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Open file (17.64 MB 905x690 welcome_to_cow.gif)
Welcome to /cow/ Toad 04/25/2021 (Sun) 07:01:20 ID: 2aaf77 No.101360
Welcome to /cow/ /cow/ is the finest corner on the underbelly of the internet to discuss lolcows, or retarded individuals chuckles that can be milked for amusement. Rules 1. New threads must have a subject and pertain to established or potential lolcows. Off-topic discussion is permitted on Fridays in >>40288 2. Don't break US laws (SSNs, CP, etc.) Board Information 1. SpacePirate closed n0chan because he was tired of paying for it. NekoArc closed 888chan because he was tired of paying for it. 8chan died as a result of the (((El Paso shooting))), Julayworld was reorganized into Alogspace now Alogsspace because Robi no longer wanted to manage as a large a website. 2. I am only managing the board in JEWS absence, in his own words "I will return when the lolcows return," should he return he shall get full control, I am not the new BO. 3. #julayworld and #/cow/ on rizon are useful places to get into contact with the sites managers https://wiki.rizon.net/index.php?title=Register_your_nickname https://wiki.rizon.net/index.php?title=VHost 4. https://alogs.space/ is the main domain name, https://julay.world also redirects there
Edited last time by oldestfag on 04/05/2022 (Tue) 07:08:41.
Wtf happened with Essayfag? You promised to always help >us and reply the anons here!!! I need your help.
>>131336 Janny here, haven't had as much access to the internet as of late but still deleting CP whenever the bots post it here, what did you need help with anon?
https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Main_Page Totally not a lolcow nest
>>131571 You aren't wrong it is filled to the brim with tranny jannies and nu-atheist Neo-liberal faggots.
>>131538 I would like to know how I can get in touch with essayfag who alog pedochu and john barnhill, I feel like sharing my schizo takes with him but I know for sure that they are lurking and even posting here in recent times.
>>138237 They post on Gahoolechan. Make a thread for them on /dunk/ and I am sure they will see it.
Warrant canary at the bottom right is about a year out of date
>>149954 This. I don't want to dictate your affairs to you Robi, but it would be nice to keep this reasonably current.
>>149954 >>149961 I can ensure you that >we haven't been kiked, I'll ask robi to update it when he can. t. janny
Why is there a self hating cuckold spamming belle delphine? It's sad bro
>>158903 bickers bellefag is a pathetic man, and he has to cope that all his years here of avatarfagging as his whore are for nothing.
>>159234 Whatever you say bellefag.
still not sure why the fuck robi/weasel/whoever's in charge here anymore lets bellefag and weakload continue to spam the board weakload doesn't even get new images
There's someone on tvch spamming shemale porn and cartoons, whatever someone called him out he gets really butthurt. Also, he said that essayfag loves traps and shemales as well, it's true?
>>159404 It is a lot of fun to bully bellefag and every now and then he says something more than whining to be spoonfed, he is fun to have around. Weakload actively contributes to the discussion. >>159434 I've been on tvch before, and he also has a massive hate boner for essayfag, gahoole and vol3, constantly claiming they are into all sorts of degenerate things, but this is coming from the faggot who spams G​AMERGATE dicks zach-style to "own" them.
>>159434 Where is this supposed shemale porn you claim is being spammed? And what the fuck does “spamming cartoons” even mean? Are you talking about >cuckime or are you the unironically autistic faggot from the Gravity Falls thread seething at a non-Nip cartoon being brought up for once? In any case you should take your medication.
Sorry. needs to be said
Open file (251.31 KB 429x517 Corey blacked.png)
>>160097 Nah you are based anon, corey barnhill is a sweaty gamer.
Open file (89.91 KB 500x390 kill yourself.png)
>>159949 >he's doing damage control here as well
Open file (18.59 KB 841x135 ClipboardImage.png)
Pedochu really hates Berzerk, maybe bickers his alogs use some Berzerk pics or memes while b t f o'ding him.
>>160994 He just says anything for attention at this point since he's so desperate for (you)s.
anyone one here can help this poor anon after i've lost my previous hd's with screenshots and memes from the last years? i'm looking for anything related to Sperg of Tiamat, trsperg, me and another anon used to be his main alogs here years ago but I don't have anything left, including his screenshots lusting for lizards, the archives of his tranny gf channel and he spamming porn on /cow/ after being called out
>>161606 Since SoT maybe active again hereand on tvch let me share just two thinks One of his retard debates with Sargon https://youtu.be/d9J8fPys484?t=3587 The channel of his tranny "GF" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5iGlEZzJe0 the majority of videos from his own channel and "her" channel got deleted around two years ago after anons here started to pay attention to him.
>>161987 Fuck, ignore the mistakes
>>161987 >>161988 >sperg of tiamat left Of course not, the scalie must always keep tabs for metokike.
Open file (121.00 KB 338x429 Belle ugh.jpg)
>>158903 >>159065 >>159288 >(1) very organic.
>pro-zach memes >alien covenant posting >seething about /cow/ Could this be the return of the hapa himself?
>>162819 I broke his buck and mind, sometimes he spent his entire weekend replying my posts from days ago trying to astroturf and seething endless lmao
Open file (540.45 KB 1124x2475 pedochu spamming PPP.png)
>>162819 Some anon called him as pedochu just now and I myself was suspicious about he being active on the cyclical thread for some weeks now. He's the faggot behind these multiple ID's spamming Ashton all day long, also Pedochu and other ni/gg/ers are very active on tvch to the point of making the place stink.
Open file (7.05 MB 300x300 Retard_alert!.gif)
>>163491 >ni/gg/ers are indeed simTheGatorGamering as I had foreseen
>>163491 uh based?
>>163462 damn one of the only callouts that seems totally legit.
>>166631 I'm always right. That's why Sneedious, pedochu and even ecelebs hate me.
>>166718 I'm sure it's all wrong, that's why the same anon has been getting mad that you have continued to call him out for years and how he has continued to seethe.
Anyone here can confirm if Esoteric Shaggyism is a mod/Guntstream member? That's what I thought at first. But since then I've started to wonder if he's a plategang faggot. For some reason, Corey minions have been dedicating themselves to becoming z-celebs for quite some time and are infiltrating this sphere of the internet and trying to manipulate good guys like Surfer for months, for example, Grimcheers, GhostofNiccolo and HEJASpics. Also, I've seen people both here and on youtube saying he's a platespic so maybe i'm not the only one with my suspicions. >>166815 Irony, right, bud? bickers both Emojitroon, Sneedious and Pedochu spent hours on discord mad at me and are even trying to dox me and vol3.
>>167088 Coming from someone who lurks and chats in the Guntstream I can't really say he is, esoteric shaggyism seems to have a based hatred for all things z-celeb and foxdick, not saying I trust him but so far he seems based and his editing/cocks has been kino. Also I don't really understand how the nuzachs at tvch grew from pretending to hate /cow/ "ironically" and pretending to be pedochu to growing to actually seemingly hate /cow/. I think the hate on vol3 comes from back in the old /dup/ days when he would ban fedposters and faggots, wounds they probably still haven't recovered from.
Open file (1.49 MB 1248x684 platespic_kiwi.webm)
>>167096 Esoteric Shaggyism is dick sucking Warhammer (pedo) and lot's of z-celebs from discord like Chauncy Fatsack. So if he really is someone from Guntstream, it will be a new low, bickers this behaviour is discordspic tier and very similar to what happens in foxdickfarms and Corey Barnhill sweaty gamer "gamer" server. So it's selective "hatred" for z-celeb and foxdicks, bickers I've seen him simping for both groups before. > I don't really understand how the nuzachs at tvch grew from pretending to hate /cow/ The reasons are obvious and quite childish, he's a fucking thinskin retarded with a lot of free time on their hands exactly like Pedochu, Eden and Koipedo. Discord indeed ruined everything.
>>167101 Well I am not surprised by that to be honest, corey barnhill and his groomlings aren't really well liked on /cow/ or on it's cytube so I wouldn't worry to much.
>>167101 >>167103 For once Shaggy is right about something, he said about alogs online wanting to become ecelebs and it's exactly what's happening, now any random from foxdickfarms or discordspics is creating a youtube channel and trying to be relevant
>>167088 >>167096 >>167101 >>167103 >>167498 Esoteric shaggyism is a discordspic and one of the many Corey Barnhill and EarJuice buddies Not saying his videos are shit, but he's shit and without any doubt lurks or posts here after people started to namedrop the board
Okay, now I really feel like Esoteric Shaggyism is indeed a Platespic. >weeks ago I posted a few commentaries questioning him about Hejas, Corey Barnhill and etc in my alt acc. >checking it now, majority of my comments are deleted, including replies >I check for any other comments about Corey and HEJAS, Esoteric seems very defensive about and those are the few comments without gaining any hearts, for example Czr shittalking Hejas at least twice If you're here essayfag, can you confirm if that channel is yours or from someone that you know? Otherwise for me the channel is definitely plategang.
>>167587 I am not esoteric shaggyism, and although his cocks has been very good, it is a shame if it is true that he is a platespic, so far what you have said does make sense. The channel doesn't match any of the patterns of posters here, anons from /cow/ don't think being a z-celeb is cool and often only run archive channels for the purposes of fucking with e-celebs. Corey Barnhill is a sweaty gamer.
>>167587 >Esoteric seems very defensive about and those are the few comments without gaining any hearts You're really that upset that Esoteric Shaggyism didn't heart your comment? Who cares about youtube upvotes from Z-celebs? Also do you have any evidence for your claims besides you didn't get your comment hearted? Cause it sounds like you have some parasocial beef.
Open file (338.97 KB 500x386 Gahoole2_Image.png)
Open file (19.51 KB 1440x106 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (19.51 KB 1440x106 ClipboardImage.png)
I'm looking at the video again; TheГунтRetorded youtube channel posted about Corey Barnhill and the comment didn't get any heart. Same about a comment talking about HEJAS being boring, meanwhile, all others got it. But I'm sure this is merely a (((coincidence))). Same about other videos, whenever HEJAS or Corey Barnhill (sweaty gamer) are mentioned Esoteric Shaggyism doesn'st seem to like it or act defensive about. >>167589 Wow, buddy, you look a bit butturt... >muh comment hearted This subversive attempt to change the subject and make it personal will never work, I'm used to deal with ni/gg/ers all the time and their shitty attempts to stirshit and be subversives. I wonder, are you a discordspic? 'Cause you guys have been a joke for years and failed every time. >>167588 I saw him at least once trying to larp like someone from here, but all those guys are doing it now, Daiymo, Yiros, Grossly, etc. It's like Asston years ago. About the channel owner being a platespic this is merely a suspicion of mine and apparently other anons who are interested in this. For months now I've seen with negative eyes some of these guys who tried to get close to Surfer and gain relevance, like SpicOfNiccolo, MrDeadman and even Shaggy.
Open file (227.17 KB 1442x1785 ClipboardImage.png)
>>167611 repeated screenshot, here the other one showing the rest of the comments.
>>167611 >>167612 Turns out shaggy was right about one thing, these folks don't actually have any moral high ground to call him a pedo defender for defending axel, even if he is autistic enough to delude himself into thinking axel isn't one and is his friend. and dumb enough to have carl depends on the child-tier quotes
>>167611 >>167612 So your evidence that he doesn't like anything related to HEJAS, is thay he hearted a comment calling him Earjew? How is that defensive exactly, it contradicts what you said earlier? Do you have any screenshots or any actual evidence of him defending plate gang or HEJAS? Also newfag, asston would grab videos from /cow/ and would use them in his own videos. I have no clue why you're pretending this is a super sekrit club when it's well known its 5 anons and a bunch of e-celebs who browse. You're not special for browsing /cow/ when half the sector does it.

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