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Visual Waifus Robowaifu Technician 09/15/2019 (Sun) 06:40:42 No.240
Thoughts on waifus which remain 2D but have their own dedicated hardware. This is more on the artistry side though ai is still involved. An example of an actual waifu product being the Gatebox.

My favorite example is Ritsu, she's a cute ai from assassination classroom who's body is a giant screen on wheels.
Since everthing animated seems to go in here as well: Here's a video from a channel that specializes on creating 3D animated waifus, which are dancing on Youtube to some music: https://youtu.be/8AmjFLdpkyw
>>8377 Thanks Anon, Yeah I'd say this or the Waifu Simulator >>155 thread are both good choices for animation topics until we establish a specific thread on that.
So, we definitely want our robowaifu's ai to be able to travel around with us, whether she's wearing her physical robo-form, or more lightweight in her non-atoms version. Securing/protecting her physical shell is pretty common-sense , but how do we protect her from assault when she's virtual. Specifically, how do we protect her properly when she's on our phones/tablets/whatever when we're away from the privacy of our own home networks?
>>8592 The obvious solution is to do what the Gatebox device in the OP does and keep the device that the AI runs on at home and interact with the user through text messages or phone calls when the user is outside. All the AI assistants from major tech companies work on this principle through edge gateways keeping the important parts of the AI secure in cloud computing. Not only is the way they process user data a valuable trade secret but so is the data itself which is why they spend so much on developing virtual assistants. If you really wanted it to be secure you'd have several instances of it running on different types of hardware in several locations. Any compromises could be quickly detected and dealt with.
>>8593 I understand (well, sort of anyway heh). That seems like a pretty good idea just to rely on simple text messages for communicating with her 'back home'. Simple text should be easier to secure, and much easier to inspect for problems. I suppose we can build her virtual, traveling avatar to display/render locally correctly using just text messages back & forth. Shouldn't be too difficult to figure out how, once we have the other pieces in place. Thanks for the advice Anon!
>>1124 >I'm currently in the middle of a project where I'm gutting a street car, putting in an engine that is entirely too big for it, racing seats, new ECU, and basically building a street legal race car. Anon if you're still here, what the heck is going on with your project? We need our Racewaifus!
Open file (2.28 MB 1024x576 gia.webm)
To prepare your visual waifu to become a desktop assistant in Godot 3.1, go into Project Settings and set: Display > Window > Width Display > Window > Height Display > Window > Borderless > On Display > Window > Always On Top > On Display > Window > Per Pixel Transparency > Allowed > On Display > Window > Per Pixel Transparency > Enabled > On When the scene starts, in a node's _ready function run: get_tree().get_root().set_transparent_background(true) Congrats, your waifu is now on the desktop and always with you. On Linux use Alt + Drag to move her around and Alt + Space to bring up the window manager if necessary. Make sure the window is appropriately sized to fit her or she will steal your clicks.
>>9025 That's neat, thanks Anon. Also, >that dialogue Lol!
Open file (1006.94 KB 720x720 dorothy.webm)
Progress. Next is to hook Dorothy up to a language model.
>>9270 Wonderful. Now I want to go hang out with Dorothy at the pub!
Creating holowaifus like Miku here >>9562 could become a thing with $30 480p Raspberry Pi displays. It'll be amazing when people can create their own mini holowaifus one day for under $100. Shoebox method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiJn9H-8H1M Pyramid method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MrgGXQvAuR4 Also there's a life-sized Gatebox coming out for businesses. It seems like they're still lacking good AI for it but I can see it being a good business attraction. I could see this being used in arcades which are still popular in Japan.
peak visual waifu-ery >
Stumbled across this gem from 2011. Japan has been hiding the waifus all along. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6NzzTyglEw
>>10214 Wow that's actually quite impressive for the date, thanks Anon. I sure wish I'd known about this back then.
>>8592 she'll always be backed up on a bunker orbiting earth ; )
>>10215 We are working on waifu engine and basically already surpassed that demo. Piecing it together currently to be an app. https://alogs.theГунтretort.com/robowaifu/res/10361.html#q10361
>>10723 Neat, good luck!
Just put it in like that: >>10361
>>10736 Thanks I appreciate it I don't use this board system often =)
Does anyone know if HUAWEI HarmonyOS is going to include a waifu assistant in any form? If so, I'm going to make sure my next phone is one of theirs. They just created this in response to Google refusing to support Android on their hardware. So Huawei just made their own. Here's the product announcement show. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2101ics8jc I find it very disturbing that Google and the US' NSA & other 9-Eyes organizations are so intertwined now that they are effectively the same, single, organization. Basically, you can't use any Google product today w/o your every interaction with it being instantly accessible to the Feds, already conveniently massaged for them into a pap format their diversity-tier staffs can readily digest. In the US at least, this kind of dragnet surveillance state is a flagrant and completely illegal violation of the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution. As some of us anons discussed a bit over in the basement, I'm much more comfortable with the Communist Chinese government having access to all my personal data and info, than I am with my own government having it. I'm certainly no fan of Marxism (it's incredibly evil, actually), but at the very least the CCP isn't a ZOG puppet, as basically all of the West is now. >tl;dr Chinese products are far less of a threat to us than American ones. Please give us AI waifus now, HUAWEI!
Open file (378.63 KB 714x476 huawei.png)
>>10805 >They just created this in response to Google refusing to support Android on their hardware. Lol my mistake. Turned out it was the Feds that banned it, actually. I guess I could have found this out myself, it's old news by now. www.cnet.com/news/lawmakers-to-u-s-companies-dont-buy-huawei-zte/ https://web.archive.org/web/20140911012926/www.cnet.com/news/lawmakers-to-u-s-companies-dont-buy-huawei-zte/ They were apparently concerned about Huawei spying on users. IRONY, the ZOG legislation. Anyway, I still can't figure out if they are going to include an AI in this operating system. Please let us know if you do.
Open file (27.35 KB 345x345 FUUUUUUU-.jpg)
>>10805 >Does anyone know if HUAWEI HarmonyOS is going to include a waifu assistant in any form? Welp, after doing a little research into the project, I think I can answer my own question now. In a word. No. >11) AI SUBSYSTEM >New features: >Added a unified AI engine framework to achieve rapid plug-in integration of algorithm capabilities. The framework mainly includes modules such as plug-in management, module management, and communication management, and carries out life cycle management and on-demand deployment of AI algorithm capabilities >Provide developers with a development guide, and provide 2 AI capability plug-ins based on the AI ​​engine framework and the corresponding AI application Sample, which is convenient for developers to quickly integrate AI algorithm capabilities in the AI ​​engine framework https:// www.huaweicentral.com/huawei-announce-new-openharmony-1-1-0-lts-features-modification-next-years-schedule-and-more/ Surely, if they were bundling in an AI assistant into the system they would make mention of it in such product descriptions. >mfw Welp, maybe they will later -- especially if Samsung does the right thing and gives the world Sam (>>10763), that should convince Huawei to follow suit.
>>10805 i hate chinese people
>>10818 If they give us waifus/robowaifus unencumbered by NSA/FBI/M5/... etc., etc. surveillance, then I love the Chinese ppl. Beside, they are entirely opposed to faggots, trannies, and all that gay shit, and aren't too kindly to feminists either. Sure you're on the right side of this question Anon?
Open file (52.09 KB 593x658 IMG_20210602_002310.jpg)
>>10818 But you should love decentralization of power, to some extent. At least having as much of it, that western governments have to focus on some issues instead of solving alleged world problems.
>>10820 Ugh. What is that thing in the image? I almost threw up in my mouth.
>>10829 Good point. >>10820 Daily reminder of rule #2 Please restrain yourself Anon from posting images of sodomites outside the basement.
>>10805 Ugh, independent of politics, Huawei is the Apple wannabe of China. Dont buy their crap for that alone. They try to make their interfaces so minimalist and so "smart" that the moment you have damp fingers their capacitive touchscreen wouldnt let you get out of the context sensitive menus until you miraculously swipe at just the right angle of acceleration. I hate these kinds of companies that try to reinvent the wheel by removing the headphone jack.
>>10846 Fair point. Every non-pozzed individual I know of detests Apple as a company, and as a primary tool pushing the wokeism sham on the world. But frankly I couldn't care less if it's a Russian, Chinese, or freakin' Samoan company delivering a high-quality Robowaifu product -- as long as they aren't directly in bed with the 9-eyes intelligence agencies. These agencies are plainly just ZOG puppets today, and have become obviosly evil. They clearly hold White men as their sworn enemies (ironically enough, given their own Anglo heritages), and this is plainly in alignment with their master's agendas, of course. Glowniggers of any stripe are not the friends of men in general, and White men in particular.
Open file (227.74 KB 1552x873 sidekick.jpg)
Open file (68.86 KB 680x383 it's a cardboard box.jpg)
Stumbled across a Kickstarter for holographic AI companions on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jsAUbxRePMo They're basically doing the shoebox method >>9570 but with patented lenses to increase the display size of a phone that's inserted into one of their cardboard boxes. The largest plastic one has its own display and battery. The output of the AI is slow and non-engaging yet they're promising a fun, talkative, and emotionally intelligent sidekick by June 2022. https://www.youtube.com/andwatch?v=M111_7Rh1mY As of now they've raised $800,000 in a month. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crazies/sidekicksai/description How do they have 1700 backers with no marketing, no viral video, and almost zero social media presence? Why is the average pledge $470? Is it an elaborate money laundering scheme?
>>11628 Neat. Thanks for the heads-up Anon. Very on-topic. I actually like the idea that it's just a cardboard box. Cheap construction materials can definitely lower costs and therefore potentially increase product reach. It's also a direct inspiration to DIY-ers. Finding inexpensive ways to produce components will certainly be vital to bringing the cost of robowaifus down to the point where kits are reasonably-priced -- especially in the beginning. >>11630 Thanks for the insights, FANG anon. The comments situation does seem telling.
>>11637 This is a great video. I had an idea before to use head tracking to create better 3D illusions. I hadn't even thought it'd be possible to make the illusion seem like it's coming out of the screen. I think other properties could be calibrated for as well such as Fresnel reflection, since the angle of reflection changes the intensity of reflections. Color correction could be done as well to compensate for the background and birefringence so it looks less ghostly and rainbow colored.
VR is getting cheaper, better, and lightweight. Personally I got a quest 2 and mi vision about waifus changed radically , I think we should focus in a robot that just assist us while being in VR and match the position of the robot with the VR waifu. As an example of very good games https://sexywaifus.com/_vr/simpleselection-vr.html
Open file (202.41 KB 736x1472 736x.jpg)
>>13553 I long for the day when slim glasses can overlay cute foxes on a basic robowaifu frame. Closest thing I have to that now are degenerates on VR chat.
Something I didn't think of developing visual waifus on a PC is you can interact with them on a touchscreen with all of your fingers. It would be possible to embed the touch events into a language model's context and generate responses to the user's touch, like giving her head pats. The animation could also be directed by the output of the language model for a really interactive experience.
>>15953 >1st filename Top kek. I think it's pretty humorous that the machine developers thought ahead well enough to allocate animation resources to dealing with Anons keeping that 'finger contact' going. Obviously, /robowaifu/ will need to do the same! :^) Admittedly, I'm somewhat clueless about the necessary association with the sensory inputs to the language model Anon? Maybe it's just my nerdish engineering viewpoint, but it strikes me that's more of a systems event, that will trigger lots of cascading effects -- language responses included.
>>15954 Part of the program would need to respond to the touch event immediately, such as if you stroke a waifu's hair it should move right away. The language model would also take into account this touch event to produce a sensible response instead of making responses that are oblivious to them. It could also generate more complex animation instructions in the first tokens of a response, which would have about a 250ms delay similar to human reaction time. It's not really desirable to have a set of pre-made animations that the waifu is stuck to since after seeing them over and over again the waifu will feel rigid and stuck to replaying them. With the language model though you could generate all kinds of different reactions that take into account the conversation and touch events.
>>15956 OK, I'll take your word for it Anon. I'm sure I'll understand as we work through the algorithms themselves, even if the abstract isn't perfectly clear to me yet. You can be sure I'm very attuned to the needs of efficient processing and timely responses though! Lead on! :^) >>15953 BTW, thanks for taking the trouble of posting this Anon. Glad to see what these game manufacturers are up to. Nihongo culturalisms are pretty impactful to our goals here on /robowaifu/ tbh. Frankly they are well ahead of us for waifu aesthetics in most ways. Time to catch up! :^)
>>15953 That Madoka is the epitome of cuteness. If only there were a way to capture that voice and personality and translate it into English. >>15956 Timing of reactivity is important for preventing the uncanny valley from a communications standpoint. For her animations, it may be effective to have several possible animations for various responses that are chosen at random, though never repeating. Like, having a "welcome home" flag that triggers an associated animation when she's saying "welcome home".
>>15967 >Timing of reactivity is important for preventing the uncanny valley from a communications standpoint. You know I just had a thought at reading this sentence Kywy. It's important to 'begin' (as in, within say, 10ms) a motion, even though it isn't even her final form yet. :^) What I mean is that as soon as a responsive motion need is detected, then her servos should begin the process immediately, in a micro way, even if the full motion output hasn't been decided upon fully yet. IMO this sort of immediacy to response is a subtle clue to 'being alive' that will subconsciously be picked up on by Anon. As you suggest, without it, a rapid cascade into the Uncanny Valley is likely to ensue. It's not the only approach that's needed to help solve that issue, but it's likely to be a very important aspect of it. Just a flash insight idea.
I recognize that b/c of 'muh biomimicry' autism I have, I'm fairly inclined to go overboard into hyperrealism for robowaifus/visualwaifus, even though I know better. So my question is >"Are there simple-to-follow guidelines to keep from creating butt-fugly uncanny horrors, but instead create cute & charming aesthetics in the quest for great waifus?" Picrel is from the /valis/ thread that brought this back up to my mind. > https://anon.cafe/valis/res/2517.html#2517
>>13558 Been thinking for VRchat old phones can be spoofed to act like headsets. IRL waifu bot doesn't need good graphics to still log in to be VR bot. I think there may be a basic puppet limb tracking system hidden in the diy haptic glove projects. Open source software for tracking ten digits with force feedback options could be applied to four limbs.
Open file (962.23 KB 1289x674 Screenshot_6.png)
>>240 > what nvidia is doing today In short - more metaverse cloudbased shit.
>>17178 > on pic - nvidia shows virtual ai powered avatar in UE5 forgot to add that :/
Open file (1.34 MB 1521x3108 1660016076195124.jpg)
>>15970 But is the "uncanny valley" even real tho? In the picture you posted here >>16235 Yuna is supposed to fall into the uncanny valley but she's the better looking character of the two. Meanwhile the character on the right looks real but is merely ugly and that's why Yuna looks better. We can just use anime style to make our waifus, it translates well into both physical 3d and computer 3d models.
Open file (679.36 KB 798x766 3DPD CGI.png)
Open file (965.98 KB 1152x832 Digi-Jeff.png)
>>17180 Still working on my 3D modelling since I started with M-66 >>11776 I made a hell of a lot of topology and workflow errors when I first started out, so I decided to find and follow some proper tutorials. Thanks to the series by CG Cookie - focusing on anatomically-correct edge modelling in Blender - I managed to make my first head that isn't just ripped from a game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oa9ZRyBFcCg (Be warned though, this is extremely time-consuming work! The proper edge modelling starts from video 2 onwards). It looks horrendous. But people do when they have no hair or eyebrows! Although this is realistic, I prefer modelling stylised cartoon or anime characters because they are simpler and cuter. When modelling from life, not only is it really hard to accurately represent the underlying muscles, it is sooooo easy to drop into the Uncanny Valley because certain features of your topology will always be a little off. Nothing is going to be 100% correct (even professional models that use photogrammetry and mocap can look 'off'). Even if the topology is 99.99% correct, small errors with environment lighting and animation can creep in (I am thinking particularly of how they 'de-aged' Jeff Bridges for the 2010 movie Tron: Legacy).
>>17183 On the subject of de-aging, turns out deepfake programs are the best way to go! Makes sense if you can get ahold of enough footage. This side-by-side comparison video illustrates what I was just saying about many small errors accumulating to drag a character into the Uncanny Valley: https://youtu.be/vW6PKX5KD-U
Open file (1.56 MB 540x501 desktop_drum.gif)
>>17183 >>17184 Thanks, very fascinating and informative. I don't think your first pic looks horrible, but if it's a lot of work while even not finished, then maybe it's not the right way. Not sure what your goal is, though, beyond learning. Modelling head for robowaifus or making an animated girlfriend. It's good that you tried out the hard stuff, but it seems it would be easier to go with a simpler model. Tbh, I think for a animated girlfriend a 2D anime style (low-poly?) might be sufficient. Your difficulties also explain why there aren't that many 3D heads freely available. I considered a while ago to use a service like Fivrr to get some female head modeled. This seems to be done in poor countries (by children, maybe). I hope you know, just in case if you planned to make a job out of it. If you want to build some kind of program or produce a short movie, then maybe only work on the sketch and then source the rest of the work out to Pakistan.
>>17185 > Not sure what your goal is, though, beyond learning. > Just in case if you planned to make a job out of it. Yeah, I just wanted to learn so it's easier for me to make 3D models and art. Just for personal enjoyment. Because making digital art of robot waifus is much cheaper and easier than making actual physical robot waifus! Plus there are no constraints and you can make whatever the hell you want! If you get really good at it, you can put completed, rigged models up for sale on various websites, but this would be a small side-hustle at best. Nobody actually needs 3D art. Especially not as Clown-World continues down it's spiral of self-destruction
>>17191 Okay, but you could try to make simpler animations which can be used for a "chatbot" or virtual robowaifu. Also, for telling animated stories, which would still be interesting to people and a competition to the established media. That's just what I would be doing if I would be going for 3D art, and I might one day when my robowaifu is finished.

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