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Open file (156.87 KB 1920x1080 waifunetwork.png)
WaifuNetwork - /robowaifu/ GitHub Collaborators/Editors Needed SoaringMoon 05/22/2022 (Sun) 15:47:59 No.16378
This is a rather important project for the people involved here. I just had this amazing idea, which allows us to catalogue and make any of the information here searchable in a unique way. It functions very similarly to an image booru, but for markdown formatted text. It embeds links and the like. We can really make this thing our own, and put the entire board into a format that is indestructible. Anyone want to help build this into something great? I'll be working on this all day if you want to view the progress on GitHub. https://github.com/SoaringMoon/WaifuNetwork
>>16378 >and put the entire board into a format that is indestructible. Heh, I personally consider JSON to be about as 'indestructible' as they come for data OP. Feel free to use our board archives for Waifusearch as you see fit with your project. I'd also suggest you have a chat with Meta Ronin on the topic as well. Cheers. >=== -rm admonition
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 05/23/2022 (Mon) 07:08:13.
Open file (463.56 KB 1920x1080 waifunetwork2.png)
>>16379 That is fair, but this is a tagging system. Supplementary to the board archive, and unlike json; easily readable, storing inline images.
>>16380 Addendum. It's not really a "board archive" project anyway. It is more of a "distilling useful content" from multiple sources kind of thing.
>>16381 Obsidian is honestly one of the best ways to link and distill ideas into an easily digestible form. Great for helping new comers and returnees catch up to the current state of /robowaifu/. I would have really enjoyed having it when I returned as it took awhile to get caught up. Thanks for this SoaringMoon, hoping it will help others and bring in new comers.
Open file (57.45 KB 808x794 root_of_all.png)
>>16382 I'm really interested to see how this will turn out.
Thumbs up for a good project!
>>16380 >>16381 >>16383 Fair enough. I updated the the board's JSON archive just in case you decide to take my advice, Anon: >the archive of /robowaifu/ thread JSONs is available for researchers >latest revision v220523: https://files.catbox.moe/gt5q12.7z As an additional accommodation for your team, I've here included a sorted, post-counted word list of the words contained on /robowaifu/, courtesy of Waifusearch (current as of today's archive). >searching tool (latest version: waifusearch v0.2a >>8678) Hopefully it will be of some use in your project's endeavor. > BTW, the latest version of stand-alone Waifusearch's source JSON archive should stay linked-to in the OP of our Library thread (>>7143). And on that note, would you please consider adding your findings into our library thread? That way anons like me who don't use your project will have some benefit from it's improvements as well. That would be much-appreciated if so, Anon. Cheers. >=== -add 'current as of' cmnt -minor prose, grammar, fmt edit -add 'project's endeavor' cmnt
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 05/23/2022 (Mon) 10:24:13.
>>16403 Thank you very much, that can help find the most mentioned topics. But, I'll only need the one. I'm probably going to parse the json to make this whole process easier.
Open file (143.99 KB 1003x871 graph.png)
>>16403 Yeah that was ludicrously fast. All of the threads are imported now; absolutely painless compared to what I was doing. Now we can start doing the real work.
>>16413 Great! AMA if you want advice on handling IB's JSON data layouts in general. Hope the project is coming along nicely for you, SoaringMoon.
>>16530 Nah I'm good, I know how to handle JSON. XD
>>16413 Finally started to sort my data in regards to robowaifu and AI in Obsidian today. > https://github.com/SoaringMoon/WaifuNetwork The data seem to not be available anymore. Does anyone have it, or should I contact OP? I might have downloaded it somewhere but don't find it right now. It also might be a good idea to make this into a project using something like LangChain, NLTK, or something else to extract some keywords and make them into a tag.
>>26259 >or should I contact OP? Yeah I think that'd be cool to find out what SoaringMoon's up to these days.
>>26263 >find out what SoaringMoon's up to these days. Well, that's easy, he's working in gaming. That's on his Github. He also has a Substack, and I saw him on the Discord a while ago. Probably just deleted the RW repo on Github for PR reasons.
>>26266 Cool! Well I hope he's doing well and will stop by to say hi again, and let us know how he's doing at some point. >Probably just deleted the RW repo on Github for PR reasons. Yeah, I warned you about hiding your power level the stairs, bro! :^)

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