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Foxdick thread Anonymous 09/10/2019 (Tue) 08:06:15 ID: 2da837 No.6332
Current order of business is the recent hacking of poor Jewshyboy.
Don't forget to archive EVERYTHING

>a.k.a Null. This person runs a website called Kiwi Farms that is dedicated to doxxing, harassing, and gossiping about mentally ill and eccentric individuals deemed "lolcows". But ironically or perhaps not so ironically, he fits the definition of an lolcow himself due to his rather sordid online (and real life) history.
Edited last time by HangingFlesh on 09/10/2019 (Tue) 08:09:38.
Be sure to bully all KF rapefugees that come here off the site.
Is that JUSTshua Moom?
Open file (25.72 KB 581x188 jewsh hamas.jpg)
Yes, it's what you think it is.
Wew lad, I didnt expect jewsh to get superhacked
Make sure to archive and spread this download pronto, the link already said that it has been reported as a violation, who knows how long it will even remain around now. The information on the users of that site probably is more full of lolcows than the subjects of that site itself.
Open file (17.17 KB 268x241 dew.PNG)
Open file (266.05 KB 1033x138 momokun.PNG)
Probably is actually a coincidence but it's funny the site was hacked as they were going in on Zoe
Has anyone made progress on zeroing in on Jewsh's location? Some Russian anon in the Skeptic cyclical said he is looking into Odessa properties.
Open file (135.02 KB 372x588 surprised.jpg)
I am shocked. After Infinity Next, I was absolutely confident that his software was secure.
>his software

It's actually worse than you think. He took secure software and made it insecure.
Open file (155.23 KB 372x588 still surprised.jpg)
>>6511 (checked)
This must be the first time.
No DB dump with all the autistic PMs exosed? Sad.
I have it on good authority that work is being done on a way to read the documents without all the gibberish code. After that I'm sure some interesting conversations will be posted.
Good. Let's hope for the best.
Open file (2.43 MB 1280x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.47 MB 1200x675 ClipboardImage.png)
It's breadtube darling, popular comedian, and real Korean girl Peter Coffin's wife pre plastic surgery.
There was also a video of Peter crying "ashleeeeeeigh don't please dont pleeeeease" in the leaks.
Sadly at a glance there doesn't seem to be much in the leak. It was great seeing a lot of old timers decide to toss over their account because of this though
Open file (1.16 MB 2048x1683 post.jpg)
is dog Josh's fursona?
is he actually selling the merch of that dog? lmao, reminds me of chris chan trying to monetize sonichu
what terrible designs
Foxdicks featured in some german show about right wing extremists.
>kïwi cuckz
>"right wing"
bro, they're dilating trannies, is that "right wing" to germans? absolute fucking state of that shithole, don't even want to know what constitutes as hard left to them
You realize they don't actually give a shit and have a narrative about evil internet Nazis to run to ram through the next censorship/gun control/hate speech law, right?
Open file (402.72 KB 240x184 Van_explode.gif)
Open file (1.03 MB 1182x940 154474267324.png)
Kinda like a yellow exploding van. It's just freshened up to relate to the current year.
former fat whale admin emspex deleted their acc or made Jewsh mad enough to do it for her
She was doxxed by /cow/ to be this finnish girl https://www.instagram.com/victor_deadmeadow/

then she sperged out about it and after the leaks she jumped ship.
Open file (12.15 KB 195x243 wat.jpg)
look it up in 8chan archives
the newest admin who replaced Emspex, yawning sneasel, has deleted his/her/it's account less than 2 weeks after becoming an admin. He/she/it were pretty close with Emspex. Did she perhaps play a role in this? Will Jewsh continue to ignore all these resignation and not tell everyone why it's happening? Tune into the next episode of FoxDicksFarms!
that dudes literally been kf staff since before emspex had an account newfag.
Spotted the Nullfarms crossposter.
What the hell? They’re cucked on almost everything besides trannies. I guess it’s not hard to become an extremist in the current year
>2 trannies removing themselves
I wonder if there's a 41% off coupon on cuckwifarms merch right now.
Robi should advertise with this.
FoxDick just got compromised by the glowGAMERGATEs too, it was served a secret court order and the warrant canary is gone.

Jewsh responds to the thread:

Jewsh tweets about it:
they were a moderator (blue name) until 2-3 weeks ago and not an admin (red name)
This might be China/HK related. I remember seeing a thread/post about a kiwi claiming to be from HK detailing their experience. I never read it though. I'm trying to look for it and can't find it. Perhaps it was deleted. This "doesn't affect 99.999% of users" could mean that the order only affected that individual.
Why would Jewsh care about chinks? It's from some country that he'd actually obey court orders from.
probably thinks they'll send assassins after him or kidnapped. he thinks Jim feeds people to his pig farm after all.
yawning sneasel has had a red name since february i believe
this. he was one almost a year i thought. and a regular mod before then about the same time?
the word from one of Jewsh's biggest asskissers is that all community admins have resigned/deleted their accounts and normal moderators went from over a dozen to 8
Open file (8.17 KB 122x252 Dominique.jpg)
>normal moderators
good one
yes and sadly it's helping him with whatever minor money problems Josh is bitching about. If he's ever angry about money then he's angry that he's not rich

That's still not her btw, although this will fall on deaf ears. She killed her account bickers she was pissed at Josh talking shit about her on a stream and constantly hitting on her

It's very likely just one guy that Josh has to dump info on to the feds. He's not happy about doing this either

Don't worry, they'll get Owo to replace them. Owo is perfect, he's a ditz and a professional asskiss
wonder who that guy could be who the feds are looking to get info on
Josh has commented on it, saying he'd release more info but the cover page was so sacchine that he wants to talk with a lawyer before doing it.

Pure speculation bickers of his image he chose (a cat with a canary feather in its mouth) and the comment "Use a VPN if talking about poltiics": It's the NZ mosque shooters Kiwifarms account, which we speculated that he must have
Open file (29.47 KB 1053x174 ClipboardImage.png)
Well that's fucking cute...
If Tarrant had an account on KF why would it take the feds so long to have served that gag order?
Lawsperg and Josh kissass AnOminous is watching us btw.

How's Josh's dick taste btw?
They work slowly? They had to do their investigation with no help from Josh?

I dont know. The whole speculation that it's due to Tarrent having an account is a pure shot in the dark. It could be related to Australia banning KF or it might be unrelated entirely
>I'm not mad at anyone. honest.
>trying to destroy imageboards in general
>8chan refugees
>Bunch of likes
I mean, at the least he's not mad knowing Fredrick browses this IB, and the plenty others in the webring that he knows and hasn't touched.
But forget hispanachan, forget snitchan, forget pinyo, Fredrick just wants IBs in general gone.
Oh and really forget about 420chan, they have never ever been best friends forever.
I want to know why there was a mass exodus of mods the other day. Why did they all choose to walk out the door at the same time and why does that site not have any more administrators? It all happened around the time the canary died, too.

There are a lot of users who say there is a secret discord server and that users are getting invited there and turned against the site 1-by-1. It doesn't make sense for these things to happen at once. I would really like to know what happened.
Could be gov spooks doing an op to destroy the kiwifarms community from the inside out cointelpro style. Your tax dollars hard at work to bring down a tranny gossip site.
>I want to know why there was a mass exodus of mods the other day
bickers they are 20 year olds who get nothing besides this opportunity to do shit for free and struggle to get any buck or any kind of meaningful activities for them, while big guys have it all (all the aspergers).
Open file (38.16 KB 838x208 foxdick.png)
from the riot.im server
tranny in question is a tulpafag and attention whore who hangs around in unmoderated servers full of hardliners for attention
Open file (517.96 KB 750x1334 255025212020202.png)
I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as riot.im, is in fact, Matrix, or as I've recently taken to calling it, Matrix via Synapse.

Also, how do you know Linda is a tulpafag?
Yeah I'm also kinda curious.
Null let Feds have info on a user presumably without a warrant. Not surprising that a bunch of people left. People are getting sick of him overpromising and underdelivering.
>presumably without a warrant
There's no indication of this, and by his history he would not have done that. What I heard is there was a relatively new user who posted something /pol/-tier in A&H.
He said the reason he didn't fight it was bickers he was nervous, not bickers he couldn't. That sounds an awful lot like the exact thing people hate Andrew Torba for.
people left even before that though

it was a secret court/gag order. the warrant is a probably a part of it. But even with a warrant Jewsh could probably still refuse. Jewsh has refused to comply with law enforcement before. Just look at the NZ video. As >>14089 pointed out, Jewsh is a total fraud.
the NZ people never got a warrant, and even if they did I don't believe US-businesses are required to comply with that.

It would have to be a warrant with valid US jurisdiction. Otherwise people are just claiming Josh is suddenly changing his policy despite already burning that bridge with the NZ situation.
>people left even before that though

You mean when people left bickers the tard who's totally cereal about security turned off the fucking firewall just to spite Cloudflare and it resulted in a bunch of info leaking?
Josh is a coward who hid in his poor mother's bathroom and made his poor mother deal with the Trans Lifeline lunatic who turned up to confront him.
There is no scenario in which Josh would spend a night in jail or be arrested or even just have to pay for legal advice when he could just snitch out his users instead. That's the kind of coward he is.
Don't think he doesn't have dox files on all his old and prominent users.

When Null goes down, so will a lot of people, particularly those who were foolish enough to be loyal to him.
Jewsh's stream today was pretty bad and boring. Spends most of it talking about their flight that was delayed for 12 hours and how he had to hog and hide the 1 airport electrical socket from all the jews around him. Jewsh seems to have moved out of Ukraine to another European country.
He's moving to Poland to be nearer to his German girlfriend. Her KF name is Wendy Carter.
I don't want him to be THAT close to me. Also quite retarded idea for him to move to EU.

why doesn't he just apply to McDonalds?
>1 job apply per month
>bitching about not receiving "You didn't get a job" messages
This faggot obviously applies for a job for the first time in his life
If he had a father, he'd probably have taught him how to get a job.
ffs isn't scuba diving like, p expensive? I know he has a plan to make ends meet in Netherlands (MATI money + sell shirts) but if he's stretched thin in Ukraine I cant imagine it being better in Netherlands.

No joke, working at Mcdonalds would actually put him in the black assuming he's not lying out his ass about being more well-off then he says he is. If you ever see him bitching about money then he's bitching about not being the next Kim Dotcom
>Owo kissing Josh's ass
Dudes on his way to being a mod
entertainment budget? Jewsh has enough cash to buy Sekiro and a PC good enough to stream it at 60fps. Furthermore, the he eats out like every day cause he's too lazy to cook.
Open file (91.13 KB 483x538 Jewsh.png)
Open file (98.60 KB 927x1200 EHyr_TLWoAArfEH.jpg)
Open file (165.45 KB 927x1200 EHyr_TOWwAATxPH.jpg)
Open file (136.11 KB 927x1200 EHyr_TIWsAAnUaQ.jpg)
Open file (123.52 KB 927x1200 EHyr_TQWoAAiKTh.jpg)
What would ZOG want with Jewsh?
>to take over the site and have him guide the autistic trannies how they want
>to make an example of him
>to get doxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on that user as they claim
>to make an example of his users
>to promote The Great Replacement bickers it was kosher all along

bonus points for
>they are retarded
>The CIA wants to nab a user bickers he spread the Halle shooters manifesto
>Idiots prob think said user is the Halle shooter

smh. Yet another incident that Smug Josh gets to walk away from scott-free. He can't keep getting away like this
He doesn't have to comply, sure. But he does not have permission to disclose the existence of the subpoena. Null just fucked himself again.
God willing, being an edgy free speech mastermind who just dumped this will give him more then a slap on the wrist with the words "Don't do that!"

For the record: Netherlands has extradition policies.
Jewsh probably made sure it was not-illegal to leak and even if it was illegal, the courts aren't gonna do anything.

Jewsh doesn't believe in free speech. Free speech is just the vehicle by which he tries to acquire as much internet celebrity status as possible.
>Jewsh doesn't believe in free speech.

To be clear, I think he will get out from leaking this with little more then a soft slap on the wrist. If I read this right, he doesn't even have to follow the subpeona's instructions.

Hopefully if there are more spreekillers that they'll dump their manifestos and crap on KF which may cause an 8ch situation. I know he has the site built so it can run without cloudflare but the cloudflare-less version of the site was the one that got hacked a few weeks ago.
Open file (90.34 KB 1323x538 ew0.png)
Open file (173.57 KB 1358x883 ew.png)
Jewsh copeing with why it's ok to potentially rat out his users and ignoring the point of his attention whore drama queen response to NZ.
>My goal has only ever be to give people a place where they can say whatever they want
lol, why there is no serious Josh thread on KF then. He would even qualify for his own forum category right next to CWC.
Its funny bickers his response would be "Well it's my forum"

I really don't think this is going to amount to anything, but it is interesting to see him talk about shutting the place down "Someday". He's making ends meet but he's still in massive debt that's not going to ever be paid back. I dont know if anyone will take up the mantle of running the place with him gone, although Alan Pardew is the most likely person here.
Are you illiterate? Can you even read?
This subpeona is a bit weird. It first says that he doesn't have to turn over the items. Then it goes around and demands he turn over everything related to that one KF user.

It also tells Jewsh not to release the subpeona itself. Really hope something comes of this but I woulden't put it past jewsh to find a way to wiggle out of something grave again
>Find me a job in my field
I don't think there is any need for scriptkiddies.
It is so fucking annoying when GAMERGATEs call attention to the fact that they don't know how to read.
The subpoena clearly states that they'd prefer if he didn't reveal the fact of the subpoena, but is serious as a heart attack about complying with the subpoena.
The subpoena is NOT "a bit weird", it's fucking clear as day. Show up 9am on the 30th (or default deliver the subpoenaed information to the FBI detective), or get fucked.
lol calm down
More details?

She's vegan and german. Josh just moved away from Ukraine, to Poland, to be nearer her. Not sure what else you wanna know.
Oh you know the fun stuff, like adresses and names.

Can't help you out there, sorry bud. Anyone else?
Just saying with a bit of imagination it should be able to cause them endless problems, just link her to Jewsh and link him to Brenton Tarantino (which I think the NZ government already did?) and you'll get a nice media blitz, the media here directly recruits from Antifa.

>>15186 is full of shit. don't believe his lies.

Hi Josh <3
They all have doxes on each other. Dynastia went on female farms awhile ago and talked about it
Null is now living in Germany. He moved there so that he could get closer to a woman he was dating over the internet.

Basically everything in nulls life is going to shit right now. Its not even about this dumb subpoena, but that is a part of it. He is just making bad decisions all over the place and it is shooting him in the foot.

He moved out of his apartment in Ukraine and went to Germany to be with this woman and he never really planned for the price of anything. All he planned for was the cost of moving, which he paid for using the proceeds from his shirt sales. He didn't anticipate the cost of living in Germany to be as high as it is and now he is totally throwing fits several times a day in Kiwi Farms chat. I can drop some screencaps of it all in a later post, but he is one angry man right now.

He is angry about the cost of living and the diversity he is seeing in Germany. He is angry that there is no "national identity" there. He's also mad that he can't just duck out of conversations with people by saying that he can't the language bickers so many people know English.

Aside from his personal life, Kiwi Farms shit is stressing him out as well. The subpoena, which is only for the info on one guy, is driving him up a wall. He is mad that he has to turn over this information on someone no one has ever heard of bickers they posted documents. The subpoena seems dumb, but Null seems dumb for reacting how he is reacting. The difference in his reaction between how he reacts to the US government and the NZ government is humorous as well. But beyond that, he has lost most of his active staff, many of his staff members deleted their profiles. The few people who were actually somewhat funny left. Null got the hatesite he wanted, but he lost anyone who could be useful to him. All that is left are his bootlickers.

He is getting some money from donors, but from what he is saying to people in chat, it appears that he is being required to move his servers again bickers he is causing problems with the datacenter they are being stored in. This could create an even bigger cost for him. Just living in Germany, he is probably spending about 4-5 times more to survive.

Time will tell what this means for Null, he is already whining about things in Germany being so bad he want to run off to China. So either he will move back to some Eastern European shithole or disappear into China in the next few months.
Drop the caps tho
No chatlogs, no attention.
Isn't his internet gf called Julie? Would love to see Julay 2.0
I can confirm this shit except for the move to Germany. As far as I was aware, he was moving to Netherlands instead of Germany bickers he doesn't like Jews. No seriously, this was his reason.

He'll find a way or two to make ends meet, even if it means moving back to Ukraine. He's alreay talked about selling shirts every couple of months and I know people will "Ironically" buy his buddah-dog shirt.

When Josh bitches about money, he's bitching that he's not kim dotcom rich
do you have caps or archives of this?
Source it (with caps), I'm still calling it a LARP bickers of this line alone:
>He is angry that there is no "national identity" there.
Not saying that's wrong but Jewsh doesn't seem the type to care nor should it stand out any more than it does in the USA or Ukraine, they're all part of globohomo.
Seriously bro? He's bitched about things like White Genocide and other skinhead shit before
>Not saying that's wrong but Jewsh doesn't seem the type to care nor should it stand out any more than it does in the USA or Ukraine, they're all part of globohomo
Jewsh hopped on the alt-right train when IBS was a thing. He complains about racial identity and things like that all the time.

Anyway I'll believe it when I see caps. There's been 3 different locations (Germany, Poland, Netherlands) given in the last 40 posts here.
>There's been 3 different locations (Germany, Poland, Netherlands) given in the last 40 posts here.
Poland was an older idea he had. Netherlands is the best bet out of the three.
Anon #60f769 predicts that Josh will quit KF if he ever finds stable work that's able to pay his massive credit debt, assuming said debt doesn't gobble both him and his site up first.

Cool beans that he's able to make enough for server costs per month, but IIRC buying the servers cost him a fuck ton of money that the credit agencies are never going to get back.
Josh is also trailer trash who rides the accomplishments of other white people like he himself accomplished those things. I'd just call it socialism for edgelords instead of bugmen myself.

He was trying to get help with a Polish visa from a member. Don't know anything about moving to Germany or Holland.
Told you he had a way to weasel out of this
I find Poland at least somewhat believable compared to the Netherlands or Germany.
Those darn skinheads need to knock it off with their self-preservation bullshit.
Where are the tits
Open file (3.00 KB 104x157 spigot.png)
>He is angry about the cost of living and the diversity he is seeing in Germany. He is angry that there is no "national identity" there. He's also mad that he can't just duck out of conversations with people by saying that he can't the language bickers so many people know English.
>I can confirm this shit except for the move to Germany. As far as I was aware, he was moving to Netherlands instead of Germany bickers he doesn't like Jews. No seriously, this was his reason.
Does he think I'm personally fucking up his life?

Get screenshots.
Jews, you fucking faggot cuck, what the fuck was that sticky?
Things arn't going well for Jewsh. On top of everything else, Discord banned him and Dick Masterson's merchant account got axed, meaning that Josh will no longer be getting money from MATI. He'll probably do some big address soon or something, this is terrible for him, that money he got each month was one of the few things keeping the site alive.
Not you, sadly, although that would be hilarious. Just your fellow semetic kind.
is this josh's twitter? I don't pay attention to social media
Yes, he's being silent on the defunding thing though
yeah that one's his. it's a reference to the following bible passage, make of it what you will: "Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord."
It's the Biblical source of the Golden Rule. Why Null named himself after one of the Jewish crown jewels while also claiming to dislike Jews is beyond my neurotypical comprehension.

Does he ever talk about how he thinks every Jew (but me apparently) is actively invested in fucking up his life? Let's see his retarded conspiracy theories.

I was challenged to a video game fight by a gamer. I am not a gamer.
Josh thinks he is hardcore trolling by switching opinions every day, his asskissers then don't know what to say.
Also is that pinned sperg thread gonna be removed/unpinned anytime soon? It just takes up julay on the main page.
Josh went totes antisemitic when he had his tongue up Weev's arsehole trying to get literal Nazi shekels for Muh Farmz.
The moment Weev showed up on the Farms Null was all starstruck and like "WTF? I love Nazis now!"
He immediately wrote his cringey "I'm standing against white genocide" manifesto to try to impress Weev for more Nazi shekels.
At some point he drank his own Kool-Aid.
When you are a complete and utter failure in life you need someone to blame. So why not blame the Jews? It's kind of hip right now!
Him supporting Israel on twitter is an ironic joke, with the moon (heehe) logic that the Jews won't ban their own kind. Sadly, it's been working for a year so I don't know what to say.

He's always had these hard-right leaning viewpoints but went full 1488 when Weev came aboard, as it's heavily speculated that the dude helped the site out a bit.

The alt-right shit he believes still arn't even his craziest viewpoints. He seems to be under the batshit impression that China is actually more supportive of free speech laws provided you don't directly criticize the government. To this day I'm still trying to piece together this moon logic (hurr) as it makes no goddamn sense. The only part that does is that Nools a bit of a sponge when it comes to his beliefs, likely borrowing this from a chinese moderator he once had who's also a bit of a brainlet.
>China is actually more supportive of free speech laws provided you don't directly criticize the government
But that is literally how it is over there. Well, it's more the government giving zero fucks - until the people start talking about religion or mentioning Xi Jinping in any kind of context - than the government supporting free speech, so there is that.
I think someone's been listening to too many of the dudes livestreams
>Josh thinks he is hardcore trolling by switching opinions every day, his asskissers then don't know what to say.
Is there anything that foxdicks won't pretend is trolling?

>Also is that pinned sperg thread gonna be removed/unpinned anytime soon? It just takes up julay on the main page.
IIRC the terms that I agreed to were that it has to stay up for a month. Sorry! Click the 🚫 to hide it.

>He's posing to please weev
This is what I expected. How pathetic.

>the moon (heehe) logic that the Jews won't ban their own kind. Sadly, it's been working for a year so I don't know what to say.
Odds are he's learned a thing or two about what kind of tweets get him banned now that he's been banned repeatedly. If he really thinks that it's a talisman protecting his worthless Twitter account, then he should consider reading the rest of the fucking book instead of listening to a prison gang member's rants about it.
Open file (321.64 KB 498x373 cookie.gif)
>Just hide thread
I don't save cookies.
Even if so, chinese speech laws are much worse. I bet julaychan is already blocked by the chinese firewall.
>don't save cookies.
Shit client?
>I bet julaychan is already blocked by the chinese firewall.
Why would a Mongolian server be blocked by the wonderful leader of the world?
intredasting of course in facin fact of course
>Expecting James to have the money, intelligence or the attention span to read the Talmud
He's one of those spazzes that unironically believes that /pol/ is always right rather than the meme it is. You think he'd spend $2500 just to potentially prove himself wrong?
not nu-pol, but /pol/ is always right anon.
Given what I've gleaned from his last 100 /cow/ threads, it wouldn't be the dumbest thing he's ever done.
Null is a fatty spazmo e-beggar.
Sadly it seems that Dick found a new merchant vendor and that he's back to getting money from people who'd slit their own necks if they didn't have lolcows as a main factor in their lives. We're in this for the long haul.
Fuck off ween. Leave the gayops for discord trannies. /cow/ is supposed to be about laughing at lolcows, not trying to be epic.
Fuck off back to trannyfarms.
>he says, as the "who is that A-log?" banner sits at the top of the page
>1 post by this ID

they're all almost guaranteed to be foxdickers. don't take anything said by 1posters seriously.
lol foxdick farms is down
This is JEWS and I can prove it.
Is this why there's an increase in anti anime rhetoric being spammed everywhere?
probably kiwi farm faggot goons at it again
Some of us don't like anime and we're sick of it being spammed. Every board isn't /a/.
So you're a newfag. I used to hate anime too, then I realized it was imageboard culture and stopped thinking about anime at all.
Would you complain that there's pasta in an Italian restaurant?
Open file (461.92 KB 498x372 tenor.gif)
>Every board isn't /a/.
I have news for you. It literally is.
4chan hasn't been about anime for about a decade now, and every other "chan" other than the ones that are hosted in japan, like 2chn and 5chn, are just 4chan's less successful siblings

so no, anime isn't anychan culture anymore. also, anime didn't always used to be associated with mentally ill men trying to pass as women, now it is, but you can continue living in your basement and pretending it's still the early 2000s, I won't stop you
>imagine being this much of a newfag
>you can continue living in your basement and pretending it's still the early 2000s, I won't stop you
*can't stop me
You sound more like the newfag here than me. Some of us grew up unlike you who's still a child.
nobody is stopping you, but like
said, some of us have moved on, and so have the times. many people who were posting anime with you have likely started to hate it, or at least would admit that those times are long gone. if you can't deal with the present, you will end up like those spergs on /v/ who started shitting themselves when someone mentioned the word "Cuckime", and outed themselves as leftypol faggots in the process from the resulting fallout. don't be like them, and enjoy what you want without forcing it on anybody, good advice for anything in life
Anime fans made their own enemies where they would spam people with anime reaction faces and "u mad?" over and over. It became obvious to any one who did like anime as a private hobby that the public face is the modern version of being a furry. They're all sexual deviants who can't go any where without shitting up the play with "waifu" pictures and avatar fagging. They act like the smug little brother who just annoys you and won't fuck off and thinks he's winning bickers he's being annoying.
Even teary eyed blogposts can't stop me.
>grow up
ok boomer
Open file (1.13 MB 1024x898 cuckime poster.png)
Open file (1.21 MB 1210x1690 Cuckime.png)
faggot like pic related aren't doing much to help their image, either, I bet

unless you mean the cuckchan definition of a boomer, which is anyone above the age of 30, and even then, I doubt anyone here is an unironic boomer. Some people simply grew up mentally as well as physically, you either accept some things in live or you become a chris chan tier lolcow in the process, some fare better than others, but you don't become a manchild without some severe denial of reality
Premium COPE. Boomer is a mindset.
>imma GROWNUP now I don't like shitposting and anime and CHILDISH things like that
Go watch a marvel movie faggot.
Open file (66.02 KB 383x601 2d.JPG)
Anime is posted so often on every imageboard it doesn't even register to me anymore. Stop letting cartoons live in your head rent free.
Zero self awareness from weebs is one of the reason they're hated. They get told exactly why no one likes them and their response is to repeat that same action.
Open file (6.32 MB 800x450 smug.webm)
boomer is a mindset, but simply moving on past something that is clearly for children, has no meaning to anyone but the oldfags and has clearly become pozzed in the current day doesn't make one a boomer. again, do what you want, I don't care, but the other poster is right, anime is furry tier. don't expect anyone to think of you otherwise, I could be a furry and post furshit and be an oldfag as well, doesn't mean I'm not a cancer if I would spam those pics and force them down other people
Open file (1.49 MB 1261x731 tranny sammy.png)
funnily enough, lack of self awareness is also one of the mindset of trannies, who just LOVE anime as well. posters itt just can't fathom that they're not le secret, ebin shitposters if they post anime anymore, people will just picture sammy here and try not to mention any concrete pronouns around them

>muh imageboard culture
pepe and wojaks are also technically imageboard culture, and you wouldn't catch me dead posting any of these, now that both have been co-opted by newfags
Gonna cry?
>Enjoy what you want without forcing it on anybody
>Be an adult like me
<every post ITT is complaining about things you don't like
An adult by definition is someone that stopped giving a fuck about other people and what they do. Take some time for self reflection and stop getting ass mad bickers someone posted a smug.jpeg. If that's all it takes to get this type of reaction out of (((you))) anons will just post them for fun.
I'm trying to explain a basic concept to a child, or someone with a mindset of a child, that's all. You seem to be upset at the implication more than anything else, it seems

And I'm not stopping anyone from posting any actual on-topic cocks, which I don't see anyone doing
>I'm posting off-topic posts
>I'm too retarded to scroll by posts I don't like and post on-topic posts
You're as much as a problem as anons posting things you don't like.
>Game Dungeon
>Couple of Broskies playing MAACC
Melty players even play in dumpsters.
I don't think children are welcome here. Are you sure you are in the correct 13+ site?
are you upset that I coupled you in with wojak, pepe and furry posters? you should be. take your own advice and don't sperg out when someone calls you out, nobody is going to take your soy related products or your chinese cartoons away here, so either scroll past or don't have a panic attack when somebody, rightfully so, calls you a trannie for posting the same things trannies usually like posting
I assume you didn't see the internet bloodsports thread, then
>empty roller
>either scroll past or don't have a panic attack
Says the guy melting down bickers someone called him a newfag.
yes, you. I didn't call you a newfag, tho, but I wouldn't put projecting past a weeb
kiwis stop threadjacking ffs
Damn, Null's practically fucked in terms of tard wrangling, what with all of his staff now just being his dick sucking cheer leading squad.

Also, lol on Feline Darkmage. The projection is strong with that one.

Chinese Speech Laws aren't worse than Internet/Corporate Lynch Mobs.
Open file (129.40 KB 1196x1381 okboomer.jpg)
I don't think anime is inherently bad or anything, but it's pathetic how apoplectic weebs get over the term "cuckime."
Pic related.
>trying this hard to redefine words
No, boomers are a generation
tell me more about that trannycat
funny that you posted this, /v/ got absolutely assblasted about someone posting "cuckime" there, and wouldn't you know it, these posters turned out to be tranny, leftypol anime shitters

it's almost like all three of those things are somehow connected, I dunno, beats me. speaking of which, we definitely need the leftypol thread back, make it a general lefty thread now that the former is gone
>redefine words
Yeah, bickers it's not like some words have several meanings.
"Boomer" refers to a specific generational cohort, and retards using the word as an overused buzzword for anyone or anything they don't like completely devalues the term (even as an insult).
>I don't understand the context in which they use it so they're overusing it
>look at me showing off my knowledge of what everyone already knows
Open file (119.17 KB 500x500 ClipboardImage.png)
*sips* I remember the good ole days when that's what boomer meant.
>throwing a word around in contexts that have nothing to do with its actual meaning isn't overusing it
Jersh and KoP sperging out at each other in KoP's thread thread. KoP's dad busted for charged with CP last year, somehow got it reduced to child abuse.
post caps no ones going to kwf
Open file (468.14 KB 500x500 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (175.12 KB 1060x661 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (134.45 KB 1337x358 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (110.57 KB 1331x314 ClipboardImage.png)
QoP is running some pretty sad damage control and he is groveling to Jewsh.
Open file (130.95 KB 1333x331 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (167.03 KB 1334x548 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (148.26 KB 1332x505 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (195.46 KB 1332x559 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (137.44 KB 1334x457 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (104.44 KB 1330x307 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (104.11 KB 1338x310 ClipboardImage.png)
i fucking hate how jewsh tries to sound like such a hard cunt, literally no one would ever be intimidated by him

>expert witness who specialized in confirming child porn and supposedly the photo was that of a 19 year old model.

where did they find this expert also if it was confirmed that it was a 19yr old model then i dont understand how he could still get child abuse charges?

also whats his dads job that the cops just 'happened' to be doing a sting operation at his work? thats pretty sus
whenever Jewsh tries to act hard I read it in his voice and bust a gut laughing
Open file (18.96 KB 493x374 twat.jpg)
>Bryan Dunn Verified™
When did Jewsh begin with this twitter autism? Does he also charge money for it?
Its his way of verifying "lolcows". Granted, the Wizard of Poz is a lolcow but so is the King of Tards himself.

Only a lolcow would take lolcows this seriously.
How much is Josh paying for this captcha shit? Do we know who keeps DDOSing the place? Is it Based Sam?
Eh, Josh has made a lot of enemies. Could be Sam (although I haven't heard shit from him since KF returned after the 3rd week of death) or it could be random furfag #1979.
His online history might be a liability if any HR department types his name into google.
>>23779 It pretty much is. Jewsh is neigh unhirable in the western world.
>>23779 At this point? He got what he fuckin deserves. Doxing people's relatives is all fine and good but the moment it gets done to him its a step too far.
>>23779 >>23995 He said in one of his streams that he works under a fake name. I don't know if this is possible or legal, but supposedly he is getting work.
>>24752 Any work he gets is probably freelance. Haven't you seen the screengrabs here >>14585 where he gets cucked repeatedly after the interviews?
>>7126 >ashleeeeeeigh don't please dont pleeeeease Whew! I've missed a lot! Is there a source for that? >>12471 >they're dilating trannies, is that "right wing" to germans? Worse, it's "far-right".
>8chan thread is dead >people are still chatting here what?
>>29611 >posting on glowchan
Open file (372.80 KB 971x1342 boomberjak casefile.png)
>>23367 >not trusting anyone over thirty Peek Boomer
Mr. Moon needs to build a new server and his users are asking him to sell stickers so it can be funded.
So how long before Jewsh's Tranny Clothes Store shuts down for good ala ED?
I had never gone to this shithole until recently, and it's unfortunate that it's become the best repository of information for a lot of cows, bickers they're very much alogs in the classics sense, as in many posts are virtue signaling, irrelevant tangents about how "X is evil, bickers they're RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, and probably a PEDOPHILE too, bickers they'd dare to be attracted to a girl who's slightly under 18." It is worse than I had imagined.
Open file (504.18 KB 600x719 smag sak.png)
>>20762 <"Grow up" <"Anime is so over" <"Move on, girlfriend~"
Mr. Moon said in his stream he plans on moving to Serbia, but will have to stay in America for a few months to get the immigration thing settled. He may show up in LA with Dick Masterson for the Maddox funeral, but he is unsure of where he could live until the immigration issue is settled.
Open file (10.29 KB 240x240 autism.jpg)
>>35407 >as in many posts are virtue signaling, irrelevant tangents about how "X is evil, bickers they're RACIST, HOMOPHOBIC, and probably a PEDOPHILE too, bickers they'd dare to be attracted to a girl who's slightly under 18." Yeah, complete faggots comprise a huge amount of the userbase. I miss weev going there to stir shit up.
>entire forum db gets leaked >/cow/ can't even dox one (1) user remember when /cow/ was good
>>35853 That only happened when /cow/ was /cow/. This is /ibs/ and /somethingawful/ these days.
>>35853 all the users dumb enough to get doxxed asked Mr. Moon to delete their accounts
>>36141 shoulda struck while the iron is hot, or just go find anything you can in the database leak paste, i'm sure it still exists.
>>36495 there is little fun in going after people who already deleted their accounts imo
>>36649 Not really. Pretty certain the overreactions IRL would be hilarious if their info got out.
>>35853 Why don't you go dox somrone then?
>>39240 I am too busy touching my cat's penis right now.
Moon lives in Serbia now. Bought a ticket to LA to go to DIck's event so maybe we'll get some nice pictures of Moon. Moon will also be interviewed by Google where he says on stream he will berate Google, but we all know Moon is a coward and will act all nice and timid like he is on his MATI streams. Moon is the kind of person to talk big online, there is a plethora or screenshots and logs of him saying crazy shit, but will completely cower in person.
>>35853 Fuck if I know why no one bothered. >>40014 Anything new?
>>41391 LA trip cancelled. Moon bought a new server for th4 site and 2ill be selling shirts soon. Moon is also working on Infinity Next 2. Maybe this time it won't be a giant pile of shit.
>>41786 Nice advertisement, Null.
>>35853 jester69 is the furfag dj axle
You guys are seething and coping about Josh? Lmao that's all you can do. You will never have the same power, money and popularity online as Josh.
>>50557 Hi Josh
>>50582 >implies Josh check this dead place >implies Josh is not busy with more important things atm Pathetic
Anyone else find it funny that josh is calling zoom a pedosadist when null thirsted for an underage user for years and when she ignored him he told her in chat about his fantasy to give her an abortion? There is more real evidence of null being into underage people and being a sadist than there is zoom.
Open file (101.70 KB 680x645 ERUpF-0XYAArV2w.jpg)
>>50557 >Josh >popular Yeah, nobody can get enough of him. It's like Beatlemania all over again.
Josh is behind the entire Dick DM fiasco just to give this DEAD board some semblance of life and more than 10 new posts an hour
>>51008 I mean the pot may be calling the kettle black, but it's still true that Corey Barnhill is a sadistic pedophile. He's basically Josh but without any forum to consider an accomplishment.
Open file (82.75 KB 496x1149 1591352575-0.png)
>>61032 the failure of Infinity Next was actually Josh's fault. I was pretty involved with development. Literally the only thing we needed from Next was the ability to serve more users faster, and Josh spent the entire time making it look pretty and fancy instead. When he claimed it was ready for release I asked him how many QPS (queries per second) it could handle, and he was totally blindsided by this question. He'd never tested it. We needed a board that could serve hundreds of queries per second, at least twice as much as the old software that ran 8chan was handling. He just assumed that Hotwheels would take care of that for him somehow on the operating system layer, and thought saving or reading images from disk would be the bottleneck. There was some GNU disk cache system whose name I can't remember that he wanted to use on the servers. Hotwheels and I set it up and tested it out and reconfigured it several times over several days without significantly impacting performance. Eventually someone else in irc got it running on his system and realized the bottleneck was actually executing the php code for all the weird login features he added. The amount of queries each board could support was somewhere in the range of 2 to 3qps.
Open file (111.90 KB 259x197 1589940752-0.png)
>>61077 that's the PHP PRO for you
what did he even do before the CWCki forums? is that literally all he's known for outside of infinite never?
>>61130 he creeped on underage girls on some roblox or blockland forum
>>61130 I'm unsure if he even created the cwciki forum. I'm pretty sure he was handed the keys to it
>>61174 He took over the reins of the forum from someone else. Allegedly. I wouldn't put it past him to have taken it over in a hostile fashion.
>>61130 He was your basic high school drop out dweeb living at home with momma just as he was after getting involved with kiwi farms (until he ruined multiple lives within his family by getting them doxxed and their employers harassed to the point of losing their jobs and livelihoods). Josh did not create the forum that honor goes to champthom who created the cwcki forums after ED sysops got pissed off about people using the talk page of the chris chan article as a place to talk about Chris and dropped the hammer down. Champthom eventually tired of running the forum and was not interested in expanding past focusing on Chris bickers he could see the writing on the wall years before it happened. He stepped down and Josh was more than willing to take over.
>>62075 I wonder who will be autistic enough to take over when Null finally decides to leave.
>>62108 Chris Chan hopefully how much of this has to do with the recent kiwi dox. could be a coincidence but it seems like a house of cards situation
>>62111 a lot more than he lets on cause that's when all the mods jumped ship
Null issued this very telling statement. Smells like regret to me.
Open file (803.46 KB 1501x2714 Null Tells All.png)
Open file (16.42 KB 627x154 ClipboardImage.png)
>>6333 >I don't like this cow but this cow is even worse that's how you know the poster is a tranny from foxdick. Joshua Moon wants to have dem kids.
>>62147 >be josh >develop a sense of self-worth literally how?
Open file (118.54 KB 1354x842 jewsh bans zed 3.png)
Open file (21.49 KB 1362x163 jewsh bans zed 2.png)
Open file (65.64 KB 1121x438 jewsh bans zed 1.png)
Mr. Free Speech Warrior Jewshua Connor Moon demodded and chatbanned the "best doxxer on the site" bickers he is severely autistic.
Didn't foxdick get hacked recently again?
Jewsh lost another source of money the other week and is down to random crypto donations, bravecoin, and something else. Word on the street is that he gave out information on that something else to someone who promised to give him $100 a month, and for a laugh the person who he gave the information to handed it over to the Sams. Since they received the information, there are aspects of this payment method which make Jewsh very interesting as Sam has been contacted by law enforcement in three different countries. Jewsh hasnt been a good boy.
>>64340 very cool sam
>>62704 lol, what a baby
>>64340 what happened to 9chan?
>>65298 It was taken down by Josh due to FBI threats but, it's up now. https://9chan.tw/
>>65369 it was down cause he didn't want to host it anymore with all the CP spam on it so he gave it to someone else, it is back up cause another person is now hosting it
Open file (121.55 KB 1498x356 alog1.png)
Open file (113.84 KB 1503x354 alog2.png)
Open file (116.09 KB 1501x453 alog3.png)
Open file (128.89 KB 1498x403 alog4.png)
I'm gonna revive this thread just to talk about Kiwi Trannies and their constant hate obsession with DSP. seriously, it's amazing how one man can generate so much salt from various people that hate watch him.
>>128219 woah, that is some serious hatred and lol that dsp can get his stalkers so mad at just breathing.
Open file (749.32 KB 1920x1080 890.png)
>>128219 I'm still baffle by the amount of seething DSP generates, to think a gaming goofball will be the ire of so many dorks. His antics are entertaining, but I don't understand why people are foaming in the mouth over.
>>128219 >>128262 Are these images 404'ing bickers of some site bug, or is vol being a faggot again?
>>128330 At least you get to see julay-tan
RIP Vetti the G​AMERGATE dog
Why is that Hollywood Hulk Hogan guy such a massive faggot that simps for Democrats and shittalks any "Republican" poster on the farms? He should know by now that the USA government is never your friend and both parties work together to destroy the common folk's life (i.e. someone like Hollywood Hulk Hogan on the farms).
>>143011 >such a massive faggot Most kiwis are sadly like that
>>143011 he's a computer programmer who larps on the same bit for like 5 years now bickers retards take the bait and he can do it verbatim. HHH is dishonest, a snake and will betray you the second you turn your back on him. Typical 2014 KF oldfag
Open file (110.95 KB 427x189 ClipboardImage.png)
>>145043 Foxdicks are hilarious to me, in the sense that they believe themselves to be normal compared to the lolcows they mock. However, no normal person spends most of the day on an internet forum stalking internet randos and weirdos that want to fuck Rainbow Dash
>>146646 There's no normal people on the internet. Everyone's fucked up. Normals use insta, facebook, tiktok and messengers. And other shit for their own work. All of that hardly count as internet.
>>62704 >Jewsh literally defending pedoforks How hadn't I heard of this before? I used to respect him for keeping KF up despite the heat, but his rewritten in rust forum software is going to be vaporware like Infinity Next all over again. >>146646 >>147254 It's textbook troll shielding.
>>147747 why wouldn't he defend them when he is one? He hit on underage women while he was on blockland forums (blood mary who was 15) and later early on during KF he was promoting underage girls (CasualSeppuku who was 16) to mod so he could have more free time with them to groom them. Obviously this failed and CS ran away after TheGatorGamer's pimpgame failed on the Brazilian minor, but since TheGatorGamer has attempted to retcon and forget about this.You can find bits and pieces of this lore in the first /snow/ KF catalogue, although lolcow.farm has seemingly hidden all the KF rumors & drama to prevent their owner from being harassed further(due to insane stalkers). TheGatorGamer literally sees Cody Wilson as his principled hero, an convicted sex offender. Go to KF chat and talk shit about Cody a bunch, see how fast it takes until you're perma banned. I give it less than 6 hours. TheGatorGamer might be the most proud pedophile in the world who reuses to associate with the term.
>>143474 >who larps on the same bit for like 5 years now bickers retards take the bait and he can do it verbatim He shouldn't be doing that shit in this day and age. Radicalization is getting worst & worst with each pasting year and the last thing you should do is political baiting people just for the lols. >HHH is dishonest, a snake and will betray you the second you turn your back on him. Any examples of this?
Open file (132.74 KB 1479x478 1652632459118.png)
The Alogging is very sad. I think most of it comes from the high number of woman posters and the political charge. Any site that discusses such things will inevitably attract such posters and they will only alog harder with time to feel powerful. Ironically if foxdickfarms REQUIRED interacting with its victims to change them for the better to post the alogging would drop significantly.
Open file (390.12 KB 720x720 jewsh.webm)
From time to time I try to give a fair shot to lolcows like Jewsh, Mormon Shaggy and DSP but fuck, Jewsh is fucking retard. https://youtu.be/GQYCRV2aQ2s?t=5338 In just half of a stream he keeps showing he's an idiot who likes to pretend to be an encyclopedia, but end up more like a retard wikipedia. No wonder his fans are low IQ fat women or boomers.
>>150866 What's worse is I'm from the same region as him and I don't think it's genetic. He probably became this way from the media he watched, and I think it got worse over time. That means the media on foxdick farms (and his other frequent spots) turned him into this. That means we are all at risk being kiwi ajacent.

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