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Emotions in Robowaifus. Robowaifu Technician 07/26/2022 (Tue) 02:05:49 No.17027
Hello, part-time lurker here. (Please excuse me if a thread on this topic exists already) I have and idea on how we could plan to implement emotions easily into our Robowaifus. This idea stems from Chobits where Persocoms change behavior based on battery level. So please consider this. Emotions would be separated into two groups. Internal and external stimuli. Internal stimuli emotions are things like lethargy, hunger, weakness, etc. Things that are at their base are derived from lower battery and damaged components. External stimuli emotions, things like happiness, sadness, etc. Provoked from outside events, mostly relating to how the humans (and master) around her act. A mob mentality way of processing emotions. All of this would be devoid of any requirement for AI, which would quicken development until we make/get a general AI. So until that time comes I think this artificial implementation for emotions would work fine. Though when AIs enter the picture this emotion concept is simple enough that a compatability layer could be added so that the AI can connect and change these emotions into something more intelligent. Perhaps a more human emotional response system [irrational first thought into more thought out rational/personality centered response] or a direct change of the base emotional response by the AI as it distinguish itself from the stock personality to something new. :] > (>>18 - related-thread, personality) > (>>9 - " , face) >=== -add related-thread crosslinks
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 07/27/2022 (Wed) 00:27:23.
I'd imagine you can program any (or upload any "stock") personality you want. I don't think we've delved too deep into this aspect on here, but as I see it there are two, or three avenues of approach. 1. program a personality 2. evolve/train a personality (seems like this would be more robust and have the bugs worked out) 3. "clone" a personality from a human or trained on a set of human interactions (which we probably want to avoid or we get right back to square one with where things are, bio-women, to avoid using the more offensive term) The evolution of emotion is fascinating. Beginning with anger/agitation in the lowest lifeforms up to the more complex caring, nurturing/protective feelings in higher mammals. Emotions serve a purpose and are more than aesthetics. Although you could program your waifu to exhibit "favorable" emotions that you enjoy being around (and I see no problem with that tbh), one may want to consider if other emotions are helpful, a hinderance, or even needed.
>>17027 >Hello, part-time lurker here. Hello Anon, welcome! Yep emotions are a very important part of engaging with others, and as you point out Chobits addresses this issue directly in several different ways. Chii for example, actually grew in her capability to express emotions as her language ability grew too. For instance, it's sort of a primary story-arc that she went from being a child-like character to one who loves Hideki wholeheartedly.
>>17031 I haven't considered the idea of minimal to no emotion, though one might consider that the growth of robowaifus in the future might depend on them being as human as possible without turning into a hoe. Though as this in the future and it most likely we'll being open sourcing our stuff I see no problem in someone making an 'emotions' module in the future. :]
>>17033 Man I love chobits so far, gotta finish it though (i just finished SEL) Also sorry if this is off-topic but i am being a social autist and very shy posting right now, I really like the idea of having a robowaifu one day so i plan to support you all! ;}
>>17037 >Sel Lain was interesting enough, I think it deserves a second watch b/c it feels like there's some essence there that generates appeal and I've only picked up a hint of whatever that is. It was confusing and I suppose some of that was from the juxtaposition of dated tech with more futuristic sci-fi possibiltiies.
>>17035 I like the idea of a somewhat cold and pragmatic waifu whose soft side is only revealed in private or intimate moments. I think of the main appeals of the R/W over a biological human is its ability to transcend its emotions to the point of not needing them except when they serve a purpose.
>>17039 The personality of each man's robowaifu is of their own discretion, I really wanted to consider design standards related to emotion. And while evolving would be the easiest (yet perhaps time-consuming) way to build a waifu personality I think standards are still needed for though who want to build their own AI (within a custom personality) and a standard way to deal with emotions might help in that. Though making emotions into something more like a system library and less like a external hardware with a driver is probably the smart choice. Either ways, I don't think emotions should be a requirement, but should be standardized. I don't want personalities that make use of emotions to work only on one robowaifu. They should be somewhat portable, I want a harem of clones :] >>17038 The apple (ass pull) like design for the navi's were a bit weird to me, considering I don't think any of those computers were super extensible, but I love Lain. Not in a earthly sense but she is just so appealing in a way I can't describe.
>>17043 >I really wanted to consider design standards related to emotion. I too, want to consider that. BTW, this thread also inspires me to want to do the same for morality & ethics in robowaifus. While I will never go down the 'everyone is a speshul-snowflake, we're all the same and no one can be allowed to fail except Donald Trump!11111' leftist-tier ideologies, yet it's an important set of topics to address--and indeed establish standards for--in our robowaifu's system. For example, in Chobits, Hiroyasu Ueda (Mr. Manager to Chii) had a persocom wife Yumi Ueda. During the end of her life as she was slowly dying, there was a traffic accident and she was killed saving his life. Disabled as she was, she still managed this act of sacrifice. That suggests to me (fictional account notwithstanding) that good ethics was very fundamental to her makeup. Just so for our robowaifus also. However, just like all the rest of these important characteristics, this will only come about as the result of lots of hard work on our and other anon's parts! :^) Thus the need for a specific Robowaifu Ethics & Morality thread, without allowing it to be troled by the usual suspects into a cesspool of degeneracy. It will take firm positions on all our regular's part to keep it from descending into a wretched hive of scum & villainy tbh. >=== -add the single word 'good'
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 07/26/2022 (Tue) 14:09:34.
On the subject ITT, there's a widely-studied, widely-(ab)used resource that became what is called FACS. Anons here probably can at the least gain numerous benefits from it's 'standardization', even if we adopt somewhat different approaches to things for our robowaifu's 'emotions' >tl;dr We can have a discussion starting here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facial_Action_Coding_System https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emotion_recognition https://diglib.uibk.ac.at/ulbtirol/content/titleinfo/782346 https://imotions.com/blog/facial-action-coding-system/ >also: lib gen.rs/book/index.php?md5=4A97BF6B6227201C5D82065973C0329F lib gen.rs/book/index.php?md5=D56B5845AFBC2D4E8205F8DCE3238D22

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