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Open file (17.64 MB 905x690 welcome_to_cow.gif)
Welcome to /cow/ Toad 04/25/2021 (Sun) 07:01:20 ID: 2aaf77 No.101360
Welcome to /cow/ /cow/ is the finest corner on the underbelly of the internet to discuss lolcows, or retarded individuals chuckles that can be milked for amusement. Rules 1. New threads must have a subject and pertain to established or potential lolcows. Off-topic discussion is permitted on Fridays in >>40288 2. Don't break US laws (SSNs, CP, etc.) Board Information 1. SpacePirate closed n0chan because he was tired of paying for it. NekoArc closed 888chan because he was tired of paying for it. 8chan died as a result of the (((El Paso shooting))), Julayworld was reorganized into Alogspace now Alogsspace because Robi no longer wanted to manage as a large a website. 2. I am only managing the board in JEWS absence, in his own words "I will return when the lolcows return," should he return he shall get full control, I am not the new BO. 3. #julayworld and #/cow/ on rizon are useful places to get into contact with the sites managers https://wiki.rizon.net/index.php?title=Register_your_nickname https://wiki.rizon.net/index.php?title=VHost 4. https://alogs.space/ is the main domain name, https://julay.world also redirects there
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1-Who are you? Robi really give up? 2-Why did you deleted the previous thread? 3-Weseal is supporting your New Order or we should move up for another place?
Open file (396.75 KB 900x1600 gaytorjanitor.png)
>>101383 >who are (you) I am an anon who has volunteered to do it for free to take over the duties of jannyship in the absence of robi, JEWS, and other /cow/ jannies such as homor who have been burnt out by things in the past couple of years. >why did you delete the previous thread I didn't delete the previous two stickied threads I simply unpinned them bickers they are outdated in the current year plus six. If you are talking about the previous thread I did delete it was bickers it was child porn and that's disgusting and illegal. >does >Toad McKinley support your new order or should >we move up for another place >we IDENTIFY YOURSELF COLLECTIVIST The Toad McKinley has no control of me nor due to I have control of him at the end of the day I answer to JEWS and robi on issues pertaining the board not him. Post whatever the fuck you want as long as it pertains to the board topic, just don't post child porn or any sexualized depictions of minors, this includes fictional depictions as well.
My thoughts? Heh.. well.. where to start? First off, you got some big shoes to fill mate. No looking down on those who came before you and those who you claim to serve. Yes, I said serve. This is Alog territory. No one asked for you, but we got you now so this is the way things are gonna go down. Who else is gonna talk about these things if not us? First thing to keep in mind, don’t try to step on my toes, ever. I do where I want what I won’t with whoever I feel, nothing you or JEWs or robi can say can alter that. As for this little guy next to me? Well why don’t you ask him yourself big boy and find out, if you are man enough. Enough about me. First rule of moderating /cow/ is you must be taller than the Гунт. I can see from the big shoes you are about half way to fat so you better start stretching. No one else is gonna help you, if you fail you fail if you lose you lose… but if you success...well… maybe you are the one to turn this place around. But who am I to say? Theres only 5 of us here, as you know the rest are all egrifters. Is that really the place you want to save? I’ll say it again, I don’t speak for me, but just everyone else. Third thing on the list, be yourself kid. We all started somewhere, personally, I’m rooting for you. No one else is going to take you by the hand, rub it gently, lift you up and allow you to rest on their lap while they stroke your hair. No one. Thirdly, if I find out Toad McKinley had something to do with this, I don’t know what I would do. But if I found out the dolphin had something to do with this, well then you best bet your best as I’ll be cumming for you. No hard feelings, champ. Got big things in store for you, say la vie, as the french say, take it easy and try not to ruin everything, as I will be waiting for you when you fall down.
Open file (772.55 KB 726x856 jewsh_fat_pedo_smile.png)
>>101394 I hope you enjoy your stay, know that I will be trying to branch /cow/ out of exclusive discussion of jcaesar187 and return the discussion of alternative cows, I of course still wish for the discussion of the jcaesar187amale to continue and for him to return to sperging like he always used to. All I want is to bring back a decent place to discuss lolcows, one that is anonymous and not run by a known pedophile like jewshua connor moon.
>>101389 >he's the new humor Oh no no no no no no no no.
I for one welcome the new overlord, bullying robi was just depressing anyway.
>>101394 >Thirdly, if I find out Toad McKinley had something to do with this, I don’t know what I would do. But if I found out the dolphin had something to do with this, well then you best bet your best as I’ll be cumming for you. lol, Toad McKinley gave essayfag mod. At least check the global logs...
>>101431 Robi and weasel still run this place. Seethe harder.
Open file (365.32 KB 450x450 1053113752168.png)
>>101427 Did you mean Homor?
>>101498 Sounds to me like they've been demoted to tech consultant.
this place is fucking dead that even admins leave it well done retards, you actually killed /cow/ with your ibs shit
>>101748 No, it hasn't. Keep coping, /japan/tard.
>>101749 I don't think a /japan/ tranny would call another board "dead", have you seen what their board looks like?
Open file (219.16 KB 547x456 1378531654156.png)
I hope this place will become great again
>>101497 >essayfag is a mod fake news.
Sorry anons not to worry I am still around, just was busy with some irl shit.
>>102493 who are you?
>>102498 I am the janitor of /cow/, I am just letting anons, whether they be newfags or based oldfags like gaytor know that I am still here to answer any questions regarding things due to the small absence since the last time I posted on this thread. If your wondering about the sudden ID change it's bickers I was on another proxy.
>>102493 everyone is busy with their irl shit you cow
>>102511 But (you) or another new jannies faggot ignored my questions before both here and on the cyclical thread.
>>102605 I probably missed it, what was your question anon?
Anyone here know if this shit place was created by Jewsh? https://lolcow.farm/ot/res/809740.html#812915
Open file (160.28 KB 400x400 orthodox_jewsh.png)
>>103705 I do not know if it was made by jewsh, I do know that he encourages all foxdicks to use this place as sort of the offical foxdick Imageboard since both 16chan and 9chan failed hard.
>closest thing to a board BO after Jews left(good riddance) is some newfag obsessed with blood sports what a fitting end to this shitty board. Even cuckchan and kiwis have some sort of activity these days, this board will forever be in a state of menopause, where normalcattle gossips about their favorite killstream e-celebs like church ladies, and special ed spergs vent about their personal vendettas looking for a private army(against /v/, owner of /japan/ ect)
>>103876 Honestly that really isn't the case, the fact is you have come here continuously for the last year and a half concern-trolling/pretending to be an oldfag to badly hide your obvious agenda to shield /v/ and the /japan/ boards/owners from criticism, I know the only reason you do this is bickers /cow/ simply dislikes lolicon porn and those boards do, but you aren't really going to change anything by keeping up the gaytor act.
>>103884 >this board will forever be in a state of menopause, where normalcattle gossips about their favorite killstream e-celebs like church ladies, and special ed spergs vent about their personal vendettas >Honestly that really isn't the case I guess we shouldn't believe our lying eyes then.
Open file (261.99 KB 800x638 vee-drool.jpg)
>>103876 >their personal vendettas looking for a private army(against /v/, owner of /japan/ ect) It's not a private army if the people posting are doing the leg work. The reason PA requests are annoying is bickers it's a lame attempt to pull in unrelated people to do the lifting for you, not bickers of the target or the grievances. Your reasoning sounds backwards. In fact, are you actually a (((skeptic)))? I just did a quick check, and Devon has actually thrown that phrase around like 5 times in the last month. By himself, not matter how much of a masochistic tranny chaser he is, he's like irony bro levels of anti-attention. He needs the Vee muscle to pull a crowd.
>>103705 No, they're just women. Easy mistake.
>>102511 i wanna to know your honest opinion about the fallowing people 1-Robi Pires, the italian mongolian dude ex BO 2- John koipedo 3-P P P 4-Dolphin-kun 5-Acidkiked 6-Mark 7-Nyanjcaesar187
>>104943 >robi Robi was never the BO he was just the admin of the site, JEWS was the BO, I think robi's biggest mistake was his own inaction and his willingness to let so many pedos whisper sweet nothing's into his ears on the irc, as of now he is fine, he is a lot better as a behind the scenes dude. >koirey barnhill I mean he's a pedophile with a pretty funny backstory, I wish he did more funny retarded antics besides leaving behind the legacy of pedochu posting the same shit over and over again. >Ashton Parks He's a lolcow like any other, used to be pretty entertaining but has fallen to true hubris and faggotry ever since the advent of his foxdick fanbase and his eternal service to barron edge. He has pretty much turned on all of his friends except surfer and the Barron, even than he has treated surfer badly in the past and earwinson treats him like a slave. As long as ashton parks serves blacked adam he will never no true humility or freedom. It is truly a shame with where ashton has gone, he used to be very entertaining, and it seemed like at some point that he might actually PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD mister redditor, but at the end of the day he was at his core a fan of mister redditor from the beginning, so he could never truly do such a feat, also his fear of jewsh and foxdickfarms and his personal cucking to them after they got him fired from his job is also sad. >dolphinfag He isn't trustworthy when it comes to a lot of things though due to his past reputation as a serial scraper, he is a very mischievous, unpredictable and chaotic individual, chuckles honestly it is these points that make it so hard for dolphin to get what he desires, other autists to check out his programs/test them out, if he never scraped them anons probably would just look at his stuff and may even find use in it, if he just made his stuff under another name and shit his pants and did nothing malicious anons probably would find use in it, and he probably would have never exploded into the cow that he is. He hasn't really done much of that stuff in a while though and if he continues to not do it perhaps he will get the more positive reputation and software testers he so desires. >acidblacked Cole lamberson is a pathetic pedophile faggot who is obsessed with blacked cuckold porn and defending child porn under the guise of "free speach." He is also a pretty funny individual just bickers of the absurdness of his existence and how much he fucking glows in the dark. >Mark I mean its fucking mark, the cakekike is a terrible mod and terrible person, he is a litural fed like acidblacked and got barred from his entire family for showing his niece that german pedo game. He is however, a very great cow, I hope he does more retarded shit, in fact he fucking has, but I haven't been documenting his antics as of late, pretty sure some of the ni/gg/ers and koipedos minions have though, and they have posted it in the latest ni/gg/er thread. >Nyanjcaesar187 The one anon in the cyclical who made the jcaesar187 face swap edits? I mean I thought they were pretty funny since they angered Toad McKinleyfag, nyanfag/weakload and caused jcaesar187 to try and shoah every stream.me account with them in the backround.
Open file (263.80 KB 1152x2048 NekoArc.jpg)
>>105009 Are you a split personality of anyone from here, including myself? I feel like you're like me, maybe really me, but you will say I'm another person different from who I am. Pic unrelated.
Open file (711.19 KB 1440x900 1606300870-3.png)
>>105115 Donnylongsperg what did you mean by this?
So it's a general thread about off topic and potential cows? I wanna to ask you guys, anyone else here has an interest about incels? Not robots, but certain weird groups of incels full MGTOW shit, hapas and black incels I've noticed many incels on YouTube who act like leftists in certain aspects, like hating right wing people and nazis, and yet act like the stereotype of incels created by the left They have circle jerk channels on YouTube and the funny part is, many of they are subscribed to Sargon, No BS, Shoe and breadtubers
>>105115 donkey dong sold his wifes throat to eddie dzial to season up... also her other two holes.
>>105165 no, this board only exists to talk about the ethics of japanese pornographic drawings and to obsess over jcaesar187's huge Гунт. sorry if you actually came here to laugh at lolcows
>>105165 >So it's a general thread about off topic and potential cows? Yeah, this pretty much a meta thread I guess, as much as I hate meta threads. >anyone else here has an interest about incels I have about as much an interest of them as zach, so yes. >but certain weird groups of incels full MGTOW shit, hapas and black incels Are you talking about that sort of autistic MGTOW community surrounding channels such as sandman? Either way, send me an example link of one of these autist, might make me flash back to individuals like angry mgtow. >>105187 You are passive agressive as ever pedochu.
>>105115 Sound for reminding me. I'd made a templeOS style sheet for lynxchan. I'd given it to Robi ages ago, and forgot to follow up. It should be more or less correct on top of Yatsuba B, which is the global. @import url('https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Press Start 2P'); html,body { background: white; background-color: white; } body, textarea, input {font-family: "Press Start 2P"; font-size: 16px; color: #0000a7;} .innerPost { background: #EFEFEF; border-color: #a8a8a8; border-width: 3px; } .markedPost { background: #0000a7; color: white; } .post-hover { background: #0000a7 !important; color: white; } .quoteLink, quoteLink:visited{ color: #D00; } .linkName{ color: #117743; font-weight: bold; } a, a:visited {color: #5454fc;} a:visited:hover, linkQuote:hover {color: #ff0000;} .labelSubject {color: #a80000;} .top-nav { padding-top:0; padding-left:0; padding-right:0; width:386%; margin:0; text-align:center; /* Apply animation to this element */ animation:scroll-left 14s linear infinite; } @keyframes scroll-left { 0% { -moz-transform:translateX(0%); /* Browser bug fix */ -webkit-transform:translateX(0%); /* Browser bug fix */ transform:translateX(0%); } 100% { -moz-transform:translateX(-70%); /* Browser bug fix */ -webkit-transform:translateX(-70%); /* Browser bug fix */ transform:translateX(-70%); } } .top-nav:hover { -webkit-animation-play-state: paused; -moz-animation-play-state: paused; -o-animation-play-state: paused; animation-play-state: paused; } .top-nav { background-color: #0000a7; box-shadow: none; border: none; color: white; } .top-nav a {color: white;} .top-nav a:hover {color: #54fcfc;} .top-nav a {font-size: 16px;} #quick-reply .handle { background: #5454fc; color: white; } .dropzone{ color: #000; cursor: default; margin: auto; padding: 0px 4px; text-align: center; min-height: 50px; max-height: 140px; transition: 0.2s; background-color: rgba(200, 200, 200, 0.5); overflow-y: auto; } .dropzone p{ color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5); cursor: pointer; position: relative; margin-bottom: 5px; padding: 10px 0px; top: 5px; transition: 0.2s; border: 2px dashed rgba(125, 125, 125, 0.4); } .catalogCell{ font-size: 8px; } header p{font-family: "Press Start 2P" !important; font-size: 24px;}
>>105242 Based, maybe >we can use it on /retro/ if >we ever revive it in the future, or of course during the day of Terry's death in honor of him.
>>105242 Top kek. Robi doesn't have the balls
Open file (199.25 KB 436x432 coach.png)
>>105351 yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa right?
Guys I need your help! What's the name of the singer who look like Dax? That dude which Surfer loves
>>106105 >that guy who looks like dax who surfer loves Well shit I haven't been keeping up with the absolute latest streams of ashton and surfer, any backround information you got on the singer? Is he a leaf?
>>106105 >>106132 Donny Benét Surfer showed this video over one year ago, maybe in one of the cooking with surfer streams already deleted tranks to jcaesar187 flagging https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4a8CAS6I2DI Personally, I enjoy these songs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnzXZlm4wwg
>>106326 Thank you anon.
>>106326 Based torfag, the bass is fantastic and the videos are aesthetic
Anyone still have interest for lefty-wing lolcow/eceleb thread? /trannypol/ for exemple love this literal faggot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7aUJXHRtMQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7e_Zi_nXNgE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFO4L5GCCEk Pretty much anyone he deslike, even random youtube channels is a nazi or terf.
>>107663 >kevins still around N​IGGER won
>>101389 you're 175f1b from the Thread 9?
Open file (1.03 MB 1263x743 eternal anglo.png)
>>107931 175f1b is the new janny, he's as smart and sharp as Bryan Dunn and a fag like Humor.
>>107663 I have an interest in any thread for any cow, if you want a thread than make it, I will for sure participate in it. I was going to make a leftycow related thread eventually myself >>107931 Yes, I have admitted this before on the thread itself, I prefer to not make too much of a big deal out of it as my only goal as the janitor is to keep the place running and removing illegal shit. >>108036 I don't really understand the Bryan comparison, but homor was a pretty good janitor, so I don't feel bad being compared to him.
Open file (82.30 KB 189x213 California Raisins.png)
>but homor was a pretty good janitor
Open file (43.99 KB 600x603 he_does_it_for_free.jpg)
>>108113 Yes homor was an okay janny, he did his public service as I do mine.
so >we will all ignore all the autistic shits homor did before? also, i must be part of some telegram group, cytube group or anything like that to become a respected member of community? once being a humble anon was enough
>>110868 I just said he did his job, that's what I do, if you aren't a fan of homor rejoice for he is in a self-imposed retirement like the rest of /cow/'s staff besides me and robi whenever he feels like it. >also, i must be part of some telegram group, cytube group or anything like that to become a respected member of community? No you don't, >we don't have a fedegram group and the cytube and irc is just for chatting about stuff, if you are still concerned with the past problems of the cytube those issues no longer exist due to robis over half a year ago purge of the discord tranny mods. >once being a humble anon was enough Was Always and still is enough, just be an anon and have fun like always.
who cares, this site is dead.
>>111124 its not, but cow been going wrong direction for too long
>>110868 >once being a humble anon was enough in legi0n or 888chan days - maybe
>>111161 >>111162 The only person stopping you from changing the current direction /cow/ is in is (you) anon, if you want anons to use another thread than make another thread and encourage them to go and use it, find a new and interesting topic, I have a ton of things and new threads I plan to make but work keeps getting in the way. I've tried to do what I can with the time I have allotted.
>>110868 Based
>>111207 >The only person stopping you from changing the current direction /cow/ is in is (you) anon what a fucking bullshit. No way anything going to work with current demographics and the way boards are being made putting it where and when it belonged seems right and that's what people are doing with /cow/ besides, you don't need virtue signaling for trolling some ugly or crazy, look what happened. Some are making money from it and some a little less crazy use it to feel better
>>112005 I mean, /cow/'s demographics don't really matter, the more autist to make fools of themselves the better. All I was telling anons who don't like that /cow/ has been the cyclical for three years and going to simply make a new thread, I plan on making some new threads myself in the near future.
Edited last time by oldestfag on 08/06/2021 (Fri) 03:21:34.
Jews, if you're still the BO of 8chan, please, revive that place so more "oldfags" can talk there as an extra option instead of here, maybe some of the lost anons can return to post again instead of be the only 5 people here talking about off topic shit all the time.
>>114605 Use foxdickfarms, for real, the contrarians here isolate themselves from the rest of the internet in an attempt to be cool, but are unable to do anything, whether it's OC's, trolling or having a hand in any events anymore. All they can do is simping for IsaToad McKinley and circle jerking with their contrarian opinions.
>>114605 Sorry if you don't like fun but I prefer to keep the rules pretty lax here. JEWS is still on the irc chat if you wanna chat with him though. last I checked anons were also discussing cows on >our thread as well as having fun >>114731 >use foxdickfarms for real No thanks foxdick. >contrarian No one here is contrarian at least when it comes to foxdick, if namefaggotry is more your cup of tea it isn't mine than maybe try lolcow.org or onionfarms, foxdick is a bad site bickers jewsh is a data mining pedo faggot. it is also badly made and maintained At this point if you wanted to even use foxdick you would need an invite anyways since jewsh is further closing down his hugbox even more, but I doubt you would reveal anons your foxdick account anyways.
>>114765 >JEWS is still on the irc chat if you wanna chat with him though. and why not on actual boards he created?
>>114765 >JEWS is still on the irc chat if you wanna chat with him though. and why not on actual boards he created? >Use foxdickfarms, for real, last time I checked, it was filled with underages and "pls donate" shit. Its just bad. Here for example ppl will miss like 50-70% of the fun if they don't participate or don't fag in IRC, on foxdicks, its 90%. Place is cancer
>>115177 >>115178 >and why not on actual boards he created JEWS no longer manages things atm bickers he told me he will only return when "the cows return." My best guess is he is burnt out and wants a new cow that piques his interest.
>>115208 bullshit damage control its more like "I'm tired of shitflinging retards with idiots 10+ years younger than me, idiots that I don't even know, while I made a name from myself shaming random people from the internet, so now I can reside in my own IRC listening to the news that my sidekicks bring up and take care of my personal life bickers fuck you losers, lol"
>>115768 That is what he told me on the IRC, your butthurt interpretation just roughly translates to the same thing I said about him, which was that he has been doing this for a while and is burnt out with it. Like I said before, perhaps JEWS will return to /cow/ when there is a lolcow that interest him, until now he's always in the IRC. If he doesn't so be it. >we will miss him though
Is there any rule here against low quality threads?
>>117146 The thread could be "low quality" at the time it is created and eventually become decent if the topical cow is being talked about and anons are being entertained, which is all that matters at the end of the day.
>>117146 Lmao, it's Fuz trying to make the mods delete his thread?
Open file (162.24 KB 720x948 1631180282706.png)
Man, I love when I discover small channels with weird people like this. https://youtu.be/5I4DS5cSWE0 The video had literally only one view (me) so far even tho he posted it weeks ago. Soon I will probably create a thread about some weird boomers from YouTube who believe to be Jesus tranks to mathematics and Bible subtext
Does this board talk about actual lolcows now, or is it still IBS eceleb faggotry and moralfag wanking like it's been for the past 5 years?
>>117252 Buttercuck posted multiple times on the cyclical as well over a couple IDs I think, I guess the three sperglords here are enough to make him sweat a little. >>117991 I checked the channel out, he seems like a based G​AMERGATE, don't know if he is lolcow material though. >>118045 I mean, as much as the webring has been running on fumes >we still do talk about cows here. Furthermore, I don't understand why you think whining about IBS will convince anons you are some based oldfag, but it won't. It sucks that /cow/ got consumed entirely by IBS, but the board was dying before it happened, and it gave it new life, the only thing that made IBS different from other cow sagas was that it was all interconnected and confined to eventually one thread, it is what it is. a lot of legacy cows have become foxdick-tier at this point anyways If you really want to /cow/ to have other threads, why not make a thread of your own? I don't think you will, since you seem to be just a tourist that is angry that /cow/ doesn't have as many cocks to steal anymore. >moralfag wanking like it's been for the past 5 years Still butthurt that the five anons here do not approve of your pedo fap material, anon?
>>117991 >>118050 No sure if he's really a weirdo G​AMERGATE or someone larping as some dumb and based G​AMERGATE.
id cf262d from fuz thread is some of the jannies that robi put in control in recent months or someone larping as a mod?
>>118108 I am /cow/'s sole active vol atm, it isn't me, I for one have enjoyed the shitshow that the buttergolem's thread has caused.
>>118108 >>118116 I know the Buttergolem reported the thread and some anons posting there. Now he seems to want to be able to edit OP post and remove some facts and informations. This is Buttergolem behavior, I just started to watch EmptyHero streams in the last four months I believe bickers people are talking about it on the thread 9, so i don't know details about discord dramas and facts. But only from watching the streams any casual views can noticed Fuz abusing mod powers to remove people making fun of him from the stream/VC even tho he's just a guest himself, he banning people from the server including patreons from EmptyHero bickers they made fun of him and his gf and he talking about reporting people to discord/youtube/twitter as if he was murdering someone.
>>118050 >I don't understand why you think whining about IBS will convince anons you are some based oldfag I'm asking if the board is actually about lolcows like it was before 8chan died. Your insecurity is showing.
Open file (107.42 KB 300x366 alog_please.png)
>>118200 All I know is you are some torfag that claims that Гунтsports cows aren't real lolcows in some sort of bid to claim oldfag status, and you are butthurt that the anons here don't like your lolicon pedo fetish. I will pose the same question to you again, if you actually do care about the discussion of other cows, why not make a thread for one instead of continually making whiny charged posts that don't do well to hide who you are.
>>118050 >>118207 >pedo fap material Hi tourist. How's life, having your first interactions with imageboards during orange man's election? Does the thought of old /b/ give you a heart attack? <abloo bloo bloo Nah G​AMERGATE. e-drama isn't lolcow cocks. I'm asking if /cow/ is about lolcows again, that's it.
>>118210 >Hi tourist. t. /cow/ tourist >Does the thought of old /b/ give you a heart attack At least this confirms you are the same asshurt torfag from before, to quote marky mann in an alternate reality where he is in fact based I don't care I just delete the pedo cocks and ban it. <"e-drama" isn't lolcow cocks t. pretend oldfag, is it lolcow material when Dominic Vanner the e-celeb does something? >I'm asking if /cow/ is about lolcows again It always has been, just bickers it doesn't talk about the cows you like or give you cocks to harvests doesn't mean it isn't.
>>101389 >>118215 Honest question here, mate, answer with a yes or no. Are you the individual known as essayfag who recently used the voice changer to talk on certain streams?
>3 duplicate chrischan threads >the rest of the catalog is still pearl clutching moralfaggotry instead of actually laughing at lolcows Enjoy your 1PPH you seething newfag trannies LOL
>>126435 Niggerchu why is it always the same song and dance with you it really is getting zach-tier at this point.
>>121182 weird how some janny was all hype replying the anons here only to stop posting after the emptyhero stream
Daiymo is literally showing this thread right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-fpoMuMFog&ab_channel=TheLaughingDaiymo
Wtf happened with Essayfag? You promised to always help >us and reply the anons here!!! I need your help.
>>131336 Janny here, haven't had as much access to the internet as of late but still deleting CP whenever the bots post it here, what did you need help with anon?
https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/Main_Page Totally not a lolcow nest
>>131571 You aren't wrong it is filled to the brim with tranny jannies and nu-atheist Neo-liberal faggots.
>>131538 I would like to know how I can get in touch with essayfag who alog pedochu and john barnhill, I feel like sharing my schizo takes with him but I know for sure that they are lurking and even posting here in recent times.
>>138237 They post on Gahoolechan. Make a thread for them on /dunk/ and I am sure they will see it.
Warrant canary at the bottom right is about a year out of date
>>149954 This. I don't want to dictate your affairs to you Robi, but it would be nice to keep this reasonably current.
>>149954 >>149961 I can ensure you that >we haven't been kiked, I'll ask robi to update it when he can. t. janny
Why is there a self hating cuckold spamming belle delphine? It's sad bro
>>158903 bickers bellefag is a pathetic man, and he has to cope that all his years here of avatarfagging as his whore are for nothing.
>>159234 Whatever you say bellefag.
still not sure why the fuck robi/weasel/whoever's in charge here anymore lets bellefag and weakload continue to spam the board weakload doesn't even get new images
There's someone on tvch spamming shemale porn and cartoons, whatever someone called him out he gets really butthurt. Also, he said that essayfag loves traps and shemales as well, it's true?
>>159404 It is a lot of fun to bully bellefag and every now and then he says something more than whining to be spoonfed, he is fun to have around. Weakload actively contributes to the discussion. >>159434 I've been on tvch before, and he also has a massive hate boner for essayfag, gahoole and vol3, constantly claiming they are into all sorts of degenerate things, but this is coming from the faggot who spams G​AMERGATE dicks zach-style to "own" them.
>>159434 Where is this supposed shemale porn you claim is being spammed? And what the fuck does “spamming cartoons” even mean? Are you talking about >cuckime or are you the unironically autistic faggot from the Gravity Falls thread seething at a non-Nip cartoon being brought up for once? In any case you should take your medication.
Sorry. needs to be said
Open file (251.31 KB 429x517 Corey blacked.png)
>>160097 Nah you are based anon, corey barnhill is a sweaty gamer.
Open file (89.91 KB 500x390 kill yourself.png)
>>159949 >he's doing damage control here as well
Open file (18.59 KB 841x135 ClipboardImage.png)
Pedochu really hates Berzerk, maybe bickers his alogs use some Berzerk pics or memes while b t f o'ding him.
>>160994 He just says anything for attention at this point since he's so desperate for (you)s.
anyone one here can help this poor anon after i've lost my previous hd's with screenshots and memes from the last years? i'm looking for anything related to Sperg of Tiamat, trsperg, me and another anon used to be his main alogs here years ago but I don't have anything left, including his screenshots lusting for lizards, the archives of his tranny gf channel and he spamming porn on /cow/ after being called out
>>161606 Since SoT maybe active again hereand on tvch let me share just two thinks One of his retard debates with Sargon https://youtu.be/d9J8fPys484?t=3587 The channel of his tranny "GF" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5iGlEZzJe0 the majority of videos from his own channel and "her" channel got deleted around two years ago after anons here started to pay attention to him.
>>161987 Fuck, ignore the mistakes
>>161987 >>161988 >sperg of tiamat left Of course not, the scalie must always keep tabs for metokike.
Open file (121.00 KB 338x429 Belle ugh.jpg)
>>158903 >>159065 >>159288 >(1) very organic.
>pro-zach memes >alien covenant posting >seething about /cow/ Could this be the return of the hapa himself?
>>162819 I broke his buck and mind, sometimes he spent his entire weekend replying my posts from days ago trying to astroturf and seething endless lmao
Open file (540.45 KB 1124x2475 pedochu spamming PPP.png)
>>162819 Some anon called him as pedochu just now and I myself was suspicious about he being active on the cyclical thread for some weeks now. He's the faggot behind these multiple ID's spamming Ashton all day long, also Pedochu and other ni/gg/ers are very active on tvch to the point of making the place stink.
Open file (7.05 MB 300x300 Retard_alert!.gif)
>>163491 >ni/gg/ers are indeed simTheGatorGamering as I had foreseen
>>163491 uh based?
>>163462 damn one of the only callouts that seems totally legit.
>>166631 I'm always right. That's why Sneedious, pedochu and even ecelebs hate me.
>>166718 I'm sure it's all wrong, that's why the same anon has been getting mad that you have continued to call him out for years and how he has continued to seethe.
Anyone here can confirm if Esoteric Shaggyism is a mod/Guntstream member? That's what I thought at first. But since then I've started to wonder if he's a plategang faggot. For some reason, Corey minions have been dedicating themselves to becoming z-celebs for quite some time and are infiltrating this sphere of the internet and trying to manipulate good guys like Surfer for months, for example, Grimcheers, GhostofNiccolo and HEJASpics. Also, I've seen people both here and on youtube saying he's a platespic so maybe i'm not the only one with my suspicions. >>166815 Irony, right, bud? bickers both Emojitroon, Sneedious and Pedochu spent hours on discord mad at me and are even trying to dox me and vol3.
>>167088 Coming from someone who lurks and chats in the Guntstream I can't really say he is, esoteric shaggyism seems to have a based hatred for all things z-celeb and foxdick, not saying I trust him but so far he seems based and his editing/cocks has been kino. Also I don't really understand how the nuzachs at tvch grew from pretending to hate /cow/ "ironically" and pretending to be pedochu to growing to actually seemingly hate /cow/. I think the hate on vol3 comes from back in the old /dup/ days when he would ban fedposters and faggots, wounds they probably still haven't recovered from.
Open file (1.49 MB 1248x684 platespic_kiwi.webm)
>>167096 Esoteric Shaggyism is dick sucking Warhammer (pedo) and lot's of z-celebs from discord like Chauncy Fatsack. So if he really is someone from Guntstream, it will be a new low, bickers this behaviour is discordspic tier and very similar to what happens in foxdickfarms and Corey Barnhill sweaty gamer "gamer" server. So it's selective "hatred" for z-celeb and foxdicks, bickers I've seen him simping for both groups before. > I don't really understand how the nuzachs at tvch grew from pretending to hate /cow/ The reasons are obvious and quite childish, he's a fucking thinskin retarded with a lot of free time on their hands exactly like Pedochu, Eden and Koipedo. Discord indeed ruined everything.
>>167101 Well I am not surprised by that to be honest, corey barnhill and his groomlings aren't really well liked on /cow/ or on it's cytube so I wouldn't worry to much.
>>167101 >>167103 For once Shaggy is right about something, he said about alogs online wanting to become ecelebs and it's exactly what's happening, now any random from foxdickfarms or discordspics is creating a youtube channel and trying to be relevant
>>167088 >>167096 >>167101 >>167103 >>167498 Esoteric shaggyism is a discordspic and one of the many Corey Barnhill and EarJuice buddies Not saying his videos are shit, but he's shit and without any doubt lurks or posts here after people started to namedrop the board
Okay, now I really feel like Esoteric Shaggyism is indeed a Platespic. >weeks ago I posted a few commentaries questioning him about Hejas, Corey Barnhill and etc in my alt acc. >checking it now, majority of my comments are deleted, including replies >I check for any other comments about Corey and HEJAS, Esoteric seems very defensive about and those are the few comments without gaining any hearts, for example Czr shittalking Hejas at least twice If you're here essayfag, can you confirm if that channel is yours or from someone that you know? Otherwise for me the channel is definitely plategang.
>>167587 I am not esoteric shaggyism, and although his cocks has been very good, it is a shame if it is true that he is a platespic, so far what you have said does make sense. The channel doesn't match any of the patterns of posters here, anons from /cow/ don't think being a z-celeb is cool and often only run archive channels for the purposes of fucking with e-celebs. Corey Barnhill is a sweaty gamer.
>>167587 >Esoteric seems very defensive about and those are the few comments without gaining any hearts You're really that upset that Esoteric Shaggyism didn't heart your comment? Who cares about youtube upvotes from Z-celebs? Also do you have any evidence for your claims besides you didn't get your comment hearted? Cause it sounds like you have some parasocial beef.
Open file (338.97 KB 500x386 Gahoole2_Image.png)
Open file (19.51 KB 1440x106 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (19.51 KB 1440x106 ClipboardImage.png)
I'm looking at the video again; TheГунтRetorded youtube channel posted about Corey Barnhill and the comment didn't get any heart. Same about a comment talking about HEJAS being boring, meanwhile, all others got it. But I'm sure this is merely a (((coincidence))). Same about other videos, whenever HEJAS or Corey Barnhill (sweaty gamer) are mentioned Esoteric Shaggyism doesn'st seem to like it or act defensive about. >>167589 Wow, buddy, you look a bit butturt... >muh comment hearted This subversive attempt to change the subject and make it personal will never work, I'm used to deal with ni/gg/ers all the time and their shitty attempts to stirshit and be subversives. I wonder, are you a discordspic? 'Cause you guys have been a joke for years and failed every time. >>167588 I saw him at least once trying to larp like someone from here, but all those guys are doing it now, Daiymo, Yiros, Grossly, etc. It's like Asston years ago. About the channel owner being a platespic this is merely a suspicion of mine and apparently other anons who are interested in this. For months now I've seen with negative eyes some of these guys who tried to get close to Surfer and gain relevance, like SpicOfNiccolo, MrDeadman and even Shaggy.
Open file (227.17 KB 1442x1785 ClipboardImage.png)
>>167611 repeated screenshot, here the other one showing the rest of the comments.
>>167611 >>167612 Turns out shaggy was right about one thing, these folks don't actually have any moral high ground to call him a pedo defender for defending axel, even if he is autistic enough to delude himself into thinking axel isn't one and is his friend. and dumb enough to have carl depends on the child-tier quotes
>>167611 >>167612 So your evidence that he doesn't like anything related to HEJAS, is thay he hearted a comment calling him Earjew? How is that defensive exactly, it contradicts what you said earlier? Do you have any screenshots or any actual evidence of him defending plate gang or HEJAS? Also newfag, asston would grab videos from /cow/ and would use them in his own videos. I have no clue why you're pretending this is a super sekrit club when it's well known its 5 anons and a bunch of e-celebs who browse. You're not special for browsing /cow/ when half the sector does it.
>>167625 >You're not special for browsing /cow/ when half the sector does it I can at least agree on this part, paulykike just stole the flamenco discord leak and gave it to some anti-pedomenco e-celebs. /cow/ is still browsed by z-celebs in this sector to harvest cocks. Shaggygang has posted here before and I guess they consider themselves /cow/ users or a-logs, I actually see that anons "schizo" claims of not attacking corey barnhill as a decent hunch to be honest though, and wouldn't be surprised if he had at least sympathies for corey and his group. It is more likely esoteric shaggyism is shaggygang than platespics so far from the posts I have read in the coming months.
>I'm a oldfag! >Y-you have no evidence! Which eceleb is you?
>>167625 Also, mr Oldfag from discord, Surfer should kick your asses and invite this guy instead to stream with him. At least he's funny when compared to platefaggots like yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZlRqkhcqY1A
This is literally the gayest shit I've ever seen.
>>167806 More like the most based thing you have ever seen.
Open file (1.02 MB 366x378 julay.gif)
>>167625 Honestly, you seem very invested and angry at the anons for only considering these hypothesis, almost like you have a horse in this race.
Open file (376.59 KB 1000x1300 hey bozo.jpg)
>>167625 >Newfag Wait a minute, are you unironically calling others newfags? Even though the previous anon talked about the same piece of lore as you, but in a less arrogant and autistic way? >sector Only ecelebs use this term. >sekrit club WOW This is almost as funny as Bryan, Fuzhou or other ecelebs come here to defend for themselves.
Open file (51.34 KB 500x690 Winona Ryder smile.jpg)
Are we winning, Platespics bros? Are Grossly, Perspicacity and Ear Juice winning too? NO!
>>168231 Grossly, Esoteric Shaggyism and Perspic are the soul of this board, buddy, they are the real anons, not you, neither me.
>>168241 Way to shill yourself there buddy
Open file (9.50 KB 362x57 ClipboardImage.png)
>>168258 what the sweaty gamer mean by this?
Open file (12.60 KB 357x80 ClipboardImage.png)
>>168389 Warhammer is like Corey, both are fat autistic pedos with their own cabal of discordspics.
Open file (1.18 MB 1268x1068 1661521845845.png)
>>166718 >it's the faggot that constantly calls me "pedochu" on tvch.moe. We meet again, /cow/kike.
>>169023 >we meet again nuzach, still spamming the same thread here along with all those cp links you sick fuck? I know you had been making soyjak threads on tvch pro-G​AMERGATE dick.
>>169023 You're pathetic as fuck, guy, I'm not even joking. >hate tvch moe and /cow/ >spent the entire weekend in both sites spamming shit and samefagging Wow!
>>169031 >all those cp links no that's what you goys do. remember that time dolphin accidentally posted a tor link to cp? yeah, MEGA cringe
>>169158 But again dolphin didn't even do that, its like the equivalent of claiming you are a pedo for posting the link to 8chan back in the day and seeing the link to the /b/ board, also dolphin was never a /cow/boy. As usual you are disingenuous nuzach, and yes you are most definitely behind the loli and cp spam that has happened on tvch in the past, also the cuckold spam and the tranny spam as well.
>Andy got K.O >Esoteric Shaggyism (discordspic) is seething and sperging out bickers of EarJuice dms with underage girls and about Corey Barnhill (sweaty gamer) being called out >NuZach is posting G​AMERGATE porn and seething about Gahoole this night it's good to a /cow/boy
Open file (1.24 MB 600x338 BalvinDance.gif)
>>169567 It's also great to be a jbalvinposter
>>169567 Are you aware /cow/ isn't your personal army? And you don't represent /cow/?
Open file (6.96 KB 165x306 images (6).jpeg)
>>169567 > drama imageboard > posts about drama > no images > no links Ghay
>>169592 images have been posted in this thread and others about these specific figures, also gay kikewheels image.
>>169630 No they haven't, but thanks for confirming your samefag spamming in this thread to try to make /cow/ your personal army on some Z-celebs you have beef with. Go back to foxdick or confront the people you have an issue with directly. No true jcaesar187amale would be half bitchmade as you are running like a coward.
Open file (1.63 MB 1600x1200 pedophiles.png)
>>169590 >>169592 Which of the two are you, a discordspic or ni/gg/er? >>169587 Fact, NuZach can't handle some Oreo McFlurry. >>169592 >spoonfeed me
Open file (425.04 KB 800x753 julay siege.jpg)
>>169644 >changed id >seething this hard
Oh, I can see, Nuzach is both on the cyclical thread and tvch.moe right now with is usual bitter female behavior towards Gahoole and /cow/ as a whole, it's probably he seething, not Grossly or those other faggots from youtube.
>>169650 Nah bro I'm sure every z-celeb openly and unironically shills themselves here. Not like anybody would do that to attempt to provoke the response you've given for weeks.
>>169652 Sure thing, bud, but you're visible from a mile away you posted on tvch moe just seven minutos ago. Honestly get some hobby, Nuzach, other than being a pedofaggot and trying to destroy Gahoole site.
>>169653 >trying to destroy Gahoole site. Y-Yakuza?
Open file (9.09 KB 300x168 download.jpeg)
>>169653 Bullying Og*es is based though
Open file (85.42 KB 1200x1200 y6.jpg)
>>169644 >>169590 >someone shit talks zzzchan pedos and platefags >fag show to do seethe and do damage control <YOU'RE TRYING TO GET A PERSONAL ARMY!!!!! Stop, faggot.
>>169644 nuzach the five anons of /cow/ are more perplexed and amused by your existence than anything, that being said you are a G​AMERGATE-dick, loli spamming faggot.
Open file (17.59 KB 222x235 killyaself.jpg)
>>170146 to consider the opinion of a "person" who spends their entire life obsessing over failed zcelebs would be tantamount to caring about the life of a summer ant
Open file (181.97 KB 492x939 anita_smile_smug.jpg)
>>170174 >I don't care t. faggot that in fact cares Than why are you still here? Why are you still seething on tvch as well?
Open file (42.88 KB 313x310 ramon smile at you.jpg)
>Go to tvch moe >Make a single post calling out NuZach for being a subhuman >Check out 15 hours later >Get at least three replies of NuZach pretending to be different anons coping, seething and trying to stirshit.
replying just so i dont have to see creeps face on front page
>>170255 /cow/kikes confirmed to be the Ramon faggot posters. They're actual homosexual faggots, color me surprised.
>>169587 /cow/kikes are the coon posters and the Ramon faggot posters.
Open file (3.24 MB 1920x1080 snoybalvin5.png)
>>170412 >>170419 >>170420 nuzach you make ramonposter seem based.
Open file (7.65 MB 854x480 alogs_jbalvin.mp4)
>>170419 >>170420 >the McSeething is on me
>>170424 If you didn't seethe about ramonposting maybe I'd have cracked down on it but since you hate it so much I'm letting it stay
>>170473 Ramonposting is something old on /tv/, nuzach hating it is just a bonus. Also Nuzach new gimmick is trying to falseflag as his alogs.
>Platefags are active in a thread defending Corey >someone posts the link of a stream with only 15 live views >shortly thereafter Esothetic Shaggyism join the livestream chat and acts like he knows everything Imagine how magical it would be if it's Corey after all, sometimes this cunt act like Corey, but I still feel like he's just a platefag, not Corey himself.
>>171593 Why are you simping for plategang, Nuzach?
>>171758 You changed your IP to attempt to make it seem like multiple people, after crying earlier over the same thing. Was getting caught part of the plan?
Open file (555.82 KB 1000x897 siegethot fr.jpg)
>>171776 t. incessant IP changer nobody here likes platespics.
>>171776 >You changed your IP Projection? bickers it's exactly what you does, Nuzach. Always. >Make it seem like multiple people Also, like you always does, Nuzach, you're well know for always samefagging and having astroturfing overdose. In view of how you come to simping for anyone who /cow/ as a collective hates I wouldn't be surprised if you start to shill and hang out with Esotheric Shaggyism and other platespics.
Open file (367.34 KB 560x642 HOLY JUST.png)
the slapogre lost the battle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTRttRHynrU
Esoteric Platespic is trying to stir shit about Gahoole, whoever is behind the channel should hang himself. Same about Shaggy. Both killing each other would be the best result. Same about Corey and Jewachim. >>171758 Nuzach is cheering and sucking the dick from anyone he sees as someone /cow/ doesn't like. He did it with Koi, with Asston and now with Corey and Esoteric Platespic. At the same time, he hate any meme loved by people from tvch and /cow/. His childishness is tremendous.
Once again, (1) get's really butthurt in the cyclical thread whatever someone shit talks Platespics or more specifically Esoteric Shaggyism. No even Corey style of posting, more like Nuzach.
>>173068 I noticed that nuzach is awake and posting on both zzzchan and tvch. What a coincidence.
Open file (1.63 MB 1600x1200 Koipedo Barnhill.png)
Since you're taking screenshots from my posts, grow some balls and come reply here. Explain why you get so offended when someone says something negative about some youtuber or about Nuzach.
Esoteric Shaggyism? Sounds like a new bunch of upstarts trying to edge into an ancient cosmic game, or in other words, fish swimming into the mouths of sharks.
I'm still waiting for the faggot show up and explain why he gets really butthurt whatever someone shit talk Esoteric HEJAShaggyism.
Open file (137.64 KB 967x558 ClipboardImage.png)
>>167587 >>167588 >>173174 >>173175 since you guys are talking about him to me it's funny how people are trolling in now like all other zcelebs
>>173187 He likely is a platespic due to his hard time in calling corey barnhill a sweaty gamer and his defense of grossly offensive.
>>173187 >>174314 I told you guys. Also, since KoP decided to go after Gahoole more and more cp started to be posted on tvch.moe. I know that it's part nuzach and part emojitroon, but may be Bryan and discordspics trying to get "proofs" against Gahoole like he tried months ago I also told you fags back then about MrDeadman trying to get shit about Surfer and Gahoole, months before the whole "Council of Evil". Nobody believed it, if Surfer and Gahoole had paid attention they would never have joined the Council in the first place or trusted scum of earth like MrDeadman, Axle, Ghostofniccolo, Grossly, Warhammer, etc.
>>174333 Thank you anon, you've been a big help to the autism cause and have predicted a ton of shit. Esoteric platespic has openly lied about gahoole and openly defends grossly offensive despite the fact that he was an admin to axle for over a year. In spite of this he seems to call him based and implies gahoole and surfer are sweaty gamers for simply associating with axle, it really shows that he doesn't actually care about justice against pedos or even laughing at lolcows, Notice how many of those in esoteric platespics latest video are cheering surfer's "fall" are all regulars in his chat constantly trying to gaslight the guy and drive him insane, very similar to the stuff gyms audience did to terry, bunch of foxdicks and platespics, whole lot of them. IF YOU CALL OUT A sweaty gamer BUT A sweaty gamer WHO "OWNED" SOMEONE I DISLIKE YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT DRAMA BRO!
i was watching one of the Grossly streams from a month ago and the guy repeats "kino" at least 100 times in less than an hour. besides attacking gahoole and surfer the guy always talks about the number of subscribers he has, also why the guy has personal remorse against esoteric pppism?
>>175119 His videos about american hooligans and anglo spergs are good, his streams about Axle and Daiymo are boring and forced imo,. Oh, he dabbing on Surfer and Warhammer is funny too.
Open file (3.02 MB 1536x2048 Tonka and VampKandy.png)
why is this side of internet is so fucking gay atm? It's Grimmcheers - platespic sperg, Warhammer and his forgegang full of platefags, earjuice, perspic and bryan dunn all working together on the other side gayhole, axle furfag and gaymo i miss the simple days
>>174383 why are there so many sweaty gamers in this sektur?
>>174333 Gahoole deserves whatever he gets, who gives a fuck? Not saying I avow spamming of CP, but I mean, everyone saying noooooo Gahole is a bro is coping or full of shit, see >>173187 not even fucking *slightly* giving up on avowing excessive sweating. I have his parent's dox somewhere. It may be time for an intervention.
>>175289 >>175290 It's KoP, the homofaggot raising his wife's daughter or it's Ghostofnicollo the platespic with brown nipples larping as a good parent while being online 24/7?
Open file (115.23 KB 675x1200 mfw Anita.jpg)
>>175297 I'm checking one of the Esoteric Shaggyism mirror streams and Bryan Dunn aka a homo with a pedo dad is calling Surfer GAY and saying that all GAYS are Pedos. ...
Honest to God question, why one or two of the Guntstream regulars are hanging out with Grossly, Bryan and other platefags atm? I hope you guys are trying to fuck with them, not really helping those faggots to fuck with Gahoole and Surfer.
>>175388 No one on the Guntstream hangs out with these people, ever since robi removed molitroon over a year ago >we haven't had any problems and the place has served its purpose as a place for /cow/boys to hang out and discuss jcaesar187/watch cuckime.
Open file (21.30 KB 331x105 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (20.18 KB 301x92 ClipboardImage.png)
The fag behind this post is >>174333 "Anon", he's a liar and he thinks can diabolically manipulating events behind the scenes This other fag >>174383 is one of the internet friends of Gahoole among other pedos, he pretend to be the voice of /cow/ aka TheГунтRetort, both are circle jerking each other on cytube and IRC planning to make up shit about anyone attacking Gahoole and Surfer
Open file (1.04 MB 191x249 Varg punch.gif)
You know how shitty is the alliance against The Council of Evil when it's full of platespics, Perspicacity and Bryan Dunn (rejected Assthon Parks gay minions), Crygenes & etc. At this point I feel like even taking the side of Dj Axle (furfag faggot) and Shaggy (luciferian fuck up). Fuck this boring gay shit, move the wheels.
>Surfer is defending GhostOfNiccolo right now There is no salvation for Surfer, the guy still defend Fedwinson and Axle too.
>>175601 Someone is angry about anon sock accounts. >>175618 >I will take the side of dj sweaty gamer No thanks anon This stuff coincides with eternal thread 9 >>2 so anons should try to move that conversation over there now, this isn't exactly supposed to be a thread for that stuff.
Why the thread about KoP got deleted? Emojitroon created it or what?
Open file (2.08 MB 2736x3648 vee won.jpg)
>>175601 >once again some faggot is crying about based "anon" and the Guntstream dudes those maniacs are always making sweetie squad, jcaesar187males, platespics and ecelebs seethe
Open file (16.35 KB 347x118 ClipboardImage.png)
>>174383 Surfer love the guy
>>176132 Well surfer will learn the hard way, eventually anyone who gets close to platespics gets inevitably burned by them, also anon any chance you can move this discussion to thread 9, as it makes more sense for it to be there than here.
>>176148 Robi should try to warn the guy, but I think it would fall on deaf ears. Otherwise, I find it admirable that Robi is acting like an oldschool /cow/boy and just watching it happen without interfering. Even better, he's getting the opportunity to just watch it in person.
>>176152 Surfer was already warned multiple times by anons on his stream and in his chat, he isn't as dumb as platespics or foxdicks would have you think but no one should ever go near axle, platespics or corey ray barnhill the sweaty gamer if they don't want something terrible to happen. Reminder that platespics flooded david stayes discord with cp and tried to slander him as a sweaty gamer, these are the types of (((people))) they are.
Open file (1.21 MB 480x480 image0-8-1-1.gif)
someone is accusing random anons of being these guys >>175601 in the thread 9# and soon after some "anons" show up to defend grossly and pushing the forgefag gang narrative lmao "mhhm, grossly can be a bit fag sometimes, but the guy make great cocks and he's right" "bro, daiymo sucks, gahoole can be funny sometimes but the guy is slippery and a liar"
>>176266 I propose a change from Unironic jcaesar187amale to Esoteric Anonism. Four anons, seven platespics and fifteen zcelebs!
>>176266 I propose a change from Unironic jcaesar187amale to Esoteric Anonism. Four anons, seven platespics and fifteen zcelebs!
>>176266 >"bro, daiymo sucks, gahoole can be funny sometimes but the guy is slippery and a liar" That was me and I barely know who the fuck forgegang is, the confidence with which people here accuse anons of being various people is silly.
>>176290 >t. Grossly Faggot
Open file (472.83 KB 1536x2048 meigh.jpg)
>>176291 no, not him either, he's also a faggot, as is dj axle, as is the council of evil, and whatever knockoff platespic shit forgegang is and no, not a plate either ... anon
Open file (27.49 KB 338x313 rozd.jpg)
>We are all Esoteric Anonism. >We all hate Corey Barnhill and Plategang. >We all love Super Ramon and JBalvin. Simple as.
Open file (24.02 KB 480x270 D06J3yuW0AAA7o5.jpg)
>>176900 You miss the tranny..ha, ha?
>>176928 That's just the average lesbian claiming trannies can't be men with her PcoS beard anon, she can't hurt you.
Kys emojitroon, for real.
platespics and emojitroon, welcome the cyclical 9#
Open file (22.91 KB 1506x101 ClipboardImage.png)
Hmmmmm... I wonder who's behind this post.
>>175601 I saw him in the chat saying to Shaggy >drop this channel for some time instead of getting involved with more drama or just stream about books instead" Shaggy sperg out implying that he wanted Shaggy to kill himself and ignored the part of the books lol, you guys should stop trying to help Shaggy, Surfer and other lolcows
>>177035 Nuzach played the role of Asston simp, but Emojitroon is now actively trying to stirshit together with Plategang for the last weeks, one or two weeks ago he and some platespic are trying to force a narrative about the anon calling them out as a schizo and saying he called Weakload a plategang when it's false. btw I can see Emojitroon joining the Plategang on discord, for real, since that faggot spent all day online using discord anyway.
>>177665 Plategang and emojitroon proving platespics like both trannies and pedos once and for all
is anyone still archiving thread9# weekly or whenever a big influx of posts happens?
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUmMj5_-TpzrRaSK8ajsQrQ/about based >>178315 they are probably busy watching DSP on cytube while jews gives zero fuck about the IBS thread
>>178315 >>178622 I still archive the thread from time to time, but nothing much has happened in the last month.
I am so tired of emojitroon and nuzach once again they are crying about /cow/ being the true pedos https://tvch.moe/dunk/res/119182.html#120175
>>179220 well, it's true.
>>179220 The man has a point.
can html { background: black; } be added to the "Future" theme, it gets rid of the annoying white bar on the top and bottom of the screen
emojitroon is now using multiple ids to post on the cyclical thread, 4cad50, f0c5c8 and 817bb0 also remember, f0c5c8 is Corery Barnhill of Dr Rockzo
Open file (115.97 KB 1474x534 ClipboardImage.png)
it's essayfag? who's writing these long faggy essays seething about Gahoole?
>>181552 What is your weird obsession? Is Gahoole your boyfriend?
>>181556 Kys nuzach
>>181930 Suck the ogre's dick some more, doesn't make you look like a sad fag at all.
Open file (15.14 KB 566x597 pedochu_gunted.png)
>Suck the ogre's dick some more, doesn't make you look like a sad fag at all.
>>182359 lol white knighting the pedo ogre, really must be a dumb bitch like they say.
Open file (16.91 KB 480x336 doggers.jpg)
>some of the retards from tvch.moe are so triggered by Nuzach that they're accusing their own of being Nuzach Just stop.
Open file (10.28 MB 4032x3024 What Ralph sees.png)
Good luck with your marriage to the horse, jcaesar187.
Гунт wedding photos: https://www.thelittlevegaschapel.com/order-wedding-photos/ Password: 152283252
>>187645 based thanks alog
>>187645 You can tell she loves him, bickers she bends her knees to make him seem taller than her
>>182758 >>182866 A real Jewzach moment.
Open file (27.32 KB 452x363 1641542293341.jpg)
>/cow/ - politics, mojcaesar187agging, and internet bloodsports since 2019
Open file (7.18 MB 800x534 wedding_quest.webm)
>>187645 Cheers anon.
Open file (54.10 KB 752x473 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (30.00 KB 652x215 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (28.44 KB 626x282 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (33.14 KB 699x301 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (7.50 KB 310x276 ClipboardImage.png)
James Potter's new project, YOUTUBE SHORTS AND TIKTOK!! https://www.youtube.com/@mati-clips https://www.tiktok.com/@mad.at.the.internet
(((Kyle Broflovski)),
What did (((Mark Daniel Neale))) suit himself with to attend his mother’s funeral? Nothing, he missed the service entirely due to a hangover after accidentally drinking the roofied cocktail he was trying to give to an autistic 16 year old.
Open file (138.37 KB 1130x2048 20230412_201428.jpg)
Fix the goddamn spam already
>>202097 <- -> --- no...
>>204104 delete all my shit and ban me. you make josh moon look good
>>204104 Am i retarded? Last post was 4/25/23 Is the admin purgueing the website?
>>202097 >>210177 >>210178 Spam gets taken care of, admin is not purging the website and you would only be banned if you did something that broke the rules.
>>210319 foxdick farms
>thread is supposed to be about the resurrection of /cow/ under new BO >idiots here turn it into eternal thread #10 bickers their on-going cyclical of cancer isn't enough for them >most threads on the board are the same idiots bringing up unrelated namefag drama no one cares about >BO hasn't posted since last year and has no ability or plans to right the ship >JEWS and Rabbi MIA as always >tvch is dead >webring is dead >excluding smugloli bickers the anime keeps away the cancer >it's another mojcaesar187ag about cartoon girls and try to insert yourself into drama episode The reruns are getting tiresome and the main reason why I stopped coming here long ago. I can't even catch up on my Гунт watching bickers no one bothers to archive anything anymore. If you want to know what killed /cow/ go look in the mirror.
>>210894 Try concern-trolling a little harder nuzach.
>>210894 I wonder who's behind that tor node...
Open file (13.15 KB 633x758 1459013046579-0.gif)
Sperg of Tiamat keeps sucking the dick of his e-bf furfag from Cananda, the same one shilled by TheTheGatorGamerGamer a few years ago https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hloq7D_ZVFk&ab_channel=Argent
>>211558 nobody cares faggots
Open file (649.16 KB 1238x574 Sperg of Tiamat 5.png)
Open file (303.76 KB 972x632 tiamat on tvch.png)
Open file (1.49 MB 1600x900 sperg of tiamat.png)
>>211601 t. scaly faggot
all the new lolcows are just normies. you don't know what lolcow is.
>thread is supposed to be about the resurrection of /cow/ under new BO BO... wtf is this, cripplechan? pathethic cliquery. >idiots here turn it into eternal thread #10 bickers their on-going cyclical of cancer isn't enough for them do you live under a rock or something, its nu-chan style of posting bickers of facebook and other social media user influx a long time ago. >most threads on the board are the same idiots bringing up unrelated namefag drama no one cares about maybe go and make something yourself then? I for example, did a few wizchan threads but its gone dry after wannabe immigrant admin and torn and andrew and a few suicides. And try like, not giving victims a lot of attention. >JEWS and Rabbi MIA as always you don't need incel cliquer lolcows to whip you >tvch is dead A bunch of attention whores. None of them was lolcow, just reddit tier neckbeard normies >webring is dead unironic wannabe anonymous kids running an online hustle. who cares >excluding smugloli bickers the anime keeps away the cancer anime is evolutionary incel farming tool from the gooks. You got farmed, incel. >If you want to know what killed /cow/ go look in the mirror. NOU literally.
>>212764 >>212769 At this point the only stuff going on other than the cyclical thread is a sweaty gamer discount acidkike and another sweaty gamer coomer from France spamming about Gahoole on three different threads instead of getting the perma ban they deserve.
Hey Robi or Jews, when >we will finally get some damn logs around here?
>>213203 Seconding this.
Open file (18.08 MB 1280x720 gunted.mp4)
>>216155 two disgusting pigs.
To the mods around here, be careful, there's a lolcow reporting posts made in the thread about him, don't be a fool and delete the posts made by the alogs just bickers the lolcow is changing ips and reporting it over and over again
>>218634 Yeah don't worry that isn't gonna fly here.
Open file (10.38 MB 1280x720 zoom.mp4)
>>218634 Are you retarted?>>219688 LOL cant ban me. ZOOM is a pedo. An I am guessing /cow/ covers for him.
List of V-Tubers to get banned: Gawr Gura Yuko Yurei Riro Ron
>>222193 Did brittany venti make that list for you? Good on you for giving a voice to a woman of color and aiding her in her mission to eradicate the misogynist weebs that won't listen to her when she tells them what they're allowed to like. You can rest assured you're on the right side of history here.
>>222370 Actually 8chan (spinoffs) got/still gets ALL of the data from Newgrounds/Among Us. I think Gawr Gura, Yuko Yurei, and Rori Ron are technically 8chan V-Tubers but this is a debate about their management companies and 4/vt/. List of V-Tubers to get banned: Gawr Gura Yuko Yurei Rori Ron I heard there was copyright issues associated with their brand.
If Gawr Gura, Yuko Yurei, and Rori Ron are technically 8chan V-Tubers then why is the Web Ring sub ~100 posts an hour? Get them banned already.
Here’s to me never posting on 4c_an again. Stalked >>101431
I think I’ll be moving on for imageboards for good if not at least for a while, might sell the domain world2ch.com in ~2030 if I still have it by then. Best of luck to you all. Reminder we all definitively won by May 2nd 2022.
I’ll stand by the statement that the Arkhangelsk nuclear event impacted the outcome of Aug. 8th 2019 -> Aug. 8th 2023.
I cite this 4/r9k/ thread as my reasoning for wanting to at least temporarily move on from imageboards if not for good: https://archive.is/rPob6
>>222574 nice broken image my dude
He deleted his xeet ( https://archive.ph/NRmiw ) and blog post ( https://archive.ph/dQBaz ) about the horse rape.
>>222574 nice broken image my dude
Open file (30.96 KB 525x496 laughing swans.jpg)
>>213203 Right after StephenLynx finally adds support for traditional tripcodes on LynxChan imageboards.
Thank you to the anons for continuing to keep /cow/ and the rest of the webring alive, even if it is on life support it is better than nothing.
>>225810 /thread.
Open file (363.35 KB 1152x1312 Untitled.png)
Reminder I said back in ~2015 before J_m W_tkins owned 8ch that I wouldn't post there if they ended up banning loli on ~Apr. 21st 2020 and they banned loli. ~This Minecraft account literally has so much data across different platforms that it's impossible for 8ch staff to not know.
If 8ch didn't ban loli on ~Apr. 21st 2020 chances are they wouldn't have at all so you could call it "disappointing" I guess.
ROBI In case this might be an issue for the board, I thought I'd link the sleepychan /shelter/ thread here. https://anon.cafe/shelter/res/2179.html#4717 >The original issue was my backup script not pruning old blobs and that filled the disk causing mongo to crash. If you've already addressed these type issues here then pardon me, just trying to throw ideas out there. Cheers.
>>229338 I'll make sure this gets to robi one way or another, though it is likely he has already gotten to it.
Why is Moliberry (ID:cbb63c) in the tvch/gahoole thread so bitter with you guys and Gahoole?
>>230810 Uh that's not going to work here, keep your weird shit to yourself. Nobody here is your PA.
Open file (39.05 KB 499x505 Moliberry.jpg)
>Uh that's not going to work here, keep your weird shit to yourself. Nobody here is your PA.
>>230813 >>230812 Lol is he really trying this? What a weird little goblin.
>>230813 Don't post pictures of yourself it's sad.
>>230814 its an orc loser
>>230817 He's talking about the poster retard
>>230818 its not a poster its a picture loser
>>230810 Moliberry couldn't handle the bants and decided to follow John/Koi's path, for months he has been blaming others for his actions and holding a grudge against some people here.
For anyone wondering >we aren't on bad terms with tvch or its administration, >we however, choose to remain neutral in seeing the autistic personal army requests that have colonized zach's very own classic PA request threads. Sometimes the threads create true my jewish mother, either way Gahoole isn't a pussy he doesn't care anyways if people talk about him on the internet one way or another. I would appreciate it if you took the conversation to one of these containment threads.
>>230821 Already said it's not going to work. You're a dirty little liar and you can jump id's all you want. Fuck off, nobody is going to pa for you bickers you're mad someone is making fun of you being a seething obssessed crybaby.
>>230821 This was the info I heard, but didn't trust before since was some sperg saying that.
>>230841 Still trying the pa thing? Sad. Terminal seether syndrome will do that to a person.
>>230083 Ty Anon.
>>230855 I did send it to him, it is likely he has already seen it, if not I'll try to catch him again and get the info to him.
>>230821 >>230841 He used to pay for the servers too, And with that he thought he had special privileges and could force everyone to watch his shit game play on Cytube
>>230973 >cy.tube faggot Could you take your terrminal seething elsewhere? Or create a thread about yourself since you're a huge baby-brained grudgemaster and we need a new lolcow.
>>230878 Again, thx.
Can you guys just perma ban Yakuza and Emojitroon already? Both are a plague in multiple different imageboards, they never learn.
Open file (32.74 KB 300x300 This-is-Fine.jpg)
>>232712 I second this proposition wholeheartedly. These spastics have to be removed permanently, or they will turn this site into tvch with their spam.
>>232712 >>233269 >seething tvtroons fuck off back to tvch, tranny.
>>230823 >tvtroons are this angry lmfao this shit is so pathetic at this point. Why can't you fucking losers stay on your shitty tranny website? Oh, bickers you killed it! Your fucking problem. Fuck off.
Open file (488.86 KB 715x562 roastbeef.png)
HATER On Show?! Broke Men Should NOT Date? (VIRAL) VIRGIN GIGACHAD! 7 Girls! | Dating Talk #121 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uuugoxYKUA
>>234287 You should die
p.p.p is fat
>>236039 King of pol is a fag
>>236209 t. Gayhoole
Anyone interested in making a thread about Sweetie Squad and Metokur fanboys? Most of his paypiggies and fans are indeed lolcow tier. https://nitter.1d4.us/butthungriley/status/1735832598708899902#m
I don't know if this guy is worthy of his own thread or not, but have any of you heard of ZelinkOP? He's a Cuckchan Premium user who spams countless threads obsessing over Zelda and Link fucking or whatever. Claims to be married(doubt). The most amusing part of his threads are the guy that hides Nikakado Avocado's asshole into random images, combine that with gaslighting ZelinkOP, and he went full schizophrenic, accusing everyone of posting 'Cados, even if there's nothing there. This supposedly straight man, gained the ability to detect a fat faggot's ass in any picture, whilst also suffering from hallucinations of assholes. Funniest fucking thing.
>>238532 You need permission from the king (robi) before making a thread, just wait him to come out of his coke binge.
>>238536 I wasn't going to make a thread, just felt like he was worth a mention 'cause he's a creepy asshole obsessed with coinslots and children's game character fucking. The thread would die instantly.
>>238538 Well the thread will die instantly bickers nobody posts here, stick to the sharty.
>>238541 Like I said, just wanted to know if anyone else has had a run-in with this fag.
>>238532 >>238538 >>238542 Any links for this sped?
>>238545 I can also link has entry on the 'sharty, if that's allowed.
>>238552 And now ZelinkOP (or one of his boyfriends) is stalking me on zzz/v/. Excellent.
https://zzzchan.xyz/v/thread/231209.html Here's a Zelink cultist in action. We're looking at history in the making here. Notice that he calls anyone who doesn't waste obscene amounts of time fantasizing about Zelda and Link a tranny. He may be projecting.
Open file (31.38 KB 800x419 Gunt woah.jpg)
>>238555 Yeah, think this guy's thread-worthy? These are the only sources I have at the moment, the 'sharty may have more dirt on him, but I don't really wanna interact with soyG​AMERGATEs.
>>238557 And now he's shitting up the thread. I wanna talk about Zelda, not Zelda sex.
>>238560 He's lost it. He's fucking obsessed with me. He's actually insane. Holy shit.
>>238561 He won't shut the fuck up.
>>238532 >cuckchan premium >in 2023 >niko fagocado Zoomers are vermin. Zoomers are jews.
He's stalking this thread. Be wary.
>>238617 >>238599 >>238562 >>238561 >>238560 >>238557 >>238554 >>238553 >>238552 >>238549 Here lies zzzpedo pathetic attempt at gathering a personal army https://archive.ph/YJt2B
Open file (27.02 KB 750x316 meds-now.png)
Open file (1.48 MB 4097x4241 canon.jpg)
Hello, Eiji Aonuma here. Yes, Zelink is canon. In fact, after Tears Of The Kingdom, I wrote an epilogue where Zelda gave rimjobs to Link, every single day. Obviously we couldn't actually put this, explicitly, in the game, but me and the team were very amused by the idea. Somehow some of our fans read our minds and drew these, which I approve, I showed it to the team, 'Wow.' 'Erotic!' I decided to join in on the conversation bickers this website is really invested into what we created, I am honored and humbled. Feel free to share this message, no one will believe I said this.
Open file (466.95 KB 941x779 angry-cado.png)
>I wasn't going to make a thread, just felt like he was worth a mention 'cause he's a creepy asshole obsessed with coinslots and children's game character fucking.
Open file (67.61 KB 945x133 41412421414124124124.png)
Open file (566.24 KB 498x498 1704751998426.gif)
>https://zzzchan.xyz/v/thread/231209.html >Here's a Zelink cultist in action. We're looking at history in the making here. Notice that he calls anyone who doesn't waste obscene amounts of time fantasizing about Zelda and Link a tranny. He may be projecting.
Open file (4.64 MB 360x640 1697818923634-0.gif)
>>238624 Y O Y
Open file (43.95 KB 576x525 rTjzivuNG7-CKn9-.jpg)
>Here's a Zelink cultist in action. We're looking at history in the making here. Notice that he calls anyone who doesn't waste obscene amounts of time fantasizing about Zelda and Link a tranny. He may be projecting. >OPgits banned by jannyy anyway
Open file (8.42 MB 279x498 CADO.gif)
>>>238561 >He won't shut the fuck up.
Jesus, what happened in this thread?
>>241726 Ye What?
Open file (2.28 MB 640x360 Im dying..mp4)
What prements G​AMERGATEs getting married? Like to know
Open file (15.40 MB 1280x720 In Memory of Tay.mp4)

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