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It was enjoying each other's company as they worked side by side, brought together by a love that transcended the boundaries of their creator and creation.

Prototypes and failures Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 11:51:30 No.418
Post your prototypes and failures.

I'll start with a failed mechanism, may we build upon each others ideas.
I forgot to announce that my older files are on the Mega account I mentioned here: >>12661 I only update this from time to time though, also I will probably recreate most of my more bionic files in OpenSCAD or something similar. Link again: https://mega.nz/folder/nv42EbzT#1MUblavva2UG6DukgD0moA
Open file (468.46 KB 1046x2060 WorkInProgress.jpg)
Been exploring low cost and low mass methods for rapid waifu fabrication. This headless thing is slightly over a meter (a yard) in height.
>>18216 You are on the right track at this stage of developments. Just as I encouraged OSRM (>>11446) Anon, please look for every opportunity to use triangles in your design. They (alone) have the unique geometric characteristic that forms space-frames. Keep moving forward! :^)
>>18169 I'm still on it. Had some problems with my fillament being moist and this generally made me stall the development a bit. I'm really running into hurdles at every step. Though, I printed a bigger and more advanced model. I'm still close to have at least a simple model for the upper body with the required sideway tilting functionality. I'm also thinking about how to model a holder for the motors, which includes some standard metal parts from a shop, so I won't rely on plastic which would get soft at 60C. I wanted to use the screws on the bottom, but I can't connect them if there's a gap holding the metal plates, so I need to use the front holes or get a bit longer screws to reach the inserted nuts. The motor holder (tower) will be on the middle plate which is the gap in my small model in picrel. One servo to rotate, one for back/forth movement, one for sideway tilting. Stacked uppon each other. >>18176 So, after watching it: This is actually good news. Their software and approach might be useful to mass produce certain dolls and robowaifu variants. It's seem even to be available as a service to order parts.
>>18299 Nice! That's starting to look like it's getting to the ~145cm size-range, Anon?
>>18299 > I wanted to use the screws on the bottom, but I can't connect them if there's a gap holding the metal plates, so I need to use the front holes or get a bit longer screws to reach the inserted nuts. No idea what you're talking about here but, your second pic is a stepper motor (NEMA17?), right? You should be able to find all sorts of mounting brackets for them. If those don't meet your needs, you're better off cutting and drilling your own aluminum sheet versus trying to cobble together heavy and unworkable steel brackets from the hardware store. Aluminum is surprising easy to work with, even with just hand tools. Easy to fine-tune fit and such too, using files, etc. >The motor holder (tower) will be on the middle plate which is the gap in my small model in picrel. One servo to rotate, one for back/forth movement, one for sideway tilting. Stacked uppon each other. Not seeing it. Do you have a sketch or a CAD mock-up or anything to illustrate?
>>18303 >~145cm It doesn't need to, since this one won't be sex-enabled, while also having boobs like an adult. I guess even smaller versions would be possible, but I guess with smaller servos then. Anyways, the current plan is to make her with hips around 20cm. For a bigger variant, I'd need a bigger printer or make at least one more cut. Her body below the belt is going to be just a kind of dress-like enclosure which ends around the knees, which makes her shorter anyways. The design is mean to be on a chair or desktop. I can put a bra on her, as soon as she has nipples, if you're concerned. Gonna be fun buying such a small bra in a local store as an adult male (Chobits comes to mind...) >>18328 It's a NEMA 17, yes. I'm not going to make my own bracket or such out of aluminum, let alone for the reason everyone copying the design would need to do the same. I didn't see a bracket when buying it, and had the idea to print it in mind. But I just need to hold it somehow, not an enclosure. These stell brackets are for shelfs and cheeply available everywhere. I don't need to alter them at all. The brackets will hopefully hold the servo while they will rely on some printed parts. The metal parts are mostly about preventing the plastic from getting heated up. >Do you have a sketch or a CAD mock-up or anything to illustrate? I made one after you asked (picrel), and yeah I know it looks wild.
>>18329 >if you're concerned Lol no. You do as you see fit Anon, that's your affair. As you probably know we went over this before as a board community, and it will be good for everyone here once we can learn to properly manage the square-cube law, etc. >Gonna be fun buying such a small bra in a local store as an adult male (Chobits comes to mind...) Poor Hideki! That was a great episode. :^)
>>18329 My progress was once again much slower than anticipated. I discovered that my idea about the tilting of the upper body was very flawed, and I started to work on a solution for it. Also had some other stuff to do. I thought I just tilt the upper body in OpenSCAD in various directions, and substract the affected parts from the upper body. Kind of obvious that this can't work, since the body wouldn't have anything to sit on while being in neutral upright position. So I started to design and experiment with a optimized part for tilting the right way, but it turns out to be a bit difficult.
>>18400 If you could create some kind of animation of the tilting of the upper body you mention, and how the fail in neutral upright position happens it might help us to provide you some advice? Regardless, just keep moving forward Anon. That's what will count in the end! :^)
>>18401 Maybe I will create animations with OpenSCAD at some point, but it's not that easy and useful for that specific problem right now. Also, I just configured my PC to work properly with internet but still mainly posting from my tablet. I think I solved it. I was thinking in too complicated ways. Simply sliding sideways and a then tilting on the sides is good enough. It works with a extra sphere sticking out in the middle of the tilter, or using a propper pole going through the tilter, where there's a reverse U opening. The three variants on top of my drawing probably won't work or I don't like it, the two on the bottom will. The right one is easier and it's how the one in the picture works. Though, the whole complex mess of huge openings is completely unnecessary, but it helped me to test it. Back and forth tilting using the strings works like a charm, btw. Still, I don't think I'll make it working completely, with arms, head and shoulders, till new years eve. But I think I'll "finish" a working prototype with motors for moving the main joints in January. Probably still with me switching motors out for different functions, though. I only bought five Nema 17 and still have some drone motors for twisted string actuations, and some other small motors.
>>18430 Excellent, sounds like you got over a hurdle Anon. Good job! >The right one is easier and it's how the one in the picture works. For me your pictures are a little small for me to be able to zoom in and really get a detailed look at things. OTOH, that's a beautifully-elegant set of arches in the upper torso! How in the world did you manage to print that? :^) Looking good Anon, keep moving forward.
>>18432 The photo on my tablet isn't that great and there isn't much to see. It's just bottom right approach on the drawing. It just turned out to also not work very well, since of course it falls off when tilting back and forth. Only the tension from the plastic arches holding it, which isn't a good idea. The whole design has it's limits, due to be rather simple and using hard parts, which can't just move out of the way.
>>18433 Ahh, I see then. >The whole design has it's limits, due to be rather simple and using hard parts, which can't just move out of the way. Well, you obviously have enough smarts to figure this pivot/rocker thing out Anon. I'd suggest you just step back from it for a few hours or even a day or two. Go get a fresh perspective somewhere maybe. BTW, seeing you and the others all active here, for me, is like getting a Christmas present already! :^) Merry Christmas Anon.
Open file (956.80 KB 745x853 ClipboardImage.png)
>>18433 My brother in Christ, you're designing a motorized joystick waifu. This could be helpful for you. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4576634 I fully support your use of steppers, NEMA 17 for the win.
>>18440 Haha, that's not completely wrong. Especially since I want her to be compliant. Meaning, if someone pulls or pushes her upper body manually it will tilt and move without the servos and it will flip back after removing the force. I'll look into the joystick design.
Open file (15.73 KB 456x683 motor_tower-001.png)
>>18452 Still making progress. Picrel might be a bit better than >>18329, though it's unfinished. The cubes are the servos, obviously.
>>18477 Neat! I think Kiwi's advice is a good one. Keep moving forward.
>>18479 Yeah, I was watching the video. I was planning to use hall effect sensors anyways, I already have them. The mechanism itself is also interesting, but still a bit different from my approach and I won't just go for a complete redesign at this point. Maybe if my hip tilting mechanism doesn't work, I could switch to something like it. I still have servos in there, though, and they are far below the hip in my design. Also the joystick doesn't rotate around the hip and it doesn't slide sideways. I think, in a human-like creature some of the elements needs to move away from the sides of the hips if the body tilts sideways. Without soft parts, this is hard, but just tilting probably isn't the best way. Anyways, I'm still working on it, step by step, but there are always more challenges and details I didn't think of at first. So it will still take some time. I was also playing around with one of my face designs again, but it's still quite crude. It still works best when I sit down and listen to long podcasts with a not too attention demanding topic while working on it.
>>18489 >and I won't just go for a complete redesign at this point. That seems like sound advice IMO. Learn from others, but chart your own course Anon. If we all do this, then our creativity as a group will bloom! >but there are always more challenges and details I didn't think of at first In my experience, this is the way life goes pretty much always. Just take your time, but keep making little bit of new progress or new insights daily. Together, we're all going to make it!
>>18489 Currently working on the details of the motor tower. Need to separate the parts into pieces that can be printed and should clean up the code. More than 500 lines alone for that part of the SIMPLE body. Oouff. I'm not working too hard on it, though, and still listening to podcasts or videos while working on it. These little houses are for fairies, btw, or bugs maybe.
>>18548 I think you've packed the motors for 3-axis pretty tight now Anon. >500 lines It's the nature of what we signed up for here, you know. :^) Keep going!
>>18551 >I think you've packed the motors for 3-axis pretty tight now Yeah, we'll hopefully see if it works soon.
>>18552 My progress got stalled during the last weak, since I got other things to do, also needed a break. I started to do some testprints and had to fine-tune the model. I started working on other parts, to have a bit of change. I temporarily can't print and need to do some other things anyways. But I will go on as I can.
>>18626 >But I will go on as I can. That's the spirit, Anon. We're all enjoying your progress BTW.
>>18626 I'm conscripting you into the MaidCom project. We need another one that can do CAD work. I like what you're doing with your current project, though I believe it could be greatly simplified to meet your needs as a waifu joystick. Join me and I'll help your project.
>>18645 Thanks, last time somebody told me that I have to join military training I left the country until conscription got discarded, lol. Anyways, I have some things to do and otherwise I need to chill a bit. Also, I'm not done with my design. I just restarted doing some testprints. For the whole waist area I'm in the optimization phase right now. That means I'm close to the finish line, but the left over work might be a bit annoying. Of course our designs should be as compatible as possible to each other. I was thinking of importing your STL files into OpenSCAD soon, to check how hard it would be to swap out my chest design with yours. My work is to some extend more like a framework not a very specific design. If your idea was to look into the leg design, well I may do a bit work there, but I moved towards doing the upper part for good reasons: I might be to ambitious in regards to thighs and also for building something with an AI the upper body part is more important for now. I'm also stalling my new registration attempt in the forum again and again, but for joining your project I guess I should do this first.
>>18658 Welcome aboard Anon. Here's the final chest design for MaidCom: https://files.catbox.moe/0vltqa.stl. Glad we are both thinking of a framework. You'll notice her chest is rather spacious and designed for ease of adaptation. When you're ready, we'll get to work on a stationary MaidCom. You've opened my eyes to the value of a maiden that remains where her master places her. Though we can focus on her legs if that is your preference. Just know that we're years away from her walking. For now, rolling on skates is the best compromise.
>>18626 Still on it (picrel). We'll see if and where it fails, but I should be able to change it reasonably fast. Well, the code could be cleaner and be more adjustable, tbh. Still have to work on that. I also need to test the servos soon. Also integrating different chest variants, I guess. And finally printing the lower part in full size, and hope it's fine. >>18661 So what again would you like me to look into? Integrating your chest design with my current design? Yeah, it's a interesting chest, I have take a closer look on my PC.
>>18672 That seems to be shaping up into something pretty pro, Anon! Keep going forward.
>>18661 Started to play around with STL import. The merge looks interesting. But I hope you didn't think the tiddies would be where these openings are. It's too high, or I lack knowledge of the female anatomy. Anyways, thanks for motivating me to experiment around. Had to get off a game, I'm relaxed enough I hope.
>>18683 Unfortunately I couldn't really render this. It seems to not be a closed mesh. [Quote] In order to clean the STL file, you have the following options: - use http://wiki.netfabb.com/Semi-Automatic_Repair_Options to repair the holes but not the self-intersections. - use netfabb basic. This free software doesn't have the option to close holes nor can it fix the self-intersections. - use MeshLab, This free software can fix all the issues. Using MeshLab, you can do: - Render - Show non Manif Edges - Render - Show non Manif Vertices - if found, use Filters - Selection - Select non Manifold Edges or Select non Manifold Vertices - Apply - Close. Then click button 'Delete the current set of selected vertices...' or check http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDx0Tgy0UHo for an instruction video. The screen should show "0 non manifold edges", "0 non manifold vertices" Next, you can click the icon 'Fill Hole', select all the holes and click Fill and then Accept. You might have to redo this action a few times. - Use File - Export Mesh to save the STL. - If Meshlab can't fill the last hole then Blender might help: Start Blender `X, 1` to remove the default object File, Import, Stl `Tab` to edit the mesh `A` to de-select all vertices `Alt+Ctrl+Shift+M` to select all non-manifold vertices `MMB` to rotate, `Shift+MMB` to pan, `wheel` to zoom `C` for "circle" select, `Esc` to finish `Alt+M, 1` to merge or `Space` and search for "merge" as alternative Merging vertices is a useful way of filling holes where the vertices are so closely packed that the slight change in geometry is unimportant compared to the precision of a typical 3D printer Sauce: https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/OpenSCAD_User_Manual/STL_Import_and_Export#import_stl [/Quote]
Open file (166.97 KB 708x560 Manifold.png)
>>18683 The openings were not meant to match with her breasts. Your placement is generally correct. >>18684 It shows up as a closed manifold mesh in Blender, Cura, and my CAD programs. I don't use OpenSCAD though.
>>18689 Ah, okay. But is this the STL? Maybe it's only working as a Blender file. Idk. I should install Blender myself anyways. Also, it doesn't necessarily matter, I can still design parts that can be combined with it. I just can't render them together for printing, which means also no merging of parts in OpenSCAD.
>>18694 I imported the STL into Blender to make sure it was manifold, it was. All programs I use see the STL as being manifold and attempts to repair do nothing. You could try MeshMixer to combine the parts, I can combine it with almost anything else in there to create a new manifold mesh.
>>18700 Hmm, seems to be related to OpenSCAD then. I might look into it further at some point, but as I already wrote it's not that much of a deal anyways. I'm going to look motr into your MaidCom thread, reading about what you have planned. Maybe we should comment there if something relates to your design specifically. I hope you see with my merged design that you can't just add bulky motors on the outside of your chest. You would get masculine looking shoulders like Sophie had. I'm currently thinking about how to improve my own upper body design, the head tilting mechanism and how to do the shoulders and arms.
>>18700 Did you design this from the scratch in Blender, or rip the basic design off some game? It's the same old problem I had with SophieDev's files and some others where I cut something in a slicer and exported it. Basically; > - Render - Show non Manif Edges > - Render - Show non Manif Vertices > Remove... Then reconstructing it somehow... I did this so often and hated it since it lead to nothing, I won't get hugely into this again. This was the reason I gave up on importing STL into programs and trying to change it, until now. However, I just cut off a piece from a BJDoll design in OpenSCAD and still was able to export it (2nd picrel), though it shows errors in the preview. However exporting your design doesn't work. As I wrote before, it's not necessarily a problem, we just can't combine your design directly with something in OSCAD and export it as one file.
>>18739 Could someone else please test the file? The file was a .obj file made in MeshMixer, imported into DesignSpark Mechanical where I added the holes and made it an STL. It shows up as manifold for me but, I want it to work for others. Please other Anons, test this file. https://files.catbox.moe/0vltqa.stl . Also, I can export it as other filetypes such as .obj. What do you prefer OSCAD Anon? >=== -cleanup DL link
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/16/2023 (Mon) 03:05:27.
Open file (296.93 KB 1301x935 2023-01-15_19-11-41.png)
>>18747 >Please other Anons, test this file. Other than the issue that your scale is way off, looks fine in Blender 3.3.1 to me, Kiwi.
>>18748 How big is it? Should be 160 by 116 by 88 mm
>>18764 Could just be Blender's STL importer then. See those little squares down on the grid? Each one of them is 1 meter squared. So yeah, big as a house tbh. :^) >inb4 Kiwi's Robowaifu Giantess thingy >=== -add 'tbh' cmnt -add funpost spoiler
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/16/2023 (Mon) 07:01:46.
>>18747 >What do you prefer OSCAD Anon? I don't care, I have just started experimenting with imports into OpenSCAD. It supports: >> 3D formats >> STL (both ASCII and Binary) >> OFF >> AMF [Note: Requires version 2019.05] >> 3MF [Note: Requires version 2019.05] > https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/OpenSCAD_User_Manual/STL_Import_and_Export I think MeshLab is the reference program to check it. If it shows errors there, then something is suboptimal. However, that's quite common, I had this with many files before. It's maybe the exporter of a lot of 3D programs, idk. To use your design in OSCAD I can simply create a placeholder with circa the same size, so it should work. Btw, I did scale it at first but also tested it without scaling. >>18739 I was able to get rid of the error in the preview of the doll part by adding convexity=5. This whole exploration of the import function actually had a good side effect. I didn't know or forgot how OpenSCAD can create 3D objects from something like a matrix. I think I saw this before with someone creating a 3D map. But just looking at this yesterday I realized we could probably also use this for faces. >Currently only PNG images are supported. Alpha channel information of the image is ignored and the height for the pixel is determined by converting the color value to Grayscale using the linear luminance for the sRGB color space (Y = 0.2126R + 0.7152G + 0.0722B). The gray scale values are scaled to be in the range 0 to 100. https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/OpenSCAD_User_Manual/STL_Import_and_Export#Images
>>18683 I started to import different arms into OpenSCAD for comparison. So we can see what we can work with or alternatively what should be at least the reference. Rhetorical question: Which one is it gonna be? BJDoll or Dexarm from therobotstudio? I posted a comparison before, but deleted it, after realizing that it was unfair, since the BJDoll arm included the shoulder so the robot arm looked even stronger than it should. One basic problem remains anyways: We can't just scale it down while ignoring the parts that are supposed to be inside. So I guess, we'll (I) have to do it more or less from the scratch.
>>18780 I can create a cylinder with circa the same size of a upper arm in this case. Trimming it down at some point later of course, and use it as a reference for what would fit inside. In that case probably not that much is needed, depended on how much the lower arm is supposed to lift. The shown cylinder size works only for a hard-shelled design, of course. Personally I want to go for soft body waifus, but for my simple design such a hard shell is good enough for the now. The general idea here is, that I can use the same cylinder or a internal design based on that with any alternative arm shell, which might come with a different license or look different, whatever we want to have. But I'm not wasting my time with creating every outside shell part myself in OpenSCAD, especially not right now. For the same reason I'm also going to look around for an alternative upper body (chest). Some parts can be scaled and don't really need a lot of changing on the outside. Only the internals and connections might be done in OpenSCAD. I can also still design completely new parts at some point later.
>>18782 Premature size test with a Nema17 works, even with a 0.8 scaled down shoulder part (MaidCom chest).
>>18770 >But just looking at this yesterday I realized we could probably also use this for faces. That sounds really encouraging Anon. Good work. >>18783 That's coming together. My apologies if I missed it earlier, but is this a new face?
>>18783 Working with body parts is really more fun than figuring the details of some mechanism. I worked a bit on understanding the body size relations. I think it's a good idea in some cases to scale something down until it looks weird and then go back a bit above that border. Especially parts which are rather supposed to look cute and a bit fragile maybe. Her arm got way thinner than it started. As long as she doesn't look bulimic it's fine. For the thighs in a later iteration, I will still go with the grown up version of Alita size, though. I added therobotstudio dexarm as comparison into the second picrel. I really thought they would look good when I was watching his videos, but compared to something more human-like and petite it's over. He simply has a different use case. We have to go for the cute feminine looks first and then decide what we can do within those constraints.
>>18784 Thank you. Anyways, the parts are not from me, they're from that BJDoll I thought that I linked here: >>18710 (but didn't). From the last picrel there, here's the link: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2941323 Of course this comes with the downside that these parts might not come with the license you like to have ("created by Thingiverse user SorrowBJD, and is licensed under cc"). But aside from me being still undecided on this, I'm into working out how to have a framework where we can switch out parts anyways. My whole idea about using a cylinder to define the workspace here >>18782 was meant that way.
>>18790 OP if you're here, or if some Anon would care to bake, we need a new thread! :^)

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