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Mark Mann - #2 Anonymous 04/21/2020 (Tue) 08:14:22 ID: 2009db No.45039
Mark Mann Facts: + Mark has over 500gb of CP on his hard drive + Mark autistically watches loli child pornography all day + Mark is an ethnic jew. + Mark loves cake + Mark weighs almost 300lbs. + Mark would intentionally leave CP up on 8/v/ for days at a time + Mark has posted many videos/pictures of his anus and naked body online for homosexual attention + Mark would use his global administration on 8ch/8kun to moderate/ban people from /pol/ or other boards for whatever he felt like completely ignoring the rules. + Mark wants to become a security guard at an elementary school so that he has access to children that he can abuse. + Mark runs a CP ring on discord where he requires your real name, face, address, and phone number so that he can blackmail you or turn you over to the feds. + Mark bans anyone who speaks against him or criticises him in the slightest + Mark recieved $2k a month from Jim for doing various "errands" between 2015-2020 + Mark regularly wipes "All Posts by IP" which turns every thread on the board into swiss cheese + Mark attempted to monetize and sell Gondolas + Mark spams cyclical threads using a VPN in order to "push" conversations he doesn't like out of the thread. + Mark forced all of /v/ back onto the federal 8kun honeypot so that he could keep getting paid to be a janitor. + Mark will ban you for 4 weeks from /v/ for having a different opinion about video games than him. + Mark REALLY likes nintendo switch + Mark will delete/ban Anons with the blanket reason "spam" which covers any opinions he doesn't like or games he doesn't believe should be discussed. + Mark believes that he is the arbiter of "chan culture" and that no /v/ should be allowed to exist unless he is in direct control. + Mark regularly will spam, derail, and shit up discussions on other boards that are critical of him.
Mark Mann recently went on to Gahoole's(Patrick Nelson's) stream where he lied, backpedaled, and was generally just a disgusting human being for almost 4 hours. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsh929U7oew
Open file (6.99 MB 426x240 Mark Samefag.mp4)
Open file (2.44 MB 426x240 Anus Boys.mp4)
>>45040 Two highlights from the youtube stream. There is a lot more to go through.
>>45039 Thanks man i need a little laugh. You gonna post more highlights right?
Open file (25.29 KB 221x221 0 replies.jpg)
What would be your ideal moderator? What would his methods be to leave you completely satisfied?
>>45047 An ideal moderator deletes spam(G​AMERGATE dicks for example) and CP. Thats it. Total free speech. Any opinion is valid.
Open file (140.44 KB 360x400 not for sale.png)
>>45047 They can start by not being a newfaggot jewish namefag.
This is the audience Mark wants: https://archive.md/SdIZR https://archive.md/v53yn
Open file (1.20 MB 2448x3264 1570751353286.jpg)
>>45125 Based doorcuck
Open file (232.02 KB 1242x1262 ClipboardImage.png)
So this is Mark's activity according to Ron. What I find interesting is that he reassigned /toy/ twice in one week, yet you have to wait for the BO to be inactive for 2 weeks in order for it to be claimable. On top of that the BO of /toy/ had nuked the board before it was reassigned, telling users to move to prolikewoah/toy/ instead. Yet when the board is claimed all evidence of the nuke is gone as the threads are back up. Before prolikewoah was wiped there were anons in the meta thread telling one of the anons, who was shilling 8kun at the time, to fuck off and called him Mark repeatedly. The 8kun shill didn't seem to deny he was Mark. When Mark was talking about Gondola merchandise he also brought up making action figures, which suggests he's interested in toys somewhat. Did Mark fuck with /toy/? Or do I need to take my schizo pills?
>>45157 Of course mark fucked with /toy/ he fucked with all the boards that weren't brought back. In the interview with gahoole, mark says it was his job to do board claims between 2016 and 2020(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gsh929U7oew).
Open file (598.30 KB 750x560 schizosbte.mp4)
>>45125 How could a man ever be this based?
Open file (92.72 KB 350x350 1587366218471-4.mp4)
Open file (562.82 KB 1200x899 cursechan.png)
>>45179 >There's a webm version I wish I still didn't know that.
>>45179 Jesus that's some thicc fucking ass. If Mark were a female i would have made cum tribute a long time ago.
>>45222 He needs to get on the HRT. He still has time to convert to a cute trapfu.
Open file (17.50 KB 1032x381 markvch8chan.png)
>>45242 this is going to be such a total shit show, I can't wait for mark to go to jail for CP
>>45222 >>45235 Nothing's going to fix the rest of him, sadly.
Open file (29.10 KB 1159x199 MARK BTFO.png)
>8kun bans loli >markchan still days from opening >all the users from /v/ already moved to the webring mostly julay and fatchan >whenever anyone mentions mark/v/ everyone else just tells them to fuck off NO PLACE FOR MARK, KICKED OUT OF 6 GORILLON BOARDS, "new 8chan" MORE LIKE NEW DOACHAN
>>45248 or SHOAHchan.
Open file (366.91 KB 1274x1150 ROW ROW FART WITH POWER.jpg)
>>45248 >>45249 >>45254 He won'rt go down without a fight IF HE CAN'T HAVE THE /v/IRGIN BOIPUSSI, THEN NOBODY WILL HAVE THEM
>>45256 >a legal disclaimer under every post the poster is right, even cuckchan is looking mighty fine compared to Q-kun, LMAO Can 4chan even be called "cuckchan" anymore? 8kun definitely takes the cake, and it's been, what, only active for less,than a year?
>>45258 >Can 4chan even be called "cuckchan" anymore? Yes. But not by anyone still willingly using 8kunt
Oh shit, someone did indeed keep the Facebook image of mark grooming his niece! https://archive.md/i1j0U
>>45271 Wait, what?
>>45334 It's one of the early 8chan threads in /cow/, someone found his Facebook, or Google+, and found this image of Mark grooming his niece. I thought it was gone forever.
>>45345 WTF I love Mark now
Open file (454.37 KB 405x492 markblacked.png)
>>45345 So that's why his aunt wants nothing to do with him.
>>45047 My ideal moderator is one that doesn't namedrop the board on social media to get attention from outsiders and thinks he's entitled to being a mod bickers he was one for a long time. In other words, he must not be an attentionwhore. Moderation should be kept to a minimum, sticking to the global rules. Deleting spam would be recommended but then you have fags like mark who then name whatever they dislike as spam and get rid of it. So more than a mod, what you need a set of well defined rules and make the mod stick to them and nothing more.
why do the goyim prosecute me so?
>>45473 Remember on 4chan when the only namefagging mods/admins were WT Snacks and Moot?
>>45345 Thats why is aunt wont let him live with her. He finger blasted his kid niece.
>>45473 >stick to global rules >jewish G​AMERGATEs come to your board >bait, alinsky shit, nothing but agitation and trouble >shit his pants and do nothing bickers it's not global Nobody who has a brain wants to sift through hundreds of trash threads, deal with trannies and jews being disingenuous try-hard faggots or for the ten thousandth time trigger some lowly shill when there are thousands more waiting to be paid minimum wage to fuck with anime imageboards. Even if every single one of my posts was also a magical death note which led to a shill committing suicide, it would be a drop in the bucket. There are over a billion poos alone. I could shitpost for the rest of my life and it wouldn't even dent a small shill town there.
>>45560 I remember getting perma-banned from 8/pol/ for being "a jewish shill" when I called out Q as being bullshit/garbage when it first came out. Mods can not and should not ever be the arbiters of what is allowed to be said or not allowed. Free speech, no spam, no cp. Thats the only way it ever works.
>>45222 based and tradpiolled
>>45627 >things that never happened but It Was Real In My Mind Just Like The Holocaust
>>45630 >drank the Trump koolaid and never got kampfied Yea, we know you are tool.
>>45632 >changes the subject I was more interested in your personal stories of things that never happened.
>>45639 Maybe you forgot how bad moderation on 8/pol/ was. I could believe it. I remember many times I'd ask a genuine question only for posters to whine about 'sliding' until my thread got locked.
>>45653 >'credibility' posting 0/10
Open file (309.97 KB 410x420 bothered_bitch.png)
>>45560 I said that a good mod is the one that sticks to global and board rules. Board rules should be made carefully (the less ambiguous the better) and moderation should be done with MODERATION to not kill discussion. Even a thread made with the intent to shill or shitpost can turn into a good one (and a containment one on top of it) depending on the replies and discussion that erupts from it. Define spam on the board rules and be absolutely clear about it, let anons know what is allowed and what isn't and don't leave room for mods to make arbitrary choices. Shitty mods like mark or ikampfy who just do whatever they want and get away with it bickers they're BOs are what kill boards and the only reason /v/ or /pol/ survived for so long with their shitty moderation was bickers they got rid of every alternative that popped up. Mark is sperging about 8/v/ dying and splintering bickers he knows that once they leave, chances are, they won't ever go back. Good riddance.
>>45665 Nice headcanon, Anon.
>>45667 >IT-WAS-REAL-IN-MY-MIND-POSTING No Chaim, you are the jew.
>>45666 >>45654 >>45639 >>45630 We got a live one boys.
>>45670 >jew butthurt over 8/pol/ >even after all these years lol. I'll give you some better headcanon, btw. Mark IS ikampfy
>>45672 >Mark IS ikampfy I dont think they are the same person, but I do think Mark was moderating /pol/ since at least 2016
Open file (248.22 KB 417x462 markthecrybabykike.png)
>>45670 someone should replace the head with pic related in fact of course :^)
Open file (402.75 KB 770x648 smug_kukuri.png)
>>45666 >Nice headcanon, Anon. Sure anon, sure. Anyways, my point is, rules make the board and yet, rules are useless if mods do whatever they want. Big boards exodus are really hard to pull off, specially if they sabotage the alternatives. /pol/ and /v/ are dead now so anons will go where they please and settle there. /v/ and /pol/ are splintered and there's no helping to it. I wonder if /v/irgins will be smart and go to fatchan/v/ or julay/v/ or be retarded enough to follow mark to josh's honeypot and get all their IPs scratched. Foxdick hates loli so a wrong move from Mark could get them all doxed by well known self-hating pedophile known as joshua moon aka null.
>>45651 Lmao, it's already down. Is Lim going to do DoS protection too.
Open file (93.96 KB 1895x255 acidkikeshittysite.png)
Who's ready to go to Acidkike the fed's website to get their data leaked again? I doubt he'll find a way to upload CP on other people's hard drive this time around but he might still try!
>>45677 >but I do think Mark was moderating /pol/ since at least 2016 So Mark was the rachposter? I doubt it.
Open file (38.10 KB 200x300 not fbi.jpg)
>>45672 why do all the obvious newfags think that calling everyone a kike will make you "fit in"? it's literally the equivalent of pic related >>45686 It seems that /b2/ migrated to josh's honeypot. It's a headscratcher for me, as you said, josh HATES loli, so why would any /b/ based board head there knowing that, is beyond me. Shame, as /b/ here is dead, and /b2/ was really good while it lasted, wish people would get fed up with dysnomia's shit earlier so it could have had a longer life
>>45710 Go back to reddit.
>>45711 calling people a kike won't make you fit in around here, neither will changing your IPs and telling them to go back to reddit in the same thread I suggest you go back to cuckchan, tho, you will fit in just right
>>45712 Go back to reddit.
>>45713 Do you like looking at Mark's starfish? Also how is reddit and 4chan now'a days?
>>45716 I'm not sure if that was him, but in the channel awesome thread, somebody said they didn't know who any of them were. I will leave this piece of information at that, and let it explain the sudden drop of quality of this board I wouldn't be surprised if mark /v/ posters were all unironic redditors and 4channers, tho. 8/v/ userbase is just as tainted as 4/v/, at this point, anyone going to the "official" migration of the board deserves what they get
>>45712 >>45716 Triggered
>>45718 The "drop in quality" is all you.
>>45716 <mark thread >do you like mark's anus why yes, how did you know? >>45718 go back Гунтhrum
Open file (764.28 KB 1920x1080 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (266.28 KB 608x1042 Seeth harder.png)
LMFAO, Mark keeps seething ITT >>45667 https://archive.ph/gfc1I#5161 https://archive.ph/le5p7#selection-30173.1-30168.2 FYI Mark&Cole, I'm happy you want to create your own imageboard, but at the least I can say in my behalf I don't use fatpeople.lol. I was just curious, and found you, again, with your Jewish tricks. I also don't think anyone here even knows or uses endchan ftm,LMFAO
>go to mark thread >expect mark discussion >instead, find an underage cuckime cuckchan tranny leaking out of it's 2 containment threads
Open file (1.48 MB 960x640 objection-84780.mp4)
https://archive.md/LdDcs#5806 You know, you can ask me all about the Canadafag here, right?
Open file (193.90 KB 287x330 electroboom.png)
>>45817 whomst?
nu/cow/ is the real lolcow. <YOU MUST BE ME OR ELSE
>>45844 You're pretty upset today, aren't you, josh?
>>45817 >Muscises owns jula/v/ wat, the music anon? i don't understand
Mark and his ni/gg/ers are having a meltdown on tvch over 8kun/9nig banning CP/Loli/Kids. https://tvch.moe/tv/res/23489.html
Open file (198.25 KB 1600x900 20190727130037_1.jpg)
> >>45844 >>45722 >>45721 >>45713 >>45711 >>etc. Switching vpns doesn't fool anyone if you're too stupid to switch up posting style along with it. How many years have you been seething and shitting your diaper on imageboards? You'd think you would have caught on to that by now.
>>45881 Yeesh, your newfag smell. Why does it matter he runs two boards? >>45884 seems fatpeole is down bickers of their antics too. Damn pedoautists, they can't control their spergrades. >>45896 Mark IRL
>>45914 Mark, the only you're hurting is my ribs.
Hey cakekike, still trying to bump your thread off of the first page with CP?
>>45630 I got permabanned a few times from /pol/ for shit like Ironpill and No Step threads. Stuff that was normal for /pol/ pre-Kampfy. Fuck off, retard.
>>45925 >loli isn't pedophilia >it's advocates just happen to have CP on hand
Open file (94.85 KB 530x547 mjarbo_the_chad.jpg)
>>45953 Is Mark in a secret CP ring that so happens to be on discord?
>>45548 Why hasn't mark been party v& for his pedo shit? Is it becasue he's a fed snitch?
>>45913 >calls someone a newfag >posts a pepe and capeshit can someone put this board out of it's misery already?
>>45958 >Is Mark in a secret CP ring that so happens to be on discord? Yes. >>45967 >Why hasn't mark been party v& for his pedo shit? Is it becasue he's a fed snitch? Yes.
So does mark control fat/v/? If not then why does it have a high pph/users?
>>46003 i hate smug anime GIRLS I HATE THEM SO GOD DAMN MUCH.
>>46003 bickers both him and Cole are using it until they get 8cult.moe fixed up. I'm enjoying their austistic takes. Cole even created 2 sns accounts to talk to himself,to send the narrative ggrevolt persists https://archive.ph/48Lm4#7119 Notice the year
>>45997 >Yes. You think they're gonna black bag him now that he's lost his "influential" janny position? Can't see how much use he'd be to them now.
>>45913 >Why does it matter he runs two boards? bickers he doesn't hang with us anymore
>>46005 I hate them, bickers most of the time they are used by butthurt brainlets in lieu of an actual argument.
OH NO OH NO OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO https://archive.md/cudCq#16930402
Open file (81.60 KB 1280x720 526836.jpg)
>>46005 >>46014 Eh! Whatcha gonna do?
Open file (104.91 KB 1200x900 $$$$$.jpg)
FATCHAN IS DEAD JULAY IS ON DEATHROW AND THE WEBRING LIVES ON BORROWED TIME He warned you all that he is /v/ incarnate and without him there can be no /v/ nor a webring but you didn't believe him ! You didn't listen !! And this is what happens.. Well who's laughing now?!
>>46365 If the death of all imageboards is the price we must pay for not listening to Mark then I say SO LONG NIGGERS ANON TALK WARNED YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN
>>46365 >FATCHAN IS DEAD Gongratulations on the ebin ddos. I guess they'll have to find something else to do for the next two hours or so.
>>46368 No dude, its in the news. Planned downtime.
>>46386 oh no its dead forever, jesus.
Open file (503.48 KB 419x900 1587051692-0.png)
>>46365 Everything going according to the plan. There will be only 2 boards standing after this.
>>46398 Is there anything actually wrong with 9chan?
>>46436 Low PPH Run by Jewsh BO's are faggots
>>46463 >low PPH of course it is, it's a week old
Open file (401.65 KB 330x942 MARK__ .PNG)
Open file (371.38 KB 358x895 .PNG)
Mark is love Mark is life
Does anyone know Mark's real name and where he lives?
>>46600 also his age if you know for sure, or guess it.
>>45953 Thank you, Dr. Thrax.
>A bunch of old threads getting bumped with extremely low effort replies Mark, we've been over this. Your thread stays on page 1.
>>46472 imagine making something like this imagine keeping something like this on your computer imagine unironically posting "based" memes about how cool mark is
>>46767 Shut the fuck up retard mark is good, I want to fuck mark and rape his demented mother to a pulp and fucking his disappointed father, if he's still alive that is lol what aloser family to shut out such a failure.
>>46777 wasted digits, posted by a waste of flesh. this board really attracts all kinds of cuckchan crossposters, doesn't it?
>>46778 I dont think anyone from cuckchan gives a shit about mark.
>>46472 I've seen screencaps of cuckchanners unironically defeding josh, so it's not a stretch they would defend mark as well, especially if they don't know who he is, aside from an "internet personality"
Literally any mention of the webring on cake/v/ is being told to fuck off with people calling them shills. I honestly can't tell if they're bad faith actors or if the average cake/v/tard thinks it's a winning strategy to go back to divide and conquer tactics and isolate themselves from the larger imageboard community like they did on 8kun. Buy considering almost every single one of the posters sperging out and calling anyone who talks about the webring at all a shill have massive post histories talking about regular things it seems like /v/edditors are legitimately just that fucking stupid. Honestly at this rate if Mark doesn't start banning people for anti-webring sentiment his board is just going to fucking die.
>>46901 and nothing of value will be lost
Open file (612.57 KB 649x469 oh no.png)
>>46901 >isolate themselves >board dies
>>45248 >all the users from /v/ already moved to the webring mostly julay and fatchan all other /v/'s are more dead that 8kun's /v/
>>46901 Mark doesn't like the webring bickers he can't use his global admin powers to rat people out to the feds and shut down truth threads.
Open file (513.93 KB 550x412 probably true tbh.png)
>>46901 I think they are just tired of that all autistic screeching around them at this point. Better to find some new cow, I guess.
>>46901 >I honestly can't tell if they're bad faith actors I believe they must be, they always have something to screech about. on 8kuntz it was the webring, on fat/v/ it was julay and /cow/, bickers obviously fatchan being on the webring they couldn't boogeyman that, now on cake/v/ it's back to the webring as a whole. but if you look at their posting patterns and the way they type, you can tell it's always the same fags and it doesn't matter how much one tries to reason with them, they always find something to boogeyman and push their narrative. during my time on fat/v/ I noticed not even the ni/gg/ers were falling for it and they were actively telling d&c goons to shut the fuck up, not even the BO was having any of that shit. >Honestly at this rate if Mark doesn't start banning people for anti-webring sentiment his board is just going to fucking die. mark and acid are both faggots and HATE the webring for the reasons outlined here >>46936 , they're trying their best to pretend to like it to get accepted into it bickers they know they are completely and utterly IRRELEVANT without it. just look at the pph in that shithole, been up for what, 10 days? and they barely have 3k posts sitewide, every board but /v/ is completely barren and even there all the activity is in the meta and in goober threads shitting on mark, complaining about muh julay, muh /cow/, muh webring, muh shills all while sucking acid's dick and technical issues bickers the site is a pile of steaming shit. also huge LOLz at mark literally copypasting threads from julay to pretend his site is populated seen here http://archive.is/yHnDX you can bet half of the posts on /v/ are by him on 10 vpns.
>>46463 cuckflare
>Page 3 Not today, cakeboi
Do you guys know how this guy first revealed his identity?
Does anyone here know anything of his family? Face, name, social media,... It's enough.
>>46901 Mark was the one that spread that the webring is ebil, so he gets what he deserves.
Cake/v/ unironically arguing archives for me not for thee bickers people keep linking to archives of Mark doing stupid shit. https://archive.ph/PTUpB
>>47701 >constant talk about board and imageboard culture >no interest in video games No wonder these cuckchanners are hated everywhere.
>>47701 Hold on. Don't they have a mega-archive of the last 6 years of their own general that they proudly tout on their wiki? >enemies lol
>>47636 his twatter that all I got tho https://twitter.com/GunbusterX
>>47636 first time I learned about his existence at all was when he appeared on the hwndu stream and embarrassed himself in front of a crowd that said the clip where he makes one guy flip by saying "hitler shit his pants and did nothing wrong" is hilarious
>>47702 how is it any different that julay/v/?
>>45039 The fatfuck is struggling trying to stay relevant. He is shitting up threads on /v/ any time that someone exposes how much of a retard he is.
>>46436 >>46463 >>46465 They don't allow loli. Fuck 9chan
Proof that /v/irgins are pathetic, illiterate beta males. After all this time and not a single fucking retard knows his IRL life and dumps child porn or makes death threat to his family. Fucking retards I swear.
>>48978 Are you talking about Mark? 'Cause that's such a public information, I'm surprised nobody has killed him yet: https://www.google.com/maps/search/autism+homes+new+york/@40.7219363,-73.7596484,8z
>>47701 >>47756 >>48978 The only thing i see here is the same fag posting in both places watch the posting paterns both in the screenshots and here;the commas,the punctuation,the capitalisation and the style they are made in are identical to eachother using TOR only adds the corn nugget on top of the shit-sundae either put some actual effort those next time or go be a kike elsewhere
>>49074 You fucking inbred, wanting to dox someone != "I'm Mark". Mark doesn't use Tor, bickers it's slow as shit and his spamming section is highly reduced bickers of it. So he uses VPN instead, which contains id, and it usually has only 1 reply in them bickers he has to switch identities often. Dont worry Mark, I will send child porn to your parents and friends.
>>49097 and accuse you of being a pedophile.
Open file (4.67 MB 640x360 YOURE A PEDOPHILE.mp4)
>>48653 >cant post about video games, movies, politics, literature, etc... without jacking off to cartoons of children...
There's literally nothing wrong with being a pedophile.
>>46436 No, fuck off there pls
Open file (146.76 KB 850x692 pedomophiles.jpg)
>>46436 everyone who uses it is either foxdick farms fag or a cuckchan rapefugee >>51349 this >>51389 hebephile* >>51679 pics related
>>51695 >hebephile Literally the fucking worst. >pedophiles be like "Fucking babies is wrong, kill them! I'm better than that!" >ebeophiles be like "Fucking tweens is wrong, kill them! I'm better than that!" >hebefiles be like "Fucking teens is wrong, kill them! I'm better than that!" >lolifags be like "Fucking minors is wrong, kill them! I'm better than that!" >The rest of the world be like "This is so many levels of delusion, kill them all!"
>>51715 So what are you saying? Nepis are the most based of all? I agree in fact of course.
>>51715 Well you got hebephilia and ephebophilia backwards in your little green text chain. That said, there is a huge difference between pubescent "children" and those who haven't undergone puberty yet. People undergoing puberty are going to have an interest in sex, and are also going to be capable of reproduction, so it is only natural for someone to be attracted to them. One of the main reasons society is so messed up right now is due to the way teenage sexual relations are policed. This is bickers the only people becoming teen parents are the irresponsible rebels who want to have a kid at 15 as fuck-you to society. In an ideal society, marriage in the early teens would be something that is encouraged rather than shamed. Now teens are forced to look to porn and masturbation for sexual gratification, and proper long-term relationships are eschewed in favor of secretive flings fueled by bortion pills condoms and oral sex.
>>51715 You newfag. Lumping lolicons in with actual lolicons is peek newfag virtue signalling retardation. Go the fuck back to reddit if you can't stand the sight of drawings, you fucking snowflake.
>>52934 >You newfag. Lumping lolicons in with actual lolicons is peek newfag virtue signalling retardation. Go the fuck back to reddit if you can't stand the sight of drawings, you fucking snowflake. >Lumping lolicons in with actual lolicons What?
>>52934 you do realize that literally most of this board, like, 90%, is just normalfags from twitter engaging in gay ops against one another, right? And most of them are watching cartoons on their gay cytube channel, when they're not circlejerking about their favorite e-celebs in the cyclical Ask yourself this, since 8chan shut down, how much c.ontent was made on this board, not counting anything mark or IBS related? Nothing interesting. You're talking to pepe posting, 3D worshipping simps, both to women and to their e-celeb groomers. They don't know what "lolicon" is, to them, it's just "drawn child porn" No point in arguing with them, or tell them to go back to reddit(they likely already browse it, anyways). if you are going to dump any cocks, just do that, nothing else will work, and it clearly triggers them
Reminder that mark is a pedo and he is raiding julay/v/ with real co bickers no one goes to his shitty site
>>53103 Such an odd phenomenon that /cow/ became worse than most of the people featured on the catalog. Guess this is what happens when you invite mass waves of normalfags into your board.
Open file (380.14 KB 1014x653 Mark harasses Jim.png)
Open file (349.04 KB 929x930 Jim Bulmer.png)
>>53157 Probably not him, he's too busy molesting people on twitter and is about to get banned again. Context: Samurai Shodown tweeted this out https://archive.md/S0V1A#selection-2899.0-3153.4 Deleted the tweet and apologized after someone fighting game community thot got bitchy over it: https://archive.md/Xa4tq https://archive.md/BfLjC https://archive.md/Va2Rk And then [Oy veying intensifies]: http://archive.vn/DDuBk >>53157 >>53158 Despite posting this in this thread of all places, I agree with you. I miss old, pre-IBS shit /cow/. Little ironic, really
>>53205 That Super Yan chick doesn't even know how to do a QCF input. Imagine bowing down to a literal retard like that.
Open file (38.69 KB 143x160 q_iori-laugh.gif)
>>53205 ROFL LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT, Cakejew, bickers of his GG autism wanted to find the source of who supersede the PR manager of a Twitter account, got slack for archiving shit already in public?!? LOL. I'd hate to be Jim Bulmer right now. He didn't even ask his HR rep.
>>53060 Lumpin lolicons in with actual pedos* I meant.
>>53844 They are actual pedos. They're just no child rapists, which pedos are neither.
>>54208 /v/ is ran by lolicon lovers now, deal with it, /cow/ sperg also, the only pedos on this site are the ones in your IRC room, lmao
So what's the update on Mark Mann, did the Fighting Game Community excommunicated him too yet?
>>54301 >/v/ is ran by lolicon lovers now you're saying that like it's a bad thing, pokemon lover >only pedos on this site are in your IRC room /v/ doesn't have an IRC room, newfag. julay irc room is a playground for /cow/ fags, figures that the actual pedophiles are the ones who are most uncomfortable right now
>>54477 Not much, it's not like he was ever big there to begin with.He's probably in a better position than the julay staff at this point, shekels aside.
>>54486 >>54301 >koigoon samefagging not sending his best
>>54301 >>54486 everest size KEK
>>54301 >>54486 >>55092 HELLO KOIKIKE YOU ARE A PEDOPHILE
>>54486 Could be a koigoon, could be Mark himself. 10/10 post, anyway. I enjoyed it and I'm sure everyone else did.
>>54301 >>54486 lol that said, /cow/boys are the most obnoxious kind of normalfag. I am not surprised it took so little prodding, over such basic bitch shit, to get them to completely shit themselves. Hanging_Flesh, the personification of nu/cow/, killed the site. sad to say this, but mark won just by the virtue of being the lesser sperg here, busy eating pies and getting his ass even fatter and waiting for julay to implode while he's doing nothing else
The new ni/gg/er headquarter is currently at https://zchan.cc/v/thread/406.html
>>56823 Nah mate. It's specifically the /v/edditor crossposting archetype that doesn't fit in and throws a hissy fit bickers they're told they have shit taste that I usually refer to as ni/gg/ers. If they get overrun by ni/gg/ers chimping out at a later stage, that's their problem.
Open file (15.25 KB 1610x118 a.png)
So when is 8chan.moe going down?
>>57146 They already got reported by (((esther))) for loli but their new host didn't care. Probably not any time soon unless cakejew loses his shit over something stupid again.
>>57583 I find it suspicious that this whole reporting and purging stopped the instant pedophiles and S​ARGONrs were forced onto mark's chan.
>>57856 Haha anyone else remember when vch was literally the single only board on the webring that wasn't being fucked with by dolphin? What a weird coincidence. Also does anyone remember the weird coincidence that mark happened to sticky dolphins thread about d&c by accident lol. Anyone remember that very random weird coincidence?
>>58607 a real coinkydink
so when's 8fed going down?
I love loli hentai
>>45049 I agree with this, but they should remove low quality threads, unless you want to end up with braindead boards like cuckchan.
Open file (74.61 KB 756x201 ClipboardImage.png)
Some chink making a few posts shilling for china was apparently enough of a reason for Mark to demand that tor be disabled. Now his goons are defending his honour and attempting to justify banning tor posting. https://archive.fo/px7rQ
>that performance >the suspicious absence of the same shitposting plaguing all the ring's boards most fed board to ever exist
>>62182 Where's the funny? There's nothing funny about spam.
Open file (524.59 KB 1255x723 Tor BLM.png)
>>62182 >>62366 Tor was never good, anyway. >>61954 Speaking of...
Open file (92.72 KB 350x350 Mark's Anus Video.mp4)
>page 4
https://archive.fo/2vEkN Acidkike is working to implement a "system" where he can individually identify and "ban" specific tor users. This is some of the most radioactive shit I've seen in awhile.
Open file (365.37 KB 640x360 not_enough_computer.webm)
Open file (27.62 KB 300x100 ClipboardImage.png)
>>63740 Browser fingerprinting isn't all that hard if you just datamine the shit out of your users browser data. Thing is if they're using tor and spamming cp, they surely know how to block js/session/cookie/localstorage, manipulate their user agent, etc. You just end up datamining your regular users as collateral :^) Based captcha.
Open file (181.14 KB 1881x280 1440795703607.png)
It's not datamining, ok? It's just persistent retention of your browser data. It's basically magic. That's dumber than anything dolphin's ever come up with.
Open file (178.69 KB 1871x343 8moefaggot.png)
>>63770 >could have just said they were doing a tor specific captcha system to prevent spam >instead he goes on about how they're going to create a magical system to ban tor users and that tor isn't as secure as people think This guy really isn't very good at optics.
>>63770 >the captcha bypass token will create a unique server-side ID for the that's attached to that token Right, so delete your client side cookies and renew your captcha. At best, it's still a tor block but allowing current tor users that renewed their captcha before the block is put up, at worst it's still persistently tracking your regular users that don't regularly clear their cache. And the best case has a pretty obvious flaw if the attacker just stocks up on captcha tokens beforehand, so you have to profile by good posts vs throwaway spam, and minimum number of captcha renewals.
>>63750 I'm wholesomely enjoying the irony, Cole, the fed who pitched 08chan.zeronet address, stating "just TORify" your BitTorrent connection, is admitting NavyOnion is deanonymous by default. >NOW Has been*. >>63770 I just love he thinks about identifying bad actors, when bad actors are bad actors, they'll (1) session and move on. Maybe consider banning files instead?
ZCHAN IS DEAD AND /v/ ON IT WITH IT NEXT ON THE HITLIST: /geimu/ on PLW He WARNED YOU and you DID NOT LISTEN, now you pay the price.
Open file (248.22 KB 417x462 markthecrybabykike.png)
>>65941 The cakekike will destroy all other /v/'s that oppose him. serves the stupid /v/edditors right
>>65984 the goyim only live to serve him, in time /v/igger will go to cakechan or die squashed by his jewcy ass.
and back up you go Your post looks like spam. Please adjust it.
>>65984 >>66098 Except nobody is going to ever put up with cake kike again after all the niggardry he's pulled. So in reality, he just killed /v/ completely for no particular reason. Congratulations Mark, you did what all the game journo trannies couldn't.
I wonder if someone hasn't been reporting their financial income.
>>67719 Apparently he's been a Journo from the start himself >>70108 He is the very thing he hates.
He and Garhoole are still talking with each other?
Open file (100.96 KB 679x1200 mark and a cool hat.jpg)
you can't really have a thread about Mark Mann without talking about the man who supplies him with child porn. That man is Marks best Fwiend Toad McKinley. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uX1dTT6__LE
>>77475 yes. and they both are also in contact with Robi (sadly)
marg woman
Open file (106.82 KB 950x387 cakeman.png)
RUSKIES THREATEN 8CAKE TAKEDOWN BOTH LOLI BOARDS /delicious/ AND /tot/ ALREADY DELETED ACID REPORTED DESPERATELY RAMBLING ABOUT A "SOLUTION" well that's quite the pickle, how's mark going to get out of this one?
>>83427 his promo to fight against Toad McKinley was kino of course in fact
>>83421 It doesn't make sense for them to die on this hill. If they want to look at loli so bad they can go on sadpanda or open up a loli thread on fucking cuckchan.
>>83560 Give an inch and they take a mile, thats why 8chan is dead and if hotwheels caved and kicked out S​ARGON the minute the DDOS attacks and domain takedowns started happening it would've been dead 6 years sooner and none of the boards like this that have fractured into altchans would've even existed in the first place.
Open file (486.60 KB 639x1152 mark_transparent.png)
Open file (17.56 KB 639x1152 Mark_2d.png)
>>83587 yeah okay whatever ni/gg/er no one here wants lolikike shit. IT WAS A GOOD THING THAT 8CHAN DIED SINCE IT WAS A FUCKING HONEYPOT, ANONS MUST EITHER EVOLVE OR DIE
>>83599 >yeah okay whatever ni/gg/er no one here wants lolikike shit. Thats why all thats left of this site is half a dozen users that all feel the same way about not being able to handle people liking things you don't like. The same thing happened to 8chan and thats why any imageboard that hopes to be successful can't be run based on your delicate sensibilities.
Open file (759.91 KB 1114x1272 pph_gunted.png)
>>83610 >Thats why all thats left of this site is half a dozen users that all feel the same way about not being able to handle people liking things you don't like. The same thing happened to 8chan and thats why any imageboard that hopes to be successful can't be run based on your delicate sensibilities. >being against pedophilia is a delicate sensibility <oh wow you and your half a dozen people wow oh my god >cakechan isn't a ghosttown AT LEAST >WE CAN STILL BE HERE ON THE CLEARNET xander Julay was never meant to be a big place anyways, I personally welcome the exodus of users, either way >we are still doing fine. Unlike (you) faggots >we also have the benefits of not being pph addicts who think that the board is dead if it doesn't get soyspeed levels of posts per hour. >check blacked.govs post in the last hour >2 >check alogspace >3 >check pph >/cow/ is still winning by 1 HALF A DOZEN A-LOGS WIN AGAIN BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME NI/GG/ER >we win at things >we don't even care about
>>83629 I can really tell by all that cope that you totally don't care at all.
why jewish "people" are behind the majority of 8chan and webring boards?
ni/gg/ers seething: https://archive.is/qh31j https://archive.is/3MID2 MARK MANN IS A FILTHY KIKE AND A PEDOPHILE
>>83587 >>83421 >UGH, LOLIS ARE A SIGN OF FREEDOM, OKAY? IF I CAN POST UNDERAGE GIRLS ON EVERY BOARD, WHETHER IT'S AT ALL RELATED OR NOT, IT'S OPPRESSION! Go eat a dick you pedo niggеr. 8ch is dead bickers of you people.
so which one of you are the ones larping as a cuckchanner on /v/ and /japan/ right now?
>>85830 8chan was only ever alive bickers of us, thats why without us all thats left is schizo boomers from twitter using a hidden board as a platform to hear the next batch of vague ramblings from their cult leader that they proceed to interpret in any way their demented minds see fit. The site died when the owner picked them over us bickers their mental illness made it easier for them to be parted from their money, something he could never manage to get from us. You say the death of the site is our responsibility as if its on us to fund a person who will only be on our side so long as its profitable to him, if those were the conditions from the beginning then the site would have been a failure from the get go.
>>83421 all this hysteria just bickers they want to keep whacking it to pictures of drawn infants
>>85824 You have no idea if that's true (and no, liking loli doesn't make you a pedophile).
>>87195 cope
>>85934 >a person who will only be on our side so long as its profitable to him That is called real life, loser. >>87737 Perpetually defeated.
As a woman, I must say, I already touched my body by imaging Mark, Gah00le and P P P having a nice threesome.
https://archive.is/1VUHZ >/v/edditor posted /cow/-related carl cocks </v/edditor ask when carl will go to jail >ni/gg/ers defend carl saying he dindu nuffin >mark jannies all /cow/ cocks >its julay autism he has been posting this on tvch as well it is interesting when (you) get to see one thread that proves just how much /v/edditors crosspost, and they wonder why they are so universally hated. also no insulting muh based carl benjamin he was with gaymergoy I wish I had an archive of it before all the post got jannied.
MARK MANN IS BANNING #8CHAN USERS Nov 06 21:33:56 * Hachi-chan sets modes [#8chan +qo mark_ mark_] Nov 06 21:34:13 * mark_ sets modes [#8chan +b *!~DolphinKu@AF19387F.A8D4A054.22B3E60C.IP] Nov 06 21:34:23 * You have been kicked from #8chan by mark_ (mark_)
Imagine feelings jelly about Mark being a good friend of Toad McKinley Pathetic
Open file (22.69 KB 860x877 Mark_merchant.png)
Mark is a kike.
https://tvch.moe/japan/res/127042.htm Mark mann spotting, hes busy damage controlling rn.
https://archive.is/7ITgy >I'd ride her ghost, if you get my meaning >there is nothing wrong with pedophilia https://archive.is/Y4R6E >whoa a ghibili film about a little girl Mark mann is a pedophile.
>>92119 >tvch.moe/japan eh?
Massive ni/gg/er spergout due to anitaposting, the faggot got so angry he started spamming lolishit in /japan/'s catalog, the power of anita truly compels ni/gg/ers like a cross does to a demon. https://tvch.moe/japan/res/134850.html If you can't get past the filter (you) are a white G​AMERGATE!
Open file (445.22 KB 466x262 touhouorinwatches.gif)
>>94558 I think you meant to post this here John: >>70142 But thanks for letting Patrick know you posted CP and reporting him the FBI.
Open file (7.62 KB 590x86 35534535.jpg)
The SWAT teams are getting briefed right now to quash a domestic terrorist cell.
Open file (179.91 KB 1080x1686 EvFiwM2UUAImdFy.jpg)
>Mark chan has a furfag board imagine my shock
>>98874 Also a interracial thread, from the same sperg from cripplechan
>>98874 >>98875 >actually wanting an imageboard with a userbase and not just a single 0-5pph bunker board for half a dozen people totes cringe amirite?
Open file (807.62 KB 679x658 (((you))) dead.png)
>>98969 >"muh userbase!" <Furfags, lolifags and interracial cucks are ultimately a good thing for the webring Reveal yourself
>>98980 obviously purity spiraling until you have no users left is better for the webring than having to share it with people that like something you dont like
>>98992 Yes, kys pedo.
>>99010 no u, stop missing the fun.
>>99033 Well your shitty furfag/cuck boards are deleted now, enjoy your shitty loliposting while you can before being purged, manlet kike.
>>99054 they still exist unless you mean this site in which case it would be easier to name the things that are still allowed here you know besides religiously tuning in to see some fat alcoholic has-been every time he streams in a totally ironic way thats only justifiable to a single digit number of people
>>99054 im pretty sure all my boards where i post with my fellow pedos are online and will be online. and you are straight out of /pol/, retard.
>>99060 >it's politically incorrect to shit on pedos
>>99061 Correct or not, still pol.
True political incorrectness is violation of laws. Some supreme political obsessed gentlemen rise from time to time but talking about them and wars and policies and shit doesn't make you one of them is what I wanted to say. Pol is larp and pseudo intellectualism mixed in 1 shitty bag. I'd rather listen to alcoholics talking about politics on kitchen. At least they are real
>>99063 >it's pseudo intellectualism to shit on pedos
>>99064 >it's pseudo intellectualism to shit on pedos nope that's sjwism.
Who's this bearded faggot by the way? Am I posting in his thread or something?
Open file (559.03 KB 848x480 sargon_furries.webm)
>>99065 Shitting on pedos is social justice? Sure, I guess. >>99066 Some furry advocate. He makes funny expressions.
>>99067 Fuck furries, its socially acceptable. Pedo is not, so, don't fuck pedos. Let them destroy everything from within
Open file (315.95 KB 500x500 985691826.png)
>>99066 >horseshoe theory confirmed
Okay. Some of the recent posts are just bait and larping, r-right?
Okay. Some of the recent posts are just bait and larping, r-right?
Mark and Koi crew are very active at the moment on the cyclical
>>99245 Probably bickers of the HBO interview. They always get uppity when they think they're on the cusp of being the new front page of the internet.
Open file (750.19 KB 312x338 mark_laugh.gif)
>>99423 Trippy.
Mark is a fat and unfunny (((pedo)))
>>99470 looks like boring normal to me. But I like the fact that he leeches his money from cows.
Open file (83.49 KB 1207x659 EuyxEQGXMAY1ozV.png)
Which forum is this and what's the link to the YouTube vid?
>>100172 That is newera or the new neogaf, they are overly sensitive on everything. The jewtube link must've been the one year or two year celebration that was in Jew York.
>>100173 Thanks, I figured it was ResetEra (or "Trannyera"). Still trying to find the YT link.
>>100177 Oh, just the lame boring old "I am the Dark Knight" vid. Gay. Thanks.
>>99423 >>99434 what is this from?
>>101370 I found it last night on 1377x
>>45667 How come no one has posted mark's asshole just placed into random images? you can post the image into any non-related thread with mark's asshole somewhere in the image, and get people really paranoid about mark's jOOci boi hole
>>105157 Thank you tarrantdup very cool.
>>45042 Only Mark makes Gahoole look like a chad in comparison, despite the fact that both own a shitty warped Nintendo console >>45047 One who doesn't delete this clip, why you guys haven't hired Vaush? He's so fucking autistically dense like your jannies are.
Open file (43.95 KB 480x335 to.png)
Open file (38.93 KB 480x320 wants.png)
Open file (42.99 KB 480x343 Be.png)
Open file (43.81 KB 480x342 Mark.png)
Open file (45.17 KB 480x340 Oedipus.png)
>>105157 You do know that isn't really marks butt hole. but joocie boi posting is pretty funny
>>99060 You know who gets else gets asshurt and pulls out the "No U" card? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZg5mmE889Y
Is Gahoole sucking Mark cock recently? In the gold Гунт he praised mark while shit talked zachfag for exemple lol I wonder if he changed his views
Open file (45.83 KB 625x540 1624645877405.jpg)
>>105997 Why would habits the hand which feeds him? >no mention of Mark replying to his foxdick farms thread? <I should expect as much from nu-/cow/ at this point No screencaps since foxdick farms is getting PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON&apos;T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORDd right now by stans of some enbie who threatened sewer slide
>>107578 Gahoole has disavowed mark a while back after /hebe/, as for mark responding to his foxdick pretty sure I already saw the ni/gg/ers respond and whine about tranny farms talking about them.
Open file (178.18 KB 520x390 1622619073895.png)
>>107641 Yes, but now the big man has replied. Gahooles breakdown of imageboard history was the best post in the foxdick farms thread. Also here's cripplekike kicking Toad McKinley his fellow former wizchan mod when he and foxdick farms by proxy is down. https://archive.is/nZ4X4 <Gahoole has disavowed Mark after /hebe/ lol no they were watching movies in discord as they watched zachfag sperg relentlessly, gahoole even apologised on his Twitter about getting people's accounts nuked with the server.
Open file (80.25 KB 1226x347 Mark has a meltdown.jpg)
Mark had a meltdown. https://archive.ph/BJz8u
>>114191 holy shit
>>114191 Based spamchad.
>>114191 rent free in the jew's head that has to be the deepest cut, someone not paying to live inside his head
>>107664 Hi pedochu/trsperg, how are you?
I'm done with Mark and kike shit. I made my own board. Everyone welcomed, except for the kike and his minions. https://8chan.moe/vv/catalog.html
>>114925 yetanother/vg/ whoohoo!
Doesn't look Jewish and what's with the /pol/ crap on here?
Based Daddy Gym defended Mark
>>114963 >>114925 Real /v/ hasn't been tried yet Markchan and the webring together have over half a dozen videogame boards now, just settle for one option already.
>>114925 Make a thread about Devil May Cry 5 being a shit game and a sequel of DmC and watch the fat kike cry jew tears lel
Open file (144.08 KB 960x951 doge.jpg)
>>114925 >made it on mark's site >not on the webring what a retard
Open file (27.04 KB 202x345 The face of a retard.JPG)
Mark gets off to trannies and pictures of "female" characters with huge cocks. What a faggot kek
Open file (140.80 KB 1912x676 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (31.96 KB 610x216 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (140.80 KB 1912x676 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (31.96 KB 610x216 ClipboardImage.png)
Anyone else remember how he was getting paid hundreds of dollars to copy paste articles or whatever it is he did. That and handle board migration requests on the original 8chan. He failed that so hard that he got kicked off.
Open file (100.95 KB 679x1200 Mark_Fedora.jpg)
Open file (164.28 KB 2048x1152 Mark_the_fat_jewish_fuck.jpg)
Open file (213.08 KB 1683x800 zika mark.jpeg.jpg)
Open file (1.32 MB 517x337 Mark Speed.gif)
>>45672 faggot
>>53103 dirty faggot
>Mark Mann gives out his phone number on the game awards stream >Noone from /cow/ even tries calling in or doxxing him Do you faggots actually do anything here besides jerking off to Mark's ass?
>>182982 They jerk off to my ass too.
>>182982 >not posting the number you're an even bigger faggot >>117391 I just learned that moe isn't on the webring anymore. I'm a bit late to the party on this, but what exactly went wrong?
here is marky poo admitting that 8chan is fucking dead, done and buried. he probably resents that he and his gay gaymergay movement killed what little good will people had to 8chan/moe left, now he's stuck moderating a dead board filled with pedos who are on a never ending crusade to prove that they don't actually masturbate to children, just their drawings(which is ok and 100% legal, in fact of course) is it any wonder nobody wants to go to that shithole anymore? even cuckchanners endlessly bullied them late late last year LMAO!
Open file (1.27 MB 1600x1200 Mark_(Shaved)_3.jpg)
>>185720 Moe's death had nothing to do with S​ARGON, but Marks retarded moderation style himself.
>>185720 4cuckers are insufferable fags. /v/ was once good but now it is filled with the worst kind of circlejerkery, Reddit moderation and users imaginable, worst than anything that was ever on 8chan. Mark then wonders why the site is dead. You're BO? Wake the hell up and clean house.
Open file (60.24 KB 596x772 ClipboardImage.png)
Here's a little rundown of this fat kike's retardation if you're late to the party.
>>189840 NTA but to add to that, mark has been seething about /cow/ more than usual, he and his niGGer cake eaters bring up /cow/ at the slightest insult or trolling, as if there was a giant conspiracy involving both boards. Also included some nice little recent images where they pretty much admit their gay little site is all but dead, and the users are no different than normalG​AMERGATEs/redditors who report each other all day long What a fantastic end to the niGGer movement, forced to smell the kike's farts and jerk each other off as the last few remaining users seethe at each other and call them names, /cow/ living eternally in their heads
>>190732 Still can't let go from the little retard wars from back on 8ch. PATHETIC
You know what I just noticed? /cow/ and alogs is still on the webring. Blacked.cp isn't Is this why markie-poo is seething so hard about this place? bickers his pedo circlejerk got kicked out but the boogieman that mocks him is still kept around?
lol, lmao even with how dead the webring is, what do you think the odds are of mark being literally the only one still making the "lolis are not pedo reee" argument and whining about /cow/? do even the other most hardcore niGGers care about us anymore?
Zzzchan is dead as fuck, the only thing going on there are the usual cp or factions hating Mark or loving Mark. see https://zzzchan.xyz/b/thread/132807.html#134461 Also, rapeman is banning anyone making jokes about Mark.
>>54301 Dickriding, pseudo-sweaty gamers who always blow their welfare at lewd autists. Bravo /v/irgins, you sure taught a lesson to the redditors by being 10 times worse. Tell me: How are you faggots any better than MovieBlob or Chris-Chan? Your autism implodes whenever a Nintendo or Sonic thread gets shat out.
>>203397 Have you seen their "japanese video game chart" thread? These G​AMERGATEs don't even play video games anymore. There is two people making a chart, one is still not finished and the other has been finished for a year but is too stupid to actually spread it to the slant eyes himself and is literally begging people to do it for him in the nig.gergate thread. At this point, people will start making jokes about how many niGGers it takes to screw in a lightbulb or wipe the kike's fat ass
Wakey Wakey, guess who just had a meltdown again?
>>218404 Holy fuck, hes still coping all these years later, thank you for sharing this gold anon.
>>218404 Absolute golden markG​AMERGATE meltdown
>>218404 UPDATE TIME! Mark Mann(sweaty gamer) is currently leaking private user info only he has access to bickers someone told him to kill himself. MARK CONFIRMED TO BROWSE USER INFO OF ANYONE THAT MOCKS HIM AND LEAK IT AT THE SLIGHTEST PROVOCATION https://8chan.moe/v/res/640607.html I bet that's why he makes up all the boogeymen like "G​AMERGATEpill" or "LCP" in his mind, he thinks there is a cabal of trolls out to get him and he "confirms it" by violating privacy of random users. Of course, since he is an idiot, he is wrong and unknowingly just confirms what everyone has been assuming all along: That 8blacked.gov is a honeypot that harvests user info and leaks it when appropriate. Linking another image where something like this happened recently
>>218443 >still [posting on cakeboi.simp Are you that lonely or desperate for friends? Imageboards are dead. Long live the new flesh.
>>218444 Why would I post there? The only thing that shithole is good for is harvesting lolcow my jewish mother, and boy has there been a lot to my jewish mother lately
*lolcow m1lk, don't remember these retarded filters last time I posted here Anyways, the kike ran off and he will probably start seething once he realizes that leaking user info on a whim was a bad idea
Open file (29.56 KB 598x800 ClipboardImage.png)
>>218443 And they still wonder why nobody goes to their shitty ni/gg/er threads anymore truly underrated lolcow material.
Open file (42.12 KB 800x600 mark soyjak.jpg)
Open file (598.32 KB 1920x1080 mark is fat and rejected.png)
Open file (1.28 MB 1618x6723 mark cannot get a job.png)
Mark Mann(sweaty gamer) recently got bummed bickers all his efforts to get a job went about as well as expected when he unironically wrote on his resume that his previous experience includes "managing a website" and listed a site he is a BO on, known for hosting CP among other things there. The thread was a treasure so I screencapped it, kike might need to start flipping burgers before long, why? If you recall, recently he had to beg his users for some donation money so he could pay off his sky high jew york city taxes, he tried to do so by starting a stream to "help with site costs", but was then shutdown by site staff who said they have no need to raise any money for the site. I believe that image can be found somewhere in the general 8chan.moe thread I also found a funny 'jak on the sharty that looks like Mark Mann(sweaty gamer), feel free to use it as you see fit
Open file (254.39 KB 1614x1177 moe founding history.png)
This one originally had nothing to do with the fat kike, but he just came by and was one-hit killed by another niGGer and I had to include it
Open file (1003.94 KB 1611x2037 moe founding history.png)
Open file (323.00 KB 1364x1142 mark revisionism.jpg)
>>219830 Update: Mark sperged out and not only made an ass of himself(again) but deleted the posts he claimed were "revisionism" Dumb kike has skin thinner than his penis and then tries to "correct the record", as if he was fooling anybody. How hilarious. Oh, and he doubled down and claimed he IS /v/ again, while in the same breath admitting that the only reason he quit a good paying job from the pig farmer and his site was bickers he couldn't goon it to pictures of little girls anymore. Little wonder this thread is still active, 3 years later.
>>219596 >the sharty It's weird seeing newfag Zoomers talk about 8chan as if they were there.
>>219836 Why post on /v/ when there's >>>/kong/, the superior alternative.
>>219596 >that thread Yeah, Mark's life is fucked. He got lucky in the past but luck runs out. He is over thirty with literally no skills, experience, or degrees. He will be stocking shelves until 70. I wonder how many guys besides myself from 8chan were able to cobble together a career? Probably not many.
Open file (1.29 MB 1609x3236 moe founding history.png)
>>219836 I can't believe it, this is STILL GOING! I had time to go out and touch grass, go to bed, wake up, eat, shit and do other things, and they are STILL having their little slapfight about "revisionism" In particular, the anon who had his posts deleted in second pic is now constantly reposting information that was deleted, while Mark Mann(pedo) and his jannies keep deleting it. This isn't the first time a scorn niGGer had his posts deleted and then did everything he could to make Mark miserable for a few hours, so this could go on for a while. He will likely shut that whole board down due to "Bypass Denials" so that nobody who already doesn't have a captcha active can post on his board(That includes any actual users who want to make a post). I should note that this act of "shutting everything down" is what Leftypol/Bunkerchan was known for when 4/pol/ would spam them, so that makes the pic with Mark and Miss Piggy ultra ironic. Thin skin kike really hates it when people mention WHY people hate him, no wonder he's exactly where you would expect him to be, on a dead board only known for their obsession with children and G​AMERGATE dicks
>>219900 Why didn't you post this part?
Open file (141.11 KB 1631x584 hey mark.png)
>>219920 Oh look who showed up, it's the pedo kike himself Since you're here, and we KNOW it's you, can you tell us why you tried grooming your underage niece? What was that porn game you made her play while you fondled her, again?
Oh, and nobody cares what you have to say, Mark. That's why nobody will ever cap whatever you have to say, especially when it's mostly word-for-word what the person you banned had to say, minus the parts that made you look bad conveniently not elaborated on
>>219926 >>219928 I'm not here to argue, I was linked this thread by a friend and just wanted to post context. Argue among yourselves.
Open file (29.56 KB 598x800 ClipboardImage.png)
>>219920 >mark >posts his opinion >thinks anyone cares are blacked.feds for real?
>>219931 You know Mark, I heard you jack off to babyfurs, aka furry CP with diapers. Is that true? You're quite a sick fuck, you know that? BTW, ever wonder why everybody rejected your dumbass when you were applying for a job? Well, wouldn't it be a shame if a certain someone made sure that several companies and businesses in New York knew about a certain pedo kike who hosted a radical right wing website full of other pedos? Wouldn't that be a shame!
Open file (1.77 MB 1680x5360 02.png)
Open file (9.31 MB 1680x28800 01.png)
Mark, mind explaining this? I kept that tab open to see just how much that guy whose posts you deleted would flood the thread, but now it's full of upskirts of what I assume are 4-5 yr olds. What does this have to do with video games or "gaming journalism"? And you claim you are not a pedo-phile. Pathetic, I hope somebody finds you and kills you, especially now that we know where you live
Open file (452.71 KB 1623x763 both.png)
Hey fatass, looks like even your own users are calling you a fat, retarded liar that you are. Pretty funny, isn't it? Oh, and I didn't include your quote here either bickers nobody cares what you have to say. Why don't you come back and "correct the record" again?
Open file (444.07 KB 1420x409 mark overwatch.png)
Look at this disgusting AI fetish shit. For someone who is such a coomer, you would think he would have a better taste in porn Jacking off to little girls(and boys) and motherly figures with big tits, huh? Got some mommy issues(and sweaty gamer tendencies) you need to work out, Markie?
Open file (283.23 KB 1077x827 ClipboardImage.png)
Seething on Foxdicks bickers they keep screencapping his post
>>244169 Holy fucking shit, its amazing that even in 10 years this faggot fat kike is still being a lolcow in the same way after 20 years, truly a mark of paedoni/gg/ery at the goyimgaters
Open file (297.29 KB 1208x600 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (171.45 KB 1874x1298 ClipboardImage.png)
>>244302 Holy fucking shit, the paedoni/gg/er himself cant stop digging his own fucking hole, its beautiful to witness, every year mark has a new meltdown for >us to laugh at.
Open file (88.96 KB 1068x260 ClipboardImage.png)
>>244344 Holy shit what is this fat fucking paedokike accusing jersh off? A super sekrit personal army? jersh is on his personal discord sending in the military to arrest mark mann for being a dirty paedophile at this instant.
Open file (260.16 KB 1496x886 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (175.34 KB 1496x800 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (2.11 MB 357x217 autistic_shit.gif)
Open file (166.63 KB 1474x438 ClipboardImage.png)
>>244422 >kike paedo getting b.tfo by based 30+GameOvers and Jersh >forever stuck seething on foxdicks Seems like Mark Mann(paedophile) is gonna be stuck for a while trying to groom his underage niece with the hit game for paedos unteraltebach
>>218404 >The same board he shared with Silvia, too I never shared a board with Kazu. Vampy is on drugs. Kazu was just a global mod that I abused until he sperged out and quit being a moderator entirely, I never shared anything with that clown. In fact, when I became BO, I fired all the mods bickers they were all /gg/ homos. Also, Mark kept threatening to ban me when I was trying to teach one of the other mods on his board how to use mod tools (bickers it's unintuitive). He just doesn't like me for some reason even when I am trying to be helpful. Probably bickers I vigorously defended another user of the site when the Admins were threatening to report him to police (for literally nothing; he was posting cute and wholesome videos of his daughter singing songs and such, but for some reason Mark and Acid were determined to report him to police and give all his data to them). And so I made it public, forcing them to walk to back, bickers what kind of site owner dox's their users? >he is seething and powerless <TOR was completely banned for 2 months, still can't post files from it after like a year All bickers a thread was locked (and it was an Admin thread too about me being removed from BO of /b/ without any good reason, and no response from any Admin, which I kept asking for until they locked the thread so I couldn't bump it anymore). https://8chan.moe/site/res/5219.html . Pathetic? All I asked was that my thread be unlocked and I would stop spamming, but instead they chose to cuck all of TOR (now their activity is way down, replaced by Spanish people, when it used to be like twice as much when I was running their /b/), just so people couldn't see that I was removed unjustly? >>244434 >groom your underage niece Is that true? wtf, why is Mark such a degenerate? I always assumed he was a homo and no one cares if he's grooming boys, but his niece, really?
Open file (36.50 KB 500x599 Retard Rule - Copy.png)
Open file (247.95 KB 979x1345 Ordinary Spam.png)
>>244764 <TOR was completely banned for 2 months, still can't post files from it after like a year >which is what a spammer wants--they WANT to be stomped, along with everyone else). lol
Open file (153.21 KB 1848x327 ClipboardImage.png)
>>244764 >Is that true? wtf, why is Mark such a degenerate? I always assumed he was a homo and no one cares if he's grooming boys, but his niece, really? Yeah, he groomed his little niece to play unteraltebach, a pedo game from germany Refer to evidence from >>45271 Whats really interesting is that JEWS ran defense for him for that somehow. >>232925
Who gives a fuck about 2d loli mojcaesar187agging retard
Open file (537.02 KB 485x615 pedo.gif)
>>244996 First off, kys paedo. Second off, stop this fucking 2d bullshit, we all know this is paedocope just look at mark, he is fucking grooming his niece to play unteraltebach with him and probably fucking molested her, you fucking G​AMERGATEkike pedoshit lover
There is a possible rewrite of Mark's thread on Foxdicks, to include more old and new info about him. This thread will probably be used as a basis, but if there is anything else that wasn't covered or more details added to what's in this thread already, it will probably be used. Acid Pedo also applies here, he's the owner of that shithole of a site now after all. >>244169 Ever since he had his little meltdown, he's been checking in on the farms every other day and internally seething. It's great to see.
>>245877 Great, its always good to see a pedokike like him get destroyed.

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