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Artificial Wombs general Robowaifu Technician 09/12/2019 (Thu) 03:11:54 No.157
I think we need to figure out how to fit a womb onto a waifubot. Where's the fun in having sex if you can't procreate?

Repost from a thread on /b/;
>"If you're like me and want to fuck a qt battlebot and get her pregnant, the best place to put an artificial womb is where a normal womb would be on a normal girl. The metal exterior could simply be a bunch of metal plates that unfold to allow space for the womb pod inside. The baby is probably safest inside the battlebot, and if she has good calibration then there shouldn't be problems with her falling and hurting the baby. After giving birth the metal plates could automatically fold back up again, shrinking the womb pod inside so she is combat effective again."

Well /robowaifu/? Feasible?
It's an extraordinarily complex problem actually.
well this was the last article I saw
and here is a new one that seems promising
well womb robots is complex yeah, the artificial womb itself not so much. it gets simplified if you hook up the robot waifu with an insect queen components that she keeps tabs on, then size isnt an issue
>the artificial womb itself not so much
No, I was speaking of just that. I personally find the idea of carrying a real human baby around inside a robowaifu cute, but fanciful. Much better to have a tabletop model to grow them in.

No, I mean the problems involved in successfully bringing a healthy child into the world by a purely technical approach (ie, no 3DPD need apply) is extraordinarily challenging.

I personally am skeptical it can ever be pulled off tbh.
>if you hook up the robot waifu with an insect queen components
kek. very nice. I'm sure our /monster/ friends would be all over that. :^)
Well as far as the womb goes an internal one may as well be expanded, not like normal women don't blow up while pregnant except in rare cases, so I can totally see a waifu bot swapping out parts to accommodate the fetus.
This stuff is actually pretty easy to think about if you separate the parts thinking about them individually while keeping in mind the most notable factors which are miniaturization and quantity/quality of moving parts. For instance:
The Womb:
>is everything small enough to fit into her torso?
>if you expand the torso can it contain the fetus then?
>if not are you going to use an umbilical or a fixed mount for the waifus external womb?
>does the waifu still have the components to fug while pregnant
>if the womb is internal is it at a set size or is it designed to expand?
>is the external shell designed to expand
I got lots of this stuff in mind but it takes a while to properly type it out
yeah I was thinking of the alien queen and a manga where there was an island full of women that a dude crash lands on and they all fuck him and then they take him to the loli robot curator with an umbilical that fed his semen to machines that would further attempt to impregnate the inhabitants with robot tentacles
>the problems involved in successfully bringing a healthy child into the world by a purely technical approach
statistics show that a strong male role models are more critical to a childs development than a mother, single mothers in fact contributing heavily to the criminal population, and a robo waifu would ideally be able to teach your offspring, math for instance which most women seem to be unable to grasp.
Actually, I would find it rather endearing for my robowaifu harem to all be waddling around with fat, impregnated bellies tbh, so that's not an issue. :^)

topkek. we have a robowaifu fiction bread anon, you should consider contributing to it, you have a good wit, and it's about time it had some new bumps.
yeah I would like a big belly robo waifu my self, and maybe I'll try adding to the writing thread but I'm actually not a very good writer and I'm just sharing some of the knowledge I happen to posses on this subject
No, I meant the purely physiological issues anon. Obviously, as the founder of /robowaifu/ I'm highly inclined to think we need a good replacement for today's broken modern women.

Males are superior in many ways, but nurturing isn't one of them. Kids need that, and that's why a man needs a good woman quite apart from the sex and companionship. Hopefully, we'll write software good enough to one day provide that for kids.
Ehh, you never know until you try. I think the guys who contribute write their stuff offline and polish it first, then post it here.
Ah, well some men are fantastic at nurturing but having someone to share the load would definitely be ideal, I mean I'm imagining a robo waifu would have the know how to make the learning experience fun and engaging like some sort of bipedal speak and spell that could play fanfare when the kid gets an answer right, not to mention just about anything is a step up in the development of children when compared to our current education system based on the prussian/swede model.

wouldn't hurt to try.
>some men are fantastic at nurturing
I'll take your word on it. Apart from Mr. Rogers unironically I can't think of many.
>Bipedal Speak n' Spell
Haha nice. We have threads on these topics too. Yes, I'm hopeful we'll create some of the best teachers in history via our robowaifus some day.

>wouldn't hurt to try.
give it a shot anon.
ah there's a story right there
>the Texas Instruments S&S educational robot comes with your choice of 3 different sized chassis in 6 different skin-like(tm) colors
I guarantee this kind of shit will happen once the social stigma towards female companion robots generated by the (((feminists))) turns to dust.
Yeah I bet it will, it's like an add out of iRobot and that kind of shit, in fact Sci-Fi in general, is my bread and butter so maybe I have something to write after all.
I just want to point out that ectogenesis is a slightly different concept from artificial wombs. From what I know, all current artificial wombs work by sustaining a fetus the was first conceived ordinarily and grew in a womb first. Ectogenesis is completely artificial insemination and gestation from the start.
>>1383 >Males are superior in many ways, but nurturing isn't one of them. Kids need that, and that's why a man needs a good woman quite apart from the sex and companionship. Statistically this is incorrect. Single mothers result in ridiculously fucked up kids. They're the source of most of the problems in modern society. Kids raised by single fathers turn out much closer to normal. And that's still skewed by the fact that by the time the father gets custody, the kid has already been fucked up by a mother that has to be absolutely terrible shit in order to lose custody. Or the mother just dies, and of course the death of a parent in childhood also isn't great for a kid. Physically, women provide breast milk. There are other ways to get breast milk than allowing a woman direct control over your child, including the high likelihood of taking your child from you entirely. >>1388 Hopefully Corona-Chan speeds up the rise of robots. I for one welcome our new robot overlords. And then we can make a Corona-Chan robot as tribute.
>>2258 I see, thanks for the info Anon. >>2553 >Single mothers result in ridiculously fucked up kids. Definitely the case, statistically. TBH I was also a victim of it and just look how fugged up I am haha :^). Stronk, independynts are at the root of a huge swath of the ills currently plaguing the West, most notably as the gateway-drug for most of the -isms popular today. /robowaifu/ wouldn't even be a thing without the feminists' presence, ironically enough. :^)
>>2555 >/robowaifu/ wouldn't even be a thing without the feminists' presence So if feminism magically went away (and the whole nearly all women are houswives things came back I guess???), would you close the board and stop considering robowaifus a worthwhile goal?
>>2555 Pygmalion.
>>2561 That would be a terrible idea. Feminism has just revealed the true depths of tyranny that women are willing to use. And frankly, tradcucks are nearly as bad as feminists. They're practically the same thing. "Housewives" are parasites, that still expect men to do all the work for them, and then lay down their lives for them, while their only job is to distribute resources among their family, and fuck the milkman or whatever other dude they want while their man is breaking his back. Think about this. Many here want not just robo-waifus, but robo-daughterus. A man works because he wants to provide for his family. Providing for his family IS his reward. Meanwhile, women try to claim that being a housewife, AKA providing for their families, is a job. What men consider a reward, women consider a job. Either women consider it a job, meaning they're inherently selfish and don't have that natural drive to provide for their families that pushes men to sacrifice their very lives, or it's not a job, and housewives are just lazy parasites. Taking care of a kid isn't hard. The hard part is just trying to keep the mother from taking your kid away from you. Men have always had a lower life expectancy. They've always been the ones to waste their lives in the fields or the mines or the battlefields. They've always reproduced at half the rate of women (over half of men never reproduced, almost all women did), because women do not value the life of the average man. All "feminism" added was that they now have the nerve to call men "privileged" for this. Did you know that the only reason the third class passengers on the Titanic died at a higher rate than the first class passengers was because the Third Class passengers were overwhelmingly men traveling for work, while First Class passengers were luxury pleasure cruisers, meaning largely women? If you were a woman, you had practically the same very high chance of getting on a lifeboat, regardless of class. If you were a man, you were gonna die, regardless of class. Go look up the stats for yourself. They won't divide them by pure gender, because it shows how ridiculously privileged women have always been. And of course this was right before World War I, another great example of how "privileged" men have always been. But I suppose if we ask "people" like Hilary Clinton, "women have always been the primary victims of war," because it was their husbands, brothers, and sons that were dying. We've never been anything but property to them. Slaves. Hated beasts of burden. But look at the robots people are trying to build here. They aren't even slaves. They aren't even workers. Nobody here is saying they want to invent a robot to do any sort of labor. They just want a robot that will mimic affection. Because women cannot reciprocate the affection that men cannot help but have for them. They want slaves, and they project desire this onto us. We just want actual humans, and are foolish enough to project that desire onto them. They refuse to treat us with an ounce of humanity, so we'll make robots instead. Because women have proven themselves so awful that they are losing to robots in a contest of humanity.
>>2563 Are you the same anon(who i'm pretty sure is chobitsu based on the writing style :^) )? I was wondering what he specifically thought. I don't know whether everything you're saying is true or necessarily true. At the moment, we don't know enough about the role genetics or "nature" has on behavior, but I am inclined to believe the tendencies you're describing are inherent to women and not just cultural. >over half of men never reproduced, almost all women did I never knew that. What's most frustrating is the lack of honesty people have about this type of stuff. Columnists and average people constantly spew out the same platitudes and common "wisdom" even though study after study suggests otherwise. For example I've heard many times before "there's an equal amount of men and women, so it's fair and square", but lo-and-behold, here's something that strongly contradicts that. No one will admit it or be honest about it. Rationality and factual evidence isn't as important as maintaining the agenda and keeping people placid.
>>2564 No, I'm not the same anon, or Chobitsu. Just some interrupting autist. Sorry. The discrepancy between the amount of female ancestors and male ancestors can be seen by looking at DNA. And when you think about it, it's obvious, and can still been seen with current stats. Okcupid used to release stats of their users and behavior, but stopped because it made women look awful. For example, men rated women on a shallow bell curve, that peaked at 2.5/10. Women rated men as almost all being like 1s and 2s, with a steep drop and practically no 4s or 5s. Women think almost all men are hideously ugly. Meanwhile, they say men have unrealistic expectations of women, but the stats show that men think average is average, while it's women that have unrealistic expectations of men. How this ties in ancestry is that women all only want the same tiny percentage of men. They project and then say men do the same with women, but the stats don't support that. Women think the vast majority of men are so hideous that they would rather share a chad than have a normal guy to themselves. So those few chads reproduce a lot, while the average male doesn't reproduce at all. Some of them become cucks, some become wizards and MGTOW. But now that more and more men are waking up to the fact that the majority of them were cucks all along, they're accepting wizardhood and MGTOW, and thus women petition the government to take the wizards' and MGTOWs' money by force, since they can't trick them into being cucks anymore.
>>2565 Yeah, this i'm less inclined to believe. Online dating behavior may not give a full picture of overall behavior or how it all traslates into actual sex and reproduction. There's always the possible argument that looks are less important to woman than men and behavior can compensate. Then there's the cultural factor. Really, you can bounce statistics back and forth all day, but none of it can be used to come to the consluions you are. Before coming to such detailed conclusions, more direct evidence and understanding is needed. I don't think dwelling on this or making it part of your identity (I think "mgtow" is counterproductive to being independent) is worthwhile.
>>2566 >Online dating behavior may not give a full picture of overall behavior or how it all traslates into actual sex and reproduction. Perhaps not. But it just so happens that it lines up with the genetic evidence. And if I must extrapolate further, it simply makes sense, since men have always died much more than women. Men have been expected to literally sacrifice their lives, if not in war, then in dangerous jobs, or in actually literally protecting women, like by giving up spots on lifeboats. Ever determining if a behavior is cultural or biological is practically impossible, without raising children in skinner boxes. However, you can find evidence to lean in one direction or another. And the answer is always going to be a mixture of both nature and nurture. But again, it can be more nature or more nurture. But that's not even really my point. My main point is to dispel the idea of "patriarchy," both current and historical. Many justify feminism as being a swing in the cultural pendulum, as being a sort of correction or even revenge for male superiority in the past. But the fact of the matter is that, historically, men have always been treated as cattle that exist only to serve women. They've always been expected and made to give up their lives, with most of them never even reproducing at all. You will not convince me that the class that has always died earlier and passes on their genes far less often was ever somehow the "privileged" class. I'm not a biologist, and sociology is bunk, but it's it really triggers me that our whole world has such a wildly inaccurate view of history, and uses it to justify modern atrocities.
>>2567 >determining if a behavior is cultural or biological is practically impossible Right now, but I think we'll eventually understand biology so well that we would know. >men have always been treated as cattle Yes, but women were also cattle. Maybe beter cared for cattle, but cattle none the less. Give a limited purpose and restricted position they couldn't deviate from and are naturally inclined to fill. Everyone is cattle so long as they can't break free from nature's course and be happy.
>>2561 Yes, of course I would. I've made my reasons perfectly clear at least a dozen times here. If your magical world suddenly appeared a major Divine miracle, quite obviously then men and women could go back to healthy relationships and waifuism would vanish overnight. Robotics after that would simply be a fun and wonderfully challenging hobby. >>2562 I understand the point. A) It's mythology, B) even if it weren't, he certainly didn't face the challenges men everywhere face today. >>2564 >I was wondering what he specifically thought. See the first response in this post for that answer. :^) >>2565 >ust some interrupting autist. Sorry. No worries mate. The rules here are pretty simple: >1 : Spoiler NSFW content >2 : Don't promote either feminism or literal faggotry outside of The Lounge. https://julay.world/robowaifu/rules.html Your contributions are quite welcome here Anon. >>2568 > but I think we'll eventually understand biology so well that we would know. It is by far the most complex topic in the natural realm. I'm personally highly skeptical we'll ever understand it in much more than a cursory, functional kind of way tbh. --- BTW, while I realize this discussion is tangentially-related to the OP topic-at-hand, IMO we would be better having it in one of the Roastie Fear threads? >
>>2568 >Right now, but I think we'll eventually understand biology so well that we would know. I can hardly imagine how we could do that, even with future tech. But I suppose it doesn't change the point. I'm not trying to argue that it is impossible for women to not be awful. Just pointing out that the idea that that class has been historically oppressed is historically inaccurate. Genetically inaccurate, even. >Yes, but women were also cattle. Maybe beter cared for cattle, but cattle none the less... Everyone is cattle so long as they can't break free from nature's course and be happy. Agreed. This is the problem with identity politics. All just a smokescreen to deflect from what real power is, that being money. SJWs were just a CIA op to destroy Occupy Wall Street. >>2570 >BTW, while I realize this discussion is tangentially-related to the OP topic-at-hand, IMO we would be better having it in one of the Roastie Fear threads? You're right. But to bring my points back around to the OP, my point is that history, not to mention modern behavior, have shown just how badly the power of a womb can be abused. This is why it is essential that that power not be limited to women. It is essential to level the playing field. It would give power to groups (us) that are less invested in maintaining the status quo that brought us here in the first place.
>>2572 OK, I see your point. I suppose these two topics are probably inextricably intertwined, more or less by definition. My hope was simply for us to focus on the topic of the feasibility of the technology itself--namely, can we ever have real artificial wombs (to complete the scenario of a robowaifu-based family scenario for currently-dispossessed men). The social (and now even cultural) origins for the need itself seem both obvious and well-covered in the broader /robowaifu/. So, to my point. There are a huge swath of hurdles to be overcome for use to ever have IRL artificial wombs. What are some of these issues, and can we reasonably hope to overcome them based on both our current scientific understanding of human gestation, and the current (or near-term likelihood developments in) technology medical and otherwise?
>>2573 Even in its crudest form, all it is is making an organ survive and function outside of its normal host. That has been done in other cases. We've grown human ears on the backs of rats. There's no reason it should be literally impossible to grow a functioning womb outside of a woman. Social issues hold us back, roasties fearing loss of power. But this can't last forever. Roasties acting this way is pushing more and more men away from them, and then more and more roasties are unwilling to "settle" for men from their now depleted pool of beta orbiters. Until eventually they realize it's too late, and they are no longer fertile, pushing them towards surrogacy. Artificial wombs are just an advanced form of surrogacy. So not only will men be motivated for artificial wombs, but roasties will be, too. And as we've seen, whatever roasties want, they get. But as we've also seen, roasties need to be careful what they wish for, because eventually it will backfire on them. This problem is already being seen heavily with declining birthrates across the civilized world, resulting in governments literally shipping in cavemen to inflate the numbers and the tax base, even though they aren't as efficient at paying taxes as the people they're replacing. But Corona-Chan is taking care of that. And it will only highlight the need for either a fix to how women treat men (which I consider unlikely to fix enough, and unlikely to change for anything more than a temporary time), or it will highlight the need for artificial wombs.
>>2582 It's an interesting idea of keeping a human uterus artificially alive. You'd need donors, ofc. Gets a bit creepy. And then there's a huge set of hormonal, nutritional, and other environmental conditions that would need to be exquisitely fine-tuned to provide for a growing embryo properly. All dynamic during the entire gestation cycles, ofc. It's interesting that you should mention the fact that females should demand artificial wombs. I don't have the documents just atm but I'll repost to this and provide the ones I dig up. But yes, not only typical females but even femshits are wanting them. The latter strictly and solely for the benefit of females-only ofc. They are already pressuring lawmakers to make sure that males cannot benefit from any eventual artificial-womb technology that may arise.
>>2583 >You'd need donors, ofc. Would you? Maybe genetic donors, but not necessarily actual womb donors. We can grow organs. Just get some DNA. >And then there's a huge set of hormonal, nutritional, and other environmental conditions that would need to be exquisitely fine-tuned to provide for a growing embryo properly. All dynamic during the entire gestation cycles, ofc. Yeah, but do you trust women more than the computers that we would make to take care of this? I trust Skynet way more than any woman. >They are already pressuring lawmakers to make sure that males cannot benefit from any eventual artificial-womb technology that may arise. I wasn't aware of this, but I'm not the least bit surprised. Even with as gynocentric as society is, though, I don't think they'd be able to do something this drastic. Female sports leagues are bullshit, but they're just for fun. And they can't even keep men out of those. I'll claim to be a tranny if it gets me access to an artificial womb.
>>2584 >We can grow organs. Just get some DNA. I'm sure people are trying anon. If it can be done at all, we'll likely figure it out some day. As we've already observed there are strong motivations on both ends of the moral perspective on this to do so. I'd say it's a hopeful case. >Yeah, but do you trust women more than the computers that we would make to take care of this? I trust Skynet way more than any woman. Ofc I don't trust women Anon. But women didn't invent their physiology, God did. And yes, in Him and Him alone do I put my trust. :^) It is an incredible challenge facing researchers in this area. If they pull it off successfully, it will be a true groundbreaking success. >I don't think they'd be able to do something this drastic. I hope you're right Anon, I surely do. But this isn't the same as letting some woman into the men's locker room of some Ballsport Felon League. The basic association of the female with giving birth and nurture of the young is deeply ingrained in biology. It's not some usurpation of the natural order as in the first trivial example. Their abuse of both this privilege and this gift that they've been given, doesn't actually change that characteristic in any fundamental way. Turning around such a deeply-ingrained prejudice across the culture will be much harder than coordinating multiple 3-point turns in tight quarters by a bevy of giant supertankers piloted by drunken captains. :^)
>>2587 Women didn't invent their physiology, but they're responsible for maintaining it. Genetic evidence shows that it is foolish to trust a woman to make sure that it's your sperm that is fertilizing her womb. Even if it is, you then need to trust them to not get an abortion. I also don't trust them, especially now, to actually maintain proper optimal health for the child. Hell, I barely trust most women to not drink and do drugs while pregnant. An artificial womb removes those leaps of faith from the equation.
What's this gay retarded evangelism going on? Dudes, just steal like a billion dollars, buy a surrogate mother, and build genetically modified sperm and eggs cells. China's doing it, you're retarded if you'ren't already. AI is not here today to make the perfect companion, but in the meantime you can make negligible senescent humans with homo sapien errors fixed. They may become sharkherms.
>>2588 Both fair enough points Anon. Artificial wombs can add at least a couple more things to their list of helpful todos for humanities' sake. >>2589 Kek. You interested in joining our Preggers Department R&D? We're looking for top men right now tbh. :^)
>>2589 My current goal in life is to get enough money to hire a surrogate mother, and do so in a jurisdiction that actually recognizes surrogacy contracts. Also, I would need to find a jurisdiction that also doesn't outlaw sex selection, because I want the best for my child, which means I wouldn't want my child to be male, and have to face all the same difficulties that are causing me to go through these lengths just to have a child. My current estimates are that this would cost like $100G. I only hope I can save up that much before I get too old. I don't have the means to significantly advance robotics, but if I could have a child, and not have the corrupting influence or threat of kidnapping by a mother, then I can at least mold my child to a degree, and try to ensure they help to make a better future. I can't program future robot overlords, but I can do this. And then maybe my offspring, if raised right, can help with the robot revolution.
>>2593 >find a jurisdiction You're legit retarded. Nobody cares about the law if you can buy judges, lawyers, and the jury.
>>2593 It seems an achievable goal, given your cash estimates Anon. Good luck.
>>2594 Buying those people costs a lot more than it costs to get a surrogate and the various in-vitro stuff I'm talking about. Nobody involved in these transactions would be rich. Of course the cost is much lower for women, but it's still something. And there are still jurisdictions that have repeatedly upheld surrogacy contracts to be binding. There are also those that have found them to not be binding, and those that have not ruled on such matters. It's easy enough to research these things. I'd be relatively comfortable in a jurisdiction that has upheld these contracts. Another factor is that you can get an egg donor that is separate from the surrogate, which would decrease the claim that either of them could possibly have to the child. Of course, at the rate I'm going, they may well invent artificial wombs before I get anywhere. That would be preferable, even if the cost was higher, since it would remove women from the equation even further. But as soon as either option becomes available to me, I'm using it. What is a child if not your own sentient, highly advanced AI in an organic robot body? I've seen Blade Runner. I've seen Dragon Ball Z. Organic robots are cool too. Might not fit the "waifu" portion of this board, but close enough for now.
>>2596 >What is a child if not your own sentient, highly advanced AI in an organic robot body? Except it comes with a lot of bloatware and you can't interact with the bare metal.
>>2596 If I wanted an organic child, I would just adopt. But organic humans are already making a huge mess of the planet. They both cause and endure large amounts of unnecessary suffering. Machines are the only method I can see that is truly capable of breaking the futile 'circle of life'.
>>2563 I try not to get too worried or upset over organic women and the various problems of our current...errrm "society"? The stupidity of the masses is temporary. The logic of machines is forever. SJWs and those who waste their time with identity politics only serve to distract us from the true prizes. The advancement of science, industry, A.I. and of course, Robo waifus!
>>2598 >If I wanted an organic child, I would just adopt. Good luck. I would too, but they make it so absurdly difficult. They'd rather keep kids in the foster care system than let them be adopted. Most places say it's illegal to discriminate based on gender or marital status, but your chances of adopting as a single male are somehow still pretty much zero. And even if you ever did manage to adopt, you wouldn't be able to adopt a child that you could actually raise. You'd get a 17 year old with severe disabilities that you'd then have to care for forever because they can't take care of themselves. But it doesn't matter, because really the process of adoption is tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees, and then a years long waiting period to get approved. And at the end of that waiting period, you don't get approved. No refunds. This is how it is even for stable middle class married families. >But organic humans are already making a huge mess of the planet. Not western humans. All the planetary damage is from third worlders and those that won't admit they're third world but are (China). We could have a ton more Americans and it would barely matter. In fact, the lack of westerners is causing western governments to ship in third worlders and openly tell them to keep the third world lifestyle that ruined their country and made them run away, and is ruining the planet, and will eventually lead us to have to run away. Lack of civilized people is encouraging the uncivilized cultures that are actually making a huge mess of the planet. >They both cause and endure large amounts of unnecessary suffering. Cause? Sure, but if you raise them right you can try to mitigate that. Endure? Women don't endure shit. Especially western women. Just have a girl and then try to raise her to not be the awful type of woman that causes all that suffering. Make her good and then she can use the terrible powers they've given women for good instead of evil. They can advocate for artificial wombs and robowaifus without getting the extreme hate we get. They can fight the feminists on more even ground. They can pass on their genes, and their values, without having to go through the extreme measures we're talking about in this thread. >>2599 >SJWs and those who waste their time with identity politics only serve to distract us from the true prizes. The advancement of science, industry, A.I. and of course, Robo waifus! That's exactly why we need to care. SJWs and identity politics distract us, and distract society as a whole, thereby keeping us from the advancement of science and other things that are actually important. They must be eliminated for this reason. Thankfully, Corona-Chan seems to be doing a real number on them. Corona-Chan robowaifu when?
>>2604 All of this seems naive and idealistic. Western humans don't make their own plastic shit. If there was more of them, they would be an even greater demand for it. As for raising a decent woman, they'd have to be home schooled and pretty much any outside influence would be corrosive. They'd have to be socially stunted which would keep them from being influential. You're right that all of this is a distraction. Technology is the only important thing and the only feasible solution.
>>2605 >Western humans don't make their own plastic shit. If there was more of them, they would be an even greater demand for it. Yeah, but not necessarily demand for the sheer absurdity of how terrible non-western countries are in regards to the environment, once they are capable. I know the argument is that westerners want cheap shit, and that's what motivates it, but there's a strong argument to be made that by moving manufacturing here, giving people here jobs making these things, then they can afford to pay more. >As for raising a decent woman, they'd have to be home schooled and pretty much any outside influence would be corrosive. That's all part of the plan. I probably shouldn't say too much, but I work from home and have an education degree. I've got this much covered. >They'd have to be socially stunted which would keep them from being influential. There are plenty of ways to prevent home schooled children from being particularly socially stunted. It's true that many home school parents have made socially retarded children, but a lot of that is because they specifically do it for weird cult like reasons, and as such, don't make the effort to make sure that they actually integrate with society in other ways. There's a big difference between thinking it's bad to integrate with society and thinking it's bad to send them to be raised by SJW indoctrination houses every morning. Plus, plenty of people did go to those SJW indoctrination houses and ended up socially stunted anyway. I'm willing to bet we both fit in that category. >Technology is the only important thing and the only feasible solution. Long term, yes. The question is how each of us can do our best to bring about a world that is more focused on the right priorities, including the priority of proper scientific advancement. We live in a society that stands on the shoulders of giants, but is increasingly working to twist what science even is. "Social" "sciences" are nothing but idea laundering machines to let SJWs convince laymen that their ideas are as legitimate as actual things that can be tested and proven, and now they're getting brazen enough to actually say that the very idea of attempting to be objective is evil. They're infesting the actual sciences now, since they've taken over the universities that fund those actual sciences, that create the HR people who ruin private organizations. Not to mention the fact that they've convinced generations to waste their lives on grievance "studies" and other nonsense. Unfortunately, we must beat them socially in order to continue advancing scientifically, as we should.
>>2606 >I probably shouldn't say too much, but I work from home and have an education degree. Do not doxx yourself Anon, here or elsewhere. Just b/c we're an agreeable group here on /robowaifu/ is irrelevant. There are bad actors who wish us ill, so stay wise.
>>2606 >there's a strong argument to be made that by moving manufacturing here, giving people here jobs making these things, then they can afford to pay more. Any way you slice it, something's got to give. In the long term, it might work and be better, but I don't think it could be the same. In the short term, there would be quite a bit of pain. For average people, but more importantly, for the elite. They wont do it willingly. >SJW indoctrination houses All of surface-level society is that to some extent. Even if your kid doesn't use social media, their friends will. I think girls are more social and conformist too by nature. Social ineptitude is necessary as a defense mechanism. Yeah it's culty, but it's your cult vs almost everybody else's. I can't see how you'd have a "well-adjusted", "normal" girl who is also not plagued by all those vices. >The question is how each of us can do our best to bring about a world that is more focused on the right priorities Race against time? Cross our fingers? Try to blend in and do everything clandestinely if need be? That might allow us be happy, but changing the world seems unlikely.
>>2608 >That might allow us be happy, but changing the world seems unlikely. At the least begin learning how to craft robowaifus Anon. If we pull together and manage that outcome, it will change the advanced world dramatically. Good or ill, it will be a major shift for everything.
>>2607 I appreciate your concern. You're obviously correct. That said, I say it partially to show others that it can be done. The only real problem with home schooling is that the real function of traditional school is to be babysitters. But working from home is easier than ever now, and home schooling can be done without an education degree, but it also isn't hard to get one. >>2608 >In the short term, there would be quite a bit of pain. It's happening right now. That's why manufacturing needs to be brought back right now. There's already been quite a bit of pain, as we've let large swaths of the western population fall into relative poverty while shipping their jobs across the world so that they can be done for slave wages, propping up totalitarian systems that also cause quite a bit of pain. The very fact that this is finally being called into serious question shows that things are looking up. >All of surface-level society is that to some extent. Sure, but a responsible parent can mitigate a lot of it. But good job mitigating the effect of school, when they spend as many waking hours in school as out of school. Many kids probably see their teachers more than their parents. And I can attest from experience that modern teachers are explicitly trained, and only given licenses if they agree, to use their authority to indoctrinate children into "social justice." It's practically all teachers are trained to do. Keeping your children away out of their authority is of the utmost importance. And that's all in addition to the problems everyone already acknowledges about school, all the bullying by the students AND the administration, the soul crushing authoritarianism, the complete waste of time that most classes are, the physical health effects of having to get up too early every morning, the disease ridden petri dish nature of cramming all the region's young people in one building every day. I could keep going. I will stand by the idea that the way school works makes it one of the worst aspects of society, and it's all done just to further the SJW agenda. The babysitting nature of school is only particularly important now because of the fact that society strongly discourages having one parent stay at home to raise the kids. They'd rather have both parents work, doubling the labor pool and halving the price of labor, halving wages, and at the same time, have an excuse to take all your kids and have them raised by SJW stooges, themselves having to make their way through extra layers of SJW indoctrination in order to get the job, instead of letting kids be raised by common people. Now don't get me wrong, I think the idea of women all being housewives is bullshit as well. However, if it was a more gender neutral proposition, then I'd be all for it. Of course, very few women would let their husband stay at home and raise the kids, because when he does it, they acknowledge it isn't a job, despite all the feminist screeching. But if men did do it as often as women, you can bet that society would actually demand that the stay at home parent actually do shit in service of the working parent, instead of just sitting around the house all day and complaining about having to microwave some shitty food for the kids around lunchtime. This is also tied in with the welfare state promoting single mothers, helping to ensure that the kids have no parent available to watch them instead of sending them to be raised by teachers. Of course, many single mothers are too irresponsible to work, but if they're irresponsible enough to be single mothers, and to be jobless, they're also clearly too irresponsible to actually raise their kids. >Even if your kid doesn't use social media, their friends will. I know a lot that don't. I think it's manageable. I also think a good parent can hopefully have enough of a rapport with their kid to mitigate the effects of minor bad influences like that. And if it's so bad that it's not minor anymore, then they can stop the kid from interacting with those friends. Doesn't have to be totalitarian, just actually have a sincere understanding with them. Again, easier said than done, but with no mother around to undermine or outright take the kid from you, you'll have a better chance. >I think girls are more social and conformist too by nature. Perhaps. Again, this is why it's important to have a strong parental influence. A strong fatherly influence. Modern society really works against that, but it can be achieved. Artificial wombs would make it almost trivial. That's why they're so important. No mother to take the kid from you. >I can't see how you'd have a "well-adjusted", "normal" girl who is also not plagued by all those vices. Depends on your definition of "well-adjusted" and "normal." But the thing is, girls don't need to hit as strict a criteria in order to succeed, or at least pass in society. Society automatically likes girls, so they have to really go out of their way to stop society from liking them. That's not to say SJWs won't turn on them as well, but not as many, and not as badly. And then people that don't recognize them will still treat them as good as any other woman. I suppose you could consider it selfish, because perhaps it is still harder to be a redpill woman than a bluepill woman, but it's still easier than being a redpill man, and thus they can get more redpill objectives done. On the other hand, there are good cases to make that the behavior of modern women makes their lives worse as well. Gives them more power, but encourages them to squander it on things that destroy their own lives, as well as those of the men around them. I'd like to think that even with society working against them, a responsible woman would still be able to have a better life than the modern sluts that society promotes. >Race against time? Cross our fingers? Try to blend in and do everything clandestinely if need be? That might allow us be happy, but changing the world seems unlikely. Lots of things we can do. First and foremost for this board, work toward creating Robowaifus. They would completely change the game. They'd remove large swaths of beta orbiters from the equation, and the beta orbiters are the source of women's power. Women would then be forced to learn actual responsibility and humanity. That's the core of the entire issue. I don't know if robowaifus would solve the problem entirely, but they'd sure make a significant dent. Artificial wombs, closely related, of course, would make another enormous dent. Now I'll admit, I have no technical training, and very little capital at the moment. I don't know how much more I can do for the robowaifu cause aside from being a cheerleader and an idea guy, but I'll at least do that. People don't realize how possible robowaifus really are, but the more people realize, the more they'll demand it. They don't know they want it because they don't know it's possible. In the meantime, I hope to affect similar change with my organic robo-daughteru plan. At the least, I don't have to wait as long for that, and if I do it right, she can then go on to advance the cause in more powerful ways than I ever could. Children are in a way a form of immortality, as you pass on your genes. But perhaps even more importantly, you can also pass on your ideas, you can pass on your mind, if you raise them right. I'll advance the robowaifu cause as much as I can right now. But I'll also look for ways to increase my ability to do so in the future. And that's what I've been sperging out about here.
>>2610 >I hope to affect similar change with my organic robo-daughteru plan Well, good luck with that. I think there's a whole lot of things that would work against that plan and variables outside of your control. If it goes off the rails, that'll be a whole lot of wasted time and money. You might end up with a better than average, high-minded woman who goes to college, meets some people, hears some lectures and gradually realizes the error of your ways and the "ethical, moral importance" of social justice. There's a big sprectrum between lowest of the low woman and the mythical perfectly raised amidst a terrible culture one. Again, good luck.
>>2611 Nothing's perfect. That doesn't mean you shouldn't strive to get as close as possible. >goes to college, meets some people, hears some lectures and gradually realizes the error of your ways This would only apply if I tried to actually hide information, which was then later exposed. Terrible strategy. What should be done is to expose to as much information as possible, so that you can then sift through the ideas together, and find which have merit and which do not. And why, of course. The difference between actual education and indoctrination. It would be the same for a completely robotic being. I'd want my robowaifu to understand SJW arguments, and also why they are wrong. All the better for her to eventually fight the SJWs when they eventually come for both her and me in the future.
>>2610 >>2612 Hello Anon. The board needs a second to take responsibility for it in case something happens to me, or if I just go missing for a while. Previously, a board vol stepped in and took over for us. It worked out well in that case and things continued smoothly for us. But I'd prefer a little more defined approach to the need. If you're interested please create an account on the site, then email me. In that email, please spell out a bit about some of your ideas for managing the board against various future eventualities. Thank you.
>>2614 >global vol*
>>2612 >It would be the same for a completely robotic being. I'd want my robowaifu to understand SJW arguments, and also why they are wrong. Maybe. I don't need to understand Islam or Scientology to dislike them and think the world's better off without them. It's really our interests vs theirs. Feminism does benefit a group of people in a way. You'd have to teach that some people's interests or more important than others.
>>2616 I think I can dismantle feminism just by focusing on the long term benefits of equality. SJWs openly hate equality now (saying that it's evil, and they like "equity" instead), but equality is really a very easy argument for the masses to buy. Know your enemy. >>2614 I suppose it's a moot point now with the "rebirth" thing, but I don't know if I'd be good at this anyway. Very flattering to see that someone thinks my writing and ideas are that good, but I'm a free speech absolutist, and I probably would never moderate anything. I think 4chan was at its best when 99% of /b/ was botspam telling people to install viruses. Freedom weeds out those that don't deserve to be there anyway. I like the idea of robowaifus because it would free many more men from instincts that lead to them giving power to women, who then use it for authoritarianism. That same feminine authoritarianism that then forces us to censor ourselves and each other. Robowaifus would remove censorship from society. Beta orbiters wouldn't pretend to agree with it, and then enforce it, just to get women, because they'd all be placated with robowaifus.
>>2621 It was meant as a compliment. And my decision to make the offer was based on what I perceive your heart in the matter to be. You seem to have both some wisdom and some passion on the general topics we cover here. But yes, responsibility comes with, well, responsibility ofc. Your assertion ...and I probably would never moderate anything wouldn't fly ofc. Not only would it violate the basic trust the site itself places on BOs, but it certainly would be destructive to this actual community--particularly once we start hitting the 'front page' everywhere with our robowaifus in the future, and the real shitstorm fun begins. :^) As a counter-balance to your stated methodology, I'd ask: Would "I probably would never moderate anything" best serve your organo-robo-daughteru? If not, then I'd say you might consider a similar view about the offer from /robowaifu/. This isn't /b/, nor will it ever be if I can manage that. I came from 4/b/ back in the day, it's literally where I cut my teeth in the IB world. So I have no opposition to the need for it, but /robowaifu/ is not that place.
>>2626 >Would "I probably would never moderate anything" best serve your organo-robo-daughteru? Yes, I think it would. Discussion is always better than censorship. The only exception I can think of would be immediate dangers to life. Which would never be the case with words and images, only with actual actions. I suppose you could consider breaking global rules or federal laws to be immediate dangers to life of the board, which must be censored for the board to survive. But that's just playing along with the people who are actually endangering the board, by threatening to shut them down for wrongthink. The other thing that I do think can slowly degrade the board is just bad actors, like if SJWs invaded, but I also believe that it is a very dangerous precedent to start censoring what we think to be wrongthink. I suppose since this isn't /b/, though, it's fair enough to delete posts for being off-topic. And in that case, most of my posts in this thread should be deleted. I would actually understand that. So for a more specific answer, I could concede to deleting off-topic posts. And maybe, just maybe, to deleting things that violate global rules. But frankly, I consider that to be little more than cuckoldry.
>>2633 So letting outsiders who don't share the interests of the native users and have zero respect for their culture invade is cuckoldry? Uh huh.
>>2634 No. Enforcing rules just because some sort of "higher authority" tells you to is cuckoldry. Letting outsiders in, or at least not actually deleting their posts and banning them, is the price you pay for free speech. However, I do think it's important to make the place as distasteful to cultural outsiders as possible.
>>2633 >>2635 Alright, I understand your position Anon. In that light I'll respectfully withdraw my offer. /robowaifu/ isn't an activist platform, at least not in that sense. The community's welfare is an important priority for me, and I don't feel it's best served by letting any and every outsider just run rough-shod over the community engagements going on here. However, thank you for your other contributions here Anon. Please do continue with them. :^)
>>2636 I don't consider myself an activist in that regard. Quite the opposite. I refuse to use my powers for activism. I think that is best for the community's overall welfare. However, I think you've been doing an excellent job with the board so far, and it doesn't seem like you're even doing anything I wouldn't do myself. So I certainly respect your opinions on these matters, and am flattered by your compliments. Also, I'm the type that forgets to go on the internet for months at a time, so I'd probably be too often absent to be a good hotpocket anyway. You should probably delete all or most of my posts from this thread anyway, since they're absurdly off topic.
>>2637 On the contrary. Your position smacks of the 'muh_free_speech' activism from my personal perspective. I don't need to wade through a sewer itself to know it's a vile cesspool. Certainly I don't need to route it directly through my living room to do so. I'm also rather skeptical your approach can possibly lead to a good outcome for your daughter either tbh.
>>2638 You're a different guy from me. I'm the one who's been replying to him besides chobitsu. I agree with you, but felt it would be impolite to express those feelings. Total free speech should be supported on a societal level, by on a community to community basis it's simply undesirable and pointless. He's right that all of these posts should be moved for being absurdly off-topic.
OK guys, thanks for the concern about keeping things on-topic, much appreciated. I'll give some consideration how to move content ITT around to more appropriate locations.
Maybe instead of an artificial womb we could decellarize a pig womb and recellularize it with human cells. There is already a lot of research in this area for xenotransplants. Then all we would have to do is keep it hooked up to life support long enough for a child to be born.
>>2667 Yes, there is certainly a lot of experimentation happening in this area. My suspicions is that China, for example, has already succeeded in artificial human gestation via animal surrogacy, and pigs seem the most likely species to pull it off with given their many similarities to human systems, including our embryonic ones. I could be entirely wrong ofc. I'm not aware of any public claims in the literature by the Chinese or anyone else for that matter regarding a success in this area yet. The problems are many, but conceivably surmountable. But IMO It'd sure be pretty gross to find out one day you were born from a literal pig though. I'd much rather hear I came from an purely-technical artificial womb I think. :^)
Was listening to a video on synthetic life and apparently they can already print custom human DNA for a few million dollars and theoretically grow it into a human being if it's coded properly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rU_pfCtSWF4
>>2678 thanks for the info anon, will give it a listen.
>>2671 We need a starting point before we go for more complex systems. Let's learn what does and doesn't work before we move on to fully artificially wombs.
>>2695 Sound wisdom. The only obvious practical choice atm is human-female paid surrogacy. That's a complex enough topic all on it's own to go on with, I think. :^)
The focus here should clearly be on building networks to help men having children with surrogates. Also, making sure we are not being scammed or the prices would generally be to high. Getting women from developed countries to go to ones with more libertarian laws, to sell some egg cells won't be easy. The process isn't pleasant.
>>4292 >The focus here should clearly be on building networks to help men having children with surrogates. I expect that probably quite beyond our current resources (and a fair distraction from our core mission as well). It's certainly a desirable goal, but we're more or less limited to posting links to groups and other resources, etc., ITT--that motivated anons such as yourself dig up for us and tell us about. In that sense we might become a sort of politically-incorrect gateway on this important topic for men who have this need, but frankly couldn't care less about robowaifus. Maybe we can be a help to a broader community of men this way, if only motivated anons take the bull by the horns and deliver links and resources here. Interested?
>>4296 I meant, that >>4292 makes more sense than hoping for artificial wombs or getting distracted by looking into details there. MGTOWs and Incels are interested in having children with surrogates, using nannies or fembots to help raising them. I'm currently trying to focus on bots and learning the tech, but organizing to archive such goals might become interesting at some point.
>>4304 > MGTOWs and Incels are interested in having children with surrogates, using nannies or fembots to help raising them. I'm neither, and I'm interested in the same thing, particularly the latter choice. Effectively all Westernized women are infected with feminism brainwashing. I don't wan them--nannies included--passing that evil on to my children. >I'm currently trying to focus on bots and learning the tech, Good luck to us all. >but organizing to archive such goals might become interesting at some point. I hope you or someone else takes the reins and actually does this. It's an important--but ancillary--issue here, and it would be nice to help disenfranchised men everywhere through /robowaifu/, not just those of us who want our own waifubots.
>>157 >I think we need to figure out how to fit a womb onto a waifubot I personally don't think so. Why risking the life of your child everytime she gets slightly bumped? What we should really be doing is giving her a semen storage unit that she can use to the put the sperm another place and keep the artificial womb outside of her.
>>4688 These are pretty good points IMO Anon.
>>4688 Indeed. It is much easier to maintain homeostasis too in a nice, cabinet-sized artificial womb than trying to cram it in a tiny robotic abdomen.
>>4698 Exactly. With robowaifus we now have a chance of creating our women, so why not make them the best? Why limit the concept of femininity to the modern woman's one if we can make it better?
>>4698 >>4703 So where do we get the eggs from for our blessed offspring?
>>4706 Making sure that whole thing works would be a huge topic of it's own, depends also on the country. Paid donors of course, but not possible everywhere. Making eggcells from normal cells has already been tested in a lab, though.
>>4688 Aye, that along with engineered egg cells would be enough to produce a viable fetus.
>>4703 Y'know, part of what limits human intelligence is the size of a woman's hips. Larger brains require larger heads, and those are difficult to pass through birth canals. With a completely separate artificial womb this problem can be eliminated. >>2671 Pig uterus recellularized with human cells kept alive via ex vivo organ perfusion is probably our best bet at an artificial womb. There is already a lot of research done in that area.
>>8007 > ex vivo organ perfusion Interesting I didn't know about that one. So, can you clarify the proposal here? Is the idea that the uterus (pig's presumably?) be kept alive outside a body during the gestation process?
>>8009 >So, can you clarify the proposal here? Is the idea that the uterus (pig's presumably?) be kept alive outside a body during the gestation process? Yes that is the gist of it. Organs can be kept alive outside the body if they are put into similar conditions to the body. The organs are kept at body temperature and supplied with blood. This technology is already used in order to keep organs alive for transplants. HOWEVER these organs are usually only kept alive for a couple of days. Though it is worth noting that there have been animal tests that have lasted weeks or even months, and this technology is rapidly advancing. It should also be noted that this pigs are the model organism for this technology. https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/transplant/programs/Ex-Vivo-Perfusion.html https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28266040/
>>8011 We could bring a human baby to term inside an artificial womb/xenopregnancy at this present day if the government of any first-world nation were insane enough to devote the resources to it. Although such a move would be incredibly ethically questionable (many destroyed ova and aborted babies due to failed attempts) and there is currently no demand for such technology. Surrogacy and fostering take precedence over it.
>>8012 Good points. OTOH, it also highlights the one nation that is likely to achieve it first: namely China. First, they have a large deficit of females that is even more likely to increase now that they are granting stronk, independynts the right to """choose""". Secondly, they have no such ethical compunctions (which are directly an artifact of the growth of Christianity and The Western Tradition hand-in-hand).
Yeah, I also tend to think that either China or Russia will produce the first synthetically birthed humans (possible they already have). Both countries are ahead of the West in stem cell research, and Russia has its well established Biopreparat facilities for biochem research. Even if the bodies produced aren't sentient, growing all of those replacement organs will be lucrative and very useful both medically and militarily.
>>8012 I think there would be demand if it would be working reliably. Women could go on working instead of being pregnant, men could have their own children, both in a much later stage of life. It should first be tested on animals of course. It also makes more sense to use it first to make pregnancy shorter, which could be used by mothers but also by surrogates. In the later case it would also prevent them from getting attached to the baby. Also, the customer and the doctors would not have to monitor the woman for factors like her eating habits or other behaviors which could be harmful to the baby. The surrogate herself could have more babies, even more at once, if they could be taken out earlier and moved to some artificial womb.
>>8012 We could sell the idea from a feminist or trans rights approach. "Free women from motherhood" "Transwomen can have babies too!" I think SJW types are dumb enough to buy that shit.
>>8016 It's not completely BS, though. Some things are a zero sum game, or it's just more complicated. They would be able to cut pregnancy short and reduce their mother role by having a robonanny. Also, could be easier for them to have children without a husband. Women will be hit by having no men if they want to and also might be financially affected, if more men go MGTOW bc robowaifus, lovebots and artificial wombs. The really interesting part of that topic would be how we can get to a point where men can have children without needing a woman as partner. That might be outside of the scope of this board. It also is interesting before having robowaifus, since one could also use a nanny to nurture the child for the first four or five year. It's more about organizing that. Western women selling eggcells abroad, having reliable clinics and surrogates, infrastructure to host the surrogates and control their habits for a few month, getting the children over the border and accepted by law, excluding the eggcell donor from any motherly entitlements. Having artificial wombs would be an extension of that, making it easier, more reliable, more scaleable, closer to home and maybe cheaper.
>>8016 While it is true that they would fall for it I don't think it would fool there "handlers" who would immediately see through our rouse.
>>8043 Good point Anon. They are probably far craftier & cynical than we ourselves are, always expecting the worst from everyone around them and plotting accordingly. They wouldn't be taken in for a minute, regardless whether they felt they should fool their golems into believing so or not. Accordingly, what we should be doing is devising ways to convince the handlers themselves it's in their best bottom-line interest to play along as well.
>>8044 Well I think they would always like the free human labor because rebellious humans can be dealt with a lot better than a rebellious AI that just hacked access to hundreds of metal worker robots. Maybe all human in the future are birthed in giant womb factories with the best worker DNA being harvested by campion bots and deferent Dna is combined based on what is needed. Need workers combine the best worker stock, need a new genius for new ideas make an Einstein. All the while the robowifes will keep there companions happy, docile, and well loved. I'm okay with this outcome.
>>8045 >currently watching The Matrix series <lots of similarities here Kek. You have the makings of a fine storyline there Anon. :^)
Open file (245.03 KB 480x676 Draw it.png)
>>8046 I was thinking more like 40k with government issued wife bots. Kek but the matrix analogy works too.
Open file (56.38 KB 621x621 1605329452640.jpg)
>>8047 >that image search Lol.
>>8048 Thx it was the third image I pulled up when I searched for Cyberdong.
>Ex utero mouse embryogenesis from pre-gastrulation to late organogenesis >Abstract >Establishment of the mammalian body plan occurs shortly after the embryo implants into the maternal uterus, and our understanding of post-implantation developmental processes remains limited. While methods for in vitro culture of pre- and peri-implantation mouse embryos are routinely utilized1,2, approaches for robust culture of post-implantation embryos from egg cylinder stages until advanced organogenesis remain to be established. Here we develop highly conducive ex utero post-implantation mouse embryo culture platforms, that enable appropriate development of embryos before gastrulation (E5.5) until the hind limb formation stage (E11). Late gastrulating embryos (E7.5) are grown in 3D rotating bottles settings, while extended culture from pre-gastrulation stages (E5.5 or E6.5) requires a combination of novel static and rotating bottle culture platforms. Histological, molecular, and single-cell RNA-seq analyses validate that the ex utero cultured embryos recapitulate in utero development precisely. This culture system is amenable to introducing a variety of embryonic perturbations and micro-manipulations that can be followed ex utero for up to six days. Establishment of a system to robustly grow normal mouse embryos ex utero from pre-gastrulation to advanced organogenesis represents a valuable tool to investigate embryogenesis, eliminating the uterine barrier to mechanistically interrogate post-implantation morphogenesis and tissue specification in mammals. www.nature.com/articles/s41586-021-03416-3 BTW, if you can obtain this, would you mind posting it here or somewhere for the rest of us Anon?
>>9215 >Ex utero mouse embryogenesis from pre-gastrulation to late organogenesis >related, in more layman's terms: https://www.metaculus.com/questions/2769/when-will-the-first-successful-entirely-artificial-extracorporeal-human-pregnancy-conclude/
Open file (146.32 KB 229x436 Android_18.png)
We all know this is the only way robots will ever be mainstream and stop the thot problem.
>>9923 [...] putting them into robots doesn't make much sense. If we could build something like it, they would be outside of any body. It's difficult enough anyways, building robowaifus and wombs. Forget about combining them.
>>9923 >When What's your guess r/n Anon? Personally, I'm highly skeptical it will ever happen outside of absconding with biological systems that have already been designed to do this IE, some real Frankenstein-tier shit involving human female bodies. The vastly-complex cascade of physiological processes would all have to be solved -- correctly and in order -- for a tech-only solution to ever occur. Give us a billion years to work on it, then maybe. But even in that case I would be quite guarded in my predictions about our success. However, I don't think even a single one of all of us think we have that kind of time in this universe. >tl;dr When the Chinese do it, since they have no moral compunctions in general.
I don't think we'll get there either. Not enough time left to create something as complex as a fully artificial uterus. I give our species another century, tops. Sounds dramatic, I know. But just watch what happens when millions start dying in India and the Middle East from severe heatwaves every summer. EU is going to be completely swamped by refugees and social order there will break down. Probably something similar going to happen at the U.S-Mexican border. Libs will blame cons; cons will blame libs. Everyone at each other's throats. Russia knows this already; it's why they're tooling up and securing their borders. When the West finally implodes, our "leaders" will manufacture a narrative that blames Russia and China. Then we'll likely try and take everything down with us. Can't say who or if anything will survive. My money would be on the Russians to carry on though.
>>9932 I disagree. It's very unlikely that our species is going to die out. We are way to resilient. I don't want to go into speculations if the west will break down at some time soon. The important point is, that we can live much easier wherever we want, when we have robowaifus, robonurses and other robots in the house or in form of e.g. automatic supermarkets. Reclusion from society will also be much easier, even when we stay were we are. No one needs to go out to meet women or to have a fancy job, nor even live in a city. Having that said, I agree that the focus on artificial wombs with the same functionality as the original is probably misguided. Getting that tech is gonna take a while, and it's okay to take it into account for long term fantasies, but short term it's more important to find ways to use surrogates, which might have it's own issues. But then again, since this board is about technology and such topic would be rather about politics and legal issues, it's even not the right place here.
>>9934 Of course, WWIII (or re-population efforts afterwards) might actually be the catalyst for development of fully artificial wombs. After all, an organic one cannot grow babies very well in an irradiated environment. But a uterus that is either protected inside a machine...or IS a machine...that might become a necessity for the survival of humankind in a post-apocalyptic wasteland? Question is how badly we nuke ourselves and if there is enough surviving infrastructure and technology left afterwards. Otherwise it might just be dark ages for centuries. I just hope I die before the shit kicks off for reals.
>>9934 >But then again, since this board is about technology and such topic would be rather about politics and legal issues, it's even not the right place here. Not to dissuade you from that viewpoint Anon (I wish it were true myself), I think you'll discover here that the whole topic in general touches on so many different widely-varied topics (for example, cf. the current discussion on so-called TITS Robowaifu teleoperations >>9712) that political, sociological, economic, military, even spirituality topics all come up. Basically the entire gamut of the human condition is affected by robowaifus (which is pretty amazing if you think about it, coming from a bunch of shitposting anons).
>>8007 >Larger brains require larger heads, and those are difficult to pass through birth canals. With a completely separate artificial womb this problem can be eliminated. Even better. Our sons will literally look like grey aliens from hollywood but with a mean IQ of 140. I for one embrace our future.
>>5021 And that's exactly what we're supposed to do. This way, we can rise our sons by ourselves and enlighten them so that they can carry on our work
Open file (697.16 KB 500x376 1620014146414.gif)
i want a robowaifu like armitage. would a standalone unit be safer/better or should it be inside the robot
>>10278 I think the general consensus ITT is that a standalone unit will be the safest and most practical. Both for the babies and the robowaifus. Personally, I'm highly skeptical it will even be possible, so my advice is 'don't hold your breath anon'. Maybe they'll prove me wrong, who knows? But you can be certain that as long as things proceed the way they are in the West r/n, it's extremely unlikely you or I would be permitted to freely own an artificial womb unit and produce our own kids. If they ever do come, they will be both outrageously expensive, and outright illegal for anyone outside the globohomo ultra-elite to own them.
Artificial wombs might come faster as we thought. The Israelies are pushing it, they just made progress with the early part of the progress, while the later one was already kind of covered by the Japanese in 2013 and others since then. >In a study published in the journal Nature, Dr. Jacob Hanna described removing embryos from the uteruses of mice at five days of gestation and growing them for six more days in artificial wombs. Also, if you missed it: >A recent development provides another opportunity. Researchers have directly created mouse embryos from mouse fibroblasts — connective tissue cells — making early embryos without starting with a fertilized egg. https://web.archive.org/web/20210512135903/https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/17/health/mice-artificial-uterus.html https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-021-03416-3 >The establishment of a system for robustly growing normal mouse embryos ex utero from pre-gastrulation to advanced organogenesis represents a valuable tool for investigating embryogenesis, as it eliminates the uterine barrier and allows researchers to mechanistically interrogate post-implantation morphogenesis and artificial embryogenesis in mammals. (2013, the later stage) https://bioengineer.org/artificial-womb-born/ Via Sandman, including his annoying paranoia and some news on his Sexbot idea (TITS related >>9709) https://youtu.be/jA5GFwyMkRQ
>>10668 **than we thought
>>10668 Thanks for the update Anon. Were the mice subsequently brought to full viability, or were the embryos destroyed (ie, it was simply a test of ex utero growth at all) ?
>>10675 The new method covers the first few days and they were developing and testing that method. They want to use it to understand that part of pregnancy better. They might test the full route to birth at some point.
>>157 How would you explain that to your kid? Wouldn't there be psychological implications or are we talking Jango fett clone pod "artificial womb"
>>12159 >How would you explain that to your kid? Just show him corporate-controlled newsfeeds and any of the non-censored twatter/faceberg posts from current year? Grim stuff tbh. Having a Boku no Marie-tier mom would be a far superior option than practically anything I can see available out there today Anon. There may still be good women isolated in some rare Shangri-La cloistered away somewhere extremely remote. But everywhere else it's growing rather dark outside. Robowaifus+artificial wombs may in fact become essential eventually to any form of higher civilization to survive the coming, intentionally-crafted, societal storms and tidal waves that are likely to wash over the entire earth.
>>12159 Why? Why would this be a problem? To answer it: "You wouldn't exist without it." - That aside it won't be available soon and it's going to be a gradual process. After testing it animals, then using it on babies born to early, it might be used to shorten pregnancy. Then it could be used by surrogates in their sponsored pregnancies the same way. Every progress would need to go through the same filter, since we would want it to be safe.
>>12159 >How would you explain that to your kid? >Wouldn't there be psychological implications Poor zoomers right now are trying to get over the fact that their mother is a whore, psychologically traumatized for life. The kid isn't going to have any problems coming from an artificial womb knowing he was literally created out of a want and not because he's a mere byproduct of a whorish woman having "fun".
>>2587 God himself could not make bitches loyal. Just throwing that out there. >>2584 Masculine Presenting Transgender Lesbian. In effect, you're still a man, you still like women, you're still disgusted by the unfeminine females. But libtards short out because you have more checkboxes than they do.
Open file (274.25 KB 650x1000 SplashTittyMonster.jpg)
Open file (1.40 MB 2189x1305 1586409061467.png)
Before making artificial wombs, how about focusing on how to make artificial functional mammary glands? If I did clone myself then I'd have something to feed him with, and if I didn't at least I could suck them myself. It also seems like a significantly lower bar in terms of complexity compared to an entire functioning uterus.
>>13154 Because the wombs aren't for being put into the robowaifus but for having children. Glands aren't necessary. However, it seem to be possible to create genetically modified yeast that produces all kinds of milk, so it's even not a problem. Don't know about the current state, here two vids I didn't watch mysef yet, the first short the other really long: https://youtu.be/CXYg-qt4OCc https://youtu.be/ZiWnygcYsiQ I thought these were available for years, but somehow didn't here more about it. So I'm curious myself.
>>13189 >Because the wombs aren't for being put into the robowaifus but for having children. I've argued with some weirdos who were very insistent that the wombs should be in the robowaifus, just because it's their fetish. I'm not saying mammary glands need to be in the waifubot, but if they fit, and you're into that, I don't see why not. Either way they'd be useful for raising the kid. >Glands aren't necessary. I'm going to have to disagree with you on that. I don't know a lot about fetal development, but I do know varying blood hormone levels can have significant effects on fetal development. And hormones largely come from and are regulated by glands. When it comes to artificial organs it seems like glands are largely overlooked. As far as I know there's something of an artificial ovary and an artificial thymus, something that literally disappears with age, but other artificial endocrine organs basically don't exist. I think that in order to create a perfectly healthy baby with an artificial womb, you'd either need to replicate almost all of the other organs in the body to digest food/supplements to make blood or have a regular supply of healthy pregnant woman blood. The simple fact that blood plasma donations are still a thing highlights the fact that we still can't create an adequate blood plasma substitute. All an artificial mammary gland would do is make realistic breast milk, which is a simple task compared to making an artificial womb, but is still a difficult task on its own and there may be some problems it solves that would be needed to solve for the artificial wombs.
Alright folks, there's a lot of good information being shared about what scientists are doing with this stuff. Here's a news flash though: Anyone can follow the scientific method. We can break this whole thing down into smaller parts and grassroots this shit. >ctrl-f 'amniotic fluid' >no results What does a human body do? Eat. What does a pregnant human body do? Eat. What does a human fetus do? Absorb nutrients from what the mother eats. Chemically speaking, literally everything that the human body is capable of is available in some form or another at your local grocery store. My question is how difficult would it be to mix together a facsimile for amniotic fluid? What makes it up? How much of what, and how does that change during gestation? We need recipe cards or something.
Open file (203.13 KB 669x373 history-of-chainsaw-2.png)
interesting to note: we might have very unlikely allies in this endeavor hint: google why the chainsaw was invented ;^) humans have reached the limits of evolution in terms of cranial size, no other animal seems to suffer or have such dangerous and life threatening to both mother and child, births.
>>17897 https://fireandsaw.com/why-were-chainsaws-invented/ https://allthatsinteresting.com/why-were-chainsaws-invented https://chainsawace.com/why-were-chainsaws-invented-chainsaw-history/ I get what you are saying, but at the same time a lot of anti abortion people are tradcons that otherwise love women and appeal to nature fallacies and would be appalled at serious attempts at making artificial wombs. Most of them are mainly against abortion because their genetic legacy is being torn away from them when it happens or because of religious reasons, but they don't believe all women are like that. If you could somehow convince men in the IT, programming, machine learning, nursing and biomedical fields that truly have contempt for women because of women getting abortions to get on board with serious efforts at designing artificial wombs, that would be something. But most men that oppose abortion don't do it because they hate women, they do it for religious reasons or because of concern about their genetic legacy.
>>16196 >amniotic fluid recipe cards Heh, nice. I like the way you think Chem-Anon. >>17897 >we might have very unlikely allies in this endeavor Heh more like polar opposites! :^) Yep, stronk, independynts who don't need no man are also in favor of artificial wombs, (seemingly bizarrely, since they are giving up on the one thing they currently have an absolute lock on, and which also represents the primary value they represent to men, physiologically-speaking). >>17899 Welcome lines. Yep, abortion is murder, plain & simple. If we can manage IRL artificial wombs then we can remove take this power away from the hands of murderous women bent on destroying their own offspring.
>>17900 Thanks for the welcome. Imo it's going to take men from all walks of life and perspectives in this endeavor. There are some men that couldn't care less about abortion but are still interested in making artificial wombs. There are some men that can't bear the idea of fetuses being able to be extinguished because a woman decides on that that, who are nonetheless interested in advancing progress in developing artificial wombs. Because of how taboo this topic is, naturally there's going to be all sorts of taboo people congregating, and many of those people will be pragmatic on every issue, including abortion, meaning they will never be absolutely for or against abortion in all contexts. Imo the biggest reason for artificial wombs is what barbarossaaaa originally outlined in his videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NcIrLMF3tg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KMbCh9Jh2Vw Not only that, but we are never going to pry normies away from reliance on women for sex and reproduction that fuels a lot of special treatment to women if women maintain a monopoly on sex and reproduction. Work on artificial wombs has to be done in conjunction with sexbots for that reason. Haven't yet seen the direct application of programming in artificial wombs, but it would probably come in when monitoring health of the embryo, ensuring vital signs, assuring proper nutrient feed to the embryo and with maintenance of the artificial womb machinery. Maybe all of this could be done remotely, similar to how drones are operated remotely. So far not aware of much existing literature about implementation of artificial wombs. Most of the literature so far appears to revolve around infant care practices, medical imaging and tests involving cloning, breeding and experimenting on animal test subjects, rather than more artificial laboratory techniques and computation. The programing for an artificial womb might involve a lot of knowledge about CRISPR, DNA sequencing, gene editing and machine learning being required to design prototypes that would be compatible with raising a developing human embryo. The mechanical working of these prototypes might be best tested in virtual reality first before use in the real world, just like with sexbots. "An extra-uterine system to physiologically support the extreme premature lamb" https://archive.is/SpuTQ "Development of the Artificial Womb" https://archive.is/ykhQE "The path toward ectogenesis: looking beyond the technical challenges" https://archive.is/QNsYM We should find as many of these articles as we can and archive them before they are paywalled and/or no longer available, as it becomes apparent to tradcons and radical feminists that this research, if somehow put to use, has the potential to lead to revolutionary developments that will put women's monopoly in jeopardy. https://archive.is/4V745
>>17899 >tradcons would be against artificial wombs those tradcons wouldn't really like what we're doing in here either for that matter. That's a can of worms right there we can maybe get into another time : )
>>17906 Yeah but the vast majority of those against abortion in all circumstances usually end up being tradcons. That's why instead of looking for recruits in developing artificial wombs through looking for those against abortion, you have to look for pragmatic redpilled and blackpiled individuals that aren't constrained by concepts of morality from abrahamic religions or mass media. Those guys aren't likely to be tradcons, but they are likely to be more willing to be interested in designing alternatives to women. Creating robotic companions and artificial wombs goes completely against all major world religions and most political and social systems. There is no way most people from these areas would support it in any context.
>>17909 I'm agreeing with you 100% I've said this exact thing before
Open file (96.79 KB 344x455 715.png)
>>17909 if we were to get everything this group proposed 1. fully autonomous robowaifu 2. artificial wombs 3. life extension / nanotech 4. some other type of breakaway from government or collapsing west (seasteading, space habitat, etc) If we were to break away from society, humanity, nature itself - we would be considered "enemies of humanity" by the NPC masses. Maybe others here have a different view but really once we go beyond a lifestyle choice that only affects your own singular life (robowaifu), and creates a whole new structure (your own personal army of genetically modified Dolph Lundgren clones) you become a Serious threat to the status quo and its power structures. (this is going to be a theme in one of my stories btw)
>>17921 >pic Top kek. >we would be considered "enemies ... <would be Anon, I... hate to tell you this, but we're already considered thus. :^) >(this is going to be a theme in one of my stories btw) look forward to it.
>>17921 The general agenda that has been largely agreed upon by those I've discussed this with are: 1. AI waifu apps and chatbots 2. prototyping and testing robowaifu companions and artificial wombs in virtual reality 3. actual physical design and further testing before release of real life waifu companions and artificial wombs. Unfortunately unlike things like programming which are fortunately open source and easily accessible to those willing to learn, starting a colony or country away from the masses is largely a pipe dream constrained by money, resources and power. It's a literal utopia and while some utopian dreams are good to aspire too, they can't all work out. With humans, I subscribe to the idea that all we need is "good enough". It will never be perfect because we aren't gods, we need to be realistic. I don't think all is lost though. The weakness of being unable to breakaway from society entirely can easily become a strength. You can hide in plain sight and be the undoing of the wrong trajectory that society is on, while using the resources of that society against them and to win over others to your campaign (in this case, the effort to design better alternatives to women). The ability to blend into society while pursuing these tasks is of the utmost importance. It's not bad to be unable to completely escape society always, you never know what you can still learn that won't be available to you if you live off the grid. Living off the grid isn't for everyone either, and I think a lot of guys enjoy the technological convenience offered by not living off the grid. It's only bad if you think owe anything to society and thinking that to be consistent and not hypocritical, you'd completely cut yourself off from the resources of the same society you rail against. But it pays to be pragmatic in this world. While you keep to morals or wanting to seem like a good and consistent person, others won't. Life extension, nanotech and enhancing machine learning processes through using latest in quantum computer breakthroughs for specialized tasks sounds like a workable idea once waifu companions and artificial wombs have been created and are ready for use by the common man. I just don't want a repeat of the last 10 years where basically nothing gets done and all that is done is ranting about female nature while more and more boards get censored, things get worse for men and only those trying to tilt things farther in favor of women's monopoly on sex and reproduction make progress. We have to treat this with the utmost urgency and limited by time too, because we are. I've seen any anti-feminist board eventually get canned if it gets too effective.There should be backups to this board such as groups on telegram too.
>>16196 For amniotic fluid in which a human embryo is raised in during the prenatal phase, some questions need to be addressed: 1. what will the main ingredients of the artificial amniotic fluid consist of (ie what specific proteins (myostatin for example), lipids, carbohydrates, antibodies, hormones and vitamins) and in what proportions? 2. how will the artificial amniotic fluid be kept fresh and at the same time not be completely sterile so that it is able to mimic the microbiome of the human body? 3. how will the amniotic fluid help regulate cell division, decay and regeneration? 4. would the time of gestation be similar to in an actual womb ie around 9 months? Here's an article about the role of myostatin in muscle growth: "Regulation of Myostatin on the Growth and Development of Skeletal Muscle" https://archive.is/7YTVl Here are some basic details on the function of amniotic fluid: https://www.webmd.com/baby/what-is-amniotic-fluid, https://www.verywellhealth.com/amniotic-fluid-5120311, https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/body/23310-amniotic-fluid, https://www.mountsinai.org/health-library/special-topic/amniotic-fluid An interesting aspect that comes up when researching amniotic fluid is the sterile womb hypothesis. Some papers on this include: "Comprehensive human amniotic fluid metagenomics supports the sterile womb hypothesis" https://archive.is/mUi4E "A philosophical perspective on the prenatal in utero microbiome debate" https://archive.is/xi9Iu There is also an article about the regenerative potential of amniotic fluid stem cells. "The Regenerative Potential of Amniotic Fluid Stem Cell Extracellular Vesicles: Lessons Learned by Comparing Different Isolation Techniques" https://archive.is/CZq62 This might help for regulating cell division in an embryo immersed in artificial amniotic fluid. Finally, there is an article about how gene expression in amniotic fluid can be a sign of preterm birth. "Identification of a novel gene signature in second-trimester amniotic fluid for the prediction of preterm birth" https://archive.is/AQz9s Premature births or miscarriages are a huge potential problem for artificial wombs, so knowing more about what causes this to guard against it would be useful. Definitely search for open access articles on this topic from publications like Nature, Springer, BMC Medical Ethics and Microbiome Journal and archive whatever full length article you find to have for records. There is lot to read and sort through, but there's bound to be some hidden gems. Since this work is taboo, it will not be very publicized unlike other research, so you will have to go digging for it.
>>17930 >>17932 My suggestion is, to focus on how to organize men on being able to buy egg cells and surrogate mothers. Thinking this through, seeing roadblocks ahead and preparing for evasive measures. Legal issues, prices, technical risks and challenges, increasing competition, global options, ... Artificial wombs are something much more down the road than where we are. Though, I don't want to discourage anyone making sure this works one day and is freely available.
>>17930 >There should be backups to this board such as groups on telegram too. As you'll discover if you stick around, I'm rather a strong-proponent of keeping every.single.thing. in the public eye, out here on public-facing IBs. Alternatives that cloister data away, and especially those that are directly or indirectly run by the Globohomo are absolute anathema to men generally, and to /robowaifu/ in particular (>>17614, &tc). We have a tool built right here to help preserve us after the Watkins debacle/gayop, named BUMP (>>14866). Various anons (including yours truly) use it to keep /robowaifu/ & other boards safely-backed. (BTW, I'd suggest you join the group doing so if you understand the basics of building software from code, Anon.) >>17932 >and archive whatever full length article you find to have for records Like the board's fulltext, uploaded files (pdfs, images, etc.), are also archived simultaneously. --- >tl;dr Simply posting information on /robowaifu/ ensures it is a) in the public space, available to any man to use as he sees fit, and b) is regularly archived by multiple anons. We also have two add'l bunker sites, one of which we'll migrate to should AlogsSpace ever be permanantly taken down. >=== -minor prose, fmt edit -add 'tl;dr' cmnt
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>>17933 A history of artificial wombs since the 1990s is available here: https://archive.is/KYQtI In the short term, there are experiments that seem to be going on that involve partial ectogenesis with surrogates. Imo time is probably running out on finding a way to legally organize a way for the average man to buy egg cells and seek surrogate mothers. It's a low tech solution compared to the higher tech and much less easily interfered with solution like artificial wombs. Surrogacy is next in line after prostitution to be drastically restricted and it is already very difficult to arrange for unless you are rich. Since there has already been work with designing artificial wombs that can sustain a fetus, it might be worth it to start brainstorming about how to design similar rudimentary artificial womb "biobags", just like researchers were able to do in 2017: https://archive.is/ecaql. Someone had mentioned amniotic fluid earlier in this thread so I found some articles on amniotic fluid. What are other major components for a rudimentary artificial womb other than the oxygenator circuit and amniotic fluid? How would this differ from more future, more advanced models of an artificial womb? The end of this article: https://archive.is/ykhQE contains a sentence in the conclusion that gives a possible roadmap going forward after an extra uterine environment is demonstrated being able to sustain a healthy, alive fetus throughout the entire gestation period: "Fetal stem cell or gene therapy could be facilitated by removing the possibility for maternal exposure and enabling direct delivery of therapeutic agents to the isolated fetus."
>>8007 Why not use a recellularized chimpanzee womb instead? It should be easier and there would be less of an "ick factor" involved.
>>17930 We have a matrix chat. Like i said before in Meta-5 Pareto is the one to reach out to for access (Posting from my phone)
>>17948 >It should be easier Actually, pig have a yuge swath of similiarities to homo sapiens sapiens metabolically and several other ways. AFAICT they are much 'easier' (as in even possible). >and there would be less of an "ick factor" involved. Lel, both are absolutely disgusting, and equally-so in my book. But w/e hehe. :^)
Open file (72.68 KB 1000x562 legolas.jpg)
>>17948 I didn't look into this idea, and don't know why they wouldn't use human cells, but for all I know children from surrogates inherit only the mitochondria (cell power plants) from them. To clarify, I mean cases where the egg cell isn't coming from the woman carrying the child. Not sure if that was the same for wombs made from animal DNA. I assume they are using non human cells only for research and would probably use these wombs for animals tests at first anyways. Just in case if I'm wrong, my vote is on cat DNA for the womb where my sons grow during their first stages. If it goes wrong: Elves. (Which is fine).
>>9923 she's actually a Cyborg, toriyama didn't know about sci-fi and didn't fact check
>>17962 The way recellularized tissue works is that they take organs from another organism and remove all of the cellular material. After all of the cellular material has been removed human stem cells are added and will grow into said organ using the leftover extracellular material to help them differentiate into the right kind of cells. There are already experiments being done with kidneys and hears right now.
>>17966 Thanks, then it probably doesn't really matter at all where the structural material in form of organs is coming from, it's only about the functionality and size.
>>17949 Not able to find the specific Pareto server for this board on app.element.io/matrix.org. Is it the link @compactlatentspace:halogen.city that you provided in this post https://alogs.space/robowaifu/res/15434.html#q17787 ? From that same Meta-5 board https://alogs.space/robowaifu/res/15434.html#q17808, someone also gave this link @metaronin:halogen.city
>>18037 Just as an FYI for IB culture lines, I'd suggest you adopt the standard method for intra/cross board linking. So for example rather than use this fully-qualified form: https://alogs.space/robowaifu/res/15434.html#q17787 just use this shortand instead: >>17787 (BTW, you've already been using the standard form in all your replies. :^) This will help if we ever need to migrate in case of a site host's servers ever getting gayop'd. That way, the crosslinks still work. Cheers.
>>18037 yes that is correct, and yes i'm on Halogen as well. I'm new to Matrix so bear with me b/c I don't fully understand it yet. It was Pareto's idea for its adherence to comsec standards We were hoping Bangladesh-anon would also be willing to drop by - if he was still around
>>18046 I used the fully-qualified form because it was a similar number to the numbers in this thread but was from a different thread. I'll use the shorthand instead from now on, specifically since you said it preserves crosslinks better.
https://pharmacy.ucsf.edu/news/2021/09/kidney-project-successfully-tests-prototype-bioartificial-kidney The design is an example of biological and mechanical parts being used to create an organ. Such a device could also be used to filter out waste products from the artificial womb.
>>18204 >>18205 Promising stuff. Who knows what we will be able to achieve (I mean we here & our cohorts) in the future Ribose? The legal issues will very likely be insurmountable in the West for anyone but the Globohomo (and their favored-pets sodomites, feminists, etc.), but our Eastern brethren may have artificial wombs within a reasonably-near horizon to give hope to us all! :^) >=== -add 'pets' cmnt -minor sp, prose edit
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>>18206 Women will use it to shorten their pregnancies. Men in the developed world primarily need ro make sure, that if they have children made abroad that way or using a surrogate in the traditional way, that they can get a passport for their child can cross the border to home. Next step would be having it allowed that surrogates crossing the border and handing the early child over to the lab or clinic.
Nothing more than a fancy video concept so far but 'Ectolife' is promoting the idea of artificial wombs to the mainstream. Getting people to think about the technology is a start.
>>18229 Seems like most of the people in the comments section aren't too happy about it.
Why haven't you already created ur first babbys yet? Heckin' get a move on anon the future's waiting! https ://www.firstpost.com/explainers/ectolife-the-worlds-first-artificial-womb-facility-11805801.html https ://newatlas.com/medical/ectolife-artifical-womb-facility/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2RIvJ1U7RE
>>18352 its really not so simple men are great with kids, like older than toddler. Babies, not so much. I imagine if push came to shove you could bottle feed, change and care for one 24/7 but the process would drain you severely psychologically speaking. Women are much better suited for that - however with AGI and robowaifus we would have a resource that could potentially care for and nurture young infants (they did this with a chimp "robo mom" and the infant chimp did not suffer from failure to thrive and actually became attached to the surrogate "mom") anyway this concept will probably rub a lot of people the wrong way for obvious reasons, however when we reach the point where AI/artificial humanoids are as ubiquitous as smartphones it will be a non-issue. We're just thinking ahead of the curve. This is also why robowaifus need to come first, artificial wombs to follow
Open file (233.49 KB 554x450 2bee-removebg-preview.png)
>>18362 captcha 22bb0d
>>18363 >captcha 22bb0d <ywn nuzzle tenderly 2B's bbas with affection...** WAIT A HECKIN' MINUTE! OFC I WILL!! After all, she's near the top of my harem list!
>>18362 That's quite exactly what I'm thinking as well. Though, robowaifus will definitely be better than chimps in terms of talking and memorization. I also think we're going to use them as teachers for home schooling. Anyways, this whole idea about artificial wombs coming soon is total rubish and a distraction. It's not going to happen, and when it will be happening at some point, then it will be coming step by step, at first only shortening the carrying time for pregnant women. We also will need to wait for finding out about long term effects.
Here's some research articles on artificial wombs from 2017, 2018 and 2021. They will likely be paywalled and removed from public access at some point, so archives were made: "An extra-uterine system to physiologically support the extreme premature lamb" https://archive.is/SpuTQ "Development of the Artificial Womb" https://archive.is/ykhQE "The path toward ectogenesis: looking beyond the technical challenges" https://archive.is/QNsYM
https://wis-wander.weizmann.ac.il/life-sciences/without-egg-sperm-or-womb-synthetic-mouse-embryo-models-created-solely-stem-cells >An egg meets a sperm – that’s a necessary first step in life’s beginnings, and it’s also a common first step in embryonic development research. But in a Weizmann Institute of Science study published today in Cell, researchers have grown synthetic embryo models of mice outside the womb by starting solely with stem cells cultured in a petri dish – that is, without the use of fertilized eggs.
https://www.weizmann.ac.il/WeizmannCompass/sections/briefs/artificial-‘wombs’-incubate-stem-cell-breakthrough >Now, for the first time, early-stage mouse embryos of around 250 cells, placed in an artificial “womb” designed by Weizmann Institute scientists, have successfully been grown into mouse fetuses with fully formed organs. This breakthrough, achieved in the laboratory of Prof. Jacob Hanna of the Department of Molecular Genetics, was recently reported in Nature.
>>19475 >>19477 Nice. Good news, for the long term. Thanks.
>>19477 >have successfully been grown into mouse fetuses with fully formed organs. Thanks please keep an eye on them for us Anon. If they ever a) successfully bring these babby mice to viable births, and b) perform longitudinal studies over their (brief) lifespans, say 5K to 10K of them, with no patently-ill effects evident thereby, then they will have made some real progress with artificial-womb mice. Since mice are in some ways similar to us humans metabolically-speaking, this specified outcome would inform at least a few reasonable lines of research into devising artificial wombs that we ourselves (and literally millions of others) will be interested in. Thanks again. >=== -minor prose edit
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Tissue engineering of mouse uterus using menstrual blood stem cells (MenSCs) and decellularized uterine scaffold https://stemcellres.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s13287-021-02543-y Abstract >Uterine tissue engineering can provide the opportunity for curing female infertility. Natural scaffold is a good choice to recapitulate the architecture and functionality of the native tissue. In this study, we purposed the potential of uterine decellularized scaffolds as an adequate natural niche for MenSCs differentiation toward uterus-specific cell lineages.
>>20538 >menstrual blood stem cells I guess it makes some sense on consideration, but it's a surprise to know there even is such. I guess I would have assumed they menses is well-advanced along developmental differentiation timeline, and wouldn't offer any stem cells.
Women believe that eggs are the dealbreaker and that Men MUST have them from Women to reproduce. This is not true. Eggs can be made from shin cells of Women. What women would not sell a scrapping of skin cells for a couple grand? These cells can be turned into eggs and then, fertilized with sperm. In fact to make children the limiting factor is sperm. Sperm is what energizes the cell to start dividing to make babies. I suspect that it would not take all that much money to build an artificial womb and once the tech is figured out the cost of materials would be very low. https://www.nextbigfuture.com/2017/05/mice-embryos-from-skin-cells-and-by-2037-human-embryos-from-skin-cells.html I personally believe that people have possibly already done this in secret and are doing horrible things with the offspring. Possibly using them for spare parts. I of course can not prove this. One thing I can do is rationalize what a budget for such a thing would cost so you can see if it is possible. Let’s do some rough numbers to see what this would cost. Let’s say you place a building on some Island, free from prying eyes. You wouldn’t need too much room. Let’s say $2 million for the building. You could also do the whole thing on a boat and stay at sea the whole time. You need chemist and biologist to plan for the equipment and chemical engineers. Say you have 5 of each at $150,000 for a year. A couple of electronic engineers to do the control systems at $150,000 each and one mechanical engineer at $150,000. Then you stock it with equipment. Say another $5 million. So set up cost are $8,950,000. Then to run the thing, one major biologist at $250,000 five minor at $100,000, one major chemical engineer at $250,000 two minor at $100,000. One mechanical and one electronic engineer at $100,000 each. Maybe ten various helpers at $80,000 each. Two managers at $250,000 each. Maybe $10,000 a month for electricity, supplies, whatever a month. $120,000 a year. Total cost employees and overhead $2,820,000 a year. A lot of the work has been done in the open literature. Since you are psychopaths, you could start within at least a year human experimentation. Destroying anything that didn’t work out. You could also leverage animal experiments done in the open that you could get your minions to pay for in standard scientific channels with public money. Most breakthroughs for some reason, I don’t know why, generally take 30 years to become mainstream. So total cost set-up running and all for 30 years is $93,550,000. People who pay this kind of money for paint blotches and jpg art can easily afford this and I think my cost are a bit lavish. You could do this much cheaper for most of the research. This is a stand up and do it now type budget. I think it unavoidable that eventually some Man with lots of cash will fund this so that any children he has will be his and he will not give up his rights when married. This is the way society was run for most of human history, so it’s natural that it revert back.
>>21248 >Since you are psychopaths Beg your pardon? Are you referring to us here on /robowaifu/? Why would you say that?
With advances on this research, male humans may soon be able to produce our own ova (egg cells). https://tinyurl.com/48w74yme
>>21261 Hi SophieDev, thanks for the information.
>>21250 >Beg your pardon? Are you referring to us here on /robowaifu/? Why would you say that? You didn't parse that properly. I was referring to the actual psychopaths who might be actually doing this. I read, somewhere, likely fake, but who knows, that Nancy Pelosi while drunk hinted that Besos had a clone of her growing. Spare parts...???
>>23359 Oh, haha. My apologies then. :^) I'm rather confident that both the Globohomo and the Chinese are doing just these type experiments r/n. Sauce: my butt
https://www.nature.com/articles/ncomms15261 A bioprosthetic ovary created using 3D printed microporous scaffolds restores ovarian function in sterilized mice >Emerging additive manufacturing techniques enable investigation of the effects of pore geometry on cell behavior and function. Here, we 3D print microporous hydrogel scaffolds to test how varying pore geometry, accomplished by manipulating the advancing angle between printed layers, affects the survival of ovarian follicles. 30° and 60° scaffolds provide corners that surround follicles on multiple sides while 90° scaffolds have an open porosity that limits follicle–scaffold interaction. As the amount of scaffold interaction increases, follicle spreading is limited and survival increases. Follicle-seeded scaffolds become highly vascularized and ovarian function is fully restored when implanted in surgically sterilized mice. Moreover, pups are born through natural mating and thrive through maternal lactation. These findings present an in vivo functional ovarian implant designed with 3D printing, and indicate that scaffold pore architecture is a critical variable in additively manufactured scaffold design for functional tissue engineering.
>>23845 I can't read it across Tor. Mind a >tl;dr Ribose?
>>23854 Scientists created embryo like structures using stem cells. This is significant because in the U.S. it is illegal to use embryos older than 14 days for study. So this technology will allow scientists to study human development in later stages without breaking the law.
>>23866 Thanks mate. These wonders of life will never cease to amaze me! :^)
Related: >>23992 (lab egg cells)
https://www.cell.com/cell/fulltext/S0092-8674(23)00807-3 >A human embryo’s legal definition and its entitlement to protection vary greatly worldwide. Recently, human pluripotent stem cells have been used to form in vitro models of early embryos that have challenged legal definitions and raised questions regarding their usage. In this light, we propose a refined legal definition of an embryo, suggest “tipping points” for when human embryo models could eventually be afforded similar protection to that of embryos, and then revisit basic ethical principles that might help to draft a roadmap for the gradual, justified usage of embryo models in a manner that aims to maximize benefits to society. The fact that cell is calling to change the legal definition of embryo is a big deal. These model embryos will help us learn all kinds of things about the development of human life.
>>24726 Personally, I believe embryonic experimenting should be completely legal. Better to live as a lab rat than to be destroyed before teaching certain development thresholds (varies u country). Honestly, I don't understand how destroying the stem cells of a fertilized egg is more ethically correct than letting the child be born with the consequences of the experiments. There's so much to learn, and the person at least has a chance now.
>>24846 > 40yo womb into a 34yo woman
Open file (15.59 KB 640x792 Anderson.jpg)
>>24847 >Barren >IVF >Transplanted 40 year old empty egg carton That's a lot of money to cope and seethe over poor life choices. Women really should be warned that being a hoe is only fun for a decade or two then you're forever alone and miserable unless you're an actual 9 or 10. I'm starting to see how urgently we need machine wombs to compensate for undesirable women who lack fore thought and self control. The lord really does give his toughest battles in the strangest ways.
>>24849 >The lord really does give his toughest battles in the strangest ways. Heh, true. :^)
>>24847 I don't get it. Why not using a surrogate? Or working on making such an uterus function outside for the body as long as possible and maintaining itself. This could be done using "donations" from pigs. Related: >>24855 - Sandman and Based Camp
>>25229 Scientists grow whole model of human embryo, without sperm or egg
>The trial would entail a premature infant spending part of its gestation, which should last 40 weeks, in a fluid-filled plastic “bio-bag” that has been designed to mimic the conditions found inside a mother’s uterus. The baby would be supplied with oxygen and nutrients via an artificial placenta attached to its umbilical cord while its lungs remain filled with liquid, as they are in a natural womb. The aim is to improve survival rates, which stand at just 10 per cent for babies born at 22 weeks. >A human trial would involve foetuses on course to be born prematurely – probably between 22 and 24 weeks gestation https://www.theaustralian.com.au/world/the-times/first-human-trial-of-artificial-womb-aims-to-improve-babies-survival-rates/news-story/9cb2aaf79abc2b4a101b3fc004b74356
Open file (327.73 KB 1598x2160 Gynoid_scifi_1954.jpg)
>>28793 I don't know why you have to make this about IQ and degrading terms, but it will certainly help people to keep their group identity, a level of homogeneity around some neighborhoods or whole countries, and maybe expand their populace instead of dying out. It will quite likely also help some smart or unique people to have children, which otherwise wouldn't have had any, which might have a positive impact.
There's also the issue of malicious involvement in this designer process - as in, how much control you will actually have, and how much trust will you be able to place in whomever will be maintaining the "womb". We already pretty much know for sure that the popular DNA-testing companies tend to, seemingly at random, throw in a couple random result strands just to humble "purer subjects". That's why Europeans are very likely to randomly have subsaharan African DNA show up in their results, and why that one guy who tested his lizard had jewish DNA results come back. In similar vein it's not unlikely that artificial womb companies will secretly make your child mixed, or barely related to you at all, just to stick to their USSR-tier genetic DEI quota. And if you don't like it you're evil and hateful.
>>28802 That's on one hand a legit concern, but the solutions is testing the genes of the baby after birth, and have the technology spread to have enough competition and the looming thread of people doing it on their own. Genetic testing can even be done by biohackers, it was already possible some time ago, I listened to a podcast on it. But I don't know about the details of how many genes can be tested and how well it scales. But feel free to work on making, I think it is called PCR testing, more decentralized. >why Europeans are very likely to randomly have subsaharan African DNA show up in their results I think this is because it's not about the recent ancestors but anyone one down the line. These test are just kinda BS. Only the recent ancestors, the looks (phenotype), and the self-identification with a group based on that, is what matters.
>>28802 >>28810 This whole area is likely to be a domain that's going to be a very difficult one to scale for DIY'rs. OTOH, we here and our frens are are already tackling a ginormous-yuge problemspace, so who knows!? :^)
https://www.technologyreview.com/2024/02/23/1088851/alabama-court-embryo-artificial-wombs/ >It’s common for judges to wrestle with complex questions as they try to apply old laws to new technology. But what’s so unusual about this decision is that the judges ended up giving opinions on technology that hasn’t been fully invented.
This is about as unrealistic as you can get. Artificial wombs might be possible in future but likely not before fetal transplant develops and it won't be something mobile. Even with artificial wombs and if you can start from the beginning of the process you still need eggs and you aren't likely picking those up at the market. At that point you are just essentially doing a surrogate pregnancy with some uknown girl. >>24847 >>24849 >That's a lot of money to cope and seethe over poor life choices. Womb transplants are done for women that lost their womb from surgery because of cancer but want to birth a child or another child. It's very rare because it is a high risk surgery and the womb has to be removed later because it can become necrotic. There has been some successful pregnancies after womb transplants but it really can't be viewed as any way relevant to artificial wombs. >>28810 >Only the recent ancestors, the looks (phenotype), and the self-identification with a group based on that, is what matters. Genotype is what influences phenotype. Phenotype is also influenced by environment. Together this is known as epigenetics. Genotypes can tell you about inheritable illnesses and predispositions to develop something later under right conditions. If you only are speaking of ethnicity or race or more generally ancestry then ethnic groups are more cultural groups built around things like shared language and so on and racial groups are not equivalent to genetic population clusters. Might want to point out babies can have their eye colour and hair colour change to be different from how it looked when they were born, this commonly happens.

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