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Open file (1.45 MB 1650x1640 gynoid_anime.jpg)
Robowaifus in Media: Thread 02 Robowaifus in Media: Thread 02 01/14/2023 (Sat) 23:49:54 No.18711
Post about whatever media predominately features at least one fembot aka gynoid (female form of an android) as an important character, ideally a robowaifu or synthetic girlfriend. Some freedom with the topic is allowed, virtual waifus or bodiless AI might also qualify if she is female. Negative framing of the whole topic should be mentioned with negative sentiment. Cyborgs with a human brain or uploads of women don't really fit in, but if she's very nice (Alita) and maybe not a human based cyborg (catborg/netoborg) we can let it slide. Magical dolls have also been included in the past, especially when the guy had to hand-made them. Look through the old thread, it's worth it: >>82 - Picrel shows some of the more well know shows from a few years ago. I made a long list with links to more info's on most known anime shows about fembots/robowaifus, without hentai but including some ecchi and posted it here in the old thread: >>7008 - It also features some live-action shows and movies. I repost the updated list here, not claiming that it is complete, especially when it comes to live action and shows/movies we don't really like. >In some cases I can only assume that the show includes robogirls, since the show is about various robots, but I haven't seen it yet. A.D. Police Files: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/ad-police-files Andromeda Stories: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/andromeda-stories Angelic Layer: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/angelic-layer Armitage III: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/armitage-iii Azusa will help: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/azusa-will-help Blade Runner 2022: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/blade-runner-black-out-2022 Busou Shinki: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/busou-shinki-moon-angel Butobi CPU: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/buttobi-cpu Casshern Sins: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/casshern-sins Chobits: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/chobits Cutey Honey: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/cutey-honey Clockwork Planet: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/clockwork-planet Coyote Ragtime Show: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/coyote-ragtime-show Frame Arm Girls: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/frame-arms-girl Girls' Frontline: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/girls-frontline Heaven's Lost Property: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/heavens-lost-property Hi no Tori 2772 (Alt title: Phoenix 2772): https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/phoenix-2772 Ichigeki Sacchuu Hoihoi-san: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/ichigeki-sacchuu-hoihoi-san Iczer One: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/fight-iczer-one Indian Summer: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/indian-summer Key the Metal Idol: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/key-the-metal-idol Kowarekake no orgel: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/kowarekake-no-orgel Kurogane Communication: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/kurogane-communication Magical Pokan: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/magical-pokan Mahoromatic: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/mahoromatic Metropolis: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/metropolis Miss Monochrome: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/miss-monochrome No Game, No life: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/no-game-no-life Plastic Memories: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/plastic-memories Parasite Dolls: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/parasite-dolls Planetarian: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/planetarian Prima Doll: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/prima-doll Outlaw Star: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/outlaw-star Robot Carnival: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/robot-carnival Robot Girls Z: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/robot-girls-z Rozen Maiden: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/rozen-maiden Saber Marionette J: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/saber-marionette-j SoltyRei: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/solty-rei Steel Angel Kurumi: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/steel-angel-kurumi The Big O: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/the-big-o Time of Eve Movie: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/time-of-eve-movie ToHeart: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/to-heart-remember-my-memories Unbreakable Machine Doll: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/unbreakable-machine-doll Vivy: Fluorite Eye's Song: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/vivy-fluorite-eyes-song Voogi's Angel: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/voogies-angel Xenosaga: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/xenosaga Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/yokohama-kaidashi-kikou >Cyborgs/Netoborgs Cat Girl Nuku Nuku (Catgirl Cyborg, not a robot): https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/all-purpose-cultural-cat-girl-nuku-nuku-tv Pandora in the Crimson Shell: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/pandora-in-the-crimson-shell Pandora in the Crimson Shell - Ghost Urn: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/pandora-in-the-crimson-shell-ghost-urn Alita: Battle Angel (live-action) >Anime-Planet has some tags to find on-topic shows. However, some shows are missing the right ones or have wrong ones. Android is used as a generic term for humanoid robots. Cyborgs can be ones withna human brain or a human-like body but a CPU. Then there are shows which might have some fembot character, but it isn't the main protagonist. We don't need to go through all of them, if they have poor ratings. Some are also very short e.g. some with Drossel. Feel free to go through the lists, I just think some filtering makes sense. https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/tags/androids https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/tags/robots https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/tags/cyborgs Combined tags female robot: https://www.anime-planet.com/characters/all?gender_id=2&include_tags=212 >Robots raising children, not necessarily gynoids but shows I can recommend Kurogane Communication https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/kurogane-communication Eden: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/eden --- ALWAYS.SAVE.EVERYTHING. >=== -add thread subject -add 'save' memo -patch hotlink
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 10/14/2023 (Sat) 05:44:28.
>Live Action (often with negative framing, but some have positives elements to it) Alita: Battle Angel (live-action version) Terminator SCC https://terminator.fandom.com/wiki/Terminator:_The_Sarah_Connor_Chronicles Turbo Kid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFlZ6pVtnv0 Tomorrowland (2015): Inspiring fembot in a child-like body, movie might have a lot of Illuminati symbolic. Raised by Wolves BetterThan Us (from Russia) Her (nice voice, but that's it) M3gan: Robot raising a child, but a western horror movie from 2023, so with a negative framing >Some shows might have sequels or prequels, I didn't put in the links for those. You'll need to look on your own if there's more based on a show you like. Example: Armitage III - Poly Matrix: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/armitage-iii-poly-matrix Armitage III - Dual Matrix: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/armitage-iii-dual-matrix >Then there might be other shows including NPCs, like Overlord: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/overlord >Games Nier Automata is the most mentioned. The old Westwood Blade Runner features one gynoid that can be saved. Turbo Kid game is in the making, might include a synthetic girlfriend, maybe even Apple. There are plenty of visual novels, hentai or dating games with some kind of synthetic girlfriend or robowaifu. More, and discussions on a lot of the mentioned franchises, in the old thread: >>82 >Manga My Wife Has No Emotion - Alt title: Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai https://www.anime-planet.com/manga/my-wife-has-no-emotion Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou https://www.anime-planet.com/manga/yokohama-kaidashi-kikou Chobits https://www.anime-planet.com/manga/chobits Two search options with tags, seems to be the same results: Tags: Robots, Interspecies Relationship https://www.anime-planet.com/manga/all?include_tags=1202,212&exclude_tags=1036 Tags: Interspecies Relationship https://www.anime-planet.com/manga/all?include_tags=280,1202&exclude_tags=1036 Boylove (BL) was excluded in both cases. If you have the money, maybe rather buy your manga. I think this goes even more directly to the creators of the franchise than anime, since there are fewer or no additional people involved. Images for manga can be seen here (>>19367) >=== -add manga listing
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/31/2023 (Tue) 22:06:22.
Excellent OPs Anon, thanks!
>>18697 >I have given up on any futuristic movies from the West. It's all retarded dystopian liberal propaganda. This. When it comes to AI -- and particularly when it's 'attached' to a robot -- TPTB want nothing more than to incite FUD in the masses. However, I do note that they are quite happy to use it for themselves, ofc. :^) >Japanese anime seems to be the only place where we get a more optimistic outlook on the future, not to mention robowaifus. Chobits is a favorite for me for several reasons (even if it's far from perfect). One of the major reasons is that the ending is a bright promise, and a happy future for both Hideki and Chii! >=== -minor fmt, sp edit -add 'anime' quote
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/15/2023 (Sun) 02:23:48.
>>18702 Yeah, I know they're not optimistic movies but I still love them. Aside from the unironic "literally me", they're still works of art. Most futuristic movies are nowhere near as good looking as them. Every frame could be a wallpaper. Also, atleast in the OG Blade Runner, the protagonist runs away with the replicant and in 2049, there's much more sympathy for the replicants.
Just checked out Transcendence. I was told this was actually a pro-AI movie. ofc it turned out just how they all turned out. I'm not even mad. In a way, it was a pro-AI movie. Literally everything Will did was helping humanity. I'd be more than happy to occassionally connect to a hivemind if it meant I could be functionally immortal with no disease and regeneration capabilities. I literally can't think of a single point the humans made that would make me join them over the AI Will. And to put the cherry on the cake, Will got betrayed by the foid he loved and that ultimately led to his death. Ofcourse it turned out in the end, it really was Will and everything he did was in fact for the benefit of humanity. All in all, this is actually a pro-AI movie, just not people think. It shows how humans are unreasonably afraid of tech they don't understand and that fear holds them back from things that could clearly benefit them. A succint commentary of irl big companies and luddites lobotomizing, nerfing and closing down new technologies, especially nuclear technology and AI.
Open file (906.22 KB 1920x1080 lets_do_it.png)
>>18943 >Transcendence. I was told this was actually a pro-AI movie Lol, I was in cinema back then and regretted it. No, it's not pro-AI and that's actually quite obvious in the trailer if I recall correctly. Rule of thumb: - Western movies or shows only take a positive perspective on some AI if the topic AI is not the center of the story and/or not if it's not a big mainstream movie or show. - Even if some story is somewhat positive about some AI or even about gynoids, it is mostly about some other AI being bad and the gynoid being independent. Also in all cases I recall it's about a apocalypse, post-apocalypse or dystopia. It might also be positive, till some twist at the end telling that real women are better or AI bad. - The existing tv shows have been canceled prematurely, but might have gone the same negative direction anyways if this wouldn't have happened. - If it will ever be positive in any future story, it will be about empowering women, some minority, or solving the worlds problems like hunger and poverty, not about improving the quality of life of (white) men. - The reason why this might change at some point is the increasing availability of tools to tell the stories we want. Audiobooks with some AI generated illustrations might currently be the most viable but still ambitious way to go. Tbh, there also isn't that much good anime with a self-confident male owner of a gynoid and the gynoid being submissive, using her for sex (at least implied) or at least as a girlfriend on a emotional basis, and the story also being good. Some anime ticks some of these boxes, that's it.
>>18946 >Some anime ticks some of these boxes, that's it. I thought Dear Marie did a pretty good job of it tbh. And ofc Chobits is basically a utopia of sorts, where humanoid companion robots have been completely-integrated into practially all modern society. There was a weird twist about both Freya, and then Elda offing themselves, but Chii finally pulled it out and rejoined Hideki in the end for a very positive final moment. All in all it's just about the best robowaifu media out there IMO. I basically agree with you Anon that we here, or our adjacent cadres, should seriously consider creating our own highly pro-robowaifu media perhaps.
>>18949 >I thought Dear Marie did a pretty good job of it tbh. Yes, that's why I picked the picture. Buttobi CPU (the anime of it) is one the best in that regards. However, they guy is still rather shy, at least at the beginning of the story.
>>18949 >>18955 Hopefully with all the new text to video and other AI generative models coming out, I don't see why we can't make our own anime and movies. Maybe it won't be a one person job but hopefully the AI models will seriously cut down on manpower and money requirements, making it easier for collaborative projects just like the one we got going here.
>>18960 I realized a while ago that because early synthetic voices might still sound a bit artificial, this might even lead to more robot protagonists in stories coming from such small producers. So they can use these voices and don't need voice actors, but also these voices don't need to sound perfectly human.
>>18976 wasn't there recently an AI model called VALL-E that can accurately replicate voices with very small amounts of data?
>>18977 Yes, three seconds of sauce audio was the claim by M$ (>>18605).
>>18985 nobody has tried it out yet?
>>18992 Someone here might have, but I'm unaware of their report on it if so. But I'm quite sure in the broader waifu communities that someone aligned with us has already. The Ponies, for instance, would be on top of this fairly quickly I expect. Do you have the resources to try it out Anon? If so, why not give it a shot.
>>18997 I have an absolute potato 2GB VRAM laptop only, so no, I unfortunately can't try it. I guess once again, we must place our hopes on the furries and bronies.
>>18999 >I guess once again, we must place our hopes on the furries and bronies. Haha, fair enough. I'm sure some of us here will test it out eventually Anon. Patience. :^)
>>18992 I'm getting my GPU soon and might look into it. We are getting OT here, btw. However, if the existing voices are already more natural then they the current situation for small content producers is even better.
https://v.redd.it/j4qulsumi0ea1 This could work out very well 2 papers down the line. I listened to some other demos and they sound very well. We'll definitely get a viable VA model by 2025.
Apparently there's a 'massage robot' robowaifu in Ueno-san wa Bukiyou?
>>19011 >We'll definitely get a viable VA model by 2025. That will be great!
There will be a Turbo Kid game: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1733250/Turbo_Kid/ https://www.turbokidgame.com/en/home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jt6Qh4bxim8 I think I SAW HER in the trailer... at least in the one on Steam. >Like the Metroidvanias of old, TURBO KID allows you to explore the different zones and defeat bosses in the order you see fit, favoring exploration and discovery over a linear narrative. Over the course of the game, you will also be asked to make personal and moral choices that will affect the process of the game allowing for multiple playthroughs with different paths and outcomes.
Open file (17.68 KB 374x285 M3GAN.jpg)
M3GAN was a fun movie. I was shocked by how much they got right. Her actuators and battery are the usual fantasy of being incredibly powerful despite their tiny size. I was particularly surprised to see her draw in the same way a real robot arm moves. There's a line in the movie where things suddenly become more fantastical, at which point she becomes evil for contrived reasons that don't make sense. Was a really fun dumb movie. Opened my eyes to the real problems of tech addiction. It is vital that robot waifus have some mechanisms to improve their users mental health.
>>19224 >There will be a Turbo Kid game Sweet! They Better Have Apple In It! :^) >>19242 >...at which point she becomes evil for contrived reasons that don't make sense. I personally consider it highly-likely it's more of the same, tired old Westernized contrivance of >AI bad bad bad -- must lock in prison!1111 >AI+Robot!? NUUUUUUU!111111111 Help police!??? It's all a long string of brainwashing against the masses Anon. We're here to show people a better way than the Globohomo's way. >It is vital that robot waifus have some mechanisms to improve their users mental health. While I don't think I agree it's by any means 'vital', it's certainaly well-advised IMO. The relationship ideals for a robowaifu will empower men to the best they can be!
>>19244 >They Better Have Apple In It! :^) We will bully them until the story is about getting her back and she's still a nice one. >It's all a long string of brainwashing against the masses Anon. It's probably just because the guy behind it has a background in horror movies (like Saw and Anabelle).
>>19270 >We will bully them until the story is about getting her back This! :^) >and she's still a nice one. Ahh. There's the rub during Current Year, isn't it? >It's probably just because the guy behind it has a background in horror movies (like Saw and Anabelle). No doubt, but who bankrolled this film? Why is """horror""" such a consistently-assigned genre to what should in fact be uplifting (or at the least exciting & engaging, like Alita) humanoid robotics films, Anon? The ratio probably hovers around 50:1 on the evil side (sauce: Anon's butt :^). This isn't a statistically-neutral occurance, but is obviously being dictated to by TPTB in the West. >=== -add funpost spoiler -minor prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/29/2023 (Sun) 16:41:22.
>>19272 >Ahh. There's the rub during Current Year, isn't it? Remaining live-action franchises with positive framing of female robots as companions or raising children: - Turbo Kid (potentially) - Raised by Wolves (debatable, she has no human husband and is strong and independent, also show canceled, but likely to go on in some way) ------- - Alita is strictly speaking a human-brained cyborg and there's still no sequel announced - The TSCC timeline could get picked up as a game or so, but the actress retired. Also, towards the end the show went into a direction towards telling the story of the human female after which the beloved gynoid was shaped. Did I miss anything? >No doubt, but who bankrolled this film? Fair argument, but fun fact: The movie was sooo cheap that they likely didn't need a lot of investment from the outside. Maybe the guys were already rich before. I mean, there wasn't just one Saw movie for example. Now, in cinemas alone this movie grossed 10x of the production costs (without advertising, which wasn't that expensive).
>>19279 >Did I miss anything? Haha OK, you win Anon. :^) As discussed, we should all seriously consider creating our own 10x-super-pro-robowaifu shorts or something? I'll work on the logo.
>>19244 It was surprisingly a yandere robot. The robot recognized the daughter as her primary user, and became violently protective of her. Made some vague allusions to her having access to the internet and the corruption of innocence from how death and killing is portrayed online. Honetly though, it felt like they had a good engineer providing feedback and he struggled to find a way to make the robot evil, so they went with internet and attachment bad. >>19272 To give them some credit, there was a masculine giant robot named Bruce that saved the day at the end. So, having some mecha representation was based. >>19280 Making our own media is incredibly important.Actually, M3GAN really got my noggin' joggin' on just how fundamentally important it is to create a brand and use it to control perception and build general acceptance and mindshare. Maybe we should make a new thread for this.
>>19288 >Honetly though, it felt like they had a good engineer providing feedback and he struggled to find a way to make the robot evil, so they went with internet and attachment bad. Yeah that's a really good point. I'm inclined to think you're right. >Maybe we should make a new thread for this. Yeah maybe we should Kiwi. I feel a little demotivated to tackle it ATM. I'd suggest some anon who feels inclined to get it rolling, then we can all join in? Sorry for being such a lazy, impertinent boor. >[spoiler] Please use teh sooper-ossum opening pics for baking bread, OK Mooveh-Anon? :^) >[/spoiler] >=== -add 'you're right' quote+cmnt
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/29/2023 (Sun) 19:34:30.
>>19279 Actually, I forgot something. Survival rate: Cyborgs (1), Gynoids (0), Feminism (95%) >>19288 >Maybe we should make a new thread for this. As soon as someone has something with audio or video. At least an audio story with several acceptable voices and (AI) illustrations or animations.
>>19279 >Now, in cinemas alone this movie grossed 10x of the production costs (without advertising, which wasn't that expensive). Kind of occurs to me that whopping return rate is probably a direct result of the pent-up demand for robowaifus by the general population of men, honestly (even if it's just subconcious at this stage). Most females there probably went b/c weird fetishes or something, but I'd wager that almost all the males actually want some kind of a 'living doll', and this is simply a realistic-looking one. Now imagine if they all got their heads around loving robowaifus, instead of 'latest-in-the-hack-n-slash-saga-of-ai-bad-robots-bad-bad-bad'? Time to crank up the presses, Meta Ronin & the boys :^)
>>19292 >As soon as someone has something with audio or video. At least an audio story with several acceptable voices and (AI) illustrations or animations. With all due respect Anon, why wait? Story is always first, and it directly drives both character/environment developments, as well as (typically,) cast selection at the later stages of it's pre-production phase. We already have at least one top-flight writer frequenting this board, probably more. In fact his last installment of his series might be a very good (though possibly rather complex) place to start (>>18926)? Who knows, but Kiwi is right IMO: >"...could use you to help make waifu propagan-I mean media." (>>19291) >tl;dr Don't wait Anons. >ttl;dr Story is king. It all starts with story. --- > pre-production -> production -> post-production < that's the proper order >=== -minor prose, fmt edit -text rearrangment -add 'ttl;dr' cmnt
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/29/2023 (Sun) 22:08:30.
Open file (595.74 KB 720x712 1517691976181.png)
>>19294 I'd be more than happy to convert some of my stories into playscript format if someone here decides that they want to make videos out of them. I think that stories 1, 2, 3, and 8 from the Alt. History series would be the easiest to adapt, in addition to the Dead Hill duology and New Registration. Alt. History 4, 5, 6, and 7 would be very complicated, as they would involve more characters and scene changes. Allied Mothercomputer would be very involved, but certainly doable if I treat it as a scene exploration with omnipresent exposition. Alternatively, I could crank out some new short stories in playscript format and save the trouble of adapting.
>>19242 >There's a line in the movie where things suddenly become more fantastical, at which point she becomes evil for contrived reasons that don't make sense. So many movies do this. There needs to be a name for this phenomenon where the story goes from plausible to fantastical
>>19296 >Alternatively, I could crank out some new short stories in playscript format and save the trouble of adapting. I would suggest this approach for starters. We're effectively trying to wrangle together an ad hoc & loosely-coupled, distributed production team & system from scratch here -- simpler is definitely better to begin with. Here's the premise for the new short: >"a short about a young man building a small [robowaifu] cat girl and learning to understand her love. Importantly, she will be very limited, in the same way our first models will be. To set certain expectations." >"the slow and simple robowaifus that can exist have their own charm." >"Let's show the world the [robowaifu] love that will soon exist." (>>19295) And really no more that just a handful of scenes would be my recommendation to start with for this initial effort. --- >note: BTW everyone Let's move further discussion about this project over into it's proper thread now, please. (>>19295). >=== -minor fmt, clarification -add relo note
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/30/2023 (Mon) 12:26:36.
>>19301 >There needs to be a name for this phenomenon where the story goes from plausible to fantastical While not necessarily this specifically, there's a plot-device named deus ex machina where the solution suddenly appears 'out of the sky from God'. It goes back at least to the Shakespearean times, and probably much earlier.
>>19296 Could you make a story that could be recorded in a house with one Anon and his waifu? A very limited waifu mind you. Would be best to post it in the new media thread. >>19301 Closest thing I can think of is "jumping the shark"
>>18711 >No manga Yeah, yeah, nobody likes reading anything anymore. I can list two that are the more thought provoking. Latin, which is a short story about a homeless gynoid. Then Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai, which should be a requirement for anyone going into the philosophical aspects of robots. It starts kind of slow and typical sit-com. But it gradually begins to ask the questions you wouldn't expect. There isn't one perspective either, later on you get the views on those who oppose robots and the view points of the robots themselves.
>>19344 I didn't have "photo collage" installed when making this thread. It's just the header, you can promote manga here. Games are also not represented in the header as this kind of grid. There are also many shows I like which are not in this grid overview. >Post about whatever media predominately I wish I had a program which would do this in some easy way. Photo collage doesn't allow simply naming the pictures like in the grid above. Fell free to make you own, though this leads to the next problem. Most mangas in such a list would also be on the anime grid already. >nobody likes reading anything anymore I like it, but I don't find the time. Or it's because I read things like here in the forum already. Anime is for doing something else than reading from time to time. I have both of your mangas on my reading list and still plan to read them. >>19301 >So many movies do this. There needs to be a name for this phenomenon where the story goes from plausible to fantastical Idk, surrealism isn't it, I guess. There it is meant to be kinda obvious and probably to make fun of the absurdity of our reality. Taking a dive into the fantastic is what I would call it.
>>19344 >Then Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai Yeah I love that one. >No manga Good point. We definitely should have as section on it. Some Anon please make a good list and I'll edit into the OPs. Preferably with links that let you read them. >=== -add links rqst
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/31/2023 (Tue) 13:17:36.
>>19349 >Some Anon please make a good list and I'll edit into the OPs. Ahh, now I get it, it was about the list. Not the picture. All the animes have probably some manga, and the other ones we talked about aren't that many. So I can do that (not for reading).
>>19349 My Wife Has No Emotion - Alt title: Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai https://www.anime-planet.com/manga/my-wife-has-no-emotion Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou https://www.anime-planet.com/manga/yokohama-kaidashi-kikou Chobits https://www.anime-planet.com/manga/chobits Two search options with tags, seems to be the same results: Tags: Robots, Interspecies Relationship https://www.anime-planet.com/manga/all?include_tags=1202,212&exclude_tags=1036 Tags: Interspecies Relationship https://www.anime-planet.com/manga/all?include_tags=280,1202&exclude_tags=1036 Boylove (BL) was excluded in both cases. If you have the money, maybe rather buy your manga. I think this goes even more directly to the creators of the franchise than anime, since there are fewer or no additional people involved.
>>19367 Thanks Anon! I've adde your list onto the other. Sadly, I can't put your great images there, but I linked to your post from there. In the next thread, we can probably mix them together better than my ad-hoc edit. Thanks again.
>>19370 That's fine. I knew the pics can't be changed. Fun fact: If I also had excluded GL (girl love) then circa one third of the list would be gone. That aside, some of them look quite interesting, maybe especially the dystopian or post-apocalyptic ones. Real Maid (Alt title: Shuukan Real Maid) looks like it has a very /robowaifu/ story: >Skeptical yet tempted, Yuichi clicks on the order button for a "Real Maid" free trial kit. Week by week, new parts of the kit are sent to Yuichi's place, beginning with the hands and feet, then the torso, then finally the maid parts. As Yuichi puts them all together, he is astonished to find a "real" maid walking and talking before his very eyes. All was good until that one fateful day... That said, it's also labeled as comedy, and this can easily end up being silly. Out of experience I'm generally careful about the combo between ecchi and comedy. Doesn't really matter, since I have not time to read it anytime soon and I even still have to read the more important ones. My Wife is Unqualified (Alt titles: Jiao Qi Chu Chang Bu He Ge, My Nonstandard Android Wife) >Having been a mature technology, the "artificial human" is, however, forbidden by many countries through the promulgation of various decrees. In the circle of wealthy, nonetheless, "artificial human" are still being produced by many companies secretly to meet the needs of the rich. LOL. >Artificial mates become a fashion trend! But... my wife seems to be unqualified! Okay, now I know they're lurking here. That said, there are way more stories about "androids" to be found there. Feel free to explore the results following the tags (if you have nothing better to do or would do something more useful anyways). I indicated other tags in my anime list in OP, e.g. magical dolls, also I left out cyborgs.
>>19373 >Real Maid (Alt title: Shuukan Real Maid) looks like it has a very /robowaifu/ story: That's actually kinda neat. I don't imagine that typical Anon Sixpack would want to stretch out kit parts deliveries (maybe I'm wrong here though), but it's obvious that the actual Garage Anon robowaifu creators are going to have much of a drawn-out progression until we achieve suitable effectiveness in our devising of companion robots. I hope to see a big mango/animu that really digs into this latter idea and brings out the technical aspects of it in a positive light. Something that would inspire makers in general, but Anon in particular! Nice summaries, Anon. Thanks! >=== -minor prose edit
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>>19375 >I don't imagine that typical Anon Sixpack would want to stretch out kit parts deliveries I don't see where this is stated? Just... >Twenty-five year-old Yuichi Sato lives the life of a plain-old businessman. That said, I think especially early models will be like that and later it's about getting bigger pre-assembled parts from some cheap labor places, but also about working with a local company or peer-group for the final assembly. This would be the best system to avoid censorship, centralization or infiltration, because we could go back to made-at-home at anytime.
>>19378 >I don't see where this is stated? Just... Oh. My apologies, Anon. That's just a silly euphemism I adopted for generally-distracted anons too focused on vidya or other (basically fruitless) pursuits to be very productive, aka (loosely,) NEETs (and that vague association with the other, more normalfag men of somewhat similar persuasion). The tl;dr is that they might become interested in robowaifus one day (once perfected well-enough), but otherwise have little personal interest in actually establishing the Robowaifu Age (or some near facsimile thereto.) It wasn't actually my intent to conflate that story's protagonist with such; merely projecting my own estimates of that specific scenario's likelihood -- from the perspective of a (future) robowaifu businessman intent on marketing first to Anon Sixpack, and then to the literally millions of corollary Joe Sixpacks out there. :^) Again, my apologies. >and later it's about getting bigger pre-assembled parts from some cheap labor places, but also about working with a local company or peer-group for the final assembly. This would be the best system to avoid censorship, centralization or infiltration, because we could go back to made-at-home at anytime. Excellent points, Anon! >=== -minor fmt edit -prose edit -add 'conflate' cmnt
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>>19379 Thanks for the clarification.
I figured I would go ahead and seed this thread because I see it coming. These video game characters have awakened quite a few new robosexuals.
These are indeed interesting OP, but we already have a Media thread. Geimus are included with that, ofc (>>18711). I'll soon be merging your thread there.
>>20225 That's fair.
If the 8 hour sex scene in Atomic Heart turns out to be a lie, something will happen to the developers. This is a threat.
>>20222 >>20224 >>20242 Really good hearing from you, SoaringMoon. It's been a while! :^) BTW, we're all interested to hear from you about how your WaifuNetwork (>>16378) project is going. Any useful new changes since your thread last bumped? >=== -minor edit
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AtomicHeartsisters I don't feel so good...
>>20533 Lol. What's the matter bro?
>>20550 The 6-hour scene was a lie. Also, I think the robots are actually humans underneath or something. Plus, there's only a bad ending and badder ending. No ending where I live happily ever after with the robot twins.
>>20551 >No ending where I live happily ever after with the robot twins. Oh I see now. Well you can, I think, be confident that fan-canon will correct that little oversight! :^)
>>20555 rule34 and gelbooru is my last hope. Along with nhentai.
>>20592 LOL. Maybe they really will do robowaifus before long, if they're making public jokes like this already! :^) >(cf : >>20529, ...) >=== -minor edit
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Habeeb it or don't, it looks like Blender Studios has just released a new short that could arguably be construed as a pro-robowaifu film. yt-dlp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UXqq0ZvbOnk >warning: don't expect lots of moe waifus bro, this is a bit gritty. :^) >=== -minor edit
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Open file (485.89 KB 1061x1500 00.png)
>>20697 That drill breaker at the end reminded me of Gurren Lagann. Do replicants like Nia count as a robowaifu? She's an artificial human like organism with a super human capacity for cuteness.
>>20700 >Do replicants like Nia count as a robowaifu? I'd say so, yes. We've all generally approved of Alita, right? We have a cyborg thread here on /robowaifu/ from well-back during our tenure. I myself certainly keep an Alita folder inside my RW directory! :^) >She's an artificial human like organism with a super human capacity for cuteness. Of the five great robowaifu unique advantages, the longevity aspect of this particular skill really sets robowaifus apart! :^)
>>20701 Alita is relevant because of her looks and how well she displays emotions. If not for the robotic body, then for the 3D anime look. Basically a preview how 3D waifus would look like.
This is a game which seems to be similar to Planetarian and Quiet Country Cafe: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1230140/ATRI_My_Dear_Moments/ - it seems to hit exactly into that mark of post-apocalyptic plus a good robot girl. Based on the comments and ratings it's really good. I found it, because the anime has been announced for 2024 and it has been recommended to me: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/atri-my-dear-moments > "As the world sank, I found you." In the near future, a sudden and unexplained sea rise has left much of human civilization underwater. In a little town slowly being enveloped by the ocean, an unforgettable summer is about to begin for a boy and a mysterious robot girl... Opening Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ni3i4VBVH9U (with similar music than Prima Doll, lol)
>>21593 Super-interested to see this animu tbh.
Wow, I'm currently so addicted to this AMV: https://youtu.be/zEv_BLHtZKo (somewhat spoilers for Prima Dolll). I'm listening more than a dozen times a day to it, lol.
I love Maria, which sounds a bit like Iron Maria (Hong Kong, from the 80s): https://youtu.be/OOQ_uB_hts0[Embed] - similar to TSCC, but very different.
Man, I've completely lost interest in anime. I've downloaded a ton of robowaifu anime recommended here, watched only about a quarter and deleted the rest. Anime just doesn't appeal to me like it used to.
>>22060 Looks campy Anon, my kind of movie! :^)
>>22064 Time to move on, sounds like to me Anon?
>>22064 In favor of live action or in general? A lot of shows aren't that great, and others aren't very thrilling. Or you picked a time where you weren't in the right mood. Which ones did you stop watching?
>>22069 I've never been a fan of the film media. I don't like to sit and passively consume media, with the exception of some films like LOTR. The only reason I've watched anime was because it was a new media to me. But now that the novelty's wore off, its the same as any other film. I prefer media where I'm actively engaged like reading books or playing video games.
>>21593 Thanks for that recomendation, I would also like to share this work Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete, this was the one that gave me the idea of ​​developing, creating and having a robowaifu by my side before even knowing such an end, surprisingly it is rarely mentioned
>>22810 >this was the one that gave me the idea of ​​developing, creating and having a robowaifu by my side before even knowing such an end How does the robowaifu angle come in for you, Anon?
>>22823 Do you mean how did the idea come about? If so, then I can tell you that after watching the anime and seeing in the last chapter the protagonist's motivation that in some future he may end up creating his robowaifu. I thought I could do something similar, although at the time it was a minor idea. But as time passed and after seeing her again, I ended up turning that idea into a motivation. Creating a robowaifu or at least trying to, give me excitement, maybe it will help me make my life a little better or maybe it will end up disappointing me but I would like to see if I can be with my rowaifu like in the anime, after looking for info I found this place
Open file (35.18 KB 500x1180 Sera.jpg)
This might be a little bit of a stretch, but it only recently occurred to me that Mega Man Legends 2 is basically a story about how a guy with eternal youth lived in a paradise for thousands of years with robots tending to all his needs like a God, but eventually got so bored of it that he decided to upload his consciousness/die and his robowaifu tries to get revenge on the robot that allowed him to do it and/or get him to kill her too.
Open file (2.93 MB 800x600 BrownLoliBooty.webm)
Open file (62.70 KB 600x450 Sera wearing a towel.jpg)
Open file (901.42 KB 827x1169 58852729_p2.jpg)
Open file (1.00 MB 900x1200 42900087_p0.png)
>>22867 I meant to post this earlier: Sera in Megaman Trigger's flashback: >Sera: Do not forget, the Master is the only true human remaining. The System exists only to protect and serve the Master. We exist for this and only this purpose. >Sera: Remember, the Master says illogical things at times. If he does, ignore him. >Geetz: I do not understand why the Master would wish to have a Unit such as that by his side... What would prompt such behavior? >Sera: The Master is... lonely. Sera before the final boss fight: >Sera: I could've executed the Carbon Reinitialization Program at any time, but I chose not to. Do you know why? Unlike you, I cannot act against the System, I can only act within the parameters it defines for me. Indeed, I cannot think of anything beyond the System's limits. That is why I cannot comprehend what could have motivated the Master to attempt to destroy the System. I am jealous of you. You were close to the Master, you understood his thoughts in a way I will never be able to. Yuna chose to remove herself from the System, even though she is like myself a Mother Unit. I cannot do that! I've waited for you from the Master's Home. Perhaps by defeating you, who was so sympathetic to the Master's desires, I can purge myself of these troublesome emotions. Come then, MegaMan Trigger! Show me what a First Class Purifier is capable of! After defeating Sera's final form: >Sera: Whenever the Master looked at me, I detected a sadness in his eyes. The more I obeyed the System, and tried to serve the Master, the sadder he seemed. Now Trigger, thanks to you, perhaps, perhaps the Master will also smile at me, as he did at you. At last, I understand. Thank you, Trigger. Th-, thank... *dies* But it's ruined by some plot bullshit where she transfers into another body.
Apparently there's going to be another Alita, according to /cyber/. https://anon.cafe/cyber/res/263.html#605
>>23273 >Alita sequel I got some hints towards that a while ago. It's kind of was anticipated, since Avatar 2 was successful. My excitement about it is a bit more tuned down since I found out the movie was already a bit more in favor towards "strong independent woman" compared to the anime, since the father kills someone in the anime but in the live-action version Alita does it. Generally, let's not forget that Cameron is a feminist and that he made Dark Angel, which is an absolute abomination not better than what we hate today. The hope in regards to Alita was, that they would follow the original from Japan. Now it's being speculated that they would need to make some changes since they already made some small changes with ripple effects down the line.
Blue Sonnet. It's about this android girl with psychic powers, the organization that created her, and her human opponent basically. Although it does that thing with her being such an advanced robot that she's basically human most of the time. It has an absolutely gorgeous art style and, it's extremely well made from a visual perspective, just look at this screenshot. However, the actual plot is comparable to Sonic fanfiction which is why I like it, but objectively speaking it's not good, although it has its moments of originality. If the creators just found a good writer and director to execute the ideas they had well it would be one of the better anime out there, but they didn't. If you're an edgelord who likes edgy stuff like me it's a treat.
>>23295 Thanks! >>23330 >they already made some small changes with ripple effects down the line. I just hope they don't numake it or some kind of crap like that. >>23555 >digits I'll try to check it out sometime.
>Color Theory - She's Made of Wires (Lyric Video) https://youtu.be/xmBk90phP6o (I think some of the lines are a little too negative)
The Creator - western live action about human-like AI. Trailer: https://youtu.be/ex3C1-5Dhb8 My first impression: POC fest with mostly the old tropes in a new version: "Robots try to kill us, but some might just want to be free". On the other hand, it looks impressive, and a robot daughter, plus an important father role in a movie deserves some credit. Also, it seems to have emotional potential and it's from the guy who made Rogue One.
>>24041 >from the guy who made Rogue One Heh, spotted the problem. :^)
>>24044 >Heh, spotted the problem. :^) I recall a controversy where it was claimed that he wanted to replace all white men in Star Wars (and entertainment). I was a bit on the fence about if this was true*. Watching the trailer here, I thought to myself, well now we might have more data points in that regard. That said, he's good a making movies. Whatever, I think it's obvious already that this movie will be ambivalent at best. Maybe very well made, emotionally engaging, propaganda. I'm not really looking forward to watch it, maybe I will one day. It's good to know what's going on though, that's why I posted the trailer. Netflix also has something: "UNKNOWN: Killer Robots", but that's a "documentation". *I didn't really looking into the background and that this was they guy making "Monsters", which is somewhat also a open borders propaganda movie.
Recently saw Sing a Bit of Harmony and highly recommend it. Shion is a robowaifu that brings levity and light to the lives of those around her. Essentially an anti-terminator. The original songs are all mediocre to cringe but, are somehow endearing due to Shion's inffectious positivity. She's worth the watch, incredibly lovable.
>>24052 Thanks, I had this on my list already, but I'm sometimes not sure what choose next. Didn't remember that this was about a robowaifu.
>Synduality: Noir >conveniently finds a gynoid in the trash https://youtu.be/pZiu3gHb-eA?t=1123 https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/synduality-noir
>>24615 >conveniently finds a gynoid in the trash It's amazing how many of these stories start out like: John Q. Normalnigger walks down a random-ass street when suddenly he finds an advanced prototype super gynoid with futuristic technology placed perfectly atop a pile of normal household trash. Even the VN I'm playing through starts off with that, except instead of finding her in the street he steals her from a junkyard.
Open file (25.53 KB 512x384 hidekis_big_find.jpg)
>>24616 Heh. C'mon Greentext anon, you're our writing genius. Deus ex machina is a plot device going back at least several thousand years in written history, and very likely much further back than that in oral traditions. :^) In our case, we're putting the robowaifu at the beginning of the story, rather than at the end haha. :D
Open file (246.30 KB 1431x2048 Fij3foVVEAIpuhu.jpeg)
>>24630 That is true, and I don't dislike the trope either, but it'd still be nice to see a bit more variety. Maybe the guy could just buy her, or build her, or perhaps he still finds her in the trash, but she's just a normal outdated model and he tries to upgrade her and keep her running to the best of his ability. A slice of life with a clumsy older model waifu would be fun to watch too. Fuck it, I'll do it myself and grind through some of the half-finished stories I've already got going while I'm at it.
>>24632 >or build her We have at least two animu storylines I can think of off the top of my head where the Prot is devising his own from scratch (ie, Hand made May, and My Dear Marie). There are probably many others. There are also some other cases out there (at least in shortform) of your other examples. But by far, yours are the most entertaining! Looking forward to many more Anon. Cheers. :^)
Open file (235.95 KB 1000x1500 Weird Science.jpg)
>>24635 >>24630 Not anime but still related
>>24635 Yeah, the trope is quite common, but not that much actually, also in many cases I don't remember it very well: Prima Doll: Collecting gynoids which are meant to be discarded after the war. Vivy: Sending her back in time and give her the mission to move away from her original purpose ("misalign") to save humanity. Planetarian, Clockwork Planet: Finding her, but not in the trash, I think the same for Saber Marionette, ... Trash Trope: Chobits, Broken Music Box, I think in "Azusa will help" they also find her, and in "Busou Shinki" as well... Buying Her: Buttobi CPU (unknowingly), ... Outlaw Star: I think they fight over her Armitage III: Meeting her, not knowing she's a robot Quiet Country Cafe, Planetarian: She has been left alone to live her life as long as possible, being happy to do her job (which is sooo cute). Eden, Kurogane Communication, Hi no Tori 2772: Robot(s) raising a child but the robot is not necessarily a gynoid Iczer One: Coming from space to save mankind Rozen Maiden: Maybe the only one I recall, where the guy makes her and goes through some lengthy process. Plastic Memories: Meeting her as a coworker.
>>24636 >>24640 Good points, Anons.
>>22031 Darn, just a reminder: The "download everything" is real. AMVs are made private, probably because of strikes.
>>25077 Thanks for the friendly reminder Anon! We'll start keeping it in the OPs. Cheers. :^)
Open file (92.11 KB 1000x610 Poppi.jpeg)
Poppi is a robot from Xenoblade Chronicles 2. She was built to serve as a cute maid and to help save good people. She's a wonderful cutie made with plenty of steel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcCCjgRLmT8
>>25640 >"...until he perfect wiggle angle and ear flap rate." Lol. She's a real cutie Kiwi, thanks for bringing her to the board's attention! Cheers. :^)
Open file (112.87 KB 630x1200 Homewrecker 1992.jpg)
Open file (101.61 KB 789x1000 MVA58607.jpeg)
Open file (45.70 KB 474x672 OIP.jpg)
In the category of live action, 2 entries: "Homewrecker" (1992) A made for TV movie about a defense scientist who tries to perfect his AI computer system that mistakenly shoots down a small plane with a family aboard. Along the way it gets self aware and develops a female personality "Lucy" voiced by Kate Jackson. It falls in love with the scientist, gets jealous of his wife and eventually turns homicidal and has to be shut down, but not before escaping onto the internet. Basically it's a smart-house gone bad scenario. What makes this movie worth checking out are the remote manipulators installed in parts of the house, mechanical arms and hands that move around using a ceiling mounted track like a monorail. Lucy is basically a big box in the basement with cameras in the living areas (like HAL 9000 in "2001"). All of the arms were cable driven, even the fingers, and operated by off-camera prop men, so it shows how stronger arms could be built by using larger actuators not located in the arms. It also shows the limitations of retrofitting a house with this type of system as objects have to be passed from one arm to another through doorways. It might be worth getting a high-def version just to study the arms. This movie might have been the inspiration for Gerty in the movie "Moon". Full Movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eLhJnFccTCU The TV series "Andromeda", formerly "Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda" 2000 - 2005. Lexa Doig (later Brandy Ledford) plays the avatar of the "Glorious Heritage" class cruiser "Andromeda Ascendant" on display screens, as a hologram and in the form of an android (gynoid) remote that can go on missions separate from the ship and later re-sync data with the main AI. Her different forms often apear together, sometimes all three. "I'm a warship" While never a waifu of the captain (it's against regulations) one episode does involve a ship whose AI has gone mad after being forced to kill her captain/lover by his order in a friendly fire incident. In addition to fighting the ship in combat (under orders) Andromeda also operates a cadre of humanoid maintenance robots with limited combat capability. An example of a much more sophisticated "smart-house" story where the waifu is again a big box in a room somewhere and interacts with the MC via remotes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andromeda_%28TV_series%29
The SSSS.Gridman has compoid and repli-compoid, emergent or artificial persona which exist in computer networks. Hime is one of them that can combine with an assist weapon. (Apparently specialized compoid.) Resulting in a cute robot in picrel.
Anyone watched The Creator? Apparently, its a pro-AI movie, which is quite surprising since its a Western movie.
>>25839 > Apparently, its a pro-AI movie Nope, LA gets nuked again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bekcs7FFEh8
>>25839 >Apparently, its a pro-AI movie Seem highly-unlikely, given the clearcut CY tone & agenda. >>25842 Lol, those opening cuts.
>>25842 >> The Creator >Apparently, its a pro-AI movie >LA gets nuked again Sounds pretty much like a pro-AI movie. Then again, only Asia seems to be fine, so it depends... I'd say rather not. I don't watch western movies with so many non-white people and "Marry Sue"-girlpower creatures on top of that, at least I won't pay for it. If I had the time I would watch some of the robowaifu anime I like again, and some more I didn't watch yet, also I watched some clips of "Person of Interest" and I'm tempted to rewatch this in some time. Then there's also a lot of anime and older live-action shows and movies without robowaifus, which I haven't watched yet. > Chobitsu Did you watch the Planetarian movie already?
>>25839 Yes, it was ok. Honestly very derivative of Star Wars and Blade Runner. Decidedly pro robotics and AI, without actually understanding either. Very frustrating, honestly. >>25844 >Opening cuts This movie started with brief vignettes of real robotic history that filled me with so much hope for realism. The robots are just mechanical replicas with human brain scans for AI >>25847 >Almost all non-white >Marry Sue Should have been my warning to be honest. Brief recap for the movie; Robots evolve to being basically human by wholesale stealing the design and minds of people. They are people, in every single way aside from metal bits California is so incompetent they nuke themselves. They chimp out and commit genocide and destroy technology instead of taking responsibility. They regress to using CRT`s and only advance military tech. They commit genocide against Asians because they use technology and robot labor. The US military nukes the daughter of the dude who invented human like robots. Her husband is a US soldier. He finds his daughters replicant. She can control electronics because raisins. Only works and doesn't work when plot relevant. He realizes genocide for Californian idiots is bad actually. Kills a bunch to reach his dead wife. (None of it makes sense, he's murdering people he's trying to stop genociding.} Finds she wife only became braindead from being nuked, somehow. Kills her after stealing a copy of her mind. Goes to the nuke machine to prevent California from commiting more nuclear genocide. Replica daughter finds a robot and puts her moms mind in it Nuke machine blows up, daughter escapes while soldier kisses robot that has his dead wife's brain scan, her second incarnation dies from nuking, like pottery California is sad they can't genocide random rice farmers The end
Did anyone here watch Zoe (live action)? You don't need to read the plot, I already did, it has a more positive vibe than other western stuff: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoe_(film)
>>25851 Thanks, the story described seem to be partially better, maybe on a emotional level, but worse in terms of coherence than I thought.
>>25847 >Did you watch the Planetarian movie already? A bit of it. Still need to finish it, then the OVAs too. >>25851 >Brief recap for the movie; Nice. Typical of Commiefornia, lol. Well now I don't need to watch the moofie. :^) >>25858 No, but that looks really good I'd like to. Thanks Anon! Cheers. :^)
>>25842 >LA gets nuked again: I'm definitely watching this movie
Open file (63.54 KB 590x780 chara_02.png)
Open file (416.70 KB 1920x1080 Zenonzard Splash.jpg)
Open file (39.96 KB 280x400 The Gene of AI.jpg)
A couple of animes: Zenonzard The Animation - 2019. Based on the card game of the same name, is set in a near future when AI humanoids called "code men" play the combat simulation game "Zenonzard" with human partners, or live lives in other occupations. The series is mostly seperate viniettes about different characters. 10 episodes including the prequel. prequel: https://animesuge.to/anime/zenonzard-the-animation-episode-0-k5jr/ep-1 series: https://animesuge.to/anime/zenonzard-the-animation-k5qw/ep-1 The Gene of AI - 2023 Near future, the series follows a doctor and his humanoid nurse who treat the problems of biological humanoids with cybernetic brains and humans with cybernetic implants. anime: https://animesuge.to/anime/ai-no-idenshi-1n7ym/ep-1 manga: https://mangadex.org/title/8d5bac78-018f-4f23-8a8d-0f25c9d6058f/ai-no-idenshi
>>25888 > digits Nice post Anon, thanks! :^)
>>25888 >Gene of AI I already have that on my list, so I wonder why I didn't post it here. >Zenonzard The Animation Episode 0 (promo) is here https://youtu.be/LM2WLQfaHfE
Open file (330.63 KB 775x999 BusterMachineNana.png)
Nono (Buster Machine 7) is a cute and happy robot girl whom is willing to do absolutely anything to be with those she holds dear. She is capable in combat, able to leap to incredible heights and cut with precisely with her finger nails. How she functions is largely unknown. It is shown that she eats, and sleeps like normal people, without breathing. Her body is comprised of a soft yet durable skin over some muscle like actuators and a skeletal system that matches a simplified variant of a persons.Though it is unknown if she can reproduce, she is shown to have breasts, a vagina, and anus which are implied to match standard functionality. Aside from super human strength, durability, and absurdly round and perky breasts.
>>25895 Thanks NoidoDev! >>25901 Surely a robowaifu dream grill come true Anon. And a cute to boot! :D >=== -add'l resp -minor edit
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>>25888 >Zenonzard I watched it. Disappointed because only the first episode or two is about the robowaifu. Rest are all different characters. Apparently, its based on some mobile game, which shut down a few years back. Not that good tbh.
>>25901 Thanks for the reminder, I had this on my list for quite some time, but never watched it. >>25905 Thanks for the warning, but I'm going to give the first episode a try.
Open file (9.52 KB 300x169 would.jpg)
>>25888 >>25895 I am also surprised I didn't post about it before. After watching it as it aired, it is yet another story that seems to be about AI but isn't. Rather, it uses replicants ala Blade Runner. It does have some very poinient and thought provoking critiques on how modern culture turns people into NPCs. There are some horror concepts that are really clever related to replicants. Overall, a very thought provoking and entertaining show. Main robot girl is cute too.
>>18711 > Casshern Sins: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/casshern-sins This is part of a bigger franchise, I do not recommend reading about this before watching Casshern Sins, though. Just wanted to mention these: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/casshan (prequel) https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/casshan-robot-hunter (prequel) https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/infini-t-force (sequel) ... And a few specials and a seemingly bad movie. Casshern Sins seems to have the highest rating, and it starts with the main character not having any memories, so it's probably still best to start there. The beginning isn't necessarily the best point to start. I started watching it and like it so far. It's dark, mysterious and melancholic. Also, there's a typo in >>18711, it says anime-lanet in the line and link about Casshern Sins.
>>25959 >Also, there's a typo in >>18711, it says anime-lanet in the line and link about Casshern Sins. Thanks NoidoDev! :^)
>>22810 >Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete aka "In Search of the Lost Future" Which one is the gynoid? https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/in-search-of-the-lost-future/characters >>20700 For some reason I have this on my list of shows I don't want to watch. Why? I guess someone told me it was silly and childish, but I don't know. Also, Nia Teppelin isn't categorized as cyborg or robot on Anime-Planet, nor as any artificial organism. You seem to confuse clones or something like that with "human like organisms", but they're just humans. Or they missed something. Here she is described as artificial being: https://gurrenlagann.fandom.com/wiki/Nia_Teppelin ... hmm
Open file (63.08 KB 637x358 NonHumanEyesNia.jpg)
>>25996 Silly and childish It is as silly and childish as Neon Genesis Evangelion or Mahoromantic. It's Gains, a heaps of depth if you think about it, cool fights and hot chicks if you turn your brain off. >Anime-Planet Not a good source of information. Wikia and first party media are much more accurate. In the case of Nia Teppelin, she's a construct created by the Anti-Spirals, whom requires their power to exist. She was not born, she was engineered as part of a control system and her creators have some computer based remote control over her based on the anime. She can over ride this control, in a way similar to Replicants defying orders in Blade Runner. I've watched Gurren Lagann, that's how I know. I get that Replicants are an edge case for us. Genetically engineered people are less robotic in essence compared to non-biological machines. I do want to make them someday. Biological robowaifu will happen and fiction often helps technology become reality.
>>25997 Okay, I'll put it back on my "want to watch" list. It's possible that some people hated it for bad reasons, and I fell for it. When it comes to find something Anime-Planet is mostly working, but they might have some gaps. There's no tag for something that isn't a robot nor a cyborg. My confusion about your use of the term "Replicants" is coming from Blade Runner where I always thought of them as humanoid robots, but now thinking again, if they were then they could just be scanned with an MRI or metal detector to find out.
>>26001 That's understandable. Biological robots are odd and rare in media. In the novel, Replicants were mechanical robots. It is a reasonable mistake to make. (I had made the mistake myself the first time I saw the movie. It took awhile for me to accept robots can be made of flesh. It still feels weird to me, honestly.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLHr1nvdH24
I made some calculation about how many anime with gynoids come out per year, on average over the course of some years. The trend is upward (a bit to my surprise), at least based on data back to 2010, but not much: >1.5 ... 1.0 ... 1.62 ... 2.0 2016-2021 it's six shows, 13 since 2016 till now, between 2010-2015 it was only nine. 2016-2021 was a bit of a low with only one show per year. It went up to 2 shows per year from 2021 till now, and 2023 isn't over yet. This isn't saying much about the quality, though. And in some cases the gynoid is just a secondary character. Luna Theme (Casshern Sins): https://youtu.be/Ozm_TwyyIHM >>26003 >It took awhile for me to accept robots can be made of flesh I still don't. I guess the whole idea behind Replicants in Blade Runner was just that they are just artificially created human slaves, with an maximum life time expectancy and normally being sterile. Which I was never aware of, and my opinion on that franchise declined even more by realizing that. One big difference is, that robots are programmed and programmable. Also, they could have backups of their mind. The big part of the idea about building robowaifus is in my opinion to not make them completely human and bypass laws in regards too humans, but also have the option to program how we want them to be. Western entertainment is really bad when it comes to humanoid robots. I just went through all the few quite positive shows and movies which include a gynoid, and realized that in absolutely none of them is it normalized that the human (male) is owning her as his property. Also, in most stories they get destroyed at some point. Japanese shows are at least somewhat better in these instances. To be fair, her getting destroyed doesn't make the story bad. I like sad stories, and it can have a positive meaning with her sacrificing herself for some human or her love-interest/master.
>>26012 >and realized that in absolutely none of them is it normalized that the human (male) is owning her as his property. With all due respect (and while in general I completely concur from what I've seen), Chobits appears to me an exception to this rule AFAICT. Though the story certainly toys with sentience/personal-autonomy of Chii herself (and there's also the exceptional case of Yumi Ueda as Mrs. Mr. Manager :^), otherwise all the others are clearly automatons alone -- even Yuzuki Kokubunji. And within the first 5 minutes of the show is the scene where Hideki balks at the high cost of Persocoms at the store? There's also the running gag over the high cost of H/W - S/W for poor starving students like Hideki. This show seems to me both a) quite positive about gynoids, and b) to clearly portray them solely as the property of their masters. Perhaps I'm missing something Anon? >=== -prose edit
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>>26013 Yeah, but this sentence was referring to the franchises from the West, not anime.
Open file (743.80 KB 627x871 Screenshot_145.png)
Open file (843.04 KB 620x872 Screenshot_146.png)
Open file (991.94 KB 628x872 Screenshot_144.png)
>>26012 I have to correct myself, since there are even more anime shows about gynoids coming out: NieR: Automata: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/nier-automata-ver-11a >Story about a resistance of android soldiers trying to take back Earth for mankind. Technoroid Overmind: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/technoroid-overmind >Idol show in a post-apocalyptic future with humans and androids. Pluto: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/pluto >Distant future where sentient humanoid robots pass for human. Someone or something is out to destroy the seven great robots of the world. Synduality: Noir has already been mentioned: >>24615 As well as Gene of AI: >>25888
Open file (213.22 KB 1534x1600 undefined - Imgur(4).jpg)
edit of previous post >>26016 If you read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (the book that Blade Runner is adapted from) it's explained that the entire reason behind replicants existing is because there are too many dangerous jobs and too few humans because Earth has become an irradiated wasteland (the world built in the book is nothing like the movie, all those neon skyscrapers straight-up don't exist in the source material). There's almost noone left on Earth, and a good chunk of the population is on fledgeling space colonies. In spite of that, technology managed to get better and better, to the point that a an/gynoid was impossible to tell apart from a human from visual analysis alone. Other tests, however, make it much easier. At least, until the next version comes out, because the company making them is in an arms race against law enforcement agencies. This is because the people making replicants are actively trying to close the gap so that their creations can function in society at the same level as people. A large theme of the book is asking the question of what makes a human a human, and what seperates natural from artificial. The aforementioned irradiated wasteland Earth has also given rise to mutated people who aren't considered human enough to leave for one of the developing colonies (I'm not talking tentacles for hands either, the bar the governments set is as low as it is arbitrary). The book also features people parroting whatever bullshit the government feeds them, feeding tnto the "AI bad" narrative that exists to maintain a failing status quo (much like today. There's also Mercerism, which is a major element of the plot that I don't fully understand beyond Mercer being Sci-Fi Jesus. To put it another way, the replicants exist to present the aforementioned question, and they're painted in a more sympathetic light in the book (they still do crimes, but the book makes it very clear that they're just trying to survive whenever the government goes after them, and they tend to live lawfully whenever they're not pursued). Though there's a lot going on in the plot, I'd say that the source material is better for our narrative than not, since it humanizes the replicants and shows that people and AI can get along. If anything, the only things painted completely negatively in the book are governments for being cruel and ineffective, and people in general trusting media a bit too much come to think of it, I see that a lot in mid-century novels. It's almost like the authors were trying to tell people something. TL;DR, read the damn book. It paints a better picture of the intended narrative than the movie and a much better picture than my rambling and is very thought provoking. I highly recommend it. One last thing to keep in mind is that while replicants are a major element of the plot, they aren't the entire point of the book. More a vehicle than anything else.
>>26016 In the book the replicates are basically backdrop characters to Dick's psycho-study dynamics. We can build you has a similar theme in the dubious separation between construct mind and human mind, but both books focus on emotional and psychological health more than what defines humanity in the face of an artificial reflection. If you read Electric Sheep then read We can build you as well. Electric Sheep is hard because the replicants are specifically more sympathetic than the human characters because Dick wanted to portray humanity as sick and lost, he's using them as a prop to demonstrate naivety vs cynicism. Rachel, the replicant raised to be human is as sick in the same way the human characters are.
>>26019 Well, I botched that. ( >>26016 ) should be ( >>26012 )
>>26020 I haven't heard of that book before, I'll track it down and give it a read.
>>26015 Oops you're right! My apologies heh, I guess that's the bit I missed. :P
>>26019 Thanks, but I even didn't think the Replicants where shown in a negative light in the movies. My issue is that they can't be distinguished from humans, which when you think about it, is only possible if they're more like modded humans. None of your arguments refutes my point. If anything, then it rather supports it. My point, that this isn't really a story about humanoid robots then. But maybe there are more details in the book to change my mind, that I can imagine, and I'll plan to read it one day for entertainment reasons anyways. >>26020 Yeah, so once again, at least the Western stories which are getting the most attention and made into movies or shows, are often or mostly not about humans and robots, but about all kinds of other things and "robots" or artificial beings are just being used as some metaphor.
>>25895 >Zenonzard The Animation >Episode 0 (promo) is here ... Yeah, don't waste any time on this. It's trash.
>>26026 No, We Can Build You is an odd one from PKD, he wrote it at the same time as Electric Sheep but released it after by a few years, even though it takes place before the events of Electric Sheep. It didn't get a great deal of attention. Gun, with Occasional Music, written by another author, has very similar themes and plot devices to both Electric Sheep and We Can Build you but uses genetically engineered house pets instead of replicants or androids. I read We Can Remember It for You Wholesale once but I don't remember a thing about the book so I suppose I'll give that a look through.
>>26024 I wasn't trying to refute your point (something I should have started my post with), If anything, I agree that gynoids should be distinguishable in some manner. I was just trying to say that there's more nuance to the story, and ended up going on a long-winded tangent. Sorry about that.
>>26028 No problem, just a misunderstanding. The story sounds interesting. (unrelated video by Redditor u/fisbur)
>>25847 >Did you watch the Planetarian movie already? Well I finally completed Planetarian: Hoshi no Hito, NoidoDev. Thanks for encouraging me to. I thought it both charmingly wonderful & painfully poignant -- exactly as I expected it to.
So I’m at episode 17 and this series is “supposed to be against robowaifus”? Have persocom would be neat. Excited to see how it will continue
>>26085 >So I’m at episode 17 and this series is “supposed to be against robowaifus”? I'm not sure where that idea came from Anon. I'm quite confident that I've watched the entire series at least about as many times as anyone I know here, and in my estimation it's highly-optimistic about the potential of robowaifus. The writing of the animu series isn't stellar, but it's solid enough. Same for the arts. Regardless, I can't think of a better SoL animu portraying commonplace societal acceptance of robowaifus -- even with it being 20+ years old now. I'd recommend both the mango (the Omnibus Edition (BlurPixel-Empire) is great quality), and the animu (720p [kuchikirukia] is good quality), as important 'required reading' to absorb the full /robowaifu/ lore. Cheers. :^) >=== -prose, fmt edit
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>>26079 Oh, great. I watched the prequel "Snow Globe" only recently. I often listen to the related music on YouTube while doing something else. >>26085 > Chobits >“supposed to be against robowaifus”? I don't really remember anything like that. Most stories from the West have something negative, but anime not so much.
Some movies with titles (at least) that are of interest to this group: Maid Droid (2008) Maid Droid 2: Maidroid vs. Hostroids (2010) Maid Droid (2023). The first 2 are Japanese so hopefully more AI friendly than western movies. They can be found on a site called Rarelust. I haven't seen either so here is a link to the page where they can be downloaded, that has descriptions of each: rarelust.com/maid-droid-2008/#more-98234 The site also has lots of older scifi and niche movies like Metropolis, Cherry 2000 and Galaxina, as well as low-budget softcore titles that can be found by searching for "android" or "robot". That said, the download speed for non-Tezfile members is very slow. It took more than 20 hours to download the first Maid Droid movie. Because of this I have uploaded Maid Droid and Maid Droid 2 to a file sharing site with a much faster download speed so Anons with limited online access can get them. Links are good for 30 days: Maid Droid 2008 ufile.io/8zno25m0 Maidroid 2: Maidroid vs. Hostroids (2010) ufile.io/mg8szmvy Maid Droid (2023) is a low budget AI-gone-bad horror movie. It can be found here: seehd.today/watch-maid-droid-2023-online-tt26941512 >=== -disable hotlinks -rm imgs
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>>26158 I actually have a picture of that, without knowing the name. But Chobitsu wasn't happy that I posted it. Thanks, anyways.
>>26158 >>26160 On-topic, spoilered, NSFW is OK-ish, but we're particularly averse to 3DPD NSFW here. I'll compromise with you Robophiliac and just rm the actual nudity + disable hotlinks in your post. I hope you understand Anon, it's nothing personal. Cheers. :^) --- update: sorry I accidentally'd one of the non-nudes unintentionally. btw, thanks for spoilering as well! >=== -add update msg -minor edit
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>>26167 > we're particularly averse to 3DPD NSFW here np, I thought spoilerd was ok, what with some of the content in the Important Question Vagoo thread. In future I won't post similar thumbnails.
>>26178 >what with some of the content in the Important Question Vagoo thread Sorry I probably missed it if so. Can you or some anons link to it for me please? Just to be clear: frank discussions of the realities of devising sexual functionality for robowaifus is fine here (and this includes explicit, spoilered, robotics/systems imagery if it's directly on-topic). Think 'medical' textbook. Just steer clear of NSFW-3DPD-based imagery, thanks. :^) >=== -minor edit
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>>26180 >>20159 This pic is of the actress playing the Maid Droid in the movie, not a doll. >>26180 >Just steer clear of NSFW-3DPD-based imagery I thought these videos might be a bit much given the thought below, >>25586 even though it looks like they are included in the realm of the OK if spoilered. >>21520 >>21543 >this includes explicit, spoilered, robotics/systems imagery if it's directly on-topic >>25586 >Just imagine some dried-up old, token 3DPD, screeching-harpy coming along past Anon's cube right while he happens to be hovering over some of your pics. :D Or those vids. I think anon should be smart enough not to click on anything spoilered while at work, but maybe not. I'm OK with whatever you decide. >=== -patch crosslinks
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>>26182 >This pic is of the actress playing the Maid Droid in the movie, not a doll. Got it thanks, Anon. >even though it looks like they are included in the realm of the OK if spoilered. OK-ish, I suppose. But if someone tried to do some kind of dump using such imagery, I'd definitely delete them. pr0n is easily found in thousands and thousands of places on the networks. No need for us here to add further to that pandering grotesquery! :^) If it's needed/on-topic, let's all keep it highly technical/artistic please (design, molding, casting, decorating, lubing, cleaning, repair, etc.) >I think anon should be smart enough not to click on anything spoilered while at work, but maybe not. Agreed, but I want to reduce the risk for that anon's sake. Dealing with harpies like that is already bad enough! :D ofc, anons shouldn't be sh*teposting during work at all, would be my best advice. :^) >tl;dr Just to reiterate (and closeout) this topical deviation: Avoid any 3DPD-NSFW. Beyond that, just use professional good judgment. >=== -prose edit
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Watched movie Wifelike 2022 and of course they pozzed it into a globalhomo ending. Not surprised.
>>27366 Yeah looks quite awful, Anon. I don't really hold out much hope for a non-pozzed, truly heartwarming robowaifu-esque film coming from the GH-pozzed West. At this stage, I'd like some /comfy/ SoL type films that aren't trying to push either the 'stronk independynt Waifu', or the 'disillusioned/degenerate Master' angles. Something that will make the hard-core feminists want to REEEEEE. :^) I JUST WANT MY LIVE-ACTION CHOBITS FILM!111 >"Help us Japananon Kenobe, you're our only hope!" :DD >=== -prose edit
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>>27368 There's a movie with Stoya in it called A.I. Rising. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5215088/ It's not porn but lots of flesh, as...it's Stoya, who looks incredibly hot. She's kept her looks a really long time for a pron girl. Her acting is not bad at all. The story is decent but it is a low budget film. If you like sci-fi and robot girls it's worth watching. I have it saved. It's not pozzed either.
>>27369 Thanks Grommet, I'll check it out.
>Lucy: The Eternity She Wished For Looks promising, but with some issues (Music volume inconsistent): https://youtu.be/giBvivBbq8U https://store.steampowered.com/app/430960/Lucy_The_Eternity_She_Wished_For/ (SPECIAL PROMOTION! Offer ends 4 January) >In the near future, androids have become the way of the norm. Emotionless husks of metal have become a part of human society, much to the dismay of the boy. The robot he found at the dumpsite though, this one was different. It laughed, it cried, it smiled, it has dreams, just like a human… >Lucy -The Eternity She Wished For- is a Visual Novel, about a boy and an android. You play as the boy, who faces decisions and moral dilemmas in this near-future world. This is a story that has touched many hearts and continues to have a strong impact on those who partake in this compelling journey.
>>27556 > so many robowaifu stories begin at the garbage dropoff/landfill... < clearly, if an anon wants to get ahead of the game in cutting-edge robowaifu R&D, then a sidejob as garbageman is going to be absolute essential!! :DD Thanks NoidoDev. It will be amazing if this developer goes down the nearly-untrodden heartwarming storyline route, rather than the commonplace dysgenic/feminist route. Cheers. :^)
Open file (26.28 KB 500x362 1431835113833-1.jpg)
>>27556 I actually have that game, and played through a small portion thus far. Below is not really a spoiler, since it's right in your face from the very first moments of the game. The protagonist is completely insufferable right out the gate, like the writer created him from a spreadsheet of grating personality traits. Imagine a stereotypical dyed in the wool inner-city luddite hipster who hauls his Underwood typewriter to the local Starbucks. Whilst sipping from the latest trendy latte, he writes a long essay about how enlightened he his, and that the world would be so much better a place if only everyone else was correct all the time like he is. But alas, they're all dumbasses for not using pocket-watches and paraffin lanterns and typrwriters or some shit, and thus they are irredeemable in his eyes. I honestly can't even remember why he plucked the poor girl from a private junkyard. He clearly only barely tolerates being in the same room as her. That's all before the scene with the mechanic, too. A little more spoilery, but not surprising: MC takes her over for repairs so he can hate her at full capacity or something, and the mechanic continuously refers to the gynoid as a "her" while complimenting her build quality. You know, like every other mechanic in existence. An existence so typical that his name is probably Mech Anic. The MC, having no working conception of what a mechanic is or what they act like, misinterprets this as the mechanic being a robosexual, and condemns the mechanic in his mind for like five paragraphs. Who knows though, maybe that's just what passes for compelling drama in South Korea. The MC might change as the story progresses (I've only have one hour playtime thus far and it felt like five hours), but it's hard to dive in for another session when I know I'll have to sit through paragraph after paragraph of the main character getting high off his own fumes. >=== -patch crosslink -minor fmt edit
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Thanks for the warning. I hoped someone would've checked it out. Too bad that it seems to be bad, the parts I watched seemed nice. >>27563 >and the mechanic continuously refers to the gynoid as a "her" while complimenting her build quality. I don't understand that criticism? How else would he refer to her? I tried the Planetarian game a while ago. I will go on playing it, but I had a hard time to get drawn into it. Visual novels without text to speech are not my thing, I guess. Still okay with buying it, since I didn't pay for the anime, but I'll buy that on BlueRay one day.
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Anon, please give me hand on this because I could'nt hold all these feels.
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>>27588 Merry Xmas everybody
>>27580 >I don't understand that criticism? How else would he refer to her? That isn't criticism on my part, I'm just pointing out that the mechanic talked like mechanics do. It's the MC that has a problem with it, and that's what bothered me. I might get back into the game at some point before too long. When I do, I'll let you guys know if it gets better.
Open file (79.90 KB 780x438 Shion.jpg)
>>27589 Iris is a good robot. Absolute dedication, with every drop of life in her dedicated to her master. An Android has the potential for a heart truly alien in its selflessness. Remind of Shion from Sing a Bit of Harmony. She'd gladly give everything and everything for the happiness of her master.
>>27581 Thanks, but what's the name of that manga?!
>>27589 Merry Christmas Anon, I'll be sure to read this thanks!
>>27624 Android Wa Ijou Wo Shiranai (I don't understand Androids (My translation for the name)) It's a one shot by Asahi Yoru Here's their Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/14140957
>>27581 Saying it's "just [prediction]" is not enough to describe [LLMs]. That was a great read. Thanks, anon.
Open file (316.34 KB 980x654 men_will_be_demigods.png)
>>24052 >Recently saw Sing a Bit of Harmony and highly recommend it. Yeah, I second that. The downside is that it's not really about promoting gynoids as companions. Also it features a bit of "woman held back by envious man" as part of the narrative. But it's overall a good story with emotional elements, and another anti-terminator narrative unlike most western stories featuring AI or gynoids in particular. It's interesting how many of the best gynoid anime stories are related to idols or them making music. Some are the closest to be some kind of musical: Vivy, Prima Doll, and Sing a Bit of Harmony.
Any good content for a bleeding heart depresso-espresso anon to consoom? Even cheery romance story can leave me feeling down for a bit after finishing it, I feel like a sad story would kill me in Minecraft AND in real life.
>>28167 <suggest to me a story <BUT >don't suggest to me good stories >don't suggest to me bad stories Lol. You're a tough customer bro. What about Hand Maid May?
>>28171 In hindsight, true, when you put it that way. It's just that I tend to kinda avoid the obvious titles because they seem like they'd turn out to be sad, at least that's how it looks like from the outside. The cheery part was meant to explain why I don't feel like delving in anyway just to check.
>>28167 >>28180 I have absolutely no idea what you want. Think about that first.
>>28217 That sounded dickish, I was only asking for suggestions or pointers.
>>28235 read thucydides account of the peloponnesian war then >a man who has the knowledge but lacks the power to clearly express it is no better off than if he never had any ideas at all
>>28217 He wants a story that's preferably cheerful, but at least not depressing.
Anyone seen “Better than us”? I really loved this show. Arissa (pic related) was easily the best part of the series.
>>28494 its on Netflix, I'll give it a try.
Open file (73.54 KB 960x935 feel_better.jpg)
>>28235 It honestly couldn't parse what you want. But maybe it was partially because I misread something. If a fictional story might break you, then it's hard to give advice. >>28247 Ah, so even a cheerful story can make him "depressed" but he still wants one? It can't be "depressing"? I don't know what "depressing" means, since I enjoy stories with sad elements, even with a sad ending. Also, if he's so depressed he should rather go to group therapy or look for some other solution (I won't endorse psychotropic drugs here). Being sad from watching a sad story means you care. It doesn't make your life worse. Something where things fail all the time, would maybe be depressing or rather inducing stress. For example, watching stuff with people doing a lot of in-fighting makes me angry. I still don't know. All or most of the best robot waifu shows and movies have some sad elements. Maybe try "Sing A Bit of Harmony" or "Vivy", they have some singing in there. The more cheerful and good ones are for example "Buttobi!! CPU" and Clockwork Planet would probably also work. Both have Ecchi elements, though. "Steel Angel Kurumi" and "Saber Marionette J" would also be more cheerful, but imo these stories are also rather boring and cartoonish. Obviously Chobits might also qualify, but I think anyone coming here knows about that already.
>>28524 Nah it was just my attempt to jokingly give perspective. Like I'll enjoy a nice story, but once its over I'll be bummed out, so I joked that since I can be like that with a cheerful story, then one specifically made to be sad would just kill me outright.
Open file (546.07 KB 4096x2903 1705140420212733.jpg)
Open file (58.76 KB 466x810 1704760895938145.jpg)
Open file (55.70 KB 500x636 1704647733533838.jpg)
Open file (128.86 KB 1416x2048 GD36KLQWAAA5pqY.jpeg)
Open file (385.54 KB 1000x1000 1705210058274682.jpg)
>>28524 Time of Eve the mini series. Not the abridged movie where the pace is too rushed.
>>28538 Catgirl Nuku Nuku is also rather lighthearted. The premise is very good, but the storytelling could really be better. Similar to Saber Marionette. But others like these more than I do. >>28559 >Time of Eve the mini series. It not about the pacing. The issue is, that it could be as well a western show, with the whole topic of oppression and robots wanting to be humans or something along those lines. I dislike in particular how much it comes up as a good example for a show about humanoid robots. I think I hate it.
>>18711 Do you think the OP pic should be updated? To include more anime that got recommended here. Also, there's are some non-Japanese movies, TV shows that are actually pro-AI/robots. Germananon recommended me "Better Than Us", a Russian TV show and its pretty good.
>>28570 >I think I hate it. While I don't go quite that far, I certainly understand your objections to the media. Slippery-slope is real.
Open file (928.62 KB 870x793 Screenshot_201.png)
Open file (950.46 KB 874x790 Screenshot_202.png)
Open file (234.81 KB 622x247 Screenshot_204.png)
>>28572 We can't update pictures of threads, only use a better one when we make the next thread. That said, I still don't have a simple software that makes these grid patterns. PhotoCollage on Linux doesn't make them equally spaced and I can't add names to each picture. I wish I had one which where I could select a grid pattern and it would re-arrange based on name, category or tags, like a website does. If you know such a software, please post it in the meta thread. Maybe using a anime website and making screenshots works best, but it's very sketchy.
>>28570 It's not entirely fair that. The rule broadly observed by Time of Eve is if you're going to wound-pick/look under the scab then do it deliberately/sensitively/carefully. What a western show does is start flailing all around inside the ugliness tent. No anaesthesia and no spared graces on behalf of the viewer. "You'll take your beratement and be grateful" style of delivery. It's one of the reasons why the moralizing is left a bit open ended even though the main character goes through the "look see he's got a redeeming side" arc. I'm still free to hate robowaifus at the end, if I want to be like that. Probably the wrong board for making that case, but being broadly left to make up my own mind on what I just saw is refreshing compared to being told what I'm supposed to be thinking all the time. >>28591 I'd pick a broad big res like ~2700-3400x and rows of 9x DVD-box style ratio slots, by however many columns down is practicable for those found so far and then make a blank template with it, then do some pixel accurate copy-paste to fill in the spaces. It doesn't get around manual inputting every time, but at least it's how I recall pulling display copies from the blockbuster shelf. I'd just want for the nostalgia more than making a useful infographic.
>>27563 But anon... *I* am that inner-city luddite hipster. AND I'm that mechanic. To what extent should it bother me that some characteristics conform to a trope or other? No, my paraffin lamp is not somehow better than (You) because kerosene smells, comes from big oil's spout out the ground and costs taxed/inflated money same as every other thing but you can see how somebody who's commit to having everything from the 30's could see someone else as less hardcore & more of a flake toward tech that's negative or does harm or are engineered entrapments in terms of your liberties. He's correct that old is gold and that you should try it, even if you don't agree on when the peak's been reached in western society. It's not outrageous at all to me because to me, being a hipster is an aesthetic. He wants to look a certain way, without really thinking or acting in that way. Attend the steam punk fair but never the traction engine fair. Look like a man from the 1870's but don't hold the opinions of one. If you do *anything* beyond that skin-deep veneer and you genuinely go and look then I'm impressed by it. Because again, he'll be right if he's said it; people flake, alter their appearance in lieu of laurels, and don't make a genuine go of their efforts. I haven't played this game/media you're reviewing, maybe they really are as one-dimensional as you say, maybe I am too, but the level of discernment or "I like what I like and nothing else" on this image board seems even higher than my own, and that's with me being one who refuses to join modernity until years after everyone else has gotten used to it already. Either it's the autism at work, or you've got board after board whose "dislike" list is even longer than mine when I'm already a mule that refuses to get on-board with anything. I like high discernment, it's great to have, but you're hating things that I'm not seeing as that bad.
Open file (7.50 KB 200x200 1440043351590.jpg)
>>28593 My issue isn't with the low-tech the MC uses. I've collected antiques for my entire life (and I mean that literally. Even when I was little, I bugged my parents to go to any antique store we passed), and nearly a quarter of my wardrobe is older than I am. My daily-drive watch is an early digital model made during the LED watch boom of the 70's. I unironically use vintage calculators for number crunching, including important shit that affects my life. And don't even get me started on my collection of vintage and antique figures, or vast amounts of other old tech I've owned over the years. Oh, and computers and a few typewriters, some of which I've used to write stories that I posted here. I get the aesthetic. I have no problems with it, and use it myself. My issue is with his insufferably holier-than-thou personality. I was not exaggerating in the least when I said that he shit-talks other people, just as often as not to their faces. He's an extremely hateful person. To give you an idea, he shit-talks other people just for using electronic clocks and watches, and jerks himself off for using a mechanical pocket watch (that he probably has to set to a digital clock every morning). Not just once, either. It's brought up multiple times, because the only thing he enjoys more than his old tech is hating other people for not using it. It got to the point where I actually forgot why he picked up the gynoid while I was playing the game, because he did nothing but shit-talk her every single second she was in-frame, and many long minutes when she was out-of-frame. I apologize for the confusion.
>>28597 Okay, this sounds awful.
>>28597 Hello Reviewbrah, I didn't know you were a fellow robautist.
>>28597 I'm sure glad you're on our team, Greentext anon! Cheers. :^)
Just finished reading ch4 of My Wife Has No Emotion. I remember I read some of it over a year ago, and the feels are just as strong now as then.
Apparently a based anon is posting 'The Big O' mango over on trash/retro/ : https://trashchan.xyz/retro/thread/9.html#3813
>>28739 I find that a very charming story. Enjoy your feels, Anon. :^)
>>28739 >>28783 Unfortunately it goes downhill fast in the later chapters.
>>28790 Yeah I still try to keep up with new chapters but they haven't really been hitting the spot for me for some time now
>>28790 >Unfortunately it goes downhill fast in the later chapters. I wonder what happened with the author to change it up, when it was such a pleasant basic premise to begin with?
Open file (274.88 KB 849x715 GDo3PINawAANpRy.png)
>>28799 At least the art is still cute
>>28799 >I wonder what happened with the author to change it up The author always wanted a dark and complex story. If you look through his other works, it's plain to see that it's his M.O. Many suspect that it was only cute in the beginning so that it'd reel in a massive audience, then he changed the script to fit his design once he got in a secure position. Personally though, I don't think the cute robowaifu stuff is going to go away completely. If the author removed it entirely, he'd lose most of his support. I expect that he's going to be juggling cute and gritty right up until the manga ends.
>>28801 Yes it is. >>28826 >I expect that he's going to be juggling cute and gritty right up until the manga ends. Well, I'm grateful for what I consider the good bits at least. It's an appealing idea for most anons, I think. Cheers, lads.
>>28591 >>18711 I just saw Plastic Memories. That was a great recommendation. Thank you. I'm going to go cry now.
>>29094 Lol. Sorry anon ;~; It's one of the very few (only 2) animus I refuse to watch twice. You'll find something more cheery soon, I promise! :D
>>29105 What was the other one? I don't mind having a show leave me sad. I realized recently that I don't expect human relationships to ever make me feel so attached. It's nice to know that I can feel that way, even if it's only through a story. It gives me hope that a relationship with an AI could be far more than I could expect from one with a human.
>>29116 Grave of the Fireflies. Yes, don't lose your humanity in all this wretched sea of our battles for humanity during Current Year. Stay strong, Anon. Cheers. :^)
Open file (631.21 KB 1024x576 constrained_(resized).png)
>>29105 >You'll find something more cheery soon, I promise! :D Yeah, if he watches the whole list there might be something cheery in there. But even then, it might have some sad elements. I like shows with sad elements. Btw, this above really isn't a full list of recommendations. For example, I really like "Iczer One: Fight!!" though it generally doesn't have a good rating. There are also some shows with a good masculine AI (side) character like in picrel show (Gargantia).
Some more manga. I've only read Daddy's and Bug. This is basically a bump for the new anon. A Story About a Droid A droid picked up an abandoned child and decided to raise it. https://mangadex.org/title/4bbbcf1a-f207-4d25-8be0-f08633b0947e/a-story-about-a-droid A Story About Becoming the New Master of an Abandoned Maid-Type Android Another tras-pic tale. https://mangadex.org/title/e101a6a1-defe-4fec-9a39-294038908d3d/a-story-about-becoming-the-new-master-of-an-abandoned-maid-type-android Daddy's Sexy Doll Man buys sexbot to replace deceased wife, reprograms it as also maid. Young Daughter sees sex act, is confused and wants "affection" too. GL https://mangadex.org/title/c61cee19-903d-4ec4-b5f6-58b31c1345cb/daddy-s-sexy-dolls Erio and the Electric Doll The story centers around Anjie, an electric doll, and Erio, a human raised by her. In order for Erio to experience the outside world, the two set out on a journey. https://mangadex.org/title/21699dbf-c427-41d8-bbcf-c7cbd1755615/erio-and-the-electric-doll Housekeeper In the near future where Android (A.I) becomes common among humans, a virus outbreak suddenly occurred, turning over 70% humanity into zombie-like "Creatures." The A.I soon break away from their infected owners since they're not programmed to recognize "Creatures" as humans, but one of them, the housekeeper Hasty, acted otherwise when her infected young master, Neville's final words struck something in her. Sticking with him after all other humans have been infected in the area they're living in, Hasty vows to do whatever it takes to cure master Neville, even if she has to fight against the whole world who's now looking to exterminate all Creatures to cut off the infection source completely. https://mangadex.org/title/bb24ecc9-155b-448d-aa74-bf31eb25e480/housekeeper >>27582 Androids Do Not Bug - One-shot - A girl finds a broken android with a final request. This is the one-shot posted earlier, a link to share. https://mangadex.org/title/1a7c7789-8f3c-4dab-bbd6-a188929f4778/android-wa-bug-wo-shiranai
>>18949 >>18960 It would be interesting to see something made by multiple people from here coming together like a think tank and talking about ideas of what the plot/script is etc and then they make it together and publish it
Lonely Professor and Robot Girl's Despair-Like Utopia Funny slice of life about a professor and his robot girl. Made by the man who'd later write Frieren. https://mangadex.org/title/28b75755-00ba-4f2a-940f-dd13cff066e9/bocchi-hakase-to-robot-shoujo-no-zetsubou-teki-utopia
Open file (120.47 KB 1920x1080 ChloeDetroitBecomeHuman.jpg)
Chloe from Detroit Become Human, she’s cute! I chose the ending where Connor stops the Robo Revolution haha
Open file (3.91 MB 450x338 Assaultron.gif)
Assaultron from Fallout
>>29554 Hey, thanks!! I found all of those on Anime Planet, except: "Androids Do Not Bug" - also "Erio and Electric Doll" is without the "the" in the name. While searching I also found: >Do Androids Dream of Love? >Androids Don't Look Back Not sure if they have been mentioned in some thread already. >>29560 >Frieren Oh, wow, this is from the same guy? I have this on my want to read list but getting distracted too often. >>29558 Yes, we have at least two threads related to that: >>29 and >>19295 - But please keep in mind, we're mostly here to make real gynoids, not just delving more and more in fiction and role-play.
Open file (54.40 KB 150x414 LobcorpAngelaNormal.png)
Just came across this: >Angela (Korean: 안젤라) appears in both Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina, in Lobotomy Corporation, she is an artificial intelligence who acts as the player's assistant. In Library of Ruina, she acts as The Library's director. https://projectmoon.miraheze.org/wiki/Angela
>>29597 Only a place-holder page for it on Mangadex as "Wonderlab" so far.
Pygmalion and Galatea, old myth I think it’s relevant
Open file (826.56 KB 1920x1080 wp7567671.png)
Riruru from "Doraemon: Nobita and the New Steel Troops—Winged Angels"
Some more manga: Does it Count if You Lose Your Virginity to an Android? The saucy cohabitation story of an android and an office lady who lives alone. https://mangadex.org/title/143a116f-8e1d-4f9b-9794-9fb8fc8f56dc/android-wa-keiken-ninzuu-ni-hairimasu-ka Heaven's Little Garden - One-shot A world where humankind was almost destroyed by the nuclear war. Lily, a girl who hides under a cliff, and Selene, an android who serves her. Selene was the only support and love for Lily, who lives with the faint hope of "living on earth again someday." The end-of-life GL story of "Android x Girl" presented by the creator of "Kowamoto-kun's Maiden Alliance" and "Alice's Paradise". https://mangadex.org/title/9079d555-d7e1-4b0f-bb7a-8a1e04e01aac/heaven-s-little-garden Life on an Uninhabited Planet with an Android A daily twitter comic in the form of a log, about an old man and his android stranded on an uninhabited planet. https://mangadex.org/title/01d3fdf8-af8b-43c8-815d-9d4a55407788/life-on-an-uninhabited-planet-with-an-android Love Data This is a yuri love story between a human and an android. https://mangadex.org/title/3d5fabc9-1dbc-46da-bc3b-e03e0f2de9e7/love-data Princess of Cathedral A world where machine civilization has perished and immortal monsters called "Monotsuki" are rampant. Isana, a girl born in a remote village, meets a mechanical person who lost her memories and looks exactly like her sister, who should have disappeared in the ruins she wandered into. Convinced that "My sister is alive," Isana gives the mechanical person the name "Hime" (princess) and together they set out on a journey to find her sister. https://mangadex.org/title/ef3a66a4-010f-4930-b6d4-0ff28b0ceed5/garan-no-hime
>>29588 >Do Androids Dream of Love? This one is about a girl and a male android.
>>29641 I doubt that I have time to dig into every such story. But, thanks anyways. >Princess of Cathedral These arms are a bit too weird. >>29643 Ah, thanks.
>>18711 >Hentai games Robolife 1 and 2. They both have multiple ending branches, you can work to earn money to develop more parts to increase stats. The hentai scenes are pretty good.
OP is mistaken. I do not recall any robot girl in No Game No Life. The robot girl is in movie No Game No Life: Zero which is a prequel that has different characters. The two main characters really should have been the main characters of the whole series since they are more interesting. https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/no-game-no-life-zero
>>30344 You're right, season one is really good (though not for everyone), but there's no gynoid. She's in the sequel movie. Still waiting for the sequel for the show.
>>30359 I'd say if someone didn't even like the show they might enjoy the movie still.
>>30361 Yeah, that's a good point. >No Game No Life: Zero
>>30423 EXCITING! Thanks, Anon. Hopefully they'll keep things upbeat and more like Chobits for the animu! Cheers. :^)
Open file (93.80 KB 700x1004 17.jpg)
Open file (88.50 KB 700x1004 18.jpg)
Open file (86.92 KB 700x1004 19.jpg)
Open file (70.15 KB 700x1004 20.jpg)
>>30848 One of my favorite seires as well. >upbeat I don't mind drama, I think stories do better if they have ups and downs. What I'm not looking forward to are the meandering school club plots and the Martians that look like squidbillies. I thought the martians were just squid-themed robots for a food truck but apparently they're actually aliens. The whole martian arc was kinda confusing for me. The kidnapping arc was also messy in so far as telling what the hell was going on. I got the gist of what story they were trying to tell but hopefully, it translates better on the anime. I'd like for the dub to be decent but I'm afraid they're going to insert trans VA's into it like they did for Delicious in Dungeon. The sub will be safe at least. My favorite part of the series is when Mina goes into the machine learning and logical processes. The little hints of there being something more even if the waifu itself doesn't realize it. Even if it ends up being a red herring and it's not a short circuit kind of situation I would be fine with that. If a bot malfunctioning makes it behave more like how I want it to, I don't consider that a bug, but a feature.
>>30854 >My favorite part of the series is when Mina goes into the machine learning and logical processes. The little hints of there being something more even if the waifu itself doesn't realize it. Even if it ends up being a red herring and it's not a short circuit kind of situation I would be fine with that. Yeah, that's wonderful stuff. As part of this remarkable group here on /robowaifu/ with the audacity and balls to try and tackle these very issues headon in the real-world, I have a natural affinity for these sorts of things. The Nipponese VAs on the teaser sound like normal humans. I too would be offended if the dub uses some faggot for the main protag (or anywhere else, for that matter). Let's hope not! :D I think the producers probably don't fully realize yet what a positive potential impact this series represents for the millions of us men who know about the concept of robowaifus now. They could use this animu to launch this entire property into a smash success if they play their cards right. But, IMO that will depend entirely on whether they stay true to it's Japanese roots, or if -- like so many other completely-sh*te series being produced during CY (including vidya, mango, and animu) -- they try to pander to what they think the GH Western-media evildoers are telling them we all """want""" (ie; quadruple-down on the pozz). I suppose time will tell... but let us here hope for the best instead! :D Regardless, thanks for bringing this new production to all our attentions, Anon! Cheers. :^) >=== -prose edit
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