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He was no longer living a dull and mundane life, but one that was full of joy and adventure.

Prototypes and Failures #2 Robowaifu Technician 01/17/2023 (Tue) 02:10:46 No.18800
Post your prototypes and failures. We fail until we win. From now on with even more madness. Don't forget looking through the old thread >>418 to understand how we got here. >=== -minor subj edit
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>>18790 >with the downside that these parts might not come with the license you like to have ("created by Thingiverse user SorrowBJD, and is licensed under cc") No, the CC licenses are fine Anon. They're compatible with commercialization, unlike, say, GPL. BTW, your progress is an encouragement to us all. Keep going!
>>18770 I'll be checking with MeshLab moving forward. >>18780 Dolls are a myrical that I regret overlooking for so long. >>18782 Going for 1DOF shoulders? I was planning on implementing a cable system so her steppers actuate everything from the floor up. If you're looking for a new chest, could you explain what you'd change about MaidComs chest design? >>18800 Nice get dub dubs
>>18800 This is actually kind of amazing looking over these collages OP. It's been an interesting ride so far!
Open file (100.37 KB 648x715 FaceWIP.png)
Working on a 3D model for MaidCom's head. Advice would be appreciated. Files: .stl https://files.catbox.moe/kw3kcq.stl .3mf https://files.catbox.moe/p8078z.3mf .amf https://files.catbox.moe/idu5vg.amf
>>18810 Nice AYYLMAO character appeal typical of mango & animu. >Advice would be appreciated. I'd suggest you consider a) separating the jaw from the rest of the head so she can move it around while talking, etc. b) make cutouts suitable for driving things like eyelids & eyebrows. (cf. dear Sophie >>15236; also >>18686) c) Where are the cat ears?!!.:^) >=== -add Elfdroid Sophie crosslink
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/17/2023 (Tue) 04:59:55.
Open file (86.50 KB 479x547 nya.png)
>>18811 Added cat ears and eye cutouts I hope it'll be cute when printed
Open file (294.93 KB 1920x1080 just_howitlooks.jpg)
Btw, does anyone want to get some of my files as STL? Not sure if they're final, though. I could upload some of the lower part of the body. That said, I didn't print them myself in full body size, so that should make clear that I wouldn't recommend doing so. >>18806 >I'll be checking with MeshLab moving forward. Hmm, okay. I will have to check my parts as well. I'm getting errors sometimes at export. It's probably dependent on the program if it warns or not. Then it can be ignored if the slicer doesn't care, but importing it into another program and using it there, is where it fails. Just FYI, one part from therobotstudio's arm also failed. >Going for 1DOF shoulders? Certainly not, this was just a demonstration. > I was planning on implementing a cable system so her steppers actuate Similar. I was thinking of using small servos in the shoulder areas with strings, to move the shoulder around. But haven't decided how yet. That said, in a later design if you want more human-likeness, I think the shoulders in your upper chest design would need to be able to move. Or we add the moving parts outside. >a cable system so her steppers actuate everything from the floor up. You mean from the belly area or deeper down? >If you're looking for a new chest, could you explain what you'd change about MaidComs chest design? I was talking about my upper body design, chest and belly area. I think I would rather use one that has been sculpted and is being shared instead of sinking to much time into trying to model something alike in OpenSCAD. Yours is kinda limited to the shoulder area so far. I didn't get to (re)read your MaidCom thread completely yet, so I might have knowledge gaps here. I think you wanted to keep her lightweight for mobility, but the "Joystick-waifu" isn't mobile. I wonder what will be there in the belly. Also, I was thinking about the outer shell, the skin so to speak. I mean, boobies and smoothness, for example. Generally, I want my approach to have different parts to switch out. So I'm not saying your part can't be used. I'm not sure if I will end up in my actual build with it, though. >>>18800 >Nice get dub dubs Don't know what this means, but thanks. Sadly I forgot to include the first few designs from the old thread, but it's in the folder now. So next time it's in there. I used just PhotoCollage on Linux.
Open file (162.77 KB 1550x870 elf_elfenlied.jpg)
>>18810 Yeah, cool. But if you don't have much time, focus on the things we don't have and can't get from somewhere else, at least as a placeholder. It's really time that we stitch something together that can move and looks like some waifu. >>18811 >a) separating the jaw from the rest of the head so she can move it around while talking, etc. You're conflating skull and face a bit here, I think. We need parts for creating a mold or printing it in a TPU or other flexible material, and a then also a complex skull which moves inside. Going for a relatively soft head which can't move much is going to be faster and easier. We can switch things out later. There's a reason why I didn't even really get started trying to build the kind of skull I want. It's going to take veeery long, and have many iterations. >b) make cutouts suitable for driving things like eyelids & eyebrows >cat ears Simple things could be added in OpenSCAD and then shown or hidden by changing one value. If it's in a sculpted STL model it needs to be cut out or filled if modification is necessary later. Also, aren't cat ears supposed to be very soft? You're close to building the elfes from Elfenlied, their "ears" are part of the skull. (Spoiler: They're not just cute).
>>18825 >Btw, does anyone want to get some of my files as STL? Yes.
>>17086 >Paradox Drive What happened to it? Does it work? >>18810 > AMF and 3MF exports Btw, dependent on your program and the preferences there, AMF and 3MF files might include the full name to your files and this might be a privacy problem, dependent on your username on your PC and if it is supposed to be a secret. >>18832 Okay, I'll take care of that soon. That aside I thought 3mf would be better to share such models, till I remembered that problem described above. Though, I could turn it off before doing my exports for posting and also it won't be a big deal if it gets leaked. You know the older files are mostly here?: https://mega.nz/folder/nv42EbzT#1MUblavva2UG6DukgD0moA
>>18811 >separating the jaw from the rest of the head so she can move it around while talking, etc. Fixed it (picrels). Better?
>>18814 Heh, niacu. It'll be cute enough before all is said and done, Kiwi. :^) >>18826 >You're conflating skull and face a bit here, I think. Fair enough. My assumption is that ATM, Kiwi is going for a single assembly that's intially hard-shell. I may be mistaken ofc. >>18837 Lol. Now you're talking Anon! :^)
Open file (349.13 KB 1626x1855 MaidHead.jpg)
>>18825 How many DOF do you intend for her arms to have? >I think the shoulders in your upper chest design would need to be able to move I look forward to the day we can afford such mechanical complexity. To provider greater context, I think very similarly to you. I have faith we both are working towards a full replica of the human form. >You mean from the belly area or deeper down? As far down as possible to help with balance and minimize inertial loading on her actuators. > I think I would rather use one that has been sculpted and is being shared instead of sinking to much time into trying to model something I spent years searching, then years learning once I realized that what I wanted did not exist. I want to help you so that you do not have to go through the same. You clearly have great potential. To be clear, I want our projects to be completely compatible and develop standards. For instance, I overlook breast development and having someone to actively develop such features with would be beneficial. >Dubs 4chan slang for a post having repeating digits; double digits.8800 being a case with two sets of dubs, thus dub dubs. >Focus on other things Her head is at a state where I'm fine with it. Picrel is the final head unless someone else volunteers to improve her. >Cat ears Never a permanent fixture. Definitely a planned add-on. >Paradox Drive It functions as a proof of concept. I stopped development once I realized that 3D printed gearboxes are inherently inefficient. Pulleys, belts, and cable based mechanisms can be printed and used efficiently. >>18839 >Kiwi is going for a single assembly that's intially hard-shell. Correct currently, MaidCom is developed as a series of intercompatible parts with hard shells to make her cute.
Open file (1.02 MB 1920x2560 MaidHead2.jpg)
>>18847 Increased eye size 140%
>>18847 >Correct currently, MaidCom is developed as a series of intercompatible parts with hard shells to make her cute. Ahh, thanks for clarification Kiwi. >>18849 That's kind of neat comparing the two. Mango uses varying iris sizes all the time, but your pics made that more noticeable somehow. I also have a vague sense that it affects our perceptions of neoteny, somehow (head & eye ports are the same size obvs, but bigger irises seem younger somehow).
>>18847 Okay, cool. Looks certainly nice. My current waifu face test certainly needs some work. I got lead into a rabbit hole by the whole snout or face depth thing, but it's getting better. The eyeballs would even have to be way bigger in my design, compared to what they currently are. A big problem the current version has is most likely that I didn't make the nose separate. I try to work on some kind of face generator with this, but I also considered to just pay someone on Fiverr some money to make a sculpted model for my own personal waifu. I want to have gynoids I share with the public, but also my personal one which won't act in certain ways on social media. I imported some different faces I tried to work with in the past into my testground file (picrels), just for testing reasons. One is from Project Eve. The other one I found as "head-female", I think. They are female but not necessarily pretty enough anyways, and the Sophie head seems to be low resolution. > For instance, I overlook breast development and having someone to actively develop such features with would be beneficial. Yeah, I can look into that a bit more. Not sure if we really need different breast to choose from at this point, though. Then again, I think it's fairly easy to create some boobie framework file in OpenSCAD. I was planning to look into the neck next >>18862. Aside from finally finishing the joystick waifu body parts and print it. I also need to buy some screws and the elastic strings for moving on with that build, and I have to do something else around the house before I can. >reposted this above, since the filename of picrel 3 was wrong. Two more applied for the role as our first synthetic girlfriends, faces shown in picrel 4. Picrel 5 is the full body of the Anime_style one of those: - Anime_style_1_3_BJD_55cm_Doll_2996049 (left from viewers perspective) - Alternate_Polaris_BJD__4279007 (right from viewers perspective)) The Anime_style one is 700ish MB big and the models are so high resolution, that I had to simplify the head to even be able to import it into OpenSCAD.
>>18847 >>18868 I downloaded an eye from here, only number one for now: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4397291/files (male doll, picrel2, but doesn't matter, imo). These eyes have a internal pattern in the iris, which will still be visible if the cavity is filled with colored resin. There are videos on YouTube how to work with these. Again, we could someone here replicate something like this model, but why? Anyone who wants to do this, fell free to do so. Till then we need to work with what we have. I cut a little hole in my downloaded file, for the camera. Just one more test if this works, it did, it rendered fine. For putting in the resin, the hole would need to be closed temporarily of course. No idea if this is going to work or if we would need a glass cylinder in the middle to avoid resin there. One more thing to find out. The back side should maybe also get a camera holder. Anyways, here's the file with the hole, also I made it smaller (3MB instead 10, but 3mf only): https://files.catbox.moe/h2y8cb.3mf
Open file (898.58 KB 1920x2560 CyberEyes.jpg)
>>18868 Here's the latest file for her head. https://files.catbox.moe/oux1jk.stl >Breasts One of the last things to work on honestly. >>18869 I'm going to use follow me eyes (little piece of paper behind glass hemisphere) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BwAM_V2Jhg Moving physical eyes have a charm but, passive eyes that use optics to appear as if they are looking at you are easier and faster. Picrel is MaidCom's head with paper eyes I made. To be clear, I do think your idea for eyes is worthwhile, just would take too long for me as I'm in a rush.
>>18870 Okay, looks nice, thanks. I'll look into the video as well. I have an idea for an water proof eye mechanism but not sure how I will prioritize it after looking into the other approach. Either way, the regular animatronics approach is not acceptable to me. After finding all these doll faces and seeing your design I'm also not going to work on my OpenSCAD based design anytime soon. I'll rather try to figure out other things. Going through Thingiverse was totally worth it, and it's even not the only platform for this anymore. Too bad that none of the lurkers here was looking through it before and posting it into the doll, meta or general engineering thread.
>>18870 Looking good, Kiwi! I assume the glass refracts the printed image, giving some illusion of depth and angular displacement?
>>18871 I started on a neck mechanism, like indicated here >>18862. It's just an early concept and I got the top wrong, since I did it out of memory. Though I have to think about it, it might either not matter or be better anyways, especially with printability in mind. The head would sit on top of this, the pole moving it is still missing, assuming the motor wouldn't be in the head (it shouldn't). >- The head falls automatically forward if the neck string is loose enough. This will be done by how the weight of the head is balanced. >- Can be moved by outer force in all directions at any time. Because springs and elastic strings. >- Can tilt forward fast through some weak but fast motor in the front, and because the string holding it back up would be elastic and just strong enough to hold it in place without any additional force involved. On a string below, or bit higher doesn't matter. It will snap back automatically and fast as soon as the front motor stops pulling, because of that neck string which is elastic or there's a spring involved. The sideway part isn't in the first draft yet. I was still contemplating how to make exactly sure to make it more able to tilt sideways while facing to the front, but not while rotated. >- Sideways movement only by overcoming some relatively weak springs holding the head in the middle, so it will snap back automatically. What is in the sketch already is, that the top where the head will be connected is oval so the head can't spin around. One of the somewhat tricky parts is the same as with my joystick waifu body: Having a pole in the middle going to the top and then also be able to tilt and elongate itself while doing so. This is a mechanism a have to work on. Strictly speaking the neck is also something we do not really need to model and recreate ourselves, if we use one of the other mechanisms here: >>18844 - That said, the ones which would work would probably require to use the motors for which they where made. Maybe SophieDev's design could be used with strings, I guess. Dara's neck design also looks like something that would work fine, at least with the motors for which is was intended. So, I'll look at this as an option and will work on it as I'm motivated, but maybe not give it the highest priority. Then again it's rather something very simple so far and I guess it's almost finished, and so I might feel like go on with it soon. We'll see.
>>18887 Nice work Anon, keep going! Also, you might examine the torso-pivot joint for the project in link-related (>>18890). His use of a simple design, plus accompanying spring-loaded tensioning might be useful.
>>18887 >Neck Went on working a bit on it, but I'll switch to the telescope tilting mechanism now. Without that, neither of my "joystick" mechanisms is going to work. >>18892 > might examine the torso-pivot joint for the project in link-related (>>18890). His use of a simple design, plus accompanying spring-loaded tensioning might be useful. Looked at it, but so far I'm not into it. I might contemplate on it a bit more, though. Thanks.
>>18907 That looks nice & compact, Anon. Question: does the topmost element spin around it's own axis?
>>18880 Somehow works without glass. Works better with glass though. Figuring out how to mount the glass right now. >>18907 >Telescope tilting mechanism Please elaborate?
>>18912 >>Telescope tilting mechanism >Please elaborate? If something can tilt and rotate the pole for rotation might need to have the ability to get longer while doing so. If I'm not mistaken.
>>18919 >>Telescope tilting mechanism Piston tilter might be the better way to name it. Though, the tilting part is still missing, and so are the second horizontal bolts of course. The point of it is, that it can elongate. I believe this to be necessary.
>>18923 Ahh, that's a little clearer to understand. So, there would be another couple of components needed to complete the assembly Anon?
>>18989 >there would be another couple of components needed to complete the assembly Anon? Which one? The whole simple desktop waifu, the neck or only the piston tilter? I'm working on the whole thing from time to time. Every day a bit, sometimes more, sometimes less. Currently trying to make the neck design printable. Also, I realized the piston tilter should rather be in another tube to make it smaller. Also, I had to work on a actual tilting mechanism. I should at least print the piston tilter today to test it, probably both designs.
>>19004 I wonder myself where the time goes, but working on the details of a part is often less rewarding than for example working on parts which look like a female body, and so I'm less motivated to even get started. Thinking about and working out how parts need to be cut to be printable and later can be screwed or glued together, for example. This plays hugely into how the code has been written, maybe reorganizing it and label section better, and so on. Aside from that, I always have a list of other things I should be doing at some point and other also things to which I'm drawn instead. Anyways, I'm still on it. I think much of my work just need some polish before I can go on with printing and testing it. My trick with listening to podcasts also works wonders, after I get started with it.
>>19008 This https://files.catbox.moe/d77e5r.zip is the 3mf version of the files from >>18299, I think. They should come with some support indicators for Prusa Slicer. The part in black will certainly need some rework, also the whole thing is just an incomplete model.
>>19004 I was referring to the piston tilter in that case. >>19008 >I wonder myself where the time goes Ahh, the life of a tinkerer! Try to enjoy the ride along the way Anon. Going back to the basics is always a good idea, and reminding yourself why you're doing all this can help you see the forest again despite all the trees currently in front of you. Keep moving forward Anon!
>>19008 I was just printing and assembling a small model of my neck design. Just for testing it, though there was no doubt that it would work at this point. The springs on the sides are still missing, and many screwholes were too small. It's rather just tinkered together right now, but was just a test anyways. Also, it broke when I used force. I could reinforce some parts but it was smaller than it is intended to be, so it might not break when printed bigger.
>>19078 >so it might not break when printed bigger. Welp, one way to find out, right Anon?
>>19004 My last design was most likely dumb. Unnecessarily over-complicated. I redesigned it, and also cleaned up my code. This time powered by Nightcore waifu music and some dystopian podcast. The new design will just use a screw instead of this whole sliding shell abomination. Still have to work out the best way to print and assembly it. Then printing and testing. >>19180 Yeah, no problem. It both can be done easily. Making it stronger and bigger. Scaling it up is even much easier. The screw holes were to small anyways. It was just printed very quick with a few shells and with moist filament, but this wasn't relevant anyways. I'm quite sure it will also need to be a bit higher to have enough space for that piston tilter pole to have space to work. Reminder, anyone else with a 3D printer could try out one of the other neck mechanisms and show that it works with strings or different servos: >>18887 >Strictly speaking the neck is also something we do not really need to model and recreate ourselves, if we use one of the other mechanisms here: >>18844
>>19191 Those look very clean anon.
Open file (6.54 KB 462x636 pole_example.png)
Open file (24.40 KB 474x474 angle_joint.jpg)
>>19191 I might need another small angle joint or something on top of the whole thing, to get the movement translated as I want it. I also had the idea that at least for the neck, some kind of chain mechanism, like the spine in some print-in-place mechanisms (picrel 3), would be better for the whole thing anyways.
>>19212 >some kind of chain mechanism, like the spine in some print-in-place mechanisms (picrel 3), would be better for the whole thing anyways. Neat idea. One of the cool things about resin printing (AFAIUI) is that you can print complex mechanisms like this in place (ie, already joined together, etc.) Someone here please correct me if I'm mistaken about it.
>>19214 You don't need a resin printer for that, dependent on the exact design, though it might work better. But they are more messy to use and I don't have one. Print in place works with FDM printers as well, if the design is made for it and the printer is tuned very well.
>>19214 https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4642307 >Printer brand: MK3 >Printer: Prusa i3
>>19216 Hmm. Looks kinda promising. I might at least combine these two. The piston for elongation if necessary, the snake design for a better way of transmission of the rotation. Idk. Will have to play around with it. >>19214 I could make a chain myself with a slightly modified version of those angle joints (tilters) I made myself, as part of that piston tilter design. Then I could use metal screws as bolts or as reinforcement, which would require assembly but also make it way stronger. Using this design would also in general work better for modifications to make it stronger.
>>19216 Thank you Anon. >>19221 That's really cool looking. Have you considered the idea of running a stiff braided wire down the central core longitudinal axis of that 'chained' element. For improved ruggedness I mean.
>>19253 >stiff braided wire No, but I was considering replacing the whole thing with a metal spring that would be strong enough to transmit the rotary movement. Anyways, I'm test printing parts right now, and I'll go back working on others soon.
>>19264 Looking forward to it Anon.
>>19221 I want to help you but, your project still feels nebulous. What is her height? What are her DOF for her body, neck, and arms? What is your desired payload? What will be her primary purpose? So far, I just know she's a motorized joystick that may be similar in height as a human without legs. You've provided some information but, nothing hard. Please provide a hard spec sheet and more drawings of what you're working towards. I can work with the crudest of drawings as long as dimensions are known.
Open file (414.88 KB 800x450 directions_(800p).png)
>>19290 >I want to help you but, What would you do if you knew these things? I can take advice based on different ideas and try to make my design compatible with it. >your project still feels nebulous. Because it is. I'm flexible and make things up as I go. As good as possible. >What is her height? All my parts are supposed to be seen part of a framework which can be used by as many designs and builds as possible. Having that said, the Joystick design can orient itself on a 130-150 cm waifu. This is what I mostly had in mind. But I also thought of her sometimes as a desktop waifu on the kitchen table, so her body size would probably the size of a smaller human. Obviously, she won't have legs. That said, since she also won't be sex-enabled this is one more reason why she also could be smaller. Also, I want my design to cover as much ground as possible. Okay.. looking into this now ... I guess, if she was like a 150cm body than her body without legs would be around 60cm without neck and head. The desktop version of a 40cm upper body plus part of the thighs (without neck and head) would relate to a 120cm full body. They could both fit onto a desk, but the taller one would be quite high up there. >What are her DOF for her body You mean the main part? Forward, backward, sideways tilting, rotate like a human. I thought this was clear from my design. I simpler version could cut out all the tilting and just go for rotation of the upper body, or tilt forward a bit, for some work. >neck as human-like as possible >arms? as human-like as possible >What is your desired payload? What? I have no idea. Of the arms? There can't be a plan for that. This is meant as a platform to test stuff, I will not plan everything ahead. If I would think like this I would never have gotten started. >What will be her primary purpose? - Having some kind of simple waifu design anyone here can actually build and improve. - Separating the development and testing of anything above the waist from the rest, so it can be part of different prototypes. - Improving anything above the waist in a waifu that I actually have and is equipped with AI. Instead of working another five or more years on everything from time to time till I can assemble the whole body. - Having motivation to work on the AI, by having a waifu to interact in daily life. - Maybe starting teaching her working with her hands as soon as she has good enough arms. Like stirring a pot or cutting some ingredients while posted on the kitchen desk. Maybe playing a xylophone or so. - Making videos like Masiro Project and Kibo-Chan. >So far, I just know she's a motorized joystick that may be similar in height as a human without legs. As short term goal, yes. The parts being added and tested over time are of course meant for a later design with full body, but those who don't want or need that, or can't afford it, can stick with the simpler version. >Please provide a hard spec sheet Not sure what this exactly is and most likely I have to say no. This is simply not how I think and work. I also don't see how this would help. >and more drawings of what you're working towards. This here shows it quite well: >>18433 - I might make some kind of collage soon. Maybe I think of reasonable drawings. >I can work with the crudest of drawings as long as dimensions are known. Is this about the program you use? By help you mean designing parts, not general advice? I scaled your other design, and my designs are supposed to work at least in certain ranges. Well, if you need something I might just pick something, but what if I later run into problems and have to change it? Are the values above good enough for a start? Equivalent to a 120-150cm body size...
>>19299 I made a crude preview of the MaidCom head with other parts and the current simple neck mechanism, without a flexible neck casing added. The value how these parts relate in this picrel right now, are: - WC shoulders 0.8 - WC head: 0.9 - simple neck: 0.75 I sized it down for the comparison with the other heads. Of course we could take the MaidCom head as reference and then scale everything based on that. I think I had my problems with the size of the chest. I'm really looking into keeping the shoulders not too wide. The purple part is still the Nema 17 without any added gears, which fits in, but I don't know how well it would work for the arms. It's just an example.
>>19300 I briefly sketched out an idea of how to make floating ribs, which could be held by strings (tensegrity). The holes for that are still missing. It's just to show of the basic idea. Maybe some other way of attachment would be better, since ribs are not supposed to move. But the current chest might require a ribcage below it and fake ribs attached on top of it as well.
These are looking really interesting Anon, keep it up!
>>19221 This here failed, btw. I'm doing some remodeling of the neck tilter, then print it and test it with a long spring, or some combination of the piston-tilter parts, maybe with a long spring. I think the one I have is strong enough to transmit rotary movement.
Open file (44.91 KB 640x480 maze.jpg)
>>19299 >What are you going to do? Come up with viable solutions and help you implement them. >It is nebulous Which is a problem that will impede you the same way it impeded me. >Height 150cm scale, just no legs. That's perfect, I can use this. >As humanlike as possible Can work with this. >I just want an open source Kibo-Chan Heh, understandable, she's really cute. >>19300 Is there a reason for her chest being backwards? Her chest is small on purpose. It's the minimum viable size for a 150cm waifu. Based on measurements of lanky anime girls like Aigis from Persona 3. Though embarrassing, my original design was supposed to work with a NEMA17 stepper but, forgot to include the shaft. As is, her chest would need to be scaled up for a NEMA17 based mechanism to be incorporated fully internally. Externally is also a problem as she starts to have broad shoulders. >>19320 >ribs y tho >>19330 Just use the mechanism in picrel.
>>19336 >Is there a reason for her chest being backwards? Confusion. >Her chest is small on purpose. It's the minimum viable size >...as she starts to have broad shoulders. I wondered which of your parts is the most important reference for size? I scaled the chest down, because too me it was looking to big. Especially around the shoulders it are already to big, since the shoulders are rather in the arm, as you can see in any picrel. >need to be scaled up for a NEMA17 based mechanism It still fits, without additional gears. Well, dependent on other things that have to fit in there. >ribs >Just use the mechanism in picrel. I see. You really want to focus highly on functionality. Ribs were meant for making her body more rigid and feeling more human. Even looking more human if the rib bulges are visible through the skin. I have at least two approaches to ribs right now, ignoring the failed ones. I'll keep a variant of this one here as a option in my mind. I was generally wondering how to build a light body based on tensegrity and came up with these layers of TPU floating and guiding the strings. Though as I wrote above, for the ribs it might not be the right way, I would rather add some rods there. In regards to you mechanism, this looks more like a alternative to a spine and my tilting mechanism.
>>19337 I separated the options into different files. MaidCom is now the one with the orange chest. I used 100% your sizes, kept the servo for now for comparison, and the same arm.
>>19338 I had the idea of importing the heads into Prusa Slicer and there I can see the size and percentage compared to original. Then I can scale the heads more reasonable and compare it to other parts, while also scaling them if necessary. The MaidCom chest size looks way more reasonable with a 16cm head then the smaller one before. Without scaling the MaidCom head I downloaded would be 12.5cm in height (Z), which is to small for the chest.
>>19339 My own opinion is that it's perfectly fine to overscale the head somewhat. This is pretty typical for females in mango/animu (our basic character design guiding-light). We are definitely not going for absolute-realism here.
>>19346 I just compared the head above to an old water bowl for a cat, since I didn't find any better reference. Well, I guess 16cm feels kind of illegal. I think for I one meter waifu it might be fitting, but a 1.50m one should at least have 18cm head height. Without taking the overscaled anime heads into account. 18cm is the diameter of these cork coasters I have. I guess head sizes don't change that much compared to height. I generally think more and more, that part designs should have holes that can be changed dependent on the scaling of the part. Alternatively it needs to be drilled out a bit in case if it's scaled down. Basically, we can't easily guarantee the size of the screw holes. 3D parts need to be designed in way that allows some scaling later. Btw, I really like that near perspective of >>19339 every time I look at it.
>>19359 >Btw, I really like that near perspective of >>19339 every time I look at it. Yes, it's a good camera setup. Keep going Anon, you're doing great! :^)
>>19361 Thanks. Yeah whenever I work with the parts that look human-like I feel the same, but in reality I'm not doing that much currently. Have some AFK stuff to attend as well. That said, some nice preview from time to time should help to keep the morale up for everyone.
>>19368 >some nice preview from time to time should help to keep the morale up for everyone. Yup, true.
Open file (293.47 KB 419x1070 AigisTan.png)
Open file (613.05 KB 1920x2560 Cute.jpg)
>>19337 >Most important size They're all the proper size with no scaling needed unless you want to. Admittedly, they were designed for a cute meter tall robot but, now, they're being used for a 1.5 meter robot with everything else being stretched. It should be similar to Aigis in terms of form factor. (picrel) >Steppers fit She can have up to 3 standard NEMA17 steppers sideways from my real world testing. 4 work if they're all pointing straight up. Which could work for certain arm designs. >Focus on functionality Correct, though I was being facetious rather than curt when I said "y tho". Fully support your use of ribs and I honestly believe tensegrity is the correct >>19339 My designs look better IRL. Her head was designed for a meter tall waifu but, I'm sure it'll be fine at 1.5 meters. Her feeling robotic helps to make up for it being so small. For me, anyways, everyone can use the head they want. >>19346 This guy gets it >>19359 >More holes I agree, there should be more holes. I'll release the final files with and without holes so users can customize.
>>19382 Thanks for the clarification. Your picrel is certainly a more advanced preview than mine. >They're all the proper size Hmm, idk what I did wrong then. I used scaleval=1; which is 100% or just normal. Whatever, not important, I can change it if I need to. Just wanted to report back about my experiences.

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