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Open file (299.53 KB 1400x814 face of coding.jpg)
Everything is Dead Anonymous 09/10/2019 (Tue) 17:44:01 No.80
>8ch goes down
>cuckchan /g/ is shit
>/tech/ irc is dead
Where else is there left?
start working on your own programming language + operating system
Sad. But this board has some potential.
Maybe you should start making quality posts instead of bitching. There are threads about this in the catalogue.
>>81 P much this, I'm unironically happier now that IB's and chats don't suck up my time. I miss em, but I'm old enough that I miss a lot of things. Such is life.
The userbase has disappeared into the wind, and I unironically believe a lot of anons have been murdered.
>>1816 Things got too scattered after 8ch shutdown. You have anons here, on 8kun, other bunkers, and many probably fucked off somewhere and never looked back.
nevermind. This place is fucked.
lurk more.
>>1893 This is about the best spot on the net so far.
Open file (919.20 KB 500x375 off.gif)
Imageboards are effectively dead outside of 4chan. They either have no activity, or the activity is so bad you don't want any part of it. They're run by either unpredictable schizos or imbeciles (/v/, /a/), or people who don't want to moderate at all (/tv/, /g/). They are dominated by nutjobs and retards with infinite free time and energy. They are unstable, and people are tired of the outages, shutdowns, migrations, splits, merges and bunkers. What few users are left keep fragmenting more and more. 4chan isn't much better but it's stable and active, and good enough for most people (not for me though, I'm permabanned). I don't think it's possible anymore to build an alternative imageboard of any significance. There could have been some kind of TechChan or gChan made years ago, but instead we got lainchan where you can talk about the wonders of dilation, antidepressants and communism, and other low life & high tech topics for hackermen. If people hadn't gotten so used to having constant social interaction and other stimulus on the internet, most of those still humping the putrid corpses of these shitty imageboards would have left by now. They're only here because they have nowhere else to go, but still need to be somewhere. Someone once talked about people who "live in their browsers." That's something I've been trying to get away from, and I shouldn't keep checking Cuckchan and Fuckchan and Garbagechan just for the satisfaction of seeing that someone made a new post that I don't even want to read. We should all just leave.
>>1939 The main reason is users getting more and more stupid. Computers and the internet was expensive and slow. It was true in the BBS ages, still somewhat true for your first Windows xp machine. Users had patience and respect for others. This is critical for people to lurk long enough and to think before typing. Remember waiting 5 seconds after every click? That is why you click very carefully. This important culture lead to communities where demand for moderation is low. A structure made up of community elders was well established even for image boards. The past few years saw a destructive idea infecting everyone. The idea is empowerment. Suddenly there is no respect for the elders, the community, others and even themselves. They don't care if what they said is stupid, they yell their fucking lungs out. The only time for them to reconsider their thoughts is for defending against any challenges. Remember that one guy in the room, asking dumb questions that triggers everyone? This is what SJW is about, trans is about and even image boards. The problem is users. There was no need to drive out anyone, because everyone had something to give. Those who didn't remained silent. Now there are people who leach but never give. gChan is possible if either moderators ban low quality posters on sight or some sort of anonymous test is needed to post. Sage for offtopic.
>>1941 >anonymous test is needed to post Didn't one of those "live" imageboards require you to identify animuu whores before you could post.
>>1942 Test for /tech/ power level and culture knowledge, to keep the quality high.
Open file (65.97 KB 892x447 Firefox.png)
>>1941 I don't agree that the userbase is the only problem with imageboards. Real problem is corporations, feds, three letter companies and human greed. If 4chan wasn't owned by a Gook data-miner, did allow posting without fulfilling Google reCaptcha, and wouldn't have blocked posting through VPNs, Tor and proxies, then I would still be posting there. Even 5chan (aka 2chan, the original imageboard) got taken over by Jim Watkins, and Hiroyuki Nishimura still continues to scrape it in real time: https://2ch.sc/ There's only: https://www.2chan.net/ (Futaba Channel), which is what 2chan used to be. Loki Technology, CloudFlare, Google, all of these companies are a major threat to the internet as a whole, and because we gave them power in the first place, there's barely anything we're able to do anymore as they're too fucking big now. I'm genuinely considering giving up on my /tech/ autism thanks to things like in pic related. >Sage for offtopic. Who cares? This board has no moderation. >>1943 >Didn't one of those "live" imageboards require you to identify animuu whores before you could post. You're probably thinking about meguca. Their new address and domain is: https://shamik.ooo/ I genuinely like captchouli as both the idea and execution, and wish more imageboards used it or forked it: https://github.com/bakape/captchouli
>>1939 Nice blogpost, faggot also >4chan isn't much better but it's stable and active, and good enough for most people (not for me though, I'm permabanned >he's on /tech/ >he's not using vpn/proxy go the fuck back also also >using cuckchan go the fuck back
>>1943 Yes, captchouli. Make a gbooru. https://github.com/bakape/captchouli
Just gonna like... leave this here.
>>1948 Captchouli's dataset is small enough that the dedicated botspammer over at bernd was able to defeat it. I know this is unrelated to pleb filtering, but the ultimate CAPTCHA would be something unbeatable by both bots and normalniggers.
>>1951 Well i hope you trolling. Because when i open new gui program, i start using it right there. I hit Alt, then Enter, then i press arrows. But if itsa cli program then i have to man the fucking man and i pray god it gonna be < than 50 pages while i open it, you now what im sayin nigga?
It feels like a ton of Anons have either been murdered or simply given up on life. It's sad.
>>1959 In the very short term, GUI is easy indeed. But in the long term, CLI (especially with interactive shell completion) is simply better because there's no horrible clutter like your pic and because you can use it as a modular piece for something bigger. With cron I can the program at specified times or with entr/inotify I can run it when a directory or file is modified. I can run it in parallel over multiple arguments, too. As you guessed it, the list doesn't stop here.
>>2070 >But in the long term, CLI (especially with interactive shell completion) is simply better It's not, by popularity alone. All theoretical advantages and what ifs fall apart when confronted with the real world. >there's no horrible clutter like your pic That's a settings page, you dumb fuck. It's something you usually set once and don't usually keep open. >you can use it as a modular piece for something bigger. This is an actual advantage even though it's a niche use case for most programs and most users, and unsurprisingly that's why a lot of GUI tools also offer a CLI interface for automation. >With cron I can the program at specified times >with entr/inotify I can run it when a directory or file is modified. >I can run it in parallel over multiple arguments A GUI can do that too, but you didn't even think about it because UNIX gives you brain damage and convinces you that its implementation details are actually fundamental truths of the universe.
>>1939 please do, it'll certainly be better without you here if that type of spew is all you can offer friend.
>>2113 > the real world. normalfags don't constitute the 'real' world. you wouldn't even be here, nor i, if it weren't for the men who invented and still wrangle, the terminal shell. it literally runs the world's networks.
>>1959 Such "settings" windows are fucking garbage. They have so much entries and sub-entries which can not be seen on one screen or remembered coherently, and desperately need contextual search (hello, CLI auto completion, amirite), along with documentation jumplinks to know what the fuck each of these checkboxes do.
>>2113 >muh UNIX brain damage Get lost, Winnigger. Huge option menus and huge manpages both suck, but if your program actually warrants them (like a video player) big manpages have an advantage: by putting all your configuration into the manual+config file+keybinds and giving good defaults you can make the actual UI dead simple. Look at mpv for a good example of this: it's displacing video players with fuckheug options menus even on Windows.
>>2122 >Get lost, Winnigger. Huge option menus and huge manpages both suck Gnome3/kde lel
>>2113 >It's not, by popularity alone. As if normalfags actually make choice and don't just use what's given to them. As if making computers usable for niggers was for european normalfags who can perfectly use something like the command line once taught how to. >That's a settings page, you dumb fuck. So that makes it acceptable? How do you use different configurations? Easy to do with options. >All theoretical advantages and what ifs fall apart when confronted with the real world. Nice opinion, fagtron. The "real world" is running on POSIX or stuff even simpler like L4. > that's why a lot of GUI tools also offer a CLI interface for automation. You're joking, right? Show me the CLI for MS Office, Adobe products or anything directed at Windows lusers. >A GUI can do that too By duplicating N times more or less complex programs like cron/entr/parallel while introducing their NIH exclusive bugs and using a different syntax that can only be edited in the slow as fuck GUI made in a niggerlicious languages like C++ or Java because it's serialized to binary afterward; or an Entreprise^tm database.
>>2117 >normalfags don't constitute the 'real' world. The absolute state of loonix. >>2122 >any criticism of UNIX must come from Windows fanboys UNIX-induced brain damage. >>2129 >As if normalfags actually make choice Gigacope because you can't tolerate the possibility of your crappy tool being crappy while VLC and n++ are widespread.
>>2130 >VLC >not crap >peppering your post with cuckchan speak
>>2130 nice reddit spacing
CLI is a subset of GUI
Open file (23.98 KB 1006x282 Selection_068.png)
>>2179 >using a terminal with a terminal ui all within an ide with a graphic ui built using xml shit disgusting.
Seems like there isn't a good /g/ replacement, and no good general discussion area left. Only places worth using are wikis and special interest forums to sponge up reference material for projects. Spent more time on libgen this year than anywhere (outside of following the current pandemic news anyway)
Are there any fun places left where I can have fun talking about freetard autism and not get banned for calling someone a nigger?
>>2188 Go back to cuckchan /g/
>>2184 it's running under an IDE friend. ever hear of a little thing called software development?
>>2189 I haven't gotten that desperate yet
>>2193 Well that's the only imageboard left where that sort of nonsense both tolerated and has actual users.
>>2187 There hasn't been a good /tech/ or /g/ for quite some time as far as I'm aware of. It seemed like general discusion dried up as topics became stale. In my time with imageboards I really don't think /g/ imageboards can last in the long term due to the speed of conversation needed for a board surviving not being equal to what a quality /g/ can output in the long term. Textboards can survive with modest quality if they're on popular sites though due to the medium attracting more quality users when they're active in western circles.
>>2184 >all within an IDE >>2190 >ever heard on an IDE?
Open file (20.09 KB 309x336 rage_cirno.jpg)
it's the fault of /tech/'s fucking moderation. /tech/ should've migrated to 8kun already. Now some of users post on 8kun/g/, some post on halfchan's /g/, a few on zeronet and the remaining 13 person posts here. All of userbase is divided. If tech was migrated to 8kun, it could be prevented. MIGRATE THE BOARD TO 8KUN
>>2439 >rage_cirno.jpg >cirno
>>2439 Mark are you still here?
>>2439 >could be prevented Only if Mark isn't such a pussy faggot and resisted.
>>2439 >migrate the board to 8cuck No
Open file (20.01 KB 305x315 1469827972062-1.jpg)
>>2439 >please join the pig farm >the pig farm that's one step from the slaughterhouse
>>1948 you should be required to write a working fizzbuzz in C to enter any technology board.

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