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Open file (173.41 KB 1080x1349 Alexandra Maslak.jpg)
Roastie Fear 2: Electric Boogaloo Robowaifu Technician 10/03/2019 (Thu) 07:25:28 No.1061
Your project is really disgusting >=== Notice #2: It's been a while since I locked this thread, and hopefully the evil and hateful spirit that was dominating some anons on the board has gone elsewhere. Accordingly I'll go ahead and unlock the thread again provisionally as per the conditions here: >>12557 Let's keep it rational OK? We're men here, not mere animals. Everyone stay focused on the prize we're all going for, and let's not get distracted. This thread has plenty of good advice in it. Mine those gems, and discard the rest. Notice: We are going overboard with the vitriol and hate ITT. /robowaifu/ isn't about hatred, it's about creating robowaifus as we so desire. I certainly have no desire to see this place become some kind of snowflake-pandering, commie-infested SJW hive of politically-correct thinking. Far from it. Poking good-natured and well-deserved fun at feminists and their simps is one thing, and perfectly agreeable. But trying to ramp that up into pure hatred is quite another, and definitely not. And the simple fact is that engendering and fostering hatred of women isn't helping us either be productive, nor furthering our cause. Keep it to yourself, Anon. There are still a few outlets out there for that type of thing, go visit them. But /robowaifu/ isn't going there. For the time being I'm locking this thread. I may unlock it again after I decide on a better plan to deal with the destructive hatred by the few anons trying to promote it on this board. You have my apologies for letting it go on as long as I did. >t. Chobitsu >=== -restore original OP text to top of post
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 09/02/2021 (Thu) 18:36:20.
>>28504 Welcome back, Bangladeshanon! Very glad to see you around again.
>>28504 I'm the Polish flag that posted the ridiculous Long Rundown broken up into like 5 parts
>>28512 Do make one soon. I'm probably gonna dump my updated MEGA there. And it'll be the last time I come on /pol/ for a while since I got new semester starting. >>28519 Thanks for that, I saved them but haven't read through all of them yet.
Open file (460.98 KB 1920x1080 marry_a_human.jpeg)
>>28484 > just because the robot can help raise a child doesn't change the fact that if the robot is your wife and you cannot have sex outside of with your wife, then you cannot reproduce. First of all, this wouldn't apply to me since I'm not religious. That aside, you didn't even understand the argument. >Unless you got a surrogate mother Or you do understand, yes this is what I was referring to. > I'm not sure how God feels about surrogate mothers > Not sure how God would respond. Sounds like it's not forbidden, and if it isn't then it isn't. "Feels" don't matter. >>28488 >polygamy does not seem to be directly prohibited in the Bible, but most Christians are not for it and it is illegal widely so for a reason. Well, then it certainly isn't a problem with gynoids. Also, you are switching from "follow the Bible" to "protect women" and "protect society". Theoretical ideas of how things should be are also not relevant. People have to adapt to reality. >>28498 The chances of changing society without using robowaifus is around zero and using surrogacy would work for developed countries and the other ones have a huge surplus of people anyways.
>>28525 just because something is not explicitly forbidden in the Bible does not mean it isn't forbidden nor does it mean it isn't forbidden to an individual but not to another individual. Surrogacy may be permitted if one does it unto God with pure motives and preceeded by contemplative prayer and reasoning from scripture to the best of one's ability like many things, this is how it goes. But seeking God's guidance is key always if you seek to please God.
>>28519 Canada anon here, those threads do work even if mods delete them regularly
Learned that most hoe phasers have self esteem issues in their 20's, so the problem goes deeper than muh trad wife. Perhaps a robowaifu on instagram would help. I see the failed males getting uteris transplantations and serving as surrogates for women and rich men in the future if nothing is fixed. Probably some sissy's wet dream, but I don't see most liking that fate. Think about it, what else would you use a guy who can't breed for but growing someone else's kid? Imagine a capitalist market for things as sacred as the faculties of reproduction, we're already living in that world as-is.
>>28561 Good, maybe if we post enough AI generated waifu pics on Instagram, they'll feel more insecure and quit. Good for us Also, capitalism is a double-edged sword. I don't really care about "sanctity" or "sacred" stuff but I just know the megacorporation CEOs will find some way to mess up robowaifus and artificial wombs. But, its this capitalism that made them invest and research this technology in the first place. This will be a gorillion-dollar industry in the fututre.
>>28573 I don't see any megacorporation openly pouring time and research into this anon. Atleast it hasn't been announced. >this will be a gorillion dollar industry in the future And apparently you don't plan to be a part of it
>>28574 What are you talking about/ Robotics and AI are the current big thing. Every large tech company, Google, OpenAI, Microsoft is pouring money into it. We can piggyback off their development. We don't have billions of dollars at our disposal to conduct State-of-the-art research,
>>28498 I understand why Abrahamics might have difficulties finding a theological reason why robowaifus are fine. I’d still ask myself what the point of following such religions is, if it’s gonna gimp you on the most important invention of the 21th century. But I certainly don’t want to offend anyone here. Your beliefs are valid. >>28504 Robowaifu threads on 4cuck have increased in popularity and they often reach bump limit now. I just got banned again for posting one and even tried might my best to make it sound political. Ironic considering most threads there are utter garbage. >>28098 I know I shouldn’t watch this absolute drivel. But the sheer salt and seething simple chatbots have done to some of these pseudo influencers is just hilarious. It makes me feel like the biggest salt miner ever watching these videos. This woman has a channel where she talks about the most degenerate sex practices but robowaifus is where she clearly draws the line lmao. https://youtu.be/SXHEaWJFjLI?si=HCW3OfqMbMYG0kKq
>>28602 It's always a joy to randomly stumble upon a robowaifu thread with that abortion pic I made as the OP, I noticed it grew quite popular.
>>28606 The one where a woman looks at a tv with an aborted baby while the robowaifu is holding one herself and glaring at the woman? It’s amazing.
>>28602 They are fully aware that it is going to be over soon. >>28607 This makes them have feelings against it. People can also have created an identity based on certain values, and struggle with those values being attacked or even just by people rejecting them. >I know I shouldn’t watch this absolute drivel. I wasted more than an hour yesterday in watching the most outrageous Caleb Hammer video ever, it was so awful but I couldn't stop. I should rather watch more anime or doing something useful.
>>28608 yeah that's the one
Open file (604.54 KB 1172x602 1705221585529410.png)
>>28602 dunno man, jannies seem to be keeping a lid on them for now. I made one recently and it got deleted. The American tripfag also made another, that one got deleted too. Its gonna turn out like the robowaifu threads we made in early 2023, mods kept banning them until they fizzed out.
>>28629 I love the facial expression on Emmy, Anon. It's perfect.
>>28629 We need more like this
>>28640 I've got some more memes in my MEGA folder, you can check it out. >https://mega.nz/folder/JiEyURTY#9NCtAQn0KsLbJ1Vs-yc7mQ
>>28624 To be honest, I try to ignore this thread because my personal views conflict with some ideas floated around. I'm a big softy towards women as I have a long history of mostly positive relationships. I feel deeply unqualified to clean this thread as I am biased. Fully respect the opinions posted here and I can relate to some sentiments shared. I believe you're better qualified to clean this thread if you.
>>28660 Sure, that's fine. I simply mean trivial filler like things. I've already spelled out my views on reigning in the vitriol within the OP. I'd just like you to consider doing final cleanups on threads before they roll over into a new one. Also, this is a years-old thread now lol. IIRC, this one was 'homegrown' right here on my jewish mother AlogsSpace. :^) Which, brings up a point: Some Anon will need to do a new Roastie Fear 3 thread soon I'll go through this one and clean it up sometime shortly, Kiwi. Cheers.
>>28661 What do you want to clean out?! Skipping over it, I didn't see much or anything OT.
>>28666 >What do you want to clean out?! Skipping over it, I didn't see much or anything OT. Just trivial bantz and sh*teposting. Stuff that literally contributes nothing to the thread. Also, my own many GUD JERB!! encouragements for various anons, if they are so short as to add little to the dialog. This is irrelevant to this thread specifically, but takes up a fair number of posts in some other threads.
Open file (489.28 KB 1024x576 upset_thot_(resized).png)
Open file (218.43 KB 533x768 robotmother_(resized).png)
Some ideas for the next thread.
Open file (103.29 KB 1080x1421 asking_my_waifu.jpg)
>Holly Elmore is an AI Pause Advocate who has organized two protests in the past few months (against Meta's open sourcing of LLMs and before the UK AI Summit), and is currently running the US front of the Pause AI Movement. She previously worked at Rethink Priorities and has a PhD in evolutionary biology from Harvard. https://youtu.be/iO9jceWSkdk
>>28670 >pic Kek. I'd suggest this one as the opener pic for the new thread. The other 3 are good too. But, please spoiler the 'time progression' one! :^) >=== -add funpost spoiler
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/21/2024 (Sun) 16:33:51.
Women ADMIT They Can't Compete With AI Girlfriends?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UMX1Dn4wYE >Whamen, despite years of saying they're more than just a pretty face and a pair of tits, when they encounter something that you know, while it can have a pretty face it doesn't even have any real tits, they can't even win against that. Half the people with AI waifus are already in relationships and women are starting to notice. We haven't even gotten to widespread multimodal models yet with streaming TTS, let alone robowaifus.
>>28687 It really plays out like a Greek tragedy for women in how wAIfus will be better than them. That said that article I’m sure is paid advertisement but it’s message is still good
Open file (449.18 KB 994x994 AI_art_school.png)
I normally don't post mansophere videos here, since this would just be an distraction. But, some here may still looking for jobs. So here are some hints: https://youtu.be/QxnoTxaFA84 One comment: >When I applied for engineering jobs, I would speak directly to the head of the electronic test department; and have a "question and answer session" over the phone, bypassing HR. When we came to an agreement, he would request to interview me to HR. HR has rocks in their heads.
>>28880 This is how you do it. If the Director/Manager says you're in, you're in. HR likes to posture themselves to applicants as if they are in charge! In fact, they are simple clerks. I expect this will be one of the many, many female-dominated roles in business that will be promptly usurped by AI. BETTER LEARN TO CODE, LADIES! :D
Open file (423.75 KB 472x747 dating_app_bot.png)
This here could be used to make a dating app swipe bot, I think: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/38WpHlKLIZ4 I had a similar idea in the past and also saw someone making some kind of swiping bot to look only for Asian chicks, which got him into hot water on old Twitter. That said, I didn't really think of such a simple solution, well partially because not everyone has a 3D printer and I didn't think of it for myself but as a open design for others. It might be a good idea to have a platform sharing photos and classifying them (probably illegal though). This could be used to make life for guys easier, which still want to use such apps, and it would reduce their mental load. Importantly, it's not about keeping this too secret, since it would also be about discouraging women from using these apps just for attention. If on the other hand they don't care, then it proofs that attention from men on such apps could be replaced by the illusion of that.
Open file (334.56 KB 828x611 IMG_9008.jpeg)
So it seems like queen roastie also joined the AI gf hate bandwagon (unsurprisingly). It’s not even worth checking out because it’s literally what every other woman already showed and said. I’ll just add her to my collage here. Still undecided on whether to make a second one or just add onto this >>28098
Open file (332.64 KB 705x419 Screenshot_237.png)
Open file (235.07 KB 475x392 Screenshot_240.png)
Open file (331.84 KB 633x420 Screenshot_241.png)
Open file (111.72 KB 499x857 Screenshot_239.png)
>>29223 Not her first on that topic, and it's not just women. Scott Galloway and Nicolas Eberstadt are also concerned. I guess I'm getting too many videos like this recommended since I started clicking on them so I can post them in the Undead Chronic Discord (which I don't even like that much). Picrel 2-4 are from another video, not SoH.
Open file (1.03 MB 720x1560 digi.mp4)
>>29223 Men adquire AI girlfriend, women finances hit the hardest.
Grey Ghost had the right idea how to use AI voices and AI art to make YT shorts: https://youtube.com/shorts/9zj7gn6sqdU https://youtube.com/shorts/yVVO7OXk20A I don't think this is really profitable, which is why I won't put it into any of the business related threads.
>>29223 >>29224 Boxxy lol. >>29238 This is going to get even better with time! :D >>29259 Thanks NoidoDev. Cheers.
>>29571 I can't believe that horrible-looking monstrosity is inside of every real woman.
>>30021 What's worse, and too awful to show here even spoilered is what's often found between their ears.
>>29368 Not boxxy lol, shoe >She knows she looks like boxxy though.
Open file (530.63 KB 1217x2367 robowaifu_vs_biocunt.png)
>>1061 Might as well contribute.
>>30025 >Not boxxy lol, shoe >>She knows she looks like boxxy though. Haha, I'm so out of the loop. Just shows you how long since I've frequented 4cuck. :D Thanks for the clarification, SoaringMoon. Cheers. :^) >>30026 Nice infograph. I think this could actually be expanded out into a rigorous, research-oriented project by some motivated anon... :^)
>>30029 Yeah, shoeonhead is based. Love her content.
>>30033 I find her aura offputting, and I learned long ago to always trust my synesthesia.
>>30033 From what I know of her, she's still a feminist at her core. She may talk about men's issues, but she cares more about the impact said issues have on women than about the men themselves.
>>30054 Huh? Nah man. >Although, she doesn't like the idea of AI girlfriends as a solution. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQv8VuLpKN4
>>30033 WTF are you talking about? She is just an average roastie doing roastie content. Also here>>29223
>>30054 Most women care mostly or exclusively about women, at least not about men. So they can never have any relevant position in politics or related areas, aside from being the front of someone or something. I understand why some guys might have some sympathies for ShoeOnHead, but she's certainly not someone to put on a pedestal or someone trustworthy. She's against AI girlfriends and robot girlfriends, and certainly not against "the achievements of feminism". Women like her either want to make money or are just concerned that if things go too far, then something might break and harm them or other women. My respect for Hannah Pearl Davis on the other hand grew quite a bit during the last few months. I generally don't recommend that men listen to female influencers, and this is also mostly true in this case. But, this is exactly the point. Perly Things seems to focus rather on targeting women. Telling them that they have to change and men aren't bad. No reason to trust her, but it's a different league.
>>30064 She is just as bad as all the other attention seeking women. That’s why at 28 she is still unmarried. No one is good enough for her.
Open file (1.01 MB 2093x1598 PsyopFoids101.png)
how to subvert foids

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