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Ricky Ma General Robowaifu Technician 09/12/2019 (Thu) 03:00:06 No.153
Can we talk about the man who DID IT? Seriously he did it, he achieved our dream and started a project to help all those who want their own robowaifu, then, why does not anyone support him in TWO FUCKING YEARS?
>post related
A better question is what has he done since he unveiled his creation in 2016? His crowd funding for a book and 3d files on assembling your own robot is still half way off selling enough preorders to be able to do a print run(will it print in 2019? 2020?), he knows better than to sell an easily pirated ebook in this day and age. His 'share lab' that was supposed to be a community of fellow robot builders that collaboratively improved his robot design is nothing but a vague promise he made years ago. Even if he released his book tomorrow for free and set up a basic wiki and web forum for his project it's too little too late.

Either this guy squandered all the mainstream media attention he received or he doesn't want the hassle involved with helping others and would rather work on his own. I'd put my money on the later as the majority of people on the internet nowadays are terrible.
Best for him to stay out of the spotlight.

The creators of Samantha had more up until media furor and physical attacks forced them to strip everything:

syntheaamatus.com/ (used to be much more than a barely functioning landing page, btw)
the irony is strong with this one.
Meaning? Everyone does their part by being here and contributing. Seeing that none of us got the opportunity he had, there isn't really a sense of irony.
What happened?

Last good capture for anyone curious:
The British business partner who featured in the talk show was doxxed and his house visited and called a pervert.
>>483 all right, fair enough. you have my apologies anon. Here's an English-translated video about him. From ~2017. I have no idea what the status of his crowd-funding project is but I wish him good fortune in his endeavors. He seems to have a somewhat similar sentiment to /robowaifu/ based on his comments in this video. https://invidio.us/watch?v=rGnddjcusp0
He's apparently still active. His robots get uglier but more functional by every iteration (he lives in Canada, which is completely unrelated): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikFOY3MKLqI
>>153 can anyone explain how he made the mask/face? i want one for a robowaifu im designing
>>21561 >can anyone explain how he made the mask/face? i want one for a robowaifu im designing Thread on faces >>9
>>21532 That's good news to hear NoidoDev, thanks! >tfw his robowaifu's in her 6th year Nice, didn't realize that tbh. >>21561 He wrote a full book on his project Anon. I imagine he probably explains the process in that.
He did it again, with Wonder Woman now: https://youtu.be/l-p26hSkOhc
>>24613 Neat! Godspeed Ricky Ma. :^) Thanks for the headsup, NoidoDev.

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