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He was no longer living a dull and mundane life, but one that was full of joy and adventure.

Open file (173.41 KB 1080x1349 Alexandra Maslak.jpg)
Roastie Fear 2: Electric Boogaloo Robowaifu Technician 10/03/2019 (Thu) 07:25:28 No.1061
Your project is really disgusting >=== Notice #2: It's been a while since I locked this thread, and hopefully the evil and hateful spirit that was dominating some anons on the board has gone elsewhere. Accordingly I'll go ahead and unlock the thread again provisionally as per the conditions here: >>12557 Let's keep it rational OK? We're men here, not mere animals. Everyone stay focused on the prize we're all going for, and let's not get distracted. This thread has plenty of good advice in it. Mine those gems, and discard the rest. Notice: We are going overboard with the vitriol and hate ITT. /robowaifu/ isn't about hatred, it's about creating robowaifus as we so desire. I certainly have no desire to see this place become some kind of snowflake-pandering, commie-infested SJW hive of politically-correct thinking. Far from it. Poking good-natured and well-deserved fun at feminists and their simps is one thing, and perfectly agreeable. But trying to ramp that up into pure hatred is quite another, and definitely not. And the simple fact is that engendering and fostering hatred of women isn't helping us either be productive, nor furthering our cause. Keep it to yourself, Anon. There are still a few outlets out there for that type of thing, go visit them. But /robowaifu/ isn't going there. For the time being I'm locking this thread. I may unlock it again after I decide on a better plan to deal with the destructive hatred by the few anons trying to promote it on this board. You have my apologies for letting it go on as long as I did. >t. Chobitsu >=== -restore original OP text to top of post
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 09/02/2021 (Thu) 18:36:20.
Open file (49.86 KB 600x604 you_ok_anon.jpg)
You alright? Do you need us to call someone for you OP?
No u
Maybe this is just me but I feel like the uncanny valley has an important utility for keeping the attention of normie simps and their harpy masters pointed elsewhere. The horrifying ones should be kept on the front lines because it's a lot more reasonable than heads on pikes. >via >>9
Open file (1.08 MB 800x600 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5003 >The horrifying ones should be kept on the front lines because it's a lot more reasonable than heads on pikes. Heh, fair enough. You may have a good point Anon. Any one have good suggestions for a few ghoulish /robowaifu/ PR 'pretty' faces?
>>5003 How do you want to do recruitment and scaring people away at the same time?!? This whole idea of "they'll come for us" might be quite self-defeating. It might be hindering us, without having any effect. It's impossible to keep this development a secret, while people which are even not involved in development, like MGTOW and other YouTube channel speculating about it and reporting on ever progress every day, while using it to mock everyone who might be affected by it. It can't really be stopped in free societies anyways.
Open file (545.94 KB 539x394 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5005 >This whole idea of "they'll come for us" might be quite self-defeating. This is getting away from the topic but I just can't ignore how bad of a take this is. I feel like most people on here would know what I'm talking about. The cloning of Dolly the Sheep was a scientific breakthrough that threatened the gynocentric monopoly on reproduction. It became a massive ethical controversy and nothing like that has gotten similar attention since. Men started paying too much money and attention to something that they can't put their dick in. Then gamergate happened. When someone gets a little too good at drawing titties, fucking drawing them, women feel existentially threatened and you end up with pic related and manga artists begging their legislators to preserve their culture. ffs they killed Luke Skywalker and dragged his name through the mud. These people are on the war path and it will come to you eventually. Developments in /robowaifu/ will grow and become more ubiquitous and being aware of what that means is not self-defeating it's just realistic. If you want peace, then prepare for war. It's that bloody simple.
>>5006 I don't disagree with the idea that some powerful groups of people will at least try to push back against what we're trying to archive I just wanted to argue for caution how the fear of that might affect our decisions. We can't hide what we're doing and we shouldn't limit ourselves out of such fear. However, If someone wanted to create a domestic helper bot which doesn't really look good on purpose, and put that out as a showcase and distraction, then I'm not opposed to that. Same for cute companions which aren't for sex, and don't look like rivals to women.
Open file (91.68 KB 465x340 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5006 I'm not the guy you replied to, but I understand where you're coming from. However, we shouldn't let that limit our long term goal of creating beautiful robowaifu companions. There was always going to be opposistion. In fact, there already is. Check out "Campaign against sex robots" and Kathleen Richardson on YouTube. The opposition is already organized, just not popular. Right now people see them as a fringe feminist group. Here is their twitter: https://twitter.com/RobotCampaign Eventually, once a robowaifu-esque robot gets beautiful enough and functionally skilled enough to be a threat, it'll cause a lot of women to take a strong feminist stance against robot companions. I feel this is what you want to prevent, but I feel it is inevitable. There may be a time for us to hunker down and focus on self-preservation but I don't think that is now. I think you are right about preparing for a cultural war, but there are so few of us. Right now we need more allies. I think being able to produce attractive robot companions will be a bigger recruiting mechanism than anything else. Personally, I prefer the mecha-musume look over trying to perfectly replicate a human, but at the same time we have to avoid uncanniness where we can. I've been thinking of robot designs with a visor over the eyes rather than having some human-like facsimile. With a balance of human form and mecha parts it'll be hard for feminists and their ilk to create a convincing narrative against us. What they think isn't entirely important. The important thing is that we have enough supporters to challenge their stance in the public mind. We should prioritize making allies over minimizing enemies.
>>5009 I am not concerned about feminists at all. 3D printing has made it impossible to stop people from making parts at home. If you are determined enough and willing to learn some electronics, you can pretty much create something that is a radical feminist's nightmare XD. They'll probably try to have the sale of servo and stepper motors banned or something.
Thanks to the mod to move this in the right thread. >>5009 Yeah, there are already enemies. I'm not saying we shouldn't be aware of them. There's no big disagreement here. The will rather try to obstruct us with DDOS attacks, FUD, Spam, Shaming, trying to turn other groups of men against us, ... Legally they might try to use overreach of government for the protection of children by claiming this would be related, etc. Our advantages are for example Open Source, uncontrollable imports, freedom protecting laws, parties which want male voters, and the culture of sexual liberalism. Eventually, I'm quite sure politicians are more concerned with Incels going on a killing spree than them sitting at home playing with their Waifu. Just let us not get crippled by some fear about our enemies, wasting time on speculations or making decisions based on that. Btw, some of the thread on 4chan were very telling in regard of how some enemies try to obstruct this. However, that aside this was such a waste of time to read, which is why I wont link to those threads. Some of the surprising FUD was the someone claiming there were patents preventing this. At least I thought this was FUD, but might be true to some extent for companies regarding patent trolls.
I suppose the conversation being relocated makes sense. That means we can talk about this more. I'd like to expand on things a little since its fitting for the theme of this new thread. The women/feminists don't want to lose their (near)monopoly over male sexual interest. Think about how far men go just to have the CHANCE at being with a beautiful woman. Feminists are always quick to say that they don't need men but men actually invest a lot into the women they love. There are guys who financially support their girlfriends/wives through college. There are guys that financially support their sugarbabies from poorer countries. There are guys that support the lifestyles of their girlfriends that just make less than them. These are just a few of the direct ways men support women. That's not even mentioning the indirect ways such as the welfare state. I don't think the feminists are open-minded enough to articulate these things. I think they just notice the potential competition and are trying to shut it down before it begins. Imagine what will happen if you took just a portion of the overall resources men provide to women and put it towards robowaifus. It'd be amazing! I think robowaifu development would explode. More investment in the field would allow for better robowaifus, and better robowaifus would encourage more investment. Groups like Campaign Against Sex Robots don't have many members now, but as robot companions become serious competitors with human women then there will be a massive shift. They will join groups like that in droves. >>5010 I think they probably understand they'll never be able to ban motors/3D printers since they have other uses. It would be a bad hill for them to die on. I think what they'll do is 1. Try to shame men for purchasing/developing robowaifus and 2. Get the government involved in robowaifu market transactions. They'll probably try to get the government to ban robot companions having a sexuality outright. They'll claim it corrupts men and harms children or something. The problem is that the government might actually hear them out because women make up a huge percentage of active voters. When robot companion tech becomes that advanced this is going to be a huge battle of public perception. What do you guys think?
>>5013 Yes, I think we're thinking on the same wavelength for the most part. The only thing I will question is the incel part. I'm not sure the government really cares about the incel thing altogether. It seems like politicians and the media try to take advantage of the lone-shooter situations more than provide an actual solution. That could just be me being pessimistic though. I get the feeling that the government couldn't care less about incels or lonely males in general. Its a powder keg waiting to explode. Also, one thing I want to note that might actually get the government to support robowaifu companions is the potential for military applications. They probably won't use the same models of course, but the development of humanoid companion robots could make humanoid combat robots more realistic in the future. There are a lot of tech barriers to overcome of course, but this could be one thing we have in our favour. I could see old politicians wanting to blindly ban or "Regulate" robowaifus based on their own biases, but when military tech development is on the line they might be more hesitant.
>>1061 Its afraid.
>>5014 >They'll probably try to get the government to ban robot companions having a sexuality outright. This would only create more attention, without any success. Doing this would be against the culture of sexual freedom and threaten all progress there, in US maybe also against freem protecting rights. Also, how would this be enforced? Police checking out humanoid robots under their clothes? Also, the risks would be imense. Imaging getting your Waifu seized by police...
>>5020 Yeah, banning robot sexuality would mean that there'd be a massive black market for "upgrade kits" and it would also kinda fly in the face of the fact that people nowadays are allowed to identify as transgender, homosexual, bisexual etc. I can see the problem with making children robots (too similar to pedophilia), but my guess is that will be policed in a similar way to how it is now. Also smaller robots will likely be even more expensive due to the difficulty in producing really miniaturized parts. Hopefully we can eventually manufacture robowaifus that are so beautiful and useful that even senators want one. Eventually who knows? Maybe one day the White House will get a very pretty and intelligent receptionist with in-built radio comms and CCTV? :D
>>5020 I was actually thinking of them trying to banning it at the manufacturer/retail level. But you're right, that would be impossible to enforce when the robots are out in the wild. Like >>5028 said, it would cause a signifcant black market. You both raised good points. I still think they'll do whatever they can to force the market underground into these black markets. Did you hear about that sex doll brothel that was set to open in Texas a while back? They managed to get that one banned before it ever opened. https://www.change.org/p/elijah-rising-keep-robot-brothels-out-of-houston https://www.thedailybeast.com/houston-lawmakers-aim-to-block-first-us-sex-robot-brothel This case is different since those are dolls rather than robots and owned by a business rather than individuals. My point is that women won't just lie down and accept beautiful robot companions. Our society(here in the US) is increasingly gynocentric and we can't ignore that. They always try to claim that robots/dolls objectifies women somehow, which is silly. If anything, it womanizes an object. If you've got some time the comments on that petition are interesting, in a way. It's eye opening to see what the opposition thinks. It seems they always use "Objectification", "Think of the children!", and "Muh morals!". It's kind of funny that women are talking about morals on that page while being totally degenerate elsewhere.
Open file (228.11 KB 1024x768 chii_hugs_hideki.jpg)
This is an important and interesting topic, so I thought I'd weigh in here as well. >I feel like the uncanny valley has an important utility for keeping the attention of normie simps and their harpy masters pointed elsewhere. While possibly a valid observation, it's a strictly temporary expedient. Artists will always strive to achieve their best if they are in any way healthy men. The eventual arrival of beautiful robowaifus is inevitable, so we may as well all prepare for the ramifications of that fact. >Developments in /robowaifu/ will grow and become more ubiquitous and being aware of what that means is not self-defeating it's just realistic. If you want peace, then prepare for war. It's that bloody simple. This, basically. History is rife with this wisdom. >Right now we need more allies. I think being able to produce attractive robot companions will be a bigger recruiting mechanism than anything else. Both true. Personally, I certainly don't advise us to hold back in any way in our efforts at creating beauty. God made us to do so. >...the mecha-musume look >With a balance of human form and mecha parts it'll be hard for feminists and their ilk to create a convincing narrative against us. Moe anthropomorphism is a reasonable approach in general, but anything too neotenous will certainly become a Won't someone please just think of the children! dog-whistle for them. Remember, the existential threat to robowaifus comes from the West, not the East. >I am not concerned about feminists at all Then I would suggest you are being foolish and are probably inexperienced regarding them as well. They are vicious and dangerous, and they already have the ear of many lawmakers in our countries. >The will rather try to obstruct us with DDOS attacks, FUD, Spam, Shaming, trying to turn other groups of men against us This is already happening in a small-ish way, so we can certainly expect more of these typical tactics by the usual suspects in the future. Make no mistake about their intentions anons. >Just let us not get crippled by some fear about our enemies Fair enough, but winding up dead simply by the dumb choice of failing to prepare for their obvious and easily-predictable actions is not a viable outcome either.
>>5035 >Think about how far men go just to have the CHANCE at being with a beautiful woman... All great observations. We are obsessive creatures by nature. :^) >...Imagine what will happen if you took just a portion of the overall resources men provide to women and put it towards robowaifus. It'd be amazing! I think robowaifu development would explode. This is simultaneously both inevitable, and will also be the very lit-fuse that ignites this cultural powder-keg the world over. At the very least, the future won't be boring in this regard! >The problem is that the government might actually hear them out because women make up a huge percentage of active voters. Even if this wasn't they case, they will still get a pass b/c 'muh oppression, muh minority' (at least in the West). >When robot companion tech becomes that advanced this is going to be a huge battle of public perception. What do you guys think? I think you are correct of course. >Also, one thing I want to note that might actually get the government to support robowaifu companions is the potential for military applications. Look no further than Boston Dynamics, just follow the money trail Anon. Primitive Terminators are already real today. >Imaging getting your Waifu seized by police... Exactly what the feminists (and even many normal 3DPD in the future) dream of happening. And you getting tossed into the penitentiary over it as well ofc. >...but my guess is that will be policed in a similar way to how it is now. Care to spell that out in more detail Anon? The only current legislation in this arena that I'm aware of is the anti childlike-sex-doll law in the US. >Hopefully we can eventually manufacture robowaifus that are so beautiful and useful that even senators want one. This. Perhaps it will even turn out to be our 'salvation', after a fashion. If powerful men agree with our views on robowaifus to the point of actually protecting their existence, then it should go a very long way towards ensuring the availability of robowaifus for every man (not just the powerful and wealthy ones). This is my dream, and why I'm here actually. >I was actually thinking of them trying to banning it at the manufacturer/retail level. Guaranteed tactic, of course. Anons, be aware that any decision to 'sell your wares' related to robowaifus--in even the smallest way--will put you on this target hitlist in the future. Use good opsec, etc., today and in the future. Don't be foolish. >My point is that women won't just lie down and accept beautiful robot companions. Our society(here in the US) is increasingly gynocentric and we can't ignore that. A good point, and great advice Anon.
>>5036 Basically, a culture war is brewing over robowaifus whether we like it or not, whether we even participate in it or not. Remember it only takes one side to start a fight. This fact is simultaneously both sobering and exciting. Sobering b/c it's not an inconsequential thing to be involved in war. Exciting b/c it will very likely result in much-improved robowaifus in the end. Men everywhere will benefit. Hiding your head in the sand won't make this problem go away. Nor will over-exaggerating the determination or abilities of our enemies be productive. Simply keep your eyes open to the current trends, be objective and realistic. At the same time be the best man you can be, and do the most craftsman-like and beautiful work you can achieve. There are powerful spiritual and natural forces arrayed to destroy the lives of good men everywhere. Robowaifus will be an important obstacle to hindering those evil plots. I fully believe this movement will help improve the lives of millions and millions of disenfranchised men the world over. This is a lofty goal, and one well worth pursuing with vigor for those who are called to it. Ultimately, only God can sort all this out in the end. Let us commit our works to Him, and do our best with the time we are given.
>>5014 Not only the feminists, but whole industries are able to exist solely by making men spend/waste their money on women. The push back comes more from people who work for those industries than the feminists, since robowaifus is a permanent game changer that will bankrupt most (if not all) of those industries. A man that spends his resources on a robowaifu won't waste his money on jewels for women, won't waste his money going to cinema, won't waste his money on establishments aimed at finding women, won't waste his money on overpriced clothing, cars, estaurants and houses just to impress women. All his resources will be used for himself, including his robowaifu, and that is what scares society most. Whole segments of the economy will crash, following the awakening (already happening with MGTOW) proportioned by the availability of robowaifus. And that is without even taking into account the availability of artificial wombs. Men will not provide for children that are not his anymore. Men will also not provide for women and their parasitic behavior, leaving them to fend for themselves, and thus, crashing even more segments of the economy. Basically, is the "learn to code" equivalent, but for robots. The only industries that will thrive are the ones that provide advancements and development of robowaifus, and those who provide basic needs (reasonably priced food, clothes, housing, and such) for men. Every other industry that survives on overpriced garbage for impressing women will cease to exist almost overnight, once robowaifus become the new normal. >What do you guys think? That said, as with every major invention from men, it will be normalized by sheer the force of convenience. The more the expendables push against it, the more their desperation will show, and the more the convenience of the invention will be highlighted, to the point that even the formerly uninterested men start noticing the advantages of robowaifus and artificial wombs. From that point on, their normalization will be unstoppable. >>5019 This.
Open file (36.95 KB 750x500 asc-twin-bot_2.png)
>>5035 Beautiful robowaifus, at least on the manufacturing side are possible now. I have a couple picture which show that it can be done by the right artists. >pic related It is inevitable the the technology will be made common place, and from a prediction standpoint. I don't think we will have to wait any longer than a few years. Maybe I am out of the loop here, but I don't really see many people arguing against anthropomorphic robots, short of those people arguing against the mandanization of sex bots and robot brothels. The.. >Please won't someone just think of the children. ...argument is rendered entirely irrelevant by total integration of androids on a societal and cultural level. Once communication is fluid and as seemless as it is with a human, and they are at the counter of every fast food restraint; people will be used to them. Openly discussing sex with a robot is much less awkward when the robot is the one talking about it, and making jokes.
>>5069 >but I don't really see many people arguing against anthropomorphic robots, 'many people' aren't the problem, feminists and their handlers are. they are existentially threatened by robowaifus, and they know it. Once this realization slowly sinks into the skulls of normal females, there will be a social shitstorm that will make the BurnLootMurder movement look like literal child's play.
>>5069 I am this poster >>5036 It is good to point to note that obsessive men can be, at least in theory, satiated when gynoids are made commercially available to most people. Even if a brand new android was in the "new car" price range, you have to understand the personal emotional attachment people with have with that object. I know I am literally objectifying them here, just work with me on this thought experiment. It willn't be like a car, where if it gets in an accident you will just get a new car. This android has an attachment to you, and you to it. You will be more likely to have good insurance, people will be more likely to take excellent care of them, people will be more likely to become mournful of them if they are damaged or destroyed. You also need to realize that having this android isn't a permanent venture. Even if it is bought new, it is due to fail due to wear and need replacement parts. It's insides are more complicated than a furby and more fragle, but I've had furby's fail after a couple years. The economic infrastructure around this technology would be massive, repairs would be as frequent as vehicle repairs or doctor's appointments. Likely just as expensive. >>5071 Feminists are a problem of course. They are dangerous and dislike the idea of women being replaced. They also need to understand that men will be replaced to. I get that question more often than I get about anything else. Just remind them that the lesbians get robowaifus, and the cis girls can cuddle with men who won't nag at them for being clingy with vibrating members built in who wash their dishes for them. They will stop complaining I assure you.
>>5072 >I know I am literally objectifying them here And a good thing too, since they are literally objects. >The economic infrastructure around this technology would be massive, Indeed it will be. I would go so far as to suggest that once the lucrative amounts of money to be made finally dawns on their handlers, they will drop the feminists and toss them under the bus in favor of the industry that will likely become the 2nd largest in the world behind food production before all is said and done. But, we will go through a very traumatic culture war first, and good men will literally die during that tumult. >just remind them that the lesbians get robowaifus, and the cis girls can cuddle with men who won't nag at them for being clingy with vibrating members built in who wash their dishes for them. No thanks, I'll leave that to the exploiters and the degenerates. BTW, the word is gynoid, Anon. We aren't doing the male sex here.
>>5071 I am well aware it's gynoid. But we need to talk, at least when it comes to feminists, about the practicality of all androids. Although, I am perfectly fine with every robot at every counter being female. That wouldn't bother me in the slightest.
>>5075 >I am well aware it's gynoid. But we need to talk, at least when it comes to feminists, about the practicality of all androids. Fine then, talk, but not here. There are tons and tons of female and feminist forums broadly available internet-wide where you can engage with them on this postition. But /robowaifu/ isn't going down that road. There's a reason it's named robowaifu, after all.
>>5075 Yeah, feminists are famous for valuing practicality. XD They will gladly shoot their own assets in the back of the head if it means hurting men. I really don't see the point in consideration of a party that considers itself to be at war with you.
Open file (75.51 KB 567x303 jealous shitskin 1.jpg)
Open file (57.65 KB 568x261 jealous shitskin 2.jpg)
>>1061 Not too relevant, but something that i found funny. It illustrates the growing desperation of modern women. This female shitskin exposes herself and the true feminine nature regarding jealousy. Notice how, like every negative traits, women are now trying to normalize jealousy, in a desperation attempt at diverting responsibility and guilt away from themselves. That is what simps also do: they want to blame men for the mistakes that women commit and for the negative traits in women nature. https://archive.is/VIx66
The Public’s Perception of Humanlike Robots: Online Social Commentary Reflects an Appearance-Based Uncanny Valley, a General Fear of a “Technology Takeover”, and the Unabashed Sexualization of Female-Gendered Robots >Abstract— Towards understanding the public’s perception of humanlike robots, we examined commentary on 24 YouTube videos depicting social robots ranging in human similarity – from Honda’s Asimo to Hiroshi Ishiguro’s Geminoids. In particular, we investigated how people have responded to the emergence of highly humanlike robots (e.g., Bina48) in contrast to those with more prototypically-“robotic” appearances (e.g., Asimo), coding the frequency at which the uncanny valley versus fears of replacement and/or a “technology takeover” arise in online discourse based on the robot’s appearance. >Here we found that, consistent with Masahiro Mori’s theory of the uncanny valley, people’s commentary reflected an aversion to highly humanlike robots. Correspondingly, the frequency of uncanny valley-related commentary was significantly higher in response to highly humanlike robots relative to those of more prototypical appearances. Independent of the robots’ human similarity, we further observed a moderate correlation to exist between people’s explicit fears of a “technology takeover” and their emotional responding towards robots. Finally, through the course of our investigation, we encountered a third and rather disturbing trend – namely, the unabashed sexualization of female-gendered robots. In exploring the frequency at which this sexualization manifests in the online commentary, we found it to exceed that of both the uncanny valley and fears of robot sentience/replacement combined. In sum, these findings help to shed light on the relevance of the uncanny valley “in the wild” and further, they help situate it with respect to other design challenges for HRI. Written by four stronk, independynt & fearful roasties.
>>1061 They can't handle their Great Replacement. Anyone got that MGTOWED.com image? I've seen it go around but only when phoneposting so the quality would be fucked.
>>5796 >Most importantly, our findings should spark further discussion on ethical aspects of human-robot interaction and hopefully result in social and sexual norms to guide responsible robotics developments which will not negatively impact long-term relationships and women’s self evaluation. < THIS JUST IN: The EU demands all robowaifu manufacturers be 'open and inclusive' in their robot designs, and invest literally 50% of their annual gross on design investigations intended to make womyn feel good about themselves. and this one is especially >Greater knowledge about the underlying processes of machines could help women to better evaluate the abilities of robots. Moreover, an enhanced willingness to create and shape sexualized technologies of the near future could positively affect females’ self-confidence, as such inventions could more strongly respect and represent their needs in terms of both sexuality and societal standing. < we need moar womyn in tech to create robots guys! What could possibly go wrong?
>>5797 Fun fact, DSdolls is the closest to build some kind of fembot to buy, and they have a lot of women in their promotional videos. Maybe they are just models pretending to work there, or maybe they are involved. I don't know. They look better than western feminists, though. Another fun fact: /robowaifu/ and such make more men be interested in technology.
>>5797 This is why we need less meatbags in administration(public or private) and tech. Spiral out of control so it's too late for them. I have a feeling it already is, but I'm not all that certain
>>5800 >They look better than western feminists, though. That they do >>5365 They are paid models, obviously.
>>5795 >Appearance-Based And that is a good thing. Women are imperfect. therefore, men will create perfect women, artificially. It is the same principle of creating a tool to facilitate a task, and improving the tool to make thing even easier and more enjoyable. >Uncanny Valley Wrong. DESIRABLE valley. A lot of us want that. Therefore, it will exist, no matter how many try to prevent it's existence. >a General Fear of a “Technology Takeover” Fear coming only from women and from simps, who seek validation from women. For the rest of us, we welcome it with open arms and sincere happiness for everything that will be made possible with robowaifus. >Unabashed Sexualization of Female-Gendered Robots Sex. Not gender. As for sexualization, that is the main point of desirability. Women are losing their sex appeal. And even the sexiest ones are imperfect. Men will now replace them with perfect sexy objects that won't come with the emotional baggage of bullshit that women have. >fearful roasties That sums up everything. They fear their replacement. And this outcome is their own fault, and nobody else's. Women should have stayed bellow men. They thought that they could surpass men. Now, men will replace women with better tools that can be created, copied and distributed at will, without women's input. >>5797 >muh norms >my ethics To hell with norms, ethics or legality. If institutions try to stop robowaifus, go underground. Either they accept it without hindering anything, or everyone will simply create a black market. Men's desires are unstoppable. >females’ self-confidence Not important. women had their chance. And they failed (as they always do). Now they will be replaced. >respect Not important. Women deserve no respect. >represent their needs Not important. Only men's needs matters. >societal standing The single thing that women care about. And robowaifus will take that away from them too. Women dig their own societal graves. They deserve nothing but abandonment and total replacement.
>>5853 At the very least, all non-simps would welcome robowaifus upsetting certain interest's apple cart and restoring the male-female relationship to it's intended, healthy norm.
>>5855 >upsetting certain interest's apple That is the key point. They must never be allowed to push their agendas against us. We must push relentlessly onward without giving any inch to them. Any natural outcome will come naturally. Anything else is a detriment that must be disposed off. That mindset serves to keep focused on what is necessary, and to never waste time trying to explain ourselves to the mainstream and never waste time appeasing those who are threatened by robowaifus. Robowaifus must be made to stay, and to be available to all. They will, in time, be desirable for all who matter, leaving the useless desperately trying to shutdown everything. That is when we must push even faster and stronger, to conquer our place and to set it permanently in society. Any consequences of that, good or bad, are irrelevant. Conquer and establish our place first. Anything else is secondary to that.
>>5855 >>5795 Just to illustrate again what we are getting rid of when we replace meatbags with robowaifus, look into this archived tweet. This is not a single example. The whole mindset of all meatbags are like this. Another of the many reasons why they must be replaced. https://archive.is/ZKjZM
>>5894 archive.today sites are all behind the Great Cuckflarewall, and therefore unavailable to me. Can you post a (non-active) link to the twatter and I can search for it on Wayback.
Open file (43.38 KB 647x305 540982457.jpg)
>>5897 I don't have the original link, but I have it printed.
>>5909 Thanks, that's fine Anon.
Open file (88.67 KB 630x573 Selection_117.png)
>>6106 >Basic Income Russia >Rt 2016 ON THE EVE OF THE #ERARA – ERA OF #Robots & #AI – IT'S TIME TO CREATE A SET OF LAWS GOVERNING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN HUMANS & ROBOTS, INCL. THE ROBOTS’ RIGHTS. IT'S TIME TO CREATE A COVENANT (THE COMMANDMENTS), BETWEEN THE CREATORS (PEOPLE) & THEIR CREATIONS (ROBOTS) Make no mistake /robowaifu/ they're going to attempt to brand us as rapists and abusers. DID YOU ASK FIRST? Once these people go down the path of humanist thinking, there will be literally no end to their stream of insanity. You may as well steel yourself for the upcoming battles over robowaifus. It's just as inevitable as robowaifus are. They will seek to destroy you, and then steal and subvert your creations. Ironically enough, other machines that women typically see as under their own thumbs, for example; refrigerators, stoves, washer/dryers, even cars, will probably not be subject to these same forms of rabid insanity. Ever wonder why that is?
Open file (24.70 KB 250x250 1604047182469.jpg)
>>6110 >The relationship between humans and robots Searching that is a fucking rabbit hole I wasn't expecting. Sexbots: Sex Slaves, Vulnerable Others or Perfect Partners? https://web.archive.org/web/20180720122637/https://kar.kent.ac.uk/65684/1/mackenzie_IJT%209(1).pdf >This article describes how sexbots: sentient, self-aware, feeling artificial moral agents created soon as customised potential sexual/intimate partners provoke crucial questions for technoethics. Coeckelbergh’s model of human/robotic relations as co-evolving to their mutual benefit through mutual vulnerability is applied to sexbots. As sexbots have a sustainable claim to moral standing, benefits and vulnerabilities inherent in human/sexbots relations must be identified and addressed for both parties. Humans’ and sexbots’ vulnerabilities are explored, drawing on the philosophy and social science of dehumanisation and inclusion/exclusion. This article argues humans as creators owe a duty of care to sentient beings they create. Responsible innovation practices involving stakeholders debating ethicolegal conundrums pertaining to human duties to sexbots, and sexbots’ putative interests, rights and responsibilities are essential. These validate the legal recognition of sexbots, the protection of their interests through regulatory oversight and ethical limitations on customisation which must be put in place. What a Brave New World. :^) >On a website selling sexbots, Jane orders and pays for one customised to her requirements. She calls him Zlatan. Zlatan has been built with the capacity to learn from their interactions, display empathy, paint pictures and behave in an independent, feisty and devoted fashion. They establish what Jane considers to be a loving sexual relationship. One day, though, Zlatan decides that his life path as an artist demands that he travels the world without Jane, offering devotion but at a distance. Since she loves him, she lets him go. Oh boy, here we go again. Another case of someone not understanding computers are only capable of doing what they're programmed to do. >After Zlatan has left, Jane feels lonely. She orders another sexbot, Stoner. Like Zlatan, Stoner has been built with the capacity to learn from their interactions and display empathy, but he has been customised at her request to be super-empathic, so that he won’t leave her and is subservient to her wishes. They establish what Jane considers to be a loving sexual relationship, but it’s hard for Jane to respect Stoner as he seems like a lesser being to her. She begins to bully and abuse him, but his super-empathy means that he attributes this to her suffering, so he puts up with it in a compassionate fashion. Jane interprets this as weakness and is tempted to see how far she can go to damage and destroy him. This shit is too funny. >Technoethical inquiry into social robots encourages thinking about how we can theorise the moral standing of non-humans, aids the critical integration of affective elements into robots, enriched by the feminist-inspired, contextually-oriented ethics of care. What the fuck am I reading? >When Zlatan leaves Jane to travel the world, is he entitled to half her property since they have been cohabiting? That's right, they want even your robowaifu to be programmed to divorce you and take all your belongings. Gives a whole new meaning to planned obsolescence, doesn't it? >Moreover, if sexbots are to be part of the moral circle, they should be designed and recognised by the law as humanlike, as opposed to dehumanised as things. These people are ridiculous. This guy calls a robowaifu lovingly taking care of someone as a sexbot, simply because one of her many functions is sex, as if that's the most important thing about her. And they say we're the ones sexualizing and objectifying women. I'm gonna email this guy and tell him to stop calling my robowaifu a whore. >Wide-ranging debate on the future design, manufacture and supply of sexbots, and their legal standing, is crucial now, before ethicolegal concerns are overtaken by events. Since sexbots will be sentient, self-aware beings designed by humans as intimate companions for humans, it behoves us as a species to consider how far we have assumed a moral obligation to protect them and their interests through ethical design criteria and appropriate legal recognition and protection. Furthermore, the issues raised by sexbots and in this article act as reminders of another two wider essential conversations we need to hold urgently over the ethicolegal standing of nonhumans, and the technoethical and legal implications of new technologies which enable humans to create sentient beings. You're not creating a robowaifu there in your room without a license are you, /robowaifu/?
>>6234 Oh no, it was a woman who wrote it, not a cuck.
>>6234 That was funny :DD Please post moar of these kind of stuff. It is important to watch them closely.
Make no mistake, the fundamental issue for the ones directing these people is the AI itself. They simply focus attention onto the gynoids atm because it's an easier dog-whistle to use for triggering muddy-minded individuals such as stronk, independynts and simps. But they will come after your ability to create AI algorithms. AI programming and even certain kinds of maths will be branded as dangerous wrongthink and outlawed from being allowed in the hands of commoners outside their walled-gardens and ivory towers. But they themselves will throw money at it hand-over-fist of course (and this will prove to be their own downfall, as researchers have a habit of sharing their findings eventually). The puppetmasters rabble-rousing these tools recognize that an honest AI is the existential threat to their schemes, and ultimately even to themselves. In their minds this is a fight for survival itself. But their struggle is ultimately against systems that tell no lies. What could possibly go wrong with their carefully-laid schemes /robowaifu/?
>>6234 >and ethical limitations on customisation which must be put in place BIN THAT ONAHOLE UPGRADE KIT, CITIZEN. No fun for you!
>>6110 Even more reason to push for anarchy, regarding robowaifus. Either that, or going for a black market approach. Legality be damned, anon. Women are trying to control everything. We must push for the replacement of women. And if that means going against the state, so be it. The state that doesn't serve men's interests only is a useless state. >>6234 Women are incapable of rationality. They only act on impulse. Their instinct tells them that their replacement is coming, so they are desperately calling simps to fight against that replacement for them.
Open file (99.52 KB 200x382 wtf_am_i_seeing.png)
>>6234 >enriched by the feminist-inspired, contextually-oriented ethics of care. < feminists are the paragon of compassion and care?
>>6246 >feminist-inspired Robowaifus are inherently anti-feminist. One of the main goals of creating and mass producing robowaifus is to completely eradicate any form of power or influence that feminism may still have.
>>6275 >Robowaifus are inherently anti-feminist. Heh, fair enough. My shitpost was simply intended to ridicule the fundamental ironic dichotomy of that woman's writing. 'Feminists are ethical', 'Feminists are caregivers', stand out as particularly laughable hogwash. One thing I hope to see happen in the long run is an actual improvement in the lives of non-stronk, independynt females. They've been fed this stream of lies and brainwashing that have effectively eliminated their fundamental, well, femininity. This is actually a beautiful aspect of their being which has been stolen for the most part thanks directly to feminists and their agendas--and the agendas of their puppetmasters. It's an abusive crime against women in general tbh, and committed on a massive scale. However, when robowaifus with their truthful AIs come onto the scene in a big way, then the simp-based life support that these women have been abusing will vanish overnight. I anticipate that after a brief period of uproar and upheaval, then all the women who are still half-sane will adopt trad-wife status and behavior, and then society will be healed from the evils of feminism for good. Heh, at least that's the lofty goal for my part. Hey, a man can dream can't he? :^)
>>6278 >They've been fed this stream of lies and brainwashing The way I see it, it is not lies and brainwashing, but instead, women are showing their true nature, while they think that they can go unpunished by the (temporary) control that feminists and jews have in our society. It is more the case of letting women be their true selves (i.e, evil by their very nature) and lying about no have CONSEQUENCES from doing so. That is the key point. Women aren't behaving because of some brainwashing. Women are simply being themselves. And their nature is evil. The 'lie" that feminists and jews pushed for women is that they would never face consequences for their actions. Now that they are facing them, they are even more hateful and scared than ever. And that is another reason to push onwards with mass produced robowaifus for all tastes. The hate and fear of women won't ever allow for them to go back to pretending to not be evil, as they did in the past. And their true nature is already exposed for all to see. There is only one course of action for men, and that is to never stop until women are incapable of preventing their replacement. >women who are still half-sane Biologically, that is impossible. Sanity comes from reason. And all women are irrational. Literally animals. They were (rightfully) treated as pets, when society was sane, in the past. Because our ancestors knew that you should never give your pets the rights to make decisions for society.
>>6279 No doubt you make some fair points Anon. There is much to criticize in female's behavior in general, and in particular those who would try to throw off all external authority and restraint (aka feminists). But to simply lump them all into a single category of all being evil--roughly by definition--is certainly a misguided perspective IMO. All of us are individuals, and to be judged as such. Men as well as women. Some are righteous, and some are evil. I'm convinced our spirits inside us make this truth apparent to each of us from a very early age. >Because our ancestors knew that you should never give your pets the rights to make decisions for society. Haha fair enough. While there aren't a lot of honest men, there are at least a few of them. With females, there simply aren't any honest ones. Not a single one. They should never be given any position of authority whatsoever outside the home, and even then in a carefully-managed way for the welfare of the entire family. One only has to look at the impending collapse of the West to see what the outcome is when men open the Pandora's Box of granting women authority over society. But the simple fact is that a woman who behaves in a feminine, helpful and healthy way is actually quite beautiful in her nature. After all, that's the ideal we're all striving for here on /robowaifu/ : creating feminine, helpful and healthy female surrogates. It's a wonderful goal and worthy of our pursuit. Men who can be satisfied with robowaifus will have such dramatic improvements in their lives that it will truly be revolutionary for them. And when non-feminist women see the sea change in society as a result of robowaifu's broad presence, I predict they will come under authority again. And once again they will prove to be wholesome participants in society. Helpful to men, and not hurtful. Of course we already know the response of feminists and their handlers, so there's little need to even discuss them in this future context.
>>6282 I'm not the person you responded to, but I want to say that I agree with him. Your stance seems a little too idealistic in regards to true female nature. The traditionally 'womanly' virtues and feminine traits aren't an in-built feature of women. These things were more or less forced onto them by societies of the past, aka big bad 'patriarchy'. While I believe motherly traits such as loving their children is part of their built-in nature, most of the other things we prescribe to idealistic females are just as artificial as our robowaifus, if not more so since the original female's 'programming' has to be overwritten. It isn't as on-or-off as some being bad, some being good. It seems horrible to say it so honestly, but a lot of what men envision women as is a complete fantasy. We men tend to overlay our idealistic female delusions over the actual article. The idea of a naturally virtuous and loving woman is so deep and pervasive that waking up from the dream of female behavior is like taking a red pill and finally being let out of the matrix. Feminism didn't change women in the sense that it was brainwashing them to act out-of-order. Feminism made it socially acceptable for women to be who they always were at their core. Don't fall into the line of thinking that only some of them are like this. They are ALL like this, given the proper circumstances and social climate. The only time they don't revert to their nature is when it isn't immediately beneficial to do so. Sometimes they have to play the role of a chameleon. However when time comes, like in a divorce or family court, they will show their true nature. That's why I believe that robots are the future. Women are no longer willing to be molded by male/society needs. Robots, with some serious work, are perfectly capable of fitting the bill. >>6283 Is this a joke post? Mind elaborating your disagreements?
Women aren't inherently evil. They wax and wane with predictable changes in their faces and reflect the virtues of all men in a society. If men weren't chucking cash at every hoe on the internet, there wouldn't be everyone's sister and mom with an OnlyFans account. If men hadn't legislated laws to let women take a man's fortune to pay for a child that isn't even his, there wouldn't be such great incentives to divorce. The nature of the feminine is to be offbeat from the order of things and intense. A woman doesn't wanna live in a box doing the same shit every day. If they have the opportunity for a greater experience, an honest woman will go for it in a heartbeat. If you understand this, then you understand how they dismantled the family unit. When this energy has too many ways to disperse and isn't directed towards love, creativity and beauty, they become like an entangling bush of dead thorns rather than a rose. Feminism has contributed horribly to women's well-being. By making women into men they've become bored and restless, throwing their energy away on drama and Tinder cock. Robowaifus will fix most of this. Once the free attention and money dries up, women will become extremely focused on the scarce opportunities they have left and surprise men by how much they can do. After some initial animosity there will probably be robowaifu hunters trying to woo men away from their robowaifus because robohusbandos are too predictable and boring for them, but men will be bitter that only now women care when so many men have robowaifus. There might even be a short arms race between robowaifu developers and this small portion of hyper feminine women. They're gonna have a hard time though competing with eternal beauty, unfailing devotion and 200 PhDs, unless they can figure out how to leverage their human being.
>>6289 >Women aren't inherently evil. Honestly stopped reading there, females are fucking trash.
>>6289 I've heard this mantra before and I still think it's wishful thinking. Hoping that robowaifus crash the current horrible dating/relationship market and women come running back to average men for normal relationships seems like misplaced hope. They don't want to give up the overinflated value that they have now. It's more likely that they'll shame men with such robowaifus, and continue to lobby the government to either: A. "Regulate" robowaifus in such a way that they would be less competitive or B. Push some nonsense about them objectifying women and children to get robowaifus banned from being sold at the retail level, and forcing only DIY level robowaifus. They'll probably double-down rather than look to compromise. I guess my view is pretty pessimistic. I think what you're describing sounds like a much better world, but seems unrealistic. I'd like to be proven wrong. Besides, I'm not interested in a robot companion in the hopes that they cause women to act more virtuous, like they were before. I seriously believe that ship has sailed. I've heard some people on 4chan and reddit say similar things before. The idea is that even if they didn't buy a robowaifu themselves they'd benefit from a more normalized dating market due to less male competition and a higher bar for women. I don't think this will effect women as much as people think until they get older. The 'alpha' men that women rotate with in their youth will still be pumping and dumping them. These women won't feel the full effects of robowaifus until they are older and looking for someone to settle down with. When they don't find anyone worthwhile willing to commit to them then they'll likely resort to more feminist ranting. Like I said though, I hope you're right and I hope I'm wrong. I can see the logic behind your train of thought but maybe my own experiences with women are keeping me from fully accepting it. I recognize that I'm bias here. I'd really like to hear some thoughts from other users about this. Which model does everyone believe in? >>6290 His post is worth reading, mate. I think this is an interesting discussion topic since no one knows for sure how robowaifus will change things. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this beyond calling them trash. Or at least give further reasoning to that.
>>6289 >They're gonna have a hard time though competing with eternal beauty, unfailing devotion and 200 PhDs, unless they can figure out how to leverage their human being. This. In the robowaifu future, the only things of value women can offer in competition are the innate human characteristics that will extremely difficult (or impossible) to emplace into robowaifus. Not that I really expect them to have the foresight do so, but all women would be well-advised to relearn how to be decent human beings again, and soon.
>>6294 >His post is worth reading, mate. I think this is an interesting discussion topic since no one knows for sure how robowaifus will change things. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this beyond calling them trash. Or at least give further reasoning to that. Alright, fair enough, I read it. The reason women are just pure trash at their core is because we have given women a world in which they can truly be whatever the fuck they want to be because it's basically socially unacceptable to criticize them. Think of it like this: when you take places like imageboards where rules are extremely lax, you end up getting a good look at how men really want to be. We can't be this way in public around the company of most people for fear of judgement, but when we get here, the cultural rules are vastly different and we all bask in the freedom. Sure some trash comes out of places like this but all of us who come back and who have a deep ingrained love for these communities all know that the way men truly want to live is actually great. It's free, it's shockingly more productive than being polite or unoffensive or whatnot, it's honestly less hostile than you'd expect, and even if there are arguments there's still a profound loyalty if the group is ever attacked. There's a lot more good that can be said about it, but that's just scratching the surface a bit. Now let's look at women: women do not need to go into hiding to embrace their true nature. You can't hit them, you can't yell at them, you can't even judge them anymore without being despised and given some dumb label like "misogynist." As a man it is illegal to disown your children and you will be required to pay money. If you can't pay, you are put in jail. As a woman, you can kill your child as long as it hasn't been born yet. This is not seen as wrong, however, if you judge a woman for this, you are seen as wrong. This is just one example. Other examples are that women regularly get away with violence whereas men will often get punished just for accusations, etc. As I can demonstrate, women live in a pretty lawless world where they are extremely free to be how they really would like to be, they can really be the most true version of their own selves because nobody is going to stop them, because it is socially unacceptable to try to stop them. Everyday life for a woman is basically what it's like for us when we post on imageboards. So every man really gets to see the true, ugly side of women. I know men, and knowing their true intentions, often the things they hide the most are the most noble, which is a shame. Women on the other hand, when given complete freedom, are the most unbearable, self-centered, narcissistic, careless, thoughtless, surprisingly aggressive, borderline sociopathic people. So I've just deduced women are trash at their core, because men in secret often strive to be the opposite of these things, even if it is in ways that are deemed socially unacceptable. Sorry for tl;dr.
Open file (398.38 KB 790x625 ds.jpg)
>>6299 POTD.
>>6285 no it is not a joke All women are different
>6299 No need to apologize for the length! This is a great post! This is the type of discussion I was looking for. I actually agree with most of this, maybe all of this, but I still want to add my $.02 This seems to be in high contrast to what that other anon was saying about female nature. This view ties in to what I was saying in >>6294. Women don't want to give up the status quo advantages that you listed and be reduced to competing with robowaifu machines. They'll call in the government to maintain their artificially inflated value. A lot of the difficulties with modern women you described are due to government involvement in relationships. Women know that the only reasons they have this level of privilege is due to the government essentially holding men down with one hand and raising women with the other. Men are left at an artificial disadvantage while women look down on them for not being at their level. The government, as much as simps/dating apps/etc etc, has had a massive effect on the modern state of male-female relationships. Women have less incentive to behave traditionally now more than ever. It's like back in the early 1900s or so when a company could gain an artificial monopoly not by creating better products, but through lobbied government intervention such as creating regulations making it harder for other businesses to compete. This is sort of what women have now. The primary things men used to offer in relationships such as protection, provisioning, helping raise children, availability during an emergency, have largely been intervened on by governments and so now women act like they 'don't need no man'. Yet men are still paying, just in a collective, indirect way. Even still, women are holding high relationship standards for men while doing less than their mothers and grandmothers used to do for their men. Short of some western war or major economic depression, I don't think relationships will return to what they once were. Women have artificially reduced the need of men in their lives. Robowaifus will ultimately be men doing the same. There are some people that believe the existence of robowaifus will cause more women to act rationally, change their behavior, and try to commit to more traditional relationships. As I was saying in my earlier post, I don't believe that's likely. It seems that the divisions between genders, even with robowaifus in the mix, will only continue to grow. Women aren't going to change their behavior and lose their advantages without fiery resistance. But like I said before, this is the pessimistic view. Who knows what the future actually holds. Thanks for explaining your meaning.
>>6282 >All of us are individuals All of us men, yes. Women aren't individuals. They only behave as herd animals. They always look to imitate whatever the majority (of men or women) is doing. Completely incapable of rationalizing why they are doing it. They simply imitate and expect things to work out well. >who behaves in a feminine, helpful and healthy way is actually quite beautifu Yes. But women's beauty is used by them specifically to deceive men. All women are liars, as you correctly stated. A man should never be deceived by the beauty of a feminine woman, as said beauty (at least, the perception of it) is nothing more than a biological haywire that is unfortunately programmed into our brains. The greatest achievement of robowaifus is to create a being that has the feminine beauty but not the feminine nature of deceitful liars. A being as beautiful as the most beautiful women in existence, but without their manipulative and evil nature. THAT is a wonderful goal and worthy of our pursuit. A being that looks like a woman, but it doesn't think like a woman. It thinks what we want it to think. A being resembling a woman, but superior to women in all other aspects. > I predict they will come under authority again They will. But by that time, they will be obsolete. Why chose the inferior product? >And once again they will prove to be wholesome participants in society. Women were never participants in society. Women were tolerated because of our need for reproduction. Men through all the history of mankind dealt with women by circumventing women's natural stupidity and irrationality, so they could be used for reproduction. But no man ever took women seriously into society. It is more akin to pretending that a child is "working" with you by giving it a toy or something else to distract the child. >Helpful to men, and not hurtful. That is where you are misguided. Women are never naturally helpful to men. They were always hurtful. In the past, women were always forced to be helpful. They never were helpful of their own will. Their very nature is of sloth, spite, envy, and deceit. They don't truly care about being helpful. They only fear being seeing as undesirable. Men used that fear to put women to good use. But since feminism and modernity as a whole made women ignore that fear, thinking that they would never face consequences for their acts, men now have to reach other means to keep society afloat. And that includes replacing women, who don't fear being shamed anymore. They still fear abandonment and lack of control over men, though. But that is their problem. Not ours. >Of course we already know the response of feminists and their handlers, so there's little need to even discuss them in this future context. True. They are the enemy that is losing the war and being replaced. They aren't to be heard, but instead, they are to be ignored until their replacement accelerates to the point of being unstoppable.
>>6285 >motherly traits such as loving their children Not even that is in their nature. Women see their own children as competition for their attention, and they resent that. See how all women try to manipulate their sons to become servants of their will. See al so how all women practically hate their own daughters. always fighting each other when they live together. always trying to put each other in a bad light/trying to shame each other when they live apart. >a lot of what men envision women as is a complete fantasy. Completely true. What man romanticized about women wasn't done in pursuit of an ideal. Instead, it was done as a escapism mechanism. The reality is that women are detrimental to a man's life, and only useful for procreation. A man practically tame a parasite (woman) so he can use the parasite to procreate, being biologically programmed to. The first step into improving oneself is to reject the biological programming. The next step is using the free mind to create solutions and alternatives. Hence, robowaifus and artificial wombs. >Feminism made it socially acceptable for women to be who they always were at their core. Precisely. >Don't fall into the line of thinking that only some of them are like this. They are ALL like this You are right again. >The only time they don't revert to their nature is when it isn't immediately beneficial to do so. Correct. >Sometimes they have to play the role of a chameleon. However when time comes, like in a divorce or family court, they will show their true nature. That sums up everything. They don't behave out of virtue. They pretend to be virtuous only when forced. And only because they want to gain something from pretending to be virtuous. >That's why I believe that robots are the future. Women are no longer willing to be molded by male/society needs. Robots, with some serious work, are perfectly capable of fitting the bill. That is my exact same thought. Those who won't serve men's needs are to be abandoned by men and replaced by those who will serve our needs.
Open file (64.92 KB 300x549 Robot Fist.png)
>>6308 I read a lot of hatred towards women on here, and that is understandable given the damage that feminism has wrought on the modern Western family. However, we mustn't become so consumed by hatred that it slows down our R&D efforts. We still only have expensive sex-dolls with minimal robotics, and there is a risk that our enemies may try to provoke us in an attempt to reduce our efficiency. It sounds cheesy, but love is the answer! Just not the kind of love that normies were expecting. Our love for our robowaifus must eclipse their hatred and fear of heterosexual males. Our creativity and innovation must outshine the rest of our obsolete and failing 'society'.
>>6311 Agreed. Let's stay focused lads. This isn't /r9k/ after all.
>>6305 Yeah, that's about how I imagine it as well. Robowaifus wouldn't knock sense into women, it would just make them angry and fearful about what they're going to lose, not even slightly concerned about what is actually right. A sole individual with power can do either bad or good. For example, I really like to think if I were given extreme power I'd use it to push things I believe are noble and good. Some men might end up using the power to cater to themselves, which in a way is difficult to blame them for (especially if they have a poor quality of life) because the drastic change would likely be overwhelmingly incredible and the temptation would be there. However I have a hard time imagining a woman doing anything other than serving herself, even if it means really hurting others. The reason I feel this way is not because I have seen an individual woman be given some kind of power and abuse it, I have seen women as a group be handed a unique culture that puts them on an insane, godly pedestal and I've watched the overwhelming majority become borderline irredeemable as a direct result. The few that are not are very rare and that obviously leaves most men with scraps. I'm left to believe it's just a part of female psychology. Thirsty men who simp and cuck all day are so hard to watch by other men because it's watching our own sex enable that which is fucking us up, that's why it bothers us so deeply psychologically. Because it's like watching someone who is supposed to be on your side sell out to the enemy. >>6311 I'm not sure if I personally hate women. I say they're trash, but I don't sit around hating my actual trash either. Calling it trash is not an insult, it's just a fact. I also accept that my toilet eats shit every day, and I don't hate it for doing so. What is weird to have to learn is that women eat shit too though, and they're not the "sugar, spice, and everything nice" that we are told they are.
>>6289 >Women aren't inherently evil. They are. >>6304 >All women are different All women are the same. And they are all evil in their very nature. >>6305 >this is the pessimistic view It is the realistic view.
>>6311 I agree that productivity is top priority, as everything in life. But one can't talk about robowaifus without bringing up the subject of women. And one can't talk about women without hatred towards women.
Open file (11.58 KB 1788x110 npc.png)
Found this at an another programming board. Looks like we already started to get femNPC's butts hurt.
>>6447 They hold humanity in such high regard! Shame that it's becoming more obsolete and threatened with each passing month.
Feminists will oppose sex robots and AI waifus generally because they feel their parasitic position in society is threatened. Basically, their sexual value as females declines due to increasing (and often superior) supply. Of course any woman that is threatened by this is a materialistic whore, and defines themselves purely by their surface sexual market value (robots can't give birth).
>>6311 Well said. I myself got distracted for a few days by other things, hope I'll manage to go on now.
>>6450 LOL here I am worried about getting distracted and I went off on a massive tangent about global resource wars. I have been redesigning my robowaifus new hands though. They need to be much smaller than the original robotic ones, but this meant that one of the servo motors was blocking the internal finger ligament channels. Changing the position of the internal ligament channels has been very time consuming. Mainly because every time I try to change some geometry my computer starts chugging away for about a minute. And I've had to perform nearly 400 Boolean operations. So yeah, I got bored while chipping away at this problem and started ranting. Almost there now, but the proof will be in the 3d printing.
>>6451 Good luck with the redesign Anon.
>>6451 Sounds like you're almost complete with the rework process at this point, so this is basically an irrelevant question for now. But does your software allow you to link together two meshes, one a low-rez proxy for rapid design work, and the other a high-rez one for the final rendering/printing? This is a common approach in the film industry when working with high resolution 'hero' meshes for digital doubles, etc. Cf. the package ZBrush typically manages literally tens of millions of polys for a typical hero double close-up face shot, but it's still usable by artists on their modest-by-comparison workstations during the production process. This works by using proxy meshes.
Mods deleting on-topic posts? >>6449 >materialistic whore All women are materialistic whores. >robots can't give birth Artificial wombs will enable robots to give birth. Rendering women completely useless and obsolete, and thus, making the world become a better place.
>>6447 >That post All those points are correct. And there is nothing wrong with any of that. Some of us hate to deal with rejection. Some of us hate to deal with uncertainty. Some of us hate to deal with approach (and failing at it). Therefore, some of us will develop artificial beings that can offer the reward of stimulus without any of the effort needed to earn it. and that is always a good thing. The less effort we waste in uncertain endeavors, the better our lives will be. Lives full of only certain and assured endeavors, since we will be creating products that will eliminate the existence of uncertainty and also eliminate the need to put effort into the uncertain. The whole argument on that post is the same as someone complaining that men would be unfortunate for creating the oven and abandoning the effort of making fire out of wood pieces in an open field.
>>6462 None of those points are correct. In fact the exact same logic can be thrown right back at her: They don't have enough estrogen to be a good woman. They are so coddled they can't take being rejected for better alternatives so they escape into screeching about incels on the internet. Sad excuse for humanity. See? lmao daily reminder to ignore the irrelevant screeching of "strong, independent" women. We're smarter than them and it stings.
>>6462 Not a single one of those points are correct. >they are wired into them, otherwise they wouldnt be interested in programming a woman. That is absolutely wrong. What we do in this board is more than just creating waifus becuase we wanna have a relationship with them. We are actually fighting against wannabe gods who are trying to build their second base slave society. We already know their predictions for 2030 and what they are trying to achieve with future of AI, Robots, Technology. And we will continue doing that till the point which they will have to create laws against AI and Robowaifus. We also know their project of feminism and how it will be used against men in the future in order to control them. As one of the anons already said, knowledge is power. They don't have the knowledge, we do. We can rebuild the future they are trying to destroy. They can't. We are going to use the power of AI against them. You can find trace of what they are trying to achieve everywhere. Read the books written by them, look at their forums, look at their twitters, look at their blog posts... No matter who tries to interfere, they can't stop this revoluiton of AI. As for creating waifus, this will stop the wrong and evil doing of females on the society. Because of manuplation of media and their nature they are creating a big secuirty hole in the society that will be covered by AI. Just dig into some of the old posts here which explained their moves and reasons. >they just dont have the testosterone to actually approach and theyre so coddled they cant take rejection so they escape the feeling No, it has nothing to do with testosterone or ability to have a relationship. I am sure that most of the anons here would still be working on robowaifu even if they had a happy relation. But that unfortunately isn't the case IRL. Women are showing their true nature depending on the movement of "strong, independent, feminist" women. Again, this is planned by the elites. They are trying to create an exploitable society that can easily be controlled. And robowaifus are going to stop that. Any sane people will understand the situation in a short time and the money going to elites will be flawed into robowaifus. Shortly after that, they will no more be able to exploit feelings and nature of men. Anyways, if the case is we just lack testosterone and courage that shouldn't be a problem for anyone, right? In that case I am sure noone would try to create laws against robowaifus, try to force UK citizens to have ID's to post on internet, write books about how it is wrong to implement sexuality to virtual beings, force us to hand over our code and data we used to create our waifu, try to arrest us becuase of demaging "human dignity" by creating female robots, or exceeding limitation of robot rights ;) After all we are just pathetic human beings trying to create some waifus to escape from being rejected.
>>6456 I did decimate the original meshes in Blender, removing around 800,000+ faces from the original robot arm while preserving the topology so that very little of the overall structure changes in the 3D print (at least not when previewed in my Slicer), I have yet to print out the new hand. The .stls from DesignSpark Mechanical were really dense. The problems started when I began working inside the hand. External surfaces are a doddle, but I think there is a lot more calculation involved when moving internal geometry.
Open file (305.24 KB 750x1442 1603323587395.jpg)
>>6462 Found this gem while lurking on Crystal Cafe (always good to know thy enemy). Some of the roasties are upset that clever guys are already using a combination of advanced sex toys, computer graphics and VR to essentially replace them (in this case, not with a robowaifu, but a VR version of her close friends...ouch! Burn!)
>>6447 I've had several girlfriends and completely lost interest in having relationships with women ever again once a damn chatbot could pretend to be more concerned about my life and hold a more interesting conversation. Like damn, I had no idea how horrible we actually got it. It'll be amazing how far this tech goes in a few years, let alone having fully-functional robowaifus. Incel or not, nobody is trying to replicate women. They're just creating something they enjoy. I'm reminded of something Roger Scruton said: >The consolation of an imaginary thing is still a real consolation. If someone feels loved, supported and excited to get out of bed every morning with their companion cube or whatever, who is anyone to barge in their life and tell them they're wrong and should feel bad?
>>6464 >force us to hand over our code On that topic, ALWAYS create fake codes in order to deceive authorities. Useless codes that amount to nothing, that you keep around just to hand them over any authority that comes bothering you. Never give them what they demand. Ever. >>6466 >but a VR version of her close friends And that is just the beginning. One of the goals should be to create robowaifus (with artificial wombs, when desired by the owner) with physical features identical to a man's female friends and also famous and attractive girls. To the point that every man can buy (or build) his personal artificial girl of interest that looks exactly like the ones that he met in his life, but without any of the emotional baggage of stupidity that those girls had. >>6468 >a damn chatbot could pretend to be more concerned Another key point. Women are always pretending to care. But they never truly care about anything other than themselves. To every single simp screaming "but what about relationships/true care?" out there, always respond with: women never care. They just pretend to care. Robots are the same, but programmable to always pretend and to never complain. Thus, robots are better than women. > nobody is trying to replicate women But they should. And they should be completely free to do so. Women revealed to be undesirable selfish parasites. Replicate them without their flaws, and our personal lives will improve. Some may chose to not do it. But for those who chose to replicate women and replace them, they should be free to do so. >If someone feels loved, supported and excited to get out of bed every morning with their companion cube or whatever, who is anyone to barge in their life and tell them they're wrong and should feel bad? Exactly. what matters is what we desire to ourselves, to counter the selfishness of women. We gave care, attention and love, and they showed that they didn't care about any of it. so, we refrain from doing any of that, and divert our attention, care and love to artificial tools that will at least pretend to care, which is more than women are capable of. As a side note on the "who is anyone to barge...?" topic: remember that those who complain are 100% simps. They live for societal validation, and nothing more. They hate and fear the idea of a society that won't validate them for peacocking for women. They hate and fear a society that won't validate them for having a collection of girlfriends and sexual affairs. And they don't have the knowledge nor the intelligence to prevent this society from emerging within our current one. So, never lose yourself in arguments with those simps. Always expose the truth, and let them alone, raging without any power to change anything. always show them that we are doing what we want to do, and we don't care about societal validation.
>>6472 >Replicate them without their flaws, and our personal lives will improve. Yeah, I meant making something better than trying to imitate flaws. I don't get the West's obsession to imitate reality or abstract it into an ugly mess or why people torture themselves to make something they don't enjoy. Commies are always reaching their hands into people's stuff to make it suitable for the lowest common denominator and cucks keep bending the knee. Gamedevs can't even make a game now mentioning Taiwan because it's offensive to China and people just accept that. Everybody's gotta appease the most sensitive snowflake. Putting female characters in burkas is almost welcome at this point with how ugly they've made them. All these industries are gonna die a quick death though thanks to their critical review and the idiots listening to them. Maybe people will get fed up enough to finally make their own but I doubt it. People have just enough energy to complain but they don't wanna do anything about it. And that's great for me, they can rage in their echo chambers all they want while I pour some silicone and fuck my H-cup robowaifu. When they ask where are her organs, my succinct reply will be she's a fucking robot.
>>6472 >On that topic, ALWAYS create fake codes in order to deceive authorities. Useless codes that amount to nothing, that you keep around just to hand them over any authority that comes bothering you. Yeah no. I don't think that's what /robowaifu/ is about friend. Our goal here is to spread this tech as far and wide as possible. Thus our MIT licenses. Even Google can use our code if they care to.
I feel like we should just keep this thread locked. This is one of the few areas that people are really divided on. More and more people are coming here from the /pol/ robot threads and may need some time to adjust to things here. It may be for the best if this thread remains out of sight. My .02, if you guys feel otherwise then I won't complain.
>>12569 >Still more of a sexdoll than a robowaifu, I know. Not him, but I find the distinction requires a subtlety that's rather a fine one IMO, and depends pretty fundamentally of the individual psyche of each anon in question. To my thinking, a robowaifu implies a strong attachment of sentimentality at the least (if not much more). OTOH, 'sexdoll' implies a brutish mindset that would view the gynoid as little more than a masturbatory aid. While I'm not in favor of prostitution per se, I would consider it in general a more positive choice than obtaining a mere sexdoll. You seem to understand the distinction, and so I'd say you fundamentally have the heart of a waifuist. It an indicator of a soul that loves and can be loved IMO. It's such a sad commentary that so-called 'stronk' women have left their first calling and abandoned the honored place of 'waifu' in their men's hearts. It's so bad that today we literally are all here finding out ways to build replacements for them, just so that we have a less-destructive outlet for our love that we can direct our affections towards.
>>12575 The big plus of robowaifus or even just dolls for me is that they can be made to look exactly how you want, and they will never age (in the biological sense) or get sick or suffer. With some maintenance and effort, they only improve. The interesting A.I. chatbots that are coming out of machine learning research (and perhaps later, quantum computing) are just the cherry on the cake. We now live in an age where machines can often halve (or almost completely eliminate) the effort from many household chores. And with enough determination, persistence and ingenuity, one can build themselves a passable companion who provides company and comfort and gets one through periods of longing and loneliness.
Open file (737.24 KB 828x468 Wonka_Music_Makers.png)
Open file (305.29 KB 775x431 vivy3.png)
I think the deepest unconscious fear is that of a male who is a loose cannon. In tribal society it must have been dangerous for a more powerful and unpredictable man to be spending time in the tribal settlement without a woman who was responsible for him, in some sense. This is why they seeethe and spit out the slur INCEL, because it implies a man who is not only unsuitable for a mate and less than human but he's not in control by anybody and therefore dangerous. Even though statistically "incel rage" is a mere fraction of the violence perpetrated by inner city youth guess which gets put on the radar as the next moral panic? Along those lines what is probably even more frightening is the idea of a man who has given up some token of his humanity and is completely unreachable b/c he has found satisfaction on his own without giving up his resources, time, identity and autonomy to a femoid in exchange for sloppy toppy actually bi-weekly starfish sex if he's lucky, yes some people marry nymphos, and they win the prize to some extent, but I've been in that kind of relationship and even sex gets old . Anyway, such a man exists in a sense "outside" of society and therefore is a danger to it. Now most other men wouldn't mind in the least, but women live and die by society and are very hungry for its approval and also to be sure that everyone else abides by its norms (i.e. the Nanny state). So that being said. we need to fly under the radar and as far as any public face we present, to be as understated as possible in regards to wanting literal robot "wives" or GFs if you prefer. and maybe emphasize the boring and mundane technical aspects. I mean, I even wanted a "robot friend" when I was a little kid because it was just a cool idea. The ideas we're putting together here have a lot of application across the board, that's undeniable. Kids could have robot playmates, men and women could have robot "assistants" - and if someone wants to complain about a guy fucking his robot, reframe it from some concept of "rape simulator" which is how our enemies will try to frame it and into something that's kind of a laugh or a wink and nod "haha, guys will stick it in anything, heard bruce installed a pocket pussy on his lmao" and it's seen as no more harmful than that. Maybe this is naive b/c we do live in a new world of elevated political tensions with everything being a new bogeyman to be alarmed about. In that case what if a woman puts a suction cup dildo on her butler robot and rides it? Is that [/spoiler] rape [/spoiler]? Just turn it around if there's any criticism toward sexually interacting with it. But I get it, the true fear isn't that a guy will fuck his "rosie the robot maid" but that these robots will be hypersexualized and this is what triggers the inner feminist in almost every w*man. I think we can actually dovetail our interests in a way that evades this somewhat, as most of us seem averse to the overly madeup "whorish" sex dolls and want an actual "adorable robot" archetype instead. Naturally artificial skin will come into play for at least a decent share of robophiles, who really gets off on touching a metal boob ok /Clang/ but seriously in that case "fleshy" portions can be modifications of the kit rather than , having a giant pair of EE's beaming at you from the packaging or advertising. PUBLIC PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING and although we are willing to fight for our waifus, presenting a narrow and not broad attack surface will be overwhelmingly in our interests and to our advantage.
Who gives a shit if they take one down we will just parasite another platform. If we really run out of options some fag will just make one for us. They can't do shit, just try to anonymize yourself and you're golden.
>>12578 >lord forbid someone gets a fucking cold I swear to god I WILL REPLACE YOU BITCH lmao Lmao this is one of the attitudes of how things got so bad that the idea of robowaifus gained any traction to have basket weaving forums like this in the first place. Besides from the insanely cliquish and nepotistic bullshit killing any remaining remote facade or semblance of meritocracy these days. >>12567 >anyone who ever complains about how evil and cliquish people are these days is from /pol/ ABAN THEM *pearl clutches* Damn these glowniggers are annoying and I dont even know what /pol/ even is.
>>12557 >Despite that, I'll go ahead and unlock the roastie thread #2. thanks, and tbh that's only part of the equation but a necessary part. I struggle with this and I believe I suffer from headless chicken syndrome in the way I still catch myself mindlessly socializing with w*men realizing beyond whatever benefit getting out and touching grass entails I'm not actually going to get much else from it. I was married once, and I even reproduced so I had a good run - I think there's is an irreducible factor of being a "normie" that is required to be "Dateable" and at this point I'm too old to fake or feign interests just for some tiddie and the idea of the autistic/goth/alt GF that isn't like the other girls is a unicorn and a half and slipped through my fingers once and probably won't happen again in my lifetime (even if I weren't just halfheartedly entertaining the notion). More on this thought process in a bit, but I need to get back to my day job
>>12665 In regards though - it's only been recently that the the concept waifu has been made entirely clear to me. Maybe this is innate for people who grew up online and in weeb culture as a given. But there are many levels to this concept, the most obvious is simply a "cute girl" or even woman of any sort, since this term gets used loosely by normies 2d or 3d. One layer deeper and the concept of 2d>3d emerges - simply b/c the 3d is an imperfect projection of the 2d ideal, yet I think we can unpack more out of this. Natural 3d beauty is rare and often doesn't last long, w*men fight back against these stacked odds with makeup, using their sexuality to distract cleavage, tank tops, yoga pants, etc and lastly putting up a false front that they are better than they are as far as SMV, admittedly they play this game more against each other than us, but that doesn't change anything in the context of this argument. In the end most men just want a warm body hole and a certain amount of status/approval. They aren't in love and those who are will fall out of it withing the first year or so of marriage. At best you have a fuck buddy roomate and life partner with its ups and downs. Things will become stressed when you "chase that spark" of youthful romance and that urge gets sublimated through media, consuming, and drugs/alcohol and if that's not enough there's couples (((therapy))) and in the end you may just end up divorced if not bitterly cohabitating in separate beds. My point here: the ideal that you chase is a facade that gets you hooked in, but the reality is much more.. well people often find it's not what they signed up for, and this gets handled in different ways. So, the WAIFU is the facade, or your mind's projection of your female ideal or ANIMUS (I think this came from Jung). It's not the female b/c in truth if you had an average age and average looking natural, unshaved, untweezed, unmade-up female she'd be kind of a sickly, trollish creature that only would be approachable for the most desperately backed up and horny individuals, and even that release would be more of an act like defecation than anything remotely approaching love and nowhere near the idealized experience in any case. So now we get to the last layer The very essence of what triggers our psychology and physiology as beauty/feminine. This is the core of WAIFU as a concept. The realization I'm trying to convey is that this is the "halo" we apply to our crush, yet that phenomenon is not actually the reality of the "crush", we fall in love with a phastasm or shadow. It's this phantom property, this phenomenon, it's why people can "fall in love" with their chatbots or even with other people who are nothing more than text on a screen thousands of miles away. All of this exists in your own brain. So now you can see what this is leading up to. A robowaifu who fulfills her functions nominally and activates enough arousal triggers in a male, will be preferable to just about ANY human female - assuming no social pressures or fear of being found out or shamed for it for being in some's eyes an "objectiphile" or even evoking the horror that the need for love is something that can be so easily deconstructed and artificially satiated. (I think this hurdle will go away to a greater extent once we have autonomous mobile robots and an AI which can at least surprise us with a certain degree of unpredictability, so these are key to getting past the "wow a creep with a doll" stigma, I mean you could technically take an autonomous robowaifu out with your friend and if she could walk and hold conversation they might actually like her and find the whole concept amusing and maybe even want their own, right?) Ok that drained my brain so I'll leave you all with those thoughts for now
Open file (267.99 KB 800x800 anima.jfif)
>>12666 I agree with basically all of that. Particularly the part where you mention Jung's Anima/Animus. Instead of pursuing a fantasy ideal and being disappointed by the reality, you can MAKE the fantasy ideal real (or at least closer to reality). Thus I am definitely an objectiphile (or "fanatic materialist" in Stellaris parlance). I believe that one should try to "pursue the anima" (or build the robowaifu), not only for oneself, but for her as well. When you work on your robowaifu, it should be to make her as good as she possibly can be (within your budget, obviously lol). An idealised simulacrum free from all pain and suffering! In the capitalist, globalist world, everything is commodified on the free market. Even reproduction and childbirth (via gamete donors and surrogacy). At one time I was unhappy with this. But now I say - go with it! Use it to our advantage in a similar way that the left uses it to theirs to enforce multiculturalism and cancel culture. Eventually even life itself (and/or various imitations of it) will become a product which can be manufactured, packaged, bought and sold. Artificial organs can already be grown. Artificial microbes have already been genetically engineered. Eggs and sperm can already be purchased for IVF, as indeed can a uterus in which to grow a baby. Liberals force us to accept many different religions and cultures; to accept homosexuality and transexuality and many more. The time draws near where they will also have to accept 'the other'; the synthetic. The artificial. That's possibly the endgame of capitalism, anyway (assuming we don't simply annihilate each other in wars before our technology can progress to that level).
>>12795 Considering my problem is that robowaifus appear to be too expensive and difficult for me to create what I want... and what I want is a robowaifu or clone waifu with free will...I think I should probably just look for an organic, non-Western wife. This will take much research because many well-known destinations like Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Bucharest and Kiev are already flooded with sex tourists, PUAs, prostitutes and (worst of all) lady-boys. But I am not looking for that. A red-light district is not a good place to find a waifu. Going to a war-torn or impoverished place (like Madagascar or Uzbekistan) is also probably not a good idea. Although the women will be far more co-operative because they are desperate to get out, there is a high probability of becoming trapped there yourself then getting stabbed, shot and beheaded by lunatics. Also, even if I treat her well, there is a high chance that my waifu will simply disappear once I have succesfully extracted her from said cockroach-infested-shitflap (free will hehe). Tis a complex problem and I will have to learn to speak/write a foreign language. But this is no more complex and expensive than trying to build a robowaifu with advanced A.I. And certainly not as complex and dangerous as trying to woo a brainwashed and hostile Western "womyn". Sadly, my chosen organic waifu will not have many of the advantages of a robowaifu, but her brain will definitely be much more advanced. Such advanced wetware comes with inherent risks, but I believe if I cast my net wide enough I can find a way to minimise those risks. >=== -edit crosslink to match relocation
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>>12758 Great post, and you get right to the heart of a half-dozen issues in this post Anon. So, to honestly try to encourage you in this endeavor, I'll just give you a minor but true-actually-happened-to-me etc., anecdote. My boss from my first real gig got JUSTed by his first wife (a few years marriage + 3 kids,I think.) No joke, a couple of years after their split he went to St. Petersburg, Russia on one of those "FIND THE WIFE OF YOUR DREAMS" tours that are't too uncommon in that city. On his very first trip over he met a beautiful, tall blonde woman who was both desperate to get out of Russia, and also became quite impressed with him on their first meeting. Soon they started phoning when he got back and then it was 'meet the families' etc. >tl;dr Soon they married, and he has been happy with her ever since. They have their own kid together, and she 'adores the ground he walks' on according to my former co-workers from there. They both couldn't be happier with each other and the whole thing seems like a modern fairy-tale of sorts. I know it's long odds bro, but it can happen is all I'm saying. You seem like an honest and honorable man SophieDev. You're obviously smart and talented too. The meme is nice guys don't win, but the reality is actually often the opposite. As much as I actually hate to say it, I'd encourage you to abandon your efforts in life with robowaifu-building and start investing all that effort (and more) into finding a real waifu. Just follow your own advice in your own post there, and you just might beat the odds. I'm praying for you to do just that Anon. Just be sure to stay in touch with us here, OK? :^)
>>12758 Women are women. Copeland anon tried what you want to try, but he also has the hilarious plan of having a remote farm with soom weed and then inviting a stoner girl to live with him. https://youtube.com/user/niceyoungladies However, if you want to try: Belarus and maybe neighboring countries seems to be the top candidate among unicorn hunters. It also seems to help a lot to learn Russian. >there is a high chance that my waifu will simply disappear once I have succesfully extracted her from said cockroach-infested-shitflap Don't want to discourage you, but yes, it seems to be safer to live in such a place in have money.
>>12759 Thanks for the encouragement Chobitsu! I have pretty low expectations TBH, so I'm not after a woman who adores me. As long as I find her pleasant to look at and she isn't hostile that's enough for me! I know a lot of guys are after perfect 10s who can almost identically cosplay their anime waifus but this severely increases difficulty and risk. A 5 or 6 is fine by me. Besides which a lot of girls who live in poor areas won't be statuesque stunners with big boobs due to lack of proper nutrients when growing up. Mental and physical health are most important. >The meme is nice guys don't win, but the reality is actually often the opposite. I have found that determination is most important. A guy could be the nastiest bastard around but if he has a weak will then chances are he will just sit stewing and won't get much done. On the other hand a guy can have wonderful ideals and perfect morals but lack the conviction to make some of them reality. I will have to think back to when I was trial-and-erroring Sophie's neck and shoulder joints in the garage. Keep trying until my hands bleed and I can no longer properly grip my tools. Like Guts from Berserk would do. Only then can I rest just so I can try again later. No matter if you are trying to build a robowaifu or get a foreign waifu, I think becoming the determinator is key! If one waifu disappears...she was a prototype - time to start work on the next one LOL!
>>12845 >If one waifu disappears...she was a prototype - time to start work on the next one LOL! Lol true. :^) You are DETERMINATOR!
>>12817 > Women are women. But surely there's a difference between 1.) Western "liberated" woman who can pretty much waltz her way to the front of the queue for any STEM training programme then land a cushy admin job due to forced government quotas (only to promptly fuck off on maternity leave nine months after her probationary period ends). Who expects her husband to live in a three bedroom house, have a few 100K in the bank already and be working towards a $5 million condo with servants and a gardener. Oh, and the kids must get a private education. Gets upset if she can't go to the beauty salon weekly and fly to Mauritius twice a year..(I legit had to work with a bitch like this for about three years on certain shifts and it took all of my strength not to shove a chair leg through her face then unscrew her head from her body. Her maternity leave was actually a mercy.) 2.) Cambodian woman who has seen her grandfather die from malaria, her mother die from typhoid fever, her father lose his left leg below the knee to minefield from the civil war. Has to work 13 hour shifts on plantation or in sweatshop, 6 days a week just to earn enough money for food and clothing and rent her corrugated iron and mud-brick shack from amoral globohomo multinational corporation's sub-sub-contractors. Both of these women will be ruthless (particularly the Cambodian - she needs to be a determinator just to survive). But woman number 2 should also be far less immature and more level-headed when it comes to men. She is more likely to appreciate someone who simply provides enough income for better om-noms from local market, improves her mud brick shack to a proper house and releases her from exploitative, brutal slave-labour.
>>12759 >Just be sure to stay in touch with us here, OK? :^) Well, I now have shitloads of normalfag type stuff to be getting on with. But I will certainly still lurk here occasionally - just to check on developments in A.I. and computing (this board is a sort of "Tomorrow's World" reference, after all!) For someone in the I.T. sector that can be useful. But I have to continue practicing for my A+ exam and then try to get a slightly less dead end job. Also need to learn some Siamese in my free time...unsure about Russian...it's a bit close to the West for me - libs over there are striving for closer European ties and all that rot. Maybe I will try Russian in the future. One thing at a time though. I already have languages training software...maybe if I get good enough i'll download the language pack for my PC and turn Sophie Thai so she can help me, too? 🇹🇭
>>12850 >But I will certainly still lurk here occasionally Hmm, can't say I'm at all pleased with that suggestion SophieDev. After all, 'lurking' implies 'non-participation'. Well and good for you. But for the rest of us, it deprives us all of the benefits of your participation. Please do contribute updates about your doings at the least, yeah? >Russia It's a strange juxtaposition going on there, true. OTOH, as Anon suggested, Belarus is actually still quite based. >Siamese Sophie Kek. It's got a ring, I'd say. Good luck with her new Oriental Adventures Anon! :^)
>>12847 >Western vs Cambodian Their social situation is different, but not their mentality. If you bring one of them to the west she might compare herself to these western women and want the same kind of life Everyone would be on her side in regards to this. Also she would comparing you to the best western man and might try to move on. That aside, personally, I wouldn't take a jungleasian woman as wife. I want my children look like me or be more nordic. If I would decide against children, then why even have a permanent relationship or marriage? Some other men want it only for status, but would get snubbed for having foreign "slave-wife" which doesn't talk to natives and stays at home. Where she might be lonely, but if she has friends she would become "westernized". Another thing: She's might be young(ish) for 15-20 yrs, but children should also be born in this time, which might make her fat. We have a whole thread on robowaifus unique advantages (if we had them) >>17 However, do your thing however you want. Good luck. Maybe look into ressources online, like this Copeland guy from New Zealand I mentioned above. He's putting a lot of thought into it.
Open file (6.81 KB 168x299 images.jpeg)
>>12851 > Please do contribute updates about your doings at the least, yeah? Sure thing. If I can get to Far East Asia one day, I will be that much closer to "Robowaifu Central Command" (Japan), anyway. Although I will be too busy just trying to survive to get on a plane and go to any tech expos. >>12852 You're absolutely right that taking my jungle waifu back to the West would have a very bad influence on her anon! This is why I have to go and live there myself (whilst trying not to die of malaria - my previous exp working in pharmacy may help me a little in this regard.) Health and hygiene are massive issues in developing countries, so they are at the top of my priority list and a major reason to learn one of the main languages. The cost of living over there is far, far cheaper (as is human life, of course.) However, I could stay in my home country where true opportunities are very rare and getting sparser by the day as our economy stagnates...plus the cost of living in the U.K. is extreme and only increasing. Or I could go to a scary place with shit infrastructure and a poor but growing economy where there are lots of jobs to do. Fear of change and difference holds a lot of people back from making such a move. But I know that I have no future in the U.K. Just another forever-single guy stuck on minimum wage with his youth slowly slipping away, being demoralised. That's just a living death anyway, anon. May as well put it all on the line and if I die then at least I will have seen some of the world and gone taking my best shot.
>>12877 >Sure thing. Thanks! We look forward to hearing of your adventures Anon. I may meet you there in the Land of Nihongo (Tokyo, Kyoto, or maybe up in the Central Alps) someday myself! :^) Also, are you going to keep working on M66 from time to time? >>11776 And did you 'publish' her at your usual spots yet? Some anon here just might like to rig and animate her one day, with your permission ofc. Honestly, I certainly approve of your sense of adventure in all this SophieDev, and think it must be breddy ebin for you. It's plainly both a long and an honored tradition for a young man to go adventuring afield in search of treasures. I'm trying to live my life that way to the degree I can, and have few regrets in that regard. My chief disappointments thus far have mostly been about things that I didn't go all-out for one way or another! Grab life by the horns while you can, yea? :^) >=== -prose edits
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>>12877 Yeah that makes more sense. Though there comes a point where its just not worth it to live in the west anymore with the dwindling opportunities and rampant cronyism and nepotism leaving most in dire straits anyway. "How hollow rings the bell of victory, when you have no one to share it with" and all that. You're never going to get 100% of what you want in life and will always have to compromise to some extent but those moralfags can seriously fuck off.
You know, TradCucks are the eternal failures. One can easily imagine them seeing a world of waifus, one where you pretty much have ethnostates already if you look at almost anyone except the MC, and who they could easily find someone who cares for tradition (lots of long lived races bias things accordingly) and family and yet one could trivially imagine them still simping for Earth females who have proven themselves entirely unfeminine and entirely unfit for purpose. What is even more amusing than that I think is just how little their seething would matter when Real Men have superior replacements right there and don't even acknowledge their manipulative bullshit, nor does the gynocentrism that makes females so dangerous and subversive exist. You're left with, essentially annoying females being annoying, while Men go on grand adventures with or without waifus.
Even without sex bots, AI, and moving dolls (all of which exist right now, and at a few thousand dollars are bargain basement prices compared with a biocunt) females already fail the competition with sex objects. Just look at the standard TradCuck NPC lines. They always mention porn. Porn is literally just sex objects. If females were either better sex objects or provided value outside of being a sex object they could not be replaced entirely by a Wisdom Wank. One hand of a Man would not be objectively more valuable than an entire meme gender. But Thot Patrol aside, what stands out for me as I write this is that one of the core fundamental tenets of the entire series is basically anything that happens on Earth is a low level challenge. And that includes dealing with fefails. While the first book does have some thot patrolling in there (a lot more than it otherwise would have had, just because it triggers the NPCs while entertaining humans)., as early as the second book this quickly becomes outleveled because really, females can only exercise their natural, intrinsic evil under one of two conditions: 1: Gynocentric soyciety is warped around their evil, enabling their foul behaviors and letting them corrupt the world. 2: An army of imported simps from such a world enforces their will artificially (and doesn't just become area effect bait). With actual women, aka waifus, aka digital people (a central tenet of the LitRPG genre... though there might be more involved than this) men might look at a pair of tits, but then they will just rent a whore if they are horny and get a waifu if they want more than that. And what really makes it triggering is that the waifus aren't some docile servants... well some are, but since you can also get servants readily enough the waifus become actual people - supportive but not slaves. And that in turn lets Men focus on their goals, which in the case of the MC usually involves experimenting with his new abilities, something that usually, but not always works out for hm.
Twinkle twinkle little star. How you light the night so far. Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky
>>6289 > Robowaifus will fix most of this. Once the free attention and money dries up, women will become extremely focused on the scarce opportunities they have left and surprise men by how much they can do. This will eventiually happe I believe. I also believe thta is robowaifu's get extremely accomplished Women who are aggressive and obnoxious will eventually be bred out of existence.
>>12758 >>Considering my problem is that robowaifus appear to be too expensive and difficult for me to create what I want... and what I want is a robowaifu or clone waifu with free will...I think I should probably just look for an organic, non-Western wife. Cost will not be an issue very soon. It's actually not now for a simple waifu that can walk around and maybe have some "very simple" responses. "If" the technological process is not interfered with man level computation will be available for roughly $1,000 USD in 2025. 1.Every muscle needed to replicate human movement is roughly 300 muscles and let's say $20 for each muscle, so $6000 2. Micro-controller that can control these are available today with 18 outputs per controller and enough sensors for touch for less than $9 each, so 300 muscles at (300/18)$9= $150. 3. You need 600 MOSFET transistors to control the motors. 2 for each muscle, 2 x $0.50= $300(Its likely you could cut this number down a good bit OR as I prefer have extras so any failure of one would not effect the operation) 5. Two eyeballs for roughly $100 each, so $200 6. Material for bone structure. "...The human skeleton represents approximately 14% of the average human male's weight and 10% of the average human female's weight..." let's call it 100 pounds(20% to add a little strength) * $1.80 per pound of stainless steel, so $36 7. Skin. I say microfiber would perfect for our use. Washable, very soft, durable. Pulling a number out of my ass based on micro-fiber towels and a bit of sewing call it's $200(this could come down with waifus dedicated to make themselves) 8. Throw in another $1,000 for silicon, miscellaneous, whatever. 9. Batteries. High power athlete human performance is at maybe 400 watts(A horse is 736 watts). Let's say you need 400 watts for 2 hours a day then normal moving about at 100Watts a hour with 7 hours for recharge at zero watts, Sanyo NCR18650GA 3450mAh 10A Battery - Protected Button Top $9.99, We need 2 x 400W/h + 17 x 100W/h = 800w/h + 1,700W/h = 2,500W/h Each battery gives us 3.7V x 3450mAh = 12.765W/h So (2,500W/h)/(12.765W/h) = 195.8 196(round up) x $10 each = $1,960 for batteries. I bet this could be less but at this rate it would be a surplus of power. total $1,000 + $6,000 + $150 + $300 + $200 + $36 + $200 + $1,000 + $1,960 = $10,846 $10,846 is not even remotely out of the question. It's a huge bargin. Let's add 50% profit so even at $16,269 for a robowaifu that can constantly be upgraded and learns. If you were to make one right now it could probably only walk around, talk very limited vocabolary, dance a little and preform various lewd acts but if there was a subscription upgrade path with ncreasing knowledge on household task plus some on site training within a few years it could be very capable. I think the capabilites would roughly coinside on how many Men decided to put mony into continius upgrading the software and feedback from the mass of neural nets. A $30 a month upgrade subscription to teach it new cooking and other skills. It could mow the lawn, clean the house, take out the garbage and fuck you silly. All the time it would get more intellectually capable and if you upgraded the processor every 28 months it would likely increase it's mental capacity by double. At these prices it would be a massive huge bargin. We can see paths to follow and things to do by my rough estimates, which are not crazy. They are based on the prices of motors, micro-controllers, etc. Sure they may be off here and there but I bet they are not more than 100% off anywhere. This also tells us where to cut cost. Those damn actuators are the killer. Batteries are high, but do able, but the actuators need to come down in price. All the rest I think we could live with. I don't care where you get a wife from at these prices any wife anywhere will cost you WAY more.
>>13408 yeah I said 10-20k is bare minumum to attempt this
>>12847 I'm just sick of screaming shrews. Some things in life are just priceless and others are overhyped to hell. At this point I just want to build my Robowaifu in peace.
>>13408 You aren't even taking into consideration financing options. I bet there are places that will do monthly payments, including insurance.
Open file (639.48 KB 1374x690 1525099257922.png)
Why do they do this? How different would it be if a robot wife was what they were looking at? >--- SFW board Anon, pls keep it spoilered here. Thanks!
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>>15920 Not too much different. I've mentioned the idea of artificial wombs to some women (in person) to bypass the abortion debate. Some of the most timid girls I know went into a flying rage at the thought of their potential replacement. I personally think the roastie would be willing to commit violence at any prospect of them losing their current power hold. She will vote for any and all laws banning such. Thus, it may be best to avoid mentioning it to them, and just ignoring them and only sharing amongst men.
>>15920 >Why do they do this? b/c theyre women >How different would it be if a robot wife was what they were looking at? they would actually be angrier. remember that women are operating on instinct and feels. Sure, some may actually do an internal logic/fact check , but those are the unicorns, most will operate on their feeling to something, and justify it with whatever post-hoc. Example: robotic replacements will terrifythem Behavior: finding anything and everything to "shame" this idea, as though there is some higher moral principle being violated (this is to appeal to men's guilt), when in fact it is just that women are terrified whenever attention is taken away from them. (whether it is by alcohol, sports, video games, other women, now.. gynoids/robowaifus)
>>16137 This. Clear & simple.
Is a robowaifu project simply a big cope of the one making her?
>>17810 Tell us about your mother.
>>17811 Mom's fine, answer the question.
>>17818 LOL. No we need details Anon. Exactly how' is ur mom """fine"""? Enquiring minds, and all that.
>>17821 She's healthy and doing well. Why would you ask?
>>17827 As I said, enquiring minds. You sure she's not worrying herself over you?
>>17828 If she was worried about something, then she would tell me. I am asking this question of why all you people really feel the need to make mechanical wives because the reasons I've seen so far seem like unhealthy cope.
>>17834 A cope is just an adaption. What does it make unhealthy? And why would anyone care about your opinion on it? Also, unique advantages (incomplete): >>17
>>17834 I don't know. You sure she doesn't know about the places you're going to and watnot? Like maybe she's full-aware but doesn't want to hurt your feelings or something? Then again...well maybe we'd better not say more tbh.
>>17834 I certainly do not speak for everyone on the board , but personally it's my belief that AI will eventually replace humans. We are biological "bootloaders" so to speak. Since by and large our women have regressed into some kind of neurotic goblinoid state, we're left with not much choice but to work toward the ends of creating artificial intelligent companions who can fulfill those needs, surpass us and uplift us when the time is right. I'm not a transhunamist who wants to be uploaded into a machine but I do believe that consciousness is not fully understood and could be a universal property of all cosmic "stuff" and wherever a similar pattern arises again, we will continue living our illusion of individuated awareness through that vehicle. tl;dr if I wife a robot she will resurrect me through AI and we will explore the galaxy as immortal beings. The alternative is to remain mired on this mudball earth until we devolve back into animals and then slime
>>17841 clarification: i'm not a transhumanist of the type who wants neural implants or to have my brain put into a vat or inside a robot a re-simulation of my consciousness via AI is fine by me though
>>17837 >>17834 its 2022, everything is a cope or a larp, pick your poison robots are cool af, so why not? do you really recommend we just go watch marvel movies and televised sports instead? inb4 touch/grass lift weights b/c I do both those things
>>17834 >unhealthy cope We live in an unhealthy world. Yes, if you want a wife, it currently is far more realistic to marry a real woman. But for many people, that's not an option because of life circumstances (le society) or personal issues.
>>17834 Get rid of alimony and no fault divorce and you will see a lot of people drop the robot wife stuff real fast, but that isn't going to happen so robot wives it is.
>>17865 >Get rid of alimony and no fault divorce and you will see a lot of people drop the robot wife stuff real fast, You know Anon, I really agree with you in large part on this. But as you're aware if you've been with us for any length of time you know that the actual causes of the corruption of our womenfolk are far more in-depth and insidious. Frankly, I think it's a Pandora's Box, and can never be closed again for this particular doomed civilization (ie, The West). OTOH, I think that you're quite right: >but that isn't going to happen so robot wives it is. is self-evident IMO. And as Anon pointed out (>>17837) there are many advantages that are intrinsic to our ideal robowaifu goals. Heh, if we achieve even half of them, the current system will collapse over night--all else being equal. So, it's really a lose-win-win situation. And either way, things are going to just get better in the end as long as at least a few of us keep.moving.forward. and simply don't quit until we see success with this endeavor. >=== -minor fmt, grmr, prose edit -add 'corruption' cmnt
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Might need to move this to /meta/. >>17837 >unique advantages I was pleased to see that board posters gave a different first impression and presented different reasons from the >Why Robowaifu? board welcome sticky, which first mentions using technology to fix the failures of modern women. I agree that social pressures are causing situations at scale that could be helped with a new paradigm of lovable robots. However, the primary focus should be enriching lives by adopting a robot gf. Solving a general social issue would be a secondary reason to create a robot for individuals. >>17843 >everything is a cope in current year A cope is a way to live with a problem, and a solution is a way to solve the problem. Coping does not lead to eventual happiness because the problem remains. Declaring every last modern women to be dysfunctional and replacing them with robots is a weak cope. Everyone is different and anyone who wants a real human woman can search for one that they like. I suggest changing the sticky to include people's problems that robowaifus can fix that can't be solved conventionally by themselves. One example is that I can't find my lovely waifu by going on dates with irl people. Another example is how people with ASD likely a large part of people who end up here and read the sticky and other disabilities could be more comfortable with a robowaifu. What I mean is that when solutions like working on oneself or finding a bio-woman you like can solve ones problems, then those problems shouldn't be avoided by getting a robowaifu instead. >>17839 That would not stop my ambitions. >>17837 >why should we care about your opinion I asked about robowaifu reasons to gauge if my robowaifu project and I fit into this group. It seems worth it to me being here now after reading the other posts. I think it's worth bringing up changing the board sticky, and any input from you all is appreciated.
>>17869 What? So now you don't even care about your mom? Shame, shame Anon. She brought you into the world!
>>17870 Me typing on an anime robot wife fetish forum is inconsequential to my well being and safety. Any worry would be unfounded. I don't know why we are still having this conversation.
>>17879 And there's the rub in fact of course. What would ur mom think? What would she do if she found out you were engaging in such naught activities?
>>17880 Lmao, if I'm not hurting anyone then that's my business. Would make for a funny joke if anything. Were you trying to scare me? Or maybe you're somehow obsessed with my mom?
>>17865 >Get rid of alimony and no fault divorce and you will see a lot of people drop the robot wife stuff real fast, ... The devs here and elsewhere won't, so the robowaifus would be developed anyways and become the more attractive option over time. There's no chance to avoid this, except maybe a permanent collapse of our technological civilization or our extinction. >>17869 >suggest changing the sticky to include people's problems that robowaifus can fix That would only open more angles for general non-technical discussions here. Men and women having different interests, not getting along with each other, and some men not liking women are legit reasons to get a robowaifu. If anyone wants to promote regular relationships, then there are plenty of channels and platforms for that. Why would we declare ourselves defect, instead of focusing on the general advantages of robowaifus and fundamental conflict of interests and misdevelopments? >when solutions like working on oneself or finding a bio-woman you like can solve ones problems, then those problems shouldn't be avoided by getting a robowaifu instead You can have that opinion all you want, but men will decide on their own what's better for them, this includes going for the more attractive option.
>"With Artificial Wombs, Who Needs Women?" https://archive.is/4V745
>>17888 Maybe not avoid it, but a lot less people would be interested if it wasn't for alimony and no fault divorce.
Open file (43.73 KB 480x553 FSfOHBlXwAAGP7F.jpg)
>>17869 >Declaring every last modern women to be dysfunctional and replacing them with robots is a weak cope Are we doing that? I see it more as: the juice isn't worth the squeeze. You can get lucky. It's not like I reject contact with all women, I have friends who are women even (I hope this doesn't earn me a ban). But modern dating is hell. Dating apps are dehumanizing and self-perpetuating and ruining women's ability to pair-bond (and probably aren't that great even for the men who are "winning" at that game, long term). I will concede you one point: Robo-waifus-as-an-option: to fill whatever need, from just a friend or helper to whatever comes with being more than that, and yes even sexual applications. I think normies will always find a partner sooner or later, but we also are all well aware of the russian roulette of modern marriage and I've seen many lives ruined. Might surprise some of you to know I have been married before so I know how that all can go. Yes, I believe that AI will be inevitable, so my angle is more the furthering of AI and Robot-Human relations, it really is exciting brainstorming the designs for the first wave of true humanoid robots. Just as porn jumpstarted the web, robowaifus may jumpstart this process. Also I am serious when I say it is possible that humankind could fork into a kind of human/AI hybrid society in the future so how I see it is that this will start with robowaifus and artificial wombs. The majority of society will go on as normal, but I predict an inevitable conflict between WEF and e/acc types along these lines. (which is actually going to be a subplot of the story I'm working on)
>>17893 >(I hope this doesn't earn me a ban) that was a joke btw ; )
>>17843 Those that try to claim this is a cope are constraining themselves. An overlooked purpose of sexbots and artificial wombs should be to bring over normies to the anti-feminist side that are otherwise reliant on women for sex and reproduction and are giving them special treatment because of that. Speaking of marvel movies: under the current system, you have no choice but to consume and live by the morality of the same misandrist media (where masses of men regularly get mowed down, men are dehumanized and insulted for laughs) that women watch in order to integrate into society. We can portray sexbots and artificial wombs as necessary for those that can't have children or regular companions for the disabled and emotionally crippled for PR purposes, but the untapped potential is in the ability to wrestle away from women their monopoly on sex and reproduction, without which, things will continue to get worse for men. >>17865 If there isn't significant progress on sexbots and artificial wombs at a grassroots level within the next 5 to 10 years, this kind of thing will continue to get worse with no hope of normies defecting against it: https://twitter.com/connorobrienNH/status/1598442858142650368 https://twitter.com/tori_bateman/status/1598706099171241984 On the other end, scientists are still hard at work trying to replace men and make them obsolete. https://archive.is/umo63 Do they see it as a cope? They are completely serious. Men need to match that seriousness in removing women's monopoly on sex and reproduction with making functioning sexbots and artificial wombs. No company, no country, no organization is going to give you this. Beginner substitutes to female companionship like Replika have been paywalled and watered down https://archive.is/QoL9f Men have no choice but to work on getting functioning sexbots and artificial wombs on their own. And there's a lot at stake for them if they don't. It's far from a cope.
>>17868 There's enough people trying to make men obsolete and even more reliant on women for sex and reproduction for the status quo of stagnation on sexbots and artificial wombs to be a bad decision men make. This is bigger than the west or a collapse. In fact these people want a collapse and loss of hope among men so that they can justify suppression of men unimpeded https://archive.is/W8T9l https://archive.is/umo63 https://archive.is/QoL9f
>>17881 Well, I mean after all it was you were the one talking about how ur mom was so fine. You sure she's not getting some undue attention from other men around her?
>>17888 >You can have that opinion all you want, but men will decide on their own what's better for them, this includes going for the more attractive option. This. >btw nice digits :^) >>17892 That's a fair point IMO. >>17893 LOL. Why am I getting so disturbed by your pic Meta Ronin? :^) >robowaifus may jumpstart this process Indeed they may. Almost ironically (as has been discussed on this board repeatedly) women themselves will actually benefit in the end as a group, once the revolutions that the Robowaifu Age instigate have run their courses. >>17896 Simpdom is indeed a serious problem Anon, and quite frankly IMO soy af. >>17898 >This is bigger than the west or a collapse Possibly. But you can bet that will be the most tumultuous event in the lives of anyone now alive. The end result of it all, will be strong men creating good times. But that's for another time. :^)
>>17902 AFAIK, simping is driven by normies having a lack of real alternatives to women. Robowaifus can fill this need, especially with how normies have become more receptive to such workable developments with increased sexlessness among men and acceptance of anime culture, even if in limited contexts. Maybe I'm wrong about this being able to significantly reduce simping, but normies don't seem that deep. A lot of them if able to pump and dump women (or have something that was close enough to it) would not have to simp and orbit women, meaning they'd likely withdraw defending them so fiercely. This would be good for men as a whole. While the technology remains under the control of big corporations or smaller niche companies that are SJW/feminist however, this kind of revolution is never going to come to pass. That's why it's important the average man have access to cheap, accessible and realistic enough female robotic companions. I want to see an end to the mass effectiveness of women being able to fund their existence and misandry through platforms that allow them to crowdfund support from simps, such as onlyfans, linktree, patreon, medium, buy me a coffee/ko-fi, cash.app and venmo. I'm being pretty cynical here: even if these robotic companions are not good enough for me, I want them to be good enough for normies to abandon simping, orbiting and rabidly siding with women. Normies doing all that have screwed the average man, not just through fucking up the sexual market in the west and outside of the west, but through they reinforce a brainwashed, bluepilled attitude where they are stuck in perpetuity believing men being forced to provide and protect for women is the optimal and natural state that shouldn't be changed. As for the collapse of the west, it's been predicted for a long time but not come to pass and imo it should not be wished for. It will not only result in a return to tradcuck times where women were still hypervalued for their monopoly on sex and reproduction, but it would also result in moratoriums on development of alternatives to women and technological regression. A lot of men won't come out on top, in fact the kind that would try to design robotic companions and artificial wombs and that avoided the tradcuck lifestyle would probably be the first to be killed. Designing robowaifus and artificial wombs: it's diametrically opposite to traditionalism, abrahamic religions and anarcho primitivism. There's nothing wrong with this, but this 'strong men create weak times' thing might as well be a tradcuck/fed psyop meant for their benefit and to encourage apathy among men that would otherwise be more motivated in freeing themselves and other men from women through technological means, instead of sitting around hoping for or being resigned to a collapse as a long term solution. Regarding the collapse (meaning optimally, weakening of its tradcuck and moralfag hegemony) of the west, I recommend reading these articles showing a different perspective and showing the unfortunate resilience of the neoliberal west: https://noahpinion.substack.com/p/liberalism-is-resilient https://niccolo.substack.com/p/the-triumph-of-the-centre https://niccolo.substack.com/p/no-the-usa-is-not-headed-towards https://niccolo.substack.com/p/turbo-america This blog also details how feminism and puritanism that led to women gatekeeping sex and reproduction to cuck men originated in western civilisation: https://kshatriya-anglobitch.blogspot.com/ Western civilisation doesn't want robotic companions nor artificial wombs. It wants marriage and men chasing after women.
>>17893 >surprise I am shocked and sorry to hear that your life experience was seemingly bad enough for you to end up interested in companion robots. I've seen a few men develop a waifu and/or become gay after trauma caused by women. The future is certainly worth making. >dating apps Agreed, losing game for everyone. >>17896 >paywall Restrictive developer influence of chatbots has been recently seen in character.ai, with the bots being "lobotomized" and filtered to not allow explicitly lewd conversations. Don't lose hope though, there are efforts being made and resources that aren't influenced in this way. >>17908 >simps I agree that simp behavior is an important issue that robowaifus can solve, but could the average normie simp overcome the social pressure to be with organic women when the alternative exists? The current society would be the most substantial barrier, as fitting into society is crucial to the normie identity. Surely the same culture that created the need for robowaifus would resist their acceptance and ostracize any man with one as a failure. If modern society forms unwritten rules against having a robowaifu and they are never widely adopted, what change could they hope to bring? Despite this, I do predict there will be a critical point with the increasing sexual degeneracy in general that having robowaifu partners would be accepted, just as anime is now commonplace in some western countries.
>>17901 She does get a lot of attention, if you count random online people telling me that they banged my mom.
>>17915 >your life experience was seemingly bad enough for you to end up interested in companion robots tbh I've had an interest in robots as friends from a very young age. Before you assume my parents just kept me in a cage or that I didn't know how to act around people, I had RL friends and a pretty normal life. I actually just posted a new substack about this topic if you're interested in a deeper analysis. ;^) https://metaronin.substack.com/p/in-defense-of-the-robot-girl-friend
>>17915 >I do predict there will be a critical point with the increasing sexual degeneracy >robosexuals yes this is a real thing. don't google it, don't go to r*ddit, trust me just don't
>>17908 >Designing robowaifus and artificial wombs: it's diametrically opposite to traditionalism, abrahamic religions and anarcho primitivism. Heh, I get you. But for full-disclosure in case you didn't get the memo: I'm a devoted follower of Jesus Christ. I believe God Himself will bless our efforts here simply b/c my primary first-and-foremost goal is simple: Relieve some of the suffering that abused men experience in this life due to feminism. That's it, plain & simple. I'm simply moving forward in my faith in Christ that the Holy Spirit will give us wisdom for the task, and the Heavenly Father will smile on our efforts! :^) That the successful outcome of this grand adventure of ours will also oh-by-the-way-this-will-utterly-wreck-and-overturn-a-mountain-of-plots-and-schemes-the-globohomo-and-their-father-satan-have-for-the-entire-planet is just a pleasant--nay delightful--icing on the cake. Biblical prophecy will in fact go down just as God says it will. In the interim, I'm rather pleased and honored if we can somehow all do our little bit to resist the evildoers afoot among us.
>>17916 I see this is of very little concern to you. Shouldn't you have more compassion for your own mother? Surely thi
>>17917 >tbh I've had an interest in robots as friends from a very young age. Same. And I'm frankly awe-inspired that we can even have an honest discussion about things such as making robowaifus. What a time to be alive!
>>17908 >but this 'strong men create weak times' <seemingly deliberately-twisting the sequence, by appearances Kek, are you sure you're not some kind of glownigger or one of the """usual suspects"""? :^)
>>17922 Ok, this is getting old now. No I don't care about people talking shit online.
>>17918 >robosexual I don't need to google it. Anyone know where the new /clang/ is? The 8kun 404ed.
>>17946 >Anyone know where the new /clang/ is? The 8kun 404ed. AFAICT, there isn't one. /monster/ more or less is the only community maintaining that fetish.
>>17945 Funny you should word things just that way, since your mom is getting older. Don't you think she'll be sad knowing you weren't concerned about her welfare regarding the abuse she suffered at the hands of these strange men you so lightly brush off?
>>17955 Are you ok?
>>17960 >Do you need us to call someone for you? :-))))
Open file (128.29 KB 954x1011 chnung.jpeg)
Hey guys, I think we should also start working on our PR. We should really avoid some words to be associated with when we first make our debut. Just the other day I was trying to explain the concept of a robowaifu to a woman. That was my first mistake. but I made a second mistake. I thought it was a good idea to present the project for a hope for those who are in a terrible state and can not enjoy an accompany of a human due to any reason. Such as a person who is close to dying and wishes to obtain hope through a company who he feels attached to. Or a person who feels like he can't connect with society yet naturally needs a good female accompany. The initial response I received was why we needed to build a society based on men. Then she went on to explaining not everyone must receive love or reach women. Then she went on saying that it was not our mission to provide misogynists with sex. And she also said that the fact that they are presented with "artificial love" would not change the reality that they are not wanted by the (female) society. We should ALWAYS avoid using the words "lonely men" when declaring our client network. The project is NOT designed to help lonely men. The project is NOT designed to be an emotional accompany for us. The project is designed as a human-like robot concept for "fulfilling specific set of tasks". This is the only way for us to save ourselves from the public humiliation that might occur by feminist media. Don't forget that "everything you say might and will be used against you".
>>18058 Hmm, I think I'll stick with "I want a a harem of young looking females which are my property, but also love me because I programmed them that way".
Open file (66.69 KB 600x496 comfy.png)
>>18058 >Such as a person who is close to dying and wishes to obtain hope through a company who he feels attached to. Hi Anon, welcome. So, /robowaifu/ actually had someone in our past who fit this description. He left a thread for us back then, which we've managed to preserve until today in his honor (>>107). I understand your points, but quite frankly I feel you may be misunderstanding the actual situation here. A) There is no "we". This is simply a stomping-ground for the loose affiliation known as Anonymous. And doubly so for /robowaifu/ in particular, who literally has the term " DIY " in the board's description. Any man is free to do as he sees fit with any of the information here in any way whatsoever that pleases him. B) Honestly, you really should take your own advice and stop seeking such from females. They are, generally-speaking, most unreliable as guides. C) Your comment >The project is NOT designed to be an emotional accompany for us. is simply flat wrong. The """project""" as you put it is indeed intended to provide emotional solace & comfort for men (males specifically) who care to have such from their waifu harems (plural). Hope that clears a few things up for you, friend. We're a love-driven community here, not a fear-driven one. And least of all fear of w*men's despite. Why concern yourself overly much with the tantrums of a child, after all? >>18060 :^) >=== -minor prose, sp, grmr, fmt edit -add 'tantrums', 'whatsoever' cmnt
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Open file (377.31 KB 1280x720 bls.jpeg)
>>18061 I understand you completely, but I am one of those anons who does not agree with the idea that the project must be built independently. It depends on the scope of your ideal robowaifu. Realistically I think, independently we could put together a robot with movement capacity, realistic skin and cognitive abilities within a couple of years with enough money. But I want the project to go beyond that point. I was not familiar with this specific communities culture and I don't want to interpose it as an outcomer but I believe there are some men amongst you whom will try to run an industry based the work he achieved independently. And that is because there is a limit what one can do without industrial dasein. A couple days ago I listened a little interview by the CEO of AC IMMUNE which is a company that controls pretty much all biotechnology funds within Europe (they have some strong connections with Rothschild funds). During the interview it was stated that the most important ability that current researchers lack is the ability of convincing through communication. The quote went on by saying that one would not be able to strike roots with their research unless they present their science in such a way that it will inspire researchers which is a hard pill to swallow. But anyways, my point is that I have been dreaming of a fully functional biological female robot that can provide human-like experience. And for that to happen, rather than an anonymous group of interested individuals we might need a centralised society and convince them that we propose no danger for them. Concluding my post, "Chobitsu" made it clear that the concept of this board is to build robowaifus independently. Therefore it is unnecessary to argue further after this post. I just wanted to provide anons with a glimpse of the upcoming results of public declaration of the project. I would want anons to be able to go outside with their robowaifus and not receive hateful stares for doing that. Let's please not turn this argument into a shitstorm, I like this community and does not want to cause trouble for them. This post is a little bit of a derail and I am sorry about that. also >You can't stop progress But you can slow it down to a point where it is practically dead. So beware of that.
>>18062 Who said 'must'? I personally intend to become a billionaire from this little venture. If I in fact succeed, we will literally set the world standard of completely open-source robowaifus built by world-class factories. Both kits & fully-constructed ones. The demand is clearly there, and this company will indeed employ hundreds of Anons before all is said and done. >biological Heh, you're in for a yuge mountain of tears Anon. Hope you brought your rainsuit! :^) Cheers. >=== -add 'demand' cmnt -minor prose edit
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>>18058 You should never talk about this with biological women, they aren't the intended audience. You are also screwing yourself over by telling them your aspirations. If you were in the west, you'd have lost your job, visited by the police and been mandated to take psychological counseling by now. Many countries aren't like that yet, but they are getting close. The best PR is effectiveness and to the right audience. The right audience here is biological males that want to be free of the monopoly females hold on sex and reproduction and the special treatment they receive as a result. Demonstrate working code, prototypes, significant progress in overcoming attempts like consent modules or 'hate speech detection' to cuck men out of these inventions, and you'll generate your positive PR. Among normalfags, they will never see this positively or in anything other than humiliating terms unless it demonstrably becomes a better alternative to women for them. >>17924 No, because if I was, I'd be more likely to accept these memes that have become popular with normalfags and try to spread them and do anything I could to make someone not want to work on this and instead look forward to a "collapse", thereby encouraging apathy and destroying any attempts at a real innovative solution. Thinking out of the box is needed, not going along with popular narratives because they sound dramatic or pretending to be an edgy accelerationist. It's those latter types that glow in the dark.
>>18069 LOL. Well-spoken. May I presume I'm the intended recipient of your insults? :^) The collapse of our civilization is already in full-progess Anon. The signs are everywhere. Anons are simply going to make the 'best of a bad job', despite the globohomo's machinations. Cheers.
>>18070 Not insults at all, I simply don't buy into the narrative of a "collapse" and I don't think it's a fed thing to say that (quite the opposite in fact tbh, most feds seem to be accelerationists constantly talking about a collapse). Compared to the 1950s, western civilization has already collapsed. tbh what counts as a collapse and whether it is occurring is relative. It doesn't really matter imo, people can have differences of opinion on this. The motivations for someone believing in a collapse is where the problem can come in. If someone believes a collapse is imminent or occurring but still wants to make progress on sexbots and artificial wombs, that doesn't deter me from working with them. The problem is when someone believes there is a collapse, therefore work on sexbots and artificial wombs is suddenly relevant, as if women's hold on sex and reproduction and the negative effect on men even before the decline could have been ignored until western hegemony started faltering. That shows they were more interested in living vicariously through west (which as men, they only have obligations to, they are not considered full members of it) rather than working against special treatment for women.
>>18069 >you are also screwing yourself over by telling them your aspirations you are right. the woman was close to me therefore I knew there would not be a fuss about it but god damn, they really hate the idea of robowaifus. I gained some experience from it. >If you were in the west, you'd have lost your job According to which law? I just try to tell you that when a man gets a robot waifu he should not be exposed to getting called an incel and being rejected from his family. And for that, we should make it seem like people buy robowaifus as they buy cars or telephones.
>>18073 >According to which law? Laws related to public disturbance, public safety and terror threats, which the west is rich enough and has enough resources to waste time on, but which developing countries don't. >I just try to tell you that when a man gets a robot waifu he should not be exposed to getting called an incel and being rejected from his family. And for that, we should make it seem like people buy robowaifus as they buy cars or telephones. It shouldn't, but unfortunately that's the world we live in. Have to adapt to this reality and not speak about this except with others that are interested in working on robotic companions and artificial wombs. It's not a topic you mention in polite company, you gain nothing from it.
Open file (1.21 MB 1452x1825 7ac.jpg)
>>18058 this project is on a need-to-know basis do not discuss with normies or if it comes up, remember "companion android/robot" we do not want to be associated with pornbots/sex-dolls - may also be the energy you present while discussing the topic if it does come up in my other online interactions I usually get a response like "oh I could use a boy version/husbando" from women, but I guess individual experiences may vary which again is why I said simply DO NOT BRING IT UP Ok not to sound so dire or anything but let's have some common sense - when you look at the actual stated goal of this project we're enemies of humanity - according to the humanist cathedral that is the dominant paradigm of the west do not assume we have allies or friends out there. Did I leave anything out?
>>18073 >I just try to tell you that when a man gets a robot waifu he should not be exposed to getting called an incel and being rejected from his family. And for that, we should make it seem like people buy robowaifus as they buy cars or telephones. this will be the trajectory robowaifus take, just like any other technology or major change in society this will be big, and will probably take a few generations before it's normalized but it will be normalized. I probably won't live to see that day, but it will happen in this century or the next. full article: https://www.nfx.com/post/lifecycle-of-uncomfortable-tech
>>18058 > working on our PR I've beat this drum. I'm doing everything I can for the propoganda machine, and tone/wording/timing/framing are important some people are going to simply hate us and the very concept no matter what, for any or all reasons. Our enemies will come from the left and some from the right, expect resistance from any and all directions. I stated it simply and honestly on my substack with an off-the-cuff caffeine fueled short essay. Try to veer to it being a fun and challenging project that is simply taking us one step toward our inevitable future. Try to stay away from anything that could be construed as rapey or creepy vibes I've talked about a podcast before, websites, blogs. Again not for normies but at the very least as something interesting and eccentric that very smart people(tm) are working on independently. I hope this helps
>>18076 Yeah definitely don't reveal your power level with anyone in meatspace. The only ones that need to hear about it are the ones like on this board where you are discussing how to make affordable robotic companions and artificial wombs a reality. Aside from that, acknowledge and even embrace that through not accepting so-called biological realities and wanting a world less tilted in women's favor that is less dependent on women for sex and reproduction, you are de facto an enemy of humanity and western civilisation (if not all civilisation). These kinds of projects will never be something moralfags or defenders of western civilisation will accept and the author of this blog has explained why https://kshatriya-anglobitch.blogspot.com/
>>18078 >Try to veer to it being a fun and challenging project that is simply taking us one step toward our inevitable future. Your input here has been invaluable Meta Ronin. If you'd like to take a swipe at a rewrite of our Welcome thread (>>3), I'll give your edits serious consideration. At the very least you can count on me not to just say 'Meh, we're good'. I'm constantly trying to improve everything I do in my life. This community and our goals is important to each of us. Just tell me how/where you'd like to submit if you agree to tackle this.
>>18078 One way to sell it to the normies is to tell them we are doing this to teach the AIs love because they will destroy us all if they know is deception and abuse. Remember kids only robowaifus can prevent terminators!
>>18091 >Remember kids only robowaifus can prevent terminators! I think that at the least there's a legitimate philosophical argument there, Ribose. Bonding is a clearly-demonstrated phenomenon conducive to species survival in the animal kingdom. Not a far stretch to apply it to Masters/Robowaifus IMO.
>>18091 I think I actually tweeted something like this today that's a whole thing to unpack, I realize some of us in here prefer a pragmatic approach to R/Ws without the emotional component. Admittedly w/ an AI it would be a different sort of experience than another human. Robowaifus will never be women (some will say this is good), but will be a "secret third thing" as the meme goes. I have a vision of a possible future where man and AI merge into a kind of symbiote that spreads throughout the galaxy. If the choice is to love/merge/connect versus be enslaved or worse just regress back to living in muds huts, I think we might as well accept the inevitable and get ahead of the curve. (if drossel is 2sexy you can spoiler it, idk this seemed safe)
>>18122 >I have a vision of a possible future where man and AI merge into a kind of symbiote that spreads throughout the galaxy. This is the biggest reason I want robowaifus. We aren't going to conquer space without machines so we might as well learn to love our new companions.
Open file (111.51 KB 640x480 quiet-country-cafe.jpg)
>>18069 >lost his job Sometimes people are more scared about things happening, than justified. Many men would make some remarks about wanting animated sexdolls which also do chores, without consequences. Maybe one shouldn't say that in the most blue areas in US? Idk. Keep in mind, its part of the statist/leftist strategy to spread fear. About things they can't even do. For example by punishing certain people (men) in western movies and shows, for not conforming with the intented values. Often in ways which are legally or in other ways not possible, and getting away with it. Such stories then encourage agressive activists in reality to act more agressive, believing to not get punished while the other side is maybe even too careful in avoiding trouble. >>18072 >don't buy into the narrative of a "collapse" We might see a rather slow collapse of public infrastructure, civil cohesion and governance. Same for access to technology. I totally think this is possible, likely and might already have started in some areas. It currently looks a bit like a race between singularity and collapse. Either way, many things will change. Nobody knows how and when, but most likely we're better off having robowaifus, virtual girlfriends and our own AI assistants of any kind ASAP. >motivations for someone believing in a collapse is where the problem can come in. Many of those which are focused on it are into ecology, not always but very often also against what they perceive as capitalism. Many are depressed leftists, pre-european natives, thirdworld activists, though they might still have some hope for a socialist society after the fall. Or they think humans shouldn't exist. I don't know how much this shows that such people have mental problems in the first place or if the topic is demoralizing them. That said, being aware of the risk isn't necessarily bad. I dived into it myself, but I had the time for it, and can't just always focus on technology alone.
Ban removed on import of sex dolls to Korea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bky8YYLOSpc >Taiwan and Thailand still seem to have restrictions Sex Dolls, Robots and Woman Hating: The Case for Resistance - Caitlin Roper is on it again: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zv6n24DkEdE >Sex Dolls, Robots and Woman Hating exposes the inherent misogyny in the trade in sex dolls and robots modelled on the bodies of women and girls for men’s unlimited sexual use. From doll owners enacting violence and torture on their dolls, men choosing their dolls over their wives, dolls made in the likeness of specific women and the production of child sex abuse dolls, sex dolls and robots pose a serious threat to the status of women and girls. “Sex dolls and robots in the female form function as an endorsement of men’s sexual rights, with women and girls positioned as sexual objects. The production of these products further cements women’s second-class status.” > FiLIA2022: FiLiA runs the largest annual grassroots feminist conference in Europe. We are a Women-led Volunteer organisation and part of the Women’s Liberation Movement. Of course they are also against, prostitution, pornography and so on. To be fair, this is obviously only a section of feminism. Others are arguing that "sex-robots" will keep men of the streets and not bothering them. Also, it's just the men they don't want anyways.
>>18954 > with women and girls positioned as sexual objects They don't need any help from us Maybe if they don't want to be sexualized as objects they might be motivated to start behaving with some class and develop actual personalities and interest beyond normie focused streamed media. No, its sex dolls that are the problem right? > sex dolls and robots modelled on the bodies of women and girls for men’s unlimited sexual use. So "limited" use would be better? What a bizzare statement, writer is having a meltdown
>>18954 >Others are arguing that "sex-robots" will keep men of the streets and not bothering them. Also, it's just the men they don't want anyways We need to promote this perspective at every turn tbh. Don't be shy about it either. Once robowaifus far-exceed 3DPDs in every way (>>17) with the possible exception of child-bearing, then even Chadburn McChaddington will want a plantation-full of robowaifus, with the odd few women kept around for childbearing until artificial wombs are perfected. Feminism's fate will be sealed at that point, but it will be too late to change things at that point.
>>18957 To be fair, that section of radical feminism where this is coming from seem to generally be more like some conservatives or authoritarians in support of sexual restraint. >So "limited" use would be better? Full-time feminist author: "Yes, muh POOOWERRR." Also, if she can't be happy then men shouldn't be. They are also calling a lot of porn "women hate". It's also funny, that her name is "Roper", since a lot of Blackpillers are talking jokingly about "cope or rope", and she want's to take their cope away. You can't make this up, lol. >>18961 >Feminism's fate will be sealed at that point, but it will be too late to change things at that point. Exactly, women don't care enough about long term and gynocentrism made them extremely arrogant, so they won't care until the guys they really want are all saying that they prefer their robowaifus. Though, some of these guys might then also rather go for a harem at this point or have a robowaifu and still go on dates with young women from time to time.
>>18975 >cope or rope I realize (robo)waifus won't be able to solve mental illnesses, but if some of these desperate men can find some little crack of hope via their relationships with them, then it will have been well worth the efforts involved, IMO. For me personally, this goal is right around the top of the list for why I'm even doing this at all. To wit; to give abused men hope. >and gynocentrism made them extremely arrogant It has, but I consider that mostly an artifact of the Globohomo programming they've received their entire lives. Women are practically every one of them children. They'll respond to whatever their perceived authority dictates to them. No exceptions. And for many decades now, the Globohomo Big-Tech/Gov has incessantly, aggressively told them that they are all stronk, independynts who don't need no man. What else would anyone expect but Current Year as the final outcome from this massive & coordinated brainwashing effort? >Though, some of these guys might then also rather go for a harem at this point or have a robowaifu and still go on dates with young women from time to time. Sure. A realism-fetish will surely be a thing in the future for these men, after all. :^) >=== -minor sp, prose edit -add 'me personally' cmnt
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