed for decades and not get sued by some giga kike, and what worries me even more is the legal ambiguity that allows companies to screw people over SIMILARITIES or "the look and feel" of a product
Open file (107.90 KB 1920x1080 sees.mp4)

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