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Foxdick thread Anonymous 09/10/2019 (Tue) 08:06:15 ID: 2da837 No.6332
Current order of business is the recent hacking of poor Jewshyboy.
Don't forget to archive EVERYTHING

>a.k.a Null. This person runs a website called Kiwi Farms that is dedicated to doxxing, harassing, and gossiping about mentally ill and eccentric individuals deemed "lolcows". But ironically or perhaps not so ironically, he fits the definition of an lolcow himself due to his rather sordid online (and real life) history.
Edited last time by HangingFlesh on 09/10/2019 (Tue) 08:09:38.
>>172017 Avoiding Lynxchan for as long as possible and awaiting the return of Robb.
>>172019 Fair enough, robi is still around from time to time.
Open file (527.47 KB 818x794 Guntamale.png)
Hey JEWS, I am the anon who has been keeping /cow/ in maintenance mode awaiting your return, robi is still around actually but he has been a recluse for the last couple of years, not sure if >we are gonna switch from lynxshit in a long fuckin' time. AUUUUGH JOSH MOON'S PENIS DON'T WORK AND I AM REALLY DON'T GIVE A FUCK WHAT HAPPENS TO THE BROKE DICK FARMS
I'm told that the Foxdicks are going to accuse us of being transwomen solely bickers it is inconceivable to them that their critics cannot be. I haven't visited the foxdick farms in roughly seven years, and even back then they weren't funny. >>172021 >>172025 I talk to robi every now and then on IRC. Both of us idle in #/cow/ and #my jewish motherworld on Rizon. Weirdly, StephenLynx pops into #/cow/ but not #my jewish motherworld.
>>171461 TheGatorGamer: "if you're onTwitter.com you've fucked up" Also TheGatorGamer: registers site on pedo haven poast I hate this faggot so much
>>172056 >I'm told that the Foxdicks are going to accuse us of being transwomen solely bickers it is inconceivable to them that their critics cannot be Most of foxdicks are troons which is the irony.
Jewsh Lost, Trannies Won, Kengle Still Rapes Kids
Open file (85.94 KB 585x813 ClipboardImage.png)
Kengle keeps giving up Ls to Trannies and Straight Men who don't wear Dresses at the superior site Metokur.us
That sure lure in twittertards to make extra cows
>>172444 >>172447 Kiwi fag Redditokur fan detected; prepare for anal violation
>>172056 being a self-proclaimed "critic" of foxdickfarms is also extremely unfunny. Its got popular. Teens go there, do their shit, which includes shitting on "uncool" people. Hardly worth a visit, unless its personal. u lost the point man of it all. Back when you were shitting on wizchan, it was closer. Oh and the motivation.. But I guess you outgrew your unfuckable phase.. ;-)
>I talk to robi every now and then on IRC. Both of us idle in #/cow/ and #my jewish motherworld on Rizon. why just not use public boards unless sitting in shitty chat feeling cool and "above it all" was always the goal
>>172056 Let me guess, you got into cwc by being an aspie yourself. Then you didn't have enough sex, so raiding wizchan been reasonable to you at the time. Now you are butthurt that no one cares about cow anymore, so you critique its competitor. But you were always wrong lol
>>172490 >>172491 >>172492 t. asshurt foxdick
Open file (992.67 KB 1351x698 78576476.PNG)
>>172018 >muh wife, muh keedz Settling down with an asian gold digger isn't making a mark, jewsh. KF, depsite how gay it is, is one of the last remaining internet forums with any sort of relevancy, even if all it gets is bad press. That's making more of a mark than popping out a few elliot rodgers
Open file (2.63 MB 680x510 how to cow.webm)
>>172490 >>172491 >>172492 Welcome to /cow/! Here's a tutorial on how to fit in here. See you soon!
>>173116 Jews is back???
>>172447 Where did a Metokur Forum come from? First I've ever heard about it.
>>173419 Essentially its for being a faggot or having fun and not taking yourself as seriously as Jersh and Onionfarms do, idfk why fembot made it but it's useful as a field to dump my jewish mother to
>>173450 Essentially its for being a faggot and sucking off mister metokike FTFY
>>173419 It's run by Maya Chavez aka Metokur Fembot who I'm not sure if it's a tranny or not, heard it both ways, the forum was kinda comfy for a bit but that annoying fucking tranny is infesting it now and the jannies won't ban him so it got gay.
>>173590 λmupam ywnbaw
>>173589 >Maya Chavez has a Gab and Truth.social why
>>174494 Meanwhile, a community full of sweaty gamers and trannies are defending Jews https://zzzchan.xyz/b/thread/116451.html
Open file (531.52 KB 861x1037 kiwi josh candy.jpg)
>>161407 pathetic troll...
>>174851 Null is now living in Germany. He moved there so that he could get closer to a woman he was dating over the internet. Basically everything in nulls life is going to shit right now. Its not even about this dumb subpoena, but that is a part of it. He is just making bad decisions all over the place and it is shooting him in the foot.He moved out of his apartment in Ukraine and went to Germany to be with this woman and he never really planned for the price of anything. All he planned for was the cost of moving, which he paid for using the proceeds from his shirt sales. He didn't anticipate the cost of living in Germany to be as high as it is and now he is totally throwing fits several times a day in foxdick farms chat. I can drop some screencaps of it all in a later post, but he is one angry man right now. He is angry about the cost of living and the diversity he is seeing in Germany. He is angry that there is no "national identity" there. He's also mad that he can't just duck out of conversations with people by saying that he can't the language bickers so many people know English.Aside from his personal life, foxdick farms shit is stressing him out as well. The subpoena, which is only for the info on one guy, is driving him up a wall. He is mad that he has to turn over this information on someone no one has ever heard of bickers they posted documents. The subpoena seems dumb, but Null seems dumb for reacting how he is reacting. The difference in his reaction between how he reacts to the US government and the NZ government is humorous as well. But beyond that, he has lost most of his active staff, many of his staff members deleted their profiles. The few people who were actually somewhat funny left. Null got the hatesite he wanted, but he lost anyone who could be useful to him. All that is left are his bootlickers.He is getting some money from donors, but from what he is saying to people in chat, it appears that he is being required to move his servers again bickers he is causing problems with the datacenter they are being stored in. This could create an even bigger cost for him. Just living in Germany, he is probably spending about 4-5 times more to survive.Time will tell what this means for Null, he is already whining about things in Germany being so bad he want to run off to China. So either he will move back to some Eastern European shithole or disappear into China in the next few months.
Open file (396.20 KB 861x1037 GAB FAG TORBA.png)
Open file (582.95 KB 861x1037 nantita seoane.jpg)
Open file (601.03 KB 861x1037 donny long.jpg)
Open file (466.70 KB 861x1037 donny monica hate.png)
>>174854 Why are you shitting up the thread with irrelevant shit from 3 years ago? Get off the thread, jcaesar187. Go dig in Lucas' stinkditch.
>>174852 fake and gay unless you drop caps and maybe even then
Open file (696.91 KB 1023x1020 denial kiwifaggots.png)
Open file (359.34 KB 1442x1012 kiwifarms bw fags.png)
Open file (497.36 KB 861x1037 adultfyi kiwifags.jpg)
Open file (10.32 KB 47x57 qstn.gif)
Important question: does TheGatorGamer still weigh 260 pounds?
>>175976 That was many pizza days ago, he's likely 330 at least by now.
>>175977 260 pounds was what he had reported directly to me circa 2015. I'd rather not use a speculative weight for my calculations unless he's broken his scale and remains unable to weigh himself without a truck stop's assistance. That said, an increase from 260 to 330 pounds would increase his BMI by ten points.
The dumb G​AMERGATE forced an email-only password reset across his entire site. Over half the user accounts are locked forever. IT'S OVER.
Open file (39.91 KB 595x584 butthurt2.jpg)
>>175988 >Over half the user accounts are locked forever. Sad!
Imagine being defeated by jcaesar187 and a fellow sweaty gamer tranny imagine being PLEASE STOP TROLLING BRITBONG, HIS PARENTS ARE BEATING HIM AND HE WON'T STOP SCREAMING AT US IN DISCORD by a script kiddie exploit. NOT WITH A BANG, BUT A WIMPER At least 8ch had a ton of bangs before >we had to go here.
Open file (33.60 KB 800x600 Josh Moon 21.jpg)
>>176154 you are gonna have to stop spamming the AdultFYI porn if you don't want to get banned donnylongsperg. At least make sure it has something to do with the subject matter jewsh
>>173248 Damn that's some good jazz
>>176207 It's about the jokes you don't make anon.
>>175976 >>175977 >>175981 I can say that TheGatorGamer is really fat in recent years, I don't remember his last reported weighting in during the punch the Гунт
https://foxdickfarms.net/threads/the-jcaesar187-jcaesar187-report-by-michael-alberto.129670/ Fox Cox collaborating with a Nazi brony zoomer to compile a dossier on the Гунт. These faggots surely have forgotten the point of lolcow enjoying to the point of collabarating with as-big or bigger lolcows to score a W off lolcows they don't like.
THE QUEEN OF foxdickfarms IS BACK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUi6-1Qz82Q
Open file (73.96 KB 953x528 foxdick.png)
Hey faggots. Seeing as Jewsh permanently locked out about half of his users' accounts, I'm thinking it may be time for a new competitor. Is there any interest in making Foxdick Farms real?
Open file (49.75 KB 200x188 glowchan.png)
>>176633 go promote your honeypot elsewhere
Open file (53.53 KB 1165x384 lrn_2_tor.png)
>>176634 Dark web sites physically cannot into logging IP addresses, lol. That's why people use dark web. Go play with Tor (normie n00b dark web) for a few days and stop being a dumb G​AMERGATE.

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