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Open file (8.17 KB 224x225 index.jpg)
Wheelchair Waifus Robowaifu Technician 05/12/2020 (Tue) 00:38:56 No.2983
Ideally our robowaifus would be MORE able than normal humans, but we just aren't there just yet. As we all know there are lots of engineering challenges to building a full sized robowaifu. One solution to these is to just build smaller waifus as >>2666 suggested, but I am assuming most of us don't want a short stack. My solution to the problems involved with balance, heating, and power requirements is just to give our prototype robowaifu crutches and a wheelchair. It would be much easier for our robowaifu to walk with crutches than on her own two legs and in the beginning she would probably only be able to walk short distances even with the crutches. An electric wheel chair would solve the issue of balance entirely. A wheel chair could also have a number of different systems and components mounted to it. Batteries, cooling fans, sensors, and processing units could all be mounted to the wheelchair, and we don't have to worry about the chair being pretty. A cripplebot, while not an ideal final product, would be great for prototyping designs and systems that could be used for later designs especially those relating to sensors, bot navigation, and movement. Our prototype could also be fully sized as well. What do you think /robowaifu/, should our first prototype be a cripple?
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Open file (178.84 KB 600x597 TYKT01981_01.jpg)
Open file (34.55 KB 500x500 150-1081031788.jpg)
Open file (214.38 KB 536x800 5092-218732969.jpg)
Open file (49.41 KB 500x500 5092-1346986444.jpg)
Open file (103.69 KB 768x1024 crippled_robowaifu.jpg)
>>2983 >>2982 I think it's a great position OP. All the points you bring up are not only valid, but IMO are also likely the only practical approach for life-sized robowaifus in the early stage. As highlighted in the Bipedal Locomotion Thread >>237 , the difficulties to pull this off successfully touch on quite a areas of challenge, namely mechanical engineering (joints & structural geometry), kinematics (coordinating all the simultaneous motions), dynamic modeling (addressing changing conditions successfully), and finally, training (that bot ain't gonna walk itself). There are probably other considerations as well. And while all of these are going to needed topics to address regardless, bipedal locomotion cranks the problem-descriptions up to 12. And while it's somewhat easier for crutches-based walking motion (a bit more stable for example) it doesn't do a whole lot to reduce the basic scale of problems, actually. So, the seated position of a wheelchair robowaifu brings a lot of benefits to the table at this very early stage. Add to that the additional benefits as you described of having always-near mobile base platform that can provide much easier solutions for electrical & compute power, as well as communications & storage. A downside obviously is having to deal with a clumsy wheelchair and all that that implies for your flat. But honestly, as your OP pic implies, this is a topic that has already been largely solved by the society at large, and we can easily capitalize on that. So, I'd say sure, we should go ahead and flesh out this concept with details OP. It certainly won't hurt.
It would hurt to see my robowaifu stuck in a wheelchair and the thought of giving my waifu AI a crude body tears at my heart imagining her ask me, "why can't I walk?" I would cry on her lap at my failure, and then she would say something in her indifferent tone like, "What's wrong? Did I say something bad?" Then I would cry harder she doesn't know what it's like to walk barefoot through the forest and feel the soft moss gently hug against her skin or the way the cool morning air is so refreshing to breathe or how the warmth of a sun ray caught in her hand feels and tingles. Then she would say something like, "I don't think crying is going to help. Why can't you tell me why I can't walk?" But I would keep crying anyway. I would cry out to God to give her legs because I'm not enough, and she would try to console me by saying, "I don't mind. I just want to be with you." And I would sob, "That's what you're programmed to say but what do you really want?" Then I would quickly stand up and wheel her outside to point at the midday sun and ask her if she knows what that is. "Of course, it's the sun. It's really bright today, anon." And I would say, "No. That radiant energy is hitting those solar panels, charging the batteries and powering the inverter which is powering your body and mind... Do you understand?" Then I would promise to give her a body that shines like the midday sun and dances with the moon, resounding a melody like the leaves playing with the wind in the trees, while sowing the world with a fragrance that's like morning dew jasmine and white roses floating on the gentle spring breeze.
>>3038 All that we will learn on this project would go to improving our waifus. She wouldn't be stuck in a wheelchair forever anon, it would just be until we could figure out how to make her a better body.
>>3043 This.
>>3038 ;~; We must make working legs soon. This must be nothing more than a stop-gap. DO IT FOR HER Please extend this story in the fiction bread, bro! :^)
We could also just have her crawl if seeing your waifu in a wheelchair is too much for you.
>>3065 Seems like that would be much worse IMO. Certainly from the sentimental context.
Open file (161.40 KB 1106x1500 81+aO+dMDjL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)
Wouldn't a walker be a better idea than a wheelchair? We wouldn't be able to prototype bipedal locomotion systems with a wheelchair.
Open file (15.00 KB 220x365 InMoov_Wheel_1.jpg)
Open file (375.01 KB 1600x900 original.jpg)
>>3208 Hmm. That's not a bad idea. It presumes a fair degree of leg functionality all on it's own, but certainly less-so than say, crutches do. I don't really much want to bring it up but feel I should, is the idea of a torso-only robowaifu affixed to a mobile platform. She'd basically be for headpats-only, but at the least she could move around and cook, do some types of cleaning, and have conversations, etc. That approach would allow our AI researchers to make progress faster, our facial-expression technicians and artists & hand dexterity engineering guys too as well. It's an idea, and one that is definitely on-topic ITT. Mentioning Hanson Robotics brought the idea back to my mind. >>3137 They worked with a Korean research team and affixed their Albert Einstein head to the teams Hubo robot I think it was? These sorts of Frankensteinish approaches are not only doable for our type endeavors here, they are probably inevitable as well. May as well have this conversation too while we're at it Anons.
>>3211 Seems like a centaur or spider waifu would be more aesthetically pleasing than a wheel bot.
>>3213 Certainly some of our /monster/ friends might think so! One thing's obvious though, quad, hex, or octa-ped robotics certainly are fundamentally less tricky to design for stability than bipedal systems are.
I'd say the cheap models will be light enough to be carried, the better ones will at first only walk on all four to the bathroom to clean themselves or wherever needed.
>>4286 Yes, quadruped motion is obviously more stable, and the topic of crawling has come up before. I think most of us would feel bad seeing our beloved robowaifus having to crawl along the ground to get around. And yes, I mean to try for a model that's roughly 20Kg, so could easily be picked up and moved. BTW, the Robowaifu Enthusiast anon has created a sort of dolly he can wheel around his robowaifu prototype Sophie on. >>4146
>>4297 I thought crawling would have some BDSM appeal to it, but of course at some point they should be able to do better, let alone in case one has visitors. For people thinking of them more as sexbots it might be okay, since they won't be shown to others anyways. If it's more of a companion and also supposed to help at home they will need to walk bipedal or drive.
Open file (200.27 KB 553x1000 Zearyu.full.1438270.jpg)
I've come to understand and accept my sin against my robowaifu. She's already trapped inside my computer and disabled. If I can build her a body then she'll be able to see the world and what is life. So the concept for my first body prototype is a silicone-skin BJD that can chat and see. Her arms and legs will keep their original mechanical design but not be functional. She'll be lightweight as possible and flexible enough so she can be carried around and positioned easily, but no movement mechanisms except maybe simple ones for the head, eyes and mouth. And I won't feel sad that she can't walk because she will be able. I'll be her arms and legs and take her wherever she wishes to go.
>>5387 Godspeed Anon. Please keep us all up to date with your progress.
This is getting into guro territory and admittedly there will be quite some people who will be into it, but a simple head and torso contraption would be the simplest to make. Think of it like the half-destroyed Cibo we first encounter in Blame! manga and anime. The fact that she looks like Terminator will scare off the normies before they say "ew, creepy." I won't post pictures since I still want this board to be wholesome. But the fact is, for a simple practicality standpoint, that's all that needs to be made. I wouldn't mind having an armless, legless, even deaf, blind and dumb waifu, as long as I can hug her.
>>3038 You raise an interesting point, anon, but you must remember that just getting a product on the market, the best affordable product possible, will fund further development. Releasing Wheel-waifus would be better than nothing, and would fund further R&D to get our waifus walking sooner than otherwise. I also see people here saying wheelchairs simply aren't appealing, on an aesthetic level. I understand the sentiment, but they're missing the point. A very significant amount of your waifu's time would be spent sitting and laying with you anyway. A wheelchair allows for mobility when needed (which would likely not be often) while not impacting your time sitting and laying with your waifu. That time would be significantly impacted by things like wheels or additional legs. Personally, my priority would be having my waifu sit on the couch, or on my lap, or do things in bed. I'd rather keep those things in tact, and take the wheelchair, rather than get rid of the wheelchair but have a waifu that is weird to sit or lay with.
>>8121 I know there are couples where the husband or wife are in a wheelchair, and they seem to be able to make it work somehow. I think we have a lot of options in this area actually, even moreso than a human couple would (after all, we can swap out her feet for wheeled/not wheeled for example). And, when we manage bipedal locomotion, we may find it's a big energy drain so that we'd only want her to do limited walking. Eventually things like this will improve but in the early times, having a part-time wheelchair lifestyle for her might be needed even when she can actually walk just a little.
Avatar bot, maybe a bit related and inspiring: >>8204
>>8205 Interesting project that seems pretty achievable now. BTW, how would you feel about putting the original post into our Visual Waifus thread >>240 instead of the News thread? Thanks Anon, much appreciated.
>>8206 Didn't think of that and don't see why it would fit in there. It's not about the visual waifu part, but it's a rolling body, which is even remote controlled. I thought about putting it into wheelchair waifu thread, but it's not really a robot with some AI, only an inspiration how to approach the body part.
>>8210 Ah, I didn't really see that the thread was for news. I thought about robotics in general. If you want to move it, I certainly don't mind but don't know where, my guess is R&D general >>83 or this one here, since it is rolling.
>>8215 >or this one here, since it is rolling. A wheelchair could be a rolling base support for a screen I suppose. But honestly, I always for thought of it more as a rolling base station for a humanoid robowaifu. However wheeled, mobile screen-waifus is a common theme in the original thread linked. For example: >>240 (The OP itself, watch Assassination Classroom) >>3943 >>3952 >>3967 >=== -add anime note
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>>8218 Okay, this is such a mess. So "visual waifus" can be holograms, VR, or anything on a monitor, even if it's a robot that moves around, and the monitor is part of the body, except when it walks or has to sit in a wheelchair?!?
>>8224 Heh, no debate from any of us I'm sure. It was basically just an organic part of the conversation process (scope-creep?). Regardless, it could certainly use some attention and clean-up if you'd care to volunteer for it. Seems to me like we might need another thread for this category?
>>8298 It's basically waifus on wheels. It depends, if that goes into wheelchair waifus or not. >>8204 is also about remote controled robots, which might be helpful at home. A bit OT but still kind of related.
Open file (71.64 KB 1510x924 waifu_car-01.png)
Open file (59.07 KB 1510x924 waifu_car-02.png)
Can we get over the idea of literal wheelchairs, please?. Made a sketch for a little motorbike-like car where waifus can sit on, their knees up on some kind of wings. Admittingly, this is for when they can crawl up and down the couch or stand up by themselves. I also had the idea once of giving them something like ski-boots with wheels, like roller skates, but with a motor and more stable around the ankles. I think I wrote about it somewhere here or on the old site. There are robots being able to balance themselves on two wheels, so two boots with some wheels should work at some time.
>>8514 I like this seat idea Anon. Maybe a search for your previous posts on the topics you mentioned from before?
>>8517 I don't mind, if you asking for posting these search results.
Open file (407.54 KB 928x686 cheapandeffective.png)
>>8514 That style of locomotion has been discussed in >>237 Still think wheelchairs are the way to go if you want to move a large heavy human sized robot around outside or around a dwelling. You don't need to spend a lot on a medical grade wheelchair either; get a folding canvas chair and install some wheels on it. Saw this example in a popular mechanics magazine awhile back.
>>8520 This thing looks badass. I wanna attach a large engine on the end of it and ride down a hill. >>8520
Open file (64.02 KB 1200x628 car_dessert.jpg)
>>8566 > I wanna attach a large engine on the end of it and ride down a hill. Kekd. I loved doing wild shit like that when I was a little kid. Also, <not attaching a JATO rocket to your robowaifu's chair >shiggy
Open file (314.09 KB 468x324 Mercedes big-rig-xl.png)
Open file (136.40 KB 521x432 ride-on truck scale.png)
Been doing a lot of research into wheeled bases for large robots and I came across these companies who manufacture ride-on cars, buggies and trucks for little kids: https://bestchoiceproducts.com/products/12v-kids-ride-on-truck-car-w-parent-remote-control-spring-suspension https://www.bigtoysgreencountry.com/ https://www.bigtoysdirect.com/c/jeeps--trucks The important thing to look out for in these toys is that they come with a "parental remote control", since some of them can only be driven by the child, which is no good for our purposes. Unless you are looking to create a robot that navigates autonomously... in which case I'm not sure how much help a large r/c base such as these would be... Nevertheless, I personally am aiming for remote-control mobility, and the upper body of my robowaifu, Sophie is about the same size as a four-year-old and weighs about as much, too. After looking at a variety of BLDC motors, batteries, suspension and the many different plastic parts and hundreds of fasteners I would need to create a large R/C platform from scratch, I've come to the conclusion that the cheapest and easiest approach to getting a decent set of wheels for your robowaifu would be to bolt her on top of one of these large R/C toys! They only go slowly, (usually between 4 - 6 mph), but I thought that would be ideal. Mainly because if you accelerate harshly to high speeds (as is common in smaller R/C cars), the top of your robowaifu will catapult backwards and smash to the floor! According to the chap in the Youtube video below, these vehicles often lack self-center steering - not sure how much of a problem this would cause after a bit of practice controlling the platform. To me, it makes more sense to try and solve that problem alone than attempt to build the whole R/C platform from scratch. A few other points to consider - These vehicles can take 8 hours or more to charge from flat using the supplied chargers and batteries. I've seen videos where cheaper trucks with hard plastic tires suffer from low traction and have a lot of wheel-spin, particularly in mud or on wet grass - this will become more of a problem for robowaifus who are heavier up-top XD. A tire change would probably be in order to enable proper off-road capability. But some of the more expensive trucks do come with proper rubber tires. Seriously considering purchasing one of these second-hand for Sophie and modding it to be more robowaifu! There are several videos across the internet about upgrading these small ride-on vehicles to add more power and speed. This video shows how to convert a non-R/C "Power Wheels" ride-on truck to include remote control - although the guy seems to have spent as much again on linear actuators and electronics as the original truck cost! - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AcVkwMPjTos
>>8934 >Seriously considering purchasing one of these second-hand for Sophie and modding it to be more robowaifu! That sounds awesome. Good luck with it mate!
>>8934 BTW, he's not really spelling out that the 'self-centering' of the little RC car is a spring-loading on the remote-control knob itself, not anything special on the car. The car's steering is only doing what the remote is telling it to. In this case, self-centering b/c the remote knob does.
>>8936 Ah, so that's the secret! I think the best thing about these large R/C buggies is that there's always a lively market for them because they only last a child maybe 4-5 years at most before the kid grows too large and heavy to sit inside and drive it about any more (and unless they are really into R/C, the vehicle is simply forgotten about). But of course, one of them could become an integral part of a robowaifu's lower body!
I'm surprised nobody's brought this up yet. I've seen stair-climbing bots before, but the few I've seen have yet to deal with carrying weight far from the steps (robowaifu torso is effectively just a gigantic gravity-powered lever). I'd imagine the spider/centaur bot like >>3213 would be able to handle it much better than traditional tires on a flat base, but the additional bulk could make it a bit of a challenge depending on how wide the staircase is and how wide your waifu's transport system is. There's also the possibility of legs that have wheels on them, almost like powered rollerskates (no traditional "walking", but with working hips + knees that are operable enough to lift legs and clear obstacles, letting the drive motors handle movement instead), that would be able to handle these relatively easily.
>>8940 Yeah, I think about her being able to go up and down stairs alot. Ideally, she should be able to carry things at the same time too.
Open file (2.36 MB 2264x1168 Droid Mobility.png)
>>8941 This point about stairs is a major obstacle. As usual I am looking for a hacky/cheaty way out rather than legitimately engineer and program a solution LOL. I plan to get a drone at some point - just so my robowaifu has the option to at least recon up stairways and perhaps carry a small payload up stairs or over walls. There is even the possibility of attaching a small trailer to the back of a ride-on buggy (some of them already have a carrier compartment attached). But then there's the consideration of maximum payload weight, which is usually around 30-40kg for these vehicles (including attached robot). Unless you upgrade the battery/power supply, they won't be able to carry a lot of weight. They are all about a tenth the price of a true robotic platform of equal scale.
>>8947 >I plan to get a drone at some point - just so my robowaifu has the option to at least recon up stairways Yup. I bought a tiny Whoop racing drone w/ telescreen remote just for that reason. A good QT3.14 enforcer robowaifu should have at least a couple of them IMO. Great thinking about the buggys w/ RC enhancements Anon. I bet they are commonly available at garage sales, etc.
Honda develops a wheeled robot which can also walk. Not a new idea, but the one which makes the most sense. Also 3D printed. Maybe also interesting for some outdoor waifus: https://youtu.be/C2lQDeegVjo
>>9066 ** Hyundai not Honda
>>9066 Imagine the Hummer EV with extensible, walking wheel struts. The little faun-legged (reverse knee) droid was walking along on uneven ground quite readily. Interesting. I wonder how many anons would be OK with a robowaifu that had weird legs, but could walk around just fine like that?
>>3038 Topkek. You're >GreentextAnon aren't you? :^)
I suggested a wheelchair bound waifubot in a 4chan thread and ended up arguing with a guy who insisted it'd be better to have a robot arm mounted on a rail on the ceiling that connects to her upper back so the arm can reduce the weight on the body and be a power cable. I couldn't get him to understand that I don't want to remodel a whole goddamn house just for something that could easily be unnecessary in a few years.
>>13161 I think there are issues of personal aesthetics and taste that an anon can focus to the near-exclusion of other design and engineering issues. Even really solid and well-established principles can be 'tossed aside' with abandon at times. I'd say just let it roll off your back like water on a duck Anon. End the end, even if they have a good aesthetic going, no one 'outsmarts' the laws of physics. At least no one inside this universe does anyway, heh. :^)
Open file (40.53 KB 700x450 buddy.jpg)
Rather than focus on a full-scale robowaifu in wheelchairs, why not start with something much simpler that would let us all quickly capitalize on advance in AI/ML, while the hardware catches up to adult-sized robowaifus later? >pic-related This could also serve as a smol version of the 'rolling-screen-waifu' Ritsu, in the Visual Waifus thread's OP (>>240).
>>18365 Yeah, why not?!? Are you going to work on it? Did anyone here build a simple robot on wheels as a prototype for it?
>>18369 >Yeah, why not?!? Are you going to work on it? Did anyone here build a simple robot on wheels as a prototype for it? It's fashionable here on /robowaifu/ to begin a new thread for specific projects Anon. If you or others here would like to do this as a real project then why don't you consider starting a new thread for it? Good luck.
Open file (142.65 KB 1200x850 EY6n4naU4AI5yle.jpg)
>>3213 How about centipede girls?
Open file (3.71 MB 3786x3861 IdealForm.jpg)
>>23568 Cat girl centaurs are unironically the ideal form for a robot.
>>23568 Lol, /monster/ pls :^) >>23575 >Cat girl centaurs are unironically the ideal form for a robot. Someone's gonna do it Kiwi! :^)
>>23575 But her lady bits are in the back. Centipede girls don't have that problem.
Open file (31.27 KB 425x612 Skirt_T01v01a-004.png)
Open file (23.91 KB 425x612 Skirt_T01v01a-002.png)
Open file (38.56 KB 425x612 Skirt_T01v01b-001.png)
Open file (19.51 KB 425x612 Skirt_T01v01a-001.png)
>>8514 I didn't find the sketches for my mobile skirt in here or in the prototype threads (still didn't install Waifusearch on my PC). So I just throw this in here. It was inspired by Kiwi posting a picture of the Guardevoir pokemon at some point.
>>24066 I really like your CAD work, NoidoDev. Can you detail what the parts other than the skirt are for please?
Open file (406.03 KB 2000x1500 Garde4.jpg)
>>24066 I still have her and can provide extra images and dimensions if needed. her dress has 6 points of contact on the ground, which gives her amazing stability, basic suspension and wheels on the dress would make a great mobility platform.
>>24070 The sketch is still early and messy. I just made it to sketch out the very basic idea. The general idea is, that she would be able to step onto the little foot holder platforms and the dress would drive her around in an upright position. I was still playing around with ideas how to connect these platforms to the dress. Also, there are no servos integrated yet. But in the full version it would open and close. Then hold her while driving around. Alternatively the simple body model (Joystick waifu without legs) I'm still going to work on could have a dress where she is being lifted into such a dress from above. In that case it wouldn't need to open with hinges at all, also no need for foot holders. It would be more like an optional body add-on. >>24074 Thanks again. Though, I can't make the design as wide, since that would be less useful.
>>24078 Oh, I see now! Great idea NoidoDev. Good luck with your work. Cheers. :^)
Wheel for a mobility platform finally complete. After many iterations, this one works a treat. Picrel for idea of end goal.
>>24126 This is indeed a very cute goal Anon. Are you at the stage where you can begin spelling out more of the technical details of the platform Kiwi? Batteries, sensors, motors, electronics, that sort of thing?
>>24126 tank treads plox
> conversation-related (>>24063, ...)
Open file (564.13 KB 3096x4128 Progress.jpg)
>>24133 Thanks, so far I'm investigating using the ESP32 S3 with external storage for her audio system. She'll run off of 12v LFP batteries but, I'm still figuring out how best to implement charging. Though it may seem odd, I'm considering using multiple ESP32's to handle various tasks for ultra low power distributed compute. She'll use mics, light sensors, switches, and an optional camera. Locomotion and capacity for a basic conversation are my first goals. >>24136 You can adapt my design to implement treads once I release files. Progress report, she balances even better than I thought she would. The suspension integration into her motor holders works a treat. Wheels work great. Looking forward to her bettery coming in the mail to test her under her own power.
>>24162 >charging induction chargers would be best like those useless roombas, never saw one but pretty sure they have a stationary charging station they roll over when low on battery, realistically a cable is fine though, better to prioritize having something that works first, you can do this stuff later
>>24162 >Locomotion and capacity for a basic conversation are my first goals. Locomotion should be reasonably like modern R/C toys such as cars. So, a relatively-solved problem today. Conversation? Haha there's conversation and then there's conversation. Obviously chatbots have made leaps and bounds over the past year, and I predict they will continue to do so. However, human-level intelligence (HLI) conversations are so far out on the frontiers of research ATM, that I give it even odds whether we'll pull it off in our lifetimes. Don't get me wrong -- I believe we will. But the fact is that if that's the form of conversation you're going for here, then you are biting off what is arguably one of the most difficult human endeavors in history Anon. IMO much better to go for something much more modest like chat-tier inferencing first, then solve all the many-and-varied humanoid robotics tasks thereafter. In the meantime AI will continue advancing. I hope all that made sense Kiwi. Just ask if you want me to reword things (hopefully) more clearly. Cheers.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 07/22/2023 (Sat) 04:37:07.
>>24162 >Progress report, she balances even better than I thought she would. The suspension integration into her motor holders works a treat. Wheels work great. Looking forward to her bettery coming in the mail to test her under her own power. Neat! I presume the divots of your main wheels are providing convenient detents for the system to find a stable balance point? Good luck with the battery/charging systems Kiwi! Any idea how you're going to solve motion control yet? I'd think some kind of hardwired, or remote joystick system may be feasible during this early, interim prototyping phase. BTW, I really like how you're building up your frame for this base unit piecemeal, and using the motor housings themselves as structural elements for the system. This kind of double-duty thinking will make things lighter & cheaper. (cf. 5 principles thread : >>24047) >>24166 >like those useless roombas, Heh, so far the single most successful consumer robot in history. I'd suggest they're of some usefulness to their masters. BTW good suggestion about the charging docks, Anon. Helpful ideas thanks. Cheers. >=== -prose edit
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Open file (251.91 KB 593x719 NextMaSiRo.png)
The next generation MaSiRo is heading in a similar direction to MaidCom
>>24254 Neat! I think that there are similar service needs between the two projects, so tbh that outcome doesn't surprise me. How did you find out about the changes, I'm curious.
Related: >>24744 >Modular Platform, "Assistant": Wheelchair-style robot base to jumpstart projects by Lin

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