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AI + Brain/Computer Interface news & commentary Robowaifu Technician 09/15/2019 (Sun) 10:35:53 No.253
DARPA Wants Brain Implants That Record From 1 Million Neurons

Huh, could they use this to influence ai development?
The human Brain/Computer Interface part. The actual recorded actions/responses of the human subject could be directly input into AI neural net weightings to achieve similar responses.

The point is to quickly (and cheaply) achieve very human-like responses w/o training time & expense. Plus, it would automatically be tuned to the subject's particular personality, etc.

The possibilities are probably endless–and endlessly scary!
Curated List of AI and Machine Learning Resources


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>ed. Don't tease us anon!
So basically this is tech that could theoretically make a copy of someone's mind? This has applications far beyond robowaifus. It approaches immortality.

But I still care more about the applications for robowaifus.
>This has applications far beyond robowaifus.
Agreed. Watch OP pic related or some other ones like Lawnmower Man, Virtuosity, and that other one maybe called Dreamscape for a few on some of them. As I said the possibilities are probably limitless. Most probably don't end well. :P
How about we add telerobotics to the thread topics? Toyota created an android that is teleoperated by humans to construct automobiles.

I figure this is probably the most pertinent thread for this.
Elon Musk's startup Neuralink is about to do some kind of reveal on Tuesday evening.
Open file (7.46 KB 320x180 mqdefault.jpg)
>What’s more, the DARPA program calls for the tech to be bidirectional; the implants must be able to not only record signals, but also to transmit computer-generated signals to the neurons. That feature would allow for neural prosthetics that provide blind people with visual information or deaf people with auditory info. What's being described here is the key to full-dive virtual reality. With this you wouldn't even need waifubots. If it's able to tap directly into your senses the entire experience can be virtual. Everything then becomes a matter of software and digital content. Then again you probably still need a physical robot if you want her to cook and clean for you, but even that's debatable. This technology should in principle be able to do Augmented Reality too. So you could have a roomba vacuuming your floor but AR makes it look like she's doing it. Or you might have an automated kitchen preparing your meals but make it look like she's cooking for you. >>710 >>713 Parts of the human mind could go into making a waifu personality. Things like base level intelligence. But the personalities of waifus are largely artificial. Kuuderes, Tsunderes, nobody acts like that IRL? Their personalities would still have to be programmed or trained into an AI.
>Neuralink Progress Update, Summer 2020 The update seems to be suggesting they are moving towards modification on the human brain signals (ostensibly to 'fix' neurological problems). What could possibly go wrong with this well-laid plan? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVvmgjBL74w
>>4329 > you could have a roomba vacuuming your floor but AR makes it look like she's doing it. Or you might have an automated kitchen preparing your meals but make it look like she's cooking for you. Very nice idea that! It would take a lot of the difficulty out of having to compress advanced robotics and electronics inside a small female frame! Just have robot arms and relatively bulky machines doing everything in reality while your beautiful AI girlfriend performs cooking and washing animations in VR!
>>5182 Sounds to me kind of like the Joi visual waifu in Blade Runner 2049.
>>5184 Sounds to me like fantasizing what could be one day, because it's easier than trying to build stuff with what we have and can access right now. Why not watch some Isaac Arthur videos and speculate about future sky palaces on Venus, where we can life with our waifus and form a new civilization... I'm speaking out of experience: Dreaming is very nice, but getting things done is more important.
Open file (806.47 KB 918x710 aerith_face.png)
>>5185 I agree that practical advances are important. That's why I'm building one, after all. But just look at the quality of 3D animation nowadays. Holy fuckin' shit how far it's come! It's already better than reality if you ask me! For example, Aerith or Tifa from the recent FF7 remake? Combine a 3d animated model of this quality with even half-decent A.I. and that's waifu for laifu material right there!
>>5199 I guess what I'm thinking of would be a souped-up version of that PS4 VR game 'Summer Lesson', but maybe more Augmented Reality with IoT integrated so she appears to be cooking or cleaning when in fact it's the appliances running IRL and the animations are synced over the top of that. Sure, you'd still have to provide the correct ingredients for cooking in barcoded containers and go to pre-designated interaction points in your room/house but I think that would still be pretty awesome. Especially if you could take her outside with you on your mobile phone, too.
>>5200 >the appliances running IRL and the animations are synced over the top of that. I'm not too sure if the Visual Waifu got all the old archives synced across or not, but iirc this notion was discussed a bit there. Could be related, so might be of some interest. >>240
>>5185 >Dreaming is very nice, but getting things done is more important. I think we're all trying to create 'practical' things here Anon, even if they're virtual. Otherwise, we'd all be hanging out on /clang/ wherever that might be today, rip.
>>5199 >It's already better than reality if you ask me! /thrad
I post this because I think it's important that people remain realistic in their expectations of modern technology. I myself had a waaaay over-inflated 'mental image' of what contemporary computers, A.I and robotics are capable of. I think this Thiel guy is correct. A.I is just a boogeyman that corporations are using to divert attention away from the REAL present-day threat - themselves. https://mindmatters.ai/2021/11/peter-thiel-artificial-general-intelligence-isnt-happening/ I mean, while folks are fantasizing about sentient robots, we've got the likes of Microsoft handing all of your online (and in some cases offline) activity on a plate to your bosses. We've got the shysters at Meta trying to build their own virtual world where they can control everything, and of course China has already implemented a 1984-style dystopia that the West is itching to follow (only with slicker PR). The real threat is always people. Specifically people with money and power. Not A.I. Also, not many people realise how much power quantum computers actually need. One of my work colleagues told me his father works for Fujitsu, and they apparently have themselves a QC. It is so expensive to maintain and power all of the refrigeration that over several months, they make a list of submitted questions (complex equations and lists of data that the QC must compare and generate possible solutions for). Then they only switch on the QC for a few hours. It takes seconds to generate solutions for the majority of problems posed (DHL apparently paid a few hundred thousand dollars for answers to a complex global logistical fleet-routing problem). So we either need a lot of fission nuclear power stations or fusion power in order to make quantum computers truly viable. And fusion...well, it's still X0 years away, as it always is; https://cleantechnica.com/2021/11/09/breaking-news-fusion-recedes-into-far-future-for-the-57th-time/
>>14181 Nice post SophieDev, good points. And I think you're basically correct. However, it's undeniable that cloud-based systems working today have already achieved a level of 'personalized' interactivity and responsiveness that literally billions of humans are already flocking to the use of (Siri, Alexa, etc.) While unarguably our best efforts (both here and as a race) are going to be mere simulacrums--yet it's well worth the effort I deem. Regardless, we certainly need to keep striving towards the goal. No one knows the future with certainty, and having laid a groundwork towards functional robowaifus today, we'll be far better positioned to accentuate the positive tomorrow (when capabilities along this line will surely be more powerful than at the moment). Cheers.
>>14181 This article isn't about AI, but a superintelligence. I was always skeptical about the super-AI going wild meme. It's obvious that this doesn't just happen and preventing it from take "over the world" is a computer and network security issue. AI doesn't naturally thing in human ways, and there's also no reason to assume that something in some ways super intelligent would automatically create some conscience and then trying to take over the world. I don't want to discuss this topic much, btw. It's not the topic here anyways, we don't need human-level intelligence for our waifus. They can be smart enough in some areas, very skilled in some ways like looking stuff up and recalling details, and failing in other areas. It's also clear that if we want something human-alike then we have to construct it that way. Other AIs will be more like tools optimized for other tasks. Even existing "chatbots" often go into a wrong direction by pretending to be human and trying to trick humans that way, instead of being honest about it while thinking and responding mostly in similar ways than humans. >Thiel considers arguments about whether computers that think like people will ever be developed to be “above his pay grade.” I'm quite sure he's wrong, but it's also not relevant for us here. We're not developing CEOs and innovators. That aside, humans should make the decisions in regards to ourselves anyways. Some AI would need to be really very good at knowing us, to decide what each person needs. So in that way he might be right, but not because of intelligence. Decentralization is generally the better way to go. People wanting to create some artificial God is indeed very telling about them and in itself quite concerning.
>>14181 One more thing to keep in mind: The progess of Deep Learning came as a surprise to many scientists. For all I can tell the same is true for Elon's Starship, his landing rockets and the progress in electric vehicles. >...breaking-news-fusion-recedes-into-far-future-for-the-57th-time/ Yeah, interesting. But it was already clear that Fusion would take time and it will be more relevant to space settlements than to cutting down carbon emissions on Earth. Also, the Stellarator (Wedelstein-7X) is never mentioned, they're also making progress.
>>717 >neuralink blogpost-related From the scientific perspective as a Christian. https://reasons.org/explore/blogs/the-cells-design/will-elon-musk-s-neuralink-make-it-possible-to-control-electronic-devices-with-our-minds This kind of thing certainly bears consideration for say, TITS robowaifus. It also could form the basis for a type of 'neural motion-capture', as it were. These data could conceivably then be transferrable for use with robowaifu brain functions; to drive her motor-behaviors for example, among other possible uses. >=== -minor fmt, prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 02/03/2023 (Fri) 18:26:35.
>>19468 >bears consideration for say, TITS robowaifus I'm the one who brought that TITS topic >>9709 up originally, inspired by Sandman MGTOW. I even had some ideas I never posted because of the containment, and so they got lost. I have to say, my ideas where much more realistic and safer than combining it with Neuralink. We should have well functioning robowaifus before Neuralink becomes usable and accessible. TITS was meant as a crutch till we get to a well functioning AI. I also doubt we could scan a whole human brain that way anytime soon and that it would be a good idea. Sorry, but your idea is completely twisted.
>>19469 >Sorry, but your idea is completely twisted. Lol. Fair enough. :^) Neuralink is here today, by all accounts. Surely they are still well-off from their general long-term goals, but there's little doubt they are outstripping robowaifu industry developments for the moment. And, I might add, that's little surprise tbh. The Robowaifu Age is a vastly bigger, vastly more-complex set of problems to solve, than just the 'general neural implants' cyber-age. BTW, thanks for bringing up your highly-interesting topic here on /robowaifu/, Anon. We'll actually see it happen I'm sure. >=== -prose edit
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 02/03/2023 (Fri) 19:07:41.
>>19470 >Neuralink is here today, by all accounts. Hmm, okay, but then who has it? TITS was basically about text commands, we already had that many years ago. That aside, most of the tech would run on the side of the user, and it's (somewhat) available. Dependent on the variant the operators would require Whisper or some other speech recognition. Neuralink requires some operation if I'm not mistaken. I don't know about the release of some full human behavioral model using it, and I doubt very much it is possible anytime soon. Controlling devices is not the same.
>>19471 >Hmm, okay, but then who has it? The rumor as I understood it was that several hundred actually queued up and paid large sums to be the first ones. >Neuralink requires some operation if I'm not mistaken. Yes, it's a extremely-technical surgical implant into the brain. Also, about the TITS robowaifus, since you're here now, maybe we can continue the discussion in that thread about the technical aspects of the design ideas. That thread has languished for a while now, maybe it's time to pick it back up? Regardless, thanks for all the inputs Anon. These are some fascinating concepts involved with these implant systems.
>>19472 >maybe we can continue the discussion in that thread about the technical aspects of the design ideas. I was concerned that this is where this would be going. Thanks, but no. Not right now. I need to get back to 3D design. Reading through the MaidCom thread and some afk stuff already distracted me for too long. I generally decided at some point that I would first need some animated body, before I work on AI or AI plus remote input. I can't jump back and forth, because of mental occupation. I might need to do some traveling soon, and might pick it up then. Maybe I also find some old notes of mine when I finally sort out my files and backups.
>>19473 Understood. Good luck and looking forward to your progress Anon! Cheers.

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