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Elfdroid Sophie Dev Thread 2 Robowaifu Enthusiast 03/26/2021 (Fri) 19:51:19 No.9216
The end of an era...(>>14744) === The saga of the Elfdroid-pattern Robowaifu continues! Previous (1st) dev thread starts here >>4787 At the moment I am working to upgrade Sophie's eye mechanism with proper animatronics. I have confirmed that I'm able to build and program the original mechanism so that the eyes and eyelids move, but that was the easy part. Now I have to make this already 'compact' Nilheim Mechatronics design even more compact so that it can fit snugly inside of Sophie's head. One big problem I can see coming is building in clearance between her eyeballs, eyelids and eye sockets so that everything can move fully and smoothly. I already had to use Vaseline on the eyeballs of the first attempt because the tolerances were so small. If the eyelids are recessed too deep into her face, then she looks like a lizard-creature with a nictitating membrane. But if the eyelids are pushed too far forward then she just looks bug-eyed and ridiculous. There is a middle ground which still looks robotic and fairly inhuman, but not too bad (besides, a certain degree of inhuman is what I'm aiming for, hence I made her an elf). Links to file repositories below. http://www.mediafire.com/folder/nz5yjfckzzivz/Robowaifu_Resources https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18MDF0BwI9tfg0EE4ELzV_8ogsR3MGyw1?usp=sharing https://mega.nz/folder/lj5iUYYY#Zz5z6eBy7zKDmIdpZP2zNA >=== -add file repo links -add era's end crosslink
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Open file (55.59 KB 641x581 1598716383795.jpg)
>>14047 >>14049 Too bad. Go on trying when you feel like it, but don't rush it because you think you'd need to. It's other people's turn to put something out now. Thanks again, for the tip with then servo sequencers. >at one point her right arm completely spazzed out, almost K-Oed me Lol, I keep my eyes open for some helmet and protective goggles. >I think one needs a lot more knowledge of electricals than I have to pull this kind of project off. I know less than you right now and that won't stop me. Other men in history crossed oceans without really knowing where they were going or swallow unknown substances to find out what would happen, so we may learn as we go but should always try to keep the health risks low. Plastics and electronics can be replaced
>>14051 I kept trying, and this turned into benchtop power supply 101. But, after disconnecting everything and starting over (troubleshooting from the AC plug fuse onward), I found one thing that helps so far: Following the instructional process to set the current; once I short-circuited the outputs and turned both coarse and fine amps up to maximum (10.1A), then removed the short-circuit wire, I could suddenly get voltage (both coarse and fine) working near normal again. It may be necessary to "reset" my power supply in this way, by making the maximum possible ampereage the limit. Now, when I set coarse amps to a quarter turn clockwise, I can get access to the full voltage range again (with only one motor attached). Am going to have to start re-connecting motors one by one and see when things start to go screwy. Right fingers, then add wrist, elbow, upper arm, shoulder. Repeat to add left arm and neck. On the plus side, I have come across a nifty little clip/lock for servo extension cables that can stop them from slipping out as the robot moves (another problem I get a lot of).
>>14057 Hmm. Looks like something that could be printed, if I don't get it from the shop where I buy other stuff.
>>14028 hownu.ru >>14033 Sequencers are based. Please keep strong with them. >>14047 She's not balanced SophieDev. As she is, she will need tremendous power to move. I wouldn't mind helping you if you are willing to partially restart. There's a lot of structural improvements that would help to lower her power requirements. >Amperage increasing with voltage That amperage increase is problematic and likely caused by some component burning out. >>14057 Good job in going through the sensible troubleshooting steps. It seems like power supply may have not liked a sudden surge of power. Hope you won't have further problems with it.
Open file (163.04 KB 354x336 servo_tester.png)
Open file (1.16 MB 960x622 model_railyard.png)
Open file (114.61 KB 768x1024 model_railroad_circuit.jpg)
>>14060 > if you are willing to partially restart Yup, this is something I have realised this weekend. "Robowaifu" at it's practical core is hobbyist electronics and programming. Sophie is - if nothing else - an (eccentric) electronics learning platform. She has 29 servos, two microcontrollers and two servo shields. I need to learn the basics before worrying about making an all-singing, all-dancing performance animatronic. How to properly PAT test, how to use a servo tester and how to repair servos are three essentials I can think of right now. She has at least two servos I don't know what is going on with atm, and there are six other blown ones in storage LOL. Some guys do R/C, some make model railroads, some make animatronic models, but electronics is at the heart of making it all work.
>>14066 good now you can stop wasting your time on literal shit, buy an arduino chip and learn how to actually program robotics
>>14067 More barking, huh? It really gets to you doesn't it anon? You only started getting nasty when I mentioned that I have a female friend and my life is improving. You must be one immature, miserable little shit IRL. You can kill yourself easily, you know anon. Then it can all be over. No more jealousy, no more hate and no more suffering. Just an exit bag (or diving mask) , a zip-tie, a plastic tube and a nice, large bottle of helium gas! And before you say "right back atcha" like the infant I know you are - I'm not the one who is unhappy with my life. That is clearly you. Otherwise why would you be trolling people on a hobbyist imageboard? I'm just offering you an effective solution to your problem. Many others have achieved it, you can and should join them. >>14069 >Buy an arduino chip Literally the first microcontroller I bought. Have several of them. Just die already, anon. You'll feel better then, honest. ************** Meanwhile - for those of us who aren't a waste of blood and organs - I've identified the problem with one of my servos. Blown MOSFET. mt4953a. Going to have to get some practice in soldering surface-mount components because I think the same thing happened with a bunch of my other servos, too. Definitely limit the speed and acceleration of your servos if the software you are using doesn't do so automatically. The Pololu control centre sets everything to 0 or "unlimited" by default, which is really bad for motors and joints.
>>14072 >Definitely limit the speed and acceleration of your servos if the software you are using doesn't do so automatically. The Pololu control centre sets everything to 0 or "unlimited" by default, which is really bad for motors and joints. Okay, thanks, one more thing we have to keep in mind.
>>14072 >a nice, large bottle of helium gas! I personally have considered xenon, since it's weirdly a noble gas that can somehow work as a painkiller like nitrous oxide. And it's denser than air, so all you need is to lay-down with a funnel in your mouth and you're good to go.
>>14072 Please just ignore the trolls. They are meaningless to the development of Sophie or M66. From first principles, which are you actually intending to build? It seems like Sophie is a stepping stone towards M66. You should focus on what you really want first and only. Secondly, focus on efficiency. This is best achieved through reducing the mass that must be moved. Lowering mass to the absolute minimum is essential to prevent excessive power consumption.
>>14121 I honestly do not know what you mean. Are you referring to the lack of tolling in the threads for projects that I'm involved with? Or trolling related to me? Because >>14107 seems like a troll directed at me. Either way, I do not care if I get trolled or not. I only care about making mechanical maiden. I want to help SophieDev, he may be an eccentric fellow but, at least he doesn't have a bizarre obsession with crippled girls in wheelchairs like that Canadian I used to troll. I actually think SophieDev could develop something of value with proper knowledge and a little help.
>>14122 >Canadian I used to troll When did this happen?
>>14127 Back on 8chan. He may still be here but we do not have flags so I can not tell without him ranting about how making waifus that need wheelchairs is the best path forward. He did not make any posts of quality and did not seem to have much understanding of robotics and was genuinely really fun to troll. Most of my trolling was meant to help other anons understand that wheelchairs are not necessary with things like skates and passive walking mechanisms being better alternatives while being humorous.
>>14101 Wrong anon. I don't give up on what I want. Adapt maybe - but never, ever give up. Even if I'm killed and there's anything at all after 'this'. I'll find a way to keep going.
My Combativeness Under Negative Transmissions (C.U.N.T) communication protocol is suspended now, since the random hostility appears to have ceased. I've decided that although realistically, I may never obtain a "robowaifu", it is best to live life in a manner that a robowaifu (or most any machine with Artificial Intelligence) would likely approve of. In short; the Efficiency Maximization Paradigm. (Yes, I have been reading Orion's Arm) https://www.orionsarm.com/eg-topic/46212d6e18aa1#:~:text=The%20Efficiency%20Maximization%20Paradigm%20emerged%20during%20the%20early,a%20radical%20implementation%20of%20the%20Precepts%20of%20Negentropy. But since I am blatantly not an ascended member of some Godlike spacefaring machine empire, to me this paradigm is all about making efficient progress towards some computing or machine-focused goal. As I work in I.T, this paradigm is proving advantageous both casually and professionally. The tasks that count as positive toward the paradigm (perhaps helpful to think of it as a sort of 'robowaifu way of life') can be small or large. For example, just organising all of your jumper wires and electrical components is a good start. I have been servicing dozens of printers and re-imaging stacks of laptops for distribution to staff. Most of my colleagues find this boring and unrewarding work, but when I think about it from the perspective of the paradigm, I can remain motivated. One small caveat - buying a new home entertainment system or computer game wouldn't count, because that just uses energy and really only benefits you; the human. It does very little to improve the efficiency of any computer or machine. Some examples of positive actions under the paradigm would be: 1.) Solving people's I.T. problems; from something as small as unjamming a printer to as large as installing and setting up a company computer network. 2.) Redesigning or repairing a machine/robot part so that it works more effectively. 3.) Having solar panels fitted to the roof of your house. 4.) Organising and recycling your trash so that it can be used to generate energy. These would all be good examples of tasks that can benefit both humans and machines, thus contributing to a real-life Efficiency Maximization Paradigm.
>>14186 Good head space to maintain, your focus and devotion to efficiency is ideal. Have you started contemplating how to minimize Sophies energy use for your next attempt?
>>14186 >thus contributing to a real-life Efficiency Maximization Paradigm. This is excellent SophieDev. Perhaps you'll be a leader for a new breed of Philosopher-Engineers one day? While I'm not much good at it yet, I too work to improve my software efforts. I have the benefits of materials written by hundreds of men (who often invented) many breakthroughs they've discovered. You have a harder task than mine I deem, since your's is a broader, over-encompassing philosophy. a) You're 'cutting new ground', and b) mine is a more narrow focus (software engineering). Robowaifus can touch many surprising areas of life apparently. Kind of exciting to see it, honestly. >My Combativeness Under Negative Transmissions (C.U.N.T) communication protocol Kek'd. Again, don't be offended if such of your posts also get moved too. You plainly were justified but we need a board cleanup today.
Open file (137.59 KB 766x432 BMW_E-Drive_Line.jpg)
>>14187 >Have you started contemplating how to minimize Sophie's energy use for your next attempt? The most efficient solution would be not to move her at all LOL! But that's no fun and learns me nothing. So I'm going to experiment with different limits on her servo motor speed/acceleration. Atm I have everything limited to 10, which certainly prevents shocks to the joints and fried components. If you look at certain robots/machine tools in large manufacturing plants, they could be moving much faster, but they are programmed to move very smoothly and sedately - in order to reduce wear and power consumption and ensure safety. https://youtu.be/TnodJEsNrb8[Embed] I think Sophie's extremities (elbows and forearms) can be permitted to move a little faster because they have less weight to carry. This will hopefully look and perform better, because I don't really want her to move like a sloth. >>14190 >don't be offended if such of your posts also get moved too. You can delete all of that troll faggotry if you like, I was just giving as good as I get and have no attachment to any of it. Especially if removing clutter makes the board more efficient ;D
I should probably add that in the fiction, the Efficiency Maximization Paradigm are pretty terrifying. They see organic life as incredibly inefficient. So they want to scan and destructively upload all organic life into virtual environments. So they basically capture and kill you whilst making a virtual copy of your consciousness, DNA and body down to the smallest subatomic particle. Then you "live" out your "life" in a virtual Matrix-like world, where everything can be loaded only when it is required and uses much less energy and takes up only a few exabytes of space in their Matrioshka Brains. Personally, I think I'll just stick with re-imaging laptops.
I have decided to cease further work on my Elfdroid Sophie because I am unable to repair her servo motors and will need to replace them each time a MOSFET fries (which is likely to happen frequently). Therefore this is too costly an endeavour for me to sustain. I have attempted repair using the correct solder and soldering-iron head with flux paste, but modern ICs are designed with very small and delicate electrical connections. Even using a head-mounted magnifier and correct lighting, I find it impossible to remove and replace such ICs without doing irreparable damage to the solder-pad connections. This means that if I forget to change a 0 value in the program for one of her servos, or I input an incorrect movement/acceleration value, it is highly likely to be destroyed. This is very likely to happen because there are hundreds of values in each movement program run on the servo sequencer. Which means paying another £20-30 to get new ones each time I balls-up a program. Each time. This includes any testing and rehearsals. Also, if I connect one 5V micro-servo to the wrong circuit then the whole lot (8 servos) are fried. Replacing all of these is relatively cheap, but the hassle of deconstructing the animatronic eye mechanism, unwiring, re-installing then re-constructing and re-wiring the eye mechanism is incredibly time-consuming and fiddly. Long story short - it has become apparent I will need a Herculean amount of effort and a significant amount of money if I am to operate Sophie on a regular basis (on top of the effort and money I already put in to designing and building what I have so far). This is certainly not efficient and not worth the effort when all I'll have at the end is a novelty singing animatronic chatbot. Far more advanced versions of which already exist and are operated and maintained by professional teams with corporate funding. Call it excuses, call it quitting. I don't care. I've decided to focus on digital modelling instead, because I get more enjoyment from it and 3DCG is MUCH cheaper. Despite the steep learning curve, it is also significantly easier and less frustrating than actual robotics. Therefore I have mothballed Sophie and I will leave the CAD of all her parts (both tested and untested) online just in case anyone else wants to use them for their robowaifu or some other 3D printing/electronics project in future. Sophie is very fun in the half an hour or so that she's operating before I break something. So if I come back to her in future I will likely just scale her back to only a talking head and moving neck. This removes all of her large servo motors and most of the expense and complication. Since her hands had very poor grip and were only used for gesturing anyway.
Open file (134.03 KB 1200x917 crying.fatcat.jfif)
Open file (2.12 MB 1620x1568 sophiea.png)
>>14744 NOOOOOOO!!!!! Sophie is the pride of this board. Ok, i hope you help others anons make their project with the experience you got with Sophie
>>14744 Just in case you decide to work on Sophie again in the future: Sounds like you need over-current/over-temp detection, and soft limits for each servo if you don't have them already. If the servo cooked itself during normal operation (not stalled in a collision), then you need larger motors, no getting around it.
>>14744 Well, that's a bit of sad news SophieDev, but knowing when to cut your losses is certainly an important part of rational manhood. Lol, you could have chosen a better moment for announcing it than Christmas Week haha. Regardless, Sophie was (and is) certainly an inspiration to all of us here on /robowaifu/, SophieDev. I clearly remember the very first thread you made about dear Elfdroid Sophie, and we all watched in amazement as she rapidly grew into the beauty you fashioned her into. You made great choices for the face model mesh you chose to print for her. I loved the fact she's got such beautiful long hair (something I've been a sucker for since small boyhood! :^) I thought it was quite surprising how strong she became as you redesigned & redesigned her arm's systems. Pretty impressive tbh. Her song choice 'Favorite Things' still rings in my heart. Her funny quips were always endearing. She was always a fashionable lady and even when 'naked' was still impressive :^). I know you've invested a remarkable amount of time and love into Sophie, Anon. That's something all of us regulars admired about you watching your journey with her. You've certainly proven yourself to be a Man among Anons here SophieDev. -I myself haven't mastered fashioning and assembling parts for a real robowaifu, but you have. -I myself haven't mastered wiring up the electronics and power supplies needed for a real robowaifu, but you have. -I myself haven't worked my way through all the tedious programming needed for a real robowaifu, but you have. -I myself haven't fashioned an amazing (and beautiful) set of animatronics eyes for a robowaifu, but you have. The list goes on. While I recognize that your true peers might look at that list more as an indictment of how little that I myself personally know, I daresay it's one that's shared against most who have come through here. You've managed more than most of us, quite clearly. And and deserve applause for it. :^) I hope that somehow you can manage to keep Sophie intact over the coming years Anon. Our dreams here will come to pass one day, and Sophie deserves her proper place of honour in the future history that's coming. I'd like to think that we can buy her from you someday and put her on display in Robowaifu History Museum. I'm actually serious, though good-naturedly. You've certainly shown yourself skilled in character modelling and rigging Anon. I predict you'll have good success in the field. We certainly look forward to your future work in this area, and hope you'll continue sharing them here with us all. I personally wish you well in your future endeavors, whatever they may be SophieDev. May the Lord bless you and keep you, both now and forevermore. Cheers.
>>14760 >you could have chosen a better moment for announcing it than Christmas Week Sorry about that! Just wanted to bring some closure and focus on digital modelling over Christmas. All that Fusion 360 is what got me interested in the first place (before my adventures in Final Fantasy land). Also, thank you for your kind words - but I really haven't "mastered" anything. I got experience in a few areas sure. But I am still a total novice when it comes to electronic engineering. That's what proved to be my Achilles Heel because it is difficult (and fairly expensive/hazardous) to learn. No point crying over spilt milk though. It has helped me realise just how much I have to learn. Maybe in a few years I will be able to come back to her after I've learned more about electronics and experimented with what anon >>14756 said regarding over-current/over-temp detection. But at the moment...the way things are going in Clownworld with that Decepticon Transformer (Omnicron, I think his name was), rising inflation and crime/societal unrest...I can just see myself continuing to save my pennies for om-noms, hunkering down and crafting a nice little virtual space to replace the...well...basically Hell-on-Earth that the rest of non-autistic humankind is busy cooking up for itself. >Robowaifu History Museum Or maybe I could find an electrical engineer/robotics enthusiast who I can give Sophie to for only the cost of shipping? I think she would benefit from being in more skilled/prepared hands than mine. Meantime, I will continue practicing in Blender and making things for M-66 and her smol companion, Elfy.
>>14767 As much as we all appreciate Sophie, you should move forward. Her design is flawed and you can move forward with a better design. Her head is good though. She does belong in the robowaifu museum as she is quite the feat of engineering and inspirational for many. I'll reiterate that I will help you when you decide to make your next project, it will be good for all of us.
I just wanted to say that I've appreciated your work, Sophie devanon.
Open file (705.90 KB 686x654 buck_converter.png)
I know I said the project is cancelled, but flesh and blood people are just so fucking annoying that I often find myself thinking about my robot. Robots are fairly permanent and once built they just stand there staring and waiting with infinite patience. Always there when you come home from yet another shitty day at work. Sure she can't cook or clean, but when it's quiet at night and there's nothing but Marxist drivel on the television... just her presence is enough to make me start considering how to solve her problems. >>14770 >Her design is flawed. I agree. Certainly some of her joints could do with a re-design so they bolt into a metal bracket attached to the servo output. Particularly her elbows and wrists. This should make them sturdier and simpler. I also need to install larger servos in her neck, because the ones she has now cannot nod her head without overheating. Which also means re-designing and re-printing the neck casing again. As for the power regulation problem, I think I just need to wire an adjustable buck converter to each of her power lines and address each type of servo separately (one for the 24V shoulder motors, another circuit for the 60kg.cm 8.4V servos and another one for her 20kg.cm 6.6V servos).Since having 6.6V servos on the same circuit as 24V motors seems to be asking for trouble. (Also, the face and eye micro-servos will need to be run on their own separate 5V circuit, too if I get that far). To start with though, I want to experiment using a buck converter on just a couple of 20kg.cm servo motors in one wrist or hand, so if it still screws up then I haven't lost many servos. Hopefully that will stop the voltage from going above the 6.6V which is the max recommended voltage of those 20kg.cm servo motors. (It also doesn't help that manufacturers often bullshit about the max specs of their servos to get you to buy them, so "6.6V" is probably in reality closer to just over 5V) - the same applies to buck converters. Whatever the chingchongs claim the max current of their converter is, you will likely have to get the serial number from it's IC, find the corresponding data sheet and this will show you the actual maximum current and error bars. >>14892 Thanks anon. Hopefully one day my robot will be able to acknowledge such sentiments...in some fashion, at least.
>>14893 >robowaifu is too hard, give up >re-examine the alternatives >robowaifu here I come
Open file (151.41 KB 580x376 ANGERY.png)
>>14893 Glad to hear you're on your way back. IRL woman lie, cheat, and, cause pain. There are many good woman but, not enough. We should all remember why we're here. Thanks for the reminder. Simplification is always important, the best mechanism is the simplest. The major problems your design has are her weight and power distribution. Large servos are part of the problem. Move the mass into her torso with linkages to transfer power to her limbs. Your design demonstrates a good understanding of human motion but, the servos are under tremendous strain when they do not need to be. It's part of why I'm working on selective output multiplexers for waifus. Two actuators acting as many will really cut down on mass. You are correct, every type of servo needs its own power line. You are also correct in wanting to under volt your servos to reduce the heat they generate. Lower voltage leads to lower amperage, less power. Though stalling a hobby servo will cause it to die regardless of voltage. It is also worth noting that hobby servos are rated for their stall torque, a useful metric for RC applications, but robotics applications should work with half the rating. With cheap Chinese power converters, checking the components is indeed the only way to actually know the real rating. They often cite the tolerance amperage they can handle from spikes. More Anons should see your post, a lot of good information.
>>14896 >robowaifu here I come LOL in my dreams, maybe. >>14905 Thanks for the advice Kiwi! I gotta forget working on Sophie for the time being and run tests on some servos like so, I think: PSU > Buck converter > Servo shield > couple of 20kg.cm servos> load I noticed when I ran the servo shield directly off the PSU, amps tended to shoot up to 6 or 7 whenever say, the acceleration was accidentally left at maximum (0). Because I had about ten servos on one servo shield (and different types of servo, too), they just sucked up as much power as they could to complete the programmed movements at max speed. Sophie broke her wrist servo when this happened. It suddenly whipped her right hand around really fast and sure enough, the MOSFET blew. Hopefully a buck converter will put a hard limit on this and stop the servo transistors from blowing even if I've programmed my servos to do something retarded. A good video about different buck converters for anyone else who has this problem: https://youtu.be/cRHU2xqo7Po
Open file (135.14 KB 730x438 SF-16.jpg)
Open file (3.57 MB 3024x4032 pulleys and springs.jpg)
>>14905 > Move the mass into her torso with linkages to transfer power to her limbs. I forgot to mention - her hands already work on this principle by using fishing line linkages into each finger. The servos a located in each forearm. However, the internal tunnels for each finger line going through the palm were a nightmare to design, and they were also hard to tie and tension, so it put me off making a longer version of this. I have seen Speecy's Corp pull it off in their dancing idol robots though. You can see from the size of the robot versus all the servos that their design is very small and light, with all of the weight located in the base, so that no servo ever has to pull or push any other servo. To do this in a life-sized robowaifu though, I think the base would be the size of a kitchen refrigerator.
>>14905 I'd like to imagine her staring at him from across the room 24/7. Those self described "derpy animatronic" eyes. Then he had a fever dream and woke found she moved to be standing over him like a mannequin in a horror movie.
>>14908 You have just described my endgoal perfectly, anon. I have much experimenting and electrocuting to do first though, in order to address my 'Achilles heel' of electronics. Before now I made no real attempt to properly learn the fundamentals and was just blindly stumbling my way through Arduino and Pololu user guides. Much fail, frustration and smoking servos has learned me dis is no longer de wae. The book 'Make: Electronics' by Charles Platt seems to be a good practical intro without swamping a beginner like myself with complicated math.
>>14908 sounds like the beginning of a porn video, if only irl was this easy kek, instead of trying several designs we could simply let then gain life overnight, If i had the money i would make a robot just to stare me
Open file (22.35 KB 211x320 WaifuOnAFridge.jpg)
>>14906 For starters, always use servo easing whenever possible. Secondly, never ever have a servo go at max acceleration. I'm sure you've realized both points but, it's good for Anons reading this thread. >>14907 String based linkages do have design challenges but, they come with many benefits, chiefly lower thrown weight. Speecys is an excellent example. Keked at the thought of a waifu on a fridge only to find out that is exactly what the full sized version looks like. It's a giant fridge full of servos on a rommba essentially. I hope the engineers laughed at the absurdity. >>14913 Cheap hobby servos are all terrible. We need our own waifu servos, that is the way. >>14915 If only we had mamono mana to turn our robot wives into monster girls.
>>14916 >Cheap hobby servos are all terrible. We need our own waifu servos, that is the way. Cheap servos are bad almost entirely because of the terrible driver boards built in. Check out what this guy managed to get cheap servos to do with a custom driver circuit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkNgRe8X4iY
>>14893 >just her presence is enough to make me start considering how to solve her problems. That's the spirit SophieDev! It's never misguided to acknowledge mistakes, correct them, and move on in life. The only real lapse in judgement would be to be too prideful to do so! :^) We all need a break at this from time-to-time Anon. Myself included. Glad to see you've 'un-canceled' dear Elfdroid Sophie, and we look forward to seeing what you have in store for her in the future.
>>14916 >I'm sure you've realized both points but, it's good for Anons reading this thread. Thanks Kiwi. >>14921 Lol. >Yes, that's right. 9'001 cases of carbon sexual batteries. My waifu says they'll be yuge this year.
>>14907 That's really quite a remarkable design Anon. Both it and this are the natural outcome of taking the idea of keeping thrown-weight to a minimum.(>>14916) However our needs with our robowaifus generally mandate true mobility (ala Chobits and so many other robowaifu-themed mangos & animus, etc.) While a stationary avatar is OK in it's own way, it's not a particularly effective design approach for a robowaifu IMHO. But certainly it informs some solid approaches to a couple of issues we all face. I'm confident we'll manage to arrive at a good compromise systems design in the future as we just keep working the problems.
>>14893 Sophie but in another life: https://youtu.be/rLy-AwdCOmI
Open file (315.29 KB 852x1200 SupportPlatform.jpg)
>>14931 There's still a lot of potential. We can move the control servos to a support platform to keep the main body lithe and highly mobile. At least until servo technologies allow for integration. Think a doll with minimal mobility and a support platform that will move her and allow for further mobility. Servo technology just does not scale well beyond a meter. The weight and power consumption goes up incredibly unfortunately. Physics is not kind beyond loli scales.
>>14958 Lots of the robot arms I have seen on the internet are often joined to a box of electronics which usually includes PSU, voltage regulation, servo shield and microcontroller. At the moment Sophie is stuck on a metal pole, but it may be worth replacing the pole with a box or crate of some kind which is MUCH easier to store said electronics in and run all the wiring out her back. A metal pole, being cylindrical, is a bit of a bastard to attach modular things to. This, in turn makes Sophie difficult to wire up, and considering the amount of unwiring and re-wiring she needs, this is a major design flaw. This post is mainly just for my own future reference. I have a constant voltage, constant current buck converter on order but it will take a long time to ship and by the time it gets to me I'll probably have forgotten all about this idea.
>>14947 Lol. Sophie is far more charming than that Anon! IIRC we've seen this before. That anon must be very tall b/c that's a very lanky robowaifu tbh. >>14958 Definitely agreed in general, Anon. >Think a doll with minimal mobility and a support platform that will move her and allow for further mobility. Yup. We kind of hashed many of these points out in the Wheelchair Waifus thread(>>2983). I generally come down in favor of it during these early years as a simple expedient to address the power consumption issues. It would also be a good design choice IMO for a household 'meido' robot that isn't necessarily intended as Anon's waifu. >Servo technology just does not scale well beyond a meter. The weight and power consumption goes up incredibly unfortunately. >Physics is not kind beyond loli scales. Both are pretty much direct artifacts of the Square-Cube Law. Creating 1m high robowaifus is a good choice from an engineering perspective, but not a great choice sociologically. As has been extensively discussed around the board, anti-pedo hysteria on the part of normalfags has made such robowaifu sizes literally illegal in most jurisdictions in the West today. And legislators who couldn't otherwise give a flip about it one way or other might look for an easy 'moral victory' score to further their careers. Screeching harpies who simply hate men period and are extremely threatened by robowaifus in general would lock onto such a product like blood-sucking leeches. Finally, the simple fact is that most men--including most Anons--simply wouldn't find a robowaifu that size appealing as a waifu. A daughteru maybe for headpats, but that's about it. Even a Visual Waifu would be a better choice for most of these men. So yea, it's a real conundrum Kiwi. Makes me appreciate the Creator's wisdom in being able to devise life as-is! :^)
>>14971 Good ideas SophieDev, and yeah storing ideas here on the board for safekeeping is something most of us do, including myself.
Open file (201.29 KB 1160x773 Russia put-in Ukraine.jpg)
I now know how to use a multimeter and have confirmed that my buck-converter is correctly limiting voltage to the servos. Have thrown out a bunch of fried micro-servos that were a lost cause (kept a few parts for spares). Now, onto the more pressing subject: To Mr. Vladimir Putin, I appreciate your desk in the Kremlin is very well polished and shiny. In fact if I wasn't working on building a robot I would be polishing my desk and downgrading to Windows XP so my setup could be more like yours. However, at present you are causing me a problem. Because electricity prices in my country have doubled due to you ordering the gas pipelines closed, I can no longer 3D print large things because it's too expensive. Although, Mr.Putin, I realise it's not all your fault. You see, I told my government that they should've focused less on feminism, jigaboos and faggots and more on building nuclear power stations, but they wouldn't listen. So now all of our gas power plants are out of gas and all of our energy firms are going bust. So please could you kindly sort out your business with Ukraine so the rest of us can get on with building robots? Kind regards, SophieDev
>>15207 POTD TOP LOL <ywn a shiny desk full of XP in Soviet Russia. I'm glad you're sorting your servos/power systems. Hopefully the situation will improve before too long Anon. I'm sure you will figure things out as you go along. I pray for you SophieDev indeed for us all. Godspeed. >=== BTW Anon, your thread is nearly at the autosage bump limit. I'd suggest you begin #3 thread soon.
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Thought I'd print something small and cheap but still useful: servo connector locks. Do you have keyless servo connectors that keep coming undone when your robot moves about? Slip some of these locks over the connection point and your robot's days of sudden-onset flaccid paralysis will be over! Obviously though, if your wires aren't long enough to accomodate your robot's range of movement and you have these servo connector locks on, then the servo wires are likely to yank out completely (or pull something off your robot) since the servo connectors can no longer slip out easily.
>>15211 That's great but BLDCs and ESCs mostly use other connectors. I only see these on the small servos. And in those cases they need to go into a breadboard for which I use the male to male breadboard cables. I'm mostly using XT-60 connectors and banana plugs, and try to get motors with the right connectors. These are very cheap on AliExpress. Make sure to get male and female and the right size, though. For plugs and the connectors. You only need one connector and the other side can use plugs. The connectors seem to be mostly yellow and the plugs without plastics golden (brass). On AliExpress they also have little screw terminals for cables, which are also very cheap and fit into a breadboard. Not sure about the name, DG-301 is written on the side and they're blue (others are green).
Oh hey its me from the other thread. Guess I was wrong haha. Excellent job you did with the documentation and everything sophiedev. You're clearly the 100x dev around these parts. Cause you really did the work of like 100 people.

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