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Open file (61.10 KB 480x746 naruhodo.jpg)
Anonymous 02/22/2023 (Wed) 07:00:51 No.840
There was a lot of discussion about how physical media will all one day be historical artifacts that will 100% be absolutely useless. While some anons saying "disc rot will eventually make all disc-based media useless", other anons defending cartridges as people knocked down those too saying the actual code within those games will eventually scramble themselves into being unplayable. So that begs the question, will eventually every piece of hardware, from the CRTs to all the original hardware, be 100% useless garbage fodder, or is there a way to utilize the original casings of the games/consoles/etc to have fresh parts within making them work? What will the hobby of retro video games look like 100 years from now, will all of these things we enjoy from the 80s and 90s be cast into the void of obscurity and loss?
>>840 Emulation mostly i would assume, physical media will only last so long before it starts to breakdown depending on the media being used.
>>841 To emulate something you need to dump the rom from the original media. And if that media is gone...
>>850 This. Also, reader/player hardware has to be protected as well. For example, how common are DVD drives in computers today?
Open file (330.79 KB 894x718 ClipboardImage.png)
>>854 My rig is pretty old so I still got one. But zoomer technology in general goes for a one button simplification approach where everything is streamline for the casual usage as much as possible. So I'm sure modern PCs are an empty case with a flashdrive inside that connects to cloud and that's it.
I'm sure they'll find a way to digitize everything long before it hits a critical expiration date. The issue of preserving the physical media because the digital one is now controlled by the enemy is more pressing.
>>855 Hahaha, sounds like onlive.
The final solution is for anons to constantly have backups of important media/games and backups of backups, at the ment physical media is still being produced to an extent (discs and parts to revive retro consoles) so it isn't impossible to also create new pieces of legacy media as well for our collections.
>>858 Plus that's not accounting for future technology where we might get discs or whatever, nudiscs, that last for 200 years or some shit. Remember when CDs used to get scratched from you looking at them, then DVDs you had to like leave face down on a carpet to scratch them and now Blurays you can scratch with a cheese grader and they don't get a single scratch. In 10 years we'll get some new forms of [hopefully] burnable media that will last longer and so on.
>>857 kinda
it's a shame that everything has to be digital to be preserved and we completely lose the touch with reality...
>get a digital cope >continuously burn it to physical media >jews btfo In 50 years all physical media will be illegal because it can't be controlled and people will trade discs with PS2 games under bridges. Screencap this.
>>913 This, but you're well-off in your time estimate I'd say. More like <=20yrs. Globohomo-brainwashing is a helluva drug, after all.
>>922 20 years is still within living memory so there will be some opposition. In 50 years there will be troon terminators hunting for straight white people.
>>925 >In 50 years there will be troon terminators hunting for straight white people. Then we probably should get busy to create CIS-White Protectors (with extra- privilege) to counter that threat Anon? Seems sensible to me tbh.
>>840 i think they will be making physical media in one shape or form always, and people will continuously re-record games on it
>>862 >we might get discs or whatever, nudiscs, that last for 200 years or some shit. Not if jews have a hegemony of discs, even Blurays have layer separation not seen in PS3-era discs. My bet is SSD's filled with roms and isos.
>>2985 >My bet is SSD's filled with roms and isos. And when that SSD is gone, lost or damaged, where are you gonna get new rosm and isos? Online? They can get purged by that point. There's a necessity to preserve the original physical media for as long as possible to have continuous dumps of it.
>>2991 >where are you gonna get new rosm and isos? In newer SSD's, guess i should've said hard drives getting periodical drive health checks to replace them often. The best case would be the crystal storage but reading/booting that info is expensive. Roms can be stored in USBs but i guess the isos are more tricky, the entire library of the PS2 is already a huge chunk.
>>3005 this is all case by case scenario with random people archiving stuff, if something happens to even one dude an entire cluster can be lost
Open file (2.00 MB 540x960 JewJew.mp4)
just save everything to cloud, goyim
>>3983 Hard drives will be institutionally outlawed soon.
Open file (103.87 KB 576x753 1t.jpg)
Open file (471.74 KB 1536x2048 1y.jpg)
Losing the physical discs and disc art is painful.
>>4316 heh
Open file (644.45 KB 1440x1768 4.jpg)
good goyim
>>6477 Do people seriously not realize the danger of this? Are the masses that braindead?
>>6495 Brainwashing is a helluva drug. You can bet the kikes doing it, understand it's effect on the nuGoyim.
Open file (59.72 KB 608x601 rip.jpg)
>>6495 Yes. It's easier and quicker to buy them digitally and the golems don't think their ((("benevolent" overlords))) would take away access to something they paid for.
>>6517 the fact that they can just change anything they want and you won't even know is more terrifying
>>6519 >can just change anything >can just change >can just >can
>>6516 >not keeping multiple, redundant copies on different media, + stored on your own servers in different datacenters around the world shiggy.
Open file (94.62 KB 1024x1024 pa.jpg)
Open file (142.93 KB 328x445 x19644794-2360100670.jpg)
>>6522 That cute, but the end result will still be the same.
>>6523 No you (((can't))) >>6524 TKD? Agreed tbh.
>>6522 based
>>6522 Wait so I'm not paranoid for having multiple drives with the same backups? Thank gawd.
>>6537 EMP will fry 'em all, anon.
>>6541 Only the electronics for any reasonably-likely EMP attack scenario (ie, Ionosphere nuclear burst). Removable media should come through just fine if that's all they face. Ofc the entire world will descend into an unprecedented shitfest at that point, so vidya will be only a secondary concern for a long while afterwards.
>>6543 >Ofc the entire world will descend into an unprecedented shitfest at that point, so vidya will be only a secondary concern for a long while afterwards Good, we will finally get rid of all the normalfags.
>>6550 Imagine a world where people actually care about the things that matter, I am doing my best so that I will be able to survive and make a stronger race of humans, one that doesn't fall to subversion and actually plays video games that are good, and doesn't go into jewtube comments like a subhuman dog and say: <really needs a remaster even tho I could just play it but I am a retarded subhuman brainwashed by a corporation into thinking I need a beautiful game to be remade but with niggers and ugly woman
>>6551 That's how it pretty much used to be before the social media cancer. People just played video games and discussed them on forums/imageboards. We really just need to nuke all the shitter, jewtube, faceberg etc. offices.
Open file (21.97 KB 981x435 33.jpg)
>>6970 Good thing there is an alternative method to trying a game for free. And just playing through it for free if you decide it's worth your time.
>>6971 Good thing there's an alternative method of playing every game for free.
Open file (410.83 KB 638x638 gamerdisc.jpg)
Open file (1.15 MB 1440x1428 ClipboardImage.png)
>>8742 They need to get comfortable with me never buying or playing their propaganda gaymes.
>>8742 I'm very comfortable with never playing any of the modern slop, thank you very much.
Is emulation killing preservation? When you can play everything on a PC, then what happens to the physical consoles and games?
Open file (37.92 KB 640x634 fags.jpg)
Open file (144.81 KB 1080x943 lol.jpg)
Physical mediabros, we're so back!
>>9285 Toddbros, we can have our 12 million polygon sandwiches now!
>>9285 nice, fuck digital, fuck jews
>>850 Also remember to disable any automatic updates whenever possible and always revert to a backup copy of whatever you are using. Because they will brick your game so the physical media does not work anymore for no reason.
>>9466 this applies even to browsers
>>9226 I hate when this happens
>>842 if only there was a easily available internet archive of all media physical and digital from the past... oh well time to off myself because of some schizo imaginary problem
Open file (127.49 KB 616x533 tvaz.jpg)
>>9473 >if only there was a easily erasable internet archive of all media physical and digital from the past... Yeah man, never happened before, sites never went down with everything they had
>>9475 yeah bro i'm gonna nuke a internet server becuz izreal told me so kirby is a evil terrorist doncha know
Open file (9.18 KB 220x220 wakka.jpg)
>>9476 >y-yeah, such a thing never happened before! <not counting all those times when it did
>>9478 name 10 that didn't target nintendo shit and weren't rehosted by 5 different new sites the next day
>>9479 >name 10, name 20, name 50! >b-but also not these specific goalposts that I moved! Nigger they literally removed 8chan and kiwifarms from the internet entirely.
>>9480 >deflects from answer >but muh cansa tumors cowardly nigger
>>9481 >b-but those don't count as well! I accept your concession.
>>9482 >but it's based when troons lose their site

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