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Robowaifus in media Robowaifu Technician 09/10/2019 (Tue) 06:24:00 No.82
After reading anon's Robowaifu fiction bread, I wondered what media is out there that already predominately features a robowaifu(s) as an important character. Animu and mango are obvious choices (pic related), but surely there are live action movies as well.


post robowaifu movies, books, etc.
>>16307 But I just want to add further, I think that this one's story is both very interesting and well-executed tbh.
>>16278 Great movie, and she's absolutely amazing. Extremely likeable and a very strong motivation to work on robowaifus. >>16367 >Hi no Tori 2772 - Ai no CosmoZone Many thanks, this one seems to be not very well known. At doesn't have the propper tags on some anime sites (android, gynoid, robots, ...)
Open file (51.25 KB 480x320 planetarian-01.jpg)
>>16649 Agree, Planetarian is a masterpiece.
found link to the Planetarian OVA (5 episodes) torrents arent seeding it enough to get anything downloaded, so other than paying amazon $3 an episode, ads are the only other option https://tubitv.com/series/2240/planetarian
>>16651 It's on Youtube. Just search for Planetarian full movie. >>16521 >>16659 Thanks, I thought I put that into the board years ago. Maybe it got deleted. I don't like that silicone girl video, since she looks hideous, but the song is great and here are two others: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRP_a4LPRP4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QAc3tPrFVsQ You can put all kind of links to music videos in here, the question is where to draw the line. Many are just fanvids from tvshow or movies, you'd need to filter the ones out you want to be linked here directly: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBvfcfiQbDGssQpxB8yQTknKaUxt-K6y8
>>8759 >Raised by Wolves Just got canceled a week ago. It might move to Amazon, but HBO Max is not going to put out another season. It was apparently to weird for many people and others complained about S2 having bad CGI (I didn't realize it). Others wanted more sci-fi and less horror/mystery. They didn't get it, lol (scifi, humanoid robots, strange planet with strange biology, Ridley Scott as producer). The creator of the show wants to go on with a book, so the story will definitely get finished.
Pretty old school but still robowaifu related. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm-upHSP9KU
Open file (323.13 KB 624x360 AutisticBouqet.png)
>>16278 I also prefer the movie, the extended epilogue is touching and sweet. Wish I could find pictures of the nun android. >>16649 The original OVA from 2016 was part of what lead me down the rabbit hole to here. >>16650 >Scrap bouquet Gets cuter every time. >>16651 Nice find! Here's the movie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sBLH32XoOoo I adore her autistic dedication to her job. She also stores her programs and memories on a 128GB SD card. Which is a good idea we should copy.
>>16703 I watch movies and series of this theme to be inspired for our project but each time I just get more and more depressed at the human condition lmao
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WD2UrB7zepo This talks about the droids of Star Wars and scary social implications of considering AI as disposable.
>>16708 Why though? And what's the "human condition"? I'm getting these adds about this Australian guy talking about it, and I'm always wondering what they're even talking about. My problem is that so many people act like media controlled NPCs. Being a bit sad for a moment though fiction should be a good stress relief. Fiction is still fiction, though. My takeaway message from Planetarian is how cute and loveable robowaifus could be. Also, it's about a man finding his purpose through a robowaifu, and then there's still hope in the ending. If you're depressed, then it's from something else.
>>16711 OMG. That video is some SJW cringe about muh don't opress your robots, and Star Wars still not woke enough. Also, claiming we are extremely far away from artificial conscious even being a hypothetical possibility in the real world, lol.
>>16747 Yeah, I do agree its SJW heavy, but Star War droids are sapient for the most part. So how they are treated is pretty fucked up. But I'm taking about what video implies about the existence of the droids we don't get to see. You can't tell me involve of the quadrillions of people in the universe didn't marry adroid at some point.
>>16745 >And what's the "human condition"? that's too deep a question for the scope of this board - but why not, who's making the rules? Personally I feel like the "human condition" is the set of flaws inherent to our being. Particularly in the way we self sabotage ourselves. How we cannot help but work against our own interests over and over again. Government, war, cruelty, suffering, misunderstandings even in the personal scope how we hurt the ones we love unwittingly and vice versa. A more textbook definition is: The human condition is defined as the positive or negative aspects of being human, such as birth, growth, reproduction, love, and death Its just a theme that manifests in robowaifu media, you see a lot of it in Chobits for example: everyone's failed relationships and life struggles and misunderstandings. It's almost comically tragic, but it an irreducible part of the fabric of the human experience.
>>16759 Ah, okay. Thanks. I guess I'm mainly affected by this when thinking about politics, but I dropped even out from that, read barely any news, and don't deal with other people anyways aside from transactions and a bit of online chat.
Open file (43.07 KB 600x450 LovingChii.jpg)
Open file (3.58 MB 498x498 2b-love.gif)
>>16749 I actually agree that sapient machines should be treated with respect. >>16759 Our waifu's will help us overcome our flaws. Their love and endless capacity for patience and willingness to help will enhance our human condition. Your knowledge of human flaws provides you with a good framework for how to build a machine that will fight those flaws with blessings. Though Chobits is filled with tragedy, Chii's pure love does end up helping Hideki. They overcome their limitations and learn to truly love one another. Love is the one thing that can save us all. 2B doesn't give up either, she fights on through painful cycles until she frees herself. I'm positive she'd have brought glory and love to mankind if they were still alive.
Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai came out with a new chapter recently. I think the arguments presented in it are a good over-view of human thought in a future where androids and gynoids exist. https://mangakakalot.com/chapter/tz923310/chapter_34
>>16769 >I actually agree that sapient machines should be treated with respect. First of all, respect is not the same as decency. Also, the video was about all kinds of robots and complaints, like e.g. not letting them into a bar. Also, there's no reason to support a robot uprising and letting a SWJ robot go around trying to get others railed up. That's how we got into today's situation requiring robowaifus in the first place. The other question is, are we talking about reality or fiction right now. I really don't care much about the abuse of robots in Star Wars. In reality, human distress and ownership should be the benchmark. Where humans can't avoid to witness the "abuse" of robots it should be prohibited, also the abuse of robots owned by someone else. I think that should cover the most cases. The rest should be covered by making robowaifus very likeable and socially skilled, so they won't have to deal with humans being angry at them.
>>16771 What a fascinating dive into sentient companion robot ethics. Picrel related to how waifus should be. >>16786 >SJW nonsense is le bad True To help clarify my point; I believe that sentient waifu's should not be needlessly harmed. By respect, I mean one should not purposely try to harm a waifu or, needlessly impede her functions. It's based on practicality. Having regard for the well being of our waifu's will allow them to love and serve us better. Naturally, I fully endorse any and all uses of ones own waifu. So long as they aren't harming a person or the property of another person. I will be gentle and kind to mine once she's built though.
Open file (968.08 KB 2400x3392 SchwiCleaned.jpg)
Schwi from No Game No life Zero is really cute and sweet. An actual robot wife too.
>>17018 Reminds me a bit of Plastic Memories Anon. Was this simply an old one-shot AMV, or based on an actual mango/animu? Sauce? === >update https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_Girl_Ai Heh, I guess I could stop being so lazy tbh... :^)
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 07/25/2022 (Mon) 04:00:48.
Just finished watching chobits. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. On a semi-related note is there a K-On equivalent but based on technology? It seems that all the computer/tech focused anime I have watched are based around the philosophical implications of said technology. Though would enjoy cute anime girls messing with computers.
>>17103 Chobits is definitely required viewing IMO (after all the Board Owner's handle is literally based on the title) While it doesn't end up being exactly what I expected the twists and turns of the plot explore a lot of what I think are important considerations and even touch on aspects of the shortcomings of human interaction in the modern age (misread signals, being led on, etc). I can't recall ever considering this a genre of media until visiting this board, but it leaves a lot to think about especially as technology makes sudden and unpredictable leaps.
Open file (108.40 KB 380x542 robotics-notes-1.jpg)
>>17103 >K-On equivalent but based on technology? Haven't watched it yet, but this maybe: >In the year 2019, the Robotics Club of Central Tanegashima High School has only one goal in mind: to create a working replica of the giant anime robot Gunvarrel! But doing so isn’t easy as the club only has two members: Aki, who took over the project from her now-graduated sister; and Kai, a lazy gamer who’d rather be elsewhere. What’s worse, the school’s vice principal has decided their club is a waste of school funds and plans to shut them down! Now, the duo must convince her otherwise by winning a fighting robot tournament and gaining new, machine-savvy members, but when Kai accidentally stumbles upon an unbelievable conspiracy, the Robotics Club becomes the least of his concerns... > https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/robotics-notes Lain might also fit, but it's not very entertaining, imo. I do recall some show with a girl having robots fighting each other, but I prefer the girls to be the robot and the guy being the techi, so I ignored it. Clockwork Planet has a human female on the side of a guy and fembots. Pandora in the Crimson Shell features a female cyborg, but none of these shows is about the tech. There isn't even really any show much about the tech.
>>17108 Robotics Notes has more adventurous tones than slice of life, especially towards the later episodes. Also, the story somewhat ties into Steins Gate. >I do recall some show with a girl having robots fighting each other Angelic Layer, maybe?
>>17108 >There isn't even really any show much about the tech. Probably true, AFAICT. There may be minor scenes around it, even a collection of them spanning a series. Seems like someone should make a Robowaifu animu, and the adventures of Anons as they figured everything out about how to do things! :^)
>>17108 >There isn't even really any show much about the tech. My life is over, I will never see cute anime grils and their robo-handlers install LFS and call anyone who uses ubuntu faggots. :[
>>17130 I never said it won't happen, only that we don't have something like that now. Animation and voice generation is probably getting easier with AI, so I see generally more niche anime incoming.
>>17130 >cute anime grils and their robo-handlers install LFS and call anyone who uses ubuntu faggots Topkek. Nippon, this.show.must.happen.
Open file (763.42 KB 2960x2160 mpv-shot0002.jpg)
>>7014 >Robot Carnival is probably the most /robowaifu/ anime of all. It's a 3-part OVA of with a different story in every part, one of them is about this inventor type of guy who made a robotic woman. And she's beautiful. That story is quite related, but also with some weirdness around her behavior and emotions. I finally finished watching the whole "Robot Carnival"-show and I'm glad to be done with it. Technically I didn't watch all of it but skipped over a lot. It's really not good. Probably great animation for that time, but bad storytelling. I'm so glad I'm done with it. I don't recommend watching anything after minute 42 or so, after the aforementioned story with the inventor.
>>17163 that was kind of scary though ngl
>>9632 >robo stories are often overly cucked and illogical Coming back to that discussion, when complaining to someone that the guys in all these stories are often too shy and not taking advantage of the situation, that someone recommended Overlord to me: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/overlord - It seems to feature AI's in female bodies which is just another form of saying fembots. Didn't watch it yet, but I will. The show got recommended to me several times for different reasons.
>>16187 I just watched "Azusa will help" and it's quite good. I wouldn't enjoy it if it was a tv show or generally much longer, and it's not a "must watch" imo, but it's entertaining and not boring. It's rather comedy than drama, but not silly. Also, it's once again a bit of a reminder that we don't want proprietary robowaifus which are hard to repair. I also like that the guys aren't really shy about her. I also watched "I Am Mother", which I can't write much about without spoiling it. The mother robot and female lead are pleasant to watch. The movie is generally well executed and captivating. >>7014 >Tenchi Muyo! Looked into the description. The fact the the women are the pursuers and the guy might be acting shy might bother me. But I might try it one day. >El Hazard >Watch the OVA not the TV series. The OVA seems to be the second season. >>16367 >Hi no Tori 2772 - Ai no CosmoZone Seem to be very hard to find as a download. The version on YouTube is in Spanish.
>>17166 mightve taken something away from the plot if the second he got Chii home he just stuck his dick in there though o_O (though I'm sure 95% of all college age men would've by day 3 at least)
Open file (197.42 KB 1920x1036 qt.jpg)
>>17208 Here's Hi no Tori 2772: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:942b670fca2dd824fd75e9a937ac9dacd88d5b6f
- I started watching the first movie of the Persona franchise, because of Aigis gynoid, and it's so boring that I'll probably quit. On the upside, this helped me to at least to get some work done. - I also watched 'Busou Shinki Moon Angel' quite a while ago and it was okay. Might watch the rest of the franchise in some time. - Also Eden, which is about semi-humanoid robots caring for a human child, like in Kurogane Communication. It vaguely fits the topic here, and it was really quite good. - Then, also the first season of Overlord, which is more like someone being in another world, but kind of related to VR with AI based NPCs, including waifus that are obsessed with you. Yes, SophieDev, I know about your plan. - I think I found 'Humanity has Declined' through that board here. Not generally about robowaifus, but little technology based elves in a post-apocalyptic world. There's also one episode about a gynoid catgirl, and the human female main character is often cute, especially when embarrassed. Good show, not the best ever but special. Somewhat of a satire about how humans tend to mess everything up.
>>17218 mind seeding anon? 25 of us leechers are all anxiously waiting!
>>17790 Sorry. Seeding again now.
>>17790 >>17823 Did all you mofo's hit and run? I wanna watch too. :( I can't
Open file (52.09 KB 600x758 1589467213339.jpg)
>>17823 do you have bigly users blocked? Still not working
>>17824 >>17825 I don't know what could be wrong, I got port forwarding working and ipv4 and ipv6 addresses to connect with. I've also already seeded 17.61GB (the file is 14.13GB) so far. >>17825 Does it at least manage to get the metadata from the DHT? Here's a .torrent if it doesn't: https://0x0.st/o0Ob.torrent And install Transmission.
>>17823 >>17830 Thanks it worked OK for me Anon.
>>17830 no seeders
>>17830 I prefer my Bigly
>>17835 You do have DHT on and working right? I intended to upload it at least to anidex.info but the mail address I use to register to torrent sites decided to require phone verification on me, and I don't have a phone.
>>17830 >>17850 >You do have DHT on and working right? yes.idk anon just sucks that I have the stupid

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