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Robowaifu fiction to promote the product and expand the market Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 07:17:19 No.29
>order companionbot from obscure japanese website
>you're not a pedo, but size is a major factor in the practicality of these designs, so the loli-robot is by far the cheapest and most reliable option
>you open the box and find your companion, purposely designed to look like a cartoon robot, rather than a real person
>still, the robot's purpose is obvious when you realize it is nude and has genitals
>since it is a lolibot, you, a 32 year old wizard NEET, can't exactly go to the store and buy clothes that fit it. So you'd better do an extra good job at hiding it from any guests that come over.
>lol you never have any guests. Guess some problems solve themselves.
>before turning the robot on, you have to setup the software options on your computer. You adjust a series of sliders regarding personality traits, before selecting the English option, and choosing your preferred voice from a list.
>then you agonize for hours over picking a name
>other, more expensive models, are wi-fi compatible, but you purposely chose the cheapest option with no wireless connectivity, not just because you're cheap, because you don't want people spying on your waifu
>you save the settings to a flash drive which is inserted in the robot's navel, after removing a waterproof cover, of course. But this is when you realize you don't actually know how to turn the robot on
>after rifling through the manual you find the on/off procedure, which involves bending the fingers into a certain configuration before pressing in the port on the robot's navel with one hand and pinching the buttons that are the robot's g-spot and clitoris with the other.
>the robot immediately comes to life, opening its eyes and looking directly at you, in a rather compromising position
>Your sudden reaction of shock abides when you remind yourself that it's simply a robot.
>But the awkwardness comes back when the robot speaks, in very broken Engrish
>still, you can understand as it introduces itself with the name you've given it, the voice you chose for it.
>you know that you chose those options, but when the robot asks you for your name, you still answer just as awkwardly as when a real girl would ask you your name at the bank or whatever
>actually, more awkwardly because your fingers are inside it. So you freeze up, as you do even in simpler situations
>but the robot is programmed for your happiness, and detects your stress, smiling at you in an attempt to make you feel better. But only briefly, because you programmed it with just the mildest hint of tsundere
>it tells you to not feel stressed, and assures you that it is not being damaged by your touch
>you remove yourself from the robot's vagina, and notice a brief, subtle shudder. Nice attention to detail from the creators
>You stand up in front of the robot and watch it as it looks around the room, studying its surroundings. It moves in an unnaturally smooth motion, but manages to not be too uncanny due to looking like a robot, rather than a human.
>as the robot's eyes scan the room, you notice that they stop for just a tiny but longer than usual as they look straight ahead. Straight ahead at your boner, which happens to be right at the small robot's face level.
>once again your mind forgets that you are dealing with a machine, and you awkwardly try to create small talk to diffuse the situation, asking the robot if it requires anything else at the moment. It declines, and instead asks if there is anything you desire
>you, the autist you are, refuse to let the robot do anything for you, and instead say that you are going to go and make a sandwich.
>you tell the robot to make itself comfortable, then cringe to yourself when you realize the absurdity of that statement.

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>>12188 > Sipped the coffee reflectively for five minutes. > Fired all the gear back up, dreading what I knew was coming next. < Welp, I guess it's time to call the boss. Can't put him off forever. > Dial in HQ Central's frequency, and soon have the boss on the line. > Once again, he's trying to bully me into coming up with an all-new robowaifu design. > "But I thought we already delivered on that spec didn't we?" > "Yes, yes. But we need more now Anon. Everybody says so." > "Well what is it exactly that's wrong with the Waifubots9000 line Boss?" > "We need it to be OVER 9'000!11" he barked into the phone. > "Over. 9'000. That's their reason?" I asked, a little dumbfounded. > "That's what the board says Anon. Over 9'000. Says it right here." he replied flatly. > Long pause. < Are these guys intentionally being comedians? < *Sigh* I guess I'll hand over Waifu's new designs to them finally. > "Alright, Boss. Give me two weeks. I'll have something ready for you." < That should give me plenty of time to get all the docs up to date. They'll want those. > "GREAT! Anon, you're the best. You'll have a big bonus if you come through on this." > "So, about that. Boss, how would it be if you ran a fiber-optic seacable out to me?" > Long pause. > "WHAT!? Do you realize how much that would cost us Anon?" > [long incessant diatribe on HQ's enormous expenditures ensues]* > I cut it all short. > After hanging up I open up Krita. In about 15 minutes have a shiny new logo designed. > Waifubots9001 < Heh, that should do it. > Print up a decal using the new logo, then take it down to the barge. > Waifu and the cat are both playing with the yarn. < I mean, both playing with it. < Hmmm. A cute look actually. < Maybe waifu should be an anime catgrill instead? I could give her some fluffy ears & a tail? < Add a cute little meido outfit and I think we'd have a hit on our hands! > "Waifu, I have some news for you." > "News?" she asked, jumping up and coming over to me. < Disgruntled cat is disgruntled. Lost her playmate. > "Yes waifu. You're now known as a Waifubots9001 Model A", and affixed the new logo. > "Waifubots...9'000...plus 1? A?" > "Heh, just '9'001' waifu. Yes, HQ needs a new line stat. You're the mother of it all." > "Mother?" > "Haha, well not really. Just a figure of speech waifu" I said and patted her head. > "I understand, Oniichan. I am not the mother, but I am a Waifubots9001 Model A now instead." > "Err, right waifu. Tell you what, we'll sort all that out later. Time for lunch!"
>>29 This story is great. I think I am going to write some "realistic" fiction in this thread.
<Do you find everything okay?> >I think I did. <Can I see your ID?> >Hold on let me get my wallet out. >Alright, and... here you go. <Do you want to purchase a two year extended warranty plan, for $149.99?> >Absolutely. <Do you have a Waifun membership card?> >I... do not. <If you sign up for that card now with your purchase today you can save 10% off of this purchase, and up to 20% off of future accessories.> >How much is the membership? <$59.99 annually. Since your purchase is more than 3,000, you'll save about 250 if you sign up.> >Sounds like a good deal actually, sure. <E-Mail?> >Oh, this is difficult so follow me. <Alright go ahead.> >K.I.R.S.C.H.W.A.S.S.E.R.K.U.N... at gmail. <kirs-ch-wass-er kun at gmail dot com?> >Kirschwasser, yes. <Phone Number.> >(517) 555-0135 <Street address.> >It's on the ID. <Alright. And... here's your ID.> >Thank you. <You are good to go on the membership. Here's that memebership card. It has a smaller one here you can put on the keychain.> >Nice. <With that discount applied, and with the warranty plan. The total comes to $2,845.39.> >I have a card. <Just put the chip in the reader, it will ask you if you want a warranty, just say no. I'll print the warranty separately.> >Okay. <Here is the warranty paperwork, and... your receipt.> <Is there anything else you need? Do you need help moving her into your car?> >No, I have a truck. <Alright, thank you for shopping at Waifun. Have a good rest of your weekend.> >Thank you, you too. He rolled the cart out the door of the establishment. A clean looking building painted cheery pink with reflective tinted glass windows. Waifun had grown to become the largest chain in the United States for this kind of business. They did sell adult goods, but this wasn't that kind of store. Mostly, it was new and refurbished domestic gynoids, coined robowaifus by the communities that first popularized them.
I was playing around with a concept for a R/W theme manga, in which a powerful piece of alien war technology is discovered but the "waifu" is what is created when it interfaces with the MC's brain during a scan when it is activated as an "intelligent" control console and instruction manual. The machine itself is dangerous and sought after by it's owners (in theory), but b/c it needs to communicate with someone it creates a personality via the brain scan and the mech itself spits out a blank humanoid shape that only over time starts appearing more and more "waifu" simply by the interactions it gets from the person who activated it. Drama and hilarity ensues when she is all too real and person-like and develops her own personality yet she is only the AI interface for something alien and destructive and he tries to find a way to separate her from it but cannot b/c in the end she was only created as essentially an intelligent "interface" for the machine but due to his insistence at treating her like a waifu (b/c lets face it every manga MC is a sad lonely hikikomori and can't help himself even if he might be bringing about the destruction of the planet) Still there's potential for happy twist endings (the real aliens do show up and are nice, and actually give him his waifu b/c its no different to them than letting a kid keep the instruction manual for a toaster) (the real aliens are long dead, but essentially it doesn't matter that she's really a war machine in the end and he keeps the machine in a barn where it actually performs various functions (spare parts, 3d printer, etc)) or option 3 - all hell breaks loose, government glowies get involved and waifu is destoyed and MC finds a way to use the machine to wreak vengance (like Killdozer on a massive scale), waifu may or may be be able to be ressurected and with or without her original memories) just some brainstorming, but I'd love to see more fiction on this topic. Japan was good at this with Chobits/ Vivy/ Kuwarekake / DEARS / etc but for obvious reasons it's a dead theme in the west
>>12204 >but for obvious reasons it's a dead theme in the west Actually, IMO the predictive-programming that All AI is Ebil. Will kill us all!11 REEEEEEEEEEE is quite alive and well in the West, Anon. Jewish media have been spouting that meme for at least 100 years, probably longer.
Open file (26.50 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
>>12207 while I don't disagree with that analysis, I've also always held the belief that the west's christian foundation "only humans have souls, animals don't and machines definitely don't" vs. japanese shinto/animism "everything has a soul" was the difference in each culture's attitude toward robots and AI
>>12208 Actually, I can tell you as a Christian, it's not the soul, but the spirit that's the distinctive. Only God, Angels (heavenly or fallen), and Human Beings are spirits. Souls are quite commonplace among basically all the other creatures we humans regularly engage with. All mammals and birds for example, are all soulish (that is, nephesh) creatures. As to the Shinto Buddhism notions, I'd suggest there's certainly something far, far deeper to God's handiwork in creation than is commonly acknowledged. Scripture is filled with texts that indicate willfulness in 'souless' matter like rocks, trees, rivers, stars.
>>12203 Thus was the store's namesake, sale of robowaifus to the target demographics. Businesses and men who yearned for non-human option. He dropped the tailgate to his truck, and brought the L-cart up to the vehicle. >Man, it was hard enough to get her off the selective rack. How am I going to get in here? >Maybe I should have taken his help. There was a lip on the end of the cart. So turned it around. >I'll just drag the whole cart up here. He stepped up the upon the tailgate from the bumper, and grabbed onto the handle of the L-cart. He lefted and set the back tires of the cart onto the truck bed. Hopping down, the man pushed the entire cart onto the bed of the truck. While on the bed, he tipped the cart over to drop the box onto it. The cart was righted, and pushed back to the ground. He then, finally, moved the cart to its corral. >Oh, I am glad I'm not as heavy as I was last year. It was true, he was much more fit now; due to his new job, stacking warehouse pallets by hand and by forklift. He could throw them 8 feet on top of the stacks with ease now. More than he could say when he started. Yet, he was still winded and sweating after that five minutes of work. It was today he learned the importance of the team lift. >Seriously, how much does she weigh? I think I'll pick up a dolly from Lowes up by the township before I head home. Which he did, but not before putting a tarp over the box. Domestic androids were a sensitive issue. Anyone who saw the box was a potential danger to it. It didn't help that she was also very expensive. That three grand wasn't just lying around for him to spend. He had set that aside for a while, after buying his first car and desktop computer. His job paid well. He put the tarp over originally because he was unsure of the weather that day. Now, hiding her was more of a concern.
>>12211 He walked into the home improvement store and bought a new dolly. He was going to need it, as he lived alone. Nobody would help him move this 300 lb box into his house. Lowes, and Walmart, were within walking distance of his house. Waifun, however, was deep into the south side of Lansing. He was thankful for his now deceased parents who had left him the house. He had lived there his entire life. The man was 28 years old now, his father died twelve years ago to heart complications. He lost his mother during the pandemic ten years ago. They left him quite a bit of money from life insurance and savings. His father had his own inheritance from the grandparents. After long, the money started to run dry. Only then was the young man forced to work to provide for himself. That was two years ago. He was a more responsible person now. The truck arrived at the house and pulled into the driveway. >Alright, let's get started. He got out of the truck and moved to open the tailgate. There was a sidewalk that lead from the front porch to the driveway. The whole area was flat. The house was nice after all. The only thing wrong was his yellow grass, but that was true for the entire neighborhood. He kept the tarp on around the box, and strapped it to the dolly. After rolling it to the tailgate he made the decision to roll the wheels of the tailgate and slide the dolly across the bedliner. This was a bad idea. He nearly got pulled off the truck bed as the dolly dropped 3 feet onto it's tires and lurched forward. There was no slide whatsoever. After composing himself from the nearly missed faceplant, he closed the tailgate. >I hope the box didn't get damaged. It should be good right. He frantically looked around the dolly and box. There was no visible damage. >Lets hope she's okay. Jesus this thing is heavy.
>>12214 He rolled the dolly up to the front door and opened it. His living room wasn't clean, and it was like this all the time. Because he lived alone and didn't have anyone over, he didn't see the need to. It was now that his uncleanliness would be a problem. He suddenly needed a lot of space. He removed all the fast food bags from his coffee table, and moved some dirty cloths on his couch to the laundry room. The living room was as clear as it was going to get. He was too excited to clean the room thoroughly, he wanted to open the box now. He unstrapped the dolly and folded the tarp moving them both to the garage. Now he had a large box to deal with. He grabbed the box cutter he used for unwrapping the pallets at work, and started cutting down its six factory packing straps. He then removed the tape keeping the box closed, near the bottom. The box was packed in such a way it could be lifted off from the top. Much like a washer, it was about that size. After he lifted the box, he found a lot of foam. A thick black cocoon of rigid polyethylene foam enclosing the entire robot. Closed over her like a clam shell. This too had tape around it. She was packed in there tightly. On top was a large flat black disk and a 220 volt power cable. The kind used for ovens and dryers. He didn't think about that, the only other 220 volt supply was in his garage. He didn't want to have to charge her in the garage, so the dryer was going to have to move out there. Below the wireless charging pad was a sealed anti-static bag containing what looked to be a set of clothes. >Oh, huh. I guess she's going to be stark naked. That does make sense. Why wouldn't she? She has to fit the shape of the foam. The last thing atop the foam cocoon was a small pamphlet, in 12 languages. Showing all the parts and giving basic instructions, with a QR code to the online user manual. He read summarized the instructions to himself aloud.
>Plug the 220 volt cable into the charging dock, and put it on to the floor with the charging side up. >Plug the other end of the cable into the wall. Alright. >Open the foam, and turn the robot on by pressing the power button. I guess she's already charged? >Move her to the charging station for setup. This process may take several hours. I figured. >Well I have all weekend so that isn't going to be a problem. In addition to that he took today, a friday, off. He'd been waiting for the package for a while. Teamon, the robot manufacturer has base models, and does customization online; with a higher price for special features. This wasn't a situation where he selected model among many in a warehouse, although Waifun was a warehouse. He has customized the bot online, so he knew what he was ordering. In fact, the purchase amount was held by his bank until checkout. That was about a month ago. The transaction held pending the entire time. He signed a contract before the order was completed saying the full amount would be charged if he canceled the order after fabrication. The bot was his about 2 weeks ago. >Now let's get this foam off. The foam was split down the vertically, so he couldn't open it while upright. He tipped the coccon over onto it's side, and cut the tape seal around it carefully with the box cutter. The man took a deep breath and lifted the box up. There she was, no extra parts or pieces. The foam matched the shape of her body in the fetal position, lying peacefully asleep. >Wow. She looks so small curled up like that. The bot was five foot two inches. She wasn't really all that smaller than most short girls. But she was collapsed with a kind of factory precision to save space in the foam mold. The dense foam was quite heavy, feeling more like a rubber than a foam. He wasn't worried about that drop from earlier anymore.
>>12203 >>12211 >>12214 >>12215 >>12216 Forgot Tripcode. This is my new tripcode.
>>12220 Keep going Anon. I'm reading them.
>>12216 He rubbed under her eye with his thumb. It felt like the cold skin of something dead. Her hair was white, just like he'd ordered. The artificial hair had an iridescent sheen to it. A pure color that would certainly be lost almost immediately. She had the new gynoid smell, one of silicone, grease, and factory perfume. He had a bit of a predicament however. She was still in half a shell of foam, and he had to lift her out before he could turn her on. He put his hands where he could under her knees, and shoved his hand between the foam and her back to grab her from underneath. He tried to lift but it wasn't going well. It was a 230 lb deadlift, and he was well out of shape. >UrrraaaAAAHHHH! Jesus girl, you are he... heavy. With the sudden strength a man gets to prevent a girl from getting hurt, he flicked off the other half of the foam shell with some strain from his fingers. He more or less dropped her onto the couch, with her facing the television. Laying, holding her thighs under her knees, on her side. He gave a swift hard kick to the foam to move it out of the way. It has gone farther than he expected smacking his front door. The house was now silent. He went to the kitchen. The house was open, so it was attached to the living room. Opening the fridge he grabbed an unsweetened tea, and sat on his loveseat 90 degrees from the couch where she was laying. He grabbed the instruction pamphlet and read it through carefully. >Now where is that power button. He looked it over carefully. It was a switch inside of her ear. Her ears were not human ears, but rather small triangular protrusions which contained I/O ports. USB, HDMI, Apple Lightning, and of course the power buttons. There was a separate switch for the power supply that need to be flipped as well. >Here we go.
are there any more resources for this? "Gynoid" was decent and thought provoking. Is this just a really dry genre or is there a whole collection hidden in some old internet forum somewhere?
Open file (61.32 KB 484x222 Selection_026.jpg)
>>12367 Let us know what you find Anon. I, for one, certainly don't claim to be any kind of talented writer. But the way I see it, any reasonable effort ITT this thread is better than no effort here. > My own little piece ITT is just be beginning to flesh out some ideas for a scenario inspired by Grant Abbitt's Sea Shack 3D training video. (>>12250) Kind of a pre-production pre-script, if you will. It goes without saying that if you or others would actually contribute ITT, then things will become more interesting heh. :^)
>>12373 >>12204 I outlined an idea ITT above but I can brainstorm and spitball a few and whittle down the most timeworthy and maybe do some rough storyboards or scripts and go from there. I used to write "novels" in grade school but my brain has changed so much since then idk if I still have that capacity but it might be worth another swing now that I have another 30 odd years of life experience behind me
>>12375 Excellent. Look forward to seeing what you make of it Anon. A professional Story Artist in his 40's who worked at a multi-Oscar-winning VFX studio once told me, "You really can only tell a good story once you have a lot of life-experiences under your belt. Only then do you have something interesting to say to everyone." Who knows? Maybe he's right, maybe not. But maybe you have some important things you can share with us all here Anon. Grab the bull by the horns and wrestle it to the ground.
I like the solarpunk aesthetic hinted at here (fishing with waifu; driving home in a pickup truck with waifu), especially the DIY and the respect given to tradesmen. >>12382 Thanks for this uplifting post. Potentially another writer here. I felt a little old and am envious at all the new talents in their twenties making webtoons and illustrations and earning a lot on patreon. My career has practically been reset to zero since the pandemic and I realized all the skills I worked hard on cannot sustain me a decent living, while all of a sudden making art becomes viable now, what with youtube and fanbox and tons of platforms out there for creatives.
>>12394 >Potentially another writer here. We certainly can use more here on the board Anon. Go to it! >I like the solarpunk aesthetic hinted at here (fishing with waifu; driving home in a pickup truck with waifu), especially the DIY and the respect given to tradesmen. Thanks! I have a rough set of posts banged out for the future of Anon and his little sea-faring robowaifu companion. Their rather quaint SoL adventures together as members of an independent island archipelago nation are set in the near future. Anon's primary challenges as a remote designer will be to devise robowaifus who do well in the seawater & climes they live in. Nothing ground-breaking, but a laid-back idea that rather suits my tastes. Think Chobits + Yokohama Shopping Trip + Aria the Animation kind of all rolled up together in one, but rather with a protagonist male that's smart, and capable, and brave. An ideal oniichan for a good robowaifu grill! :^) Stay encouraged Anon, we're all gonna make it. And get to writing TODAY
>>12223 Looking forward to finding out what happens next Anon. Did she work correctly out of the box? Did Anon have to customize her programming first? Was she as strong as the ad-copy proclaimed? As /comfy/? These are the kinds of answers that enquiring minds want to know!
>>12190 > We clamber up from the barge, then onto the upper deck, and into my hut. > "You will have lunch now, Oniichan?" > "Yep. Do you have any idea what I'll be eating for lunch today waifu?" > "Fish! Oniichan will be eating fish for lunch today." > "Can you tell me why you think that waifu?" > "Because when Oniichan eats lunch he always eats fish!" > "That's right waifu, I'll be eating fish for lunch today. The cat too." > "The cat too will be eating fish today with Oniichan!" she repeats with excitement. > I give her headpats and waifu beams in childlike pleasure. > I pull the fish out of the thermoelectric cooler, and get the frying pan down. > "Waifu, do you know what kind of fish this is?" holding up the orange flesh. > "No, I do not know what kind of fish this is, Oniichan." < Actually, I don't know either heheh. > "This is the "Bright Fat Orangefish" waifu" I tell her with a straight face. > "This fish is the Bright Fat Orangefish, Oniichan." > "That's right. Can you think why it's named that waifu?" I ask, putting it on to fry. > Waifu just quietly scratches her head and looks out the doorway. > In a couple seconds she darts out of the hut and kneels at the edge of the upper deck. > She peers down intently into the seawater below without saying a word. > After a few seconds of hard thinking she runs back into the hut squirming excitedly. > "Because this fish is bright and fat and orange, Oniichan!!" > "GOOD GIRL! That's right waifu." I applaud her ceremoniously for her achievement. > She swops against me like a cat seeking for affection. < She would jump up into my lap and purr if she could, I'm sure. < Heh, I really do think I should turn waifu into a catgrill after all. < I'll look through the parts bins and dry stores when I'm working on her later. > We take the food out to the table under the awning and I tuck in. > "You eat fish every day, Oniichan." she observes. > "Yep, fish yesterday. Fish today. Every day fish." > "Every day is fish..." she repeats reflectively. < Her perceptions and associativity is improving every day, generally. < I still need to work on her facial controls though. < Even though the emotional subsystem is working, it often seems a bit wonky on her face. < Maybe I'll just go a head and keep her on the shelf overnight rather than reassemble. < Spend time tomorrow and try to add some of those new micro-actuators Anon mentioned. < Also, the 'skin' material can use a few tweaks while I'm at it. > "Waifu, can you smile for me please?" > "Yes, Oniichan I can smile for you" and does so. > "A bit wider please?" > She really stretches for me. > "Fine. Waifu, I'm going to go ahead and work on your face tomorrow." > "You will work on my face tomorrow, Oniichan. Why?" > "Because I can make your smile even more beautiful than before Waifu." > She beams all over and I give her headpats.
>>12398 > "Waifu, do you think we should take some fish down with us for the cat?" > "Yes, Oniichan! The cat will eat fish too" she giggled and grabbed a bag full. > I let her feed the cat, and then watched the two of them playing together. > "Waifu, you look very cute when you're playing with the cat like that." > "Is it good when I am very cute, Oniichan?" > "Yes waifu, very good. It pleases me." > "Oniichan, I am glad" she smiled. > "I think you would be very, very cute if you looked just like a catgrill yourself waifu." > "If...I looked...just like a catgrill myself, Oniichan?" she pondered. > "Yep. You could have two cute cat-ears, and a cute & fluffy cat-tail." > Her eyes widened in amazement at this new concept. > She peered intently down at the playful cat. > "You can make me have cat-ears and a cat-tail, Oniichan?" > "Yes, I can waifu. Then you and the cat would be alike that way. Would you like that?" > She bolted over to me and jumped up into my arms in a hug. > "YES!! Make me into a catgrill, Oniichan!" and snuggled her face into my chest. > I hugged her gently, then stood her back down. > "Haha, I will waifu, I will. Sometime before this weekend we'll figure something out." > I gave her headpats and she was as contented-looking as I've ever seen her before. < I'll probably have to sew the ears ofc. Not likely that HQ would load that into stores. < The tail I can fashion from the fluffy cushioning materials I suppose. < It will need to be able to move, or she's sure to get it hung in something. < Besides, a tail just hanging there limply wouldn't really be all that appealing tbh. < What kinds of actuators can I use for them both? Bowden cables maybe? < The tail will obviously need to be well-articulated along it's entire length. < Costly and detailed work. < Do I have them in the stores or will I need to order them? < Power budget is good atm, but we'll need to watch that with the new actuators. < Welp, time to bring the old sewing machine down again. < Never could get used to sewing tbh. < I am NOT sewing those dang meido outfits though. We'll just order them from the catalog. < I'll need to cut a hole out for her new tail through her shorts though. < Will I need to change the chairs for her too? < What will we do with her current ears though? Should she just have four ears maybe? < What about whiskers? Surely we'll need some whiskers too, at least eventually. < I wonder what else we'll need to adjust for "Waifu the Catgrill Meido" to be born? < The markets back on the main islands will go wild with this one, for sure. < Can't let HQ bully me into endless add-ons though. < They'll just have to start a new 'Catgrills-R-Us' subsidiary to take care of it is all. < We'll need to adapt some of the household chore routines from the Waifubots90... < Oh shiii...wait... < SEX. < What are we gonna do about the tail during sex!? < Nothing about that will change for people just b/c catgrill. < Probably be even moar tbh, eheh. < Alright, I'll just have to put all that off till later. Right now, provisions! > "Waifu, I'm going to go try catching some fish. Would you like to sit with me?" > "Yes, Oniichan!" she replied, and we grabbed the fishing gear from the locker.
>>12404 > We sat down together at the edge of the barge and I drop a couple of lines into the water. > "Here you try, Waifu. Let's see what you catch" I said and handed her one of the poles. > In less than two minutes she got a hit and it was a yuge Orange fish. > "Wow! That's a really big one. Nice work Waifu." > "It is a really big Bright Fat Orangefish, Oniichan!" she beamed and danced, dangling it. > I caught another smaller one a few minutes later, then we packed up the gear. > I showed her how to clean the fish, and we fed the cat the innards. > "The cat likes that, Oniichan!" she smiled and watched the cat wolf it all down. > "I know Waifu, cats like fish after all." > We watered the cat, packed the catch away and I check the time. > "Well Waifu, it's just about time to work on your hips." > "It is just about time, Oniichan?" > "Yep. Remember this morning when I had a look at it with the light?" > "I remember, Oniichan!" she said brightly. > "So, turns out you have a little crack on one of your hip supports and I'll patch that up." > "Thank you, Oniichan." > "No problem waifu. Can't have you going around here with a limp now can we?" I smiled. > She smiled and hugged me. > "But this time waifu, I'm going to put you instead into the watertight hold while I work." > "You will put me instead into the watertight hold this time, Oniichan." > "Yes. It's going to take me some time and I also want to work on your face tomorrow too." > "I remember, Oniichan!" > "So, it will be better to just go ahead and disassemble you and store you there instead." > "OK I don't mind, Oniichan." < Even though she's far from human, Waifu is really one of the best 'people' I've ever known. < I sometimes wish I was half as decent a one as she is. > "We'll turn on the cameras and mics and we can still talk to each other." > "We can still talk to each other, Oniichan?" > "Yes, and you can watch me in the lab while I work on your bottom half." > "Thank you, Oniichan. I will watch you work." > We go below decks and into the hold. > "Take everything off and lay up on the table Waifu." > She complied, and after several minutes I have her top half separated from her bottom. > "Up you go" and I carefully lift her top while she hugged me, and settled her in the rack. > Once she was well-fastened there, I plugged the power & media feed lines into her ports. > "There. Now give me just a sec Waifu, be right with you..." > I trotted into the lab, turned on the lights, then switched on the cameras & mics. > "Can you hear me Waifu?" > Her cute voice immediately piped up in the comms speaker. > "I can hear you, Oniichan!" > "Can you see me OK?" > "I can see you OK, Oniichan. You are in the laboratory at the workbench." > "Great, looks like we're all set Waifu. I'll come get your legs now."
>>12407 > Get her legs up into the test & repair rigs, and switch on all the diagnostics gear. > Faintly hear rain through the hull, and feel the barge gently swaying. > "Oniichan! It was thunder!" she exclaimed excitedly at a loud crack of it nearby. > "I know Waifu. Do you think it's raining on us now?" > "Yes I do, Oniichan." > "Can you tell me why you think that waifu?" > "Because when it thunders close by, it's always raining on us now." > "That's right waifu, thunder and rain almost always go together out here." > "Out here, Oniichan?" > "Yes, I mean here on our rock where we live. There are also other places elsewhere." > "Also other places, Oniichan?" > "Yes, lots of very nice people live in our nation Waifu. Pretty far from here though." > "Lots of very nice people...our nation far from here..." she pondered. < She really hasn't any idea about other humans yet, or much about their ways either. < Just me and the cat and the fishes and the birbs. < And our little searock hideaway. The island capitol cities will be a shock for her too. < I better get some training set up for her first before introducing them though. > "That's right Waifu. Someday we'll go together and meet some of them." > "We will go and meet them someday, Oniichan. When?" > "It will be a while Waifu, be patient." > Work 3 hours scanning, testing, repairing all her structural parts and checking actuators. < I look forward to having the time after this upcoming delivery to redesign all this. < Anon's hip joint designs are much better than this mess I managed to patch together. > "OK, I think that's got the fix done. You'll be good as new soon." I smiled at the camera. > "Thank you, Oniichan!" I could see on the monitor she was beaming. > Checked the time. "And it's just about closing time Waifu." > "It is just about closing time, Oniichan." > Wheel her bottom half back into the watertight hold. > We chat for a few minutes as she gazes in wonder at her detached legs, now on the table. > Get everything ready to close up for the night. < I saw clouds building up again earlier. < We might have some seas in the night. > Double-checked that her securing straps were fastened properly. > Checked one last time that the dehumidifier and her battery chargers were working. > "Alright waifu. I'm going to seal you in. You be a good girl now won't you?" and smiled. > "Good night, Oniichan. I will be a good girl." she replied with a gentle nod. > She closed her eyes. < She looks like an angel, even in her current state. > Softly stroked her cheek, then gave her the last headpat of the day. > Double-checked that each of her systems was ready for it, then pressed the off switch. > Listening to her final powering-down sounds, I smiled remembering her busy day. > "Good night Waifu. Sleep tight." > Switched out the lights & fans, turned, went out and sealed the door.
>>12221 >>12397 >>12223 He stood up from his chair, opened the sturdy translucent plastic enclosure. After flipping her power supply on, two dim lights in each ear illuminated. The light covered the entirety of both small I/O enclosures, they began to pulse with a soft blue light. >Now, to turn her on. He pressed the power button. The ears went from pulsing blue to solid blue. Nothing more than that happened at first. Then a loud chime sounded. It was a friendly sound, more like a video game menu sound effect than a beep. She, laying on the couch, slowly opened her eyes. She turned her head slowly in both directions to scan her surroundings. This was to see if it was safe to unfurl. Half of her scan was the couch she was laying on, due to the back being behind her. After too long a time just looking around; she moved her head back to the center of her body. In the smooth continuous motion only a mechanical device can make, she simultaneously rotated her body, extended her legs, and began to stand upright. Once standing to attention her eyes remained open and forward. She stood looking forward for almost a full minute, apparently motionless. Just before he was about to check on her to see if something was wrong. She began to blink, and turned her head toward him. <I am Teamon model 24-Aurora, please direct me to wireless charging station. I need to be charging during setup, which make take several hours.> She was loud, not quite yelling but almost. The voice was surprisingly natural, even though it was still obviously coming through a speaker somewhere in her neck. Her body was well insulated enough that a majority of the sound came through her open mouth which was moving with the speech. This lip sync was not accurate enough to not be noticed when paying close attention. <We cannot continue with setup until I am at the wireless charging station.> >Yeah, I hear you. >Its uh... over here.
>>12539 He walked over to the side of the kitchen in the laundry room where the charging station was set. A solid black plastic and metal disk, with a thin foam pad on top of it. The foam pad mushroomed over the edge of the disk slightly. He pointed to the pad on the ground, unsure of how to move her over there. >Here is the charging station. <Please move away from the doorframe so I may enter the room in front of me.> >Sure, sure. He squeezes shiftily between the gynoid and the doorframe, to move out of her way with urgency. Her head tracks to follow him as he does this, until he has moved past her ability to do so. Her had moves to center, and a few seconds pass before she takes two step forward. Stops momentarily, rotates 90 degrees to her left, takes a step forward onto the pad, about faces, and finally stands motionless. Another short period of time passes where she scans her surroundings. Her head rotates, and then abruptly stops center. She quickly kneels to a squatting position, with her butt on the pad, and her arms wrapped around her bent legs. After a few seconds her ears light up green and pulse, indicating that she is now charging. Although her battery was charged from the factory. <Before beginning the setup process, I need to connect to the internet. I detect a nearby Wi-Fi signal from a network called "MI5 Surveillance Van". Is this your home Wi-Fi signal.> >Yes. Yes it is. <What is the password to connect to this Wi-Fi network? If you do not want to speak it aloud you can write it down and allow me to read it.> >The password is `firm6513tuna16span`. <Firm. 6. 5. 1. 3. Tuna. 1. 6. Span. All lowercase, no spaces. Is that correct?> >Yes. <Please wait while I connect to the Wi-Fi netw-I am now connected to the Wi-Fi network.>
>>12540 A secondary blue LED was now illuminated on the outside of her ear. Brighter than the status indicator lights inside of the plastic housing, but very small. It reflected on her factory straight, synthetic white hair in the dim room. <We are now beginning the setup process. Please present your original purchase receipt, proof-of-purchase, order number, or QR Code to verify ownership.> >Hold on let me get my phone. <I will wait.> He almost tripped over the lid of her box running through the living room to grab his phone. Which he failed to unlock twice before opening the browser and logging into Teamon's ordering website. On his profile, under recent orders, was an order number and QR code. >This should be it. He held out the phone to her eyes. Which starred into the phone with intense concentration. <Thank you. I will now verify your identity. What is your first and last name?> >Thomas Emmett <Your first name is Thomas, and your last name is... Emmett. Is that correct?> >Yes. <What is your date of birth?> >May 12th of 2001 <The 12th day of May of the year 2001, a Saturday. Is that correct?> >I think so. <Please hand my your Michigan state issued ID or driver's license. Teamon will retain a copy of your driver's license image for its own legal records, under the Michigan Consumer Protection Act Section 445.903. This is to protect your identify information, and return me to you should I become lost or stolen.> >Oh... um... okay hold on. Thomas reluctantly reached for his wallet, and pulled the ID card from it. He assumed this was part of the terms of service he'd signed, so he presented the ID to the robot.
>>12541 <Thank you. I have scanned the front of the ID, please turn the ID to its back side.> >The back too huh. <Yes. Please turn the ID to its back side.> >Here. <Thank you. You have been identified as Thomas Emmett. Are you my administrator?> >Yes. <Will any other person have administration permissions?> >No. <You, Thomas Emmett are the sole owner of me, Teamon model 24-Aurora serial number 516-UDA-95. Is this correct?> >Yes. <Any data you have me save will be encrypted. You may connect me to a computer at any time via USB to retrieve saved data, but you will need to two factor authenticate to verify your identity before you do so. Is K. I. R. S. C. H. W. A. S. S. E. R. K. U. N. at gmail dot com, your primary email address?.> >Yes, it is. <Does anyone else have access to that email address?> >No. <I have sent an email to verify and activate two factor authentication. In that email is a six digit code. Please read it to me.> >I got it. It... its... 2. 6. 6. 5. 9. 0. <Thank you. Two factor authentication has been activated. We will now begin the customization process.> <What is my name?> >I hadn't really thought about that. <Please use only one or two words. To assign a longer name please say "I would like to assign longer name."> >Kirsch. <How is that spelled?> >K. I. R. S. C. H. <I could not find that name in Teamon's voice database. Please wait a moment while the global network is trained to recognize that name.> >Huh? Alright. She spoke many words quickly. In rapid succession, the words began to blend together before finally settling. <Curtain-Church-Curse-Kirschwasser-Kirsch Kirsch Kirsch Kirsch.> A few seconds passed before she continued. <My name is Kirsch. Have I pronounced the name correctly?> >Absolutely, that was amazing. <Thank you. Would you like to assign a last name?> >Oh, uh. You can use mine I guess. <Emmett?> >Yes. <My name is Kirsch Emmett. Is that correct?> >Yes, it is.
Open file (348.82 KB 725x1200 rollreprogrammed.png)
>>12542 nice job I'm looking forward to seeing the rest, do you have another blog or space where you're keeping it all together?
>>12543 No, just a text document. Should I post it elsewhere? >>12542 <What is my primary duty?> >What do you mean? <What was I purchased to do?> This was a complicated question. Most of the advertising for the Teamon Aurora model was focused primarily on her adult entertainment and sexual gratification functions. There were other models specifically made for household labor. While the Aurora model could perform household chores, that is not what it was engineered to do. Teamon models, like the Barestone and Erudite were better suited for that, and much more expensive. However, their appearance was made to be neutral, or in many cases masculine. The Barestone didn't even have a face. Just a simulated human head shape, much like the old Daft Punk helmets. The Erudite was feminine and taller due into increase computation needs, but hardly as attractive in the face as the Aurora. >Companionship. <Do you mean a friendship, a familial relationship, a sexual relationship, a significant relationship, or a spousal relationship?> >Can you define significant relationship? <A significant relationship is defined as a relationship that is romantic, sexual, dating, involves cohabitation, or the spending of time with someone that is more than a friend.> >What about a spousal relationship? <Do you want me to define spousal relationship as well?> >Yes. <A spousal relationship is the state of being a married couple voluntarily or joined until death or divorce?> >What is the difference between a significant relationship and a spousal relationship? <I would refer to you as my husband in a spousal relationship. In the state of Michigan, I would not be legally recognized as your wife. You would have no tax liability resulting from that selection, nor would we need to legally divorce. It is a semantic change only.> >A significant relationship then. <My primary duty is to be your significant other. Is that correct?> >A little clinical, but yes.
>>12545 <Do you have any specific honorific title you want me to have?> >What does that mean? <An honorific title conveys esteem, courtesy, or respect for position or rank when used in addressing or referring to a person. Examples of honorifics used for significant relationships would be girlfriend, wifey, waifu, bae, boo, baby... et cetera.> >Wow. That was cringe. <I do not understand.> >Girlfriend is fine for now. <I am your girlfriend, and we are in a significant relationship. You are my boyfriend. Is that correct?> He paused to collected himself for a moment. "Maybe I'm the cringe one here." he thought as he heard "You are my boyfriend.". He was way past the point of no return now. His girlfriend is a gynoid 24-Aurora model brought to him by Teamon. He looked her over carefully. The well fabricated factory precise frame, coated in silicone based semi-biofidelic skin. The advertisements said that she would maintain realistic temperature that could be felt through that skin. He put his hand on her face cupping her cheek. She was as warm as advertised, a little hot even, but that was due to the installation running her computing hardware at full tilt. >Yes. That is correct. <Thank you. Please select a voice. I will now repeat five quotes in five different voices. Tell me which voice you like most by repeating the part of my quote.> >Alright. <When a society makes war, the men generally have to pass a fitness test before they're allowed, to risk their lives. I suppose it helps win the war.> It was raspy and low, but feminine, with a thick tint of sexual flirtation. Much like the voices used for female spellcasters in Chinese MMOs. She sounded exactly as someone imagined a sexbot would. This one was a definite no. <We juggle priceless eggs in variable gravity. I am afraid. I will taste fear until I die.> He though the quote strange, but this was the default Aurora voice which was both pleasant and feminine.
>>12540 >I detect a nearby Wi-Fi signal from a network called "MI5 Surveillance Van". Is this your home Wi-Fi signal.> lel'd
>>12545 >No, just a text document. Should I post it elsewhere? Not him, but if you do please continue posting your story here. I'm enjoying reading it, and I'm unlikely ever to see it if you don't post it here on /robowaifu/.
>>12546 <Species evolve to meet the environment. An intelligent species changes the environment to suit itself.> A proud sounding voice, like that of an epic heroine. Unfortunately for her, she was five foot tall curled up in a coward's position on the floor. That voice was never going to suit her. It was surely someone's thing, but not Tom's. <We play your part in order to understand you, but you each seem to play a thousand parts.> A high pitched, and frankly annoying, animesque voice. Halfway between selling you something, and trying to convince onii-chan to take her to the park. Sounding young enough to make him feel uncomfortable. <I could translate, but it would be meaningless. They have welcomed us in the name of their Emperor.> A soft spoken and sweet voice. Attempting to, with unmerited confidence, emulate a shy girl. The ends of each sentence were punctuated with a sense of acute erudition. It was impressive that the bot was able to do that kind of text pressing. The cloud updates were starting to kick in surely. The best for last as they say. Tom had always liked shy girls. >In the name of their Emperor. The next lines from her were spoken in this new voice. It had now become part of her identity. She gave examples to further modulate the voice for more granular customization. Each change was accompanied by a voice example, in the words currently being spoken. <Would you like to change the pitch of this voice? I could go with a medium-high pitch, high pitch, medium-low pitch, low pitch, or the default medium pitch.> >Can you repeat the medium-low pitch for me again? <I could translate, but it would be meaningless. They have welcomed us in the name of their Emperor.> The voice he selected was little high already on its default pitch. Something about the medium-low pitch reached out at him. It felt like a voice he wanted to hear. Maybe one similar to a voice in his childhood. He couldn't exactly place it.
>>12833 >One more time? <I could translate, but it would be meaningless. They have welcomed us in the name of their Emperor.> >The medium-low pitch would be fine. <Would you like to select the medium-low pitch for this voice?> >Yes. <You may change my voice and its pitch under the voice section of the administration settings accessed either by saying "settings", or through the settings menu in the Teamon mobile app.> >Alright. <There are three steps remaining to complete setup. I need to update my software and firmware from the Teamon cloud to ensure I am functioning properly. While this is occurring, I will need to you open the Teamon app. A notification was sent to your inbox containing a document that needs to be read aloud. This document will help train my neural network, and the Teamon cloud, to recognize your voice specifically. This is to ensure that I follow only commands that you have given. This may take about an hour depending on the speed at which you orate. Please read the document at your normal oral reading. I am able to process your voice at any speed. Do not feel the need to slow down or recorrect your speech if you misspeak. Please orally dictate the entire document to the best of your ability. You need to be secluded from most other sound for the whole duration. You may need to plug in your phone.> The words "entire" and "whole" had inflection placed on them to indicate their importance. Her speaking now had the feeling of a teacher about give an exam. Indeed, a notification was sent to his phone from Teamon. Inside was a link to a PDF document on their website. It appeared to be three act short story totaling about 5000 words. >Oh, alright. Glad my phone is charged. <Are you able to start now?> >I am. <To begin training, simply start reading the document. If the training will be interrupted, say "pause". To resume the training, say "resume". I may pause the training myself if there is too much background sound.>
>>12835 Tom lived alone. He didn't even have pets. Just him, his computer, and her. The short story started with "She could hear everything, but dared not open her eyes.". As he spoke these words, Kirsch's eyes closed slowly. The indicator light on her plastic ears began to cycle through the RGB spectrum, from red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, magenta, and back to red again. Over and over. It was almost mesmerizing. The story read as a cyberpunk neo-noir science fiction crime story resulting in a female android attempting to escape with her human lover from their city. After entrapping a corrupt cop who was stealing data from a corporation to frame him for the murder of his android lover's designer. It was a unique premise, but an average telling by most standards. It was entertaining enough to pass the time. Though, he would not buy a whole book of this. Certainly, it was themed to match the task he was performing. Reading aloud to an android lover. It took less than the hour she'd predicted, an obvious overestimate to make less skilled readers feel better about themselves. After the last word of the story, "blade." was spoken, her illuminated ears shot from a slow cycle of rainbow colors to rapidly blinking green. Her eyes opened, and she began to speak. <The text recording has been uploaded to the Teamon cloud to be processed. At this current time it may take 6 to 8 hours or longer to fully process. I have already validated that the data is complete enough to make a secure model of your voice. In the mean time, I will use local sound comparison to verify a voice match. This is slower than model verification which will be used after your voice is processed, but this is only temporary.> >Cool, is your setup complete? <I have downloaded all software and firmware updates, and need to restart finalize their installation. I can do that now, it will only take a minute. Would you like me to restart now?> >Yeah, go on ahead.
>>12837 Kirsch shut herself down entirely. Causing her to slump on the charging pad. After a few seconds she was powered on again and corrected her charging stance. A chime sounded from her mouth, and she resumed speaking. <The Teamon operating system has been updated. Please visit the Teamon mobile app or website for version information, updates, and the application change log.> >Okay. <You asked previously if my first time setup was complete. Two steps still remain. First, I've sent a copy of the setup information, as well as a backup phrase to the notification inbox on the Teamon app. Please save a copy of this for your records. It contains a code that will restore me to your selected default settings should you later install updated hardware.> >What is the second step? <May I stand?> >You don't need to ask me permission to do that. <There are times where me standing may impede or interrupt and object being carried or otherwise moved. Do you still want to give me this permission?> >Yes, that shouldn't cause much of an issue. <I will no longer ask for permission to stand should I determine it safe to do so. You can revoke this permission at any time.> >Geez. Girl I'm not going to do that to you. Tom was nearly orbiting around her has she stood. Frantic with a nervous anxiety brought about by the thought of having to train the poor girl not to act like a slave. He hoped that this would not develop into a habitual problem. She stood to her full height upright. Only then did it occur to him that she was not clothed. After what she said moments ago, he felt it his duty to make sure he was treating her like a girlfriend and not like an appliance. He left the room momentarily to grab the pre-packaged uniform in the sealed anti-static bag laying on the couch next to her packaging. He snatched them, and whipped his body around to return to the room to find that she'd walked almost three steps in the very short time he'd left.
>>12838 Her head was trained toward him, inquisitively trying to determine why he'd left so abruptly during the setup process. Tom held out the bag to her. >We need to get you dressed. Do you... um... need help with that? <That is not necessary. I see there are... garments inside of this... anti-static bag. I am unable to destroy objects you own without your permission. May I open this anti-static bag?> >Yes, the clothes inside are yours. <These garments appear to be... a Teamon model 24-Aurora's pre-packaged uniform. I am a Teamon model 24-Aurora. It is reasonable to assume these garments came packaged with me. You own me, therefore you own these garments.> >This is going to be harder than I thought. <Are you finding something difficult? Is there something I can do to help you?> >The clothes are now yours. <You wish to transfer ownership of these garments to me?> >Yes. <Thank you.> >Can you put them on for me? <I will put on this uniform.> She clasped the package firmly with one hand. With a precise movement of her other hand, she ran her index finger under the weak adhesive seal, lifting it, and removing the well folded bundle of clothes. She looked over the kitchen counter taking two small steps sideways to move to the cleanest part of it. Placing the clothes, and the bag, onto the counter. Kirsch, then separated the individual parts of the uniform, knolling them across the table. Each piece was placed at accurate 90 degree angles to each other. Two now expanding once vacuum packed slipper-sandals, a pair of black kneehigh stockings, a pair of lace panties and bra, a strapless thigh length dress embroidered on the front and back with the Teamon logo, a military style beret also embroidered, a single anti-fouling glove, and a velcro wristband again embroidered with the logo. Only after all of the items were laid out upon the table knolled, did she start dressing.
>>12839 Krisch began with her underlayer. First the panties which she held out while bent over, stepping one leg gracefully at a time. Then her bra which she attached from the front without even looking, to be swung to her back, and put her arms through. Much like her panties the stockings went on. Her dress which she smoothly extended her arms up into, to drop to her chest, held up only by her mild bust size and a generous elastic band. She then slipped into the sandals one at a time. On her right hand the anti-fouling glove. On her left, the thick velcro wristband. She calmly reached for the beret, looked over it carefully with her eyes. Preened it with her hand to adjust to a precise predetermined shape, and aligned the logo to the middle of her head. She then looked up away from the table, faced immediately to Tom at a pose of attention. With a proud expression, and the earnest expectation of meticulous inspection. Tom took a few casual paces toward her. He give a smile and half a chuckle resting his hand on her shoulder, rubbing it gently. >You look great, they really did know what they were doing with that uniform. <Thank you. I do have one step-up step remaining that needs to be completed.> >What is that? <I need to make an accurate three dimensional model of the inside of your house. During this scan all dimensions and the location of objects will be memorized. I will only ever have to do this one time. However, in the future, if substantial changes are made in the layout of the home; I may need to re-scan portions of the house to correct that model.> >Go on ahead. <I will begin the scan. I need all of my graphics processing capabilities during that time. For this reason, I may not respond immediately to requests.> She turned to the left towards the charging station. Like she had done during first activation, she looked around the room carefully moving her head from left to right; then back to center.
Open file (33.01 KB 300x100 marie.png)
>An>>12838 >After what she said moments ago, he felt it his duty to make sure he was treating her like a girlfriend and not like an appliance. But she is an appliance, r-right?
Pick Out Your Defective Robowaifu ASMR: https://youtu.be/wxUO5QhnHzc
Open file (87.68 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
>>12855 lol. A good one. Found that same video when searching "RoboWaifu" on YT. Interesting, must be a common type of voice but I swear I've heard her in Re:Zero and as the voice of Pascal in Nier: Automata, coincidence maybe
Open file (252.51 KB 1091x649 robowaifu_future_story.png)
>Story is an image for immersion. >A thread from our future.
>>16605 <Toplol/10 Glad to see some life ITT. Looking at you, /f/ !111 :^)
Alright, I hate to be that guy but I'm going to move my Robowaifu fiction to Tapas. https://tapas.io/series/waifu
>>16800 Submitted a little early. The title "waifu" wasn't fucking taken can you believe that shit? I am the author of this story, and am going to continue it there. No other reasons than, it could have been lost and I want more people to enjoy it. >>12833 >>12835 >>12837 >>12838 >>12839 >>12841 >>12543 I am going to follow metaronin's suggestion on that one. >>12561 Don't worry, I'll still post it here.
>>16801 She turned to the left towards the charging station. Like she had done during the first activation, she looked around the room carefully moving her head from left to right; then back to center. Her eyes trained on the corner of the room. There the scan started. She looked up to the ceiling of the former laundry room. Her head slowly followed a line from the ceiling to the floor. She took a step to turn her body about 20 degrees, and the rose her gaze from the floor back to the ceiling. This continued, down and up, up and down, until she had rotated around the entire room. This was a very slow process. For a majority of the time, Thomas stood there watching the point cloud of his house be made. With it came a sense of fear. For the first time since having the idea to purchase the android, he had come to the full realization of Teamon's influence. They have access to fully rendered models of the inside homes of over 5 million Americans. They know how dirty those houses are, secrets that need not be shared, entrusted to a glorified domestic appliance. Undoubtedly, they sell all of this data to the highest bidder. Thomas' only scannable sin was some vintage porno magazines in the garage and a few unsavory toys in his bedroom; which were out of view of any scan she was going to make. Though he did feel self-conscious about the state he'd left his house. It was at this point he felt bad for poor Kirsch who had to navigate around it all. <"I request access to the room behind this door."> >"The garage? Yeah sure. You are free to walk anywhere in the house." <"Did you intend to give me access to your entire premises?"> >"Yes of course. I want you to feel at home here." <"I do not have the capacity to feel emotion. Teamon does not yet have the capability to produce sapient artificial intelligences."> >"Ha, yeah you know hearing it worded that way makes me think they do."
>>16814 <"I do not intend to sound rude, but text parsing requires the use of my graphics processing unit which is currently reserved for another task. Please limit communicating with me until the scan of your home is complete."> >"You could have just said, "Shut up, Thomas I'm busy."" <"Use of the words "shut up" can have a passively aggressive tone which can cause confrontation."> "It was a joke, you're fine." <"While Teamon's text parsing model is advanced and can decern many types of emotion, including humor, it is difficult for the model to correlate the subject of a complex allegorical statement to a second subject. Symbolic figures of fiction in truths or about the generalizations of the human experience are beyond my reasoning capabilities."> >"That was... informative wow." <"I cannot continue scanning until our conversation has ceased."> "You are--- the one talking to me." <"I am obligated to respond to any statement directed toward me by my administrator. Including many non-direct statements."> "I get it I'll leave you alone until you are finished." She did not respond. Instead, she stood for about 10 seconds awaiting further correspondence. After those seconds of silence, she opened the garage door and continued her scanning process. Walking to what appears to Thomas to be the exact center of the garage. Up and down, top to bottom. She then paced to another position in the garage and started the process again. He'd imagined it would be a single scan of each room of the house, but it did make sense to him that larger or more complex rooms would need multiple scans. Although it was taking a long time to complete, he felt compelled to follow her around while the scans were taking place. Maybe she might have an issue or bug from being freshly installed. What if she needed help, and he wasn't there? All things he was coming to terms with. She was undisturbed by his presence, except for the occasional.
>>16815 <"Please do not impede the view of my camera, I cannot see objects behind you."> Which is no better than saying "You make a better door than a window." Thomas made sure to sit behind her while she was scanning. From the garage to the kitchen, to the living room, hallway bathroom, his parents' old bedroom, his late sister's old room, master bedroom, and master bathroom... then closets, then inside of cupboards, bathroom medicine cabinets, underneath beds... then outside of the house, around the side of the house, the backyard. He was 4 hours into the process now, and it was starting to become night. Thomas had no idea that the scan would be this through or involved, but of course, it had to be. How else would she know where an object was if he asked for it? If he asked for her to hand him his deodorant, she would have to ask him where it was each time. Scanning the entire building inside and out was far more efficient. It was about this time, after both sides of the house and side yards were scanned, he wrestled with the thought of standing outside the front of his house with a model of gynoid commonly sold as a sexbot. The neighbors were going to stare. If one of his neighbors did the same he'd probably stare too. So he stood, and she turned in a circle. This scan took just as long as any other, but it felt the longest. Not only because it was uncomfortable, but because this was to be the last scan overall. Then he could go back inside. The yard was gated and fenced in on all sides with wood 6 feet high. Which provided some privacy in the backyard and side yard. The neighbors had single-story houses which made him feel a little better about it. But the front yard might give him a reason to interact with the neighbors alot less often. <"My scan of the property is complete."> >"Alright, let's head back inside it's getting dark." The two of them walked inside, and immediately he went to the fridge to find what he was going to have for dinner. It was going to have to be pizza rolls tonight.

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