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Important things about building living robots Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 05:38:28 No.19
Robots in our price range would have to be made of cheap, but sturdy materials.

3D printed nylon is a good material, as it is sturdy, doesn't shatter like PLA, and is tolerant of many temperatures. Aluminum pieces like those in a VEX set are good for things like the thoracic vertebrae, or the femurs.

AI is also not born perfect. It is created like a child. You must raise it to be social. To accommodate this, an infant model must be built for the robot to learn basic social skills, movement, etc. Even MLAATR itself has shown this, though I imagine a head on a small body with simple legs or wheels would suffice. You could simply remove the head and place it onto the older body as a birthday gift for it.

I also have to point out something that might disappoint, do not read this spoiler if your dreams of a robot wife are delicate. You cannot fuck your robowaifu unless it's an already-existing girl's consciousness stuck into the robot. Making your own waifu's mind is like father and child incest.
That implies incest would stop some anons.
heh, fair enough. :^)
This. True love goes beyond family borders.
>Making your own waifu's mind is like father and child incest.
And? Simply fuck away.
Well, I'm not one to judge. Just be sure to play Alabama nigger every time you fuck your supposed robodaughter.
Well, it’s true you have to train AI like a child, I think there are some things worth noting though.
A human has to be raised because it’s only born with genetic memory, such as drink milk, cry when hungry, all that stuff. It has no inherent understanding of society, languages, survival, or scientific knowledge.
Basically humans are a package you can drop anywhere and it will (hopefully) learn how to adapt to its surroundings.
I think robots can be a bit more robust than that. Its “genetic” memory can include encyclopedias of knowledge, translators of every language, scientific and mathematical calculators. Basically all that’s left to learn is how to adapt to its surroundings and its local society.
If you don’t want your robot roaming around town learning how people interact with each other, you’re gonna need to program in a personalty. At the very least its going to have to learn to live with you, hopefully it will enjoy that.
The problem with that is that commercially available programs can only self-teach in one direction. They can become practically human in their speech patters, and can then also learn to walk, but they can't connect the word "walk" to the action of moving their legs to go places. They can't even connect something as simple as moving to the word "moving".
That's why it's kind of silly to describe your creation as a child, even as it gets fully-taught, it will still have less learning power and less self-awareness than an insect. It's also silly because the thing already exists purely to solve your problems, and is given no time to express consent in this, so why limit yourself to taking total advantage of it in only some ways?
We simply don't program them to be able to learn multiple things. The problem is that we restrict their learning network. What needs to be done is simply giving pre-programmed groundwork, such as feeding, talking, etc. The rest of the programming comes from learning and what not. Also, we're eventually going to have to ascend to robotic bodies and what not, and if our only robots are preprogrammed sexbots, we are fucked.
I'm currently working on mine. If I could, I'd mass produce these and make a pretty penny. Good idea or no?

Pic related. Shit game, but selling these is a good idea.
Sure. You just gotta make sure your consumers know your robots are to be raised with as much discipline as a child. Basically like those robot dogs, but they actually grow up. If you are truly successful, you might have robots buy their own kind. Or cause a revolution or something, but by the time that happens, I'm sure you'll find a way to compromise that.
Open file (271.05 KB 348x317 1-2.png)
Open file (348.82 KB 725x1200 rollreprogrammed.png)
Open file (397.25 KB 372x606 ngjxfxgtfj.png)
Re: Psychological "incest" Reminds me of the Hindu story of creation in which Shatarupa is created by Brahma : "When Brahma created Shatarupa, he was immediately infatuated and pursued her wherever she went." but she declined his advances b/c "incest" While this is a valid concern, this really should only apply under the most specific of circumstances. Most likely it will be a non issue and I'll list why 1. Cloned personality: Why would each R/W owner have to raise their AI from infancy and teach them the basics about navigating our reality? Unlike humans a robotic/AI mind can be copy/pasted infinitely. Just made one "basic" waifu template that has been raised to "robot adulthood " whether we can all agree *where* that is, it still exists *somewhere* voila problem solved, you've met your R/W after adulthood so no creepy or incest vibes going on 2. It trains itself, but in a simulated environment living years or even decades in virtual "time" while only a few days pass in real time. 3. Waifu farm: the manufacturer puts them into an accelerate learning program with a combination of virtual and real environments with slight tweaks to personality variables so that no two are the same and you choose which personality clicks with you . These are just 3 "AI maturation" processes that immediately come to mind. The idea that each of us would have to "raise" an infant consciousness to maturity is a lazy analog (and reeks of anthropomorphic bias) and it would probably be more work to make things happen that way specifically. So while this is a good point to make, its nothing we should worry ourselves about. Remember AI only superficially resembles human consciousness it is modeled after. Its properties are an entirely different set. [edited to remove reddit spacing and grammatical errors]
I wouldn't be worried about incest for several reasons: 1. incest is not bad if both parties want it and you're not producing offspring 2. it's not really incest because my robowaifu is not genetically related to me, would be based on a fictional character created by someone else, and I probably wouldn't be creating her from scratch but with the help of other specialists. It'd maybe be at most like a teacher fucking their student. 3. who cares anyway lol
>>17102 it may be such a process activates pathways in our brain that should signal revulsion (for those biological reasons) - however we are more than our instincts, so at worst this would be a matter of dubious taste, if one wanted so badly to clutch at pearls however NPCs are born pearl clutchers when it comes to segments of the population they want to marginalize for nonconformity, so it is a consideration at least as far as appearances go
Open file (244.40 KB 512x512 cutetoasters.png)
another point, as I've stated before really boils down to branding robotic companion is inoffensive as it gets anything sex or tinged with desperation or "misogyny" will get piled upon and a crusade waged against The group, I forget and could care less about their name, who is already beating the war drums against "Sex Bots" is mostly fueled by the idea that there will be pedos or people enacting rape / abuse fantasies. We really need to steer the discourse off this track because for one robots cannot be "children" and secondly anyone who is psychologically damaged enough would honestly probably benefit from a waifubot's unconditional love and attention and this point is grossly overlooked
>>17106 Be concerned if you want to be concerned. The problem will be handled with keeping it open source and the resources decentralized. We don't have to make any concessions to bullies and extremists. Twitter is not the reality, and the crazy people there have no power outside of it, except it is given to them by making concessions. This is exactly what all these woke corporations did and why we have all these tainted franchises now, among other things.
>>17105 >NPCs are born pearl clutchers when it comes to segments of the population they want to marginalize for nonconformity, True words Anon. >>17107 >Twitter is not the reality, and the crazy people there have no power outside of it, except it is given to them by making concessions. Also true words, Anon.

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