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Mark Mann - #2 Anonymous 04/21/2020 (Tue) 08:14:22 ID: 2009db No.45039
Mark Mann Facts: + Mark has over 500gb of CP on his hard drive + Mark autistically watches loli child pornography all day + Mark is an ethnic jew. + Mark loves cake + Mark weighs almost 300lbs. + Mark would intentionally leave CP up on 8/v/ for days at a time + Mark has posted many videos/pictures of his anus and naked body online for homosexual attention + Mark would use his global administration on 8ch/8kun to moderate/ban people from /pol/ or other boards for whatever he felt like completely ignoring the rules. + Mark wants to become a security guard at an elementary school so that he has access to children that he can abuse. + Mark runs a CP ring on discord where he requires your real name, face, address, and phone number so that he can blackmail you or turn you over to the feds. + Mark bans anyone who speaks against him or criticises him in the slightest + Mark recieved $2k a month from Jim for doing various "errands" between 2015-2020 + Mark regularly wipes "All Posts by IP" which turns every thread on the board into swiss cheese + Mark attempted to monetize and sell Gondolas + Mark spams cyclical threads using a VPN in order to "push" conversations he doesn't like out of the thread. + Mark forced all of /v/ back onto the federal 8kun honeypot so that he could keep getting paid to be a janitor. + Mark will ban you for 4 weeks from /v/ for having a different opinion about video games than him. + Mark REALLY likes nintendo switch + Mark will delete/ban Anons with the blanket reason "spam" which covers any opinions he doesn't like or games he doesn't believe should be discussed. + Mark believes that he is the arbiter of "chan culture" and that no /v/ should be allowed to exist unless he is in direct control. + Mark regularly will spam, derail, and shit up discussions on other boards that are critical of him.
>>99470 looks like boring normal to me. But I like the fact that he leeches his money from cows.
Open file (83.49 KB 1207x659 EuyxEQGXMAY1ozV.png)
Which forum is this and what's the link to the YouTube vid?
>>100172 That is newera or the new neogaf, they are overly sensitive on everything. The jewtube link must've been the one year or two year celebration that was in Jew York.
>>100173 Thanks, I figured it was ResetEra (or "Trannyera"). Still trying to find the YT link.
>>100177 Oh, just the lame boring old "I am the Dark Knight" vid. Gay. Thanks.
>>99423 >>99434 what is this from?
>>101370 I found it last night on 1377x
>>45667 How come no one has posted mark's asshole just placed into random images? you can post the image into any non-related thread with mark's asshole somewhere in the image, and get people really paranoid about mark's jOOci boi hole
>>105157 Thank you tarrantdup very cool.
>>45042 Only Mark makes Gahoole look like a chad in comparison, despite the fact that both own a shitty warped Nintendo console >>45047 One who doesn't delete this clip, why you guys haven't hired Vaush? He's so fucking autistically dense like your jannies are.
Open file (43.95 KB 480x335 to.png)
Open file (38.93 KB 480x320 wants.png)
Open file (42.99 KB 480x343 Be.png)
Open file (43.81 KB 480x342 Mark.png)
Open file (45.17 KB 480x340 Oedipus.png)
>>105157 You do know that isn't really marks butt hole. but joocie boi posting is pretty funny
>>99060 You know who gets else gets asshurt and pulls out the "No U" card? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZg5mmE889Y
Is Gahoole sucking Mark cock recently? In the gold Гунт he praised mark while shit talked zachfag for exemple lol I wonder if he changed his views
Open file (45.83 KB 625x540 1624645877405.jpg)
>>105997 Why would habits the hand which feeds him? >no mention of Mark replying to his foxdick farms thread? <I should expect as much from nu-/cow/ at this point No screencaps since foxdick farms is getting PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORDd right now by stans of some enbie who threatened sewer slide
>>107578 Gahoole has disavowed mark a while back after /hebe/, as for mark responding to his foxdick pretty sure I already saw the ni/gg/ers respond and whine about tranny farms talking about them.
Open file (178.18 KB 520x390 1622619073895.png)
>>107641 Yes, but now the big man has replied. Gahooles breakdown of imageboard history was the best post in the foxdick farms thread. Also here's cripplekike kicking Toad McKinley his fellow former wizchan mod when he and foxdick farms by proxy is down. https://archive.is/nZ4X4 <Gahoole has disavowed Mark after /hebe/ lol no they were watching movies in discord as they watched zachfag sperg relentlessly, gahoole even apologised on his Twitter about getting people's accounts nuked with the server.
Open file (80.25 KB 1226x347 Mark has a meltdown.jpg)
Mark had a meltdown. https://archive.ph/BJz8u
>>114191 holy shit
>>114191 Based spamchad.
>>114191 rent free in the jew's head that has to be the deepest cut, someone not paying to live inside his head
>>107664 Hi pedochu/trsperg, how are you?
I'm done with Mark and kike shit. I made my own board. Everyone welcomed, except for the kike and his minions. https://8chan.moe/vv/catalog.html
>>114925 yetanother/vg/ whoohoo!
Doesn't look Jewish and what's with the /pol/ crap on here?
Based Daddy Gym defended Mark
>>114963 >>114925 Real /v/ hasn't been tried yet Markchan and the webring together have over half a dozen videogame boards now, just settle for one option already.
>>114925 Make a thread about Devil May Cry 5 being a shit game and a sequel of DmC and watch the fat kike cry jew tears lel
Open file (144.08 KB 960x951 doge.jpg)
>>114925 >made it on mark's site >not on the webring what a retard
Open file (27.04 KB 202x345 The face of a retard.JPG)
Mark gets off to trannies and pictures of "female" characters with huge cocks. What a faggot kek
Open file (140.80 KB 1912x676 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (31.96 KB 610x216 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (140.80 KB 1912x676 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (31.96 KB 610x216 ClipboardImage.png)
Anyone else remember how he was getting paid hundreds of dollars to copy paste articles or whatever it is he did. That and handle board migration requests on the original 8chan. He failed that so hard that he got kicked off.
Open file (100.95 KB 679x1200 Mark_Fedora.jpg)
Open file (164.28 KB 2048x1152 Mark_the_fat_jewish_fuck.jpg)
Open file (213.08 KB 1683x800 zika mark.jpeg.jpg)
Open file (1.32 MB 517x337 Mark Speed.gif)
>>45672 faggot
>>53103 dirty faggot
>Mark Mann gives out his phone number on the game awards stream >Noone from /cow/ even tries calling in or doxxing him Do you faggots actually do anything here besides jerking off to Mark's ass?
>>182982 They jerk off to my ass too.
>>182982 >not posting the number you're an even bigger faggot >>117391 I just learned that moe isn't on the webring anymore. I'm a bit late to the party on this, but what exactly went wrong?
here is marky poo admitting that 8chan is fucking dead, done and buried. he probably resents that he and his gay gaymergay movement killed what little good will people had to 8chan/moe left, now he's stuck moderating a dead board filled with pedos who are on a never ending crusade to prove that they don't actually masturbate to children, just their drawings(which is ok and 100% legal, in fact of course) is it any wonder nobody wants to go to that shithole anymore? even cuckchanners endlessly bullied them late late last year LMAO!
Open file (1.27 MB 1600x1200 Mark_(Shaved)_3.jpg)
>>185720 Moe's death had nothing to do with S​ARGON, but Marks retarded moderation style himself.
>>185720 4cuckers are insufferable fags. /v/ was once good but now it is filled with the worst kind of circlejerkery, Reddit moderation and users imaginable, worst than anything that was ever on 8chan. Mark then wonders why the site is dead. You're BO? Wake the hell up and clean house.
Open file (60.24 KB 596x772 ClipboardImage.png)
Here's a little rundown of this fat kike's retardation if you're late to the party.
>>189840 NTA but to add to that, mark has been seething about /cow/ more than usual, he and his niGGer cake eaters bring up /cow/ at the slightest insult or trolling, as if there was a giant conspiracy involving both boards. Also included some nice little recent images where they pretty much admit their gay little site is all but dead, and the users are no different than normalG​AMERGATEs/redditors who report each other all day long What a fantastic end to the niGGer movement, forced to smell the kike's farts and jerk each other off as the last few remaining users seethe at each other and call them names, /cow/ living eternally in their heads
>>190732 Still can't let go from the little retard wars from back on 8ch. PATHETIC
You know what I just noticed? /cow/ and alogs is still on the webring. Blacked.cp isn't Is this why markie-poo is seething so hard about this place? bickers his pedo circlejerk got kicked out but the boogieman that mocks him is still kept around?
lol, lmao even with how dead the webring is, what do you think the odds are of mark being literally the only one still making the "lolis are not pedo reee" argument and whining about /cow/? do even the other most hardcore niGGers care about us anymore?
Zzzchan is dead as fuck, the only thing going on there are the usual cp or factions hating Mark or loving Mark. see https://zzzchan.xyz/b/thread/132807.html#134461 Also, rapeman is banning anyone making jokes about Mark.
>>54301 Dickriding, pseudo-sweaty gamers who always blow their welfare at lewd autists. Bravo /v/irgins, you sure taught a lesson to the redditors by being 10 times worse. Tell me: How are you faggots any better than MovieBlob or Chris-Chan? Your autism implodes whenever a Nintendo or Sonic thread gets shat out.
>>203397 Have you seen their "japanese video game chart" thread? These G​AMERGATEs don't even play video games anymore. There is two people making a chart, one is still not finished and the other has been finished for a year but is too stupid to actually spread it to the slant eyes himself and is literally begging people to do it for him in the nig.gergate thread. At this point, people will start making jokes about how many niGGers it takes to screw in a lightbulb or wipe the kike's fat ass

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