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Foxdick thread Anonymous 09/10/2019 (Tue) 08:06:15 ID: 2da837 No.6332
Current order of business is the recent hacking of poor Jewshyboy.
Don't forget to archive EVERYTHING

>a.k.a Null. This person runs a website called Kiwi Farms that is dedicated to doxxing, harassing, and gossiping about mentally ill and eccentric individuals deemed "lolcows". But ironically or perhaps not so ironically, he fits the definition of an lolcow himself due to his rather sordid online (and real life) history.
Edited last time by HangingFlesh on 09/10/2019 (Tue) 08:09:38.
>>51008 I mean the pot may be calling the kettle black, but it's still true that Corey Barnhill is a sadistic pedophile. He's basically Josh but without any forum to consider an accomplishment.
Open file (82.75 KB 496x1149 1591352575-0.png)
>>61032 the failure of Infinity Next was actually Josh's fault. I was pretty involved with development. Literally the only thing we needed from Next was the ability to serve more users faster, and Josh spent the entire time making it look pretty and fancy instead. When he claimed it was ready for release I asked him how many QPS (queries per second) it could handle, and he was totally blindsided by this question. He'd never tested it. We needed a board that could serve hundreds of queries per second, at least twice as much as the old software that ran 8chan was handling. He just assumed that Hotwheels would take care of that for him somehow on the operating system layer, and thought saving or reading images from disk would be the bottleneck. There was some GNU disk cache system whose name I can't remember that he wanted to use on the servers. Hotwheels and I set it up and tested it out and reconfigured it several times over several days without significantly impacting performance. Eventually someone else in irc got it running on his system and realized the bottleneck was actually executing the php code for all the weird login features he added. The amount of queries each board could support was somewhere in the range of 2 to 3qps.
Open file (111.90 KB 259x197 1589940752-0.png)
>>61077 that's the PHP PRO for you
what did he even do before the CWCki forums? is that literally all he's known for outside of infinite never?
>>61130 he creeped on underage girls on some roblox or blockland forum
>>61130 I'm unsure if he even created the cwciki forum. I'm pretty sure he was handed the keys to it
>>61174 He took over the reins of the forum from someone else. Allegedly. I wouldn't put it past him to have taken it over in a hostile fashion.
>>61130 He was your basic high school drop out dweeb living at home with momma just as he was after getting involved with kiwi farms (until he ruined multiple lives within his family by getting them doxxed and their employers harassed to the point of losing their jobs and livelihoods). Josh did not create the forum that honor goes to champthom who created the cwcki forums after ED sysops got pissed off about people using the talk page of the chris chan article as a place to talk about Chris and dropped the hammer down. Champthom eventually tired of running the forum and was not interested in expanding past focusing on Chris bickers he could see the writing on the wall years before it happened. He stepped down and Josh was more than willing to take over.
>>62075 I wonder who will be autistic enough to take over when Null finally decides to leave.
>>62108 Chris Chan hopefully how much of this has to do with the recent kiwi dox. could be a coincidence but it seems like a house of cards situation
>>62111 a lot more than he lets on cause that's when all the mods jumped ship
Null issued this very telling statement. Smells like regret to me.
Open file (803.46 KB 1501x2714 Null Tells All.png)
Open file (16.42 KB 627x154 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6333 >I don't like this cow but this cow is even worse that's how you know the poster is a tranny from foxdick. Joshua Moon wants to have dem kids.
>>62147 >be josh >develop a sense of self-worth literally how?
Open file (118.54 KB 1354x842 jewsh bans zed 3.png)
Open file (21.49 KB 1362x163 jewsh bans zed 2.png)
Open file (65.64 KB 1121x438 jewsh bans zed 1.png)
Mr. Free Speech Warrior Jewshua Connor Moon demodded and chatbanned the "best doxxer on the site" bickers he is severely autistic.
Didn't foxdick get hacked recently again?
Jewsh lost another source of money the other week and is down to random crypto donations, bravecoin, and something else. Word on the street is that he gave out information on that something else to someone who promised to give him $100 a month, and for a laugh the person who he gave the information to handed it over to the Sams. Since they received the information, there are aspects of this payment method which make Jewsh very interesting as Sam has been contacted by law enforcement in three different countries. Jewsh hasnt been a good boy.
>>64340 very cool sam
>>62704 lol, what a baby
>>64340 what happened to 9chan?
>>65298 It was taken down by Josh due to FBI threats but, it's up now. https://9chan.tw/
>>65369 it was down cause he didn't want to host it anymore with all the CP spam on it so he gave it to someone else, it is back up cause another person is now hosting it
Open file (121.55 KB 1498x356 alog1.png)
Open file (113.84 KB 1503x354 alog2.png)
Open file (116.09 KB 1501x453 alog3.png)
Open file (128.89 KB 1498x403 alog4.png)
I'm gonna revive this thread just to talk about Kiwi Trannies and their constant hate obsession with DSP. seriously, it's amazing how one man can generate so much salt from various people that hate watch him.
>>128219 woah, that is some serious hatred and lol that dsp can get his stalkers so mad at just breathing.
Open file (749.32 KB 1920x1080 890.png)
>>128219 I'm still baffle by the amount of seething DSP generates, to think a gaming goofball will be the ire of so many dorks. His antics are entertaining, but I don't understand why people are foaming in the mouth over.
>>128219 >>128262 Are these images 404'ing bickers of some site bug, or is vol being a faggot again?
>>128330 At least you get to see julay-tan
RIP Vetti the G​AMERGATE dog
Why is that Hollywood Hulk Hogan guy such a massive faggot that simps for Democrats and shittalks any "Republican" poster on the farms? He should know by now that the USA government is never your friend and both parties work together to destroy the common folk's life (i.e. someone like Hollywood Hulk Hogan on the farms).
>>143011 >such a massive faggot Most kiwis are sadly like that
>>143011 he's a computer programmer who larps on the same bit for like 5 years now bickers retards take the bait and he can do it verbatim. HHH is dishonest, a snake and will betray you the second you turn your back on him. Typical 2014 KF oldfag
Open file (110.95 KB 427x189 ClipboardImage.png)
>>145043 Foxdicks are hilarious to me, in the sense that they believe themselves to be normal compared to the lolcows they mock. However, no normal person spends most of the day on an internet forum stalking internet randos and weirdos that want to fuck Rainbow Dash
>>146646 There's no normal people on the internet. Everyone's fucked up. Normals use insta, facebook, tiktok and messengers. And other shit for their own work. All of that hardly count as internet.
>>62704 >Jewsh literally defending pedoforks How hadn't I heard of this before? I used to respect him for keeping KF up despite the heat, but his rewritten in rust forum software is going to be vaporware like Infinity Next all over again. >>146646 >>147254 It's textbook troll shielding.
>>147747 why wouldn't he defend them when he is one? He hit on underage women while he was on blockland forums (blood mary who was 15) and later early on during KF he was promoting underage girls (CasualSeppuku who was 16) to mod so he could have more free time with them to groom them. Obviously this failed and CS ran away after TheGatorGamer's pimpgame failed on the Brazilian minor, but since TheGatorGamer has attempted to retcon and forget about this.You can find bits and pieces of this lore in the first /snow/ KF catalogue, although lolcow.farm has seemingly hidden all the KF rumors & drama to prevent their owner from being harassed further(due to insane stalkers). TheGatorGamer literally sees Cody Wilson as his principled hero, an convicted sex offender. Go to KF chat and talk shit about Cody a bunch, see how fast it takes until you're perma banned. I give it less than 6 hours. TheGatorGamer might be the most proud pedophile in the world who reuses to associate with the term.
>>143474 >who larps on the same bit for like 5 years now bickers retards take the bait and he can do it verbatim He shouldn't be doing that shit in this day and age. Radicalization is getting worst & worst with each pasting year and the last thing you should do is political baiting people just for the lols. >HHH is dishonest, a snake and will betray you the second you turn your back on him. Any examples of this?
Open file (132.74 KB 1479x478 1652632459118.png)
The Alogging is very sad. I think most of it comes from the high number of woman posters and the political charge. Any site that discusses such things will inevitably attract such posters and they will only alog harder with time to feel powerful. Ironically if foxdickfarms REQUIRED interacting with its victims to change them for the better to post the alogging would drop significantly.
Open file (390.12 KB 720x720 jewsh.webm)
From time to time I try to give a fair shot to lolcows like Jewsh, Mormon Shaggy and DSP but fuck, Jewsh is fucking retard. https://youtu.be/GQYCRV2aQ2s?t=5338 In just half of a stream he keeps showing he's an idiot who likes to pretend to be an encyclopedia, but end up more like a retard wikipedia. No wonder his fans are low IQ fat women or boomers.
>>150866 What's worse is I'm from the same region as him and I don't think it's genetic. He probably became this way from the media he watched, and I think it got worse over time. That means the media on foxdick farms (and his other frequent spots) turned him into this. That means we are all at risk being kiwi ajacent.

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