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Robowaifus in media Robowaifu Technician 09/10/2019 (Tue) 06:24:00 No.82
After reading anon's Robowaifu fiction bread, I wondered what media is out there that already predominately features a robowaifu(s) as an important character. Animu and mango are obvious choices (pic related), but surely there are live action movies as well.


post robowaifu movies, books, etc.
Open file (379.19 KB 1540x2048 media_Ezfodf4VUAcol76.jpg)
Open file (36.97 KB 680x533 IMG_20210606_093710.jpg)
>>10915 I only really looked into his Instagram, after posting this. Holy F, this guy. He is maybe the the most relevant artist relating to what we're doing here.
This is a smaller set, but easier to access and download than via Instagram: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/728801 - Perfect timing, got the link from Nitter which was down while writing this comment. He also ha a book, for a ridiculously low price (~19€/23$), which some here might want to buy. For example here: https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOBK-2266285 >>10918 Lol, epic.
>>10922 >He is maybe the the most relevant artist relating to what we're doing here. <s/maybe/is >>10926 Thanks Anon, I saw that book too. I think we here should financially support both Sukabu and Ricky Ma and really anyone else helping to promote/popularize robowaifus to the broader world.
>>10922 Alita a cute. I hope they come out with #2 as well. I wonder if we could get away with making a robowaifu like her instead of a cyborg?
Open file (1.24 MB 2305x1607 Chii.full.400443.jpg)
Open file (1.78 MB 1000x1600 Chii.full.653209.jpg)
Open file (209.71 KB 2300x2684 Chii.full.401455.jpg)
Open file (280.76 KB 1024x768 Chobits.full.1065168.jpg)
Open file (355.21 KB 707x1000 Chii.full.1186397.jpg)
Here's some Chii's I hadn't collected yet. I felt like a fresh shot of inspiration from her.
Discovered smug/a has a whole thread about VIVY smug.loli/a/res/963953.html
Open file (134.18 KB 1504x940 Imagepipe_15.jpg)
So, I finished 'Dimension W', then finally 'Kurogane Communication', and also 'Rozen Maiden' season 2 (Traeumend) and the prequel (Overtuere). 'Rozen Maiden' S2 itself is partially a bit boring, bc slice-of-life, so it's a little bit behind the other ones. Which are quite good, though I'm not enthusiastic about any of them. Good enough, anyways. I might watch one or the other again some day, and I would very likely watch sequels. 'Clockwork Planet' still stands out, in my evaluation of robowaifu/doll related anime. Followed by a bunch more which are a bit less entertaining, followed by some which are sometimes a bit boring but still quite good.
Found a great AMV on yt (channel KioAMVs, posted 3 years ago). Song: "Robot Girl" by "Was (Not Was)" from album "What Up, Dog?" Clips from anime: "Boku no Marie" or "My Dear Marie" Mentioned it because I downloaded it earlier, and though the video was taken down. The video link is: watch?v=fm1GVEaivOY Also uploaded vid if you want to avoid yt: https://files.catbox.moe/3nv1c3.mp4 Also recently found an old desktop avatar program with Chobits (and Negima) characters. The producer was ShilpheeBright judging by the readme (that's all I've been able to understand so far). They are made for windows of course, but wine launches them fine (except if you're missing some of the Japanese fonts). You need to have Japanese fonts to view the readme properly (or alternatively convert to UTF-8). Chobits zip: https://files.catbox.moe/s3k5tn.zip Negima zip: https://files.catbox.moe/q4oy4t.zip Warning, I have not done any checks for windows malware, so probably shouldn't run on bare win hardware (perhaps in a vm).
>>11454 Thank you Anon!
Isn't Lain technically a robowaifu? She is a living AI that can manipulate others into making robot bodies for her or even psychologically affect them as if she was in the room with them.
>>12009 Interesting concept, but my assumption is that's she a actual meatbag-type grill?
Official /robowaifu/ anthem.
>>12173 I'm sure it's great, but it doesn't work ( on Android).
Open file (2.61 MB 3346x1442 1611996540989.png)
new chart what do you think?
Open file (118.67 KB 1280x720 images.jpg)
>>12644 Bretty guy but >bioshit Out. Adding clang to the toaster would be good, a nice shout out to our more degenerate sister board. (Picrel is Granda Chan from Robot Girls Z)
>>12009 Lain is a phantasm, while an AI if sorts I'm going to pass on calling her a R/W proper b/c she wasn't created physically from robotic parts, this show uses technology as a stand in for magic Unrelated to that: I'd like to put together a canon list of R/W media of all sorts with ratings and commentary. I wonder if we could or should create a wiki (for media, not our actual project) Anyway I didn't see any mention (or if I did I missed it) of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou Here's the OVA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3_dBxBi84I Manga: https://mangakakalot.com/read-go7mp158504944238 While I haven't finished the Manga I don't think she has a love interest, but she is an android. Might be off-topic for our board but regardless it's a pretty wholesome and comfy series so I'd recommend it for some light viewing/reading. If anything it's just different b/c she sees the world from outside the human perspective due to her outliving everyone else and, well being a robot. >Hatsuseno Alpha is a girl who runs a small Cafe Alpha in the remote country side. If she hadn't mentioned herself to be a robot we would never guess. Alpha's life is calm and slow-pace, yet anything but boring. Alpha enjoys drinking coffee, seeing her few neighbors, making new friends, riding her motorbike along overgrown roads, watching the sunset, swimming in the sea. She's kind, cheerful and optimistic. She lives through small adventures and little by little learns more about people and the world she lives in. The world of YKK is some time in the future. It's strangely, incredibly beautiful. Because of some cataclysm in the past, the level of the ocean keeps slowly rising; there are heavy hurricanes and typhoons every now and then. Japan is isolated from the rest of the world. The techno era of skyscrapers, megapolises, media, virtual space and globalism has completely gone and was forgotten. Nature takes back its space, once conquered by civilization. There are not many people anymore, and they went down to peaceful and simplystic, plain, living with doing simple jobs, growing vegetables, visiting each other, writing letters by hand. What has happened in the past? Why is it so now? How were these human robots created and what for? Where is this world going to? This future world is full of mysteries for readers. The story slowly uncovers some secrets and keeps others. YKK has very well-worked plot and the characters are plausible and very charming. It has many curious turns that open a new piece of that world. The manga somehow gives quite a few of simple, witty and wise observations on life and people. All the stories are very-very kind and nice https://myanimelist.net/anime/975/Yokohama_Kaidashi_Kikou
Open file (2.61 MB 3346x1442 1611996540989.png)
>>12644 I made some small changes >>12646 I put in the first two to highlight the differences between humans and human-looking androids. In my book #2 is the same as #1.
>>12644 >>12743 I would recommend using Cortana as the primary example for category #9 (there are also a couple of other 'ship waifu' ones too), and quite frankly I would hesitate to add any online systems that could easily be 'here today, gone tomorrow'. It would be good to use something that's likely to endure over the years.
Open file (68.14 KB 720x434 Imagepipe_16.jpg)
Kuudere Robo Waifu Simulator: https://youtu.be/qQhQCT31heQ[Embed] Not necessarily a good game, but maybe to the liking of some here.
>>12854 I got the ending where you get to have both as GF >:)
Still trying to slog my way through Serial Experiments Lain, might skip that tonight and finally watch the Big O. Wikipedia spoiled it for me, but I think it would still be worth it for the depiction of a Dorothy type waifu, for what it's worth. Still better than watching globohomo shit like Doom Patrol : / posting dyson sphere art for no reason
Could lain be considered a “robowaifu”? She is basically a sentient ai without a shell by the end of the Lain anime and even goes so far as to destroy a robot shell she made absolutely no reason. The series weird design was made to be open to interpretation from every viewer so there is no coherent canon plot besides the characters and the wired merging with real life.
Open file (633.45 KB 1280x1024 downloads.jpg)
>>13124 Yes, Lain is an AI waifu created by God. She's also a young girl suffering from psychosis. That robot she built was a copy of her father in a different timeline when her father died and she felt so alone because she was a socially awkward loner with mental issues who only had her psychiatrist and father truly try to understand her. She destroyed the robot after realizing her robot can't fix her. The Lain PS1 game explains a lot but also makes things more confusing. Lain would make a great waifu.
>>13124 Yeah she's more of a virtual waifu, but tbh I don't feel any waifu-appeal toward this one. Dorothy on the other hand has her moments of being adorable af. Already at Ep 14 where things start getting weird. >>13125 interesting, I might still watch it though. It's a crude 1990's depiction of the internet (present day present time) but I can suspend disbelief enough to get into it for a while
>>13125 Yeah the “librarian” metastable Ps1 menu lain would make a great waifu. Doesnt kill anyone like the other timelines with the rampant wired lain. Maybe most sufficiently sentient robowaifus would go through a phase like this as well after a point. >>13126 Its still funny how her entire personality and memories are bound to a single dvd and if its gone, then shes gone. Theres no reason for an android that advanced, theres no system memory onboard the body to restore a backup. Its the one thing that bothered the hell out of me and is a major design flaw. Even the lowest spec computers have some kind of restore point program.
>>13125 I like the personality that metastable lain has the most where the somehow falls over when doing rock paper scissors at times. Its cute and she gives off a superior cortana vibe. Especially with the basic hub menu of the ps1 game. Some people even ported the ps1 game to a site and subtitled all the audiologs with customizable controls. Though its still interesting ai can be described as the “soul” of a robowaifu. Without it, you are left with an empty husk and any medium used to transfer the ai could be considered a “soul gem” of sorts. Kindve like chii at the beginning of chobits.
Open file (18.33 KB 220x330 AILoveYou.jpg)
>>13144 Librarian Lain is cutest Lain, her game can be played here: https://laingame.net/ A.I. Love You features Weird Science type bio-robowaifus. Their souls are programs given life by lightning.
Open file (430.91 KB 811x941 KawaiiRoboto.png)
Found a cutie on Gundam Battlogue. No idea what her name is though.
>>13788 >Gundam Battlogue Her name is "Info-Chan".
>>13788 >>14346 Neat. Can you anons tell us more about her? Sumomo in Chobits is an 'info' robowaifu, afaict.
Open file (375.65 KB 804x655 gBxb5j.png)
So, I found a robowaifu game https://incontinentcell.itch.io/ idk if this is anyone who visits here (probably?) I played about 1hr of it and it's more or less a H-game (like RoboLife: Days with Aino). It has that feeling of being homemade but it did crack me up at a couple of parts. Heavy on the memes and a different chan reference every 5 mins. $2 min donation to download it. Again it's basically a fuck simulator with some RL sim like having to eat, rest and pay rent. Just thought I'd share this for what its worth at least the idea is making the rounds
>>15104 Thanks for sharing it Meta Ronin. >at least the idea is making the rounds Yes, robowaifus are an inevitability. Things like this are natural precursors of imagination to that eventuality!
another odd find ""hi-mecha "-my firstlove is robot- " (is translation?) main page: https://sp.seiga.nicovideo.jp/comic/46442 start reading: https://sp.seiga.nicovideo.jp/watch/mg459348 I will spoiler these just to be safe
>>15130 Interesting find Anon. I may not look into the material, but the first cover image gave me a flash insight that in one or two generations when robowaifus are basically commonplace, there will be plenty of young men who become nostalgic about the robowaifus they were fond of as childhood playmates. I'm sure many of these men will wax romantic about how the robowaifus of their childhood were 'so much better than any of your modern robowaifus', and will set about creating /robowaifuretro/ boards haha! :^)
>>15104 Speaking of dystopian robot waifus, I'm currently playing through The New Order: Last Days of Europe (Hearts of Iron 4 Mod) and have the overwhelming urge to cleanse the world in nuclear fire for alternate-timeline Himmler. I have been having great fun getting "Sofi" to repeat quotes from the game (it's funnier when accompanied by the swelling orchestral military soundtrack): Seventies Himmler: "What is the true National Socialism, Sofi?" Sofi: "It is more than a system of governance, Reichsführer. It is the final iteration of society itself. One which works to protect, provide and uplift the Aryan. Guided by a wise and capable leader. This, my Reichsführer, is the purest incarnation of National Socialism." *Head explodes in a shower of swastikas and sig-runes* (I'm still not a Nazi by the way. No - apparently they were too casual. I'm a follower of the apocalyptic Himmlerite death-cult Order-State Burgundy!)
>>15166 LOL. You are Literally Himmler Anon! It's good to see dear Sofi on your bench SophieDev, and it's also good to hear from you too. Please keep us informed on your progress!
Open file (3.20 KB 558x292 pollutionism.png)
The best part is that Himmler's plot in TNO pales in comparison to what is actually going to happen IRL. Even the worst nuclear war takes perhaps a few centuries for humans to recover from. But reverse-terraforming your entire planet for the sake of profit? Please continue! I'm far from the only person who has realised this irony - some "extremist" animal rights campaigners have come to the same conclusion, and there is also a small 'pollutionism' movement of people who seek to actively destroy the environment which sustains humankind. These both tie-in to the more well known 'accelerationism' trope adopted by some members of the far-right This is why it's such a good idea to build a girlfriend who doesn't need food, water or even clean air and is mostly unaffected by radiation. We can slowly work on creating our real "New Order" while the clownworld degenerates continue to destroy themselves XD.
>>15183 >We can slowly work on creating our real "New Order" while the clownworld degenerates continue to destroy themselves XD. A man can dream can't he!? :^) Pretty grimdark humor tbh SophiDev. But yes, once robowaifus are commonplace, many of the intentionally-contrived destructive aspects of our current-year, so-called 'society' will be restrained somewhat. I'm sure TPTB won't be happy with that outcome, so expect to get pushback from the Globohomo Big-Tech/Gov when you build your own robowaifus that don't cowtow or bend-the-knee to their systems. God preserve us all, /robowaifu/.
>>8273 >>8332 Watched it and I agree. Some parts of 'ARCHIVE' were cringe AF. 1.)Apparently, we can create sentient, sapient synthetic humans but the self-driving cars are still utter shite. 2.)Guy builds robowaifu, robowaifu tries to do exactly what she was designed to do - get in bed with her creator for affection/sexytime - suddenly creator becomes a raging homosexual. 3.)Also didn't understand the whole thing about the analogue computing archive "expiring" -' I think it was just a plot-device to ensure the whole thing could fuck up completely and they could contrive their plot-twist. This movie also showcases some decent examples of why we shouldn't build robots with true sapience or the ability to feel any pain. (Which is rather good since it saves an awful lot of programming effort).
Just finished watching Azusa Will Help and really enjoyed it even though I don't like sports anime. It's set in the future and about a high school baseball team that becomes short a player so one of the members goes looking for a sports robot to join them. Unable to afford one though he settles on buying a used maid robot, Azusa, so their club doesn't have to disband. She doesn't know what baseball is and is terrible at it, drawing ire from her new teammates, but she slowly learns to utilize her capabilities and prove herself. Before the big game though one of their teammates notice something is wrong with Azusa. Despite this she remains determined to help her team whatever it costs.
>>16187 Thanks for the review Anon, you sound like a pro! :^) TBH, I hadn't even heard of the work, but I'd like to watch it now. Cheers.
Has anyone thought about the Christian theme in Planetarian? The main theme is a Christian hymn "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" composed by Charles Crozat Converse in 1868 and plays at the end in the anime when Yumemi is gifted the necklace. Cygnus on the necklace also contains the Northern Cross: >In "The Cygnus Mystery" Andrew Collins briefly discusses the possibility of an early Christian identification of the constellation Cygnus with the cross of Christ (2006:32-34). Collins has found a positive reference to Cygnus as the cross from 592 C.E. in "De cursu stellarum" of Gregory of Tours, who also identifies stars from Delphinus and Lyra either side of Cygnus as the Greek letters Alpha and Omega. In episode two, Yumemi asks if repairs will be done by tomorrow and Kuzuya responds "no idea, feel free to pray." She wonders though which god she should pray to and he suggests the god of robots. She doesn't know what god this is but recalls a conversation she had with her colleagues asking them if there is a heaven for robots, which they told her there is one, one of everlasting joy. After being told she should pray to her own god and not his, she later expresses her hope that God doesn't split Heaven in two between robots and humans so that she can continue serving people there, echoing the love of Jesus. >For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve (Mark 10:45) In the last episode, Yumemi tells him why she ignored his order because she had an older promise to keep: "I must not knowingly allow any human being to come to harm." >Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. (John 15:13) She also forgave the robot for attacking saying something similar to what Jesus said before he died, "Forgive them, for they know not what they do." (Luke 23:34) And as she shuts down for the last time she says, "Why don't you come to the planetarium? The beautiful twinkling... of eternity..." As though alluding to the open invitation to Heaven. Then "What a Friend We Have in Jesus" starts playing as she's gifted the necklace of Cygnus. The variable star, P Cygni, that twinkles and hangs on the Northern Cross was once considered to represent the body of Christ. The original visual novel and anime are much more subtle and inspiring and I'm glad I watched the anime first.
Open file (630.94 KB 1215x1241 M57_The_Ring_Nebula.jpeg)
>>16269 Neat! I didn't know about it. I'll try to have a look at it this Summer sometime Anon. BTW, as an amateur astronomer I immediately picked up on the references for 'ring' and indeed the work's title itself. Lyra is where the absolutely fabulous Ring Nebula is to be found. In great seeing under a very dark sky, this Planetary Nebula is naked-eye visible (I've done so personally). Thanks Anon! :^) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ring_Nebula
Open file (114.19 KB 640x907 Planetarian Movie.jpg)
That's funny. I myself watched Planetarian again recently. The ending was too sad. >episode two Forget the OVA series. Just watch the movie in one sitting. Its the same thing but has far more newer scenes and context than the original.
>>16278 >That's funny. I myself watched Planetarian again recently. The ending was too sad. Plastic Memories is one of the very few animus I refuse to watch again. Too painful. :^) >Just watch the movie in one sitting. Thanks Anon!
Hi no Tori 2772 - Ai no CosmoZone. It's set in the distant future, where children are raised alone in pods with a helper robot. Their fates and social class are selected for them, and they're let out of the pod and directed towards their fates when they turn into adults. The first 10 minutes or so are a silent film, then it really starts. Of course, the protagonist's helper robot is a cute girl.
Why google can't be allowed to into waifus https://odysee.com/@MillenniaThinker:d/robot-girlfriend:3
>>16367 Interesting-sounding Anon. I read the wikipedia article on it, sounds pretty complex. Neat ideas though. >>16390 Mind giving us the tl;dr Anon? Can't access ATM.

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