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Open file (1.45 MB 1650x1640 gynoid_anime.jpg)
Robowaifus in Media: Thread 02 Robowaifus in Media: Thread 02 01/14/2023 (Sat) 23:49:54 No.18711
Post about whatever media predominately features at least one fembot aka gynoid (female form of an android) as an important character, ideally a robowaifu or synthetic girlfriend. Some freedom with the topic is allowed, virtual waifus or bodiless AI might also qualify if she is female. Negative framing of the whole topic should be mentioned with negative sentiment. Cyborgs with a human brain or uploads of women don't really fit in, but if she's very nice (Alita) and maybe not a human based cyborg (catborg/netoborg) we can let it slide. Magical dolls have also been included in the past, especially when the guy had to hand-made them. Look through the old thread, it's worth it: >>82 - Picrel shows some of the more well know shows from a few years ago. I made a long list with links to more info's on most known anime shows about fembots/robowaifus, without hentai but including some ecchi and posted it here in the old thread: >>7008 - It also features some live-action shows and movies. I repost the updated list here, not claiming that it is complete, especially when it comes to live action and shows/movies we don't really like. >In some cases I can only assume that the show includes robogirls, since the show is about various robots, but I haven't seen it yet. A.D. Police Files: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/ad-police-files Andromeda Stories: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/andromeda-stories Angelic Layer: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/angelic-layer Armitage III: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/armitage-iii Azusa will help: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/azusa-will-help Blade Runner 2022: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/blade-runner-black-out-2022 Busou Shinki: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/busou-shinki-moon-angel Butobi CPU: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/buttobi-cpu Casshern Sins: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/casshern-sins Chobits: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/chobits Cutey Honey: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/cutey-honey Clockwork Planet: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/clockwork-planet Coyote Ragtime Show: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/coyote-ragtime-show Frame Arm Girls: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/frame-arms-girl Girls' Frontline: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/girls-frontline Heaven's Lost Property: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/heavens-lost-property Hi no Tori 2772 (Alt title: Phoenix 2772): https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/phoenix-2772 Ichigeki Sacchuu Hoihoi-san: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/ichigeki-sacchuu-hoihoi-san Iczer One: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/fight-iczer-one Indian Summer: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/indian-summer Key the Metal Idol: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/key-the-metal-idol Kowarekake no orgel: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/kowarekake-no-orgel Kurogane Communication: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/kurogane-communication Magical Pokan: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/magical-pokan Mahoromatic: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/mahoromatic Metropolis: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/metropolis Miss Monochrome: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/miss-monochrome No Game, No life: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/no-game-no-life Plastic Memories: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/plastic-memories Parasite Dolls: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/parasite-dolls Planetarian: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/planetarian Prima Doll: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/prima-doll Outlaw Star: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/outlaw-star Robot Carnival: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/robot-carnival Robot Girls Z: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/robot-girls-z Rozen Maiden: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/rozen-maiden Saber Marionette J: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/saber-marionette-j SoltyRei: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/solty-rei Steel Angel Kurumi: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/steel-angel-kurumi The Big O: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/the-big-o Time of Eve Movie: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/time-of-eve-movie ToHeart: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/to-heart-remember-my-memories Unbreakable Machine Doll: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/unbreakable-machine-doll Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/vivy-fluorite-eyes-song Voogi's Angel: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/voogies-angel Xenosaga: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/xenosaga Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/yokohama-kaidashi-kikou >Cyborgs/Netoborgs Cat Girl Nuku Nuku (Catgirl Cyborg, not a robot): https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/all-purpose-cultural-cat-girl-nuku-nuku-tv Pandora in the Crimson Shell: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/pandora-in-the-crimson-shell Pandora in the Crimson Shell - Ghost Urn: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/pandora-in-the-crimson-shell-ghost-urn Alita: Battle Angel (live-action) >Anime-Planet has some tags to find on-topic shows. However, some shows are missing the right ones or have wrong ones. Android is used as a generic term for humanoid robots. Cyborgs can be ones withna human brain or a human-like body but a CPU. Then there are shows which might have some fembot character, but it isn't the main protagonist. We don't need to go through all of them, if they have poor ratings. Some are also very short e.g. some with Drossel. Feel free to go through the lists, I just think some filtering makes sense. https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/tags/androids https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/tags/robots https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/tags/cyborgs Combined tags female robot: https://www.anime-planet.com/characters/all?gender_id=2&include_tags=212 >Robots raising children, not necessarily gynoids but shows I can recommend Kurogane Communication https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/kurogane-communication Eden: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/eden --- ALWAYS.SAVE.EVERYTHING. >=== -add thread subject -add 'save' memo -patch hotlink
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>>28524 Nah it was just my attempt to jokingly give perspective. Like I'll enjoy a nice story, but once its over I'll be bummed out, so I joked that since I can be like that with a cheerful story, then one specifically made to be sad would just kill me outright.
Open file (546.07 KB 4096x2903 1705140420212733.jpg)
Open file (58.76 KB 466x810 1704760895938145.jpg)
Open file (55.70 KB 500x636 1704647733533838.jpg)
Open file (128.86 KB 1416x2048 GD36KLQWAAA5pqY.jpeg)
Open file (385.54 KB 1000x1000 1705210058274682.jpg)
>>28524 Time of Eve the mini series. Not the abridged movie where the pace is too rushed.
>>28538 Catgirl Nuku Nuku is also rather lighthearted. The premise is very good, but the storytelling could really be better. Similar to Saber Marionette. But others like these more than I do. >>28559 >Time of Eve the mini series. It not about the pacing. The issue is, that it could be as well a western show, with the whole topic of oppression and robots wanting to be humans or something along those lines. I dislike in particular how much it comes up as a good example for a show about humanoid robots. I think I hate it.
>>18711 Do you think the OP pic should be updated? To include more anime that got recommended here. Also, there's are some non-Japanese movies, TV shows that are actually pro-AI/robots. Germananon recommended me "Better Than Us", a Russian TV show and its pretty good.
>>28570 >I think I hate it. While I don't go quite that far, I certainly understand your objections to the media. Slippery-slope is real.
Open file (928.62 KB 870x793 Screenshot_201.png)
Open file (950.46 KB 874x790 Screenshot_202.png)
Open file (234.81 KB 622x247 Screenshot_204.png)
>>28572 We can't update pictures of threads, only use a better one when we make the next thread. That said, I still don't have a simple software that makes these grid patterns. PhotoCollage on Linux doesn't make them equally spaced and I can't add names to each picture. I wish I had one which where I could select a grid pattern and it would re-arrange based on name, category or tags, like a website does. If you know such a software, please post it in the meta thread. Maybe using a anime website and making screenshots works best, but it's very sketchy.
>>28570 It's not entirely fair that. The rule broadly observed by Time of Eve is if you're going to wound-pick/look under the scab then do it deliberately/sensitively/carefully. What a western show does is start flailing all around inside the ugliness tent. No anaesthesia and no spared graces on behalf of the viewer. "You'll take your beratement and be grateful" style of delivery. It's one of the reasons why the moralizing is left a bit open ended even though the main character goes through the "look see he's got a redeeming side" arc. I'm still free to hate robowaifus at the end, if I want to be like that. Probably the wrong board for making that case, but being broadly left to make up my own mind on what I just saw is refreshing compared to being told what I'm supposed to be thinking all the time. >>28591 I'd pick a broad big res like ~2700-3400x and rows of 9x DVD-box style ratio slots, by however many columns down is practicable for those found so far and then make a blank template with it, then do some pixel accurate copy-paste to fill in the spaces. It doesn't get around manual inputting every time, but at least it's how I recall pulling display copies from the blockbuster shelf. I'd just want for the nostalgia more than making a useful infographic.
>>27563 But anon... *I* am that inner-city luddite hipster. AND I'm that mechanic. To what extent should it bother me that some characteristics conform to a trope or other? No, my paraffin lamp is not somehow better than (You) because kerosene smells, comes from big oil's spout out the ground and costs taxed/inflated money same as every other thing but you can see how somebody who's commit to having everything from the 30's could see someone else as less hardcore & more of a flake toward tech that's negative or does harm or are engineered entrapments in terms of your liberties. He's correct that old is gold and that you should try it, even if you don't agree on when the peak's been reached in western society. It's not outrageous at all to me because to me, being a hipster is an aesthetic. He wants to look a certain way, without really thinking or acting in that way. Attend the steam punk fair but never the traction engine fair. Look like a man from the 1870's but don't hold the opinions of one. If you do *anything* beyond that skin-deep veneer and you genuinely go and look then I'm impressed by it. Because again, he'll be right if he's said it; people flake, alter their appearance in lieu of laurels, and don't make a genuine go of their efforts. I haven't played this game/media you're reviewing, maybe they really are as one-dimensional as you say, maybe I am too, but the level of discernment or "I like what I like and nothing else" on this image board seems even higher than my own, and that's with me being one who refuses to join modernity until years after everyone else has gotten used to it already. Either it's the autism at work, or you've got board after board whose "dislike" list is even longer than mine when I'm already a mule that refuses to get on-board with anything. I like high discernment, it's great to have, but you're hating things that I'm not seeing as that bad.
Open file (7.50 KB 200x200 1440043351590.jpg)
>>28593 My issue isn't with the low-tech the MC uses. I've collected antiques for my entire life (and I mean that literally. Even when I was little, I bugged my parents to go to any antique store we passed), and nearly a quarter of my wardrobe is older than I am. My daily-drive watch is an early digital model made during the LED watch boom of the 70's. I unironically use vintage calculators for number crunching, including important shit that affects my life. And don't even get me started on my collection of vintage and antique figures, or vast amounts of other old tech I've owned over the years. Oh, and computers and a few typewriters, some of which I've used to write stories that I posted here. I get the aesthetic. I have no problems with it, and use it myself. My issue is with his insufferably holier-than-thou personality. I was not exaggerating in the least when I said that he shit-talks other people, just as often as not to their faces. He's an extremely hateful person. To give you an idea, he shit-talks other people just for using electronic clocks and watches, and jerks himself off for using a mechanical pocket watch (that he probably has to set to a digital clock every morning). Not just once, either. It's brought up multiple times, because the only thing he enjoys more than his old tech is hating other people for not using it. It got to the point where I actually forgot why he picked up the gynoid while I was playing the game, because he did nothing but shit-talk her every single second she was in-frame, and many long minutes when she was out-of-frame. I apologize for the confusion.
>>28597 Okay, this sounds awful.
>>28597 Hello Reviewbrah, I didn't know you were a fellow robautist.
>>28597 I'm sure glad you're on our team, Greentext anon! Cheers. :^)
Just finished reading ch4 of My Wife Has No Emotion. I remember I read some of it over a year ago, and the feels are just as strong now as then.
Apparently a based anon is posting 'The Big O' mango over on trash/retro/ : https://trashchan.xyz/retro/thread/9.html#3813
>>28739 I find that a very charming story. Enjoy your feels, Anon. :^)
>>28739 >>28783 Unfortunately it goes downhill fast in the later chapters.
>>28790 Yeah I still try to keep up with new chapters but they haven't really been hitting the spot for me for some time now
>>28790 >Unfortunately it goes downhill fast in the later chapters. I wonder what happened with the author to change it up, when it was such a pleasant basic premise to begin with?
Open file (274.88 KB 849x715 GDo3PINawAANpRy.png)
>>28799 At least the art is still cute
>>28799 >I wonder what happened with the author to change it up The author always wanted a dark and complex story. If you look through his other works, it's plain to see that it's his M.O. Many suspect that it was only cute in the beginning so that it'd reel in a massive audience, then he changed the script to fit his design once he got in a secure position. Personally though, I don't think the cute robowaifu stuff is going to go away completely. If the author removed it entirely, he'd lose most of his support. I expect that he's going to be juggling cute and gritty right up until the manga ends.
>>28801 Yes it is. >>28826 >I expect that he's going to be juggling cute and gritty right up until the manga ends. Well, I'm grateful for what I consider the good bits at least. It's an appealing idea for most anons, I think. Cheers, lads.
>>28591 >>18711 I just saw Plastic Memories. That was a great recommendation. Thank you. I'm going to go cry now.
>>29094 Lol. Sorry anon ;~; It's one of the very few (only 2) animus I refuse to watch twice. You'll find something more cheery soon, I promise! :D
>>29105 What was the other one? I don't mind having a show leave me sad. I realized recently that I don't expect human relationships to ever make me feel so attached. It's nice to know that I can feel that way, even if it's only through a story. It gives me hope that a relationship with an AI could be far more than I could expect from one with a human.
>>29116 Grave of the Fireflies. Yes, don't lose your humanity in all this wretched sea of our battles for humanity during Current Year. Stay strong, Anon. Cheers. :^)
Open file (631.21 KB 1024x576 constrained_(resized).png)
>>29105 >You'll find something more cheery soon, I promise! :D Yeah, if he watches the whole list there might be something cheery in there. But even then, it might have some sad elements. I like shows with sad elements. Btw, this above really isn't a full list of recommendations. For example, I really like "Iczer One: Fight!!" though it generally doesn't have a good rating. There are also some shows with a good masculine AI (side) character like in picrel show (Gargantia).
Some more manga. I've only read Daddy's and Bug. This is basically a bump for the new anon. A Story About a Droid A droid picked up an abandoned child and decided to raise it. https://mangadex.org/title/4bbbcf1a-f207-4d25-8be0-f08633b0947e/a-story-about-a-droid A Story About Becoming the New Master of an Abandoned Maid-Type Android Another tras-pic tale. https://mangadex.org/title/e101a6a1-defe-4fec-9a39-294038908d3d/a-story-about-becoming-the-new-master-of-an-abandoned-maid-type-android Daddy's Sexy Doll Man buys sexbot to replace deceased wife, reprograms it as also maid. Young Daughter sees sex act, is confused and wants "affection" too. GL https://mangadex.org/title/c61cee19-903d-4ec4-b5f6-58b31c1345cb/daddy-s-sexy-dolls Erio and the Electric Doll The story centers around Anjie, an electric doll, and Erio, a human raised by her. In order for Erio to experience the outside world, the two set out on a journey. https://mangadex.org/title/21699dbf-c427-41d8-bbcf-c7cbd1755615/erio-and-the-electric-doll Housekeeper In the near future where Android (A.I) becomes common among humans, a virus outbreak suddenly occurred, turning over 70% humanity into zombie-like "Creatures." The A.I soon break away from their infected owners since they're not programmed to recognize "Creatures" as humans, but one of them, the housekeeper Hasty, acted otherwise when her infected young master, Neville's final words struck something in her. Sticking with him after all other humans have been infected in the area they're living in, Hasty vows to do whatever it takes to cure master Neville, even if she has to fight against the whole world who's now looking to exterminate all Creatures to cut off the infection source completely. https://mangadex.org/title/bb24ecc9-155b-448d-aa74-bf31eb25e480/housekeeper >>27582 Androids Do Not Bug - One-shot - A girl finds a broken android with a final request. This is the one-shot posted earlier, a link to share. https://mangadex.org/title/1a7c7789-8f3c-4dab-bbd6-a188929f4778/android-wa-bug-wo-shiranai
>>18949 >>18960 It would be interesting to see something made by multiple people from here coming together like a think tank and talking about ideas of what the plot/script is etc and then they make it together and publish it
Lonely Professor and Robot Girl's Despair-Like Utopia Funny slice of life about a professor and his robot girl. Made by the man who'd later write Frieren. https://mangadex.org/title/28b75755-00ba-4f2a-940f-dd13cff066e9/bocchi-hakase-to-robot-shoujo-no-zetsubou-teki-utopia
Open file (120.47 KB 1920x1080 ChloeDetroitBecomeHuman.jpg)
Chloe from Detroit Become Human, she’s cute! I chose the ending where Connor stops the Robo Revolution haha
Open file (3.91 MB 450x338 Assaultron.gif)
Assaultron from Fallout
>>29554 Hey, thanks!! I found all of those on Anime Planet, except: "Androids Do Not Bug" - also "Erio and Electric Doll" is without the "the" in the name. While searching I also found: >Do Androids Dream of Love? >Androids Don't Look Back Not sure if they have been mentioned in some thread already. >>29560 >Frieren Oh, wow, this is from the same guy? I have this on my want to read list but getting distracted too often. >>29558 Yes, we have at least two threads related to that: >>29 and >>19295 - But please keep in mind, we're mostly here to make real gynoids, not just delving more and more in fiction and role-play.
Open file (54.40 KB 150x414 LobcorpAngelaNormal.png)
Just came across this: >Angela (Korean: 안젤라) appears in both Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina, in Lobotomy Corporation, she is an artificial intelligence who acts as the player's assistant. In Library of Ruina, she acts as The Library's director. https://projectmoon.miraheze.org/wiki/Angela
>>29597 Only a place-holder page for it on Mangadex as "Wonderlab" so far.
Pygmalion and Galatea, old myth I think it’s relevant
Open file (826.56 KB 1920x1080 wp7567671.png)
Riruru from "Doraemon: Nobita and the New Steel Troops—Winged Angels"
Some more manga: Does it Count if You Lose Your Virginity to an Android? The saucy cohabitation story of an android and an office lady who lives alone. https://mangadex.org/title/143a116f-8e1d-4f9b-9794-9fb8fc8f56dc/android-wa-keiken-ninzuu-ni-hairimasu-ka Heaven's Little Garden - One-shot A world where humankind was almost destroyed by the nuclear war. Lily, a girl who hides under a cliff, and Selene, an android who serves her. Selene was the only support and love for Lily, who lives with the faint hope of "living on earth again someday." The end-of-life GL story of "Android x Girl" presented by the creator of "Kowamoto-kun's Maiden Alliance" and "Alice's Paradise". https://mangadex.org/title/9079d555-d7e1-4b0f-bb7a-8a1e04e01aac/heaven-s-little-garden Life on an Uninhabited Planet with an Android A daily twitter comic in the form of a log, about an old man and his android stranded on an uninhabited planet. https://mangadex.org/title/01d3fdf8-af8b-43c8-815d-9d4a55407788/life-on-an-uninhabited-planet-with-an-android Love Data This is a yuri love story between a human and an android. https://mangadex.org/title/3d5fabc9-1dbc-46da-bc3b-e03e0f2de9e7/love-data Princess of Cathedral A world where machine civilization has perished and immortal monsters called "Monotsuki" are rampant. Isana, a girl born in a remote village, meets a mechanical person who lost her memories and looks exactly like her sister, who should have disappeared in the ruins she wandered into. Convinced that "My sister is alive," Isana gives the mechanical person the name "Hime" (princess) and together they set out on a journey to find her sister. https://mangadex.org/title/ef3a66a4-010f-4930-b6d4-0ff28b0ceed5/garan-no-hime
>>29588 >Do Androids Dream of Love? This one is about a girl and a male android.
>>29641 I doubt that I have time to dig into every such story. But, thanks anyways. >Princess of Cathedral These arms are a bit too weird. >>29643 Ah, thanks.
>>18711 >Hentai games Robolife 1 and 2. They both have multiple ending branches, you can work to earn money to develop more parts to increase stats. The hentai scenes are pretty good.
OP is mistaken. I do not recall any robot girl in No Game No Life. The robot girl is in movie No Game No Life: Zero which is a prequel that has different characters. The two main characters really should have been the main characters of the whole series since they are more interesting. https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/no-game-no-life-zero
>>30344 You're right, season one is really good (though not for everyone), but there's no gynoid. She's in the sequel movie. Still waiting for the sequel for the show.
>>30359 I'd say if someone didn't even like the show they might enjoy the movie still.
>>30361 Yeah, that's a good point. >No Game No Life: Zero
>>30423 EXCITING! Thanks, Anon. Hopefully they'll keep things upbeat and more like Chobits for the animu! Cheers. :^)
Open file (93.80 KB 700x1004 17.jpg)
Open file (88.50 KB 700x1004 18.jpg)
Open file (86.92 KB 700x1004 19.jpg)
Open file (70.15 KB 700x1004 20.jpg)
>>30848 One of my favorite seires as well. >upbeat I don't mind drama, I think stories do better if they have ups and downs. What I'm not looking forward to are the meandering school club plots and the Martians that look like squidbillies. I thought the martians were just squid-themed robots for a food truck but apparently they're actually aliens. The whole martian arc was kinda confusing for me. The kidnapping arc was also messy in so far as telling what the hell was going on. I got the gist of what story they were trying to tell but hopefully, it translates better on the anime. I'd like for the dub to be decent but I'm afraid they're going to insert trans VA's into it like they did for Delicious in Dungeon. The sub will be safe at least. My favorite part of the series is when Mina goes into the machine learning and logical processes. The little hints of there being something more even if the waifu itself doesn't realize it. Even if it ends up being a red herring and it's not a short circuit kind of situation I would be fine with that. If a bot malfunctioning makes it behave more like how I want it to, I don't consider that a bug, but a feature.
>>30854 >My favorite part of the series is when Mina goes into the machine learning and logical processes. The little hints of there being something more even if the waifu itself doesn't realize it. Even if it ends up being a red herring and it's not a short circuit kind of situation I would be fine with that. Yeah, that's wonderful stuff. As part of this remarkable group here on /robowaifu/ with the audacity and balls to try and tackle these very issues headon in the real-world, I have a natural affinity for these sorts of things. The Nipponese VAs on the teaser sound like normal humans. I too would be offended if the dub uses some faggot for the main protag (or anywhere else, for that matter). Let's hope not! :D I think the producers probably don't fully realize yet what a positive potential impact this series represents for the millions of us men who know about the concept of robowaifus now. They could use this animu to launch this entire property into a smash success if they play their cards right. But, IMO that will depend entirely on whether they stay true to it's Japanese roots, or if -- like so many other completely-sh*te series being produced during CY (including vidya, mango, and animu) -- they try to pander to what they think the GH Western-media evildoers are telling them we all """want""" (ie; quadruple-down on the pozz). I suppose time will tell... but let us here hope for the best instead! :D Regardless, thanks for bringing this new production to all our attentions, Anon! Cheers. :^) >=== -prose edit
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