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Self-replicating waifubots. Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 11:38:52 No.412
Why not build a waifu with a rudimentary AI and give her the objective to help you build a better waifu with better AI and repeat the process until you get one that is perfect?
Thought - Design - Mechanics - Electronics - Mechanical & Electrical Refinement - "Finer" Mechanics (ex. balancing of the body) - Basic Programming (ex. limb movement, fundamental mechanic/electric regulation) - Further Mechanical and Electrical Refinement - Advanced Programming (ex. rudimentary sensory interaction and programmatical refinement of mechanical and electrical regulation) - Fine Tuning of All Systems (this part keeps going forever) - Basic Intelligence (ex. use of sensory input and beginnings of basic output including actual locomotion)

From there you just continue development of the intelligence until you get to a point where you feel comfortable with the basics and its abilities in the input - output fields. Then you can look for ways to automate those things, which can expand into the massive mess of self awareness or the simulation of it, which I don't know that I can simplify into a one or two word category.

The rest I guess you could stick in a new category for "personality", which might include all the other scifi stuff everybody's always on about, emotions, and the like.

I'm sure there's also other, really important things I missed, I haven't really given this too much thought in the past few years.
Would you be able to put the original AI down when she becomes obsolete?
I don't want to answer that.
>put the original AI down
Can you clarify this a little more anon? What did you mean by this?
That sounds extremely expensive and time consuming.
Also, by the time that your AI is good enough to plan shit out and make other AI, I'm pretty sure improving on it will become a moot point.
Oh, that's right, "shell" skin comes after the point that you've got it moving. Gotta protect those fragile bits. Actual simulated flesh comes much farther down the path.

Building such an AI is unlikely for a group of anons, most of which have no experience with deep learning and whatnot. Better to focus on hardware kits with basic AI and just "borrow" what some major corporation succeeds in building.
Us: How do we program a convincing AI?
You: LOL why don't we just create the singularity yet xD
In the far future, I can imagine billions of robot catgirls conquering the galaxy, 3D printing their sisters into existence. The implications are insaneā€¦ imagine if they have artificial wombs installed, they can terraform the entire solar system for us.

But right now I'm just thinking of a Minimum Viable Product. With my current abilities that means is no better than a fancy Tickle Me Elmo, except one that arches her back, sticks her butt out, and goes Nyaa every 10 seconds. Just think of NPCs, they only speak two lines but it's good enough for me to find them attractive.
Pretty simple once you reach human-tier levels of dexterity and motion planning. Then you simply employ excess robowaifus in your robowaifu factory as sweatshop slave labor. There you go, self-replicating waifubots.
Perhaps you can go from nanobots to humanoids through hyper-evolution. It's not any less fictional I suppose.
>self replicating waifubots
Open file (1.03 MB 1528x686 Selection_029.png)
QT-pi RoboEnforcer GF when anon?

>>412 the best robowaifu is one whose ultimate goal is to become your sidepiece to a human woman

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